Male Idol V13c11

Volume 13 Chapter 11 Shirogane Aqua, Confession Room

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 As part of my extracurricular activities during my suspension, I came to a confession room set up at a station in Tokyo.

 At first, I wondered what I would be forced to do in a confession room, but after listening to the explanation, it seems to be something like a simple counseling room for troubles. Apparently, some religious group is doing this as part of their volunteer activities, and I applied to be a general volunteer for this event, so here I am.

 Of course, if it was discovered that it’s me, there would be a commotion. So, when I applied, I used a fake name and disguised myself as a girl to make sure no one recognizes me. The plan was actually for Beryl’s stylist team to help me with this cross-dressing, but somehow Pegonia-san heard about it and came over on her own, satisfied herself for a while, and left.

 That’s why today, I’m wearing a perfectly made-up sister outfit with a platinum blonde wig like Lapis.

 Somehow, I thought this is how it would look if Lapis became a big sister.

 ”Thank you for your help!”


 I thank the sister who guided me to the confessional room.

 Hehehe, it seems like I’m doing well with my voice acting skills that Nishijo-san and other professional voice actors taught me.

 Thanks to that, no one realizes that I’m actually Shirogane Aqua.

 ”Now then, let’s get started!”

 I enter the confessional room and wait.




 Huh?! Could it be that this is actually quite boring?

 But when I think about it, it makes sense. Unless people who want to confess or seek advice come in on their own, the sisters inside the confessional room have nothing to do.

 I see… I spread my legs wide and relax.

 ”Excuse me, are you available?”

 Oh! Just when I let my guard down, a lost little lamb enters.

 I straighten my posture and give a light cough.

 ”Sure, everything’s gonna be okay.”

 Hmmm, that’s a cute and familiar voice I’ve heard somewhere before.

 Honestly, just by hearing her voice, I can tell she’s a beautiful girl.

 And there’s something about it, like it’s a voice I hear every day, you know?

 Or maybe it’s just me, but the sound here seems a bit off, kind of strange.

 Is it deliberately designed to conceal the identity of the person seeking advice?

 ”Well, actually, I have a husband…”


 Based on the sound of her voice, I thought she was maybe in high school or something, but she’s married?

 That’s amazing. I don’t know who her husband is, but having a presumed beauty like her as a wife must be great!

 Well, my wives are just as cute, if not cuter! Hahaha!

 ”And recently, my husband got suspended from school, and he’s feeling down.”

 Hmm, so there’s someone like me out there, huh?

 I wonder what he did to get suspended, but I bet it’s something really stupid, right?

 ”He usually eat large pieces of pork cutlet (tonkatsu) in one go, but yesterday he only ate half of them. That’s why I thought he was depressed because he was suspended from school.”

 Ah, now that I think about it, I also had pork cutlet yesterday.

 When I’m suspended from school, I can’t go out much, and I have to restrict my diet to compensate for the drop in exercise.

 I actually wanted to go to two tickets, but I held back.

 Maybe your husband was like that too?

 ”What do you think I should do as a wife in such a situation?”

 I see, in other words, as a wife, you want to cheer up your depressed husband who is suspended from school.

 Isn’t she a good wife?!

 I don’t know where your husband is, but you should be strong!!

 Don’t worry your wife!!

 ”If that’s the case, I have a better solution.”

 ”Oh, really!?”

 I nod my head towards the invisible wall in front of me.

 ”It’s a n*ked Apron.”


 Oh, didn’t you hear?

 Let me make sure I convey the same thing again.

 ”With a n*ked Apron, everything will be resolved.”

 ”What… is a n*ked Apron?”

 Hmm, it looks like you don’t know about the n*ked Apron.

 Well, as a wife, you must remember it as one of the essential subjects.

 ”First, become n*ked.”


 ”Yes, then put on the apron.”


 ”Here’s a tip, aprons with frills and ribbons, or those that are cute, have higher points.”

 ”Huh, really?”

 After all, the n*ked Apron is a classic among married couples’ hobbies.

