Male Idol V10c34

Volume 10 Chapter 34 Shii-Chan’s Mom, Together With Dad

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Shii-chan is the kid who got lost in Volume 5, Chapter 17.

 Saturday, December 24th, early Christmas morning.

 I wake up earlier than my daughter Shii as usual and start getting ready for the morning.

 ”Hum hum hum hum~”

 I sing Aqua-sama’s “Stay Here” in a lively rhythm while tossing clothes into the washing machine. Oh… the slightly flashy bra I wore yesterday spilled out of the laundry basket. I look at it and let out a smile.

 Hehe, ever since Shii was born, I haven’t cared about underwear. I remember, it was after she said, “Mom, you’re beautiful,” while watching Heaven’s Sword that I started paying attention to underwear.

 That incident made me mindful of things that are usually unseen. Besides, cute or beautiful underwear really lifts the mood.


 I can’t help but loosen my cheeks as I look at the Aqua-sama-recommended dress I bought at Fuji Department Store.

 Recently, when I walk outside, I feel like everyone is paying more attention to their appearance than before, and I think there are more beautiful people.

 Besides that, since the declaration of the “Breast Liberation Declaration,” I feel like there are more women emphasizing the beauty and size of their chests, wearing clothes that show cleavage.

 ”Now then, what should I have for breakfast today?”

 Oh, right. Since it’s Christmas, maybe I’ll go for that special kids’ lunch that Aqua-sama made for Kanon-sama in that magazine!

 I open the tablet in the kitchen and navigate to the magazine’s website. Aqua-sama’s special kids’ lunch recipe… ah, here it is. I tap on the image of the kids’ lunch and check the instructions. Hmm, looks like this should be fine.

 Wearing a cute apron with the recently purchased flower pattern, I check my reflection in the mirror. Hmm, maybe it’s too cute for me after all? Tsukimachi Ayana from the eau de Cologne and actress Kohina Yukari were wearing matching ones on a TV show, and I thought it was cute, but maybe it’s too young for me…. Well, it’s okay if it’s just a little bit.

 After all, there’s only Shii and me at home! As I start making breakfast, I hear small footsteps.

 ”Good morning, Mom…”

 ”Oh, good morning. Shii, you’re amazing for getting up on your own.”

 ”Yeah… I’ll go wash my face.”

 ”Have a good day.”

 My daughter Shii seems to be getting more and more reliable as the days go by. She seemed frustrated that she couldn’t apply for the Aqua-sama idol audition, but it’ll be fine.

 In the audition organized by Beyond Production, which was planned by Kohina Yukari-san, who burned with a competitive spirit against Aqua-sama, Shii received the Kohina Yukari Award from the judge chairperson and decided to join as a child actor.

 Hehe, Shii used to say that she would marry Aqua-sama, but now that she has been recognized by Kohina Yukari-san, I sometimes think that it might actually happen. It might be too much of a doting parent, but since Shii is working hard, as a mom, I want to support her to the fullest.

 ”Oh wow, it’s a kids’ lunch! Looks delicious!”

 ”Hehe, it was worth the effort if Shii is happy.”

 ”Mom, thank you for always making delicious meals!”

 ”You’re welcome. Thank you for always eating them so happily.”

 I gently stroke Shii’s head.

 ”Let’s dig in!”

 ”Yes, Itadakimasu!”

 The two of us are eating a kids’ lunch together.

 Yeah, even though I made it myself, it’s delicious! Besides, eating a kids’ lunch as an adult feels so taboo.

 ”Thanks for the meal! Mom, let’s do the dishes together!”


 We sang the Driver’s song together while doing the dishes. Since tomorrow is the last Driver of the year, both Shii and I are incredibly excited.

 The official social media has been counting down from the beginning of December, and the TV station’s official website announced a special version of the commercial to be broadcasted on this day.

 What on earth could it be? On the net, discussions are raging night after night, debating every possible detail. Ah, but that’s not what I should be thinking about right now.

 ”Shii, let’s get ready to go out.”


 The time is 6:30. Yeah, at this rate, we’ll make it in plenty of time.

