Male Idol V12c64

Volume 12 Chapter 64 Kohina Yukari, Don’t Mess Around!!

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai



 ”Hey, why is it my picture?!”

 I understand how Kanon-san feels, but calm down. It can affect the baby in your belly, you know.



 ”Wait! When did you take this?!”

 Ayana-chan, calm down. Any more table-pounding and your hands will hurt!!



 ”Huh?! Why is mine mixed in?!”

 And on top of that, this is not my normal waking up photo!!



 ”Wait a minute, why me?!”

 The fans in the audience are all standing up at Toa-chan’s photo. And seriously, why are the staff leaning forward too!!

 ”Um… so, out of the four images displayed on the monitor, which outfit does Aqua like? Apparently, he was quite indecisive. Yeah…”

 Why waste time worrying about such a problem, that stupid person!!

 I’ll quickly choose an answer to finish this.

 ”Hmm! Well then, since it seems like everyone has finished choosing, I want to display the answer.”

 Our answers are simultaneously displayed on the big monitor.

 [Nekoyama Toa: A/ Because he really like Kanon-san]

 [Mayuzumi Shintaro: C/ Because Aqua’s favorite belly button is visible]

 [Tenga Akira: D/ I believe in my comrades!!]

 [Shirogane Kanon: C/ I was torn between B and C, but this one has more exposed skin!]

 [Tsukimachi Ayana: A/ Isn’t it just Kanon-san as usual?]

 [Kohina Yukari: B/ If it’s not Ayana-chan, I’ll blow him away!!]

 Hey! What’s up with this vibe? Seriously! Ayana-chan, Kanon-san, and Toa-chan, you gotta have more confidence in yourselves, you know?

 ”To be honest, I don’t really want to argue, so let’s move on to checking the answers.”

 As Toa-chan speaks, the monitor screen switches.

 ’Favorite outfit? Hmm… that’s a tough one. First of all, let me say that they’re all good. But choosing one from here is difficult, you know. I can’t lie when it comes to breasts!! So I can’t choose between A and C!! I really want to say A, but this is about clothes, not people, right? So thinking that way… I choose outfit D!! And look closely. When you see this loose-fitting hoodie, don’t you think, just maybe, there might be breasts? I’m betting on that possibility!!’

 ”No way! Boys don’t have breasts, you know!! Well, they do have them, but it’s different from what girls have!!”

 Toa-chan, nice tsukkomi.

 Everyone, including me, nods in agreement.

 Seriously, why does he always speak his mind so openly and say whatever he thinks!

 He should consider things a bit more, you know!!

 ”So, the correct answer is only Tenga-senpai. Congratulations, Tenga-senpai!”


 ”Well then, let’s move on to the next question.”

 Toa-chan quickly moves on to the next question and changes the screen on the monitor.

 Sounds good!

 [Here’s the question. Which of the following actions did Shirogane Aqua-san take next? Please answer quickly!]

 Aqua’s video is displayed on the monitor. Is this footage from a live performance, I wonder?

 The next moment, I hear a doorbell sound next to me.

 ”Yes! The answer is that he leans on Mayuzumi-kun’s shoulder!! By the way, this is at the Halloween concert!!”

 Wow!? Wait a minute, is Kanon-san okay? The live video has only been playing for a moment…

 [That’s correct…]

 No way…

 Not only the person who asked the question, but even the audience and staff are shocked. Are you okay?

 From here, it was Kanon-san’s show.

 Just by a momentary video, she’s getting 10 points in a row.

 Impossible! Impossible! It’s like trying to win against Kotono or Akocchi, but for us, it’s way beyond our league.

 ”Um, let’s stop the quick response here… Is the next question the last one?”

 Toa-chan’s words elicit “Um” from the audience.

 I joined in with boos and jeers too.

 I mean, how are we supposed to make a comeback with just one more question!!

 ”From here on, separate questions have been prepared for each participant. Everyone, please come to the center of the stage and answer the questions one by one. Furthermore, 100 points will be added to the correct answers!!”

 ”Alright! The chance for a comeback is here!”

 All the people answering the questions, including me, stood up and clapped their hands.

 ”And to guide all of our contestants to the correct answers, we’ve arranged for a few powerful assistants to come help from the show! Oh, and it seems the assistants will be chosen by drawing lots.”

 Hmm, I wonder what kind of silly assistants might show up?

 I gave a challenging look to the relaxed and smiling show producer.

