Male Idol V11c37

Volume 11 Chapter 37 Bulletin Board, Seimei Took Our Hearts Away

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Here we go!] Onmyoji Main Thread [Let’s go, Onmyoji!]
3 Anonymous
Nice job!
The thread title is hilarious, lol
5 Anonymous
Nice job!
6 Anonymous
Nice thread, the title is so funny, lol
8 Anonymous
Thanks to Hagetoru for quickly noticing the loop and helping us out
Thank you, Hagetoru. You guys better hurry too!
10 Anonymous
That person is always the calmest, even though her mind is chaotic
13 Anonymous
Oh man, the first half was so amazing, my face was in shock the whole time
15 Anonymous
Tsuwabuki-san is awesome. I might become a fan
This kind of character suits him well
17 Anonymous
I agree. During Hana-ata, Aa-sama’s Yuujin-sama was so cool that the main character Tsuwabuki-san seemed like a background character
19 Anonymous
I think Tsuwabuki-san has a unique face. The kids from Beryl, on the other hand, are too perfect-looking. Aqua-kun and Toa-chan were already on a different level, but lately, Mayuzumi-kun has been growing up and looking cooler, and thanks to Tenga-senpai’s training, he’s gotten rid of the unhealthiness compared to the early days of Heaven’s Sword
22 Anonymous
I totally get it! Tenga-senpai looks solid today, but there’s a gloomy vibe in his expression that’s actually cool!
25 Anonymous
I wonder if Tsuwabuki-san and Ayafuji-san will collaborate again? I’m actually looking forward to that
27 Anonymous
Wait a minute, isn’t Mitsuhime’s Ichika-chan too cute? Seimei-sama is a big fan, but Takaakira seems to act distant, which kind of looks like he’s hiding his embarrassment..
29 Anonymous
The dynamics between Seimei, Takaakira, and Mitsuhime, or even Seimei, Mitsuhime, and the Fourth Princess, are starting to feel like a love triangle, and it’s making my heart race… Seimei has this face that’s more like the kind of kindness you show towards family, rather than a romantic interest towards Mitsuhime or the Fourth Princess. It’s easy to understand, but it makes me wonder, who does Mitsuhime-chan actually like, Seimei or Takaakira?
31 Anonymous
Even Kato Iria, the Fourth Princess, is cute. Usually, her cuteness is a bit much, and it gets annoying, but today, that obvious cuteness isn’t really showing, and she’s just cute in a normal way
33 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Let’s go, Seimei! Go, go, onmyoji!
35 Verification Team *010meTA473
Seimei-sama is so cool it hurts..
37 Anonymous
I get it, but lol
38 Anonymous
Oh, this is the person whose head went “pop” during Seimei’s entrance scene and disappeared!
40 Anonymous
Even if she just comes back in the second half, she’s definitely grown, lol
42 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Let’s go, Seimei! Go, go, onmyoji!
45 Anonymous
I’m addicted to the song lol. It keeps playing in my head, but what should I do?
47 Anonymous
Hey, nothing could be done. Right when everyone showed up on the freshly fixed social media, it all crashed again. Almost half of the folks from the boards vanished. Heard it from a friend, even the Stars’ social media and boards went down
49 Anonymous
I heard weird noises from my daughter’s room, got worried, so I peeked in. Yup, she’s getting into stuff quite a bit. I wanted to tell her to take it easy, but I quietly closed the door, worried too
52 Anonymous
I was gonna say you’re a nice mother and all, but you, LOL
53 Anonymous
Everyone, this is the civility level of the bulletin board!!
