Male Idol V12c55

Volume 12 Chapter 55 Natalia Rosenesta, Mother

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 All seven of us, except for Claire and Bishop Kythera, arrived at the hotel where we were staying.

 From the car window, I can see many fans crowding around the hotel. It seems like some information has leaked from somewhere. Abby-san, who was in front of me, shows a stern expression.

 Sigh… I let out a small sigh in my mind. This kind of thing would never happen in Japan, where consideration can be felt towards Beryl and Aqua-sama.

 ’Kyaaa, Aqua-sama!’

 ’Look this way!’

 ’Hug me!’

 ’Marry me!’

 ’I’m free tonight!’

 The moment Aqua-sama stepped outside, the women cheered with voices that sounded like flattery.

 Alright, alright, please don’t come any closer. Please step back.

 Unlike in Japan where fans are properly organized and keep their distance, it seems like the female in Stars here are actively pursuing even if the person is out of reach. It looks like we’re going to have a hard time.

 ”Aqua-kun, let’s keep moving. It’s dangerous to do fan interactions in a situation where crowd control is not properly managed.”

 ”I understand.”

 As Abby-san mentioned, even the followers of the Holy Aqua Religion are likely to be cautious, but this situation is indeed dangerous.

 If Aqua-sama were to interact with fans as usual in this state and the local fans were to get out of control, it could lead to a serious and potentially dangerous situation.

 Following Abby-san’s advice, Aqua-sama enters the hotel quickly without waving to anyone.

 ’We will guide you to your room promptly.’

 The staff from Beryl who arrived earlier has completed the procedures, so there’s no need to go through any formalities in the lobby.

 We take the elevator to the floor where we will be staying.

 ”This floor is reserved exclusively for Beryl, so you can rest assured. All other guests here are also staff of Beryl.”

 Upon observing the behavior of the fans below, I felt that the decision was correct.

 However, it seems that renting an entire floor of such a prestigious hotel would cost a considerable amount of money.

 ”I will discuss the current situation with the security members who have arrived earlier.”

 ”Understood. Rinon-san, please share the information with me and Abby-san later.”


 After Rinon-san got off the elevator, she approached the two security guards at the entrance.

 The responsibility for security in this trip is mainly delegated to her.

 ”Natalia-san, I would like to understand the overall situation for now. I will also investigate where the information might have leaked from.”


 Mikoto-san’s eyes sparkled.

 Judging from the way her eyes blinked rapidly, it seems like she is hacking into the surrounding network that can connect wirelessly.

 It is still hard to believe that she, who looks like a regular human even from such a close distance, is actually a high-performance server.

 After all, she looks just like a real human, even from such a close distance.


 A staff member from Beryl, who had arrived earlier, noticed our presence and called out to Abby-san.

 ”How is it? Is the unpacking finished?”

 ”Yes! The advance team, including the stylist team and security team, have completed the preparations by yesterday.”

 ”Thank you. By the way, it seems like some information has leaked from somewhere. We need to find the cause and deal with it.”

 ”Yes, you’re right. Actually, I have something to talk about regarding that…”

 Abby-san turned her gaze towards me and said, “Please go ahead.”

 I replied, “Understood,” and followed the hotel staff along with Aqua-sama, Emily-san, and Rin-san.

 ’This is Aqua-sama’s room for accommodation. We have prepared the largest room in the hotel for you.’

 ’Thank you very much.’

 I handed a tip to the person who guided us, along with my gratitude.

 ’Thank you for the guidance. We will be in your care for a while.’

 Aqua-sama greeted the chief concierge’s sister with a handshake.

 If it were other women outside, they would immediately lead him to the bedroom, but she simply bowed deeply and said, “Thank you.”

 Yes, as expected, she is the chief concierge of a luxury hotel. I feel reassured by her proper handling.

 ’And Natalia Rosenesta-sama, I will also attend tonight’s welcome party from the Rosenesta family.’

 I guess she called my mother. She acts quickly.

 I express my gratitude to the chief concierge’s sister once again.

 ”Well then, shall we go to our rooms to put away our luggage?”


