Male Idol V11c41

Volume 11 Chapter 41 Bulletin Board, First Sale Battle

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Fuji Department Store?] The Lucky Bag Battle Thread [Beryl Shop?]
4 Anonymous
Here, waiting in front of Fuji Department Store. It’s hot with the heat of females even in winter! Feel free to join
6 Anonymous
Here, waiting in front of Beryl Shop main store. Only understanding females in heat, feel free to join
8 Anonymous
Same situation at the Shibuya store, feel free to join
10 Anonymous
What’s going on with this exchange? LOL
13 Anonymous
It means the battle has already begun
15 Anonymous
Damn, the girl behind me has such big breasts that I’m being pushed forward!!
17 Anonymous
I can relate. I’m also being pressured by a girl with big breasts. And everyone here is big too. If you’re surrounded by females over 180cm with an H-cup or more from all sides, any guy would cry
19 Anonymous
Aqua-kun would probably be delighted
20 Anonymous
Someone’s probably excited, right? Check it out, it’s our favorite person
21 Anonymous
If it’s Aa-sama, it’s like a regular thing
24 Anonymous
You guys really understand Aqua-sama, just as I thought
26 Anonymous
What’s going on in Tokyo! So many people!! Just today, I hit 10 people with my breasts!
28 Anonymous
Don’t escape from the otome game
30 Anonymous
Your disguise is already revealed, Inko, so stick with one username; it’s getting annoying. You might get scolded for Holoplay, but LOL
31 Anonymous
Could it be the breasts I bumped into earlier?
33 Anonymous
Hey! You were the one with the breasts that bumped into me earlier!!
36 Anonymous
Anyone got details on the flyers from Fuji Department Store and Beryl Shop?
39 Anonymous
Fuji Department Store
– Lucky Bags of Yuujin-sama, Yuu-onii, Onmyouji, and Heaven’s Sword
Each bag costs 3000 yen and is limited to one per person
– Starting today, you can become the top idol’s bride!?
Collaboration with Shirogane Kanon-sama, Bride Coordination Fashion
1-day Lucky Bag costs 10,000 yen, 7-day Lucky Bag costs 100,000 yen
※ Limited quantities available. Lottery system, results will be announced later
– Starting today, you can become the top idol’s girlfriend!?
Shirogane Aqua-sama is my ideal date coordination fashion chosen by various shops
Daddy Date Edition, for elementary school students
Nii-sama Date Edition, for middle school students
Classmate Date Edition, for high school students
Little brother Date Edition, for university students
Junior colleague Date Edition, for working adults
Son Date Edition, for those in their 30s and above
Grandson Date Edition, for those in their 50s and above
※ Please check here for prices and how to purchase
– Onmyouji Exhibit
There is an exhibit showcasing costumes and photo panels of Seimei, Douman, Takaakira, Mitsuhime, The Fourth Princess, The Third Princess, Genjo, and Morikawa the Firefighter
Photography is allowed, admission is free, and the exhibition runs throughout January
※ For people who have a card and have bought something, there is a lottery for the New Year. We will announce the winners and send them their prizes. These prizes can include things like signed items or tickets to live events
40 Anonymous
Beryl Official Shop
– Special Lucky Bags
You can choose from Shirogane Aqua, Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro, Tenga Akira, Hoshimiya Shiro, Oumi Tama
*Available at prices of 1000 yen, 3000 yen, 5000 yen, and 10,000 yen. You can only buy one bag
– Lucky Bags for All Members
*Available at prices of 1000 yen, 3000 yen, 5000 yen, and 10,000 yen. You can only buy one bag
– Beryl Lottery, only one entry per person / 500 yen
*You have a chance to win items worth 500 yen or more. The items you can win are signed goods. The top prize is a surprise!
– Beryl Pilgrimage
You can take a special picture with the talents dressed in traditional Japanese clothes. This is only available in January, and there will be a display set up for the entire month
We have partnered with the Onmyoji to create the Shirogane Shrine and Tenga Temple inside our shop until April
If you visit, you will receive a signed talisman
We have set up these attractions in our Marunouchi main store and some stores in all 47 prefectures
*For more information, please visit our website. Additionally, all proceeds from lottery tickets and offerings will be donated to the Shirogane Foundation
43 Anonymous
Thank you!
