Male Idol V12c17

Volume 12 Chapter 17 Kohina Yukari, I’m The Heroine

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Today is the announcement day for the drama award and film award organized by the Japan Visual Association.

 There used to be a time when awards could be bought with money, but it is said that 23 years ago, the production team and actors who were truly creating good works at that time, as well as fans, boycotted the awards ceremony at that time and started creating their own awards and holding their own ceremony on the same day.

 Winning this award is an honor as an actor. I remember the words spoken by Kiyono Sumiko, who won the Best Actress Award at the first film award at that time. I have also been aiming for this award as an actor.

 In the past, I have won supporting and leading roles in the drama award, but I have never won the leading role in the film award. That’s why I really wanted to win this time.

 Moreover, the three nominations for this time are said to be the highest level ever. After all, my opponents are Yukishiro Mikuni, who has a 100% chance of winning whenever she participates, and Kuga Reira, who has never lost to anyone other than Yukishiro Mikuni.

 That’s why I’m going with more determination than usual today.

 ”Kohina-san, you look beautiful.”

 ”Thank you. It was definitely the right decision to rely on you. It’s the best job.”

 I confirm my reflection in the mirror.

 Normally, I would wear a black dress that a villain would wear or a red dress to intimidate my opponent, but this time at the awards ceremony is different.

 I am wearing a wedding dress, a simple, pure white dress that makes me feel like running away barefoot. My makeup has also been made soft to match.

 After all, it’s not Yukishiro Mikuni or Kuga Reira who will capture today’s heroine. It’s me. I can’t afford to lose from the start.

 ”Here I go! I’m going in with all my spirit!!”

 I gather myself and exit the dressing room, heading towards the entrance of the venue.

 It is customary for those nominated for an award to enter the venue with an escort.

 Typically, actors nominated for leading roles would enter with co-stars, directors, or screenwriters, but in the past, nominees have entered together or brought a male partner to assert dominance over other women.

 And there it is, as if on cue, Mutsumiya Seijuu, accompanied by Kamonohashi Kazuhi, approaches me with a disdainful look.

 ”Wow, Yukari-chan, are you still alone this year?”

 ”Hah! It’s just that I don’t have a partner with enough courage to stand next to me in this country!”

 I was poisoned by Mutsumiya Seijuu, the empress I co-starred with in the movie I starred in, so I spit back a deadly poison. It annoys me that she specifically emphasize “this year” coming up.

 ”Hehehe, I love that about you, Yukari-chan.”

 ”How coincidental. I hate that about you too.”

 ”Do you know, Yukari-chan? ‘Love’ and ‘hate’ are apparently the same word.”

 ”Isn’t that just because your brain’s dictionary is messed up?”

 I spend my usual meaningless conversation with this person. Just a little… yes, just a little, today I’m not as composed as usual. She probably realized that. That’s why she has been continuing this pointless conversation. You want to say that it’s not like me, right? I know that better than anyone else.

 ”Long time no see, Kohina Yukari-san.”

 ”…I saw the Onmyoji. If you can do that, you should have done it from the beginning.”

 ”Haha… I’m sorry. My body has been weak, and I had given up on various things, but being with that person somehow makes me feel better.”

 ”Well, he’s just a guy with nothing but energy, but if I have the chance to work together, I’d really appreciate it.”

 ”Even for an actor of that level, all you have is energy? My, you’re as strict as ever.”

 ”If I’m not strict, who will be tough on him?”

 ”Indeed… I see. So, you are his mentor.”

 I wouldn’t normally share such things with others, but I feel like I’m trying too hard today. I do get nervous, and my opponents are Yukishiro Mikuni and Kuga Reira. Regrettably, I have never directly defeated those two.

 Still, I’ve picked a fight with them. After all, I didn’t want anyone to take away the right to guide his future as an actor. And I’m really worried if it’s right to hand him over to Yukishiro Mikuni even now.

 I mean, Yukishiro Mikuni is a top-notch actress, and the ultimate form he should aim for isn’t someone like me, but the true star, Yukishiro Mikuni. Flawless, unparalleled, the strongest in Japanese history, unbeatable and unreachable by anyone. That’s Yukishiro Mikuni, the great actress that Japan boasts. Not only her acting, but her presence from the start is extraordinary.

 When I saw her relative, Emily-chan, and her son, I thought their genes were unfair. Of course, their charm is their own, but there’s this sparkling effect around them, like a dazzling party. It’s like, “What’s that?”