54 Anonymous
I don’t know how old your daughter is, but looks like she’s gonna be a big shot on the bulletion boards, LOL
57 Anonymous
In the first year of junior high school, my body was shocked when I saw Yuujin-sama, and my first menstrual period started, and when I saw Kenzaki, I started saying that I wanted a boyfriend like this, so I started wearing makeup, being particular about fashion, and suddenly switched from sports bras to cute ones with frills and lace
I also started doing mas***ion after watching a character’s weird stuff in a show. By the way, since it’s still early on the bulletin board, I’m telling you to play ROM for six months
59 Anonymous
Congratulations and applause to you
60 Anonymous
It’s funny that an Aqua-sama fan elite has been created
61 Anonymous
There’s still a second half to go, but this deserves the award for today’s best response. LMAO
62 Anonymous
It’s hilarious how you’re growing smoothly
63 Anonymous
This is HagetoruChinposuki 10 years from now
Stop it, I just recently had a serious conversation with my daughter about wanting to become an Ochinchin sommelier. It’s not something that can be easily joked about anymore
68 Anonymous
Chinposuki, LMAO
70 Anonymous
Alright! Let’s aim for the national broadcaster!! There’s a chance!
71 Anonymous
It’s better to become an Ochinchin sommelier if you can. Seriously, as a national qualification, there’s no qualification more reliable than this. It has been ranked first for 10 consecutive years, surpassing qualifications like bookkeeping and real estate
73 Anonymous
Is it a lie…?
75 Anonymous
No, it’s true. It’s even written in the guidebook
Here are the main career paths for Ochinchin sommelier qualification holders. The annual income mentioned is the amount after deducting taxes
– Y.E-san, 35 years old, graduated from Mary University, Mary University professor, annual income of 23 million yen
– T.K-san, 32 years old, graduated from Mary University, department manager at Fuji Trading, annual income of 18 million yen
– A.A-san, 28 years old, graduated from St. Claris University (accelerated graduation), director of STAR LIGHTS PARTNER Japan, department manager at Beryl Entertainment, annual income of 30 million yen
– S.S-san, 27 years old, graduated from Mary University, section chief at Mitsuboshi Shoji, annual income of 15 million yen
– M.K-san, 25 years old, graduated from Mary University (special scholarship graduate), national broadcaster, annual income of 20 million yen
77 Anonymous
>M.K-san, 25 years old, graduated from Mary University (special scholarship graduate), national broadcaster, annual income of 20 million yen
Damn, it’s so obvious, LOL
78 Anonymous
>M.K-san, 25 years old, graduated from Mary University (special scholarship graduate), national broadcaster, annual income of 20 million yen
Sorry, am I the only one who can see through it?
And that person is earning 20 million yen? Yeah, right, LOL
79 Anonymous
Damn, there are only elites, LOL
And there’s even a “Chinpo Sommelier” working at Beryl’s! Everyone, run away!!
81 Anonymous
The person currently at Beryl used to be from Starlights. If you search it, you’ll find that her name is Arisugawa Abigail
Starlights is the agency where Mikuni-sama and Reira-sama are, right?
But seriously, this booklet, it’s not good that two out of five people are identified, LOL
84 Anonymous
Wait a minute, if that’s the case, yesterday’s thing was real, right?
I don’t know where it leaked from, but Beryl, be careful
85 Anonymous
Leak. It seems this is planned to happen on April 1st. Congratulations!
– Chairman and CEO Shirogane Marin, 37 years old, Representative Director of Shirogane Tea Flower Arrangement Group
– President and CEO Atori Ako, 25 years old, former employee of Fuji Advertising
– Vice President and Director Bannai Fumi, 28 years old, former President of Emily Capital Investments
– Director Tanukihara Tsunemi, 32 years old, former Head of the Accounting Department, former Head of the Kokucho Financial Group Department
– Director Tokumoto Kaori, 32 years old, former Head of the Sales Department, former Head of the Kokucho Financial Group Department
– Director Kirika Kotono, 30 years old, former General Manager, former Head of the Aerospace Development Industry Division at Tenkai Aviation
– Director Shirogane Aqua, 16 years old, affiliated talent
– Outside Director Fuji Ranko, 64 years old, Chairman of Fuji Zaibatsu
– Outside Director Morinaga Megumi, 53 years old, President of Morinaga Group
– Outside Director Mary Stars Goshenite, 66 years old, Honorary President of the Holy Mary Foundation
– Outside Director Manaat, 26 years old, Representative of the Arabian Peninsula Federal Joint Oilfield Development Organization
– Auditor Arisugawa Abigail, 28 years old, former Head of the Human Resources Department, former Director of STAR LIGHTS PARTNER
– Auditor Sabato Koyomi, 27 years old, former Chief of Server Operations, former Head of Polaris Network Division
– Outside Auditor Machimura Aoi, 27 years old, Representative Director and CEO of PRiSM agency
– Outside Auditor Wachikura Mao, 49 years old, Representative Director and CEO of BIRD Leader
86 Anonymous
What is this?
