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Volume 12 Chapter 19 Tsukimachi Ayana, The Beginning Of A New Era

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 ”Morikawa Kaede, I’ll open the lid of the orange juice bottle with a karate chop!!”

 ”Great job~!”

 ”Oh, phew!”

 ”Hey, if you do that, it’ll spill on the floor, you know!”

 Hehehe, once again, Morikawa-san is getting scolded by Announcer Onidzuka for doing silly things. It’s the usual scene and a lively commotion. The after-party of the awards ceremony was a big hit.

 ”I am the man who is loved by the god of rock-paper-scissors, Tenga Akira! Junior, do you still intend to challenge me?”

 ”Hmph, Tenga-senpai, do you really think you can beat me in rock-paper-scissors?”

 What are they doing over there?

 Huh!? If they lose, they have to take off one piece of clothing in strip rock-paper-scissors!

 And Aqua is really weak at rock-paper-scissors, so why is he giving off such a strong character vibe?

 ”Haahaa, haahaa…”

 ”Thank you, thank you!”

 ”The divine event has begun.”

 ”Wow, this is amazing! Is this real?”

 ”Maybe this is a dream.”

 ”I thought so, so I just punched myself in the cheek earlier, and it really hurt!”

 ”Wh-what about Toa-chan’s strip rock-paper-scissors!? Will there be any wardrobe malfunctions!?”

 Everyone’s eyes are bloodshot, and they’re shining too brightly! It’s scary! Suddenly, the room becomes more intense with the scent of a female in heat.

 ”Tenga-senpai, stop!”

 ”You idiot! What are you doing!!”

 Toa-chan stopped Tenga-san, and Yukari-senpai stopped Aqua. Both of them are amazing. I’m glad the fun after-party didn’t turn into a disaster.

 ”Mayuzumi-kun, I brought some drinks, so I’ll leave them here.”

 ”Aren’t you hungry? Are you okay?”

 Wow, Mayuzumi-kun is being targeted by older sisters…. Should I help as a classmate? Aqua notices and desperately sends me a glance. Then Aqua noticed my gaze and left everyone to come over here.

 ”Ayana… um, by any chance, you know?”

 Phew, it’s good. It seems like Aqua has finally noticed. But hey, huh? He’s acting all fidgety, his face is all red, and his reactions are kind of weird…

 ”H-Hey, do you… do you want to play rock-paper-scissors with me?”

 Huh?! Wh-What are you even saying! Geez! Already! You’re always so cool, but you’re such a goofball at weird times!!

 I playfully tap Aqua on the head.

 ”No, I mean Mayuzumi-kun.”

 ”Oh, if that’s it, then it’s fine.”

 What do you mean it’s fine! At this rate, Mayuzumi-kun will be taken to a vacant room by the older girls… Wait, it’s Awashima-san and Mutsumiya Seijuu-san, the Tora-uma actors.

 They sit on either side of Mayuzumi-kun, glaring at the surroundings, and all the girls who were gathered around scatter at once. I see. When Yukari-senpai is wandering around, Aqua looks just like that. I breathe a sigh of relief, glad that Mayuzumi-kun’s chastity was preserved.


 Aqua gently touches the choker that is placed on my neck.

 ”It looks really good on you after all. I’m glad I chose this for you.”

 ”Uh, yeah… Thanks.”

 I wonder if Aqua understands the meaning of giving a girl a choker as a present. Sigh… This face, he definitely doesn’t understand, does he? If I were a normal girl, I would go to the city office right now, get a marriage registration form, and hand it over to Aqua, asking him to take responsibility. I remember the moment a few hours ago when I received the choker from Aqua.

 ’Ayana, are you there?’

 ’Uh, um, wait a moment!!’

 I was in the waiting room, checking myself briefly in the mirror, when I opened the door to greet Aqua.

 ’Can I come in?’

 ’Yeah, sure.’

 Aqua is really defenseless. It’s unimaginable for a boy to visit a girl’s dressing room alone, even if they’re married.