 ”Well then, first of all… should I go first to show an example?”

 Toa-chan stepped forward and pulled a string to draw a lot from the box.

 Ah, I see, the lot has a single-ear earphone attached to it.

 ”Um, it looks like I’ve drawn this person here.”

 Toa-chan put the earphone on.

 ”Hello? This is Nekoyama Toa. Um… nice to meet you, I guess?”

 ’Hello? It’s not nice to meet you. Toa-chan, let’s do our best together!’

 ”Oh, Kotono-nee-chan!”

 Manager Kotono’s voice made the audience excited.

 Hey, Toa-chan, didn’t you hit the jackpot from the beginning?

 ”Oh, seriously. If my turn comes and I get a lousy one, you know I’ll be in trouble,” I thought, putting pressure on the producer.

 ”Alright, Kotono-nee-chan, can you handle showing the question?”

 ’Yes, leave it to me!’

 Toa-chan took a moment and then gestured towards the big monitor.

 ”Now, here’s the first question!!”

 [In the last match of the CreamRAW Cup, in the final round, when Hoshimiya Shiro defeated Oumi Tama 1VS1, the weapon used to defeat Oumi Tama was a sniper rifle, but what was the other weapon? It was a submachine gun. Now, for the final question, what weapon did Shirogane Aqua deal the least damage, including the pre-match scrim? Please choose from the following options: A, Mozapi, B, P202, C, Elstar, D, Craber.]

 ”Huh!? Right from the start, they throw in a tricky question.

 Like, does anyone even get this?

 Even I have no idea what weapon that guy had!

 ”Whaaaaaat!? Hold on, isn’t this question way too hard?”

 ’I mean, if they asked about the weapon he used in all the matches, or the one that caused a lot of damage, I could understand. But this…’

 Huh? You seriously remember the weapons they used and stuff? No way! I can’t even remember a bit of that.

 And here’s Kanon-san next to me, frustrated about this crappy question. Hold on, does she actually understand this too? That’s gotta be a lie…

 ”Isn’t the Craber not eliminated by process of elimination? I play with Aqua, and he uses it quite a bit.”

 ’Yeah, and I think P0202 used R66 until they got their hands on it.’

 ”So, is it Mozapi or maybe Elstar?”

 ’If it’s between those two, then probably Elstar. It was really strong with the shotgun, and even though he ditched Mozapi halfway, he was using it until then.’

 ”Okay, then I’ll go with Elstar.”


 Toa-chan, with a sense of determination, stepped onto the center of the stage.

 ”The correct answer is C! It’s Elstar!!”

 [Boo! Wrong answer!! The correct answer was D, Craber! Elstar was actually used in a pre-match scrim once, influenced by Sayamu Inko-san. It resulted in winning the champion and dealing over 1000 damage. On the other hand, Craber was given to Euris, so it was only used once. By the way, the damage at that time was also 0. Unfortunately, 0 points!!]

 Looking up at the sky, Toa-chan exclaimed, “There’s no way I could have known that!”

 The staff did a good job. It ended cutely because it was Toa-chan, but if it were me, I would have confronted the producer picking their nose off the stage.

 ”Sorry, Kotono-oneechan.”

 ’No, I’m sorry for not being able to help.’

 With a dejected expression, Toa-chan hung up the phone and clasped his hands towards the audience.

 He’s truly a good kid. If this were a regular guy, they’d be throwing things and heading back to the dressing room.

 ”So, who should we pick next? How about Kanon-san?”

 ”OK! I’m definitely going to pick a winning lottery ticket this time!!”

 Kanon-san eagerly pulls the lottery.

 Am I the only one who has a bad feeling about this from this point on?

 ”Hello? This is Shirogane Kanon. Are you a new person?”

 ’Huff, huff… What color are your panties today? Guhehe…’

 ”Hey! Emily-senpai!?”

 Kanon-san briefly shows a flustered expression, then quickly regains composure to cover for Emily-chan.

 ”Geez, Emily-senpai, please stop with the harsh jokes.”

 ’Ahaha… Sorry. Just slipped out…’

 I wonder if Emily-chan, like Aqua, is as stupid?

 Aqua’s fans are all absent-minded, so it should be fine, but normally, someone would figure out that Emily-chan is actually RamenHagetoru after what just happened.

 ”Emily-senpai, are you ready?”

 ’Of course! I want you to be as determined as if you were on a sinking ship.’

