Male Idol V11c30

Volume 11 Chapter 30 Shirogane Aqua, Manipulated By The Roulette Of Destiny

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ※ The lottery created by the author this time involved roulette suggested by the readers.

 ※ The method involved alternating between a roulette with numbers and one with participant names to make selections.

 ※ A glimpse of this was shared on Twitter.

 ”Now, let me explain. If the number written behind the New Year’s gift envelope is between 0 and 10, it’s a winning ticket. Otherwise, it’s a participation prize.”

 Once Pegonia-san finished explaining, the women lined up in front of the box all at once.

 Oh, oh… Toa, Shintaro and Tenga-senpai are lining up too!?

 ”If I win, I’ll give it to my sister Subaru.”

 Nice! As expected, Toa thinks of his family. I silently cheer inside.

 If I go on a date with Subaru-chan, where should we go?

 ”Well, then, the first challenger is… me.”

 Everyone seemed about to fall over.

 Wait, seriously!?

 ”So, let’s draw.”

 Without hesitation, Pegonia shook the box and reached in, pulling out a New Year’s gift envelope.

 ”Number 2!”

 Number 2!? What does number 2 mean!?

 Pegonia-san casually peeled off the tape next to the number 2 on the whiteboard.

 [Dining rights with Shirogane Aqua]

 Oh… that’s good. I was worried about the weird one, but I’m fine with the food.

 ”So, Master will treat me to something expensive. Bui bui.”

 Yeah, well, I guess it’s okay.

 I wanted to talk to Pegonia-san a bit in a more relaxed setting.

 ”Now, the next person.”

 ”Aqua-chan, Mom will protect you, so don’t worry!!”

 Mom… why are you standing in line….

 Mother, with a triumphant expression on her face, pulled the New Year’s lottery ticket. Am I the only one who can see the outcome somewhat clearly at this stage?

 ”Ah, too bad. It’s a participation prize.”


 Phew, that’s a relief. It would have been troublesome if mother had drawn something strange.

 I don’t know what the participation prize is, but if it’s a meal for the second prize, it shouldn’t be that weird. Yeah.

 ”The participation prize is the right to receive reward directly from Master or the right to have a grain of rice to their mouth.”

 ”Okay, then, ahh!”

 Is that really a good participation prize!? Wouldn’t a concert ticket be better? Well, if everyone is happy with it, then I’m fine too. Okay, Mother, ahh.

 ”Mom, I will avenge you! Wait for it, Aa-chan!!”

 Next, Shitori-onee-chan drew the New Year’s lottery ticket.

 ”Yes, here’s your participation prize. Please choose one.”

 ”Gahn… then, I’ll go with a rice grain.”

 Shitori-onee-chan reapplies lip gloss to her lips and leans on my body.

 Wait a minute, did she really need to reapply lip gloss just now!?

 As I pick off the grain of rice stuck to the corner of her mouth, her moist lips are so seductive that it makes my heart race.

 ”Now, it’s my turn…”

 Mikuni-san draws a lottery ticket.

 ”It’s a participation prize. Please choose one.”

 ”In that case, I’ll have a rice grain too.”

 Wait, Mikuni-san!?

 Just like Shitori-onee-chan, Mikuni-san also leans on my body.

 W-Wait a minute. Shitori-onee-chan’s actions were pretty straightforward, but… I don’t know, maybe it’s because of Mikuni-san’s acting skills, but overall, it feels like we’re doing something really wrong.

 There’s an atmosphere that tells me not to get involved. It feels forbidden… This isn’t good at all!

 ”Hmm, I see. Well then, it’s my turn next.”

 Kohina-senpai reached into the New Year’s gift box and drew a lottery ticket. Miss, miss, miss… I prayed to God early in the New Year.

 ”It’s a participation prize.”


 Wait, did this person intentionally draw a participation prize!? It seems that Kohina-senpai, after watching Mikuni-san’s performance earlier, felt a competitive spirit ignited.