 Me and Shii spent 30 minutes getting ready and then took the train to our destination.


 Arriving at the national broadcasting film studio, we shimmered with excitement.

 Today, there is a live broadcast here for a children’s program with the big sister.

 Luckily, Shii and I won the lottery for this live broadcast.

 ”Mom, this is the studio where Announcer Morikawa broke her collarbone in lotion sumo!”

 ”Yeah, that’s right.”

 Shii, are you sure it’s okay to give that as an example?

 I’d rather you didn’t see things like lotion sumo that seem to have a negative impact.

 ”Shii, do you know why we came here today?”


 Shii tilted her head cutely. She’s so adorable!

 I showed Shii the ticket I took out of my bag.

 ”Ta-da! Actually, I won the lottery for the live broadcast with the big sister!”

 ”Wow! Mom, that’s amazing!”

 Shii claps her hands with sparkling eyes. “Yay!” I was worried she wouldn’t be happy, but Shii seems really excited.

 ”Well then, shall we go?”


 We show our tickets to the staff and enter the building. Wow, the studio looks like this on the inside.

 ”Good morning!”

 As we walk down the aisle, a passing staff member greets us. I quickly return the greeting.

 ”Oh, good morning.”

 ”Good mworning!”

 Oops, Shii stumbled over her words. Shii looks a little embarrassed, but the staff member who greeted us can’t help but smile.

 ”You’re here for the live recording, right? The studio is to the left, straight ahead, and then to the right.”

 ”Oh, thank you!”

 ”Thank you!”

 Good job, she said it properly this time. I pat Shii’s head.

 Um, first, turn left here, then go straight… Was it right here? Oh? This is a dead end? We might be lost. Just as I was thinking of going back the way we came, a nearby door creaked open and a familiar voice echoed in my ears.

 ”Ugh, I was looking forward to being with Nee-san… Sniffle”

 Ah, this pitiful voice… When I turned towards the sound, Announcer Morikawa from the national broadcasting station had a sad expression on her face. To provoke Morikawa-san, a woman I recognized struck a dramatic pose and pounded her chest.

 ”Hmph, if you want, I can take you place! I had a hunch and followed you all the way here, so you better be grateful!”

 ”Ow, I took painkillers so I’m fine now! You’re trying to steal the show from me again, aren’t you! Grrrr!”

 Hehe, when they look at each other’s expressions, it seems like they’re just fooling around. I used to think Kohina Yukari-san was scarier, but since co-starring with Aqua-sama, she seems a bit softer. Huh? My daughter Shii is tugging at the hem of my coat.

 ”Mom, did you know?”


 ”Fights only happen among people in the same rank. It’s what Tama-chan said during the stream, not Toa-chan… I mean.”

 I can’t help but smile at Shii’s words. Don’t ever let those two know about it, okay? It’s a promise between us, Mom, alright?

 ”Mom, even though she’s childish, she’s a senior I can at least respect, so I’ll go say hi.”

 ”Oh, wait, Mom will come too.”

 Shii lets go of my hand and runs off. At that moment, she collides with a figure that emerged from the shadows.

 Ah, dangerous! The person quickly embraced Shii and saved her from falling backward.

 ”Oh, sorry…”

 As I tried to greet them, combining gratitude and apology, I froze when I saw their face.

 ”Huh? Could it be, Shii-chan?”

 The one who saved Shii was Aqua-sama. And not only that, Aqua-sama remembered Shii, my daughter. I was surprised and frozen in place.


 ”Hehe… Oh, wait? You recognized me even when I was cross-dressing that day?”


 ”I see, Shii-chan, you’re smart.”

 Aqua-sama gently stroked Shii’s head, whom he was holding. Aaaaah… This is already like having a dad… Wait, no, having such a cool dad is impossible, Mom can’t face him like this.




 Looking at that situation, both Kohina Yukari-san and Announcer Morikawa had their mouths wide open and their eyes wide open as well!

 ”Hey, heyyyyyy! Wh-when did you have a child…”

 ”Aqua-kun has a hidden child… Hey, here at the TV station, we need to hide it, it’s bad, aaaaaa!”

