Male Idol V12c45

Volume 12 Chapter 45 Kohina Yukari, Why Am I Not Being Invited!

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”So I made it!!”

 ”What do you mean by ‘so I made it’!?”

 Once I opened the door, I puhed him forcefully inside the house. He had a clueless look on his face as if nothing happened!

 ”Oh, Kohina-senpai, good evening.”

 ”I’m intruding, Kanon-san.”

 I greeted Kanon-san and then shifted my gaze towards the Useless Aqua with a foolish expression.

 ”Huh? Where’s Yui-san and Kotono?”

 ”They both went out for drinks today.”

 ”I see.”

 I glanced around. Seeing that the maids, including Pegonia-san, were not around, I wondered if they were being considerate for the two of them. I see… But it’s too sweet. Too sweet!!

 ”Kanon-san, wait a moment…”


 I grasp the hem of Kanon-san’s clothes and lead her to the corner of the room.

 ”Kohina-senpai, please don’t say strange things to Kanon, okay?”

 You’re so annoying! Even if you don’t worry, this is also for your own sake, so just sit on the sofa and have some of the hina-arare souvenir I brought.

 ”How have you been lately? Any complaints or anything?”

 ”Well, um, not really…”


 Anyway, those people around him don’t ask so straightforwardly like me. But I’m different. Useless Aqua gets embarrassed in strange places, gets annoyed in strange places, and tries to act cool unnecessarily. I know that he’s not perfect like everyone thinks. Still, it’s admirable that he earns money properly and is independent unlike other guys around here.

 Well…he seems more capable than me and appears to be responsible, but don’t forget that he’s still a 16-year-old child. Even Kanon-san, who seems mature for her age, is still just a 16-year-old child. So even if I’m told that I’m being too meddlesome or thought of as troublesome, it’s better for an adult like me who can’t read the room to ask these difficult questions repeatedly to make sure.

 ”Um… Well, actually just one thing…”


 See, just as I thought, it’s not what I expected. And hey, right there! Make sure to leave my portion of hina-arare for me to eat!

 ”Oh, Aqua is, um… too kind.”

 ”…Is he maybe being too lovey-dovey?”

 ”N-no, it’s not like that, um, well, recently, um, it’s not like that…”

 What do you mean by “not like that”! Be clear about it, I wanted to say, but I held back.

 ”What do you mean by ‘not like that’?”

 ”…It’s, um, a little embarrassing.”

 Phew… The unexpected answer almost made me tumble head over heels. I see. Ever since Kanon-san got pregnant, he hasn’t been asking for that kind of thing, but I wish Kanon-san would want it a little, even if it’s just through her hands or something… Ah, it’s starting to feel ridiculous. But once I’ve asked, there’s no going back. I’ll help her out here.

 ”Kanon-san, first of all, increase his s*xual desire.”

 ”I-increase that s*xual desire!?”

 Well, leave it to me.

 ”Kanon-san… You’re going to change into that one from before!!”

 ”Huh? Really? I-I can’t wear it anyway…”

 ”It’s okay. I thought something like that might happen, so I prepared for it.”


 I take Kanon-san and head to her room.

 ”Hmm… it might be too tight around the breasts after all. Maybe I should just change my shirt.”

 ”I don’t think it’s fine if it’s just the way it is. He looked at Manager Kotono and Yui-san a while ago and said absent-mindedly that it would be nice if the buttons looked like they were going to pop off.”

 ”Hmm, hmm~ I see.”

 Hell, he has a habit of being very careful around other girls, but lately, when I ask him about it, he doesn’t think anything of it, and just says it out loud. Well, I have to change clothes quickly too. I guess his absent-mindedness had shifted, and I was dazed.

 ”Kohina-senpai is so cute! Is that the school uniform by any chance?”

 ”It’s my middle school uniform. The chest part is a bit tight, but everything else hasn’t changed and it’s annoying.”

 Ah, I’m getting frustrated with my lack of height growth. Well, in this case, I’ll play around with that person and relieve some stress today.

 ”Come here. I’ll do your hair.”

 ”Ah, thank you.”

 Hmm, since we’re at it, should I do braids? I have a feeling that person would be happy with that kind of hairstyle for some reason.

 ”Wow, you look cute!”

 ”Hehe, right? Right?”

 It took a bit of time, but I can do this much too! Next time, I’ll have Kanon-san do my hair. Oh, since we’re at it, I’ll ask her to do twin tails like Rina’s.

