Male Idol V10c37

Volume 10 Chapter 37 Yuu, My Prince

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 Next to me, Mai-chan was sitting with a dreamy expression as she looked ahead. Aqua-oniisan girl’s outfit is really beautiful, so I understand why Mai-chan feels that way.

 ”Oh no, I woke up something…”

 ”I want to have a “friendship marriage” with Aqua-oneesama…”

 ”But that’s not a friendship marriage, right?”

 ”Ugh, he’s even more beautiful than me, a woman…”

 ”Haa, haa, haa, I’m starting to feel really excited.”

 I wonder if the nurses behind me with bloodshot eyes are okay.

 When I see those nurses breathing heavily, I start to worry if they have some serious illness.

 I thought everyone should have Maria-sensei check them, but Maria-sensei had the most pained expression. Is Maria-sensei okay?

 Her face is completely red, she’s panting heavily, her legs are shaking, and she’s sticking out her tongue. She seems a little happy, but it must be my imagination…


 When Shintaro, who was playing the pipe organ, came out to the center of the stage, the sisters with instruments entered slowly behind him. Wow, it’s not just one song. I wonder what they will do next?

 ”Wait a minute, isn’t that the representative who had a naked dogeza before?”

 ”What is the Prime Minister doing in a place like this…”

 ”I thought representative Sato was briefly holding a log, but when I looked closely, it was a double bass.”

 ”Hm? Something seems off, Mary-sama, didn’t she move to the back?”

 ”These guys have instruments, but they actually came here just to listen to Aqua-kun’s singing for free.”

 ”Everyone seems to have forgotten, but Mary and Claris graduated from a music concert, so there are quite a few people who can play instruments…”

 Hmm… I have a feeling I’ve seen the big sisters with instruments somewhere, is it just my imagination? Oh! I remember now! They are the comedians from the parliamentary new comedy that airs at noon!!

 Earlier on TV, they talked about Driver’s close-up for about three hours.

 When I saw those sisters, I wondered if they could play such a difficult instrument. I was a little worried.

 But as Yuu watched with a concerned face, Aqua-oniisan moved slightly to the side and gave the center position to Shintaro-oniisan.

 And on the opposite side of Aqua-oniisan, three big sister girls and Kanon-sama lined up. Shintaro-oniisan took the microphone and started speaking to us.

 ”Good morning, everyone. Thank you all for gathering here without any explanation due to a surprise. I am Mayuzumi Shintaro, who will be conducting the next piece.”

 Wowwww, Shintaro-oniisan, it’s amazing to be a conductor in front of so many people!

 ”Please, even if it’s just a little bit, could you listen to my story?”

 Everyone nodded in response to Shintaro-oniisan’s sincere words.

 ”Thank you very much.”

 Shintaro-oniisan lowered his head slightly and gazed at the ceiling as if looking up at the sky, just for a moment. His figure seemed to blend with the mysterious atmosphere of the cathedral, as if he was about to begin confessing his sins.

 ”…For a long time, I kept my distance from my mother. When I entered junior high school and went through puberty… I suddenly became afraid of my mother, who is a woman.”

 As Shintaro spoke, everyone’s expressions became pained and sad.

 I don’t know what puberty is, but imagining that Shintaro-oniisan’s mom is Yuu’s mom, it would be really heartbreaking to be kept at a distance.

 ”I knew deep down that my mother loved me, cherished me. I understood that she cried for me, suffered for me. And yet, fueled by doubts within my own heart, I continued to pretend that I didn’t see her, for so long, yes, for so long.

 I wonder, Shintaro-oniisan, were you not lonely? I read in a magazine profile once that he’s an only child. Moreover, during his puberty? When it all began, he was studying abroad at Stars Academy, so it was just he and mom at home, right? I can’t help but think that his mom must have been lonely too, but I also believe that he was just as lonely.