 ”Which one will you choose?”

 ”Of course, it’s the rice grain!”

 Kohina-senpai put a grain of rice near her lips and jumped at me.



 ”Is it okay to push me down!?”

 Kohina-senpai pushed me down to the floor, and with a moist gaze, touched my lips with her index finger. The surrounding people got really excited seeing that.

 ”Hey, Aqua. Where is it attached?”

 Uooooh! I punched my own chest with a fist from above my heart.

 Alright, listen carefully, Shirogane Aqua. What just happened, that “kyun” feeling, is definitely a misunderstanding. In front of me is none other than Kohina Yukari, and I keep chanting her name in my heart.

 ”Your heart was pounding, right?”

 Huff, huff, huff, huff. That was close. Kohina-senpai came out with both cuteness and protectiveness, and I was completely bewildered.

 ”Hehe, I win.”

 Kohina-senpai, could you please stop provoking Mikuni-san from such a close distance? Also, this isn’t really a competition or anything, right? That person is, after all, my mom too.

 ”Next person~”

 ”Well then, maybe I should draw next.”

 Oh! Please, Kanon! For my sake, draw something amazing that Pegonia-san has put in there!! If it’s Kanon, I could even become a dog to please her. Actually, I want to become a dog and lick her.

 ”By the way, Pegonia. If I get a winning ticket, is it okay to give it to someone else?”

 ”Yes, that’s fine.”

 ”Okay, got it.”

 My wife is too kind… I almost ascended to heaven because Kanon’s heart is so pure. Aqua-kun, who was just thinking about licking Kanon’s breasts, armpits, and toes, should learn from her.

 ”Ah, something written. Outside…3? Nani kore?” (T/N: written in katakana)


 Pegonia-san rings a nearby bell.

 Ohhhhh! It seems like Kanon has won something.

 ”Miss… Shirogane Kanon-san, congratulations. You’ve won the third-place prize!”

 ”The third-place prize!? Wait, what does that mean!?”

 Pegonia-san peels off the tape.

 ”The third-place prize is the opportunity to arm wrestle Morikawa Kaede-sama, the famous announcer from the national broadcaster, Morikawa Kaede. Congratulations!!”

 ”Huh? I don’t need it, though?”

 When Kanon tried to push it onto Emily-san, who was behind her, saying she didn’t need it, she made a face like she didn’t want it. Besides, Kaede, who was already rolling up her sleeves and waiting with a smug expression, looked really sad. I felt sorry for her.

 ”Oh, right.”

 Kanon approaches me slowly.

 Hawawawawa, my wife, just walking is already cute!

 ”Aqua, I’ll give you this.”


 Kaede reacts with a surprised voice to Kanon’s suggestion.

 Alright, I get it. For Kanon’s sake and for Kaede’s sake, I’ll do it.

 ”Well, then, be gentle.”

 I roll up my sleeves and hold Kaede’s hand.

 ”Huh, whoa… the shirt rolled up, the arm is… bones, muscles, veins, wow, this is…”

 Kaede mutters something. Probably figuring out how to beat me. Alright, I’ll do my best too!


 Pegonia-san places her hand on top of mine and Kaede’s, and then say.


 Oh, what!? Kaede’s hand didn’t have any strength, and I easily won. Are you okay? Want to go again? Eh? Is it impossible today? Maybe she’s still dealing with the injury from the Power News. Well, if that’s the case, it can’t be helped. I was moved by her determination to try even with an injury.

 ”The winner, Shirogane Aqua!”

 Pegonia-san raises my hand, and everyone celebrates with applause. Of course, there are warm cheers for Kaede, who did her best even though she lost. Among them, Emily-san sheds a single tear from her eyes and cries. She must have been moved by Kaede’s determination to try despite her injury. Emily-san is indeed a kind person.

 ”Yes. Now, the next one.”

 Next to draw is Emily-san.

 Emily-san and I have a promise to go on a date, and I should have the right to do it twice if you ask me.