88 Anonymous
It’s Beryl’s new personnel. Probably because Beryl poached the famous president of ECI, Bannai-san, it got leaked. Bannai-san is a well-known user on the investment board, so I think there are some people here who know them
ECI was originally a company under States, but Bannai-san acquired it with funding around autumn. At that time, it changed its name to Emily Capital Investments, ECI, and it seems to be the most active investment company in the world for the past three months, causing caution even in States
The source of the funds is unknown, and there are rumors on the bulletin board that it might be a front company for the Holy Aqua Religion. But President Atori and Bannai-san were chosen as the top 10 young executives selected by States, so they are undoubtedly capable individuals
There are also Arisugawa Abigail, Machimura Aoi-san from Prism Agency, and Sabato Koyomi-san who developed Highsaba-chan as a 3510 developer. It’s too dangerous that they have gathered all five of the most powerful individuals in their 20s in Japan right now..
90 Anonymous
Wow, looks like big things are happening, and Aqua-sama might even become the director in a way, lol. It seems like nobody’s gonna disagree with that
92 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Wait, the front company of the Holy Aqua Religion!? I better tell Nee-san to reconsider..
93 Anonymous
I heard they’re even creating a subsidiary for Beryl Wonderland, and Nee-san and President Atori seem soooo busy! I hope they don’t collapse
95 Anonymous
97 Anonymous
There’s a mysterious countdown in the upper right, just noticed it. It’s actually the remaining break time
98 Anonymous
It’s about to start~. Hey, those are mas***ing better come back~!
100 Anonymous
It’s starting
103 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai is here for the opening!
105 Anonymous
The first half couldn’t be helped in terms of composition, but Tenga-senpai hardly had any screen time. Looking forward to the second half
107 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai’s traditional Japanese clothing is really cool
110 Anonymous
Douman’s mekakure eye is so cool
It’s stirring up my middle school memories
113 Anonymous
Kamonohashi-san is doing a really good job now
He has a great atmosphere
115 Anonymous
Kamonohashi-san hasn’t had many appearances before because of his weak health, but this time he seems to have a lot of screen time
118 Anonymous
I think the casting for this project is perfect
It doesn’t feel out of place like Heaven’s Sword
121 Anonymous
Kamonohashi-san looks really good with a shaved head
124 Anonymous
Ahh, I’m so grateful for the portrayal of the relationship between Genjo and Douman
I’m glad they used child actors for young Douman
127 Anonymous
Seriously, what’s up with the budget for this? LOL
129 Anonymous
In an interview in December, the president of the national broadcaster said they weren’t spending as much money as everyone thought
It seems Tsuwabuki-san quickly decided to join the project after the announcement of co-starring with Aqua-kun
133 Anonymous
Don’t you think Beryl’s members must be getting paid a lot for their appearances?
136 Anonymous
Nah, they don’t need it. By the way, if we compare Aqua-kun and Kohina Yukari-san, Kohina Yukari-san actually gets paid more. I don’t know about variety shows, but you can think of it as the same amount as a popular rookie actress. So, anyone can get an offer, but whether Aqua-kun and the others accept it or not is up to them
138 Anonymous
Douman and Seimei finally met! Exciting!
141 Anonymous
Ah, Seimei-sama is really great!
144 Anonymous
When I see Aqua-sama in Seimei-sama mode, my brain melts
147 Anonymous
I want to be played with by a man like Seimei-sama, even just once!
150 Anonymous
I’m hanging out with my relatives, but all the middle and high school kids are sticking together LOL. They’re hopeless now. Their body have been forced so they can’t cl**ax except by Aqua-sama..