45 Anonymous
For a limited time of three days, if you order a drink at Cafe Tomarigi, the morning is free. Don’t forget to try the delicious flavored ramen with a seasoned egg. Both of these promotions are currently available at the Fuji Department Store today
47 Anonymous
Really? I have to go!
49 Anonymous
Right in front of the entrance of the Fuji Department Store, it is about to open soon. There also seems to be something happening with the large display installed in front of the entrance. You should go check it out!
52 Anonymous
I have been eagerly waiting for something like this
55 Anonymous
57 Anonymous
What’s going on, what’s going on!?
58 Anonymous
I need a report, please!
61 Anonymous
There was a video where each member of the Onmyoji team said Happy New Year!! And then, there were dancers on stage wearing costumes, but they weren’t the actual performers. They danced to a famous song
64 Anonymous
Isn’t it incredible?
65 Anonymous
That’s right. Also, they have started preparing for the opening of the main store of Beryl Shop. Please have a look
68 Anonymous
Oh, I’m getting really excited
70 Anonymous
I managed to get close, but I can’t see anything in front. Since it seems like we can skip the line if we have a numbered ticket, maybe I should move away for a while
73 Anonymous
Are there any places left where there are no restrictions on capacity?
76 Anonymous
Probably not
77 Anonymous
It seems that the Fuji Department Store in Tachikawa has reached its limit, so there may not be any more available there
80 Anonymous
I have gathered some information that indicates Beryl Shop has also reached its limit. This time, it was not an online lottery, so everyone was serious about it
82 Anonymous
At the main store here, I saw a staff member dressed as a shrine maiden. They might be a helper, but I wonder why they are wearing a shrine maiden outfit. It’s puzzling!
84 Anonymous
85 Anonymous
Please give more details
88 Anonymous
It seems that the staff at Shirogane Shrine are the ones doing it. Their breasts are huge and almost overflowing from the shrine maiden outfit
90 Anonymous
Hmm, those big sisters are naughty
92 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Yes, it has been confirmed that there was some lewdness during New Year’s. Guhehe
95 Anonymous
Don’t get carried away just because Nee-san is not here today; you’ll get scolded again. Just wanted to let you know
96 Anonymous
Which line did Hagetoru join?
99 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I’ve been working part-time since New Year’s, okay..
102 Anonymous
You made me cry!
103 Anonymous
Working since New Year, that’s incredible!!
104 Anonymous
You barely scraping by since New Year, lol
106 Anonymous
Guess what? Fuji Department Store Shinjuku branch opened, and the line’s moving! Come check it out!
108 Anonymous
109 Anonymous
Beryl Shop main store just opened too! Come on in!
112 Anonymous
Wow, getting pushed around by the breasts! Uuuu!
114 Anonymous
Here, I’m at the entrance area of Beryl Shop main store. The eager fans get stared down by Nee-san and quiet down obediently. Come on in, folks
117 Anonymous
LOL, that’s really funny!
118 Anonymous
Their education is really good, LOL
121 Verification Team *010meTA473
Everyone seems to be having a good time. That’s nice
124 Anonymous
You should relax at home! Don’t even take a single step!
126 Anonymous
You’ve won the first prize, so just endure it!
129 Anonymous
Are you all mean or kind to Shumi? LOL
131 Anonymous
This is the main store of Fuji Department Store. We’ve seen Morikawa working here! Check it out!
134 Anonymous
I’m at home, watching the news right now
137 Anonymous
140 Anonymous
What’s up?
144 Anonymous
Here, in front of the TV, Morikawa is wearing Aqua-sama’s date outfit. Take a look!!
147 Anonymous
I want to say “No way,” but thanks for the helpful info. Do you know where I can buy it?
149 Anonymous
They say Announcer Onidzuka bought a very expensive Heidemarie dress, the same one Announcer Morikawa often wears. It costs about 200,000 yen, but it was in a lucky bag that cost only 30,000 yen and included 4 other items. Announcer Morikawa’s outfit, however, wasn’t from a lucky bag but her own clothes. It just happened to be like what Aqua-sama chose
152 Anonymous
I just saw it with my own eyes. Everyone’s rushing to Heidemarie. Ugh, Fuji Department Store! They’re taking advantage of how women feel!
