Male Idol V10c49

Volume 10 Chapter 49 If Sister And Vampire, Part 1

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 It was an extra chapter.

 It’s not part of the main story, but rather an “if” scenario.

 December 24th, late at night…

 My name is Shirogane Aqua.

 On the surface, I’m just a high school student, but I also have another identity as a rookie idol at Beryl Entertainment.

 However, none of those are my true form! My real identity is a vampire, a bloodsucker!!

 ”Um, is this setting okay?”

 ”Yes, it is.”

 Claire-san, wearing a nun’s outfit, looks at me with a puzzled look.

 When I shift my gaze to behind Claire-san, I lock eyes with a sister wearing a blindfold and Kythera-san, the bishop of the Stars Orthodox Church.

 Ah, both of them are still so… indescribable. I can’t help but feel the urge to kneel down and worship them.

 ”Well, shall we begin…”

 Beryl’s Christmas campaign. Actually, there’s a hidden secret campaign within this one. It turns out there’s a special prize that allows me to have s*x with the ideal situation!

 Huh!? Is that really okay? I’ve double-checked multiple times, but it seems to be the real deal. And the winner of that prize is Claire-san.

 The situation Claire-san desired is to be toyed with by vampires, specifically me acting as a wicked vampire, and she wants me to forcefully engage in s*xual acts with her two sister friends. It’s an outrageous scenario she’s hoping for.

 Well, I understand… Yeah, I think r*pe is going too far, but I’ll do my best to fulfill Claire-san’s wishes. Oh, but it’s surprising that someone as pure as her has such a kinky fetish. People are really unpredictable, huh?

 ”Has the time for repentance ended, foolish sister?”

 As I switched on my actor mode, I approached Claire-san… No, I got closer to Claire and firmly grabbed her wrist.


 Hmm… I let my gaze trace over her chest and waistline, visible even through her nun’s outfit, to confirm her curves.

 Realizing that she was being watched, Claire blushed and twisted her body uncomfortably.

 The distinct lines of her body, highlighted by the nun outfit, made me unintentionally make an unpleasant face.

 ”Please, stop…”

 ”You’re telling me to stop?”

 I embraced Claire forcefully.

 The cape is getting in the way. I removed the cape and threw it into the air, unbuttoning my shirt and exposing my neck.

 ”You… deep down, aren’t you actually enjoying this?”

 I grabbed Claire’s chest through her nun outfit and aggressively squeezed, including her bra. Claire’s body trembled as she glared at me with a mixture of shame and defiance.

 ”That, that’s not… ngh…”

 Claire blushed, her eyes glistening as she looked at me. I pressed my finger against Claire’s lips, forcefully parting them, and slid it into her mouth.

 ”Mmm, ah… ngh…”

 ”Come on, be more honest with your feelings… no, surrender yourself to the sinful desires within you.”

 I stimulated Claire’s upper jaw with my finger, causing her lips to quiver slightly. Her watery eyes and flushed cheeks only fueled her carnal desires.


 As I slowly withdrew my finger from Claire’s mouth, she continued to gaze at me with a longing expression, her mouth still slightly open. However, realizing the lewd expression on her face, she quickly corrected her expression.

 ”Stubborn woman. It would be better if you just fell into pleasure.”

 I stuck out my tongue and licked Claire’s saliva from her finger, which was entangled with a thread.

 Upon seeing that scene, Claire closed her eyes and turned her face away from me.

 I approached Claire’s neck, brought my face closer, and slowly trailed my tongue, lightly nibbling her like a vampire.

 ”Stop it. I won’t allow it to go any further!”

 As I stared back at Claire with a powerful glare, my sadistic desires, which had been dormant, were further aroused.

 Had I become too immersed in playing the role? I, who had adopted the mindset of a vampire, wanted to defile and violate this woman, no, this female, and imp***te her.

 ”What exactly won’t you allow?”

 I gently pushed Claire down onto the floor of the church, making sure she didn’t hit her head, and forcefully lifted up the hem of her nun’s clothes.

 ”Stop it!”

 ”What is a woman wearing a garment seemingly made for such s*xual acts saying?”

 Claire’s black underwear hidden in her nun’s outfit is exposed. My lips naturally curl into a smirk upon seeing it.

 ”Oh, so you’re just another slut selling your body for the sake of God, aren’t you? How many men’s c*cks have you sucked in the confessional room? Come on, confess!”