 ’You know, the other day, I had a photo shoot for a magazine.’

 ’Oh, now that you mention it, you went to the shoot with Toa-chan after school, right?’

 ’Yeah, and I found something that would suit Ayana at that time…’


 Aqua hands me a present box.

 ’W-wow, is this for me…?’

 ’Yeah! Ayana always takes care of me, so I want you to have it if you like.’

 ’U-um, thank you.’

 Wow, what could it be!

 Excitedly, I open the present box.

 Inside, there’s a white choker with a silver moon accessory. Moreover, it has an aquamarine gem embedded in the center of the moon. I mean, this is like, “Become one with Shirogane’s family. Be with me” kind of appeal!!

 He’s probably totally clueless about it! I was so shaken that I almost dropped the whole box.

 Geez! Toa-chan, if you were there, you should’ve stopped him properly!!

 ’Could it be that you didn’t like it?!’

 ’There’s no way that’s true!’

 Sigh… I really like Aqua, but I feel like I’d be so worn out if we got married. I can understand why Hakuryuu-sensei is living separately due to the risk of dying from excessive sugar intake.

 On the other hand, Kanon-san, who sees him every day as the legal wife, is truly amazing. When Aqua takes the choker from my hand and turns away, I can’t help but react. Huh, could it be that Aqua is going to put it on for me!? I sit in the chair with my back to Aqua and stare at the mirror in front of me.

 ’Yeah, it really suits you.’

 ’Oh, thank you.’

 Having Aqua put the choker on me feels like some kind of ritual. It’s like I’ve become Aqua’s possession, and being bound by someone you love feels like this. It’s so thrilling.

 ”Ayana always takes care of me, so let’s continue to support each other from now on.”

 ”Yeah, same here. Let’s keep supporting each other.”

 As I was brought back to reality, I gently ran my fingers over the choker while watching Aqua leave. Fran, who was watching, approached with a mischievous expression.

 ”Oh my, senpai, your face is red. Did you accidentally have a drink?”

 I didn’t want to deal with Fran’s reactions, so I turned away and drank some water. Then, Maron-senpai, with a grin on her face, peered at me.

 ”Ayana-chan, you’ve become quite the lady. I’m glad, I’m glad.”

 Geez, what’s with you two!? If you have something to say, say it clearly! The two of them moved away from me and started talking by the wall.

 ”Maron-senpai, what do you think of that choker?”

 ”It’s definitely a sign of interest. Even if it’s subconscious, there’s no way those feelings weren’t there, right?”

 ”Yeah, and the other party is none other than Shirogane Aqua-sama, the prince of the Japanese people, right?”

 ”Exactly. There’s no way Aqua-sama wouldn’t take responsibility for giving a girl a choker, right?”

 ”Indeed. Maron-senpai, let’s subtly hint in that direction and guide Aqua-san to fill in the gaps from the outside.”

 ”Yeah, we need to make sure he takes responsibility. Eau de Cologne cannot be canceled or returned, after all.”

 Maron-senpai and Fran, the two of them, were secretly talking, and when the conversation ended, they high-fived each other as if they were satisfied. I feel like they’re definitely not thinking of anything good. Please don’t involve me in anything troublesome. Also, Aqua is busy, so don’t bother him too much. Oh, wait? Is this the intro to “eau de Cologne”? Why?

 ’My feelings’

 ’My wish’

 ’I hope they reach someone as they go around’

 For some reason, Toa-chan, Aqua, and Tenga-san were singing our eau de Cologne song. And they even copied the dance perfectly… I understand that Toa-chan does it during his livestreams, but what’s up with Aqua!? He’s doing all these girly movements and hip swings, it’s so strange!! And speaking of Tenga-san, even though he’s clearly being dragged into it, he’s really getting into it and copying it well. What’s going on…

 ”Although the imitation is impressive, the way Useless Aqua moves is so Ayana-chan-like and it’s creepy.”