 ”Hey you, useless Aqua! Later, let’s go apologize to Kanon-san together. It’ll be alright, I’ll even kneel down and apologize, so be grateful, okay? With my acting skills, I’m good at kneeling, so just kneel behind me. Oh, and don’t worry, I’ll tell Ako for you.”

 ”Oh no, oh no! Awawawawa, help us, Nee-san! This is a case I can’t even consult with Nee-san about…”

 Seeing these two panicking and bustling around like in a manga, a smile unintentionally escaped me.

 Aqua-sama also found the two of them amusing and laughed out loud.

 ”No, no, you two have got it all wrong. Actually…”

 Aqua-sama told them about the time he had a secret date with Kanon-sama. Upon hearing this, both of them showed a stunned expression on the spot.

 ”Really, don’t tease us like that, you stupid! Even though the man’s position is stronger, keeping a secret child from the legal wife before marriage would be a troublesome story!”

 Hehe, it’s rare to see Kohina Yukari-san looking so flustered. And the fact that Kohina Yukari-san is so flustered means that Aqua-sama likes Kanon-sama that much, to the point where everyone around can see it.

 Somehow, I’m happy to understand that Aqua-sama truly loves his wife. I bow my head again as I approach where everyone is.

 ”Everyone, I apologize for my daughter Shii causing some confusion. Also, Aqua-sama, I am Shii’s mother, Sakuraba Nodoka. Thank you again for helping my daughter.”

 ”Nodoka-san, please raise your head. I don’t mind at all.”

 Oh… for someone like me to be remembered properly… I understand why Aqua-sama is so popular. It’s not just because he’s handsome; there’s more to it. Kindness and these qualities are likely what people appreciate. Also, um… a bit of, uh, suggestive aspects or maybe some hidden intentions towards women… Nngh! No, it’s nothing!

 ”You remembered Shii and me? I’m happy.”

 ”Of course. Even if it’s temporary, I was Shii-chan’s dad. Besides…”


 ”I could never forget a bre——beautiful lady like Nodoka-san, right?”

 What…? W-wait, if Shii sees this, my face will turn into that of a girl if Aqua-sama says such things. Um, well… if I remember correctly, there was a daycare center here, right? T-then, after the recording is over, it should be okay.

 Um… I have a daughter, but it’s the first time… or rather, I’ve never held hands with a boy before, so I would be happy if he could be gentle with me…

 As I imagine being in bed with Aqua-sama in my head, Kohina Yukari-san, who was nearby, looks at Aqua-sama with suspicious eyes.

 ”Now, you were definitely about to say breasts, right?”

 ”Yeah, Shii-chan’s mom is definitely surpassed a G-cup.”

 ”Hmm, I wonder if Aqua is a mommy’s boy because you longs for mom’s breast milk so much. Even though I always tell you that you can suck on mine if you want, you get all shy and embarrassed at crucial moments.”

 ”Oh really? Well, if Aqua-kun can make my body produce milk, I’m always ready to let him suck on it. Of course, maybe… I’m not as fulfilling as Emily, but when it comes to sensitivity and beauty, I won’t lose.”

 Oh, so Aqua-sama likes mommy’s breast milk. Even though my body doesn’t produce baby milk anymore since Shii-chan grew up, if Aqua-sama tries his best, I can let him drink as much as he wants when Shii’s little sister is born. So, should I make my belly bigger again?”

 ”By the way, why are the two of you here? Ah, could it be a public livestream with big sister?”

 Aqua-sama, with an easy-to-understand gaze, quickly shifts the conversation to another topic.

 Hehe, I just remembered something. I think women also like Aqua-sama for the charming qualities of not seeming to tell such lies and being cute.

 ”Yes! So, um… I happened to see Kohina Yukari-san by chance, so I thought I should say hello…”

 ”Hmm? Kohina-senpai?”

 Aqua-sama turns his gaze toward Kohina Yukari-san.

 ”Hehe, let me tell you a little secret. You see, Sakuraba Shii-chan over there is the next-generation idol who won the special award from the judge chairperson in the audition, Beyond Production sponsored, Koshi Pro Scout Caravan! If you space out, I’ll surpass you in no time. Stop daydreaming and do your best!”