155 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, no doubt, this is the real deal. Yuūjin-sama, too – we need more characters exposing that face coolness
160 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai getting lost in the beauty makes total sense. He’s just too damn beautiful..
164 Anonymous
I like Seimei who hides his mouth with her cuffs..
168 Anonymous
Seimei’s gaze is definitely knocking someone up
172 Anonymous
Oh, look, those idiots are probably off to grab pregnancy tests, lol
176 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Is it Shumi!?
180 Verification Team *010meTA473
I won’t do it again, idiot!
184 Anonymous
187 Anonymous
You’ve leveled up, LOL
188 Anonymous
By the way, aren’t you already knocked up, lol
191 Anonymous
The throwback to the Onmyoji dorm days hits differently – big mood
195 Anonymous
Oh, yeah!
199 Anonymous
It’s great that they keep adding these kinds of things
203 Anonymous
They used to be good friends
206 Anonymous
I understand how Douman feels. Having Seimei next to him must really stir up feelings of inferiority
209 Anonymous
When there’s a strong light nearby, your own darkness gets even deeper, you know
212 Anonymous
Thinking about it, it’s amazing that Aqua-kun’s friends like Tenga-senpai, Mayuzumi-kun, and Toa-chan aren’t affected by it
216 Anonymous
I think Genjo is doing this on purpose. He knew that Douman would fall into darkness when he introduced Seimei, didn’t he? I mean, he was smirking!
219 Anonymous
I think so too. I thought the same thing
222 Anonymous
I won’t forgive Genjo!
225 Anonymous
The sorcery is here!
228 Anonymous
Douman looks like he’s having fun when studying sorcery. lol
232 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai, looks like he’ll do it in the next live event too!
236 Anonymous
Can’t wait for Tenga-senpai’s Douman performance!
240 Anonymous
Tsuwabuki-san is here!
242 Anonymous
Takaakira is here!!
246 Anonymous
Takaakira is so soothing
249 Anonymous
Tsuwabuki-san’s Takaakira is the best. He’s a bit goofy, and his combination with Seimei is funny
252 Anonymous
Seimei is calm and Takaakira is energetic. Takaakira moves a lot while Seimei only does subtle gestures. The contrast between them is really well done
255 Anonymous
It’s nice to see Takaakira moving around and changing expressions a lot
Wow, Tsuwabuki-san worked so hard!
258 Anonymous
It’s cute how Takaakira is moving around Seimei in 360 degrees
262 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is skillfully guiding Takaakira’s movements by changing his body’s direction. Even though it doesn’t look like he’s moving, Aqua-kun is effectively controlling the situation. Aqua-kun, you can do this too. This big sister is happy
266 Anonymous
Wild Kohina Yukari-san looks like she’s flipping out, LOL
269 Anonymous
It looks like it’s clearly visible, LOL
272 Anonymous
It seems like the collaboration with Kohina Yukari is having a positive influence, especially in this work
275 Anonymous
I can watch scenes of Takaakira and Seimei forever. Takaakira wants attention from Seimei so much, right? LOL
279 Anonymous
Douman is totally looking at him, hoping for attention!!
283 Anonymous
Everyone is so desperate for Seimei’s attention, lol
288 Anonymous
There’s a theory going around that everyone loves Seimei, lol
292 Anonymous
Seimei is hilarious, LMAO
295 Anonymous
Seimei plays way too much with Takaakira, lol
298 Anonymous
Oh man, I’m so grateful for conversations between boys, I could worship it forever
301 Anonymous
I totally get it. Back in school, when I eavesdropped on boys’ conversations, they’d be like, “Hey, stop listening, you ugly!” It happened to me too..
304 Anonymous
Oh, that’s a common thing during school days!
305 Anonymous
I understand
309 Anonymous
I get it, it’s a matter of the heart, lol
312 Anonymous
Seimei’s mischievous side is kinda like Aqua-kun
315 Anonymous
Oh, I wish I could be pranked by a cute boy! And if it’s Aa-sama, that would be even better!
318 Anonymous
I understand that feeling
320 Anonymous
I get it too
324 Anonymous
Look, there it is! That smile is amazing!