 ”N-no… I… I haven’t… Ahh!”

 I forcefully grab Claire’s breasts over her bra. The slightly rough texture of the bra is irresistibly exciting.

 ”What’s the difference when you’re wearing such a lewd underwear that entices men? Deep down, you wanted to be used and toyed with like a tool, didn’t you? Just be honest.”

 Perhaps due to the excessive force I used to squeeze her breasts, the front hook of the bra comes undone.


 I freeze as I see something beyond my expectations unfold before my eyes.

 ”Oh… You deliberately made them look smaller, didn’t you?”

 ”No… please…”

 Without hesitation, I grab Claire’s hands as she tries to cover her breasts and press her down onto the floor.

 I observe Claire’s breasts with a lingering gaze, as if violating them with my eyes.

 ”Why were you hiding them?”

 ”Eh! Th-this lewd thing, it shouldn’t be forgiven in front of God!”

 Huh? Not forgiving lewd breasts…is that so? Is it okay to have such a God? No! All breasts should be equally loved.

 Heh heh heh, I see…this is a declaration of war from the damn God of this world to me. Because I am Shirogane Aqua, a devout follower of the breast god Arqua, a man who brings peace to the world with breasts, a breast vampire who heats up summer as the Japanese Breast Ambassador!

 I will liberate the lewd breasts of her, Claire, as a solo breast enthusiast from now on!

 ”I see! If the breasts are lewd, then from today, these breasts are mine.”

 I grabbed Claire’s small, pale pink n**ples with my fingertips and pulled them forcefully.


 ”Listen up. This is mine starting today. So don’t show it, touch it, or let anyone else suck it.”

 I brought my face close to Claire’s breasts and traced the shape of her small n**ples with the tip of my tongue.

 Claire, with her legs stretched out, trembled as if she was feeling it, her lower body convulsing slightly.

 *Suck… suck… chew*

 I sucked on her breasts, nibbling on her n**ples. I have to leave bite marks to make sure she knows they’re mine.


 Claire showed a hint of resistance, but she’s weak. A weak resistance from a woman is nothing but a spice to satisfy a man’s desires.

 ”Do you think you can do anything to a man with your weak womanly strength? Oh, are you trying to seduce men by doing that? You filthy sister, no, you slut! How long do you plan to deceive and entice men with that slutty body of yours?”

 ”I-I didn’t mean to…ah! No, stop!”

 Excited by the adorable resistance, I, rather than being deterred, further fondled Claire’s breasts, continued sucking, and excessively played with Claire’s chest for nearly 30 minutes. This is no longer anyone else’s possession but mine – the breasts of Shirogane Aqua.

 ”Haa… haa…”

 Claire, lying on her back, adheres her sweaty bangs to her forehead. With saliva dripping from her mouth, she gazes vacantly at the ceiling. Despite that, she grits her teeth, resisting pleasure. Her appearance is that of a noble sister. That’s why it’s worth violating.

 ”Release her.”

 A voice echoes.

 I turn my face towards the source of the voice. Kythera, Claire’s senior, trembles in fear, but even with trembling legs, she bravely stares at me. There’s a shivering blindfolded sister hiding behind her back… I believe her name was Emily.

 Heh, seeing Emily tremble like a little rabbit, I lick my lips. From today, these two will also become my possessions.


 I scoop Claire’s hair and bring my face closer, gently placing a kiss as a form of marking. This is my way of appealing to Claire, letting her know that I’ll properly ravish her later.

 Standing up, I approach the two sisters with a smirk, exuding a sense of dominance.

 ”Wha-what more could there be…”

 ”What more? Tell me.”

 I swiftly pass by the two, turning around and forcefully pulling their bodies towards me. The moment I embrace them, I feel an exquisite sensation, my excitement heightened by the four large fruits pressing against my body. Ah… I’ve finally found it. Yes, the breast sandwich that I had always dreamed of, it’s right here.

 ”What… Both of you are clearly bigger than the girl earlier. Can devout sisters like you handle such ample chests?”



 Even through their outfit, it’s evident how large their assets are. I shamelessly fondle those big breasts with delight.

 Both breasts were clearly too large to fit in the palm of my hand, making my heart leap with excitement. And then, I realized something shocking.

 This sister named Emily, who exuded an aura of purity and seemed like a saintly figure, wasn’t wearing a bra… What an incredible saint, no, what an incredible seductress she turned out to be!! This is the best!

