Male Idol V11c2

Volume 11 Chapter 2 Sayamu Inko, Otome (Death) Game Streaming Begins!

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”I made it somehow”

 I arrived at the Tokyo headquarters and walked through the office while discussing with my manager.

 ”So, I can do whatever I want, right?”

 ”Yes. Don’t worry, we’ll support you if anything happens!”


 I entered the studio for streaming and stretched lightly in front of the PC as usual.

 Since I had already set up a scheduled stream, there were many people in the comment section when I looked.

 [Inko, are you ready~?]

 [Excited! Excited!]

 [Looking forward to Beryl’s game!]

 [Sommelier: I’m already prepared for anything!]

 [Don’t let your guard down, guys. This is Beryl’s game]

 [Since it’s not Aqu-tan in the flesh, it should be fine, right?]

 [Don’t underestimate us who’ve grown through Heaven’s Sword and Christmas!]

 [There’s definitely something, 100 Beryl for sure.]

 Alright, everyone’s waiting, so let’s get going. I’ll confirm with the manager.

 ”Okay, let’s start! Are you ready?”

 ”Yes, okay!”

 Alright, got the manager’s approval. Let’s do this. I gather my energy and press the button to start the streaming.

 ”Sorry to keep you all waiting. No need for further explanations. Today, we’re playing Beryl’s game!”

 As I say this, the comments section starts buzzing.

 ”Alright then, let’s go!”

 The game launches, and the words “BERYL ENTERTAINMENT” appear.


 [It’s hereeeee!]

 [I can survive on this logo alone!]

 [I’m already excited!]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: I heard there’s an 18+ version of the stream!]

 What the heck is the 18+ version! Are you planning to ban my account? You, the one leaving this comment, we played games together the other day, didn’t we!!

 No good, no good. If I mess with Hagetoru on the bulletin board, I’ll just waste my time. I decided to ignore it and returned my gaze to the game screen from the comment section.

 [Please enter your name]

 Um, Sayamu… Inko and… oh, the reading too. Understood.

 I proceed to input my date of birth, birthplace, and Fan Club membership number, answering several questions.

 Of course, the data such as date of birth is entered with Sayamu Inko’s personal data.

 After that, character creation awaits, but it seems that Vtubers like me somehow manage to create a character that looks like themselves by letting the system read their data. Thanks to that, a character that looks just like me was completed in no time.

 [Please select the rating for this game at the end. The difficulty will change depending on the rating. Also, you can change the difficulty later, so please choose without hesitation. If you find it difficult while playing, we recommend lowering the rating.]

 After some unsettling words, choices appeared.

 Um, let’s see….

 [Rating A: Suitable for all ages, NORMAL difficulty]

 [Rating B: R-12, HARD difficulty]

 [Rating C: R-15, VERY HARD difficulty]

 [Rating D: R-18 (Regular version), ULTIMATE HARD difficulty]

 [Rating Z: R-18 (Special version), AQUA difficulty]

 Huh…? Isn’t this strange?

 Where did Easy go? And what’s with the last one?

 [Difficulty level, no Easy mode LMAO]

 [Where’s my EASY?]

 [I thought Beryl’s game had an Easy mode! You’re too naive!!]

 [Even elementary school kids and kindergarteners have to play Normal on the lowest rating lol]

 [The kids are crying lol]

 [As expected of Beryl, always going by ‘Berryl’ from the start.]

 [The last one, LMAO.]

 [Difficulty level ‘AQUA,’ what a power word LOL.]

 [Difficulty level AQUA equals despair, I get it.]

 [I love how difficulty level AQUA instantly exposes those who casually open the game with a carefree attitude or ulterior motives. LMAO]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Z! Z! Z!]

 [As a gamer, I’d love to tackle difficulty level Z.]

 [I won’t say bad things, but just stick to A normally; I can see people getting carried away and choosing D or C and heading towards despair.]

 Ignoring those who talk about Z, which rating would be best? Normally, without hesitation, it would be rating D, but I do want to make some progress smoothly, so maybe rating C…

 I briefly considered rating B too, but I do have some pride in making a living by playing this game.

 ”Alright! We’re going for rating C here. Let’s go, everyone!”

 I choose rating C.

 [I got a bad feeling about this LMAO]

 [Welcome to the death game!]

 [Huh? Is this a horror game?]

 [No, it’s a battle royale. The last one standing gets to marry Aa-sama, right?]

 [No, no, the manager attacks others with guns in an FPS game to protect everyone in Beryl.]