 ”Kohina-senpai, twin tails suit you as well.”

 ”I know, right!”

 I thought about a ponytail, but that would make me feel all, ugh… It would bring back memories of my middle school days, so I don’t want that.

 ”Kanon’s braids are so cute!!”

 Seeing Kanon-san dressed in her middle school uniform, Aqua hed tears while bowing. Remember I told you to leave it to me. Come on, show some gratitude to me. Also, there’s a cute middle school girl over here too, right? What’s with that? Peek-a-boo.

 ”*Cough, cough*”

 ”Hey! Why are you choking!”

 ”Sorry. I got flustered because Kanon is so cute, and I accidentally inhaled a piece of dried hina-arare while eating…”

 Geez! You’re an idol, aren’t you! Whether you’re singing or acting, there are live streams, so take care of your throat, okay? Kanon-san and I massage Aqua’s back together.

 ”Here, have some tea.”

 ”*Gulp gulp*… Phew. That helped. Thank you. Oh, and senpai’s uniform looks good on you too.”

 Hey! Don’t just casually say that while sipping tea!! Hmm. It’s fine for me, but if you show such a blatant difference in your treatment of fans, it’ll immediately cause an uproar!!

 ”By the way, why are both of you wearing middle school uniforms?”

 ”That’s for the game we’re about to play!”

 ”A game?”

 Hehe. Aqua and Kanon-san can have carefree faces for only so long. I take out a box of cards from my bag.

 ”That’s right! It’s the latest version of the must-play game for junior high and high school students, the Master-Servant Game!”


 ”Master-Servant Game!?”

 Unlike Aqua, who looks puzzled as always, Kanon-san, who knows this game, blushes. Heh. I thought being a princess of Stars, she might not know about this, but turns out she’s aware of this kind of thing too.

 ”In this game, the person who wins the rock-paper-scissors draws a card clockwise, and the person who didn’t draw it has to carry out the task written on it! You can skip up to 3 times, and after 3 skips, the person who skips again loses. Well, let’s limit it to 1 skip this time. We could even do without it, if you’d like.”

 Ah, the master-servant game is one of those games everyone plays during their junior high and high school days. It’s a game where girls play around and have fun with each other, but there are some pretty extreme commands in there, which really resonates with the needs of awakening adolescent girls. Well, I’ve never actually played it myself, I’ve only watched my classmates having fun with it!

 ”Oh, really? Does Kanon play it?”

 ”Uh, yeah… with Nee-san, Kaede-senpai, Emily-senpai, a little bit.”


 I wish I could do that… Wait, no! I’m not jealous at all, okay?!

 ”So, let’s play rock-paper-scissors!”


 ”Wait a second.”

 Yes, I win! It was easy to guess what they would choose since they were so off guard.

 ”Now, I’ll draw a card.”

 Since we’re at it, something a bit extreme would be nice. I slowly flip the card with a smirk on my face.

 [It’s a miss! Master… Apologize to us, your servants, for the latest crime you committed!!]

 I couldn’t help but slam the card onto the ground. What do you mean “miss”?! Why would there even be something like that?! I overturn the box that contained the cards. What’s this? Inside the cards, there are occasionally reverse cards called “miss”. Be careful!

 ”Don’t mess with me!”

 I stomp my feet in frustration.


 ”It’s not ‘yay’! Focus on the conversation!”

 ”Huh? Kohina-senpai, are you going to retreat and run away after drawing attention to yourself? Oh well. I always admired Kohina-senpai for being a person of action. But I guess you’re running away. What a shameeeee.”

 ”Fine! I’ll show you my sincere apology!”

 Damn it, this person is seriously getting on my nerves!!

 ”Aqua, it looks like he’s provoking, but he’s actually praising, and Kohina-senpai easily falls for simple provocations…eh? Wait, today, am I the only one playing the straight man…? That’s impossible for me, I can’t keep up with the straight man role.”

 Hmm? Did Kanon-san say something? Well, it’s fine. Look at useless Aqua over there. If it comes to this, I’ll show you the serious side of the great actress Kohina Yukari. I’ll set the atmosphere. I’ll take reference from Mayuzumi-kun’s mom, Mayuzumi Kiyoko-san.

 Speaking of apologies, it’s synonymous with Prime Minister Habu, but considering the fact that the other party is Aqua, her atmosphere becomes her greatest weapon.