 ”Eh? Kohina-senpai is the judge chairperson!? Is Koshi Pro in its right mind!?”

 ”Hey!! Why is it my problem if I’m the judge chairperson!”

 Hehe, that Kohina Yukari I saw on TV… Hm? What’s wrong? It feels like someone’s watching… Oh, is something the matter, Morikawa-san? Ah! It wasn’t Kohina Yukari, it was Morikawa Kaede’s room. Come to think of it, that was the name of the show.

 Anyway, Aqua-sama and Kohina Yukari-san, it was exactly the same atmosphere as Kohina Yukari’s room.

 ”But, this isn’t the time for that! You guys, it’s a live broadcast! We need to hurry!”

 ”Oh, right!”

 ”Oh no, if I keep fooling around here, I’ll get scolded by the former delinquent Onizuka-senpai again!!”

 We hurriedly ran to the studio where the live broadcast, together with the big sister, was taking place.

 I was a little worried about little Shii, but thanks to Aqua-sama carrying Shii, we were able to make it safely. Oh? Come to think of it, why is Aqua-sama here?

 ”Good morning, everyone!”

 ”””””Good morning.”””””

 Not only the moms participating in the live broadcast but also the children are surprised.

 ”Um, actually, today’s live broadcast will be hosted by me and Morikawa’s big sisters! Uh, sorry if you were expecting the usual big sister!! Oh, but, the two usual big sisters will also be there to support, so don’t worry!”

 Everyone cheers in response to the unexpected surprise. I wonder if people watching the live broadcast will be surprised that Aqua-sama is appearing with the big sisters?

 ”Aqua-oniisan, is Yukari-oneesan also appearing?”

 One innocent child’s comment caught everyone’s attention for a moment, and all eyes turned to Kohina Yukari-san.

 ”Oh? Kohina-senpai, are you still here? Good job! The exit is over there.”

 ”Hey! Didn’t we already do that joke in the livestream earlier? Anyway, in the livestream, that idiot said her shoulder hurts… and again, she pushed me!”

 ”Yeah, yeah, I’ll hear about it later. Okay?”

 ”You say that, but you never pick up the phone!”

 ”Yeah, yeah, I’ll go next, yeah.”

 ”Really? *Stare~*…”

 ”Really, really, yeah…”

 Ah, he looked away.

 Even though it’s before the broadcast, laughter escapes from everyone.

 What on earth are they doing? But, it’s good that the children’s tension is loosening up nicely.

 Surprisingly, Kohina Yukari-san seems to be suited for things like parenting.”

 She might not be good at household chores, but she seems like she’d give it her all if she had a child. Perhaps it’s a mother’s intuition. That’s what it felt like.

 ”Alright! I get it, but just in case anything happens, I’ll be waiting there.”

 Kohina Yukari-san walks quietly to the edge of the studio on her own.

 ”30 seconds left until the live broadcast!”

 As Morikawa-san takes the starting position, Aqua-sama moves to a place where the camera can’t capture. I wonder if Shii is okay?

 Looking at Shii’s face as if checking her condition, she seems relaxed as always. Amazing. Maybe I, as a parent, am more nervous than Shii, who is appearing on TV.

 ”5, 4, 3… “

 The red light signaling the start of the live broadcast turned on.

 ”Everyone! Are you already awake? Good morning! It’s Morikawa Kaede, the energetic announcer from the national broadcast! Today, in line with a special broadcast, I’ll be taking on the role of both the big sister and the little sister. Let’s do our best together with Big Sister Kaede today. Well then, thank you for today as well!”

 As expected of the announcer from the national broadcast. I thought her speech was skillful.

 Huh? What’s this? One staff member is approaching the producer.

 ”Producer, we have a complaint.”


 Huh? It just started, right? I wonder what element could have caused a complaint already.

 ”There’s a complaint that Morikawa’s role is not lively but powerful.”

 ”…Forget about that. Yeah, just ignore anything related to Morikawa.”