 [That’s not it; it’s a fighting game. You have to beat Shumi and the boss’s Nee-san in a brawl to take the throne of the bride.]

 Everyone, you’re wrong. This is an otome game.

 I don’t really know, but it says so on the package, in that genre of game.

 It’s definitely not a dangerous game, right? Oh no, I’m getting anxious…

 ’OK, all the necessary documents are here. Yes, from today onwards, please take care of it. Sayamu Inko-san.’

 Oh… President Atori appeared. Or rather, the president is real!! Well, it’s a live-action, so it’s natural.

 [The president is hereeeee!]

 [Having the real president is so realistic and nice]

 [Unexpectedly, the president herself, LMAO.]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Could it be that Nee-san is also in live-action!? Hyehh.]

 [If Nee-san is in live-action, it’ll be hilarious, LOL, more famous than some mediocre celebrities already.]

 The comment section is buzzing just because President Atori appeared. By the way, it was written beforehand that she would make an appearance, but I didn’t think she’d really show up. But thanks to that realistic feeling, it’s like I’ve truly become a Beryl employee, and it makes my heart race.

 ’Well then, shall we start by guiding you through the main office?’

 Oh, when the screen changes, it switches to a first-person perspective, in other words, a first-person point of view. Huh? Amazing… this is already live-action.

 [Hey, isn’t this basically a movie, LMAO.]

 [The quality of the visuals is in a different dimension, LOL.]

 [Beryl is still Beryl, huh.]

 [I wonder what the development budget for this game is…]

 [The development is by the Japan Game Company Association and the Japan Game Creators Volunteer Association.]

 [I remember they gathered some of the best talents from the Japanese game industry to develop it.]

 [It’s obvious that the development period is weird. Aren’t games supposed to take years to develop?]

 [How did they manage to develop it so fast… Did the game industry go all out?]

 [It’s not like they used the national budget, but it must have cost a lot of money]

 [It’s hilarious that they’re not making it for business, but to recover the development costs]

 [They should just use the tax money and distribute it to all citizens. They should make it a national company and consider making a sequel]

 I follow Ako-san behind her as we walk inside Beryl’s company.

 Wow, so this is what Beryl’s company looks like.

 Maybe the actual layout is different because of security reasons, but I feel like I’m really walking inside Beryl’s headquarters.

 After showing me around the company for a while, the screen switched again.

 ’Umm, Sayamu-san, is there anywhere else you want to see?’

 Oh, a choice came up!

 Which one should I choose?

 [A: Recording Studio]

 [B: Dance Studio]

 [C: Piano Studio]

 [D: Multipurpose Room]

 [E: Screening Room]

 [F: Training Room]

 [G: Meeting Room]

 [H: Streaming Room]

 [I: Cafeteria]

 [J: Break Room]

 [K: None in particular]

 Wait a minute!!

 ”From the start, there are too many choices!”

 I couldn’t help but blurt out.

 [Inko, LOL, I get it. LMAO]

 [It’s tough from the start, huh]

 [Be careful. Because it’s Beryl, there’s a bad ending with the first choice]

 [Sommelier: Is the multipurpose room… a place to do naughty things?]

 [Why isn’t the boys’ restroom a choice!?]

 [For now, select “None in particular” and go explore Aqua-kun’s locker room freely?]

 [Alright! Since you’re a rookie, start with cleaning up the trash! So, everyone’s trash, you know]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Go to the training room and lick the floor!! From confirming bodily fluids to inevitable pregnancy in no time!]

 [No way, let’s go to the cafeteria and grab something to eat…]

 [So many criminals here, lol.]

 [The comments section is a mess, lol.]

 [You guys are too faithful to your desires, LMAO.]

 Ignoring the comments, hmm, which one should I choose?

 ”I guess going for one of the studio rooms here is safe, or maybe a training room that looks like Aqua-kun’s stoic style. No… wait.”

 Maybe it’s better to check the meeting room as a manager here?

 Yeah, alright! I’ve decided on this!!

 ”Everyone, the meeting room is the right choice. Going there as a manager, strictly business. This is the best route to get close to Aqua-kun!!”

 I click on G’s meeting room.

 Since Aqua-kun is serious about work, I think there will be plenty of chances to meet him along that route.

 Above all, it seems that Kirika-neesan, the manager, managed to close the distance and get married through her serious work. I think.

 Shumi, also known as Kanon-san, unlike us ordinary people, can do things that we can’t imitate, but there’s nothing we can’t do if we work diligently like Kirika-neesan. We should follow the footsteps of the great predecessors here.