153 Anonymous
I wasn’t interested in fancy brands, but the idea of getting a good deal is too tempting
155 Anonymous
Forget it. It’s too late! I saw it just now, right in front of me, the last one got taken
157 Anonymous
Yessssss! I got the last bag of Heidemarie’s clothes! Woohoooo!
160 Anonymous
Hey! The person who took the bag in front of you is with >>157. There you go
161 Anonymous
Just like I thought, the users of this bulletin board are everywhere
163 Anonymous
Both the last-minute buyers and the ones who couldn’t make it are all bulletin board users, haha, that’s funny LMAO
166 Anonymous
When I looked back, someone mentioned that there’s a bulletin board user
169 Anonymous
I’m starting to see everyone around me as bulletin board users. When I look closely, they all have lewd faces like Hagetoru..
172 Anonymous
You’re also seen as Hagetoru-like. Okay!!
175 Anonymous
Wait a minute, I bought Heidemarie’s lucky bag, but there’s something like a chikuwa inside, and I don’t know what to do!
178 Anonymous
Congratulations! That’s really fancy!
180 Anonymous
LOL, that’s so funny
183 Anonymous
That chikuwa costs 170,000 yen..
It’s a holder for bottles. You can put in plastic bottles, mugs, and stuff like that
186 Anonymous
You’re joking, LOL
187 Anonymous
Do you really need a 170,000 yen bottle holder for a 100 yen tea bottle?
Well, at least the other clothes look wearable
190 Anonymous
I got the same Heidemarie dress!
193 Anonymous
Matching with Morikawa, congrats!
194 Anonymous
Congratulations on matching with Hogekawa!
195 Anonymous
Someone’s wearing the same clothes as Gorikawa!
198 Anonymous
Hey, cut it out! If you say that, I won’t be able to wear it!
201 Anonymous
Oh… Kanon-sama’s outfit on display is so cute!!
204 Anonymous
Someone is already on the 6th floor, that’s fast!
207 Anonymous
I’ve been aiming for this from the beginning. It’s a lottery though
210 Anonymous
How was it?
215 Anonymous
With 1 day, you are guaranteed to get a coat and can choose between a knit, a dress, or a blouse. It also comes with a skirt and a bag
With 7 day, it’s amazing. It includes an apron, a school uniform-style outfit, and loungewear
There are also two vouchers for angel and devil bras. They even offer shipping for people in the countryside
It seems like it also comes with a coordination book
219 Anonymous
Thank you! It’s a great deal with the guaranteed coat and bag on the first day
220 Anonymous
The 7 day is great. It’s convenient for someone like me who doesn’t want to bother choosing
223 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s fashion sense is really amazing. By the way, everyone was taking pictures of the display for inspiration. Some even said they were going to buy clothes based on those pictures
226 Anonymous
That’s cool. There’s a sale happening right now too
228 Anonymous
The shop knows what’s popular and deliberately showcases it with the mannequins on display
231 Anonymous
Oh no, the third floor is really crowded. Ugh
234 Anonymous
Are you okay!?
236 Anonymous
It’s getting really crowded and chaotic here!! Who would enjoy this kind of situation!
240 Anonymous
Aqua-sama would totally enjoy it
241 Anonymous
Here on the fourth floor, I found myself surrounded by breasts. It’s quite a sight
244 Anonymous
What kind of situation is this, lol?
247 Anonymous
I was squeezed between two well-endowed ladies, as a petite 150cm A-cup like me. The person who accidentally squeezed me noticed right away and apologized
249 Anonymous
Breasts are definitely powerful! Breasts can solve everything!
253 Anonymous
So, women with high breast power are the strongest
257 Anonymous
This is the main store of Beryl Shop. I received some talisman from Nee-san. Yay!
260 Anonymous
At the shrine of Beryl Shop, someone kindly let me go first because I’m from a different region. It made me feel warm inside
262 Anonymous
I was thinking about buying something with the lottery at Beryl Shop, but I had to give up because of my limited budget. Luckily, I got Aqusta!
