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[Nationwide Live Tour] Discussion Thread for BERYL Part 224 [Chiba 2nd DAYS]
4 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Nee-san, there’s an incident..
6 Anonymous
Hey, what’s up? LOL
8 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Right now, I’m working part-time at a hotel in the Land, and I can hear moans all over the place. Everywhere, people are getting all heated up with the live and concierge Aqua-sama!! I’m the one who has to wash the sticky sheets you guys messed up with your indulge!
10 Anonymous
LOL, that’s hilarious!
11 Anonymous
Do your best! LOL
14 Anonymous
Well, Aqua-sama is a concierge after all. You can’t help but have various fantasies..
17 Anonymous
Concierge Aqua-sama is totally experienced and it made me laugh. Even the professionals were all surprised
19 Anonymous
I envy the people who were being served. I wanted to be welcomed home as a young lady too..
22 Anonymous
If you say that, it’s no wonder the night becomes Hagetoru. So, let’s do your best, Hagetoru!
25 Anonymous
I was surprised when I went to have breakfast and Aa-sama was serving me like a normal person. Aa-sama, when do you sleep and eat?
28 Anonymous
Toa-chan and the others were also staying at the same hotel, and they came to the breakfast buffet. Toa-chan was making toast next to me, and it was cute… Thanks to that, I instantly woke up
31 Anonymous
Should I tell you about when Tenga-senpai got me some jam?
34 Anonymous
35 Anonymous
Hey, don’t mess around, congratulations!
38 Anonymous
I also have a story about when Mayushin-kun got me some Tamagoyaki!
42 Anonymous
43 Anonymous
It’s like a bonus game!
46 Anonymous
Those who stayed at the hotel within the park were lucky, huh?
50 Anonymous
How much good karma do you need for such events to happen at a hotel… Reality is more amazing than the otome game!
53 Anonymous
I wanted to say “Poor Inko,” but it turns out she’s joining the fight. Good for her. Reality is more like an otome game than a real otome game
57 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Nee-san, there’s a problem…
61 Anonymous
What happens next, LOL?
63 Anonymous
Did something happen?
66 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Don’t throw dirty underwear in the gym changing room! Imagine being the janitor who has to pick it up!!
70 Anonymous
Can’t be helped. Aqua-kun came early in the morning
74 Anonymous
Why does he work so much and still come to the gym like it’s nothing? That’s strange, LOL
75 Anonymous
How did you survive that… If I saw a sweaty Aqua-kun, I wouldn’t be sane
81 Anonymous
Aa-sama probably thinks idols are athletes or something, LOL
83 Anonymous
Well, because Nee-san was training right next to him
87 Anonymous
Oh, got it. That’s why he’s not getting attacked. Everyone’s life is more important
88 Anonymous
Seems like Nee-san is doing her job right. Oh, and Hagetoru is putting in effort too. Good job!
92 Anonymous
Having Nee-san by Aqua-kun’s side makes us feel safe in times like these
95 Anonymous
It’s funny how everyone suddenly gets more active when Aa-sama comes to the gym. Clearly trying to make their breasts bounce
98 Anonymous
Their desperate efforts are so amusing, LOL
100 Anonymous
By the way, weren’t they filming on location in the morning?
102 Anonymous
104 Anonymous
It’s airing tomorrow, I’m excited!
107 Anonymous
Aa-sama announced it on social media. Thanks for the double sunglasses picture with Tenga-senpai
111 Anonymous
They should look cool, but both of them wearing ear headbands is just surreal, LOL
115 Anonymous
It seems like they are really enjoying the place. That’s great
118 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai seems happy playing with his junior, even though it’s a program. It must be different from being alone at a different school
121 Anonymous
You can tell that Tenga-senpai is excited if you check social media
On normal Tenga-senpai’s social media → there are images of clouds and mysterious poems
But today on Tenga-senpai’s social media → there are photos of his junior with lots of surprise marks in the text
124 Anonymous
He is definitely excited, LOL
126 Anonymous
Is he not sleeping again?