 [Praise for Inko]

 [I believed that when Inko decides to do something, they really go for it]

 [It’s commendable to play the game seriously]

 [This is a serious newcomer]

 [The optimal choice has come]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: I see. Are you checking the hardness and condition of the chairs and tables in the meeting room?]

 [Sommelier: Is the meeting room… a place to do that?]

 [Shumi the Maiden: If it’s Aqua’s route, I feel like that might be the right answer…]

 When I press the G option, the screen switches, and I’m automatically brought in front of the meeting room.

 ’This is the meeting room. Sorry, but I have an urgent matter, so I’ll leave for a bit. Feel free to look around. If you don’t understand something, you can ask someone around here.’

 Saying that, Ako-san went somewhere.

 Alrighty then! Let’s take a peek inside the meeting room. Maybe, just maybe, Aqua-kun might be there too!

 Feeling excited, I knock on the door and step inside the room.

 ”Excuse meee!”

 Whoaaa! The company’s meeting room is neat, but Beryl’s feels so cutting-edge and futuristic. Surprisingly, it’s made of glass. When nobody’s inside, it’s see-through, but when someone’s in there, it turns opaque.

 ”Hmm? The meeting room in the back is opaque, so maybe someone’s using it?”

 Perhaps, Aqua-kun might be there. With a nervous feeling, as I wonder, the door to the back meeting room clicked open.

 ’Oh my, are you a newbie from Beryl? What’s your name?’

 Ugh!? Th-this is Kohina Yukari-san, the one I played games with the other day. Surprised, I stand there, mouth slightly agape.

 [LMAO, wild Kohina Yukari has appeared.]

 [No way, LMAO.]

 [Wild LMAO]

 [Is this totally an RPG?!]

 [The wild Kohina Yukari has become power words]

 [Unexpected appearance of Kohina Yukari-san (special guest star)]

 [This is bad LOL]

 [Is it just my imagination or do I have a bad feeling about this?]

 [In a way, this is GAME OVER]

 [Even though this person is not a Beryl employee, she’s casually walking around inside the company]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: If there was a run-away button, now would be the time to use it!]

 [Sommelier: Ah, I’m pretty sure the hero is being taken over by now]

 [An experienced person is saying something LMAO]

 [Sommelier’s words have a certain weight LOL]

 Why is Kohina Yukari-san here of all places?

 Ignoring my questions, Kohina Yukari-san, who suddenly appeared in front of me, continues the conversation on her own.

 Huh, ah, uh, wait a minute, I haven’t clicked anything, but the lines are progressing on their own!?

 ’Hmm. So, you’re Sayamu Inko, huh? Perfect timing. I’m bored without useless Aqua. Hang out with me for a bit!’


 As I was bewildered by Kohina Yukari-san’s appearance, choices appeared on the screen.

 Huh? Is it just me, or does the BGM feel tense?

 [A: Understood]

 [B: I have some business, so I decline]

 [C: Gives false information that useless Aqua was there]

 [D: Tell a lie that President Atori called and delegate the situation]

 [E: Make a run for it with all your might]

 Oh, um… before I could even ponder what to do, numbers appeared in the middle of the screen.

 Huh? What’s that? Ignoring my frozen state, the countdown started on its own.

 ”Wai-wait, within 10 seconds? That’s too fast, isn’t it!”

 I scrutinized the choices once again.

 Following feels dangerous, refusing or escaping seems scary, but lying might have consequences later… What should I do!?

 [No choice. Sacrifice the president here!]

 [Push it onto Aqu-tan!]

 [I feel scared about giving false information later.]

 [Is this VERY HARD…]

 [Wait, why does meeting Kohina Yukari make it so tense like this lol]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Run with all your might]

 [Sommeliere: Run with all your might]

 5, 4, 3, 2… Oh no, time’s up. This!

 I pressed the button that politely refused B with a slight excuse.

 ’What kind of business?’


 ’You… you’re not trying to escape because you don’t want to hang out with me, right?’

 This is bad.

 ’Come on, let’s go!!’”

 The wild Kohina Yukari-san grabs my newbie manager neck and drags me somewhere.

 [Forced out of the company, you were dragged around by Kohina Yukari-san all day. Due to inexplicably taking the afternoon off, President Atori’s trust has decreased by 100. Shirogane Aqua’s favorability has also decreased by 100.]