 ”Kanon-san… Aqua-kun…”

 I lower my gaze and move my eyes, using my right hand to hold my skirt and my left hand to play with the tips of my hair, showing a cute gesture.

 ”Did I bother you by coming to your time together today?”

 Here, I make the most of my disadvantage of being short and give a slightly upward gaze.

 ”But, I was all alone and felt really lonely.”

 Hmm, how about this! This is a serious apology from a top actress, you know.

 The moment I showed a triumphant expression in my heart, Aqua hugged me tightly. Hey, hey, wait a minute!? That’s something for Kanon-san, not me.


 Wait, are you crying!?

 ”Sorry, Kohina-senpai. I’ll be nicer from now on…!”

 Okay, okay! I got it! Look! Blow your nose with this tissue! Geez! You’re such a baby! Here, I’ll hold the tissue for you, so just blow your nose like this, *sniff*, see? Can you do it? Yes, you did it well. Good, good.

 ”It’s kind of settled in a good way, but Kohina-senpai didn’t say a single word of apology like ‘sorry’. Yet, she’s pushing the atmosphere and making it feel like she’s sincerely apologizing… But, Aqua doesn’t seem to notice, and he’s the one apologizing instead. I can’t keep up with the jokes anymore. Someone help.”

 Come on, Kanon-san, it’s your turn next. Do your best. Kanon-san nodded and drew a card.

 ”Hey, here I go!”

 Aqua, Kanon-san, and I all turned our attention to the face-up card to see what was written on it.

 [Have the servants massage a designated area]

 Hmm, I see. It’s not bad at all. I approached Kanon-san and whispered softly in her ear.

 ”Don’t hold back. In times like these, a little naughty physical contact is just what’s needed.”

 ”N-naughty!? Um, so… what do you mean by that…?”

 ”Well, for example… like this and that.”

 Kanon-san blushed as she considered my suggestion.

 …You know, Kanon-san, you’re already engaged in the act of making babies with this guy, right? You’re even seeing each other naked, touching each other in intimate places, and exchanging bodily fluids, aren’t you?

 Ah… I see. That’s why Useless Aqua has been so worked up. If this is all part of the plan, it’s sly, but if it’s genuine, then that’s just how it is. I realized that even a cunning Aqua can be easily deceived, especially by a natural like Kanon-san.

 ”Oh, ah, somehow, my breasts are getting stiff.”

 ”Your breasts are getting stiff!?”

 As expected of Aqua. I don’t dislike how he fully fall for such a terrible act.

 ”Maybe my breasts are getting swollen from pregnancy.”

 ”Good… no, not good! That’s not good!! We need to do something about it soon!”

 Ah, come on, you’re practically massaging imaginary breasts. How much do you want to touch a girl’s breasts?

 ”Well, then… please be gentle. No, wait, massage your master’s breasts! Is this okay?”

 When Kanon-san unbuttoned her shirt, she pushed out her chest wearing a bra.

 ”Thank you, master, thank you, master.”

 Aqua shed tears as he slowly touched Kanon-san’s breasts. Come to think of it, he said he can cry in 0 seconds, but I guess that skill is for times like this. Seriously, how ridiculous!!

 ”Hmm… I’m not feeling well.”

 When Kanon-san said that, Aqua skillfully unhooked her bra and began gently massaging her bare breasts with a slow pace. Upon seeing that, my hands naturally moved towards my own breasts. Kanon-san seems to be enjoying it… No, wait! I shouldn’t be swayed by this!!

 ”Ah… hmm…”

 Aqua gently caressed Kanon-san’s breasts, as if rotating them.

 I must say, even a girl’s breasts are beautiful, just like the girl herself.

 The shape is nice and the ar**las and n**ples have a flawless, pure white complexion. The shape plays a big role in giving them a noble and elegant feel.

 Well, as a woman, it might sound strange for me to say this, but those breasts are of the level that can earn money just by appreciating them.

 No wonder this pervert is shedding tears while worshiping them. I must admit, I also feel a slight desire to touch them.

 ”No, no… that’s enough.”

 Kanon-san’s stop interrupts the breast massage.

 ”Well then, next is Kohina-senpai, right?”


 I see, so as a servant, I have to do it too… No, maybe I can strategically use my skip card here?