 ”It’s not a sinking ship, it’s a big ship. I’m starting to feel anxious…”

 Kanon-san… Unfortunately, that backup you were counting on is definitely out.

 You’ll have to rely on your own guts and give it your all.

 [The first dish Aqua-san made after getting rice]

 ”Omurice! The first character he had written was ‘from now on, let’s get along’, with a heart!”

 Hey, Kanon-san, you’re fast!!

 Everyone else, besides me, is giving a wry smile when they see that.

 [But, from the time he got married until today, the dish that he made the most was]

 ”Kids’ Lunch, 16 times!! Omurice was made 12 times, udon 8 times. As for the dessert served with the Kids’ Lunch 16 times, jelly was served 4 times, apples 5 times, mandarins 3 times, and kiwi and bananas 2 times!!”

 So, why do you answer with such an appetite!?

 And, counting all of that is just insane.

 It would have been better to just laugh it off like earlier, but even the audience is shocked and disgusted by this person!

 [That’s right. Well then, here’s a question for Shirogane Kanon-san. What is the picture that Shirogane Aqua-san drew on the flag for the children’s lunch? Please choose from the following four options: A, Heaven’s Sword, B, Shirogane Kanon, C, Stars Mark, D, Great Kaiju Yukari Gon.]

 Huh!? Who came up with this question?

 You can’t possibly figure this out by just thinking normally!!

 I’m sending some serious vibes to the producer who thought this was a good idea.

 ”In the current trend, I think it’s probably Great Kaiju Yukari-gon.”

 ’But, isn’t the one drew before different from Great Kaiju Yukari-gon?’

 ”Yeah! Just like before, I feel like it’s not the Stars mark that Aqua drew behind the autograph at the summer Comic Market.”

 ’If that’s the case, then it’s probably Kanon through process of elimination… I see, Kanon… he grew horns while he was at Stars.’


 Emily-chan’s conclusion elicited laughter from the audience.

 ’Nah, I mean, if she’s got horns, maybe it’s the potential for something like Nee-san or Announcer Onidzuka.’

 ”Emily-senpai? Even if you’re killed later, I won’t know anything about it.”

 Seriously, why does Emily-chan go for it like that?

 Even I wouldn’t touch those two. They’re just plain scary.

 ’J-just kidding. Haha…hahaha…’

 ”And if he’s got horns, wouldn’t it be Heaven’s Sword after all? It’s a different design from the Stars mark and Great Kaiju Yukari-gon he drew about before, and it looks like it’s lifting its leg here, plus the motion seems like a Driver Kick, so I think it’s almost certain that it’s Heaven’s Sword.”

 Hmm, yeah, logically speaking, that seems the most likely.

 But, somehow, I feel like it’s different. Maybe those horn-like things are not horns but dorsal fins, and I feel like the correct answer might be Great Kaiju Yukari-gon.

 ’Kanon… be quiet and admit that you’ve grown horns on your head.’

 ”Emily-senpai, can I get really mad at you once?”

 ’Sorry… well, if I had to give a serious answer, I’d say it’s D, I guess.’

 Oh! You’re on the right track!

 I also think it’s D. It looks like a Driver Kick with the leg swinging up, but actually, I think the line for stomping on the ground is high.

 ’Kanon judged it as horns, but I feel like it’s a fin.’

 ”Well, umm, now that you mention it, yeah, I kinda feel that way too, but wasn’t Yukari-gon that he drew about before different?”

 ’True… so well, I guess it’s just a regular Heaven’s Sword, right?’

 ”Okay then, let’s go with that.”

 Oh dear, is it really alright? I thought she should trust Emily-san’s intuition, but Kanon-san ultimately believed in her own answer.

 Kanon-san steps forward and announces her answer with an excited expression.

 ”A’s Heaven’s Sword!”

 [Boo! The correct answer was D’s Great Kaiju Yukari-gon. By the way, what’s different from the Great Kaiju Yukari-gon he showed before is that, according to experts, people with a unique sense of drawing tend to add or change things on their own inspiration, so it’s better not to refer to the previous state. That’s what they say.]

 Oh, it looks like Kanon-san almost collapsed from her knees.

 Kanon-san… That’s too bad.

 Emily-chan could have been a capable helper if she hadn’t hesitated at the end and changed her answer, but it turns out she’s incompetent after all…

 Well, I had a feeling like that anyway!


 ’No, Emily-senpai actually got pretty close, it’s my mistake. Thanks.’

 As Kanon-san returns to her seat, Toa-chan looks over at us.