 [Due to fatigue from the previous day, your stamina gauge -200. Due to decreased physical strength, you will take the day off from work tomorrow.]

 Huh? I just stare at the flowing text on the screen.

 [Unable to recover from fatigue, you caught a cold. Three days off.]

 Huh? I can’t even press the button, even if I wanted to.

 [It’s the worst… the cold worsened, and you were transported to the hospital. Additional one week off.]

 Huh? Looking at the streaming screen, my character’s mouth was wide open and frozen.

 ’Sorry, but it seems like you were too quick to become Beryl’s manager. We’re parting ways today.’

 Huh? President… Atori?


 I stare at the screen. On the sub-monitor next to it, comments are flowing at a demon-like speed.

 [Inko’s face LOL]

 [I can understand why Inko would do that]

 [Is this a joke LMAO]

 [What the heck is going on!!]

 [I had a bad feeling since the wild Kohina Yukari appeared]

 [It’s really GAME OVER lol]

 [Welcome to the death game called Beryl!]

 [Otome game equals death game. Understood!]

 [The game ended before meeting Aqua-kun!]

 [Encountering the final boss outside the first town]

 [No, it’s different. In the town (Beryl headquarters), the final boss (Kohina Yukari) is walking around pretending to be a townsperson A.]

 [Huh… I was expecting something else LMAO]

 [Everyone seems to have forgotten, but there are two difficulty levels above this one, lol.]

 [I see. It seems they don’t intend to let us clear it normally… understood.]

 [Shumi the Maiden: Is this not a crappy game?]

 [Shumi LMAO]

 [Shumi, shh!]

 [As expected of Shumi. She properly expresses the things we can’t say!!]

 Without doing anything, I stare at the screen, and it returns to the initial difficulty selection. Oh, yeah…

 ”Yes! So, with that said, today I want to play the game I received as a Christmas present from Beryl!”

 I regain my focus and resume the game.

 [This guy LMAO]

 [Restarted as if nothing happened LOL]

 [Pretending it didn’t happen LMAO]


 [I’ll put some LOLOLOL here.]

 Although the comments are clamoring, I ignore them and select the lower difficulty.

 [Hey LOL]


 [Casually chose rating B lol]

 [This is a tough decision LOL.]

 [This guy, LMAO.]

 [Oh, yeah, I totally get that feeling.]

 [It’s impressive that you can adjust the difficulty downward!]

 Ugh! These guys have been so annoying since earlier!!

 “Oh, sorry! I accidentally chose the wrong difficulty! What should I do… But I can’t go back to the previous screen, so let’s just continue like this!”

 I speak in a slightly cutesy and apologetic tone.

 See? Isn’t my Inko’s parakeet character adorable?


 [Um… could you stop that kind of thing, please?]


 [Did you eat something bad this morning?]

 [Escaping reality?]

 [No one’s asking you for that.]

 [Hey, the parakeet, supply doesn’t exist without demand, you know?]

 [Auntie, you’re harsh haha.]

 Who’s an auntie?! I’m still just 20, you know!

 Even though it might not seem like it, my friends say I’m as cute as the center idol on those random TV shows if I sit quietly in the corner!

 I’ll ignore the comments section and proceed to the problematic area.

 [A: Recording Studio]

 [B: Dance Studio]

 [C: Piano Studio]

 [D: Multipurpose Room]

 [E: Screening Room]

 [F: Training Room]

 [G: Meeting Room]

 [H: Streaming Room]

 [I: Cafeteria]

 [J: Break Room]

 [K: None in particular]

 Here we go. If I go to the meeting room here, I’ll definitely be doomed. But, upon second thought, if the wild Kohina Yukari is in the meeting room, then I might be safe if I go somewhere else.

 [Haha, even though it’s the first option, the tension is already rising LOL]

 [Don’t panic, don’t panic!]

 [Let’s go to the meeting room!]

 [On the contrary, I think going to the meeting room here is a good idea.]

 [No, no, let’s definitely choose a different option!]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Go to the streaming room and mess with Aqua-sama’s mouse…]

 [Sommelier: The break room is definitely the place for… that!]

 I’ll ignore the idiots in the comments section. Yeah, this is definitely the classic choice.

 Aqua-kun’s Training Room is the only choice!!

 ”Please, I’m begging you!!”

 While praying, I chose the F training room.

 [Is this how you play games, praying like this?]

 [Joking time is over; it’s showtime from here]

 [Since when did I start thinking this was just a game, a mere play?]