265 Anonymous
You’re lucky! I already have a pass case featuring Yuujin-sama
267 Anonymous
If you’re at the main store, would you like to exchange pass cases? I bought one featuring Seimei, but I haven’t been able to get one featuring Yuujin-sama yet
270 Anonymous
Yay! Thank you so much! I was considering buying it, but I ended up getting a pouch instead. I’ll be waiting at Shirogane’s Shrine Bell
273 Anonymous
OK! I’m going now!
277 Anonymous
That was good
281 Anonymous
If you are at Aqua-samaGoods, go to Shirogane’s Shrine Bell
Other than that, how about in front of the Beryl statue?
285 Anonymous
286 Anonymous
Good idea!
292 Anonymous
I’m at the Fuji Department Store! I saw Kanade-san, Ayafuji-san, and Kato Iria-san, all three of them!
They are here for the Onmyoji Exhibition story
296 Anonymous
Really? That’s amazing!!
299 Anonymous
Kato Iria has a very small face, very small! Her body is small too!
She used to annoy me on TV with her fake cuteness, but she is really beautiful
I want to protect her and keep her safe
302 Anonymous
Kato Iria is one of the best idols, of course
Don’t you remember she sang with Ayana-chan at the start of that singing contest?
306 Anonymous
Kanade-san is getting more and more beautiful!
Could it be that she has fallen in love with Kenzaki because of the Heaven’s Sword!?
310 Anonymous
Kato Iria: “No woman can resist falling in love when working with Aqua-sama.”
314 Anonymous
Kato Iria, that’s true
315 Anonymous
Even though she acts silly on TV shows, she really understands things
318 Anonymous
Ayafuji-san’s high energy is quite surprising
322 Anonymous
Since she doesn’t appear on TV shows often, not many people know, but Ayafuji Midori-chan gets really excited
327 Anonymous
I’m happy that she’s sharing memories from the photo shoot while looking at the pictures
331 Anonymous
They said Aqua-kun was fooling around and fell into the pond with Tsuwabuki-san!? Does someone has the video from that time!?
334 Anonymous
Wow, I wanted to hear that story!!
337 Anonymous
There’s a picture of Seimei riding a horse in the photo corner, and it’s amazing
He looks really good on a horse, just like he did at the Christmas festival
340 Anonymous
Ayafuji-san, can Aqua do yabusame!? (T/N: Japanese traditional skill, practice and rite of shooting whistling arrows from a galloping horse)
342 Anonymous
Aqua-sama can even do yabusame..
Is there anything that Aqua-sama can’t do besides drawing?
I want to see Aqua-sama and Morikawa have a competition
347 Anonymous
Actually, Morikawa can do anything too
It would be fun to see a sports festival with just these two lol
351 Anonymous
Do you want to hear the story of how Aqua-sama’s painting was auctioned for the highest price at the Stars auction?
The bidder was an oil queen and I found it hilarious. The live comment from the oil queen was real…
355 Anonymous
Oh no, I bumped into Morikawa
358 Anonymous
Sad news, Kanade-san and her friends saw the wild Morikawa Kaede
361 Anonymous
During the live broadcast, it was revealed that the co-stars would meet at the Onmyoji Exhibition
364 Anonymous
The tea shop’s Morikawa-san lol
She can stop fire, right lol
367 Anonymous
Don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s a small role!
371 Anonymous
374 Anonymous
Look, the surprise guests are Tsuwabuki-san and Kamonohashi-san yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!
379 Anonymous
What do you mean?
I’m on a different floor and I don’t know what’s happening, tell me more!
383 Anonymous
They’re going to do a surprise talk show
This is so cool
387 Anonymous
And there’s also Aqua-kun’s lunch show that was delayed, Fuji Department Store is awesome
391 Anonymous
Oh noooo!
394 Anonymous
What’s happening now!?