 ”Yukari-chan, of course you’ll win today, right?”

 ”Well, I wouldn’t even bother participating if I didn’t plan on winning. Ha, and you might miss out on the supporting role too. I’m going to sweep all five movie awards in history and bring them all home.”

 ”Naturally. I sacrificed my own supporting role for that purpose, so you better be grateful.”

 I may be a foolish actor obsessed with acting, but I have a baby face for an actress and I’m not tall enough. To compensate for my lacking specs, I’ve stacked up only what I can cover with effort and determination. I gave my all to surpass Yukishiro Mikuni, but I still feel like I haven’t reached it. That’s how amazing Yukishiro Mikuni’s movie was.

 Ahhhh! No, no, just thinking about this means I’m not my usual self!

 ”Oh, it seems like that’s all for me. I’ll leave the rest to the cute girl and the lady.”

 ”Cute girls?”

 Ayana-chan and Aqua came to replace Mutsumiya Seijuu.

 ”Yukari-senpai… you look really beautiful!”

 ”Thank you, Ayana-chan!”

 Ah, geez, Ayana-chan is definitely the cutest in the world. She’s hardworking, kind, straightforward, and unlike that useless Aqua, she doesn’t needlessly provoke me! Ayana-chan is the only one who heals me!

 I want to give her a tight hug, but I resist and lightly hug her. We both have to look nice, after all. Besides, it wouldn’t be fair to the stylists if our outfits and hair got messed up.

 Ayana-chan was wearing a simple black mermaid-style dress, with a moon choker around her neck. Hm? Maybe a flashy necklace with sparkly jewels would be better? Oh, but Ayana-chan is still a high school student, so maybe this is just right for her.



 This person is definitely going to praise me today, right? I send a hopeful glance while pretending to wait for the praise.

 ”It’s beautiful when you’re quiet.”

 ”It’s annoying when I’m quiet!!”

 Geez! What is this person’s deal!! You could at least make an effort to praise me on such a grand stage! It’s not like your praise would diminish me! Besides, you’re always fawning over other girls right away, but why are you so careless with me!? You keep sneaking glances at my chest too!! Well, maybe I’m not as beautiful as Kanon-san from your place or your cousin Emily-chan, but I’m still a woman, you know. A wo-man!! Got it?

 ”Now, now, calm down, both of you.”

 Ah, Ayana-chan is the only one who can truly heal me! Ugh, I don’t even know about this guy!! Maybe I should just stick useless Aqua’s head into the nearest trash can.

 ”Then, see you later, both of you.”

 ”Oh, see you later, Ayana.”

 Huh? Ayana-chan, aren’t you entering with this guy today?

 Ah, she’s entering with the other two from the eau de Cologne.

 Oh, that’s okay. After all, it’s not necessary to have only one partner.

 Still, entering with two flowers in both had, Ayana-chan, you look so strong. In the entertainment industry, you have to show off a bit, or else you’ll be underestimated!

 ”So, that means… pukusukusu, maybe you’re also lonely?”

 ”Yes, that’s right.”

 Serves you right! After being rejected by Ayana-chan, you should experience the same lonely feeling as me!!

 If you want, you can even change your stage name to “Bocchi da Aqua” from tomorrow onwards!

 ”Well, I don’t want to hear that from someone who’s also lonely.”

 ”I already said it earlier, but I’m not lonely! I just don’t have a suitable partner!!”

 Laughter could be heard from the people around who were listening to the conversation.

 Alright, I’ll remember the faces and names of everyone who laughed. My memory is exceptional, so make sure you remember it later. I’ll appear in your dreams tonight and cause some mischief!

 ”I see… So, shall we enter together?”


 Hey! Wait, what are you suddenly saying?! Are you saying that without thinking?!

 ”Although I might not be as good of an actor as Kohina-senpai right now, can I keep the seat next to you as a stepping stone for my career?”

 Aqua, wearing a black and white tuxedo, reaches out his hand towards me. Thanks to his stunning appearance, he looks like a real prince.

 ”So, you’re saying that someday you’ll surpass me? How cheeky.”

 ”No, I will definitely surpass you someday.”

 I smile at Aqua’s response.

 This guy is not interesting unless he’s like this after all.

 ”I like that rebellious side of yours.”

 ”I prefer it when you’re honest, though, senpai.”

 You should become honest before me!