 [Sorry, but this isn’t just a game]

 [Hilarious, looking like soldiers going to a death zone, LMAO]

 [Next is Inko, please]

 [Shumi the Maiden: I don’t think the correct answer is there…]

 For a moment, I felt a sense of unease in Kanon-san’s words, but I’ll convince myself it’s just my imagination. When I arrived in front of the training room, President Atori disappeared as before, seemingly having some business.

 [Things have changed in the flow]

 [LMAO, this is different]

 [I have a bad feeling about this already…]

 [Oh, wait, I’ll go to the bathroom]

 [Eh? Is it already bathroom time?]

 [It’s hilarious how many people can deduce from President Ako’s movements, LOL]

 [This pattern’s already a thing, huh.]

 [Is it wild Kohina Yukari again?]

 [Kohina Yukari’s in both the meeting room and the training room, LOL.]

 I cautiously enter the training room, making sure to clear it like I’m playing an FPS game.

 [Hey, LMAO.]

 [This ain’t EPEX, LOL.]

 [The clearing moves are totally MGS!!]

 [Is this the game where you run away from zombies that pose a hazard?]

 [The moves are so legit, it’s hilarious, LMAO.]

 [I see. So this is a skill needed for Beryl’s manager, huh?]

 [Wow, it’s really educational!]

 [For the next Beryl employee exam, seems like there’ll be a bunch of idiots who’ll practice this game first, LOL.]

 Alright, no one’s here.

 Oh, excuse me. I slowly make my way towards the back of the training room.

 Suddenly, something crosses in front of me at an incredible speed.


 Ah, involuntarily, my true voice slipped out.


 [Just now, it was her true voice, LOL.]

 [Huh? Sorry. Your parakeet looked totally cute just now.]

 [You… You were cute, I could tell from your voice.]

 [It’s understandable for the parakeet. After all, that earlier scene was like straight out of horror.]

 [I made the same sound watching the screen.]

 [Wait, that speed, isn’t it Aqua-sama?]

 [Kenzaki: “Can you keep up with my speed?” That’s it. I understand.]

 [Only Aqua-sama can achieve that speed!]

 [Yes! Bingo!!]

 [Huh? Feels like we’re forgetting one more landmine…]

 Huh? Aqua-kun? Really!?

 With a face full of hope, I turned my gaze towards the direction the person who ran by went.

 ”Huh? Could it be, you… a newcomer?”

 I’m sure my character right now has the most surprised expression ever, unlike anything in the past.

 Because the person in front of me was her.

 ’Nice to meet you. My name is Morikawa Kaede. Perhaps you’re also training?’

 Why is Morikawa-san here of all places! When I thought about it, that person had a contract with Beryl. I forgot about it….

 [LMAO, you’re kidding, right?]

 [Wild Morikawa Kaede LOL]

 [Using “wild” in that context, LOL]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Oh! It’s the wild Hogekawa!]

 [Sommelière: Sorry, everyone. The true heroine has appeared…]

 [Wild Kohina Yukari, Wild Morikawa Kaede]

 [I have a bad feeling about this!]

 [Toilet time acknowledged. Next, Rating A, please]

 [I’m going to take a bath!]

 Hey, wait! It’s not over yet!! I’ll somehow avoid it with the next choice!! With such determination, I tried to continue the conversation, but Morikawa-san ignored those expectations and continued talking.

 ’Sure, let’s train together! Look, you can wrestle right over there, I’ve been looking for an opponent!’


 [Yes, disband]

 [Huh? Am I the only one who sees the flow after this?]

 [Bath-Neki hasn’t come back yet, so it’s okay. Take your time in the bath.]

 [Wrestling… Morikawa… Ugh]

 [It’s okay, it’s not lotion yet! As long as it’s not lotion, we can handle it!]

 [Don’t give up, Inko! If you give up, it’s all over there!]

 [Difficulty level: HARD]

 Of course, there are no more choices after this, and for some reason, I ended up wrestling with Morikawa-san.


 The screen in front of me becomes a familiar 2D fighting game-like setup.

 [Hey, LMAO]

 [Looks like a fighting game started, lol.]

 [What is this game, LOL?]

 [See, we’re probably fighting each other to take Aqua-sama’s bride seat!!]

 [Go! Inko!]

 [Showcasing the arms honed in the finishing fight]

 [Inko, you might have a chance because you’re good at fighting games.]

 [Show ’em, Hogekawa!!]

 Well, I have no choice but to do it. I’ll give it my all!! My 10 years of experience in fighting games are paying off.