 ”Breast… Breast…”

 Huh? Kanon-san and I both turn our gaze towards the voice. And there, Aqua with sparkling eyes was staring at us, as if expecting something. Sigh… I guess there’s no helping it.

 ”Is it okay, Kanon-san?”


 Since it’s embarrassing to touch from the front, I slowly start massaging Kanon-san’s breasts from behind. Whoa… huh? It feels… amazing… so this is how someone else’s breasts feel… I didn’t know because I’ve only touched my own, but I see now. No wonder healthy junior and high school girls get hooked on this game.

 And if they’re more mature, they probably started playing it when they were in elementary school… I might have just realized why girls with big breasts or plump girls are always invited.


 ”Are you okay? Let me know if something feels off.”

 ”Oh, I’m fine.”

 After witnessing our interaction, Aqua raised his hands towards the sky in silence. W-What’s wrong? Are you okay? Kanon-san and I exchange glances.

 ”I’m glad to be alive…! Right now, I am intensely feeling the joy of life, no, the pleasure of existence with my whole being!! Thank you, Kanon, thank you, Kohina-senpai, thank you, God, thank you, this world. I am deeply grateful right now!!”

 Oh, um… I can’t really say anything when he’s genuinely happy like that.

 Seeing Kanon-san feeling embarrassed, an inappropriate idea pops into my head.

 ”Hey, Aqua. Kanon-san’s n**ples have been twitching since earlier, should I give them a massage too?”

 ”Huh? W-Wait… Kohina-senpai!?”

 Kanon-san, upon hearing my words, becomes flustered. Come on, you wanted something naughty from Aqua, didn’t you? Just be honest and let yourself be spoiled here.

 ”Y-Yes, that’s right! Ah, this is not good. It’s quite intense. This is not good. Yes, not good at all! I, the authority of Shirogane Women’s Specialty Clinic, a specialist in breasts, am saying this, so there’s no mistake!”

 This person is really foolish. Well, it’s fine though. Those aspects are quite cute… Wait, that’s not what we’re talking about! Absolutely not!


 While saying “Excuse me,” Aqua slowly traces Kanon-san’s ar**la with his index finger, with a suggestive expression on his face. In response to this stimulation, Kanon-san trembles her shoulders and tries to suppress her voice. Is this what they call a sweet climax?

 Upon closer inspection, there are droplets of water dripping down Kanon-san’s thighs. Feeling bold, Aqua thoroughly massages the ar**la and then lightly pinches the n**ple with his index finger and thumb.

 ”Ah, no, stop…!”

 ”Oh, this is quite elaborate. You need to massage up, down, left, and right.”

 Wow. Aqua massages Kanon-san’s n**ples lightly, while looking at her face with a feeling of pleasure. Wow, Kanon-san seems to be feeling good. Her lower body is twitching lightly, so it might be time to put a doctor’s stop for the baby’s sake.

 ”Okay, stop! That’s enough.”

 ”Ah… okay.”

 By firmly putting a stop, Aqua also understands the situation and quickly withdraws. When I look back at Kanon-san, her clothes are diheveled, making it look like she was forcibly raped. This game is dangerous.

 ”Are you okay? Are you calm now?”


 Honestly, I feel like I’ve already achieved my goal, but unfortunately, the final outcome hasn’t been settled yet.

 ”Please. I’m begging you!!”

 Aqua flips the card he drew face up. It’s a miss, a complete miss!!

 [It’s a miss! The tables have turned, it’s the ‘Reverse Position’ card! From now on, you’re not even a servant, just a dog! Act like a dog and lick the body of your new master!]

 The moment the card was drawn, Aqua and I looked at each other.


 ”We did it!”

 We both struck a triumphant pose. Huh? I get why I’m happy, but why are you so thrilled too!?

 ”I’m a dog starting today!”

 Hey! Then why are you trying to look so cool with that stern face!! There’s a limit to pushing it with your expression! Do you even understand what you’re saying!?

 ”Wait! A-Aqua, not there, it’s sensitive right now!”

 The loyal dog Aqua, or rather, the useless dog Useless Aqua, gently pushed Kanon-san onto the sofa… and lifted Kanon-san’s leg, burying his face into the thigh.

 ”Hehe… isn’t it great, Kanon’s navy knee-high socks and thighs. Lick, lick.”

 Wow, you should probably stop that, because it’s a bit perverted. Well, I guess those foolish women who are your fans would be delighted to see you like that.