 When Yuu was still a child and was hospitalized, Mom would cry all night when she was alone at home. Even during those times, Yuu didn’t feel lonely because Mai-chan was there, but did Shintaro-oniisan and his mom have someone like Mai-chan for Yuu? If they didn’t, just imagining it would make Yuu feel incredibly sad.

 ”I wanted to repent for my own mistakes. And I didn’t want to repeat these mistakes. So I thought, with everyone’s help, I would create a song that expresses my feelings for my mother and my wish for the children not to become like me.”

 Shintaro-oniisan turns his body towards Aqua-oniisan and then spins around, casting his gaze upon each person standing on the stage.

 ”First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude to Aqua, who took on the singing role for this song, and also to Shirogane Kanon-san, Sister Emily-san, Sister Claire-san, Sister Kythera-san, and everyone from the Japan Friendship Alliance Music Enthusiasts Club who participated in the chorus and instrument performance.”

 After Shintaro-oniisan introduced himself, everyone on stage received applause. Yuu enthusiastically clapped her hands in gratitude too.

 ”Since it’s a bit embarrassing, I decided to use the language of the Stars for the lyrics instead of Japanese, and for the chorus, I used a language used in some regions of the African continent.”

 Shintaro-oniisan is truly amazing. He does driving, appears on TV, writes lyrics, composes music, conducts, and, on top of it all, he can sing! So cool!

 But I’m really happy that Shintaro-oniisan is cool, but what if everyone starts liking him? It’s nice that everyone likes Shintaro-oniisan, but if more people like Shintaro-oniisan, Yuu will never stand a chance. I’m really anxious that Shintaro-oniisan is becoming even more out of reach.

 ”Mayuzumi-kun had a hard time too.”

 ”Yes, but to overcome that… Mayuzumi-san is amazing for taking command, desu~wa.”

 ”That’s right. During Shikiori (season by season), he did it too, but I’m sure he practiced a lot.”

 I glanced briefly at the big sisters sitting on the next bench. They’re the otomezaki people I saw at the hospital before, the ones who waved at Yuu and Mai-chan earlier.

 Kanon-sama too, but I wonder if it has to be a beautiful sister like them to enroll at Otomezaki? If there were so many beautiful sisters around, Shintaro-niisan might have one or two sisters he likes.

 Ugh, when I think about that, I feel really frustrated deep in my heart. Even though it should be nice for Yuu to have more fans of Shintaro-niisan, it feels like my heart is being squeezed and it’s painful. Is this an illness? Next time, I’ll ask Maria-sensei…

 ”Ah, Yuu-chan, it’s starting.”

 ”Uh, yeah.”

 When Shintaro-niisan bows his head towards us, he turns to the opposite side and slowly raises the baton he holds in his hand. I was a little taken aback by the wrinkles on the suit Shintaro-niisan had turned his back on.

 ’Always, my mom was by my side. Just meeting her gaze would calm my heart, probably because I’m her child. In my world, my mom was always there.’

 It’s such a beautiful melody… Even the comedic big sisters who always joke on TV are playing with serious expressions. Wondering what they are singing, Yuu glanced at the sheet with lyrics and listened to the song.

 ’No matter how much I grow. No matter how big I become. Even if I become a parent myself.’

 Aqua-oneesan… I mean, The sound of the drums overlapped with Aqua-oneesan’s song. When I wondered who was playing the drums, it was Mary-sama. Amazing…

 ’Nthawi zonse ndimakhala ndi mayi anga mumtima’

 Yuu’s body shivers with the fantastical and mysterious chorus.

 ’Chifukwa chikondi chanu chidandidzaza’

 The chorus of Kanon-sama and the three sisters seems to cleanse my soul.

 What are the lyrics to this part? Yuu looked down at the sheet of paper with the lyrics written on it.