 Definitely, I won’t become honest before you!

 And only the girls who are in love with you can get away with sticking out their tongues, you know!

 ”Now, we would like to begin the award ceremony for the drama and film awards organized by the Japan Visual Association!”

 I can hear the voice of Announcer Onidzuka from the venue.

 Today’s host is Announcer Onidzuka, and the interviews will be conducted by Announcer Morikawa. The award ceremony will be broadcast live on the national broadcaster.

 Announcer Onidzuka will introduce the nominees and their partners one by one in a calm tone. It seems that Aqua secretly applied for a partner without telling me in advance, and the organizers decided to call us last.



 ”Are you a little nervous, by any chance?”

 Ugh, I-I was caught off guard, and unintentionally averted my gaze from him.

 In that moment, I thought, I messed up. I’m sure he noticed that I’m not my usual self with that.

 Even though this person is usually clueless, he’s oddly sharp in these situations, so he won’t let it slide.

 ”My bad?”

 I put on a show of intimidation towards the useless Aqua, growling at him.

 Come on, just fool around like always!



 Hey, hey, what happened to your usual joking mode!

 You’re rarely serious like this, I bet you’re actually thinking of something silly or mischievous!

 ”Just close your eyes for a moment.”


 D-Darn it! I, of all people, actually obediently listened to what he said.

 Grrr, I grit my teeth in frustration, feeling like I lost somehow.

 ”Okay to open your eyes now”

 ”W-What is this?! Already!”

 Huh? There’s a strange feeling on top of my head… Wait, what is this!? Why is there a tiara on my head!

 ”That’s a present from me”

 ”Woah!? Thanks for the present, but think about the timing of giving it!”

 And usually, presents are given in cuter bags or beautiful boxes, right? It’s not normal to just put it on someone’s head like this! Give me back the excitement of untying the ribbon on a bag or opening the lid of a box! Wait, hold on, is this aquamarine on top of the tiara real… How much did this cost!?

 ”I don’t know what Kohina-senpai thinks, but I’m glad that Kohina-senpai taught me.”

 Aqua, for once, showed a serious expression to me, and extended his hand as if escorting a princess.

 ”So, today, show me the back of the coolest actress, Kohina Yukari, with Ayana and me. Just like always.”

 This guy is really unfair! What’s with that smile? Just because you’re good-looking and cool doesn’t mean you can get away with anything!! Ugh, seriously!! I don’t know why, but I feel like I’ve lost and it’s making me angry, and instead of feeling nervous, I’m getting irritated.

 ”Hmph! You really have bad taste.”

 ”You have bad taste too. Only I and senpai are happily wearing those Yukari Goha T-shirts.”

 What’s that about? If people don’t understand the goodness of that T-shirt, just tell them their taste is bad!

 ”Fine. I’ll show you. I’ll prove to you, Ayana-chan, and everyone here that I am the best actress in this country at this moment.”

 ”Haha, that’s the Kohina-senpai we know.”

 I gently place my palm on Aqua’s outstretched hand, overlapping it with my own palm. Just so you know, I only took your hand because I felt sorry for you. Ah, I’m so kind-hearted. So don’t misunderstand and get carried away, okay?

 ”Of course. Who do you think I am? Today, I will show you the strongest and greatest actress, Kohina Yukari, from a special seat. Be grateful that I am your mentor.”

 I turn around and whisper a small voice that no one can hear, “Thank you.”

 ”Now, for the next entrance, it will be the last. From Beyond Production, Kohina Yukari-san, who has been nominated for the Best Actress Award in the Drama Award and the Lead Actor Award in the Film Award, and from Beryl Entertainment, Shirogane Aqua-san, who has been triple-nominated for the Lead Actor Award, Supporting Actor Award, and Theme Song Award in the Drama Award. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome them with a big round of applause!”

 As I exhaled lightly, I elegantly took a step forward as if to declare, “from here on, I am the heroine.” Aqua, playing the role of my escort, gracefully led me with a composed walk.

 Hey, you’ve still got quite the nerve, don’t you! If you want to pick a fight with me, I might just oblige. Anyway, ee entered as if to assert that we were both the main characters, waving to the people around us. I absolutely refuse to lose to this guy, more so than Yukishiro Mikuni and Kuga Reira. After all, despite being the escort, he shouldn’t try to outshine me!!

 ”Now, let’s move on to the announcement of the Drama Awards.”