 ”Mmm, why me… n-no, why am I the only one… nnn!”

 Aqua gently… no, shamefully licks the honey flowing down Kanon-san’s thighs.

 Slurp, slurp, slurp.

 Even I feel a little embarrassed by the explicit and erotic sounds.

 ”Ah, no, don’t make such embarrassing sounds… nnn.”

 Defiant dog Useless Aqua, ignoring his master’s orders, buries his face in Kanon-san’s miniskirt and licks it clean all the way to her groin. Wow… being so desperate like that, is it delicious? Or is it just special for Aqua?

 ”Ah, ah, ah, stop it!”

 Aqua licks Kanon-san’s important area through the crotch. Okay, that’s enough. I put a stop to it at a certain point.

 ”Sorry Kanon…”

 ”No, it’s okay. I’m just sensitive, so this much is fine…”

 Aqua and Kanon-san, who entered their own little world, gaze into each other’s eyes. Yeah yeah, say that after I leave. Oh, huh? Can I already go now? While thinking about that, Useless Aqua grabs my arm.

 ”So, Kohina-senpai. Is it okay if I… sniff your armpit!?”


 Huh? Are you going to lick my armpit? Just so you know, I’m wearing thick clothes today and it’s quite stuffy and sweaty, you know? I said to Aqua, “Should I take a bath?” and he kneeled down and said, “Please stay like this.” Is this person really okay!? I’ve heard girls say they like the smell of boys’ armpits, but normally, boys don’t like that, right!!

 ”I am Shirogane Aqua, here to break the norms of this world!!”

 ”You don’t have to break anything, you know!!”

 This guy is hopeless…. *sigh*… Seriously! There’s no helping it, I guess. I take off my jacket and shirt and raise my arms while still wearing my bra. See, is this okay?

 ”Huff! Huff!”

 ”Hey, don’t be so greedy! Stay!!”

 There’s no way that the useless dog Aqua can understand my commands with any level of intelligence. Aqua presses his nose against my armpit and sniffs the scent over and over again.

 Hey, that’s crossing the line! Even though I may appear calm, it’s embarrassing for someone to sniff my armpit like that! I’m a girl, you know!!

 ”Argh, damn it! Kohina-senpai smell like a female!”

 ”Hey, wait a minute!? Are you saying it’s not okay for me to smell like a girl!? Hmph!”

 Aqua sticks out his tongue and licks my armpit as if wiping away the sweat. Mmm, ah, no. Hey, ease up a bit!! With a face turning bright red and teary eyes, I clench my teeth out of embarrassment and the desire not to lose.

 ”Look, you can’t move!”

 ”Mmm… wait!”

 Aqua sneaks his hand into the commotion and firmly grabs my breasts.

 Th-this guy! Just because I can’t resist tickling doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want!! D-don’t squeeze them! Ah, you squeezed them twice! It’s not like they’ll shrink if you squeeze them, so it’s fine, but you should ask for permission before you boldly squeeze them!!


 Aqua runs his tongue along the crevice of my armpit. Hey, that’s cheating too! Ahhh, I told you, that’s not allowed!! I grit my teeth, glaring at him as if to say that I will never let out a sound.

 ”Haa haa… haa haa…”

 I endured it…! I endured it to the end!! Hmph, how about that! I win!! Aqua held up a hand mirror that was nearby to my triumphant face. Hey! When did my bra come off!! Geez! It’s because you squeezed too hard, isn’t it!! I-I’m a girl too, so please be a little gentler when you squeeze them!!

 ”Kohina-senpai, are you still going to do this? I mean, it’s totally fine by me, but…”

 ”Of course!!”

 I draw another card. There’s no way this can be a dud!!

 [Master, please be kind and give us a gentle pat as a token of your gratitude]

 Hold on a second!! This is almost completely useless now!! Come on! Who made this anyway? Was it Breastprint Co.? Remember that for later!!

 ”Sigh, oh well. Hey, Kanon-san, come here.”

 ”M-Me? Yes…”

 I embrace Kanon-san and gently pat her head. There there, you can be as dependent as you want. You’re always tired from dealing with Useless Aqua, so today I’ll spoil you a little extra.

 ”Come on, you too.”

 I hug Aqua as well and reluctantly pat his head. Well, he may joke around, but he works hard, so it’s okay to spoil him a bit too.