 ’kaya kutali bwanji’

 My mother is always in my heart. Because your love has filled me. No matter where you are…

 Yuu has always had mom in her heart. Come to think of it, mom has often hugged Yuu tightly and told her that she loves her…

 ’Do I like mom? I kept looking away. But then I remembered the memory of when you hugged me. I just couldn’t say anything.’

 Yuu likes mom. That’s why I understand.

 Shintaro-oniisan, who wrote the lyrics for this song, and Aqua-oniisan, who sings this song, all love mom.

 ’Do not repeat the same mistakes as me. If you have noticed that love, please don’t look away and open your heart.’

 I meet mom’s eyes. Then, mom hugs me tightly.

 ’Just looking into each other’s eyes is enough. Just exchanging words is enough. Just embracing each other is enough.’

 Hmm… I hear someone sobbing. I thought it might be Mai-chan crying, but there was a beautiful lady crying and shrinking in the corner by the wall. I wonder if she’s okay?

 ’umawakonda amayi ako? ndimawakonda amayi anga, kuyambira pano kupita mtsogolo, kuyambira pano kupita mtsogolo, nthawi zonse’

 Do you love your mother? I love my mother. From now on, and forever… Yes… Yes! I will always cherish this feeling. Thank you.

 ”Kokona-san, are you okay?”

 ”I’m sorry. I worried and bothered my mom a lot, so I…”

 ”Hehe, it’s okay to bother me. After all, you’re my precious daughter!”

 ”Thank you, mom.”

 ”I’m glad, Kokona-chan.”

 Yuu glanced back at the big sister by the wall who had caught her attention earlier.

 The sister was still crouched down, crying.

 Worried, Yuu got off her chair and approached the sister, speaking to her.

 ”Sister, are you okay?”

 ”Huh? Oh… yeah. I’m fine. Sorry. I must have startled you.”

 The big sister wiped her teary eyes. Her eyes were red; she had probably cried a lot.

 ”Hey, do you like your Mom?”

 ”Yeah! I love Mom!”

 Upon hearing Yuu’s answer, the big sister smiled gently.

 ”I see! It seems my child also really likes me!”

 Wow. Despite looking younger than Yuu’s mom, the big sister already has a child. Maybe is her child around the same age as Yuu? If so, we might become friends!

 ”That’s great! Big sister.”

 ”Yeah! Thank you.”

 The big sister turned to face Shintaro-oniisan instead of Aqua-oniisan. Perhaps she likes Shintaro-oniisan, but her kind eyes seem different from the admiring gazes of other women.

 When the big sister turned around, she softly spoke to the woman in a suit who was nearby.

 ”Thank you, Kaoruko-san. It was really… um, really great.”

 ”Kiyoko-san… that’s something you should say directly to Shintaro-san, not me.”

 ”Hehe, I know. But that kid, even though he looks like that, he gets embarrassed easily.”

 ”Indeed, he has some similarities to Aqua-san in that aspect, I suppose.”

 These two, could they possibly be related to Beryl? The big sister looked at me again and gently stroked my head.

 ”You, what’s your name?”

 ”Yuu… Tachibana Yuu.”

 ”Oh, what a lovely name. And Tachibana, huh? Hehe, I wonder if that’s just a coincidence.”

 The big sister took something out of her pocket and gently handed it to Yuu’s palm.

 ”I’ll give you this. See you later.”

 ”Ah, thank you very much.”

 The big sister, along with the woman in the suit, disappeared smoothly towards the aisle.

 Ah, I really wanted to know the name of the beautiful big sister.

 ”Yuu-chan, what’s wrong?”

 ”Nothing, Mai-chan.”

 Oh, by the way, that big sister from earlier, I wonder what she gave to Yuu? When Yuu slowly opens her hand, there is a keychain doll of Tachibana Zanki played by Shintaro-oniisan.

 Ah, this one just came out recently! I tried to thank the big sister, but she had already gone somewhere. Oh, adult sisters walk so fast. But, somehow, I felt like I would meet that sister again.

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