398 Anonymous
On the second floor of Fuji Department Store, private Mikuni-sama and Reira-sama are shopping together…
It seems that Mikuni-sama came to buy matching design shoes with Aqua-kun who wanted to run with him
401 Anonymous
405 Anonymous
I’m surprised by the motherly feeling of wanting to get along with her son, but not knowing how to do it
But it’s too sad that she couldn’t see him for over 10 years because of Kokucho, as she said in the magazine interview at the end of the year
409 Anonymous
She must be in a hurry
Aqua-kun’s private social media has Marin-san, Lapis-chan, Shitori-san, but Mikuni-sama never appears…. Maybe it’s because of the agency contract that she can’t appear on social media
413 Anonymous
It was crazy when Aqua-kun showed up in a kimono at mom’s classroom because they didn’t have enough people to serve tea to the students. I think they had to stop accepting new members because there were too many applicants
418 Anonymous
I found soothed in the image of the big sister massaging shoulders in the office. But as a shameless female, I can’t help but associate it with chest rubbing leading to inappropriate massages and sibling play
421 Anonymous
The big sister also had that look of a shameless female, I’m sure she’s thinking the same thing. If she hasn’t made a move despite all that, she must be really trying hard. If your little brother is giving you a shoulder massage, it’s like a sign for some intimate sibling play, right? It’s practically a signal for some sisterly action
425 Anonymous
429 Anonymous
What happened this time!?
431 Anonymous
If it’s Wild Morikawa Kaede, there’s probably already a report about it
434 Anonymous
There’s a person named KY at the Beryl Shop main store..
437 Anonymous
What’s that person KY doing? LOL
438 Anonymous
Oh, that’s surprising
442 Anonymous
She’s talking with Nee-san. Oh… it seems like she’s looking for things related to Onmyoji
447 Anonymous
Did she come to buy goods from Aqua-sama?
451 Anonymous
Oh, I get it. Kanon-sama couldn’t come, so she came to buy instead. She’s complaining about why she has to do it. Because of that, even though she’s in disguise, it’s obvious!
455 Anonymous
Are you serious?
457 Anonymous
Wait, it’s troublesome when someone who usually doesn’t do good things suddenly starts doing good things
459 Anonymous
Hey! That’s not the kind of person she is!
462 Anonymous
It is not good to say Kohina Yukari is the only one with no friends!!
466 Anonymous
Yes, that one has no friends, LOL
470 Anonymous
But Ayana-chan may be close by!!
475 Anonymous
I saw Ayana-chan buying things with Maron-san and Fran at the makeup place on the 1st floor of Fuji Store! She wanted a new lipstick. Look!!
480 Anonymous
Do they want to kiss someone?
482 Anonymous
Preparing for a kiss with Aa-sama!?
486 Anonymous
Fran is very young, so she does not need makeup!
491 Anonymous
I want a matching lipstick with my beloved Ayana
493 Anonymous
Wow, Maron-san likes makeup a lot, so I want to see what she is buying. I will go to the 1st floor now and watch quietly..
497 Anonymous
Since everyone is in their private time, don’t stare too much. And don’t talk to them either!
501 Anonymous
Everyone is enduring it for Mikuni-sama’s sake too
505 Anonymous
Ayana-chan and others like other people in Fuji Department Store and KY-senpai are becoming more and more alone!!
509 Anonymous
I-It’s okay. Nee-san is here! Look, Shitori-san can help too!!
514 Anonymous
Both of them are on the store staff’s side, aren’t they!!
518 Anonymous
This is the 5th floor of Fuji Department Store. Hakuryuu-sensei and Director Hongou have been spotted!
523 Anonymous
I wonder what those two are doing
527 Anonymous
Seems like they want to look at watches or something. Hakuryuu-sensei said she wants to buy a watch as a reward for working hard at the end of the year. She said she’s going to go all out today
531 Anonymous
I think it’s because she couldn’t use social media much at the end of the year. Beryl’s Christmas festival script, the new work of NouRin, and writing an otome game made it quite tough. Even Director Hongou had to compose Heaven’s Sword for the song battle in addition to the Christmas festival. I hope both of them can take a break
536 Anonymous
It’s sad that KY-senpai is the only one at Beryl Shop while everyone is at Fuji Department Store… She doesn’t have to be alone until New Year’s!!
540 Anonymous
It’s okay! If it’s Aqua-sama, yes, if it’s Aqua-sama, he will somehow make it work! …I hope!
546 Anonymous
550 Anonymous
If it’s Wild Kohina Yukari, she’s already been spotted
555 Anonymous
At the Fuji Department Store main branch, the real Shirogane Aqua-sama has arrived
560 Anonymous
561 Anonymous
Hey, wait a minute!