 Yukari-senpai, I completely understand that feeling. It’s a little creepy to watch. When I see people saying things like “cute,” do they really think so!?

 ”Tenga-kun, it’s my part. It’s good, It’s good.”

 ”Watching Toa-senpai’s choreography is helpful. I see, so if I do that, I’ll look cuter.”

 I envy the two of them who are genuinely happy.

 But, Aqua, I’m not shaking my hips that much!! The choreography right now is definitely an overreaction!! When I go towards the three of them, I lightly push Aqua aside.

 To make it easier for even the dense Aqua to understand, I deliberately puff up my cheeks and pretend to be angry. Then Aqua started apologizing, saying sorry and asking for forgiveness, which made everyone laugh.

 Hahaha. It’s a lie. Actually, I wasn’t really angry. But, it was really embarrassing, you know!! When I stand in the center, I do my own part by myself. Because, it’s less embarrassing that way.

 Then Aqua started doing otagei (wotagei) in the front row. Seriously, Aqua is so talented. Why is he so sharp. But, don’t film me from the low-angle!!

 ”Hey. Hey, bro, what you just did was cool. Yeah, bring out the camera.”

 ”Oh, I didn’t do anything!”

 Liar! Everyone laughed at Aqua, who was trying to make excuses to Morikawa-san, who easily took on the role of the staff. Well, it’s fine if Aqua takes pictures of my underwear. By the way, if you want underwear that much, I can give you as much as you want… I wonder what boys do with stuff like that. I often hear that girls want to smell the scent of boys’ crotches while mast***ate, but do boys do that too?

 I return to my seat after finishing singing. Ah, I wonder what they’re doing at the after-party.

 ”What are you even doing… If it were the other way around, you’d be caught, you know.”


 Yukari-senpai looks really happy…

 She has been holding the award trophy all this time, so she must has been really happy. People around her say she’s joking, but that’s not true. I’ve been holding it all this time too, and even Director Hongou is crying while talking to the trophy. Well, it’s not a Buddhist altar, so please don’t worship it. Oh? Speaking of which, where’s Aqua’s trophy?

 ”If it’s that guy’s trophy, they’re all over there!”

 Why is it just sitting there in the corner of the room like that! I think it’ll be fine, but if there are any bad people, it might get stolen!! Ah, if Kanon-san sees this, she might faint. I feel like Aqua would use the trophies as pickling stones or something. I think it’ll be fine because Kanon-san is here, but make sure to take care of the things you’ve received.

 ”Morikawa Kaede, let’s do the belly dance!”



 ”I told you to stop!”

 Morikawa-san… at least learn something. This is a scene I’ve seen many times today. Morikawa-san was scolded by Onidzuka-san again.

 ”Alright, shall we play the King’s Game?”

 ”Aqua-kun’s King’s Game!?”

 ”Huh? What’s that!?”

 ”Does that mean we can become Aa-sama’s sl*ves!?”

 ”Uh, is there a vacancy for a s*x sl*ve!?”

 ”I can’t believe there are only sl*ve applicants.”

 ”Well, it can’t be helped. Aa-sama is already married to a real princess.”

 ”We don’t mind being sl*ves.”

 There’s something going on over there too… Kohina-senpai noticed and went to stop Aqua, saying that the real war is about to begin. *Sigh*, I’m getting tired. I get up from my seat and head towards the restroom.


 *Ah*, I feel refreshed. I’m a little tired though. I leave the restroom and slowly cool down while taking a stroll in the garden.


 While I was walking, I heard voices coming from somewhere. Is someone there? I turn my feet towards the direction of the voices. Is that… Mikuni-sama and Reira-san?

 ”Reira… I intend to accept that offer we discussed.”

 That offer? I wonder what they’re talking about. I thought I shouldn’t listen to a conversation I shouldn’t be involved in, but I couldn’t move because the two of them were approaching me.

 ”The driver positions for Team Kariya have been filled by Aqua-kun and Kohina Yukari-san, but there are still driver positions available for other teams.”