 Please. Or, you know, if there’s something a bit naughty that Pegonia-san included, hit Emily-san with it.

 ”Too bad, participation prize.”

 I collapsed on the spot. God… do you really dislike me that much?

 ”Well then, with a rice grain…”

 Emily-san puts a grain of rice around her mouth and approaches me. Oh… can I just directly take this grain of rice? I might even want to kiss her like this. Because I was thinking about such things, I ended up tripping over my own leg on the table.


 W-What is this sensation!? A happy feeling covers my face. To find out what hit me, I touch and confirm that something.


 Did I just hear a really suggestive voice!? Just to be sure, yes, for extra certainty, I massage and check it again.


 This is not good. Seijo Midara (Lewd Saint) would never speak like this. If a voice like this were to be heard on a Sunday morning, it would be a disaster.

 ”Yes, that’s enough.”

 Ah, Pegoemon forcibly separates me from my body. Then, Emily-san, with a blush on her face, looks at me with watery eyes.

 ”I-I’m sorry.”

 ”N-No, it’s okay. My unnecessarily large breasts were useful.”

 Emily-san, there’s nothing unnecessary about your breasts. Breasts can be big or small, it doesn’t matter. But, in this case, your size really helped. Thank you, Emily-san’s breasts. Thank you, God who tripped me.

 ”Well, according to the deliberation, what just happened will be counted as a participation prize. Now, the next person, please draw lots.”

 ”Well then, maybe I should draw next.”

 Toa puts his hand into the box and draws a lot.

 ”Uh, it’s a miss, huh?”

 ”Yes, this is a miss.”

 Pegonia-san peels the tape off the whiteboard with a flick.

 ”You have the privilege to talk about Shirogane Kanon-san.”

 ””I don’t need it…””

 Hmm? Did I just hear a voice coming from Kaede and Emily-san? Or is it just my imagination? The people around me seem to have a subtle expression on their faces, but wait, I can talk to Kanon? This is a hit, right? I actually wanted this.

 ”That’s great! Kanon-san, let’s talk about Aqua!”


 The two people (Toa and Kanon) sitting at the nearby table start talking to me. Wait, hold on, this is really embarrassing… I turn my gaze towards Pegonia-san. At that moment, when I see Pegonia-san’s smirk, I am certain. This… this is a miss for me!!

 Pegoemon, are you planning to kill me with embarrassment…?

 ”Now, next~”

 Damn, you’re looking good!

 And the next one is Kanata-san.

 ”Oh, looks like I won!”

 ”Congratulations! It’s number 5.

 Pegonia-san peels off the paper with the number 5.

 [The right to be part of Shirogane Aqua’s family for just one day]

 Huh? Become my family for a day? What does that mean?

 ”Let me explain. This right allows you to stay at the Shirogane family’s house for one night and two days, and be treated like family by Master.”

 Pegonia-san’s words cause a stir.

 Wait, so basically, it’s just staying overnight at someone’s house. That’s not really special, is it?

 ”Also, you can choose to be treated as a little sister, a big sister, or a mother by Master. It’s up to the winner’s preference.”

 ”Hmm, well, if I have this right, I can become Aqua-kun’s mom for a day. Or maybe I can send Toa and Subaru off as his little sister.”

 Kanata-san as my mom!?

 Uh, um…if that’s the case, would it be allowed for me to suck on her breasts as her son? Can we take baths together, or maybe at night, can I sleep next to her in her light clothes?

 Ah, this really gets me excited, especially at the start of the new year.

 ”I can understand what Aqua is thinking as if it’s in the palm of my hand.”

 ”Me too.”

 Hey, you guys talking about me, stay quiet!! As an innocent Aqua-kun, I am seriously thinking about how I can be pampered by Mommy Kanata!!

 ”Alright, it’s my turn next.”

 ”Then I’ll be next after that.”