327 Anonymous
Is Shumi still alive?
329 Verification Team*07218KADO6
Certain wife is dead
332 Anonymous
333 Anonymous
I understand because I have the same hobby as Shumi
335 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I put a tissue on Shumi’s face while she was getting a lap pillow from the maid, and I got scolded
338 Anonymous
340 Anonymous
Shumi, be careful when choosing friends
344 Anonymous
It’s so nice to see Seimei looking at Takaakira with a gentle gaze. Hey, is everyone’s daughter okay? Are they turning into Ponnami (Useless wife) or Hogenami (Hoge wife)?
347 Anonymous
It’s happening. It’s not good. My daughters’ interests have definitely become strange
349 Anonymous
My daughters are in 3rd and 4th grade, but they’re saying they want to marry Seimei-sama. I told them to do their best. If my daughters get together with him, maybe I’ll have a chance too!
352 Anonymous
Let Seimei get rid of those desires, lol
355 Anonymous
Oh, I wonder if Douman is the one causing trouble in this situation
359 Anonymous
I want to see the time when Seimei and Douman were good friends. Can’t they show us their time at the Onmyou Bureau?
362 Anonymous
Next, let’s have a flashback of the Second Princess
365 Anonymous
It feels completely different from when she was in Hana-ata. Actresses are amazing, after all
368 Anonymous
Ayafuji-san, who successfully filmed in one take alongside Shirogane Aqua in Yuujin mode, is incredible. Her mental strength is extraordinary
373 Anonymous
Realized it when someone pointed it out. Seriously, Ayafuji-san is something else when you think about it again
375 Anonymous
Finally, some folks are catching on to the awesomeness of actress Ayafuji Midori-san. The more Aqua-sama shines, the more Ayafuji-san’s awesomeness from their first collaboration stands out
379 Anonymous
Poor Second Princess
383 Anonymous
Fourth Princess and Seimei are here!
387 Anonymous
Damn, Kato Iria, damn!!
392 Anonymous
As if contrasting with Second Princess’s hysteria, Fourth Princess has this airy vibe
398 Anonymous
Exactly! Not getting irritated by Kato Iria’s acting today is because there’s this light and fluffy feel. She occasionally lets some color peek through, but Aqua-kun skillfully treats her like a child, giving it that fluffy vibe
401 Anonymous
It’s cleverly expressing the portrayal of an immature child, right?
404 Anonymous
The first half of the Fourth Princess and Seimei’s performance was awesome. It was really naughty
409 Anonymous
I get it. It had a really naughty vibe
415 Anonymous
Oh, that’s not good, not good at all. Aqua-sama is way too naughty
418 Anonymous
Naughty police, go for it!!
422 Anonymous
Why does Seimei-sama have so much charm? Watching Seimei-sama makes me almost forget Aqua-kun is 16
427 Anonymous
Totally get it
431 Anonymous
By the way, today, Nee-san is surprisingly not around. Is she dead?
435 Verification Team *07218KADO6
If it’s Nee-san, she’s been frozen near me for over an hour. Not blinking at all
440 Anonymous
No way, even Nee-san got hooked LOL
444 Anonymous
Go, Nee-san!
449 Anonymous
It’s hopeless, the damage is too much to grasp. Stars social media and forums are still dead, lol
452 Anonymous
Hoge-lar Wave Research Institute is of no help in times like this. Wrapping yourself in aluminum foil didn’t do a thing, smh
456 Anonymous
Someone doing the same thing as me is hilarious, LMAO. But it really was pointless, huh..
463 Anonymous
The Hoge-lar wave Institute doesn’t need any budget anymore, lol. Let’s raise the national budget next year
469 Anonymous
It’s a huge disaster since the Yuujin-sama incident. Thought we grew, but we still have a long way to go
472 Anonymous
Inko… you’ve grown. The otome game that made you grow is waiting for you all lonely!