 ”Well, too bad! That’s a shame. Well then, should we ask Tenga-senpai for help from the guys next time?”

 ”Yes! Leave it to me!!”

 Tenga-kun strides forward as if cutting through the wind and stylishly draws a lottery.

 Who will be the next ally? Tenga-kun puts on his earphones.

 ”It’s Tenga Akira. Nice to meet you.”

 ’…Senpai, you really managed to pick me out.’


 Ignoring the murmuring audience, Kanon-san and I involuntarily stand up.

 ”Hey! It’s totally unfair for the actual person to be the ally!!”

 ”Yeah, that’s right!”

 I puff out my cheeks and boo loudly, feeling like the best boo-er of the day.

 ”Sorry. It’s also part of the rules.”

 Toa-chan apologizes with a remorseful look and clasps his hands together.

 Oh well. Toa-chan isn’t at fault, the real culprit is that producer over there, cracking her neck.

 ”Ugh, fine, I get it.”

 I exchange glances with Kanon-san and reluctantly take my seat.

 Come to think of it, it’s not like Useless Aqua was guaranteed to win.

 Besides, this guy doesn’t seem to understand himself, and he might actually be the worst ally.

 Yeah, yeah, that’s definitely it. It must be like that for sure!!

 ”Hey, junior… listen up. Can you handle it?”

 ’Of course! Senpai… who do you think I am?’

 ”Yeah! That’s what I expect from my junior! Let’s go!”


 The fans in the audience are all screaming and cheering, but it’s because you guys keep spoiling them that they become idiots! Useless Aqua and Tenga-kun, they’re definitely just talking without thinking at all.

 [It’s a question for Tenga Akira-san! In the Heaven’s Sword, Kamishiro Hajime is staying at a coffee shop called Minami Cafe. Which of the following magazines, Kenzaki Souji, who came to inquire there, has never read? A, AnnAnn Summer Play Special Edition. It’s summer! Swimsuits! Introducing this year’s must-have swimsuits in a gravure! B, National Medical Directory. Introducing female doctors from all over the country with photo profiles. C, Training BOOK 2022. Famous instructors and top athletes explain the latest training methods with photos. D, Beautiful Girl Contest 2022. It features photos, profiles, and social media accounts of female junior high and high school students selected as representatives from all 47 prefectures.”

 Hey! That guy, with the super serious face, was reading that book!?

 No way…


 Oh, Kanon-san next to me suddenly slammed on the desk with both hands.

 Yeah, yeah, I get how you feel… wait, huh? You’re upset because you know the answer? Seriously!?

 ’Tenga-senpai… I’ve read all of this before.’

 ”What… really?”

 ’I have the same book at home.’

 Hahaha! What a stupid! There’s an idiot here!!

 I laugh so hard that I hold my stomach. Anyway, it’s probably just for some perverted reason, because it’s that guy!

 I don’t know where he’s feeling all that excitement, but I have a feeling.

 ”What!? Junior, i-is that true!?”

 ’Yes. Especially in the swimsuit special edition, I… um, really studied Ayana and Kohina-senpai’s pages until they had… not stains, but wrinkles.’

 What!? Hold on a second. You!!

 If you say something like that, do you even know what’s going to happen next?


 Hey, look!

 Ayana was so embarrassed that her face turned red and she fell down!

 You have to take responsibility for this!

 How much are you trying to insult Ayana-chan??

 ’Maybe, but I feel like I read the training book and the national encyclopedia of famous doctors in Heaven’s Sword.’


 ’That’s right. The covers of both of them looked serious, so I thought I could fool them.’

 What do you mean, “Can you deceive me?” You are really stupid!?

 As soon as you say that on a live broadcast to people across the country, everything will be revealed. I wonder if they realize that they can’t cut it later…

 ’Then it’s either A or D, but I thought A would still be a cover-up by saying it’s a summer fun feature. So this is D. The title is too obvious, and I don’t think I read it!!’

 ”Junior… I can trust you, right?”

 ’Tenga-senpai… please believe in me! Just as Akira Tenga believed in me, Aqua Shirogane should also believe in me!!’


 The silly girls in the audience burst into loud cheers after hearing the exchange between the two.

 ”A-qu-a! A-qu-a!”


 ”A-qu-a! A-qu-a!”


 Nani kore? Some kind of comedy act?

 This idiots are just obsessed with perverted things, but come on, they’re way too easily fooled by his looks and vibe!!