 Shintaro! Kiyoko-san!! Oh my god! Please grant Kiyoko-san the same rights as mommy Kanata! Or if Shintaro is kind-hearted, he would surely give Kiyoko-san the same rights if he were to win.

 Please grant me, grant me the right to have a double mommy!!

 ”It’s a participation prize.”

 Not yet, Kiyoko-san is still here!!

 ”It’s a participation prize, right?”

 God is dead.

 ”Didn’t God see through your evil heart? You definitely thought about having a double mama with my mama and Kiyoko-san.”

 ”I understand. Aqua is easy to understand from a third-party perspective.”

 Hey, be quiet there!

 In the first place, you guys understand me too deeply.

 ”A participation prize… Am I going to do it too?”

 I open my arms to the bewildered Shintaro.

 ”Come here, Shintaro. I’ll hug you!”

 I hug the bashful Shintaro.

 ”I see… The female characters should blush…”

 Huh, did you say something, Shintaro?

 ”Sorry. Aqua-kun. You wanted me to be your mommy too, right?”

 Look! Toa, Kanon, you spoke loudly, so Kiyoko-san heard my hidden wish!

 ”Kiyoko-san… I don’t care about this lottery anymore. Please come with Kanata-san when you visit!”

 I whispered to Kiyoko-san, feeling close to her.

 ”Well… thank you.”

 Seeing Kiyoko-san’s happy face, I also felt joyful.

 Despite the noise in the background from my mother, I couldn’t hear it.

 In the first place, Mother could just come and stay too! Shitori-onee-chan, who was next to her, told her that, and she became quiet.

 Now, as I was thinking about the participation prize, Pegonia-san interrupted me.

 ”We have confirmed a personal item upgrade, so the participation prize has been canceled.”

 ”Oh, well… that’s unfortunate.”

 Kiyoko-san showed a sad expression.

 Pegemon’s Demon! It’s okay to be a little dark!

 ”Yes, then, the next person.”

 ”I’ll draw!!”

 Tenga-senpai raises the withdrawn New Year’s gift money high in the sky.

 ”Number 3!!”

 Pegonia-san swiftly flips through the paper labeled number 3.

 At that moment, everyone froze.

 ”Well, number 3 grants the right to receive a kiss from Shirogane Aqua…!?”

 Pegonia-san, unusually puzzled, shows a troubled expression.

 Even Pegonia-san, as remarkable as she is, must have found this unexpected.

 However, leave it to me. I am Shirogane Aqua. Even in such a situation, I can handle it somehow.

 Turning the impossible into possible, destroying everything without reading the air. I am the God of Destruction, Shirogane Aqua!!

 ”Senpai, I’m already prepared for this.”


 I said so in a very natural manner.

 ”No, let’s keep this, junior. If someone wants it, I might consider to give it.”


 Ah… I see. That’s true, yeah.

 I timidly stepped back.

 ”*Cough, cough!* Well then, let’s refocus and move on to the next person.”

 ”Alright, next it’s our turn.”

 Grandmother and Kythera-san draw lots one after the other.

 ”Both of you receive participation prizes.”



 I will do as per their wishes.

 ”Hehe, I’d never be able to do this while at Stars, so I’m happy! Thank you, Aqua-sama.”

 Certainly, it’s beyond impolite. Moreover, now that I think about it, doing it for the former queen is downright disrespectful.

 If this were done in her homeland, I’d probably end up executed or something…

 No, thinking about it, being addressed with honorifics by Her Majesty, the Queen, feels already quite risky.

 ”Thank you as well. Aqua-sama.”

 Similarly, being addressed with honorifics by Kythera-san, who serves as the bishop of the Stars Orthodox Church, also feels inappropriate.

 Kythera-san, please reserve the honorific “sama” for deities. Also, since Kythera-san is Kanon’s guardian, it would be great if you could come and play more freely. Kanon would be delighted to hear that.

 ”Alright, let’s keep going. We still have 8 winning tickets left, even though there are only 15 people left… Well, we also have one losing ticket left, though.”