 If a lewd sister like her came for religious recruitment, a pure-hearted young boy like Shirogane Aqua-kun, around 16 years old, would surely join without feeling any sense of danger.

 This is bad. According to Claire, she is not part of the Stars Orthodox Church, but my sixth sense is telling me that her religion is dangerous. That’s why I must, by all means, save her from that cult here and now. Yes, this is not r*pe, but salvation.

 ”It’s in the way.”


 I lifted up the nun’s outfit and forcefully squeezed both of their breasts.

 At that moment, I once again noticed something outrageous.This Sister Emily, or whatever, isn’t even wearing underwear! This goes beyond being a saint; she’s a Chijou Lewd Saint surpassing even the realm of sacredness!

 Wait, what an erotic… what is this sensual body?! Despite being slender, the fleshiness is incredible. I see, this must be a body born for engaging in s*x… And the other Sister, Kythera, also possesses a ripe and tempting figure, just right for consumption.

 Perhaps it’s my instinct as a male. Seduced by the unique sagging and texture of mature women, an uncontrollable desire to im***ate the females in front of me arises.

 ”Well then… if you don’t want that girl to be further molested, just surrender those lewd bodies to me. Kythera, you too, strip off that bothersome underwear, and both of you, place your hands on the main altar in front of you, presenting your backsides to me. Let me ascertain your suitability as my females with this flesh rod of mine.”

 Kythera removed her underwear as instructed, and both her and Emily positioned themselves side by side, thrusting their buttocks towards me. I couldn’t help but feel a surge of joy from witnessing such a magnificent sight.

 ”With those big asses that can bewitch a man, how did you end up becoming sisters?”

 I gently caressed their buttocks over their thin nun outfit. Although it felt good even through the fabric, I couldn’t help but desire the sensation of their bare flesh. I lifted their nun skirts, kneading, grabbing, and even spanking their buttocks.


 ”Ah! Ah! Ah!”

 It seemed like Emily was particularly sensitive to having her buttocks grabbed, while Kythera seemed to derive pleasure from being spanked.

 Their buttocks were smooth and well taken care of, making the small moles floating on their white skin appear all the more enticing. Unable to resist, I alternated between licking their mole-covered buttocks.


 ”No, don’t… don’t lick there.”

 A sticky substance, like honey, drips from the hairless space between their legs.

 ”Even though you say that, you seem eager for it, don’t you?”

 ”Oh, no…”


 I lightly trace my fingers over their shaved areas.

 Now then, since the preparations seem to be ready, which one should I enter first?

 I expose my lower body and take turns pressing the tip against their female parts.

 When I press against Emily’s v**ina, it twitches as if craving for me, and when I press against Kythera’s, it feels like the entrance tightens. It’s no surprise, considering it hasn’t been used for a long time.

 However, that ends today. From today on, this place will be my personal hole for s*xual pleasure, a place where I can use my p**is and release my s*men.


 I forcefully thrust my own p**is into Kythera’s v**ina.

 With the mixture of pain and pleasure from having her virginity taken, she arches her body back and lets out a sweet moan.

 The tight sensation of the v**inal flesh was initially there, but Kythera’s insides were incredibly soft and hot. I grabbed Kythera’s waist and thrust my body like using a tool, feeling grateful to have encountered the ultimate soft and sticky p*ssy of Kythera, as if it was a gift from the god of the Stars Orthodox or something.

 ”You’re such a perverted sister, moaning while being r*ped! You’ll repent to the so-called god while you climax!”

 *Squelch, squelch, squelch…*

 With each movement of my hips, Kythera’s p*ssy made a lewd sound, containing sticky fluids.

 ”Ah, I-I am… such a pervert, joyfully having the crucial part of my body, which I dedicated to the god, forcefully taken by a vampire man! So, please, please, forgive me for climaxing while being r*ped!”

 I covered Kythera’s back and slid my hand inside her nun’s outfit. I selfishly enjoyed her soft and sticky breasts, vigorously shaking her body multiple times.

 Kythera’s v*ginal flesh entwines around my inserted c*ck, coaxing the arousal with a soft, undulating motion. Damn, she’s begging for my s*men with her entire body! Do you want to bear my child that much? Fine. I’ll release inside and fertilize you!!