129 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai’s bright smile when holding four mechanical pencils together is on social media, LOL
133 Anonymous
Senpai is are really lucky
136 Anonymous
Toa-chan’s social media has a lot of candid shots of Aqua-sama, which is helpful. At times like this, Toa-chan understands and shares everyone’s behind-the-scenes photos
140 Anonymous
When I saw Aa-sama during my time as a concierge, I thought my heart would stop. I think Shumi-san is dead
144 Anonymous
It’s almost time for the lunch dinner show
We gotta move or we’ll get in trouble
148 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Hey everyone, join the live chat!
If not, you’ll get in trouble, you know?
150 Anonymous
151 Anonymous
Thanks as always!
153 Anonymous
Got it!
178 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
I’ll remove the posting restrictions!
179 Anonymous
180 Anonymous
181 Anonymous
183 Anonymous
Don’t breathe out such gross air!
186 Anonymous
I get how you feel
Great job, Saba-chan
190 Anonymous
The last parade was awesome
192 Anonymous
Everyone’s outfits were amazing and like something from a fairy tale!
195 Anonymous
It was adorable when four people were dancing as dwarfs. My sister is already feeling excited
198 Anonymous
Why were there ropes separating the seats for spectators at the parade?
201 Anonymous
For those who have won live tickets for both the lunch show and the dinner show, priority tickets for the parade are also included. These tickets offer seats with a good view, front-row seats, and positions where the parade stops. The remaining seats can be viewed with just an admission ticket, but there are advance lottery admission tickets that allow you to secure a spot from 12:00, and on-the-day lottery admission tickets that allow you to secure a spot from 13:00. It seems that there was a crowd of people trying to buy on-the-day lottery admission tickets in the morning. By the way, they are saying that everyone should leave by 16:00. It’s announced that guests staying at hotels inside the park should temporarily leave the hotel, and people other than them should exit the park. A very beautiful lady is currently making an announcement, asking for everyone’s cooperation to ensure that more people can see the parade
204 Anonymous
Wow, thanks. I should have tried to get on-the-day tickets too
208 Anonymous
Do people who have accommodation tickets really get to see it from the balcony?
211 Anonymous
Seriously, when I waved my hand from the room’s outdoor area, Aqua-sama waved back! Aqua-sama noticed right away, and my mom was so touched that she started crying. Not only that, Aqua-kun signaled to everyone, including Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-kun, and Tenga-senpai, and I was really happy. By the way, for those who couldn’t see the parade from the room, it seems they were allowed to watch it from the garden terrace
214 Anonymous
As expected of Aqua-sama. He’s watching us properly
217 Anonymous
Aa-sama is amazing. He definitely notices your gaze and signals
221 Verification Team *010meTA473
I understand. But sometimes he doesn’t notice
223 Anonymous
225 Anonymous
Haha, that’s funny LOL
228 Anonymous
I get it. So, I have H cup, and this morning at the gym, I almost bumped into him. And at that moment, by chance, he saw my chest. So, I bravely sent him a wink as a sign that it’s okay anytime. But he didn’t seem to notice at all. However, during the live performance, when I wanted Aa-sama, who looked really cool, to glance at me, I couldn’t do it because it was embarrassing. But then, it seems like he heard the voice in my heart and gave me a sparkling look. Even now, I wonder why he noticed the voice in my heart but didn’t notice the obvious signal in the morning. It’s such a mystery..
232 Anonymous
Unlike Aqua-sama when he’s working, regular Aqua-sama is pretty carefree
235 Anonymous
So true LOL
236 Anonymous
Oh no, that’s what makes him cute too..
240 Anonymous
Idol Shirogane Aqua is perfect and a supremacy, but it’s not fair how he has many weaknesses as just Shirogane Aqua. How many girls are being influenced because of that? Honestly, doesn’t everyone have large breasts?
243 Anonymous
Of course
244 Anonymous
245 Anonymous
Thinking like that makes everyday enjoyable
246 Anonymous
What are you talking about! There’s definitely a possibility!!