 On the large screen, the nominees for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Director’s Award, Screenplay Award, Theme Song Award, and Best Picture Award were displayed. There, Aqua and I, along with Ayana-chan, were among the three nominees.

 ”Well then, first of all, let’s move on to the announcement of the Best Supporting Actress Award for the 2022 Drama Awards.”

 Ah, I’m getting nervous! Besides Ayana-chan, there are other strong contenders for the Best Supporting Actress Award, like Kobayakawa-san from Heaven’s Sword, who is highly regarded, and Empress Mutsumiya Seijuu, who left a strong impact despite having a minor role in the drama. And Ayafuji-san, who played the lead in Hana-ata, is also nominated. There’s no easy award to win in any category.

 ”Before we proceed, the chair of the judging committee, Kokonoe Hisayo, will explain the selection and award reasons.”

 If I remember correctly, she’s a distant relative of the Kuga family. I don’t know much about that, but Kokonoe Hisayo is famous as an actress. There’s no one who hasn’t admired Kiyono Sumiko or Kokonoe Hisayo, who were actresses on the silver screen.

 ”First of all, regarding the Best Supporting Actress Award this time, it was actually decided as the last award among all the awards this time. But shall we just announce the others first? The Screenplay Award and the Best Supporting Actress Award, we really had a heated debate in the dressing room with the other judges just a moment ago. Hey, shouldn’t we save the announcement of this award for last?”

 With comical gestures and way of speaking, laughter erupts from the participants. As always, huh. However, in reverse, this statement implies that others didn’t have much difficulty. It’s typical of Hisayo-san to properly throw some poison at those who missed out on awards in other categories and call them inadequate.

 ”Of course, the votes were initially divided, you know? We revisited the footage multiple times to confirm the acting. She always has stability and a high level of acting skills, she’s amazing to watch anytime. But, it’s the usual her, and there wasn’t that kind of intensity shown in the movie. That’s why the judges discussed her change and growth.”

 Alright! At this point, I’m convinced that Mutsumiya Seijuu is out. The venue is buzzing a little. What the three young talents, including Ayana-chan, have in common is the significant change brought about by their collaborations in Useless Aqua, Hana-ata, Heaven’s Sword, and Yuu-onii.

 ”Then, there’s the range of variation. The work is popular, but I don’t think she’s just this. Even among the young talents, her abilities were recognized. Being a large-scale actress who can do proper action scenes since Kuga Reira, all the judges have respected her from the moment she appeared. Even in that work, she fully demonstrated her action skills, but in terms of acting, it’s not an overachievement yet. After all, she only started as an actress at the end of the first season. Unfortunately, that discussion fell outside the eligible period.”

 I am convinced that Kobayakawa-san was out. When they mention actions and use expressions like “first season,” the only applicable work is “Heaven’s Sword.” Kobayakawa-san showed growth and transformation starting from the episode where Night Shadow makes her debut.

 ”And her acting after co-starring with him was amazing. She was just one of the young talents with expectations, but she gained confidence in her acting and stepped onto a higher stage. However… even though she was in a supporting role, she shouldn’t have overshadowed the lead.”

 Laughter fills the venue. Indeed, the lead actress in that work was disastrous. They couldn’t keep up with her growth speed. I have to applaud Hisayo-san for not forgetting to criticize her. Being criticized is essential for an actress to grow, so it’s okay to be told these things. After all, if there were no expectations, no one would say such things.

 ”Not being able to harmonize with others as a supporting role and ruining the work are negative points. Well, she got carried away herself, and I think she couldn’t control herself. Ah, I had a time like that too. Saying things like, ‘I will become the true protagonist of this work by taking the lead role from her.’ From now on, I hope she, who will lead this country, will strive to be the protagonist rather than a supporting role as much as she can. If… yes, if only that drama was included in the selection on December 31st instead of being excluded on January 1st, it might have been a little different. Well, even so, the result might not have changed. In the end, she was unanimously decided upon.”

 Okayyy! At the point when it was mentioned after the joint performance, it is confirmed that Ayafuji-san, who was nominated for the drama after the joint performance, is out. At this point, there is only one candidate left. The audience, knowing this, applauds and cheers loudly. From here on, it’s the winning run that only the winners are allowed. She has earned the right to be praised and criticized by Kokonoe Hisayo.

