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Volume 12 Chapter 57 Victoria, My Amazing Sister

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 I have two amazing sisters.

 One of them is Hermie, the youngest of the three. Smart Hermie skipped straight to college and was hailed as the greatest genius in our long royal family history.

 The other is Kanon, the second youngest. Mother, father, grandmother, Kythera, citizens of Stars… everyone loved her. She was always at the center of the world. When I first heard that I was going to have a little sister, I couldn’t contain my excitement for Kanon.

 But things started to change between us when a group emerged, trying to uplift Kanon, who looked just like our talented and young grandmother.

 Kanon, who is perceptive, started spending more time with our grandmother and naturally distanced herself from me and mother.

 I think I couldn’t handle being compared to my accomplished sister.

 And I couldn’t figure out how to support Kanon, who distanced herself from the family.

 ”Hey, let’s have some udon!”

 The man who saved my sister Kanon was the one boiling udon right in front of my eyes… No, it wasn’t a udon chef, it was the idol Shirogane Aqua.

 Despite being a man, he boarded the Stars and declared that even if he made enemies of the world, he would stand by Kanon. It was truly shocking at that time.

 My sister, who was loved by the world, ended up with a man loved by the world.

 It was like something out of a fairy tale, a princess and a prince…

 ”That was delicious. Thank you for the meal.”

 I thanked him for the udon and stood up.

 Normally, anyone would see this as an opportunity to get close to the next queen, but today, no one approached.

 It’s because everyone here is captivated by him.

 It brings back memories. After all, Kanon was always like this.

 Taking advantage of the guards’ infatuation with him, I slipped away from the venue and went to the courtyard to feel the night breeze.


 I heard that she’s pregnant, but I wonder if she’s doing well…

 I hope you’re not worried, but I have no right to worry about Kanon.

 ’Dear mother, what does this mean!!’

 When I learned that Kanon was forced to marry someone against her will, I questioned her dear mother.

 ’This is my decision as the queen. Victoria, you know that too, right?’

 I gritted my teeth.

 Because Mother chose to be Queen over being Kanon’s mother.

 ’However, taking Kanon hostage and restraining Pegonia is too much!!’

 ’Pegonia’s unique fighting ability is special. It’s not impossible for her, a former military officer and excellent royal dog, to escape from Stars with Kanon alone. And perhaps her… I’ve heard that Pegonia’s heart is no longer in the royal family. Pegonia should have taken a step back, but someone somewhere did something unnecessary… Well, let’s talk about that for now. Since she has pledged her absolute loyalty to Kanon, it is natural for her to be properly shackled.’

 …And so mother did the same thing to Kanon, right?’

 Mother looked at me with cold eyes.

 That was the answer.

 I suppose Mother did the same to Kanon as well. She held Pegonia hostage and forced Kanon to marry someone. She believed Kanon would obey if she did that…

 ’Victoria, please don’t hate Furia too much. You’ll understand once you become the queen.’

 Father seemed to expect Shirogane Aqua to come and help… No, he must have been manipulated by mother. But it seemed like mother didn’t care about the outcome.

 If he came to help, she could just throw Kanon out of Stars and eliminate the Kanon faction, leaving only me and Hermie as candidates for the next queen. And if he didn’t come to help, I think mother was planning to marry Kanon off to someone suitable, someone wouldn’t harm Kanon, and make Kanon the queen as she is.

 ’However… even so, I wanted mother to be not a queen, but a mother to me, Kanon, and Hermie!’


 Being constantly compared to my grandmother, under unimaginable pressure, I couldn’t blame my mother for wanting to be seen as a queen rather than a mother.

 ’Victoria-sama… why?’

 On the day of the wedding, I sent my own people to Pegonia.

 ’Pegonia… there might still be time. Take Kanon with you.’

 Pegonia was confused, unable to gauge my true intentions.

 So, I gave her a wicked smile.

 ’If Kanon disappears, I will be the next queen. So, I wonder if that bothersome sister of mine will hurry up and leave.’

 This should do.

 I made sure to hint at the possibility of a coup or assassination if Kanon were to become queen.

 ’Victoria-sama… Regardless of the motive, I appreciate you letting me out of here.’