 ”Tenga-senpai… is that Tenga-senpai’s final answer?”

 ”Yes! The answer is D, the 2022 Beauty Contest!!”

 [Boo! Wrong answer! The correct answer was A. He was actually trying to grab AnnAnn’s swimsuit edition, but just before that, he saw the words “Tsukimachi Ayana, Kohina Yukari” and switched to D, which was next to it. Director Hongou witnessed it. By the way, according to Director Hongou, during the lunch break afterward, he secretly stared at the two models’ swimsuit gravure photos in the dressing room!!]

 Wow, I knew it! Aqua turned out to be a dud after all.

 It’s a relief to have a reliable klutz.

 ’Senpai…I’m sorry I couldn’t be of any help!’

 ”Don’t worry, junior! Leave the rest to me!!”

 ’Senpai! You’re so cool!!’


 The silly girls in the audience are clapping and making a fuss.

 Phew, that’s a relief. Seriously, I’m really glad his fans are silly from the bottom of my heart.

 Hey, you know, they said this was the last question, but no one noticed, right?

 How are Tenga-kun and Useless Aqua going to make a comeback now that the final question is over? It’s impossible if you think about it normally, right? Huh? Could it be that I’m the one who’s wrong? I found myself doubting whether I was the one who was strange.

 ”Tenga-senpai, and Aqua, thanks for your hard work.”


 ”Well then, next up are the girls…Tsukimachi-san still seems to have a hard time coming back, so can Kohina-senpai go first?”

 ”Of course! Leave it to me!!”

 As I swayed from side to side, making my way to the center of the stage, I pulled a lottery ticket and put on earphones.

 ”Hello? I don’t know who this is, but if it’s not a winner, I’ll be really disappointed!”

 ’Haha, I don’t know if it’s a winner or not, but I really don’t want to be disappointed.’

 The moment I heard the voice, I raised my dinosaur mascot’s claw towards the sky… I mean, I raised my fist.

 ”Yesss! I got a winner!!”

 The assistant I pulled turned out to be Akocchi.

 Yay! This is going to help me win!!

 I raised both hands and bounced from left to right like I was doing a little dance.

 ”Akocchi…one thing. Can you do it?”

 ’Hehe, of course. Yukari, who do you think I am, Beryl’s president?’

 ”Hmph! That’s why you’re my best friend! Let’s go!”


 The crowd cheered as they witnessed the exchange between me and Akocchi, which recreated the AquaTenga duo.

 It’s no wonder she’s the president. She really understands what I want to do.

 [Seriously, which present did Shirogane Aqua-san buy for Kohina Yukari-san during this Stars trip? A) Ethnic costume, Dirndl B) Stuffed toy of a monster from a Highland region legend C) Bright red shoes and costume for Flamenco D) Mysterious mask purchased in Tunisia.]

 ”What!? Are you kidding me!? Hey, whoever came up with this question, come out right now!”

 There’s no way anyone can figure this out normally!

 And besides, he definitely bought all of these!

 ”Akocchi, do you know?”

 ’Ugh… But I think it’s one of the costumes.’

 ”And what do you think?”

 ’Thinking logically, it’s weird to have two costumes. The stuffed toy of Great Kaiju seems too obvious, and the mask might seem like it, but it could actually be a souvenir for Morikawa-san or Ayana-chan… I still think it’s weird to have two costumes.’

 Yeah, I see.

 It does seem strange to have two costume slots.

 ”Then, how about Flamenco?”

 ’Why do you think so?’

 ”I just feel like Dirndl is something he bought for Kanon and Ayana. After all, it seems more suitable for younger girls, right?”

 ’Yeah, you’re right…’

 Also, I feel like he bought them for Natalia-san, Emily-chan, and even Victoria-sama who’s here now. Just a hunch. So, it shouldn’t be me. Yeah, that’s right. It must be like that for sure.

 ”Akocchi… can I trust you?”

 ’Yukari… trust me! Trust the me that Kohina Yukari believed in, trust the president of Beryl Entertainment!!’

 ”Got it!!”

 I raise both hands and rouse the audience.

 ”Ko-hi-na! Ko-hi-na!”


 ”Ko-gu-ma! Ko-gu-ma!”


 Hey, you there!! You called me “Koguma” instead of “Kohina,” didn’t you?

 Hmph, I know you did!

 When I said that, laughter leaked from the audience.

 ”Akocchi and I chose C’s flamenco costume and shoes!!”