477 Anonymous
479 Anonymous
Mitsuhime-chan is so cool, super cute. Wanna cosplay like that
483 Anonymous
I understand. I’m also thinking of participating in the next cosplay event with Mitsuhime-chan’s cosplay
489 Anonymous
Kanade Ichika-chan has become cuter than when she was doing Shi-Shunki
494 Anonymous
There’s a theory that the women who performed with Shirogane Aqua become cuter afterward
Nobu-san said that love is the best makeup tool, so if you fall in love with Shirogane Aqua, everyone will become beautiful
500 Anonymous
Seriously? LMAO
501 Anonymous
Oh, I see. So that means I’ve become beautiful too!
508 Verification Team *010meTA473
Mitsuhime-sama, it’s amazing how you subtly positioned yourself between the Fourth Princess and the opposing side, with Seimei-sama in the middle
From left to right, Mitsuhime, Seimei-sama, Takaakira is good, but from left to right, Mitsuhime, Seimei-sama, Yonohime is also good…!
512 Anonymous
Just when I thought you suddenly came back, it’s really you, lol
515 Anonymous
The fact that you specify from left to right gives off a serious vibe
517 Anonymous
It wouldn’t be bad if you cosplayed as Mitsuhime and did it for real!
521 Verification Team *010meTA473
Huh!? Th-that means, Aqua-sama is Seimei-sama..
526 Anonymous
Are you dead?
529 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Breaking news, Ero wife-san, not just in delusions
534 Anonymous
No growth at all
538 Anonymous
540 Anonymous
Douman suddenly appeared
545 Anonymous
Douman… scary!
549 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai, scary!
551 Anonymous
555 Anonymous
I thought it was Seimei vs. Douman, but now it’s Douman vs. Mitsuhime!
558 Anonymous
So, the Shi-Shunki vs. Kamishiro has started, huh?
563 Anonymous
Because of this morning’s Heaven’s Sword, I couldn’t help but wonder when he would transform..
566 Anonymous
Totally get it
570 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai’s action has seriously improved! Not quite on Aqua-sama’s level yet, but still pretty awesome
576 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai’s actions are definitely influenced by Nico-san. Just like how Aa-sama influenced by Kohina Yukari, it’s great to see that Tenga-kun is being influenced by Nico-san in a positive way
582 Anonymous
Mitsuhime’s outfit, with the emphasis on the chest area, is kinda naughty
585 Anonymous
There’s actually more Ichika-chan’s stuff than I expected. It’s not huge, but there’s enough to catch Aqua-sama’s attention for sure!
590 Anonymous
It’s probably because of Kanon-sama’s marriage at first, but if there’s even a hint of Aqua-sama getting along with Milli, everyone on the bulletin board will try to get them together right away
Oh, it’s not a bad thing. It’s way better than being jealous and fighting
Thinking about it, Kanon-sama being the first wife was really important. Even with that, everything was forgiven
597 Anonymous
I really want Aqu-tan to marry different breasts. There are so many breasts already that they could be thrown away. I want at least 3 or 4 pairs of breasts, not just satisfied with that, but I want about 100
602 Anonymous
Marriage with breasts lol
608 Anonymous
That’s just your desire, isn’t it? lol!
613 Anonymous
Douman: “That’s just an excuse to fight you!”
616 Anonymous
How much does Douman like Seimei-sama!!
619 Anonymous
Hmm, wait… something weird is happening in my head with Seimei, Douman, and Takaakira swirling around, giving me a strange feeling
624 Anonymous
I feel the same. Maybe lying down for a bit is a good idea
632 Anonymous
Comrade! Looks like I’m getting palpitations too..
637 Anonymous
The theory is Douman just wants attention from Seimei. Like, “Don’t just look at Takaakira, pay more attention to me!” Oh, wait, when I imagined it with real Tenga-senpai, it was cute
640 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai’s actions are intense, but Aqua-sama’s actions have a lot of grace
643 Anonymous
645 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Certain wifeeeeee!
646 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
651 Anonymous
Seimei-sama under the moonlight is so beautiful it made me dizzy
653 Anonymous
Why is he so stunning? He’s prettier than me, a woman
657 Anonymous
Wow, in scenes like this, you can tell he’s Yukishiro Mikuni’s child. Truly one of a kind in the world. This beauty is..