 Ah, is it about the movie based on that famous formula? I was also a candidate for the Japanese driver, but Aqua didn’t turn down the offer, so the conversation shifted. Oh, so the candidate for the senior driver role was Yukari-senpai.

 ”I’m planning to participate as a driver for Vortex Automotive on the States’ side, not the Japanese team. I’m sure Reira has received the same offer, right? If that’s the case, let’s have a rematch with Kohina Yukari-san in the same movie. If you and I team up, we should be able to take on Aqua-kun and Kohina Yukari-san.”

 ”Well…but I…”

 In response to Reira-san’s hesitation, Mikuni-sama shows a puzzled expression.

 ”I’m planning to accept an offer from Scuderia Rosso Corsa of Stars, not Vortex Automotive.”


 I was surprised to Reira-san’s rejection of Mikuni-sama’s request. I wonder what kind of change in mindset occurred.

 ”I definitely want to get revenge on Kohina Yukari… but I also want to fight you.”


 Reira-san nodded in response to Mikuni-sama’s question.

 ”I want to know why Tsukimachi Ayana picked a fight with Kohina Yukari and Aqua-kun.”


 ”After fighting you seriously, I want to know what happens next, what I can see. That’s why I’ll accept an offer from a different team than yours.”

 ”I see… I understand. You were influenced by Kohina Yukari-san as well.”

 After conveying this, Reira-san bowed to Mikuni-sama and left. She mentioned being influenced by Yukari-senpai, but I wonder what she told Reira-san. Mikuni-sama looked up at the moon and then returned to where everyone else was.

 ”Wow, everyone is going to be in that movie…”

 It’s a joint film by Japan, Stars, and States. If Aqua and Yukari-senpai are in it, of course, it will be a hot topic in Japan. After all, it’s the world debut of Kohina Yukari-senpai, who just defeated Reira-san and Mikuni-sama, and Aqua.

 Maybe other cast members will be famous actors from Stars and States, talented individuals, or promising newcomers. I heard that the cooperation between the three countries’ governments and the number of sponsors involved is amazing.

 Perhaps everyone will compete on the stage of not only Japanese film awards but also world film awards. Thinking about that made my heart ache. Ah… I thought I had caught up a little, but it feels like I’m being left behind again, and my heart is about to break.

 But that’s how my life has always been. After all, as a cute girl who quietly gets depressed here, I can’t stand proudly next to Aqua as an actress or an idol!!


 I pumped myself up by slapping both of my cheeks, then headed back to the party room where everyone was.

 Later, I was told by the president that there was some work to do, so I headed to the headquarters of a certain car manufacturer with my mother, who is also the manager.

 The president… I still don’t have a driver’s license, is that okay?

 Should I go and get a motorcycle license after all?

 ”Are you Tsukimachi Ayana-san? I’ve heard about you. Please come this way.”

 We were guided to the negotiation room by the receptionist. After a while, the president of the car manufacturer arrived. The president didn’t waste any time on greetings and immediately got into the work discussion.

 ”Tsukimachi Ayana-san, if you’d like, how about trying out for the next Formula movie with our team?”


 I didn’t understand at first what she meant. I didn’t know, but apparently there are two teams from Japan participating in the Formula movie.

 ”Um…why me?”

 ”Well, can I be frank?”


 The president stared at my face and smiled slightly.

 ”Tsukimachi-san, may already know, but in the upcoming movie, Shirogane Aqua-san, who received an offer from Kariya, will be appearing as the 1st Driver and Kohina Yukari-san as the 2nd Driver for Kariya Phoenix Racing. Not only the recent award ceremony, but also the relationship between the two, and above all, the talent and popularity of the two, and their world debut… Oh, wait, I wonder if Aqua-kun’s film with the Stars will come first. Even without that, it will surely be a huge topic.”

 Well, the special drama this time was also trending on social media yesterday, and anyone would want to cast the two now. After that banquet, when I talked to Yukari-senpai, she said she would co-star with Aqua in the special drama and the movie, but she won’t co-star in other dramas and movies unless it’s someone she has a prior commitment with. I think that adds value to it as well.”