 ”I want you to be proud of winning the Best Supporting Actress award, surpassing the future action star who appeared in a national drama, one of the renowned actresses representing Japan, and the top young actress who co-starred with him for the first time. Your performance was so wonderful. If it were only the final episode, I might not have thought so. At first glance, your acting from episode 1 to 11, which didn’t seem to change, but when I rewatched it after seeing the final episode, I understood. You were changing from episode 1. You knew it would end like this, and you acted with that in mind from the beginning. It gave me goosebumps. You have been excellent since you were a child actor, but you had kept your distance from the acting field for various reasons. So, I present these words to you. Welcome back to this hell. All the demons here will welcome your return. Congratulations on winning the Drama Award and the Best Supporting Actress Award, Tsukimachi Ayana-san!!”

 Shaaaaaaa! Did you see this, you bastards!! This is my Ayana-chan, yoohoooo!

 ”Even though it’s Tsukimachi-san’s award, those two over there are the first ones to raise their hands and cheer. It’s hilarious.”

 ”Wan-chan would be more happy to receive the award than herself.”

 ”Kohina-san, Shirogane-san, please sit down. The cameras are capturing you. Sit!”

 Ah… I ended up standing up in the heat of the moment. But why is he standing up too? In times like this, it’s his role as the escort to pull my dress and make me sit. Well, I understand how he feels though…

 ”By the way, while we’re at it, can we announce the Best Lead Actress award too? Ayana-chan has cried so much that she can’t stand up anymore.”

 The venue buzzes with excitement. Normally, the announcement of the Best Actress award would come much later.

 ”For those who were nominated for the Best Actress award but didn’t win, and for those who weren’t nominated, to be honest, you didn’t have a chance this time. If you feel frustrated, everyone is not a child, so you have to figure it out for yourself, and I won’t say anything so mundane as to comment on the people who both declined and won the award. Congratulations, Kohina Yukari-san. It was unanimous that you were the winner of the lead actress award for the drama.”

 Hmph, of course.

 Honestly, I thought this would work out.

 ”Originally, I was going to have the two people who won the award come forward and have an award interview, but I will announce the other awards in one go.”

 The venue was engulfed in loud cheers.

 ”The nomination for the screenplay award is unprecedented, with just two people, as you know, Tsukasa Kei-sensei of Yuu-onii, and Moriishi Akiko-sensei of Masked Driver, Heaven’s Sword. Normally, unfinished works are not nominated… but there’s nothing we can do, right? Even though it wasn’t included in the nomination category of the fan vote, it was the most frequently mentioned. They can only shine when there are people watching them. So, we can’t ignore that voice. And, once it was nominated, it was almost certain that it would win. Congratulations. Moriishi-sensei, you’re the one who will receive the award, but today it’s a triumph for the entire Heaven’s Sword screenwriting team. And Tsukasa-sensei, I’m looking forward to the next special drama.”

 Tsukasa-sensei, it was unfortunate.

 Regarding this, the judges were reportedly undecided until the end, but I think it was ultimately the fan favorite that was chosen. And we are well aware that works supported by many fans are strong.

 ”Of course, that’s why there’s no one else but her for the Best Director award. Congratulations to Director Hongou Hiroko. We appreciate you for creating Heaven’s Sword in this world.”

 It’s the highest praise. Hisayo-san expresses words of gratitude and praise to the other nominated directors as well.

 ”Now, if we’ve come this far, the remaining awards are the Best Picture and… other than that, the Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Theme Song awards, I wonder?”

 The venue is filled with unprecedented applause. Really, today is not your fan-exclusive solo live venue. But since you have performed deserving of it, hold your head high.

 ”Your singing has touched the hearts of many people. Everyone fell in love with the prince you portrayed. And everyone rejoiced at the hero you played. Congratulations, Shirogane Aqua-san. This is the first time in the history of the drama award that an individual has won three awards. I hope you will continue to lead the actors.”

 Hisayo-san also sends praise and encouragement to the other nominated candidates. Kenzaki Souji, who won the Best Actor Award for Heaven’s Sword, Yuujin Mustafa, who won the Best Supporting Actor Award for Hana-ata, and Otomeiro no Kokoro, who won the Best Theme Song Award. It’s an indisputable triple crown. If anyone has any complaints, I’ll knock them out.

 ”Now, let’s announce the Best Picture Award together. But before that, all the winners, please come this way.”

 I stood up from my seat as Aqua’s escort and whispered to him to go to Ayana-chan’s seat.