660 Anonymous
What happened to you guys, lol?
662 Anonymous
What happened with Shumi and Nee-san, lol?
670 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
After not moving, they just fell backward..
673 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Take a look at this innocent face. Doesn’t it have a calm expression? Well, it’s actually dead!
678 Anonymous
LOL, that’s hilarious!
680 Anonymous
As usual, Hoge Nami is up to no good. But this time, even Nee-san couldn’t handle it
684 Anonymous
Genjo again! So exciting!
689 Anonymous
Kamonohashi-san, seriously, the atmosphere is really coming together
692 Anonymous
695 Anonymous
697 Anonymous
701 Anonymous
That silly voice sounds familiar! It’s back!
703 Anonymous
Morikawa? LMAO
706 Anonymous
By the way, they said she would come out
710 Anonymous
This is so weird and unbelievable!
713 Anonymous
I think they’re doing it on purpose to get a reaction
717 Anonymous
This guy is subtly skilled, right? Even Morikawa, you know, is not bad at acting itself
720 Anonymous
Morikawa, turns out, is a high-spec
725 Anonymous
Is this the qualification holder of the Ochinchin sommelier!
729 Anonymous
That’s irrelevant now, lol
733 Anonymous
There’s a chance, if it’s Morikawa, that she could somehow handle a fire with full force just by breathing! Am I the only one who feels that way?
738 Anonymous
I get it. Seems like she could put it out with just lung capacity
741 Anonymous
What’s the point of giving oxygen! It’ll burn even more!!
746 Anonymous
Takaakira is riding a horse!
749 Anonymous
Whoa! So this is what Tsuwabuki-san was talking about!
752 Anonymous
He practiced a lot for this scene. Aqua-sama said he learned archery and horseback riding
757 Anonymous
By the way, Aqua-sama was even riding a horse during Christmas. It’s amazing!
761 Anonymous
Seriously, Aqua-sama is like a prince. He can do anything
And yet, he also has this adorable side where he gets all lovey-dovey over a single chest! We’ll never see anyone like him again
766 Anonymous
I secretly think that being lovey-dovey over a chest is an important element
That’s why his popularity keeps heating up even more
Even though it’s impossible in normal circumstances, he doesn’t give off the vibe of “I can’t do it!” when pushed!!
770 Anonymous
Just when you think he’s cool, he’s actually trying to protect people. That’s Kenzaki for you
774 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is definitely a hero
779 Anonymous
Aaaaaaaaah, Mitsuhime-chan!
782 Anonymous
It’s so cute how Mitsuhime sits behind the horse, all poised and adorable!
785 Anonymous
Someone said it earlier, but I wanna cosplay as Mitsuhime too. She’s strong, cute, and the absolute best, right?
788 Anonymous
It’s hereeeeeeeeeeeee!
790 Anonymous
Seimei: “Douman, are you really okay with this?”
Well, with Aa-sama on the inside, it’s gotta be good. I get it!!
794 Anonymous
I’m so excited about Seimei and Douman collaborating!
796 Anonymous
Rivalries are cool and all, but as someone who likes the Kenzaki-Kamishiro duo from Heaven’s Sword, I really wanted to see Seimei and Douman team up!
801 Anonymous
Ahh, it’s getting kinda exciting. The presence of Tsuwabuki-san as Takaakira is making things interesting, messing with Tenga-kun and Aqua-kun’s relationship or something
805 Anonymous
Thank you, thank you for the collaboration scene!
807 Anonymous
Morikawa also appeared briefly at the corner, lol
812 Anonymous
Morikawa is somehow able to stand out even in the background
There’s a certain presence about her
818 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Has the legendary star announcer Morikawa Kaede’s story begun?!
823 Anonymous
That’s not way
824 Anonymous
Even if the world turned upside down, that’s not way
830 Anonymous
Please speak when you’re awake
835 Anonymous
I just noticed, but Hakuryuu-sensei’s reaction is absent. I hope she’s not dead or anything
838 Anonymous
There’s no way Hakuryuu-sensei, who likes Yuujin-sama, is safe! She must has died a long time ago!!