563 Anonymous
567 Anonymous
Hey, you! There are things you can and can’t say even as a joke!
571 Anonymous
He’s really here… and he’s with a beautiful girl
575 Anonymous
Huh? Where did they go?
579 Anonymous
They went upstairs
582 Anonymous
Huh? Where exactly!?
587 Anonymous
They’re cross-dressing. And it wasn’t a beautiful girl, it was Toa-chan who became a beautiful girl. She’s wearing a long wig, so it’s difficult to recognize her! Also, Aqua-oneesama has medium-length hair today
593 Anonymous
Thank you! I saw it!!
They both have hair colors that change, but Toa-chan with black and white, and Aa-sama with black and purple are very cool
This is like they swapped their light colors with each other
599 Anonymous
Thank you. I found out right away with that clue
601 Anonymous
Wow, the people near me began shaking their pills all together
604 Anonymous
This is normal
607 Anonymous
And they have the same clothes too. Who made them do that!!
That’s very smart, right
612 Verification Team *010meTA473
I will say that to my maid
616 Anonymous
She is great
618 Anonymous
Well done!
621 Anonymous
It seems like they are going to see someone at the place where they sell food
625 Anonymous
Is it Mayushin-kun or Tenga-senpai?
630 Anonymous
No, it wasn’t them. Someone who looks just like Marin-san, and a person with big breasts like Toa-chan came. I think they are probably their moms. And there are two others
634 Anonymous
637 Anonymous
What happened next? Wild-something-san and Aqua-sama have already been spotted. Did you see Hagetoru or someone who looks like Inko?
641 Anonymous
It can’t be… Mayushin-kun dressing like a girl…?
643 Anonymous
That’s not a funny thing to say
646 Anonymous
No joke. One of the last two people who joined is Mayushin-kun dressing as a girl
650 Anonymous
Then, the other person must be Tenga-senpai, right?
654 Anonymous
No, it wasn’t. It’s Mayuzumi-kun’s mom. It looks like Marin-san brought three people with her while driving
660 Anonymous
Don’t ever go and say to moms, ‘Give me your son!’ or something like that!
667 Anonymous
I understand. But is it okay to ask for a daughter?
671 Anonymous
Obviously not. Fool!
676 Anonymous
Oh no, Aqua-oneesama is just too perfect. I’m only interested in women, but I wouldn’t mind being controlled by this lady
680 Anonymous
I’m okay with Toa-chan; it’s like getting two for one with the extra advantage
682 Anonymous
Mayushin-kun’s extreme shyness is so adorable
685 Anonymous
Even though all three of them like gothic lolita fashion, it doesn’t feel awkward at all. Aqua-oneesama is like a true princess. What’s happening here?
689 Anonymous
Hey, isn’t Tenga-senpai being left out again?” (teasingly)
692 Anonymous
What are KY-senpai and TENGA-senpai doing?
695 Anonymous
They got a good job because they are Shirogane Aqua’s seniors, but they have no friends
697 Anonymous
No, they said he is not here yet, so they want to ask him to come. Oh, maybe he is late, so they are calling him
701 Anonymous
702 Anonymous
TENGA-senpai, you are lucky to go out with your juniors!
705 Anonymous
He went to the wrong place by mistake. He went to the Ginza store. He said he will come from there now!
708 Anonymous
KY-senpai will be alone soon!
711 Anonymous
He is very close if he goes from Marunouchi to Nihonbashi! Please see, Kohina Yukari!!
715 Anonymous
I wanted to eat something, but I went to the Onmyoji exhibition first. Maybe I will see the people who are talking there now?
718 Anonymous
Is anyone watching TV at home?
720 Anonymous
I am. I’m waiting while watching Hogekawa’s relaxed face on the national broadcaster
724 Anonymous
Someone in front of me won the lottery for autographed items
Grrr, I’m so jealous! I got Tenga Paisen’s notebook
727 Anonymous
That’s great. The person behind me got a ticket to a live event
By the way, I got Mayuzumi-kun’s book cover
730 Anonymous
Yay! I won a hairpin with a card message from Toa-chan!!
733 Anonymous
735 Anonymous
What!? A card message!?