 ”Congratulations, Ayana-chan. Don’t cry, you just got a makeover, you know.”

 ”I-I’m sorry. But…but…”

 ”Come on, don’t cry Ayana. Let’s go have some fun with us.”


 We both reach out our hands to Ayana-chan.

 Hey, wait a minute!? This is supposed to be me, right? You’ll have another chance someday, so just let me, your senpai, have this and sit next to me with your mouth shut and space out like you always do!

 Hey, Ayana-chan, take my hand, not his!!

 ”Hehe, geez, don’t fight like kids at a time like this, please.”

 Ayana-chan stretches out both her hands and takes our hands as she stands up from her seat. Well, I guess it can’t be helped. But I won’t give up the center spot!! Hey, what are you doing! Grrrr!

 Fine, fine. Just be grateful that you can be the center and have two beauties by your side. Huh? Two beauties? Who’s the other beauty, you’re making that face!! You’re using me as that kind of target, you jerk!!

 Aqua, who got on the stage, let go of our hands and hugged Director Hongou and Moriishi-san.

 ”Congratulations, everyone. Can each of you tell me how you’re feeling right now?”

 The first person to be handed the microphone was Ayana-chan.

 ”Thank you very much. I have returned to this lively and enjoyable hell. I am Tsukimachi Ayana.”

 Laughter erupts from the audience.

 Hehe, Ayana-chan, it’s amazing how she responded to Hisayo-san’s comment.

 ”Yuu-onii has helped me grow as an individual actor. To all the actors I have worked with, the directors and staff, the production company and everyone at Fuji TV. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone at the agency who supported me and to everyone at eau de Cologne who kindly sent me off. And someday, I hope to become an actress who can compete with Kohina Yukari-san for the lead actress role and compete with Shirogane Aqua-san for the Best Actor Award. I will continue to strive every day to become such an actress!”

 The unexpected declaration of war was met with a loud cheer from the audience. Hey! Who do you think you are?! Saying things like “Take down Kohina Yukari”! Wait, it wasn’t you next to me! Don’t mess with me!! I’ll breathe fire right at your face!!

 Then, I receive the microphone from Ayana-chan.

 ”I am delighted to have received the Best Actress Award.”

 I send polite compliments and words of gratitude to the staff.

 ”To compete with Ayana-chan for the Best Actress Award, I think I’ll continue to stay on top until then. After all, the view from here is breathtaking.”

 Of course, I’ll also provoke the other actresses. None of the people sitting here are satisfied, and everyone, including me, knows that those who have missed out on awards in the past are truly frustrated. So, this is fine. I pass the microphone to Moriishi-san.

 ”Honestly, I thought I had lost to Tsukasa-sensei. But I believe I was able to win this award because of the voices of my fans. Thank you!!”

 Moriishi-san also expresses gratitude to the staff, Director Hongou, and all the cast members. Then, she handed the microphone to Director Hongou.

 ”First of all, let me say thank you. And a few words to my close friend, Director Matsumoto… We did it!!”

 Laughter erupts from the audience. She’s practically the most famous director in the country, as if she’s not the director.

 Director Hongou also expresses gratitude to the staff, stakeholders, cast, sponsors, and the people involved in the past drivers.

 ”Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-kun, Tenga-kun… and Aqua-kun. Thank you, everyone. I am truly grateful to a degree that cannot be expressed in just the word ‘thank you.’ You are my, no, our heroes!!”

 Director Hongou’s words are met with thunderous applause.

 ”Now, Hero, please go ahead for the final time!”

 Aqua, taking the mic from Director Hongou, speaks into it. However, it seems that there’s a problem as no sound comes out of the mic. Well, well, such an unbelievable thing happening on a bright stage. Maybe it’s because of his usual misdeeds? Despite the cute words flying from the audience, you guys are just too lenient. You should just honestly laugh it off in these situations!

 ”Aqua-kun! Use my mic!!”

 ”Thanks, Morikawa-san!”

 With an agility that even surprises athletes, Morikawa-san brings her own mic.

 ”Sorry. Um, first, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone involved in each award-winning work.”

 You’re grinning. You’re really happy, aren’t you? I understand that feeling. But in your case, you don’t have a Rival. That’s the hurdle. If possible, I would expect BERYL’s other members or foreign actors to do something, but is there a man in this world who can beat you? However, there should be many actresses who will surely satisfy you. So, don’t decay and do your best.