 It’s sweet of her, resembling Kanon, to show gratitude for letting her out, even though I said things that hurt her master.

 In the end, he came and made a mess of everything, and the princess was safely taken by the prince. Since then, I haven’t spoken to Kanon.

 I’ve only received a formal email when she got pregnant.

 And that’s fine. She’s already happy.

 ”No, it’s no good…”

 Seeing his face reminded me of Kanon, and I unexpectedly became sentimental.

 *Sigh*… The guards must have noticed my absence and are probably getting anxious. Shall we return to the venue soon?

 Just as I was about to return to the venue, someone jumped out of the bushes.

 I suspected they might be a spy, so I quickly prepared myself.

 ”Phew… I feel so much better now. Those h*rny girls were hogging the toilet and I was about to leak.”

 Huh? L-Leak!? What did she just say!?

 I stood there, dumbfounded, as Yukishiro Emily emerged with grass stuck to her head and dress.


 Yukishiro Emily noticed me and our eyes met.

 ”Oh no!”

 She turned her gaze away from me so obviously, sweat dripping down her forehead.

 ”Maybe she didn’t understand… No, Victoria-san doesn’t speak Japanese, so I’m probably safe!”

 ”There’s no way you’re safe!”

 I definitely heard her clearly say ‘feel so much better’ or ‘leak’!

 ”Oh, um, you understand Japanese or can you speak it?”

 ”I, I…”

 I covered my mouth with both hands and averted my gaze from Yukishiro Emily.

 I didn’t want her to find out that I had studied Japanese, especially for the day I might meet my sisters. And especially not someone from the Yukishiro family who is considered Kanon’s best friend.


 Don’t stare at me like that, even to the point of making that sound!


 I mean, we’re too close!

 Just because you’re a former Japanese aristocrat doesn’t mean we have to be this close!


 Hey, our breasts are already touching!

 Just so you know, it’s pointless to compare our sizes! So stop doing something so unnecessary!!

 Oh, and move back a bit. Geez! What if the guys see two big things like us bumping into each other? Even if he’s your boyfriend, he might faint and collapse, you know?

 ”Victoria-san looks like Kanon, doesn’t she?”

 ”What!? Kanon is definitely cuter than me… Ah”

 I accidentally responded in Japanese. Ugh! Geez! What’s with this person!?

 She has such a beautiful face, exuding an aura of elegance more than anyone else in this venue, including me and Natalia. But she acts so foolishly, like a wild animal in a prestigious garden… ughhh!

 Feeling embarrassed, I cover my head and crouch down.

 Kanon, you know…I hope it’s a lie that this girl is your best friend…right?

 ”Guhehe…! Big sister, you’re great… Aqua-sama and Natalia-san are always around, so I’ve been on edge. But thanks to you… I feel relieved and remember Kanon.”

 Why is it that if she stay quiet, she look like a goddess, but this is herr true nature?

 Could it be that my sister is being deceived and becoming friends with her?

 Ah, suddenly I’m worried about Kanon.

 Kirika Kotono seems fine, but that girl Morikawa Kaede seems just as dangerous, and that girl Kohina Yukari who is by his side also seems pretty dangerous. Could it be that my sister’s circle of friends consists only of dangerous people…


 ”Ah… yeah.”

 We exchanged contact information… Why did it end up like this?

 It’s because she casually took out her smartphone from her pocket, and without thinking, I just went along with it!

 ”Oh, this is the picture of Kanon she sent me yesterday!”

 ”Wow, it’s Kanon wearing her school uniform!”

 I think this is a photo from the closing ceremony. Otomezaki’s uniform also suits her very well.

 Ah, this is Hermie, and I heard she lives with Her Highness Finus, and she seems to be doing well.

 I’m so glad… My heart melts when I see the photo of my two younger sisters looking healthy.

 ”Oh no!”

 ”Wait? This photo is no good!”

 Hey, why are you taking a bath naked with Kanon? Moreover, you’re grabbing Kanon’s breasts and massaging them! This is definitely OUT, and you’re sentenced to the guillotine for a serious crime! Can someone please call the Sanson family right away?

 Gunnu, I’ve never even taken a bath with Kanon, you know! And, is that what you call a mount in your country? I’ll buy any fight that’s sold to me!