 [Yes, too bad! The correct answers were A… and B and D!]


 Why are there three correct answers!!

 [Just like hiding a tree in the forest, by deliberately making three correct answers and leading to one incorrect answer, it was actually leading to the wrong answer. By the way, he hasn’t bought the flamenco outfit yet, but he plans to buy it later.]

 ”Don’t mess with me!”

 When I tried to confront the producer as I went down the stage, Akocchi came out from the wings and stopped me with all her might.

 ”Hey, just let me hit her once!”

 ”Yukari, you can’t! It’s a live broadcast. After the show, you can hit her four or five times if you want.”

 ”Huh, can I really hit her?”

 I became calm in reverse and had a puzzled look on my face.

 Laughter leaked from the audience when they saw it.

 [And not just Kohina Yukari-san, he also bought the Dirndl clothes for president Atori, so look forward to Shirogane Aqua-san’s return!!]

 ”Huh!? Mine too!?”

 Akocchi had a surprised look on her face.

 Oh no, this is not good.

 I asked Ayana-chan for help and pushed frozen Akocchi back to the wings of the stage.

 ”Well… that was unfortunate, huh? Yeah. Then, let’s have Shintaro go next. I want him to hit the mark here.”

 ”Got it.”

 Mayuzumi-kun steps forward, draws a lottery, and puts on earphones.

 ”Hello, this is Mayuzumi Shintaro from BERYL. Nice to meet you?” ‘Hehehe! Mayuzumi-kun, thank you for picking me!!’

 The audience erupted with excitement at the familiar voice.

 In the next moment, Toa-chan rang a bell in his hand.

 ”Congratulations, Shintaro!!”


 Not only Mayuzumi-kun, but everyone in the audience, including me, was confused.

 ”This is Sayamu Inko-san, a Vtuber from Holosplay who is an expert in Shirogane Aqua strategy, which is the biggest jackpot in the lottery, and is known in the community as the Queen of Choices, the expert in conquering otome games, and the pioneer of Holospray! Let’s give her a round of applause, everyone!”

 With Toa-chan’s introduction, the audience responded with laughter instead of applause.

 ’Why only me? Why is the reaction so different for me? Cut it out!’

 Laughter leaked from the audience as they heard the sound of drum rolls coming from the speakers.

 Hey, I’ve always wanted to ask, but doesn’t this girl belong to the wrong agency? I mean, Holospray is the Vtuber agency known for having elegant beauties and cute girls, right? Is it a comedy agency? I remember reading online that Inko-senpai was lowering the agency’s reputation on her own.

 ’So, Mayuzumi-kun, just pretend you’re on a leaky boat, okay!!’


 ’Mayuzumi-kun, that’s a no-no! If it’s Aqua-kun, Inko-san would be a big ship…I mean, she’s repeating the same joke as earlier!! And Aqua-kun would instantly respond with a comeback!!’

 ”I-I’m sorry. Um, why is that?”

 ’Yeah! It’s starting to feel good~!’

 Since Inko-chan’s story seemed like it was going to be long, Toa-chan jumped in midway and forcefully stopped the conversation.

 I’m starting to feel sorry for Mayuzumi-kun, who lost the helper.

 [It’s a question for Mayuzumi Shintaro-san and Sayamu Inko-san! When Shirogane Kanon-san and Shirogane Aqua-san spent their first night together, which of the following words did Shirogane Kanon-san say? A, You know, you can touch my body too. B, I said it before, but if you don’t tell me what you want, I won’t know, should I remind you again? C, Don’t look away from the real me. D, I am a dog from today!]”

 ’Yes, it’s outtttt!’

 I also stood up and did the out call with Inko-chan.

 When I looked down at the seat next to me, Kanon-san, who was blushing all the way to her ears, was completely collapsed.

 ’Hey, this, hey… this is too much! You’re pushing it too far!!’

 [It was actually the producer’s suggestion, but we got permission from the person himself.]

 ’No way!?’

 I gently rubbed Kanon-san’s back.

 It’s okay, after the show, the producer, who was picking her ears over there, and I will take care of it after Useless Aqua returns home.


 ’Mayuzumi-kun, that’s Inko-san’s spot!’

 ”Um, um, Inko-san. Do you know which one? I have no idea at all…”

 ’Yeah, I don’t think it’s D if you think about it normally. It seems like any of the others could work.’

 Yeah, it’s not D. Because that’s the word that he and I said when we played the master and servant game with Kanon-san.