738 Anonymous
That’s the hairpin he personally use
He has a lot of them, so he’ll give it one. It says, “We’ll be a good match from tomorrow
742 Anonymous
This is already a lover
744 Anonymous
Wow! So lucky! Lucky!!
746 Anonymous
Hey, Onmyoji group, everyone’s here LOL
Except for Tenga-senpai… Hurry up!!
751 Anonymous
Wow, when looking at Aqua-oneesama, Tsuwabuki-san is frozen LOL
754 Anonymous
Kamonohashi-san is also amazed with his mouth wide open LOL
Here, the Hoge-lar wave is coming
757 Anonymous
Ayafuji: “What do you mean by saying he’s prettier than me, as a woman!?”
I totally understand how Ayafuji-san feels, lol
760 Anonymous
Yeah, coordinated maid outfits are really something. With Kohina Yukari, there was some awkwardness, but hiding the boyish figure with a gothic lolita costume is just genius
762 Anonymous
By the way, Aqua-oneesama’s padding is for big breasts. Enjoy!
765 Anonymous
Did he make it himself, or did the maid help him?
767 Anonymous
There’s nothing we can do about that. Go ahead!
770 Anonymous
Kato Iria “Aqua-oneesama…”
Bad news, singer Kato Iria-san, something new is going to happen
772 Anonymous
Don’t be afraid. Come here
773 Anonymous
A new world is ready for you!
776 Anonymous
With Aqua-sama’s voice, the surprise talk show was amazing
780 Anonymous
What happened?
784 Anonymous
With Aqua-sama’s voice, all the magic people will go on the stage
Toa-chan and Mayuzumi-kun will be the hosts at the last moment. Go fast, Tenga-senpai! LOL
787 Anonymous
Kamonohashi: “Douman, you are the last one. Come on!”
Everyone at the place laughed very hard—LOLOLOL! Aqua-kun told him to say it quietly, but Aqua-kun is very smart and funny
791 Verification Team *010meTA473
You are lucky, the people at the place are having a lot of fun. But I can watch it on two TVs, because the big TV stations are showing everything
794 Anonymous
I wish I went to the Onmyoji Exhibition. I am under the ground, but I saw a very pretty person who works at Ramen Takeko before
797 Anonymous
800 Anonymous
I saw her too just now. I gave her a cake that has Beryl on it. I have many cakes, so I don’t know what to do with them
803 Anonymous
The person who works at Ramen Takeko is not working right now. It will be very busy soon
806 Anonymous
This is the line outside Fuji Department Store. I saw the bike that Douman-san rode to the parking lot. Look!
809 Anonymous
Did he make it on time?
811 Anonymous
814 Anonymous
I’m curious, does Tenga-senpai have to wait in line?
818 Anonymous
He showed some kind of pass, so I guess not
The Beryl team probably gets free passes for themselves and their families as part of their job
Oh, and Tenga-senpai is with a woman!
822 Anonymous
Did Tenga-senpai get a girlfriend?
I hope it works out for him. Let’s leave them alone
826 Anonymous
Yeah, okay
831 Anonymous
What do they talk about at the show?
I can’t see it from here
837 Anonymous
They are telling stories about what happens behind the scenes
– Shirogane Aqua is famous for his amazing shooting, doing everything in one go
– Shirogane Aqua is so skilled, he can do anything
– Shirogane Aqua is known for his playful tricks
840 Anonymous
It’s all about Aqua-sama!
843 Anonymous
It seems there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to Aqua-sama, LOL
846 Anonymous
He likes to play tricks. Because of that, Tsuwabuki-san ended up in the pond with him. But according to Tsuwabuki-san, they became good friends after that. By the way, they soaked their costumes, and the two of them getting scolded together is also part of the story
850 Anonymous
Huh!? That’s so adorable
852 Anonymous
This pair is really great
855 Anonymous
Douman, hurry up. Your precious junior is in danger of getting “NTRed” by Tsuwabuki-san!
858 Anonymous
By the way, is Tsuwabuki-san older? Is he in his late twenties?
861 Anonymous
Yes. Aqua-sama enjoys being taken care of by older people
I laughed when I heard him say in an interview that Moja-san’s pranks had confused him
But I can’t dislike him either
864 Anonymous
Aqua-sama has always been mischievous
But that’s what makes him adorable
I want him to play more pranks. Especially on girls. I don’t mind if they are naughty pranks!!