 My room, Emily-san’s, Rin-san’s, Rinon-san’s, and Mikoto-san’s rooms are next to Aqua-sama’s master bedroom.

 After putting away the luggage, I inform Kanon that we have safely arrived at the hotel.

 ”Now, let’s see.”

 After sending a properly captioned email with a photo, I check the local news site.

 - Shirogane Aqua, who has landed again in the land of Stars, and the former princess Kanon were not seen.

 - The media selected at the airport as questioners, could it be biased towards Beryl? They did not touch upon the current hot topics in Stars.

 - Due to the treaty between nations, is it confirmed that the child of Kanon-sama and Aqua-san holds Stars citizenship?

 - Unlike Stars, where dual citizenship is permitted, Japan is heading in the direction of not recognizing dual citizenship.

 - Dual citizenship is allowed in Japan until the age of 20. By the age of 22, they will be forced to choose their nationality.

 - According to the Royal Household Law, if they are direct royal family members, do the children inherit the right to the throne even if their parents have renounced their royal status?

 - The Senate has been meeting daily with influential figures in politics, economy, and nobility, aiming to bring Kanon-sama’s child into the Stars royal family.

 - Kanon-sama’s plan to return to the Stars royal family has become more realistic. Is Natalia-sama, the accompanying person, the key?

 - Are there confidentiality agreements with those involved? Shirogane Aqua-san has still not announced whether the child is a boy or a girl. Is there a possibility of twins?

 - Possibility that Shirogane Aqua-san, President Atori, Prime Minister Habu, Kohina Yukari, and Chairman Fuji Ranko were not informed.

 - Shirogane Aqua, at the airport, showed a great response to the gathered media, but a cold response to the fans who crowded the hotel.

 - According to the testimony of the reporters, Shirogane Aqua-san, indeed, had a pleasant fragrance.

 Media still writes whatever they want, huh?

 The way they handled things in front of the hotel was clearly risky. If they knew about Aqua-sama’s usual behavior, not just fans but everyone would understand how kind he is!!

 Compared to that, the last article from The Saint seems somewhat better. Well, that’s the Star Emperor Sport for you. Yeah…

 Anyway, it seems like there are people intentionally spreading information through the media.

 First, we need to figure out who is on our side and who is the enemy.

 I’ll ask Emily-san and Rin-san about Aqua-sama and head to where the stylist team is.

 ”Excuse me. Can I bother you for a moment?”

 ”Yes. It’s fine. What can I help you with?”

 I’ll consult with the stylist team in the dressing room about today’s outfit for the welcome party.

 ”Then, Natalia-sama, what kind of outfit would you like?”


 I pause for a moment and then face forward.

 ”…I would like an outfit for battle.”

 The stylist team sister who heard my words smiles smugly.

 This is Stars. As a woman, I cannot gain anything by holding back.

 ”Understood. Leave it to us.”

 After that, we have a light snack for lunch and take a short break before preparing for the evening welcome party.

 During that time, Aqua-sama continues his daily training in the workout room prepared on the same floor.


 Aqua-sama’s eyes sparkle as he looks at my outfit, as well as Emily-san and Abby-san’s outfits.

 The mature Abby-san exudes a more adult charm than before by wearing a halter-neck dress made of purple velvet fabric with a modern one-length hairstyle.

 Emily-san, wearing a light blue organza material strapless dress with loosely curled hair, looks like a fairy that has come out of a picture book.

 She elegantly combines a youthful appearance with an open neckline dress to showcase her womanly charm.

 Although Emily-san seems completely oblivious, pure and innocent Aqua-sama is already falling into the honey trap. I feel a strong desire to protect him.

 As for me, I have my hair set in a chignon and I am wearing a white and blue dress with a frilly ascot tie.

 “Everyone looks great! Abby-san has this cool, capable vibe that really impresses, and Emily-san is incredibly impactful, while Natalia-san seems to be quite conscious of her hair setup, taking a lot of cues from Kanon. I was surprised.”

 We all blushed in unison when Aqua-sama praised us.

 Even the mature Abby-san looked embarrassed, so it’s no wonder Emily-san and I had rosy cheeks.