250 Anonymous
Honestly, I don’t expect much. But if, by looking at my breasts or something like that, Aqu-tan can feel even a moment of happiness, then that’s okay. That’s why I always keep my G-cup in the best condition, so it can be seen anytime
254 Anonymous
I understand. The only thing we can give back to Aqua-kun now is a glimpse of these unnecessarily large breasts. It’s like a legal harassment that has been silently agreed upon between Aqua-kun and us fans, as long as it’s not serious harassment
258 Anonymous
Okay sexual harassment legal LOL
Sexual harassment can’t be legal, LOL
259 Anonymous
I get it, legal sexual harassment LOL
It feels like Aa-sama is harassing us when we’re being watched. Is this more like a reward for us?
263 Anonymous
There’s also a theory that it’s not both legal sexual harassment, but mutually rewarding sexual harassment
266 Anonymous
By the way, were Yamada-kun and Kokucho-kun really at the corner of the parade?
271 Anonymous
Yes, they were really there. I think some kids who auditioned were at the corner. They weren’t there at yesterday’s live, but were they there at today’s lunch show?
275 Anonymous
They weren’t at the lunch show. Maybe they only came for the parade?
278 Anonymous
The lunch show was great. Maybe because yesterday’s talk was well-received, there were more talks today
282 Anonymous
It was great that Toa-chan was the host today
It was good that he properly teased Aqua-kun
284 Anonymous
Overall, it felt like everyone was getting along well
287 Anonymous
I laughed at the funny mistakes on the talk show. LOL Toa-chan, you’re doing great!
291 Anonymous
At first, I thought only Aqu-tan made mistakes, but Mayuzumi-kun and Tenga-senpai were also involved. It’s so funny!
296 Anonymous
I found Mayushin-kun’s mistakes endearing. Bringing the wrong textbook is too cute!
299 Anonymous
Don’t tease Tenga-senpai for bringing the TV remote instead of his phone! And stop making fun of him for forgetting his wallet and making his juniors pay!
302 Anonymous
No one can beat Aa-sama, who accidentally sent a message meant for Kanon-sama to Toa-chan. I wonder what kind of message it was
305 Anonymous
Thanks to that, several people got caught up in it
307 Anonymous
I found it funny when they were desperately trying to prevent their pants from falling because the size of the costume was wrong. Haha!
I’m currently watching the live footage from that time, and now I understand why they kept putting their hands on their hips. LOL
310 Anonymous
I will check it out
312 Anonymous
I also checked it right away, and after hearing that story, I couldn’t help but laugh at the reason behind everyone’s tense expressions
316 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun didn’t even flinch, LOL
317 Anonymous
Indeed, Aqu-tan is a professional. Even after being told, he hardly showed any discomfort. He skillfully uses his hips and stops perfectly
321 Anonymous
There’s nothing more reassuring than Aqua-kun when he’s idolizing
325 Anonymous
Stop criticizing Tenga-senpai, who forgot he came on a bike and took a taxi home! Stop badmouthing Tenga-senpai, who miraculously nodded along until the end, even though he was reading a completely different script!
329 Anonymous
Senpai is making mistakes, and it’s funny LOL
332 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun forgot the gym jersey and brought a short-sleeved gym uniform, which is cute in its own way
336 Anonymous
It seems Aqua-sama, half-asleep, called the teacher “mom,” but I wonder if the teacher is still alive. Also, Aqua-sama, half-asleep, called a classmate “onee-chan,” but I wonder if that student is still alive
340 Anonymous
As expected, Aqu-tan is amazing. He casually drops a killing move on a girl with his blunders
342 Anonymous
I want Aa-sama to sleep properly when he’s tired. If he pushes himself and sleep-talk, it’s not a joke; someone might end up dead
345 Anonymous
You mentioned it, so maybe it was Ayana-chan who got hit?
349 Anonymous
Toa-chan hasn’t been to school in the first term, and it’s the second term now, so it’s probably someone else. Ayana-chan being in the next seat in the first term is a famous story, but I feel like it was someone else in the second term
353 Anonymous
It was Claire-san. When Aqu-tan accidentally told everyone about the incident with the girl sitting next to him, he unintentionally revealed Claire-san’s first name. As a result, fans started calling her Claire-san
356 Anonymous
Today, Toa-chan and Mayuzumi-kun shared a bunch of embarrassing stories about Claire-san from the girl in the neighboring seat. LOL
360 Anonymous
Cheer up, Claire-san, the one sitting next to Aqua-kun in art class
363 Anonymous
Another person affected by that painting is here
365 Anonymous
However, in return, she get to eat Aqua-kun’s homemade dishes in home economics class. Unconscious hints, indirect kisses, and numerous mistakes are something to envy, but if it were me, I would misunderstand and attack. Still, thanks to Claire-san’s strong mental resilience for not attacking!