 Huh? I can hear a creepy laughter.

 ”I’ve been waiting for this moment!!”

 Kaede steps forward confidently.

 ”There’s good fortune in leftovers! Shall I draw my Kaede Morikawa’s Power Lottery?”

 What’s a Power Lottery, you ask? No one here is asking such a mundane question.

 In fact, everyone is more worried about whether the New Year’s gift bag will tear because of Kaede’s power when she grabs the ticket.

 ”Here we go!”

 ”Participation prize!”

 With two beautifully instant losers, everyone applauds warmly.

 ”Alright, ‘Aaah’”

 ”Yes, yes, aahh”

 Wow, that was close! Kaede closed her mouth so quickly, I thought for a moment she’d take the chopsticks along with it.

 ”Okay, I’ll draw one after the other.”

 ”Got it.”

 Kotono drew the lot and frowned.

 ”It’s a ‘Miss – Number 2.’”

 Suddenly, it felt like the temperature around us dropped. Huh? Did the heating turn off, maybe?

 ”Miss – Number 2 is sponsored by Kohina Yukari-san! Uh, it’s the right to become friends with the famous lone wolf, Kohina Yukari-san!!”

 No way! I don’t need this, even I don’t!!

 ”I see… this is a perfect opportunity, isn’t it? Shall we exchange private phone numbers then?”

 ”Eek! Y-yes, understood.”

 Huh? Kohina-senpai, what’s wrong? Maybe she’s scared of Kotono!? While I was grinning and thinking that, I was told quite firmly to remember it later. Scary…

 ”Well then, shall I draw too?”

 The next one to draw a lot was Ai.

 ”Congratulations, Hakuryuu-sensei, you’re the number one winner!”

 ”Oh, wow!”

 It’s funny how people who seem selfless always end up not winning. Huh? Then why didn’t Emily-san win, she’s like the epitome of selflessness? Maybe she wished for herself not to win while pulling. Yeah, that must be it. Hmm.

 ”As you know, the first prize is a date with Aqua-san.”

 ”Oh, in that case…”

 Ai approaches Tenga-senpai.

 ”Hey, hey, Tenga-kun, how about trading prizes with me?”

 ”Hakuryuu-sensei, are you sure? I think a date sounds more extravagant…”

 ”Yeah, I’m Aqua-kun’s wife, so I can go on a date with him anytime. Besides, I heard earlier that you want to go out with him, so maybe that would be better. And also…”

 Ai blushes.

 ”If I had the right to kiss, well, I could have it when I want.”

 That was close. If we were definitely alone, I would have kissed. The people around us also seemed to catch Ai’s emotions, and everyone blushed together.

 ”Yes! In that case, let’s exchange. I wanted to play with my junior too! Thank you, Hakuryuu-sensei.”

 ”Thank you too, Tenga-kun.”

 Everyone received a thunderous applause.

 ”Now, the next person.”

 The remaining people exchanged glances.

 ”Well, then, I’ll… Let’s all go.”

 Ayana called out to Washimiya-san, Kurumi-san, Kurogami-san, and Chisato-san, who were nearby. Ayana is indeed a kind girl. She probably called out to her classmates to make them feel at ease. First, Ayana draws a lot.

 ”It’s a participation prize. What will you do?”

 ”Um… in that case, Aaah.”

 Oh… come to think of it, I kissed Ayana, didn’t I?

 Whether it’s at work or in my private life. Maybe that’s why I was so nervous.

 ”Yes, now the next person.”

 ”Well then, let me…”

 Washimiya-san draws a lottery ticket.

 ”Congratulations! Number 4, you’ve won!”

 Pegonia-san peels off the tape.

 ”You’ve won the right to be Shirogane Aqua’s wife for a day! Congratulations!”

 No way… really!? Huh? Is that even a thing!? Wait, Washimiya-san!? W-why are you crying!?

 ”Congratulations, Risa-chan!”