 It seems like there are various difficulties… I turn my gaze back to Morikawa-san.

 ”Yes. So, with that being said, we have another special guest joining us today. Who could it be?”

 Morikawa-san puts her hand to her ear and turns towards the camera.

 I feel like Morikawa-san always has a lot of these little jokes.

 If Iu look closely, there was a cue from the staff to hurry up.

 ”What? Enough with that already and just get on with it? Alright, alright, I get it. So, today’s guest is this person!!”

 Aqua-sama starts running with momentum from outside the screen, doing a somersault as he enters the camera frame.

 Then, in the middle, he twists with one hand and does a backflip, striking a pose towards the camera.

 Wow, amazing… I didn’t doubt it, but that action scene with the Heaven’s Sword was really something.

 I understand why myself, other moms, and all the staff members are in awe.

 Seeing Aqua-sama’s dynamic entrance that only he can do, it seems like everyone’s underwear got wet. I’m glad I brought some paper napkins with me just in case something happened when I left the house.

 ”Everyoneee! I’m Shirogane Aqua, the idol of Beryl Entertainment! Have you all woken up yet? Let’s greet the morning with lots of energy! Good morning!! Today, as your big brother, I’ll do my best with Kaede-oneesan, so everyone, please support us!!”

 Aqua-sama smiles energetically in front of the camera and waves his hand.

 ”Come on, everyone!”

 As Aqua-sama spreads his arms, the children start running all at once. Wow, they’re amazing! With perfect course selection and smoothly slipping into the gaps, they casually keep up with Aqua-sama.

 ”As expected of the next ace of the Koshi Pro. It’s all thanks to my recommendation.”

 Why, for some reason, Kohina Yukari-san, leaning against the wall, was nodding with crossed arms. Oh, because it’s a live broadcast, she’s being scolded by the staff not to talk.

 ”Well then, let’s do morning exercises together with big brother first and wake up!”

 As a wake-up call for the children in front of the screen, the children, along with Aqua-sama, sing a song and do light exercises. Wow, it’s nice.

 The children seem to be having fun, but the eyes of the moms watching it are the most sparkling. Yeah, I get it. If it’s a mom, they’d probably imagine their husband as Daddy Aqua.

 ”Now, let’s exercise with the moms! Big brother will play the piano, so try exercising with Kaede-oneesan!”

 Ah, it’s our turn this time!

 Like the other moms, I also step in front of the camera and head towards Shiina.

 ”Well then, let’s dance with Kaede-oneesan this time!”

 The sound of Aqua-sama’s voice and the piano is so gentle that it tickles deep inside… Strictly speaking, around the baby room area. Ahh, no, I need to focus on the exercises. The other moms are desperately trying their best to endure too.

 Phew… Announcer Morikawa, who’s showcasing powerful moves even in this situation, is amazing… Oh, but wait, she mentioned taking painkillers earlier, I hope she’s okay. After those wear off, what if the pain returns?

 ”Yes, it was a wonderful performance, both music and song. Thank you, Aqua-oniisan!”

 ”””””Thank you so much!”””””

 ”Thank you all for listening!”

 Seeing Aqua-sama’s smile, everyone naturally breaks into smiles.

 ”Then, let’s play with words together, everyone! What are some four character foods? Let’s think about it together with those watching on TV and mom!”

 Oh, ramen… I wonder why. Maybe it’s because I watched a livestream yesterday, but ramen immediately came to mind.”

 ”Ramen (ラーメン)!”

 ”La Maine (ラ・メーン)!”

 ”Ramen Hagetoru (ラーメン捗る)!”

 ”Hagetoru (捗る)!!”

 Wait a minute, the last one, isn’t that not a food? Mom told the girl who said Hagetoru that if she eats something like that, she’ll get a stomachache, so she should stop.

 ”Um, well, in that case, let’s move on to the next word. Suzuki (スズキ), let’s remove one letter from this word and make it two letters! I wonder if everyone can guess what it is?”

 The children all looked at each other and nodded in agreement. Huh? Including Shii, it felt like everyone had a slightly more mature expression on their faces, or maybe it’s just my imagination?