867 Anonymous
Douman is here!
869 Anonymous
Yay! He made it in time for Douman!
871 Anonymous
Tenga-kun is sweating LOL
873 Anonymous
Glad he made it LOL
876 Anonymous
He made it, but the scene is crowded, so it’s over LOL
879 Anonymous
Tenga Akira legend!?
881 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai should also say something!!
885 Anonymous
Douman’s behind the scenes, LOL
888 Anonymous
Douman’s behind the scenes, LOL
The spell’s incantation was too long, so the director asked to make him shorter, LOL
892 Anonymous
893 Anonymous
There’s also the issue of limited time, but come on, director, forgive him, LOL
896 Anonymous
During the break, they got too serious playing soccer and ended up dirtying the costumes, and they all got scolded, LOL
Damn it, what were Beryl’s duo doing, LOL
899 Anonymous
But the filming set was fun from the beginning, and thanks to that, it went smoothly too
902 Anonymous
Hey, speaking of which, at the talk show, I thought I saw someone I knew, turns out it was the prime minister and Mary-sama
Are these people really that free?
905 Anonymous
Mary-sama is already retired, and whether the prime minister is there or not, it’s all the same, so they’re free
908 Anonymous
The country leader gets bored, LOL
910 Anonymous
Whether they’re here or not, it’s the same, LMAO
914 Anonymous
A chat show is always fun. Maybe I should’ve gone to Fuji Department Store instead of Beryl Shop
917 Anonymous
Beryl Shop is great because KY Senpai is there!
920 Anonymous
KY Senpai finished shopping and went home. She told Nee-san to do well at work
924 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari-san is a really nice person. At first, I didn’t notice at all. I was walking around in front of the pop section, and someone put down their bags, took a picture for me, and only after the photo did I realize it was Kohina Yukari-san
928 Anonymous
That’s cool!
930 Anonymous
Nee-san near the shrine took my picture. She works there, but she was nice when I spoke to her. She didn’t scare me at all
934 Anonymous
That’s normal if you are polite
936 Anonymous
Don’t worry, Nee-san is not scary if you’re friendly. Just be good and everything will be okay. Stay away from bad people like Hagetoru or Something-ski
941 Anonymous
The talk show is over
945 Anonymous
What happened at the end?
948 Anonymous
They made a line so people could take pictures easily. Then Aqua-kun and his friends, and Tenga-senpai and his girlfriend, went to Ramen Takeko. It is only open today
952 Anonymous
Thank you! I can see the pictures on the internet
956 Anonymous
Hey everyone, I’m thinking of going to Ramen Takeko after Aqua-kun
959 Anonymous
The worker at Takeko was taking a calm break, but suddenly got a call on her phone. She quickly went back inside through the staff staircase
962 Anonymous
Emily-san, you can do it!
965 Anonymous
That person is a part-time worker but leads the team and manages sometimes. When Emily-san cooks, the ramen smells and tastes really good, almost like fancy French food. Maybe it’s just my thoughts
968 Anonymous
I understand
971 Anonymous
I saw someone who looked like Inko
974 Anonymous
977 Anonymous
Yeah. Her hairstyle was different, but her hair was green and her chest looked bigger than her body
980 Anonymous
Don’t try to find out who the Vtuber really is! Let them be!!
983 Anonymous
985 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is the most popular on social media. So fast! And she is better than Douman! LOL
988 Anonymous
Everyone likes to watch Aqua-kun and KY-senpai in real life. And fortunately? Unfortunately? Announcer Morikawa is there too, LOL
991 Anonymous
This is Beryl Shop Big Store!!
The people who win the game can meet Aa-sama and shake hands!!
994 Anonymous
997 Anonymous
Yes, they said I can come to Beryl Shop in the afternoon
999 Anonymous
I want to win something like that too!!
1000 Verification Team *010meTA473
Sorry to interrupt the excitement, but I’ll take 1000
I hope everyone can come back safely from the first sale without getting hurt!
1001 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
I’m super excited!
By the way, I also bought my first lucky bag at the online shop!
I’m looking forward to it arriving! Exciting, exciting!

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