 ”Ah, ah, ah, no~♡ like this… nn~♡ knowing such a pleasurable thing, I, I~♡… oh! My private parts feel so good that I can only think about the p*nis in my head~♡”

 *Spurt! Spurt! Spurtttt!*

 I piston Kythera’s buttocks forcefully, and in the end, I c*m on Kythera’s body as if pressing it against an altar. At the moment of forcefully injecting the accumulated s*men deep into Kythera’s uterus, a pleasure never experienced before overwhelms me.

 The desire to dominate this woman entirely, the desire to defile her, inexplicably makes the female in front of me endearing. Indeed, this is also a form of love.

 ”Ah, ah, something sticky is coming out deep inside Kythera’s body ♡ It’s hot, and it’s flowing, flowing… ♡ So much… ohh ♡”

 I pull my p**is out of Kythera’s body and regain some composure.

 Ah… I might have definitely im***ed her when I ej***ted inside her.

 But, maybe that’s not a bad thing.

 If she becomes mine, I can use this hole anytime, and maybe later, I’ll ask Kanon to make Kythera my woman too. Kanon is easy, so she should listen to any request I have.

 ”Look, Kythera’s p*ssy is twitching. Can you see?”

 Kythera, who has regressed to a childlike state, lies on her back and spreads open her freshly creampied p*ssy with her fingers, showing it to me.

 As my released substance drops to the floor with a plop, Kythera’s body, lying on her back in a sweaty and disheveled state, is vivid. I quickly became aroused. I must make this lewd Sister responsible for being a receptacle for my s*men and waste.

 ”For a Sister who lets precious s*men spill outside, additional punishment is necessary.”

 I cover Kythera lying on her back, stealing her lips while reinserting into her v**ina. It’s quite exciting to insert again into the hole I violated and eja***ted into. Isn’t this a true s*x toy? While pistoning, I whisper lines I want Kythera to say.

 ”To Kythera’s onahole vagina~♡, please shower Aqua-sama’s baby-making s*men~♡♡.”

 It’s surprising that men in the world have neglected this lewd Sister for so long. Most men would respond when approached by such a woman.

 The world is definitely crazy. I was right about what I was trying to do.

 Thump, thump, thump… I press my p**is against Kythera’s depths over and over again.

 Every time, Kythera’s eyes roll back, and she grits her teeth in endurance.

 ”Come on, beg for more!”

 ”Yes ♡ Please make Kythera’s womb burst with Aqua-sama’s essence ♡”

 I rub my erect p**is against Kythera’s v**inal walls.

 It’s not too tight, which feels incredibly good. This is becoming addictive.

 To compare, it’s like being hugged and gently caressed by a big sister, being embraced by soft breasts, or being pampered by a mother, a feeling of being spoiled. For some people, once they get hooked, they won’t be able to escape.

 ”Ah, ah ♡ No…! My eggs will be fertilized by a bad person ♡”

 It doesn’t seem convincing since she’s uttering such words with a look of ecstasy on her face. Besidse, Kythera wraps her hands around the back of my neck and, with a wanting look, pleads for imp***tion. As I quicken my hip movements, I ej***ate into her depths on the fifth piston.

 *Spurt! Spurt! Spurt!*

 ”Oh… ♡ to conceive a vampire’s child like this, it should not be forgiven ♡.”

 Kythera begins to confess to God like delirium. She kneels on the main altar and, sandwiching my p*nis between her ample breasts while mas***bating. It’s essential to mark her as mine in front of God. So, I roughly fondle Kythera’s breasts, sandwich them, and then, aiming for her beautiful face, I ej***ate.

 *Spurt! Spurt! Spurt!*

 Of course, after ej***lating, I forcefully thrust my p**is into Kythera’s mouth for cleaning. Kythera slowly slides off the altar, falling as if slipping, and kneels before me.

 ”My sincere thanks for treating me like a toilet or tissue. This is… the true mercy that God has bestowed upon me…♡”

 My heart burns at the act of trampling upon the dignity of the violated woman. Although my heart aches at the act of using women as toilets, I was too immersed in my performance and too excited to notice that pain.

 ”Next is you.”

 Leaving Kythera as she is, I slowly approach another sister, Emily.

 ”Ah… ah…”

 My name is Shirogane Aqua, a wicked vampire who violates women. The night has only just begun… I will violate the remaining two as well, violate them, and violate them to the end.

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