 ”Since it’s Beryl’s game, there might be something tricky. Let’s be cautious.”

 I do my best to avoid the opponent’s attacks as much as possible, focusing on footwork and long-range attacks to maintain distance and fight back.

 As a streamer, this might be a somewhat unexciting battle, but for now, I’m putting aside any pride and fighting with all my heart.

 [You can do this!]

 [That’s right, Inko!]

 [Inko, do your best!!]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Don’t lose to Hogekawa!!]

 [Sommelier: Everyone, look, Morikawa-san’s legs are beautiful, aren’t they!]

 [Sommelier, be quiet. Everyone is serious here.]

 [Sommelier, should I consider your comment? lol]

 Finally, I’ve managed to bring her down to half health.

 Seriously, isn’t this opponent’s gauge weird? Feels like it’s decreasing slowly… Hey, this guy’s got natural recovery too!! That’s cheating!!

 Just when I let my guard down for a moment, Morikawa-san steps forward toward me.

 Oh no! Can’t dodge this. A battle of one frame. In that moment, I instinctively decide to guard against the attack.

 Yet, my character is sent flying backward.


 I involuntarily exclaim.

 Because my character, in an instant, had her health gauge brought down to zero by Gor——Morikawa-san’s powerful strike.

 [This is beyond unfair, LOL.]

 [Ah, so this is the wild Gorikawa.]

 [Hey, isn’t this cheating, LOL?]

 [We’ve been fighting for over 30 minutes for this?]

 [What on earth are we being made to watch, LOL?]

 [I just got back from the bath, have you met Aqua-sama yet?]

 My character, who suffered a broken bone, was sent straight to the hospital for admission.

 The flow afterward was pretty much the same as before.

 Before I knew it, I was back at the familiar difficulty selection screen.

 [I’m lightly horrified at this point.]

 [They’ve changed the history of horror games, huh?]

 [For now, encountering Kohina Yukari and Hoge means an instant game over. I’ve got the game’s system figured out now.]

 [Umm… Is Aqua-kun still not showing up?]

 [Bad news, not just Aqua-sama, but I haven’t encountered a single boy yet.]

 [I see. So that’s how it is. This is real life. This game is teaching us the harshness of reality!!]

 [If I meet Aqua-kun, it’s fine to call it the end credits.]

 [It’s been two hours to this point. After two hours, I haven’t even heard Aqua-sama’s voice, let alone seen his face.]

 To be frank, I felt like my spirit was about to break, but even so, I’m someone making a living through games.

 So, I muster up what little strength I have left and select Rating A, Normal.

 It’s probably okay because it’s not hard. I told myself that many times.

 [Yeah, starting from rank A is good]

 [The real game starts from here]

 [Everything until now was just a warm-up, the main event begins here!]

 [Show your determination, Inko!!]

 [You’ll be fine, you can definitely do it!!]

 [Lead us to Aqua-sama, please!!]

 [※We’ve only progressed to the first choice.]

 Carrying everyone’s expectations, I returned to the scene with that choice.

 [A: Recording Studio]

 [B: Dance Studio]

 [C: Piano Studio]

 [D: Multipurpose Room]

 [E: Screening Room]

 [F: Training Room]

 [G: Meeting Room]

 [H: Streaming Room]

 [I: Cafeteria]

 [J: Break Room]

 [K: None in particular]

 First, take a deep breath. Let’s calm down for a moment.

 [LMAO, the familiar screen is here again]

 [I’m getting excited just seeing this screen]

 [Isn’t it weird, lol]

 [※ I’ll say it again, this is the first choice when the game starts.]

 [Why I get nervous about the first choice?]

 [I’ve already experienced all simulation games in the past.]

 [Give it a try, especially with no particular choice.]

 [No, it’s no good. I feel like no matter which choice she make, she’ll encounter either the final boss or a meaningless encounter.]

 Narrowing down my answer to the dance studio and recording studio, I pose a question to everyone.

 ”Which do you think, the dance studio or the recording studio? As Aqua-kun, as an idol, do you think it’s singing or dancing, one of those?”

 Keep it simple. I considered the cafeteria, but my strong desire to meet Aqua-kun did not allow for escape.

 [Isn’t it the recording studio after all? I imagine doing vocal training.]

 [He’s so good at singing, he must practice regularly.]

 [There’s also the potential for Toa-chan, Tenga-senpai, Mayuzumi-kun, and MojaP. I think the recording studio is a safe choice.]