 ”Well then, shall we all head out?”


 We got into the prepared car and headed to the venue.

 I hope the welcome party ends on a pleasant note, but it seems unlikely.

 It would be nice if Emily-san, who is sitting on the opposite side of me, or to remember Kanon Kanon, who I went to greet, would show some restraint and remember their place, but I feel like there are still quite a few who will deliberately come on strong.

 After all, this isn’t Japan; it’s that Stars.

 ”I think there are many media gathered at the entrance of the building. I understand that it is unsettling, but please assume that all of our movements at Stars are being exposed.”

 As Abby-san said, many people were gathered at the venue where our welcome party was taking place.

 Not only the media, but also ordinary people were there!

 I really wonder what is happening with the security in this country.

 ’Aqua-sama, please say something!’

 ’Is your child a girl? Or perhaps a boy?’

 ’Why haven’t you released any information about your child? Please let us know!’

 ’After your child is born, will you and Kanon-sama take a maternity leave in your hometown?’

 ’It’s from The Saint! Please let me sniff you one more time just to confirm… gah!’

 We waved our hands with smiles towards the press and entered the venue.

 I don’t know what will be written if we pass by here again.

 Ah, I’m already starting to want to go back to Japan. Stars should learn from Japan’s national broadcaster and include someone like Morikawa-san, who is calm and relaxed.

 As people involved in the media, there should be nothing to gain from pursuing their own interests without considering the other party or manipulating them to capture the shots they want.

 Even if we expose the truth by wielding our self-centered sense of justice, what will be fulfilled?

 I think only by empathizing with that person can we truly understand what needs to be conveyed.

 When we entered the venue, two men noticed our presence and rushed towards us.


 ’John! It’s been a while since the Hinamatsuri!’

 ’Long time no see, Aqua.’

 ’Ah! I’m glad Chris is doing well too!’

 Aqua-sama, who reunited with John-san and Chris-san, introduced us to the two of them.

 When I saw Aqua-sama’s profile, he seemed to have a relieved expression. Perhaps he was a little nervous.

 Hehehe, seeing that Aqua-sama also has that side, I thought he was cute.

 ’Oh, it seems that another acquaintance has arrived.’

 When I turned around, I saw Charles Henderson-san.

 Compared to when I saw him on the runway before, he seemed a bit more mature.


 ”Charlie! This time, I came to Stars!”

 ”Is that cat from back then doing well?”

 ”Yeah, actually, she’s being taken care of by Yukishiro Emily-san.”

 ”N-nice to meet you. I’m Yukishiro Emily.”

 So, Aqua-san introduced me, and I greeted Charlie-san.

 Huh? At that moment, I noticed a woman standing behind him.

 ”Let me introduce you. This is today’s partner, Liselotte Einhorn.”

 ’Nice to meet you. I’m the actress Liselotte Einhorn.’

 ’Nice to meet you, I’m Shirogane Aqua from BERYL!’

 Wow, she seems quite reserved for a Stars, doesn’t she?

 I’m not really knowledgeable about dramas or movies, but is she a famous actress?

 Her carefree nature and the intense gazes from the other women around make her even more endearing.

 I wish she could stay by my side forever. There’s something about her fluffy, milky-tea-colored hair that makes me want to ruffle it like a small dog. Oh, Emily-san, what’s with that hand? It gives off a Hagetoru-san vibe, so you might want to reconsider.

 ’I watched the movie that Liselotte-san appeared in. Kohina-senpai took me there, and it was really good. Especially…’


 Aqua-sama, who knew about Liselotte-san, asks her a question.

 Liselotte-san is also a bit flustered by the enthusiastic Aqua-san. Hehe, I’m happy that Aqua-sama is having fun, but let’s lend a helping hand here.

 ”Aqua-kun, Liselotte-san looks surprised.”

 ”Ah, sorry. I just…”

 Aqua-sama shows a slightly embarrassed face. This kind of thing is cute, isn’t it?

 The girls around us quietly start to gossip as they observe our behavior.

 ’Look at that.’