 ”Congrats, Risa-chan.”

 Kurogami-san and Kurumi-san who were around us congratulated Washimiya-san. Following them, Claire-san, Kanon, Ayana, and Sugita-sensei also congratulated Washimiya-san. Oh, yeah, she was crying tears of joy. Well, that’s a relief.

 ”Washimiya-san, you will stay at the Shirogane household for 1 night and 2 days, and we present you with the right to become Master’s wife!”

 Cheers and applause warm Washimiya-san from everyone. As for Kanata-san, being an adult woman is fine, but I wonder if it’s okay not to properly greet her parents. I quietly approach Washimiya-san and ask indirectly.

 ”Aqua-sama, are you going to greet my parents!?”

 Oops, I catch Washimiya-san, who seems about to collapse with steam coming out of her head. Oh no, did I make the wrong choice!?

 ”Aqua, seriously…”

 ”Washimiya-san, are you okay?”

 I leave Washimiya-san to Kanon and say to her later.

 ”Kokona-chan, do your best!”

 Next, Kurumi-san drew a lottery.

 ”It’s a participation prize.”

 ”Yay. Well then, I’ll take one too with ‘Ahn.’”

 I imitate Kurumi-san.

 I’m truly glad she has become healthy. And not hiding the charming point of freckles anymore is a big plus for her. Because, she looks really cheerful and cute being so healthy, you know?

 I softly whispered to Kurumi-san, “You’re cute today too.”

 Then Kurumi-san’s face turned bright red.

 ”Really, Aqua-kun!”

 Haha, it’s really nice that we can exchange these kinds of jokes now.

 ”Go for it, Uruha-chan!”

 Next, Kurogami-san drew the lottery.

 ”Number 9!! Congratulations!”

 I don’t know if it exists, but I wished for something like a breast massage pass.

 ”Number 9 refers to Master, meaning the right to receive one personal item from the idol Shirogane Aqua! However, it’s limited to what Master approves.”

 My personal belongings!? Huh? If it’s not something like a wedding ring or an engagement ring that everyone gave as a present, I don’t mind, but… as a guy, if there’s something Kurogami-san wants from what I own?

 ”Oh, well, um… How about that hoodie Aqua-kun is wearing? Is that… okay?”

 I immediately took off the hoodie and handed it to Kurogami-san. I was worried about what kind of strange request she might have, but this seemed fine.

 ”Ah… the scent of Aqua-kun, who was wearing it until just now…”

 Huh? Did she say something?

 ”Well then, the next person, please. There are 8 people left. There are 5 winning tickets remaining.”

 Next, Claire-san drew a lottery ticket. Huh? For some reason, Grandmother, Kythera-san, Emily-san, Rin-chan, and Mikoto-chan were all on their knees, desperately bowing. What’s going on, everyone?

 ”Number 8! Unbelievable consecutive wins, congratulations!!”

 What’s next? I hope it’s not something strange!

 ”It’s the right to receive a massage from Master!”

 Wha- What did you sayyyyy!? I’m shocked. Because on the whiteboard, it was written in small letters that breast touching is also allowed. Suppressing my desire to celebrate, I do a victory pose in my heart.

 ”Oh, you’re definitely thinking about touching breasts.”

 ”Claire-san, because she’s beautiful. There are breasts here that you can touch anytime.”

 Hey! Toa, Kanon is reading my mind since earlier!! Damn it, Pegoemon. This losing lottery is definitely a loss for me. Also, don’t worry, I’ll properly massage Kanon’s later.

 ”W-What? Giving a massage…awawawawa”

 Huh? Did I hear a clicking sound? Or is it just my imagination?

 Emily-san collected the frozen Claire-san and stepped back.

 ”Now it’s my turn.”

 Sugita-sensei drew a lottery. Sensei, back then she had a scrape and I put a band-aid on it… well, there’s no scar. That’s good. I guess the doctor Kukuri-chan recommended was good.