 [No, no, if you’re watching the live performance, you’d get it, but the answer is a dance studio, right?]

 [The fact that there was Hoge in the training room implies that Aqua-kun is in the dance studio, doesn’t it?]

 [I feel like it’s also a dance studio for me.]

 [Shumi the Maiden: I think they’re both different.]

 Hmm, yeah, it’s probably about half and half. No, maybe more in the recording studio?

 If we’re going by majority vote, it’s the recording studio, but before that, there was something on my mind.

 ”Everyone, pause for a moment. Can I ask something that’s been on my mind?”

 As I said that, the flow of comments in the comment section slowed down.

 ”I’ll swallow my pride and ask. Which do you think, Shumi-san?”

 From the first meeting room to the earlier training room, Kanon-san, also known as Shumi the Maiden, felt different in both. The same person who said that is now claiming that the two options this time are also different.

 She’s a gamer, as evident from the Last Survivor’s stream the other day, and above all, she’s Aqua-kun’s wife. I bet everything on that.

 [Shumi the Maiden: E’s Screening Room. First, take a look at the date and time in the upper right corner. At this time, training is already over, and he’s probably eating at home, so there shouldn’t be any cafeteria or training room. Moreover, since it’s Sunday, September 11th, and he appeared live on the music stage on the 10th, if he goes to the office on the 11th, he’ll check that footage right away. He always said he checks it at the office the day after working live.]

 Phew~. The response exceeded my expectations, and my face lit up in an instant.

 [It’s okay, Inko, everyone has the same expression.]

 [Now, everyone watching this stream has a Hogekawa face.]

 [Shumi… you’re amazing.]

 [Shumi was indeed part of the Verification Team.]

 [I’ve been underestimating Shumi until now. I’m sorry.]

 [Verification Team: Was Shumi, the Weakest in the Verification Team, the Strongest?]

 [Everyone, This is Shirogane Aqua’s Super Hardcore Fan]

 [Sorry, but this is the proudest Shirogane Aqua otaku on the bulletin board]

 [As expected, the otaku who went all the way to marriage, the level is insane lol]

 I follow Shumi-san’s guidance and choose screening room E just as it is.

 Then, President Atori’s dialogue was slightly different from the patterns so far.

 ’Screening room, huh… Maybe, you might meet him. Hehe, I have some business to attend to, so excuse me here, but if you meet him, please tell him to come to the president’s office later.’

 Finally, finally… I might meet Aqua-kun.

 Thinking that, a truly thrilling sensation I had never experienced before makes my heart pound.

 I enter the screening room, savoring this emotion.

 Then the screen switched, and the live footage from the music stage started playing.


 [It’s hereeeeeeeeeee!]

 [Shumi, seriously, you’re amazing LMAO]

 [Shumi supremacy! Shumi supremacy! Shumi supremacy!]

 [I’ll let it slide just for today. You’re allowed to say the most annoying line in the history of the bulletin board.]

 [Shumi is the real deal, you really get it.]

 [These cuts in the live footage are different from the main broadcast!!]

 [There are new perspectives and cuts in this.]

 [We’ve been at this for two hours… You really worked hard!!]

 [Only those who surpassed those hellish choices can see this view.]

 [Thank you, Shumi, I sincerely appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.]

 [I appreciate you today as much as I did at the wedding. Thank you, Shumi!]

 Live footage. And they even did a full song.

 Huh? Is it okay to stream this? I was wondering, but it should be fine since my manager over there is making a big circle with both hands. Beryl, you’re so generous!

 [The Music Stage pre-festival has been added to the movie library. From now on, you can enjoy the video anytime you like.]


 [Next round (music stage special version) has been added to the music library. In addition to playing the regular version of the songs used in the story, you can also enjoy the karaoke version and the duet version with Beryl’s members.]

 Okayyyyyyy! I involuntarily stood up, and my character for the stream got cut off from the screen.

 [Inko LMAO]

 [I get it, LMAO!]

 [I totally understand, LOL!]

 [Just with this, the game is worth buying.]

 [The rewards are too great!]

 [Cutting off live is crazy, but isn’t the duet amazing?]

 [In duet mode, aren’t we already like a couple? Emotionally, it even reached living together.]

 Huff, huff… huff, huff…

 I took a moment to calm myself, drank the bottled tea nearby, and then returned my gaze to the screen, advancing in the game.

 ’Huh? Who…?’

 Ah… ah!!

 I hear a voice I’ve always wanted to hear.