 ”While taking a naughty photo of Kanon to send to Aqua-sama, I thought I would also let Aqua-sama see my naughty side, pretending it was just a coincidence…”

 ”Can you please not involve my sister Kanon in your questionable behavior?”

 ”No way. She’s actually pretty into it…”

 ”What!? My sister Kanon would never do anything like that!”

 I was going to say, “You’ll understand once you see it.” but I stopped myself.

 Because right in front of me was someone whose true nature I couldn’t grasp just by appearance.

 You know, it’s probably better for you to stay quiet. I don’t really dislike you, but I think a lot of people are being deceived by your looks.

 ”I wonder if you’ve been up to something strange with Hermie too?”

 ”Haa-chan, has she been reading dirty books…? Uh, it seems she hasn’t done anything like that.”

 Are you lying? I’m sure I heard the word “dirty book” just now.

 You know, I actually have really good hearing. Because there were always rumors circulating in the royal palace.

 ”…I-I wonder if my sisters are happy?”

 I thought about asking this woman, but I couldn’t give up.

 After all, I’m more worried about my two younger sisters, and they’re important to me.

 ”If you’re that interested, why don’t you come visit?”


 I can’t go there that easily, and I can’t do that in the first place, so I’m asking you!?

 Please understand. You idiot!!

 ”I’m sure they’ll love it!”

 Ah, I see. This woman is an unfortunate woman.

 If you think about it normally, you’ll understand. I ended up kicking Kanon out of this country!

 If I had been good, Kanon and Hermie would never have left their countries of birth…!

 I looked down and felt like crying, so I tried my best to hold back and glared at Yukishiro Emily in front of me.

 ”That can’t happen!!”

 I can’t help but raise my voice.

 Startled, I hurriedly tried to formulate an apology.


 ”Big sister, they’re not that kind of person.”

 Yukishiro Emily gives a gentle smile like a saint.

 It’s hard to believe that just a moment ago she was picking flowers in a prestigious garden.

 ”You know more than me, right?”

 What’s up with this guy? Seriously. It’s driving me crazy.

 ”…But it seems you’re troubled because you don’t have that opportunity.”

 Oh no, I said too much.

 I didn’t intend to tell anyone the truth, but when I talk to this girl, my true feelings naturally spill out.

 ”I see… I’ve heard your story!”


 When I turn to the voice in surprise, Shirogane Aqua is standing there, leaning against the wall.

 Seriously… He’s such a picturesque guy that it makes me angry.

 ”Aqua-sama, why are you here?”

 ”I felt the collision of two big things at my ‘breast counter.’ No, it’s nothing.”

 No way, no way, no way! You’re trying to act all cool and composed, but I can hear everything, you know!

 What’s with the ‘breastcounter’ thing? Wait, so when I was eating udon earlier, you were really looking at my chest? It wasn’t just my imagination!?

 Yukishiro Emily silently approaches me and whispers in my ear.

 ”Aqua-sama likes women with big chests.”

 ”Huh!? I-Is that really…?”

 Just as I was about to say that, I remembered the dumb event called the ‘breast liberation declaration’ that happened in Japan. I thought it was done to cheer up women around the world, but was I wrong?

 Huh? Both me and Yukishiro Emily here have pretty big chests, right? Huh? Are people really into these chunks of flesh? It’s just fat, you know?

 ”Oh, um!”

 What, what’s going on now?

 I follow his gaze and see that Yukishiro Emily’s chest is pressing against mine so much that it’s getting squished.

 Huh? Are you happy about this kind of thing? It’s c-Cute… no, no way! You’re just trying to act cool because you have a good-looking face, but deep down, you’re in the same league as Yukishiro Emily who’s sitting here next to me! I’m sure of it!!

 As I give Shirogane Aqua a suspicious look, he notices and clears his throat, then puts on a composed face. Oh, you definitely just tried to act all cool, didn’t you?

 ”Um, well, just leave it to me, okay?”

 Saying that, he smiled at us with a lovely smile like when he’s doing his idol work.

 Um, I wonder if that’s really true. Normally, I would have refused such a thing, but on this day, maybe because of Yukishiro Emily, I found myself nodding in agreement to his suggestion.

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