 ”””””Aqua-oniichan, I love youuuu (スキ/Suki)!!”””””

 ”Wow! Thank you, everyone. Big brother love you tooo…no, I really love youuu!”

 I wonder if my child is a genius? The parents looked at each other in unison.

 But seriously, what a powerful confession. If Aqua-sama said he loves me in such a close and intimate way, I wouldn’t be able to resist.

 ”Let’s do our best, everyone!”

 ”Yes, enduring this reward is what makes us ladies, maintaining our dignity as mothers.”

 ”Hmph, the sneaky Chijou in my heart is whispering in my ear.”

 ”Don’t be tempted by that seductive Seijo Midara (Lewd Saint).”

 ”Tora-uma, you!”

 Hmm, on this occasion, it doesn’t seem like Tora-uma is relevant.

 While the children are working hard, the mothers are also fighting with their other selves inside their hearts.

 I understand. I feel the same way because I’m also a mother…

 ”Alright then, shall we move on to the next corner!”

 After that, the usual corners continued. There were songs for brushing teeth, songs for changing clothes, and even a simple puppet show in between.

 In the puppet show, the perfect combination of the girl in a costume and Aqua-sama was amazing. Where did that person go… Oh? Come to think of it, Kohina Yukari-san, who was folding her arms behind until a while ago, seems to be missing.

 Maybe she was taken away by the staff. Is she okay? It might be a good idea to tell the Koshu Pro staff that she’s here selling oil.

 ”Now, before we go to the final corner, let’s all do a silhouette quiz together! So, who could it be?”

 Something like a figure is visible… Who could it be? Somehow, it felt like they were striking a very cool pose.

 ”I guess no one knows, right? Alright, here’s the next hint, here we go!”

 Wow, the number of people has increased to two. There’s a feeling like they’re giving a quick glance. To be clear, everyone knows who the first person is by their unique posing, but let’s not dwell on that. The children are also picking up on the atmosphere.

 ”Well, can’t be helped. Here’s the final hint, let’s go!”

 Yes, cute. I can already tell the third person is cute just from their silhouette.

 ”Alright, everyone in front of the TV, let’s all answer at once! Ready!”







 As the curtain falls simultaneously, the three enter smoothly. Where could they have been? We knew the answer to the quiz, but it’s surprising that all four of them have come.

 ”Actually, starting next month, the song with big sister will become the songs of the big brother!!”


 The children and the moms are overjoyed.

 ”This song is called ‘Shiitake’ and it was made for everyone who doesn’t like shiitake! Now, big brothers will sing, so let’s dance together and say goodbye!”


 Ah… the nostalgic intro that touches the heart reminds me of when I was a child.

 ’Running up the hill, climb the mountain high,

 Through the forest deep where the sun’s shy,

 Growing strong, quiet as a breeze,

 Vitamins and fiber, nutrients that please.

 On whose table will it play today?

 Eat a bunch, grow big, hooray!

 Wishing you health, wishing you cheer,

 Become a child, strong and dear.

 Delicious, delicious, like all the rest,

 Shiitake wishes, the very best.

 Must be tasty, take a bite,

 Courage gathered, oh, what a delight!’

 And then the second and third verses continue. Everyone is happily dancing, mimicking Tenga-san’s squiggly stick dance.

 On the other hand, around Toa-chan, everyone held hands and formed a circle, while Mayuzumi-san sat down next to a child in the corner and swayed their bodies together.

 Ah, it’s so amazing. The staff members were all filming while crying. They probably didn’t expect something like this to happen. Everyone becomes happy. After all, Aqua-sama is incredible, I thought.

 ”Well then, everyone, thank you for singing and dancing together today!! Today is Christmas. Let’s spend it laughing with our family and friends! Bye-bye!!”

 Everyone waved at the camera. The red light indicating the live broadcast disappeared.

 ”Thank you so much, everyone!”

 Aqua-sama, Announcer Morikawa, and even the person in the mascot costume all bowed their heads. Maybe they’re someone from Beryl’s team?

 ”Everyone, great job on the final dance! Well done!”