 If I were the husband, I would definitely use it to revive the relationship. Actually, I would prefer my own wives to do it!

 ”And this is a classic among classics, but when your husband comes home, asked him like, “Do you want to have a dinner? Take a bath? Or, maybe… me?” with shyly face. Your husband’s face lit up with excitement. It would surely make even the sound asleep rise.


 By the way, my son is really reacted right now.

 ”Ah, thank you. I think I’ll buy a cute apron on my way back.”

 ”Yes, please do your best.”

 The lost lamb seemed satisfied and left the confessional with a cheerful voice.

 Phew… I think I gave some pretty good advice in my own way.

 Once one person comes, more will follow, and soon a new little lamb arrived.

 ”Excuse me, is it okay if I ask for advice?”

 ”Yes, it’s okay.”

 Another cute voice came. Is this a double dose of beautiful girls confirmed?

 ”Um, so, the thing I want to talk about is Nii-sama…”

 Oh, so this is a little sister talking about her big brother.

 I feel like I should do something as a big brother.

 ”Well, you see, Nii-sama really likes girls with big breasts, and he always gets all googly-eyed when he sees them.”

 Oh, really? Your brother likes breasts, huh?

 Well, sounds like we could be good friends.

 ”Of course, it’s not like he’s always googly-eyed or anything. It’s just for a split second, but you can tell he’s checking out big breasts with his eyes.”

 Little sister… that’s just how it is.

 Even I, when I came to this world, tried my best not to look, because it’s rude, you know.

 But honestly, it’s impossible. I mean, when you see cute girls or beautiful women wearing clothes that show off their chest or cleavage without any hesitation, and if they happen to be a G cup or bigger, telling me not to look is pretty much impossible, you know?

 And on top of that, in this world, there’s no chance for guys to see them, so they’re completely defenseless. Like, in the summer, high school girls wear their uniforms all sticky and sweaty, and their bras can be seen through. And when I go to the gym, there are girls without bras wiping away their sweat, just casually showing their n**ples for free.

 When it comes to this point, I think it’s actually more rude to not look as a man, you know?

 ”Um, I’m still in middle school and, well… my breasts aren’t as big as the other girls’. Will they grow properly?”

 I see. I furrow my brows, looking serious.

 ”There might be ways to make your breasts bigger, and also increase your bond with your big brother.”

 ”Oh, really!?”

 I nod silently to the enthusiastic lamb-like girl.

 ”Let’s have your big brother give you a breast massage.”

 ”A breast massage?”

 ”Yes, there’s a urban legend that says breasts grow when they’re massaged by someone you like because it stimulates the secretion of female hormones. By having your beloved big brother massage your breasts, they might grow bigger, and he might start seeing you as a woman too, don’t you think?”

 ”I-I see.”

 In fact, I was also fondling Kanon’s breasts every day until I found out she was pregnant.

 The key is to pray for them to grow up properly at that time.

 ”Okay. I’ll ask Nii-sama next time he comes home.”

 ”Yes, please do your best.”

 ”It must be hard for you to volunteer, but please do your best, Sister. Thank you very much!”

 Ah, she was such a kind and good girl.

 After all, there are no bad sisters. As far as I know, the only little sister who was really bad was Sayuki, played by Kohina-senpai.

 Well, for me, if I can be imprisoned by a beautiful girl on Sayuki’s level and have fun with her every day, I guess that’s not a bad thing. Her breasts are quite large, and Sayuki seems like she’ll do a lot of naughty things, so if I think about it that way, she’s not bad at all.

 I would like to apply for a trial course, even just once.

 ”Um, are you available now?”


 Oh, it seems like another person has joined the conversation. I can tell from his voice that he’s around the same age as me.

 Hey, hey! If you need advice for boys, you can count on me, the Aqua-onee-sama!

 I confidently pat my chest.

 ”I want to talk about my friend.”

 This guy must really care about his friends since he’s asking me questions about them.

 I can tell he’s a caring person just by the way he speaks.