 ”And finally, thank you very much, President Atori, for launching Beryl. I am who I am today because of you. Today, I actually planned to come with you, but I changed my mind.”

 Huh? Why? I mean, really! Instead of making me an escort, you should enter with Ako-cchi!

 ”I promised President Atori to show her the best view, so I think it will be a while before I can escort you. But someday, in the not-so-distant future, when I win all the movie and drama awards, I want to bring you to this venue as my escort. So please wait until then. I will definitely bring you here.”

 Ugh! Who does he think he is, trying to act cool at the end! Geez!! And on top of that, is he declaring war on me!? Well, fine. Bring it on, Ayana-chan too. I’ll push you both back with all my power! Oh, wait. Are you not grateful to me, your co-star?

 ”Um… well, yeah. I’m sorry to the venue and the viewers, but can I just give a few words of gratitude to one more person, because otherwise I’m going to get a lot of complaints later.”

 Laughter and wry smiles could be heard from the venue.



 ”Hey, can you not talk? I was just planning to say it casually and finish. And who is this person you handed the microphone to!?”

 ”Huh? Obviously, I took the spare one from a staff member who was there.”

 Laughter could be heard from the audience as we argued with each other.

 ”Both of you, this isn’t Morikawa Kaede’s room! And besides, this is a different broadcasting station!!”

 Announcer Morikawa, your voice is also being picked up by the pin microphone.

 Laughter could be heard from various places, even from the staff who couldn’t hold back.

 ”Well, fine. Come on, say thank you. I’ll accept it.”

 ”No, no, it’s weird. Saying ‘thank you’ is not something that should be said by the person being thanked.”

 ”Don’t sweat the small stuff! Hurry up and say it, we’re running out of time!!”

 ”Well, isn’t it because Kohina-senpai is the one speaking!”

 I wiggle my hand and say, “Come on, praise me.”

 ”I guess I’ll stop after all.”


 Did you really stop saying words of gratitude? Is that even possible?

 I couldn’t bear it anymore, and Mutsumiya Seijuu and Kuga Reira burst into laughter.

 Even Kamonohashi Kazushi, who is usually quiet, is laughing so hard he’s holding his stomach.

 ”I’ll tell you when we’re alone.”

 ”Huh!? You’re definitely the type who won’t tell me. Oh well, can’t be helped.”

 Oh geez! It’s because you’re so shy that it all ended so badly.

 ”Heh, hehehe, when they’re alone!?”

 ”That’s so unfair. Honestly, I’m more jealous than winning the Best Actress award.”

 ”To be able to naturally be alone with Aqua-kun, that itself is amazing, and yet she seems unaware.”

 Aqua returns the microphone to Hisayo-san.

 ”To all the award winners, thank you very much. And once again, congratulations on your awards. Now, let’s announce the Best Drama Award, the final award of the 2022 season, together!! The best work of the year is…”

 ””””””””””Masked Driver, Heaven’s Sword!!””””””””””

 As the words appeared on the monitor behind me, confetti fell from above. But in reality, Heaven’s Sword, which was not originally a completed work, would never have been nominated.

 Nevertheless, it was indeed Heaven’s Sword that broke that common sense.

 ”Congratulations, Aqua-kun. Congratulations, Moriishi-san. Congratulations, Director Hongou!! Now, please come to the center of the stage.”

 At this moment, Aqua raised his hand and called Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-kun, Tenga-kun, and Kobayakawa-san and Abe-san from the audience. This elicited a loud round of applause from the spectators.

 ”Director Hongou, please fulfill the promise you made back then.”

 ”Aqua-kun…! And Toa-chan, Tenga-kun, Mayuzumi-kun… Kobayakawa-san, Abe-san, thank you so much!!”

 Director Hongou and Moriishi-sensei head to the center of the stage with an escort from all of the regular drivers.

 ”Everyone, thank you so much!!”

 A big round of applause erupts as Director Hongou, representing everyone, expresses gratitude.

 ”Director, congratulations indeed!”

 ”It’s all thanks to everyone. Really! Thank you so much!!”

 As the 8 of them embrace each other in joy, Ayana-chan and I also send a big round of applause. Everyone in the audience who had come stood up and applauded. This is what it means to win unanimously. Not a single person was dissatisfied.

 ”Now, shall we announce the movie award winners in this flow?”

 This is my big moment from here on. As I returned to my seat, I quietly gathered my determination in my heart.

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