 ”Mommy Yukari…”

 Huh!? Who’s a mommy! Hey! Don’t say that and try to suckle my breast as if it’s nothing amidst all this commotion!!

 ”Tsk, busted.”

 ”It was obvious you’d get busted!”

 Seriously, he should reflect a bit on his overbearing attitude. Look, it’s Kanon-san’s turn next. I’ll pray for her to draw a good card! I hope Aqua draws a card that leads to misfortune!

 ”Here goes!”

 Kanon-san cautiously draws a card, then flips it over decisively.

 [Draw a card! To deepen the bond between the master and the servants, deepen your relationship with a kiss! Guhehe…!]

 Hey! Who came up with this card game prompt!! Show yourself!!

 ”S-So, that means…”


 Oh come on! You two are practically a married couple, right!? You might even have a baby this year!? Huh!? Why do you exude the atmosphere of a couple who just started dating and haven’t even held hands yet!!

 ”Kanon, I like you.”

 ”Ah, Aqua, me too… mmm”

 Oh my goodness! Feeling so embarrassed and dazzled, I couldn’t help but cover my face with both hands. Hey, someone please stop these two! It’s way more embarrassing for me to witness this!!

 ”Mmm, Kanon”


 It’s so long!! Alright, alright, alright! I raise both hands to show that I’m here too. Isn’t a kiss supposed to be lighter? Huh? It’s dragging on for so long… Oh no, oh my…

 ”I-I’m sorry”

 After the kiss, Kanon-san, who returned to her senses, blushes deeply. In contrast, Aqua pretends not to know and gives me a face like “What’s wrong with it?” You should at least show a little bit of remorse on your face too, don’t you think?!

 ”Um, well then.”

 ”Huh? Are we going to kiss too?”


 I turn my gaze towards the direction where Kanon-san is facing.

 ”Kiss! Kiss!”

 So why do you look the happiest?! When I poked it in, Useless Aqua was staring at me like an abandoned puppy. Yes, yes! Should I kiss her? I understand!!



 I had a quick chat with Kanon-san. Wow. Her lips are so soft! Ha!? It’s completely different. It felt completely different from when I kissed Ako, a female college student, as a joke, or when I kissed Ayana or Aqua. I touch my lips to feel the sensation. Huh? Is this child really a human like us? Or is she a fairy? Aqua often say that she is a goddess, but I can no longer say that he’s joking…

 ”Well then, I’m next!!”

 Aqua draws a card with a happy face.

 [Jackpot!! Master, please receive maximum service from your servants!!]

 What does ‘maximum service’ mean? Kanon-san and I exchange glances, then carefully review the contents written on the card.

 [‘Maximum service’ means that we, the servants, think of things that would make the Master happy when drawn from the card, and then collectively provide that service!]

 I see, I understand now. So that’s what it means… I turn my gaze towards Aqua.

 ”Come on, hurry up and take off your pants.”


 How troublesome. I approach Aqua and pull down his pants, along with his underwear. And with a strong force, his ferocious and wicked thing is thrown out.


 ”Oh, look, it’s properly erect.”

 I turn my gaze towards Kanon-san again and gesture for her to come over. See, this is what you wanted.

 ”No, no, Kanon is not allowed!”

 ”What’s not allowed? Even if she’s pregnant, there are things she can still do, right? Come on, use your hand.”

 I grasp Aqua’s thing and slowly start stroking up and down with my index finger and thumb, making a loop. Yes, now I have complete control. Come on, this is what you really want, right, Kanon-san?

 ”Even Kanon-san would lose confidence if she suddenly wasn’t wanted anymore, you know?”

 ”Uh, well…”

 ”Come on, say it clearly! This guy is okay with that, so you have to speak up and say what you really think.”

 Don’t worry, the four of us, me, Ako, Ayana-chan, and Kanon-san, recognize this guy. Even if we get a little selfish, he’ll forgive us, and in fact, he’ll stick his tongue out like a stupid dog when he hear Kanon-san’s selfishness.

 ”Ah…yeah. Um, even though I’m not sure if Aqua will be satisfied with just my hand, I think I can cooperate a little. I heard from Miyamochi-sensei that it’s okay as long as it’s a play where I don’t have to move my body too much, and…”

 ”Kanon… I’m sorry!”

 Aqua tightly embraces Kanon-san.

 ”Kanon, I’m sorry for making you worried. But, if it’s okay… right now, I really want to c*m. Can you help me?”