 ”This is the participation prize.”

 ”Well then, I think I’ll do the ‘Aaah’ game too. It’s embarrassing if it’s rice grain…”

 I leaned toward Sugita-sensei and said “Ah.”

 It’s unbelievable that such a beautiful person like her is available.

 If she had been a teacher in my world, without a doubt, all the male students would have fantasized about her.

 I still remember how embarrassed and adorable she looked during the swimsuit competition in the beauty pageant, even though she usually gives off a cool and professional vibe.

 ”Now, the next person.”

 Remaining, there were Rinon-san, Rin-chan, Mikoto-chan, and Ruuna-senpai, looking at Ako-san and Yui.

 ”I don’t mind going last, so everyone else can go first. If you draw number 4 out of the remaining 6, it will be easier to win, right?”

 ”In that case, I don’t mind going before that. Please, everyone, go ahead and draw, and good luck!”

 Ako-san and Yui let the other four people go first. Ah, I thought they were kind-hearted after all.

 ”Well then, I’ll go first…”

 Rinon-san draws the lottery.

 ”Congratulations! It’s number 6!!”

 Pegonia-san peels off the tape next to number 6.

 ”Number 6, you have won the right to take a bath with Shirogane Aqua! Of course, after taking a bath, you will also receive an after-service where he can dry your hair, just like he did with Lapis-sama, who is his sister!”

 W-What did you say!? Wait!? Rinon-san and I will take a bath together!?

 Is it really allowed to have such a wonderful thing!?

 Just thinking about taking a bath with such a tall, beautiful woman with a voluptuous butt and breasts makes me bend over.

 ”Oh, if Master dislikes it, I can change to a different privilege…”

 ”Not at all.”

 I gaze at Pegonia-san with a serious and determined expression. Well done. I convey to Pegonia-san with my gaze. “Please increase my salary.” I felt like she said that, so I nodded and decided to give her a bonus.

 ”I’ll join you in the bath…”

 Pegonia-san collects Rinon-san who hardens.

 Pegonia-san, if Rinon-san doesn’t like it, it’s okay to choose something else!

 ”Then, it’s my turn…”

 Rin-chan draws a lottery.

 ”It’s a participation prize.”


 Rin-chan chose a rice grain. Because she earned it earlier.

 ”Well then, excuse me.”

 I say that and pick up the rice grain from Rin-chan’s cheek and eat it.

 Coming to this world makes me feel like my senses are glitching, but Rin-chan is just a normal beautiful girl.

 But when I notice that, she feel embarrassed, so I pretend not to notice on purpose.

 ”Then, I’ll draw next.”

 Following Rin-chan, Ruuna-senpai draws a lot.

 ”Lucky number seven!? Jackpot! We have a jackpot!!”

 Pegonia-san, unusually excited, swiftly flips the number on the lot.

 [The right to ask Shirogane Aqua for anything. However, limited to acts approved by Master]

 Whoa, it’s finally here. I’m glad Kohina-senpai didn’t draw this. Somehow, for a moment, I felt like Kohina-senpai was going to draw this. I wonder why? The venue buzzes with excitement over the jackpot.

 ”Well then, what would you like, Ruuna-san?”

 ”I want to sleep together. Can I be his body pillow?”

 Everyone raises their voice at Ruuna-senpai’s bold request.

 ”Is that acceptable, Master?”

 ”Oh, yeah. I don’t mind at all.”

 Phew, that cute request saved me. For a moment, when I heard “sleep together,” I had some inappropriate thoughts, but Ruuna-senpai is a pure soul; she wouldn’t be thinking like that. She just likes taking naps and probably wanted a nap buddy.

 ”We did it!”

 Seeing Ruuna-senpai quietly celebrate, everyone around felt a heartwarming sensation.

 ”Dehatsugi wa watashi desu ne (I am, the eldest, you know?)”

 Huh? Is Mikoto-chan okay? Why does she sound like Chijo? Is she talking in some peculiar, broken language?