 And now, the face I’ve always wanted to see is right in front of me.

 ’Could it be… the new manager joining today? Nice to meet you, I’m Shirogane Aqua, doing idol activities with Beryl.’

 Oh no, too cool. Perhaps due to the two-hour ordeal, my back felt like it could break at this point.

 [This is too real now…]

 [Ah, ah, ah…]

 [The earphones are amazing. My ears are pregnant.]

 [This… is he trying to make babies with just the voice?]

 [Even in the game, he’s too cool to look at directly, isn’t he?]

 [Phew, Aqua-sama is looking this wayyyyyyyyy]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Hello… sorry, can you do something?]

 [Sommelier: His voice sounds more seductive than usual. Is it a game effect?]

 [Shumi the Maiden: The slightly sweet feeling is definitely Hakuryuu-sensei’s seasoning in the script.]

 [Thank you, Shumi. Let me express my gratitude once again.]

 [Wow, Shumi. I’m completely convinced with Hakuryuu-sensei’s seasoning.]

 [To be honest, just encountering him feels like clearing the game. LOL]

 [Huh? Is this already a clear? It’s okay if it’s a clear, right?]

 There’s no countdown, and the page doesn’t turn by itself. I savor the reward thoroughly before turning the page.

 ’Um… Sayamu, Inko-san?’


 I involuntarily froze.


 [Wait a minute, does the main character’s name also get called out loud?]



 [Huh? This isn’t just about Inko’s character, right…?]

 [Aqua-sama calling a name. Has something like this ever happened?]

 [The person who came up with this game must be a genius. Mixing elements of Kohina Yukari and Morikawa was crap though.]

 [I’m definitely buying this already.]

 [I want about 5 spare copies just in case the game breaks.]

 [If I have this game, I’m confident I could live single forever.]

 As I froze, a countdown appeared in front of me.

 Uh, uh, what should I do? I was paralyzed and couldn’t do anything.

 When the countdown reached 0, my character on screen seemed to stagger as if feeling dizzy.


 The next moment, Aqua-kun’s face was up close.

 It seems like he pulled and hugged me, who was about to collapse.

 Just that makes my heart feel like it’s stopping.

 ’Are you okay?’

 I want to say I’m not okay.

 ’This is your first time… maybe that’s why you’re nervous?’

 Huh, the first time?!

 [First time?!]

 [Wait a sec, if you’re in elementary school, you’re about to start your period with that!!]

 [Hold on, I can’t handle this. Can you just start moving forward too?]

 [Hagetoru is quiet and it’s hilarious LMAO]

 [Suddenly, even Sommelier is quiet LOL]

 [Breaking news: us innocent ones are learning the terror of Shirogane Aqua + Hakuryuu-sensei combo]

 [To the young folks out there, welcome to Hakuryuu Aiko’s world]

 [Are we witnessing an increase in victims of Hakuryuu-sensei LOL]

 [So this is the true power of Hakuryuu-sensei who’s shed the ‘virgin’ label…]

 [W-Wait, isn’t this the lowest rating yet?]

 [Rating Z will definitely bring casualties LMAO]

 I’m completely frozen, and in front of me, Aqua-kun says something outrageous.

 [“Don’t worry, Inko-san. Even if it’s your first time, I’ll take the lead… just kidding.]

 Aqua-kun playfully stuck out his tongue. Huh? Even if it’s my first time, he’ll take the lead? W-what is he going to lead?! Completely overwhelmed, my consciousness snapped there.

 [Inkoooo! Don’t faint.]

 [Well, that can’t be helped]

 [Hakuryuu Aiko took something unbelievable from us. It’s youth.]

 [Hogekawa and Kohina Yukari are just opening acts. This is the real boss, lol]

 [※ Difficulty level: Normal]

 [Trembling at the AQUA difficulty]


 [You did it, Inko!!]

 [I can confidently say we’ve cleared this already]

 [Thank you for clearing the game]

 [I’m moved!!]

 [Truly grateful to Shumi and Inko]

 [Thank you both!!]

 [Thank you!!]

 [Thank you, Shumi, thank you, Inko]

 [Shumi the Maiden: Um… Is it okay to call it Shumi-chan, great victory? I feel like it’s not over at all yet…]

 [Developer here. Um… It seems like everyone’s getting excited as if the game’s already cleared, but we’re still at about 0.001% of the story here.]

 As my consciousness fades, my manager steps in and stops the streaming screen for me.

 This was the first encounter between me and the Otome Game.

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