369 Anonymous
It would have been dangerous if Claire-san wasn’t sitting next to him. For a normal girl, it’s a choice between death or r*pe. Hagetoru would definitely attack. Claire-san must be like a saintly person
373 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Hm? Did someone call?
I’m almost finished with work, ready to go
376 Anonymous
You’re not a saint, but a l3wd woman, LOL
377 Anonymous
Lewd woman, good job with your part-time job, LOL
379 Anonymous
I don’t want either Saint Hagetoru or l3wd woman Hagetoru, LOL
382 Anonymous
Then, how about Maiden (Sei-onna) Hagetoru?
385 Anonymous
That sounds dirty, LOL
387 Anonymous
That’s also a no for me, LOL
388 Anonymous
It seems like an abbreviation of a dirty fantasy about a woman called C**-dump (Seieki-bin) woman
392 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
I’m heading to the venue for the dinner show, but was it a mistake to take a taxi for transportation?
396 Anonymous
You should have taken the train. I don’t know where you are exactly, though
400 Anonymous
It’s also an option to get off and run
403 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
If it seems impossible, then I’ll do that. Running might be faster
408 Anonymous
The show during lunch was mostly focused on the stage, but for the last 20 minutes or so, he came to where the audience was sitting and shook hands with everyone, which made me very happy
411 Anonymous
I’m in the group for the dinner show, but it would be nice if we had something like that in the lunch show too
414 Anonymous
When I returned to the hotel, Concierge Aqua-kun was there
422 Anonymous
Why is he so full of energy yesterday and today?
425 Anonymous
Aqua-kun has endless energy
I want Aqua-kun to have a real showdown of energy with Morikawa at least once
429 Anonymous
Concierge Aqua-sama, it’s very nice of you to hold a child… By the way, can you also hold the mother?
433 Anonymous
I’ve seen that scene before. Everyone had a look on their faces as if the mothers wanted to be held
439 Anonymous
During the parade, I was happy when my child reached out their hand and he waved back
442 Anonymous
The show was good, but the parade was also good. The dwarf cosplay was good, but the sailor cosplay during the costume change was also good
445 Anonymous
I agree. It’s natural for Toa-chan to look good, but Aqua-kun’s sailor cosplay was also good
448 Verification Team *010meTA473
The sailor costumes were nice. The matching hats were cute
451 Anonymous
I know, right? It was too cute to see them marching together, holding each other’s shoulders
454 Anonymous
Everyone was charmed by that
457 Anonymous
The parade and the show were great because they collaborated well with Land. I’m really looking forward to the dinner show and the night parade, as I heard there will be many costume changes
461 Anonymous
When we were leaving the parade, it made me happy that they waved at us
465 Anonymous
You could buy sailor costumes at the shop
468 Anonymous
469 Verification Team *010meTA473
Eh? I want it…
473 Anonymous
I wonder what to do until the dinner show
475 Anonymous
It’s a good time to go shopping now
478 Anonymous
I’ll watch the livestream. They said there’s a Driver’s fighting game tournament. I’m looking forward to Inko’s participation
481 Anonymous
Why a fighting games? I’m not really good at them, so I haven’t played
486 Anonymous
It’s fun because there are cut-ins and the character’s lines. Right now, there are a lot of beginners, so if you’re not good, you’ll be matched with people in the same skill level, which is fun
489 Anonymous
If the opponent does a counterattack right after the battle starts, try not to attack. By the way, it’s also possible to counterattack
495 Anonymous
Oh, so there are a lot of people using Heaven’s Sword, huh?
500 Anonymous
Yeah, definitely. Heaven’s Sword is by far the most popular
503 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Do you want to hear the story of why I got banned for using Ro-Schutz-Marr and Kunka Kunker while saying “hehe”?
506 Anonymous
Why did that happen, LOPL?