 ’Kanon and Aqua seem to like either B or C, right?’

 ”I see…”

 ’Mayuzumi, it’s okay. Trust your instincts! It’s me saying it, so there’s no mistake!!’

 ”Got it! If Inko says so, then I’ll choose… B!”


 As soon as Mayuzumi raised his glasses, the fans in the audience let out cheers that were almost like screams.

 ”Shintaro, can I ask for the reason behind that?”

 ’…I don’t know, but I feel like Aqua would talk a lot even in such situations.’

 Hahaha! I kinda get that!

 As Mayuzumi explained the reason, laughter could be heard from all around.

 Huh? Could it be that Mayuzumi is the funniest in BERYL…?

 ”Haha, that seems likely. Well then, Shintaro, can you call for the final answer?”

 ”Yes! I choose B.”

 Mayuzumi-kun looks towards the front camera and says,

 ”I said it before, but if you don’t tell me what you want, I won’t know, should I remind you again?”

 Well, the lines are a bit different, but it’s alright! Useless Aqua has told me a few times, but Mayuzumi-kun might actually suit this kind of character role. That’s what I felt.



 ”Ah, ah, ah”

 Several kids sitting in the audience fall down with a thud.

 Seriously, BERYL’s fans never grow up, do they? You should somehow reset their resistance value to zero each time.

 [Too bad! The last one was good, but the correct answer is A, “You know, you can touch my body too.” By the way, the answer B that Mayuzumi-kun picked is for Manager Kirika Kotono, and C is for Hakuryuu Aiko-sensei. Thank you for your cooperation, Shirogane Aqua-san!]

 Wow, that producer is finished.

 The producer who was cornered in seconds by Manager Kotono was dragged into the darkness.

 ’Sorry, Mayuzumi-kun. I’m not much help here.’

 ”No, I think I would have messed up anyway. Thank you, Inko-san.”

 Mayuzumi-kun’s kind words created a warm atmosphere in the venue.

 Then, Toa-chan appeared in the center of the stage as if replacing Mayuzumi-kun.

 ”Now, the next contestant is the last one. I hope you can get it right this time, Tsukimachi-san, good luck!!”

 From the audience, cheers of “go for it!” flew to support Ayana-chan.

 Toa-chan spread out one hand and turned towards a large monitor.

 ”Now, before the final draw, I’d like to introduce the remaining assistant. Please take a look over here!”

 When I turn my eyes to the large monitor, I will see the photos of the faces of the remaining helpers.

 -Shirogane Marin/ Shirogane Aqua’s mother. She is the leader of the Shirogane Aqua Mama Brigade.

 -Shirogane Lapis/ Shirogane Aqua’s little sister. She is the center of Milk Dipper.

 -Yukishiro Mikuni/ Shirogane Aqua other’s mother. She is a world-famous actress.

 -Kaede Morikawa/ national broadcaster’s power monster. It’s a losing frame.

 -Hakuryuu Aiko/ Novelist, light novel author. This is our teacher Hakuryuu.

 -Mary Stars’s Goshenite/ Shirogane Aqua’s grandmother-in-law.

 -Fuji Ranko/ Chairman Fuji Zaibatsu. This is BERYL’s grandmother.

 -Merry-san/ Morinaga Megumi-san. The culprit behind the biscuit riot. Another name is White Devil.

 Wow, there’s a really funny surprise mixed in with everyone.

 Yeah, that Morikawa Kaede over there. Ayana-chan, you definitely shouldn’t pick that one!

 Maybe Fuji Ranko-san would be a good choice instead? Good luck!

 ”Now, Tsukimachi Ayana-san, please draw a lot.”


 Ayana-chan drew a lot and put on her headphones.

 ”Hello, this is Tsukimachi Ayana. Um… It’s nice to meet you, whoever you are, right?”

 ’Ayana-chan, you can relax now that I’m here.’

 ”Yes, let’s disband!”

 I stood up from my seat and raised my hand, pretending to retreat to the wings of the stage.

 Then, something came charging at high speed from the back.

 Whoa, watch out!

 ”Wait, why are you trying to leave?”

 When Kaede-chan jumped out, laughter filled the audience.

 And then, as if on cue, the people in the audience started picking up their belongings and pretending to leave.

 Hahaha! BERYL fans are really trained to be like this, aren’t they?

 ”Wait, why is everyone trying to leave?! The program isn’t over yet! And hey, lighting guy, you can’t just turn off the lights like that. It’ll cause a broadcasting accident!”