 ”Tsukimachi Ayana-san, you just won the Best Supporting Actress award, and considering your relationship with the other two, it’s bound to create a buzz. That’s why I thought of offering you this role. Of course, your talent was also highly regarded…but if it offended you, I apologize.”

 ”No, it’s alright.”

 In other words, they offered me this role because Kariya has signed Aqua and Yukari-senpai. So, they thought it would create a buzz if they included me in the story…which means, if I hadn’t accepted, this opportunity wouldn’t exist. It’s frustrating…! I’m truly frustrated, but more than my pride or honor, I wanted to crawl on the ground and seize the chance that came right in front of me.

 ”I heard that Scuderia Rosso Corsa of Stars has signed Kuga Reira-san, and the other Three-Pointed Stars has signed Charles Henderson.”

 I was surprised to hear that Charlie-kun will be appearing! Everyone seems really serious about putting in their best effort.

 ”It seems that States’ Vortex Automotive has signed a contract with the popular Yukishiro Mikuni-san, who is very popular in States, and Red Energy Wings, who moved their home base to States from Stars with money, seems to have signed a contract with a new Japanese actress. When everyone heard about it, they were in an uproar, but in a different sense.”

 I wonder who the new actress is? And wasn’t Red Energy Wings a really strong team that has won consecutive championships in reality? In that case, wouldn’t it be normal for them to seriously try to acquire someone like Mikuni-sama, rather than a new actress?

 ”Apparently, she’s Mikuni-sama’s relative. They have a knack for finding talents that are likely to break through in the world quickly.”

 Huh!? That’s definitely Emily-san, no matter how you think about it! I wonder if Kanon-san knows? I should probably tell her… No, wait, it’s a contract, and it would be bad since I’m an outsider. Oh no, I don’t know what to do. I’ve found out something unbelievable!

 ”Tsukimachi-san, how about you? If you’re willing to accept, I’ll prepare a seat for you as our 1st Driver.”

 ”I accept.”

 It was an immediate response. I don’t have the skills or popularity to hesitate, and I have no reason to refuse. Rather than being separated from the two, I thought I would cling on and leave a mark, even if I had to fight.

 ”Very well. Let me introduce our 2nd Driver, please.”

 The door I entered opens. I froze when I saw the familiar person who appeared from there.



 Huh? Does that mean Tenga-san is also participating? In that case, wouldn’t it be better for Toa-chan or Mayuzumi-kun, not me?

 ”I initially thought of reducing BERYL’s members from four to two, but I was told that it wouldn’t work considering acting skills. Tenga Akira-san is also popular in STARS for the incident with the bike, and when I heard that he wants to become an action star in States in the future, I thought it would benefit both parties, so we made the offer.”

 ”That’s the situation.”

 I see… So Tenga-san is also aiming for the world. It’s true that Tenga-san is tall and stands out even in Heaven’s Sword. I thought that if he could become as action-packed as Aqua in the future, he would become incredibly popular.

 ”Well then, once again, we, Suzuka All Blacks, welcome Tsukimachi Ayana-san, who plays the role of First Driver Ichijo Nao, and Tenga Akira-san, who plays the role of Second Driver Greed Ashikaga.”

 ”Nice to meet you, please take care of us.”

 ”The feeling is mutual, please take care of us too.”

 We shake hands as a sign of the contract being established.

 ”From now on, we are a team. Let’s all devour Kariya, the overwhelmingly main character.”

 Saying that, the president of Suzuka Engineering smirked.

 After a while, I am even more surprised when I see the list of actors announced for the media. It’s because, in addition to Charlie-kun from Stars and Aqua and Tenga-san from Japan, States also announced the participation of Mikuni-sama as the Second Driver and male actor Johnny Timberlake as the First Driver. Everyone who saw that list had a premonition that it would become a work filled with male actors representing three countries.

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