507 Anonymous
What made it like that, LOL?
508 Anonymous
So, were you really the one using H4K4D0L at that time? I thought it was you, always boasting about Kunka Kunker, but the management didn’t allow it, LOL
511 Anonymous
I also encountered that Kunka Kunker, LOL
514 Anonymous
For those who are starting now, here’s how it feels to use them
– Heaven’s Sword… It’s simply the strongest. Easy for beginners to use, but even stronger in the hands of advanced players
– Poison Chalice… For experts. It has many complicated moves and is difficult to use, but it’s versatile
– Lightning Hopper… An exciting choice for firepower. Its long-range attacks are incredibly strong, but it becomes weak when trapped in a corner
– Butterfly Mask… Small target area, but has powerful counter moves. I think it’s the second strongest after Heaven’s Sword
– Bycorn Beetle… Specialized for close combat. Endure long-range attacks and focus on counterattacking
520 Anonymous
Poison Chalice is a complete joke LOL
But the motion is so cool
523 Anonymous
Thank you, I’ll try it during the waiting time
526 Anonymous
I might play Driver’s fighting game too
530 Anonymous
During the waiting time, I’ll play Driver’s fighting game too
532 Anonymous
I’ll play the fighting game too
[Nationwide Live Tour] Discussion Thread for BERYL Part 227 [Chiba 2nd DAYS]
902 Anonymous
Really, it was great!!
908 Anonymous
It was the best
913 Anonymous
The dinner show was amazing!!
916 Anonymous
Since the lunch show was well received, the talk was more prominent
920 Anonymous
It was nice to have a slightly adult mode, and the songs were soulful. And the costumes were amazing
923 Verification Team *010meTA473
The transition from tuxedo to aristocratic costume was the best
927 Anonymous
You have a deep understanding
931 Anonymous
The parade and the fireworks show were amazing
935 Anonymous
Shirotama’s fireworks were the best
938 Anonymous
Thanks to Toa-chan, the question corner seemed a bit more in-depth. Aqua-kun is always the same, but it’s rare for everyone to respond to topics related to girls
941 Anonymous
Toa-chan talked with the girls in the class and gathered information about Aa-sama’s blunders. It was really funny
944 Anonymous
I was happy that Mayuzumi-kun talked about the pink roses and the impressions of the Knight King story that became the theme for Christmas. Male opinions are quite valuable. I hope we can have more of that in the future
948 Anonymous
Hey, I haven’t been able to watch it due to work, but did he seriously mention those two musicals?
952 Anonymous
He didn’t explicitly mention it, but it had that kind of vibe. Look forward to it!
957 Anonymous
The night parade was amazing, with everyone wearing prince-like outfits
961 Anonymous
It felt like a great collaboration with the park. As someone who loves the park, I was really happy. Maybe next year, there will be Beryl Wonderland, so this might be the first and last collaboration
964 Anonymous
Ah, I understand..
968 Anonymous
Because of that, the park fans were very dedicated from the lottery stage
971 Anonymous
Tomorrow is the ceremony for becoming an adult, huh..
975 Anonymous
Hey, when I went back to the hotel, Aa-sama was there as usual. How does this concierge have so much energy?
979 Anonymous
I heard the same thing yesterday
981 Anonymous
If it’s that conversation, we had it last night
986 Anonymous
Early morning gym -> Morning concierge -> Lunch show -> Day parade -> Afternoon concierge -> Dinner show -> Night parade -> Night concierge. Hey, when does he sleep?
990 Anonymous
He has so much energy LMAO
992 Anonymous
There’s a possibility that the strongest human being will be born if Morikawa and Aqua-sama have a child
996 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Hey guys, don’t dirty the bedsheets today!!
Also, remember to take your dirty underwear with you!!
It’s a promise with Hagetoru!
999 Anonymous
1000 Anonymous
If it’s 1000, I hope tomorrow’s coming-of-age ceremony live will be a success!
Everyone from BERYL, especially Aa-sama, must be tired, but do your best!
And Hagetoru, good luck with your part-time job!
1001 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Thanks, everyone, for your cooperation!
For a while, please use the live commentary thread for live updates!
Saba-chan, do your best tomorrow too!

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