841 Anonymous
Haha, that’s hilarious! LMAO
842 Anonymous
Sensei, if you’re gonna die, make sure you finish that work first, okay?
846 Anonymous
851 Anonymous
And here we have Tsuwabuki-san and Ayafuji-san collaborating!!
853 Anonymous
Wait, hold on, isn’t this that thing?
857 Anonymous
Oh my goooosh, they’re recreating a scene from Hana-ata!
859 Anonymous
Even though the characters they’re playing have different personalities, there’s something that reminds me of Hana-ata
861 Anonymous
Hey! This is not the time for Shumi to be dead!!
The Hana-ata you wanted to see is right here!!
864 Anonymous
This scene is so valuable. I’m so glad I got to see it today
867 Anonymous
Mitsuhime-san’s gentle smile is so nice
869 Anonymous
Mitsuhime-chan looking at those two people from behind so gently is amazing
I might become a fan of Ichika-chan
873 Anonymous
The dango shop’s here!
875 Anonymous
In the historical drama on the national broadcaster, it always ends up with Dango shop
878 Anonymous
Oh, it’s that Dango shop again!
881 Anonymous
It’s nice when two people stand together and eat Dango!
884 Anonymous
Takaakira, criticized by Seimei for his way with women
But we want to say, today, you’ve undoubtedly charmed women more than anyone else in the world!
886 Anonymous
We can’t beat Seimei-sama
At first, there were 32 of us watching, but in the end, only 5 remained
Seimei-sama took 27
890 Anonymous
Oh, Mitsuhime-chan is really great
She’s too cute stealing the Dango
If it were Kohina Yukari, I’d be annoyed
893 Anonymous
Ah, Seimei-sama casually wiping Mitsuhime’s mouth..
896 Anonymous
Seimei-sama took everything until the very end
899 Anonymous
Wow, the ending song is a hot track, it’s here!
902 Anonymous
I thought for a moment that the previous song would play, LOL
905 Anonymous
Wow, another hot track is here!
910 Anonymous
Sakai-san is here!
912 Anonymous
Mikiko-san is here!!
915 Anonymous
The way she sings, it’s like she’s intoxicated, and she’s completely aware of it. It’s so cool!
918 Anonymous
I want a Tenga-senpai version of this!
921 Anonymous
Oh, Seimei-sama was surprised, but I’m happy to see Tsuwabuki-san and Kamonohashi-san working hard. It feels like things are changing from the start of the new year!
925 Anonymous
I understand. Kobayakawa-san said she wants to fight alongside the boys with the Heaven’s Sword, and things are going well
929 Anonymous
Wow, Tsuwabuki-san really worked hard from Hana-ata. It made me cry
932 Anonymous
Tsuwabuki-san is going to be super popular this year
936 Anonymous
In the end, I saw Douman from a distance and felt sorry for him. I wonder if there will be future collaborations if he’s still alive
940 Anonymous
I wonder if there will be a sequel to this? In the end, the curse on the city of Kyoto was resolved and Takaakira took in the princess who caused the curse. But Genjo and Douman are still alive
945 Verification Team *07218KADO6
948 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Part C is here!
952 Anonymous
I’m so excited and nervous..
957 Anonymous
Ah, thank you so much, Seimei-sama, for walking at the end. Thank you, thank you
961 Anonymous
Genjo’s voice is hereeeeeee!
963 Anonymous
965 Anonymous
Seimei-sama! That person is the culprit!!
968 Anonymous
970 Anonymous
974 Anonymous
978 Anonymous
Huh? Wait?
What’s going on!?
981 Anonymous
It’s over…
983 Anonymous
It’s finished…
986 Anonymous
There’s going to be a sequel, right?
Say there will be!!
989 Anonymous
I can’t imagine there won’t be a sequel with an ending like this
993 Anonymous
If they hinted at a sequel this much, it must exist
997 Anonymous
I’m waiting with anticipation
1000 Anonymous
If it’s the 1000th, then the sequel is confirmed!
I hope the people who died come back to life!!
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