 ”Yeah! I’m sorry. Even though Aqua is concerned about my body…”

 ”No, no, that’s only natural. But more importantly, I’m sorry for not considering Kanon’s feelings. It must have been difficult to say.”

 ”Aqua… I love you!”

 Yeah, yeah. I’m glad, I’m glad. Well then, I’ll be here…

 ”Well then, can you both serve me?”

 Huh? Me too? I look at Kanon-san’s face. Well, whatever. It’s just a normal thing to help with hand jobs.

 ”Come on, c*m quickly and relieve yourself.”

 I quickly jerked Aqua’s p*nis up and down.

 ”Aqua, does it feel good?”

 Kanon-san cutely pats the acc*mulated s*men in Aqua’s testicles next to me.

 There you go. Feels good to have two beautiful girls serving you, doesn’t it?

 Aqua must be feeling good too, as his hips start to rise gradually.

 ”Kanon-san, I’ve got a good idea.”


 ”I’m going to get revenge on this guy for what happened earlier!”

 Saying so, I play with Aqua’s n**ples with the hand that’s free. Come on, Kanon-san, you should also play with the other n**ple that’s free.

 ”Is… is this okay?”

 ”Yeah, that’s it, just like that.”

 Hehe, this is getting fun. I bring my face close to Aqua’s n**ple and lick it.


 Licking n**ples isn’t just a privilege for men! Come on, Kanon-san!

 ”Oh, Kanon, too, that’s… Guh!”

 Oh, that’s good. I might actually like the expression on his face. It’s cute when he, who’s usually so cheeky, make that kind of face.

 ”Oh, I see.”

 With a brilliant idea in mind, I pause for a moment and head towards Yui-san’s room. Ah, there it is. This is it. I brought two of the milking devices this person uses, along with a spare, and hand one of them to Kanon-san.

 ”Hehe, how is it? Does my p**sy feel good?”

 ”Oh, ah, oh.”

 Come on now, be honest. If you say Kohina-senpai’s p**sy feels good, I might just let you touch it. Of course, only inside the milking device.

 ”Oh, Aqua, um, how about mine?”


 Kanon-san, as if switching places with me, uses her own data to mast***ate Aqua’s p**nis with the milking device. Huh, I wouldn’t know about that since I don’t have one, but objectively speaking, Aqua’s face looked extremely pleasured. Well… I don’t really get it, but it doesn’t seem bad.

 ”Look, which one do you prefer?”

 ”Aqua, mine feels good, right?”

 Kanon-san and I take turns playing with Aqua. Feel more, enjoy yourself.

 ”Ah, ah, ah!”

 Yes, yes, I want to make him feel good and have an orgasm.

 ”Which p**sy do you want to c*m in?”

 ”K-Kanon’s, I want to c*m inside Kanon.”

 Yes, well done. That’s the correct answer.

 ”Aqua, c*m a lot.”

 When Kanon-san sweetly services Aqua with the milking machine, Aqua easily reaches climax. Wow, such a loud sound of c*mming, how much did it acc*mulate? Come on, make sure to release regularly.

 ”Am-amazing, to c*m this much… Aqua, thank you for c*mming so much inside my p**sy.”

 Aqua nods silently and takes the milking machine I had in my hand.

 ”Wait, wait, what are you doing!?”

 Aqua continued to thrust his erect p**nis into my milking machine. Hey, hey, that’s, even though it’s just a simulation, it’s still my v**ina! Huh, ah, th-this thing, it’s swollen like a monkey, but do you understand that it’s my v**ina that you never treat like a woman?

 ”Ah, I’ll also give c*m to Kohina-senpai!”

 Aqua brought the p**nis attached to the milking machine closer to my face and, with a heated expression, stared at me while performing a long ej**ation. This guy completely turned me into his material.

 ”Huff, huff, Kohina-senpai, thank you very much.”

 Saying that, Aqua returned the used milking machine to me. Geez! Just how much c*m did you do?! This amount is enough to get pregnant with my small body in just one shot! Um, um, this is no good as it is. I need to seal it completely and store it…



 Hey, what are you doing there while I’m panicking? Seriously! Well, whatever. We’ll manage with just the two of us. Thank goodness, Kanon-san. As for me, I headed to Yui-san’s room to exchange the cartridge containing the extracted s*men, treating Kanon-san’s s*men extractor the same way.

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