 The boys of Beryl, just like when they appeared on TV, high-five the children, moms, and staff members, exchanging words with smiles.

 ”Aqua-kun, it’s about time…”

 ”Oh, right, sorry everyone, looks like our time is up.”

 The children collectively voice their disappointment, saying, “Noo, don’t go!”

 Upon hearing this, Aqua-sama laughs in a troubled manner.

 We understand everyone’s feelings, but Aqua-sama is surely busy, you know.

 The moms gently scold the children.

 ”Well then, shall we go, Shintaro? Of course, you’re ready today as well, right?”

 ”Of course. Leave it to me, Aqua. I’ve been preparing since we talked about doing this.”

 ”Heh, that’s why you’re Shintaro. I’m counting on you.”


 Aqua-sama and Mayuzumi-san tapped the back of each other’s fists.

 Huh, no way, what was that? That exchange was really cool…

 Some moms and staff members were blown away.

 ”Aqua-kun and Mayuzumi-kun, didn’t they mix up the days? Today is Saturday, you know?”

 ”It’s Sunday, though. It’s Sunday morning.”

 ”Thank you, Driver. Thank you so much!”

 ”It’s not just about having a cool face. Somehow, even their smallest actions are so cool.”

 ”Gah, my heart is suddenly racing…”

 ”Should I give you my Actoa?”

 ”I can lend you my Toaqua if you want.”

 ”Thank you, everyone. But it seems like that medicine doesn’t work on this palpitation…”

 By the way, I heard that a new type of palpitation has been appearing lately.

 I also have to be careful. After all, I can’t miss the moment when Shii marries Aqua-sama. Hehe, I know it’s impossible, but as a mother, it’s okay to fantasize about it.

 ”Mom, thank you for today!”

 ”Yeah, thank you too for always giving mom energy!”

 I embrace Shii tightly.

 ”Oh, by the way, mom, can I borrow your cellphone?”

 ”Yeah, sure…”

 Shii presses the buttons on my phone and hands it back to me, still open.

 I wonder what’s going on. I look at the screen with wide eyes.

 ”Dad gave me his contact information and said that if Kohina-senpai says something unreasonable, I can call him!”

 I almost fainted.

 Oh wow, Aqua-sama’s phone number is in my phone… huh? Is this… for real? I couldn’t tell if my daughter Shii was lying.

 ”Mom, do your best, okay? So, Mom, I’d be happy if you could stay beautiful forever. Oh, but, it’s okay if Mom marries Papa before Shii does.”

 Whaaaat!? Oh, Mom and Dad.. no, it’s Aqua-sama. I know it’s absolutely impossible, but my heart was pounding. Ah, in a different way, my palpitations are intense.

 ”I absolutely think he’d fall for those breasts.”

 ”Huh…? Shii, did you say something?”

 ”No, it’s nothing. Anyway, Mom, let’s go to Fuji Department Store soon!”

 ”Yeah, sounds good.”

 I gently held Shii’s hand and headed to the department store to pick up the Christmas cake. The Christmas cake collaboration with Aqua-sama; Fuji Department Store really knows how to do business.

 ”Well then, since we’re here, should we do some shopping at Fuji?”


 Christmas that day was the best. We bought matching hats and dresses as a family, had shiitake steak, eggplant sauté, and Christmas cake for dinner, took a bath together, and went to bed together.

 In the dream, Shii, dressed in a wedding dress, waved hands with Aqua-sama. Huh? For some reason, I’m also wearing a wedding dress. When I woke up, I had completely forgotten, but only the lingering happiness remained in my heart.


 I gently stroked Shii’s head as she slept next to me. I hope she’ll be delighted with the Christmas present on her head.

 Hahaha, I headed towards my morning preparations, thinking about such things.

 Kanon: “Hmm? I felt the waves of NTR while lazing around at home.”

 Pegomaru: “Oh wow, Miss LOL, LMAO”

 Kanon: “Grr!”

 Baba-Nami: “Sigh, I wonder when I’ll get to see my grandchild’s face… If only I were 30 years younger, I’d do my best.”

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