 This is not good. Because of me and this person, beryl&beryl has turned into Kohina Yukari’s room.

 I urge Toa-chan to change the flow somehow. As the MC, this is where he needs to show his strength.

 ”Morikawa-san, stop! We don’t have much time left!!”

 ”Huh? Oh, sorry… Wait, it’s not my fault, right?”

 Morikawa-san, no. If you start thinking about difficult things, your brain will get sore again!

 Look, just do what you always do, with your mouth slightly open and a blank expression!! Yes, that’s it.

 [This is a question for Tsukimachi Ayana-san and Morikawa Kaede-san. Which line from Tsukimachi Ayana-san made Shirogane Aqua-san feel attracted as the opposite gender? A, Thank you. I’ve returned to this lively and fun hell. B, So, like, say it like you did… during the live performance. Follow me!! C, Just watch, it’s only for a few minutes. Don’t take your eyes off me. D, If you look at me with those eyes, I-I’ll start to feel conscious too.]


 Yep, yep, I totally get why Ayana-chan is upset.

 It’s okay. Right now, the producer is probably getting grilled by Manager Kotono and Hakuryuu-sensei behind the scenes.

 ”Does Morikawa-san understand?”

 ”Not at all.”

 See, I knew it. They’re just clueless.

 ”A’s speech was for the awards ceremony, but if you ask whether it had an impact as the opposite s*x, I feel like it’s different. I don’t remember B. So, I think it’s either C or D, but Morikawa-san, which one do you choose?”

 ”Umm, I think both are good, but maybe this time it’s D, right? B also feels cool, but I have a feeling like D.”

 ”Then, let’s go with D!”

 Hey, hey, Ayana-chan, are you really okay trusting that flimsy thing!? We can still change it now!

 ”Tsukimachi-san, are you really okay with that?”

 ”Morikawa-san has luck when it really counts, so I’ll bet on that!”

 ”OK! If that’s the case, let’s go with that. Can you choose the final answer again?”

 ”Yes! My choice is D. If I’m seen in that light, well, even I’ll be a little conscious of it. That’s it!!”

 I clap my hands.

 At first, she was a little embarrassed, but she managed to say those lines properly. That’s what being an actor is all about!

 Ayana-chan clasped her hands together as if praying.

 [Correct!! Congratulations to Tsukimachi Ayana-san!!]


 I stand up and jump with excitement.

 [According to Shirogane Aqua-san, A was impressed as an actor, and C as an idol. By the way, B is a line that Morikawa Kaede-san said to Shirogane Aqua-san when she was helping Kanon-san in Stars, but it seems she has forgotten it…]

 ”Oh, umm… was it like that?”

 Loud laughter erupts from the audience.

 You, Announcer Onidzuka, must be feeling regretful by now.

 ”Yes, since we are running out of time, I will only announce the final result!”

 Toa-chan quickly steps to the front of the stage.

 Oh, we’re going to be around Ayana-chan too!

 The staff members rush to bring crackers.

 ”First place goes to Tsukimachi Ayana-san, who earned 100 points at the very end! Congratulations!!”

 As soon as the crackers are burst, warm applause comes from the audience.

 Well done. Congratulations to Ayana-chan!

 ”Well, I actually want to announce the prizes that Shintaro-san and Tenkawa-senpai won, as well as Kanon-san, who generously provided prizes to the viewers, but I don’t have time anymore, so please check it online. Ah, apply. It’s all the way down here. We accept applications not only online but also by mail.”

 Now, a cart appear in the center of the stage.

 ”Then, finally, Tsukimachi-san. Here is the prize for first place. Please feel free to remove the cloth that is draped over it.”

 Ayana-chan nodded and removed the cover from the cart.

 And there, a small ticket was placed.


 Ayana-chan looked puzzled.

 Toa-chan clapped his hands and announced the prize to the audience.

 ”Congratulations! The first prize is the right to have Shirogane Aqua-san draw a picture for you.”

 Oh, what a rubbish prize.

 Okay, let’s disband.

 ”Inspired by Stars Art, it’s the right to become the first model for the talented artist Shirogane Aqua! Congratulations!!”

 For now, I and everyone around me applauded and managed to end the program somehow.

 Ayana-chan, don’t worry! I patted Ayana-chan’s frozen shoulder.

 I need to punish the producer who came up with such a ridiculous prize. In order to further pursue the producer, I made a loud noise as I went down the stage.

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