 ”Wiin… It’s Gacha Zero Edition!”

 ”Number 0 is here!!! Two consecutive big wins, congratulations!!”

 Today’s Pegoe-mon is really high-spirited. Well, it looks fun, and I’m happy too. Pegonia-san dramatically reveals the contents of the lottery ticket labeled 0.

 That moment, the venue was enveloped in a loud scream.

 [The right to spend the night with Shirogane Aqua]

 Huh…? What’s going on?

 At first, I didn’t understand and found myself frozen.

 ”Meaning, you will a night with Master.”

 Ah!? I understood the meaning, and a strange sound almost came out of me.

 ”Performing OS maintenance. Error! A non-permissible error has occurred. Please perform OS reinstallation!”

 ”Hey, fix that useless server properly!”

 Emily-san, who approached Mikoto-chan, is saying something.

 Are they acquaintances?

 Well, wait a minute, huh? Is this really okay!?

 As for me, aside from that, isn’t this considered harassment or coercion for s*xual acts taking advantage of the position!?

 ”Ahem, we’ll discuss this matter later between me and Master, and among me and the other maids. Now, onto the last two. Yui, it’s your turn.”

 Next, Yui draws the lottery.

 ”It’s a participation prize. Which one would you like?”

 ”In that case, I’ll go with ‘Ahn’ too.”

 Feeling oddly relieved about the participation prize, Yui, with a surprising twist, opens her mouth. Because, you know, it looks like a face from those really naughty images, like an erotic lady giving a bl**job… Somehow, the Wiener just starts looking like that. I give a nonchalant ‘Ahn’ to Yui.

 ”Now, the last one remaining is Ako-san. We already know the result, but please go ahead.”


 There really is luck in leftovers. Looking at the whiteboard, only the prize for number 10 is still covered. I don’t know what it is, but Ako-san’s winning the number 10 prize was already confirmed at this point.

 ”Congratulations! The last grand prize, number 10, goes to you!!”

 [The right to receive Shirogane Aqua’s “essence.” ※Provided by Shirogane-sama, approved by Minister Amakusa and the Prime Minister]

 H-h-h-h-hold on! Hey! What’s this about making that the prize!? And Shikimi-san!? Prime Minister!? Please don’t join in on this mischievousness!


 Look! Ako-san is frozen too! But, as expected of Ako-san. She quickly recovers and holds her head.

 ”Phew. I’m relieved. If it weren’t me, I feel like things would get really complicated. Of course, you’ll keep it in government custody until it’s used, right?”

 ”Yes, we will responsibly store it here until the time of use.”

 ”Great. As long as you can keep it preserved forever, there shouldn’t be any issues.”

 Well, truly, it’s a good thing that Ako-san drew this.

 Maybe it would have been fine with Kanon or Emily-san, who have pure hearts, or Claire-san, who has common sense, but it feels like something outrageous would happen if Kaede were involved…

 ”By the way, if Master gives permission, you can directly receive fresh offspring, but what should we do?”

 ”Stoooooop! Pegoemon, that’s enough!!”

 I hurriedly covered Pegoemon’s mouth. It became a slightly inappropriate scene, but that’s not important right now. First, I need to silence this person’s mouth, or who knows what she’ll say next.

 ”W-Wait, I… with Aqua-kun…”

 Ah… Ako-san fell backward, and Kohina-senpai caught her.

 ”Hey! Get it together. Ako! This is a chance!”


 ”Ugh! Both you and that idiot Aqua-kun are useless at crucial moments!!”

 Hey! I couldn’t hear well, but you weren’t talking smack about me, right!?

 ”Despite everything, Aqua seems happy, right?”

 ”Yeah, yeah. Aqua has that kind of side.”

 So there! Instead of chatting leisurely, both Toa and Kanon, help out!!

 Thus, the chaotic New Year’s lottery, announcing the beginning of the year, came to a close with some sacrifices.

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