 ’Lately, she’s been popular as an actress, so she’s even making a move on Charlie-sama, and even using her charm on Aqua-sama.’

 ’A woman who doesn’t know her place is no good. If we don’t teach her properly…’

 ’What should we do? Should we go too?’

 ’Of course. Even though we were amazed by the beauty of Natalia-sama and Yukishiro Emily, if that sweet potato woman can get that much attention, then we can definitely do it too.’

 Wow, it seems like some clueless people have come to disrupt Aqua-sama’s fun gathering time.

 Are you prepared to stand against our religion? As I was preparing to intervene, a person intentionally stepped in between them, breaking the awkward silence.


 Huh? Japanese?

 The tall woman who approached us with a friendly voice smiled when she saw Aqua-sama.

 ”Aqua-kun, my daughter is indebted to you. I apologize for the trouble she caused.”

 ”Daughter. I’m sorry, who are you?”

 It appears that Aqua-sama doesn’t know who she is.

 ”Oh, right. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Renata Hauyne Noselite. My daughter Lazuli caused you trouble, didn’t she? And how is my other daughter doing?”

 Lazuli-chan’s mom (okaa-san)!?

 So that means she’s Lapis-chan’s other mother?

 I didn’t recognize her at first because of her cool appearance, but she does have the same platinum blonde hair as the two of them.

 ”Nice to meet you. If it’s Lapis, she’s doing well. If you’d like, why don’t you come visit my home next time?”

 ”Oh, I see! In that case, I might come over next time. I’m also curious about Lazuli’s situation.”

 I heard that originally, they had a noble position in the Stars and were responsible for governing a colony, but now I’ve heard they’ve left the Stars to live there for trade with the Southeast Asian Union and the Republic of Africa.

 Normally, when leaving the nobility, it’s customary to have your middle name stripped, but the Noselite family, recognized for their long-time contributions, didn’t have their middle name stripped, thanks to Mary’s influence.

 ’Hmph, the non-noble Noselite family acting so high and mighty!’

 ’If it weren’t for Mary-sama’s influence, their middle name would have been stripped too!’

 ’Oh my, isn’t it sad for Natalia-sama, a noble family member who had her middle name stripped, even though she’s a noble. Hehe.’

 ’Well, there’s no helping it. Right?’

 ’Just because she’s close to Kanon-sama, that girl is also cheeky like her.’

 Oh, it seems that with Renata-san’s arrival, the focus of their attacks has shifted towards me.

 If they want to pick a fight, I am willing to engage, but I am not foolish enough to provoke them myself.

 However, when those insults are directed at Aqua-sama, the people around me, and even Kanon, be prepared.

 ’Oh my, it seems like you’re having an interesting conversation. Can I join in?’

 The faces of the group of women who were just chatting happily moments ago turn pale.

 ’Pa… Patricia-sama…’

 ’Oh? What’s this? A mere young lady from a baron’s family calling me by my name? Where are your parents? It seems like your education has been neglected, so we should have a talk.’

 Oh, of all the nobles in the Stars, it had to be the one with the shortest temper who showed up.

 ’I apologize! Patricia… Rosenesta-sama…’

 ’Oh? You know who I am, and yet you dare to pick a fight. You certainly have courage. If you want to challenge me, you are always welcome. I am always ready.’

 My mother nodded to the women and patted their shoulders before coming toward us with a smile.

 ’Natalia, long time no see.’

 ’Long time no see, dear mother.’

 Sigh… The party has just begun, but seeing mother’s face makes me tired and want to go home already.

 I wonder if Kanon is doing well. When I averted my gaze from mother, I gazed outside the window absentmindedly.

* * *

 Meanwhile, Kanon…

 ”Ah, Pegonia, wait! That’s… no, it’s not allowed… mhm”

 ”Miss, what’s not allowed? Come on… I’ll put it in for you.”

 ”Ah, ah, ah, no! If you put a long stick in such a deep place… ah, no, it’s not allowed!”

 ”Yes. I win!!”

 ”Aww! I was so close!”

 They were not engaging in shady activities… but rather, they were enjoying a famous falling object game.

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