 ”Well, my friend really likes women with big breasts.”

 You should be a good friend to him. He’s definitely a nice guy.

 I’m sure of it because I guarantee it! And by the way, there’s nothing wrong with liking breasts!

 ”I told my friend that I also like breasts, but maybe I said it the wrong way or misunderstood him.”

 You and your friends are like the best friends who share a love for breasts.

 How awesome is that?!

 ”I… I actually prefer women with perky breasts…!”

 Oh, I see…

 Having a preference for big breasts or small breasts is quite different.

 It’s like having different fetishes, you know?

 ”What do you think I should do? Should I make an effort to like big ones too?”

 Hmm, I see. This is indeed a tricky situation.

 However, you seem to have forgotten something important.

 ”Okay, I get it. Breasts come in different sizes. But think about it, they’re still breasts, right?”

 ”Y-Yes, you’re right…”

 ”So, I think you should have an honest conversation with your friend about this. Don’t worry, as friends who love breasts and were guided by them, you can surely get along well.”

 People around me think I like big breasts, but that’s a big mistake.

 I like being small, and I want to be given a desperate tit-f*ck by a precipitous girl, even if it’s just once.

 For example, a girl with small breasts might say, “I’m sorry I’m so small… do they feel good?” or a girl trying her best with an apologetic look on her face, “You’re an idiot for thinking this feels good,” or a girl glaring at me with a bright red face of embarrassment, and said “I don’t understand.” while scold me with disdainful eyes, or a girl who said, “I’m sure there’s someone more qualified than me,” and give me a tit-f*ck with a confused look on her face… Ah! Just imagining something like that is unbearable!

 I also want to talk about small breasts with Mayuzumi next time!

 ”Thank you. Also, recently I found someone I was interested in, and she was a person of a certain size, so when I heard that small and large are the same, I kind of started liking big things myself. I felt like that.”

 You… You’re definitely a good person! And to still like women even though you like small breasts, that’s so cool! It almost brings tears to my eyes. There really is no one bad who likes breasts!

 I feel like offering a prayer to this man. But wait, which religion is it that has this confessional booth? Well, whatever. The sister who guided me here had huge breasts, so it must be some kind of breast religion or something.

 ”I offer a prayer from the breast god to you and your friend. Breasts!”

 ”Ah, thank you very much.”

 Phew, I did a good thing.

 I’m starting to get the hang of it, and it’s becoming more and more fun.

 ”Excuse me, are you available now?”

 ”Yes, please.”

 Now then, what could be the next lamb’s worry?

 ”Could you please listen to my sinful confession?”


 If that’s the case, leave it to Sister Aqua here.

 ”Actually, I’m just a high school girl, but behind the scenes, I work as a high-ranking member of a certain religious organization that secretly controls Japan.”

 Ouch! Ouchouchouchouch!

 I clutch my chest, even though it doesn’t hurt.

 …These fake breasts are something else. They feel so close to the real thing. I wonder if I can get a personal pair later?

 ”At first, I tried to control the religion so that it wouldn’t cause any harm. But it didn’t go well at all… Before I knew it, I had been tainted by the organization.”

 Ah, I see.

 This is, you know, a disease that every boy and girl goes through during puberty called “Chuunibyou syndrome.”

 ”Um… I realized this as I accumulated stress, but there are times when I can’t control my destructive impulses, or rather, when I have a desire for destruction. What should I do in those situations?”

 I let out a light breath and stared at the wall with warm eyes.

 ”I see… When you feel that way, let’s release your impulses through exercise.”


 ”Yes, moving your body has the effect of releasing built-up emotions.”

 ”I see… That makes sense.”

 Exercise is great. It’s good for your health and can help you feel more positive.

 When you want to let something out, I think it’s the most reasonable method.

 ”But what if I can’t control my impulses?”

 I see… In that case, there’s another method.

 I cleared my throat lightly, trying to calm my feelings, and hesitantly spoke up.



 ”Release it through Mas***ion.”

 To be clear, this is not harassment.

 As Sister Aqua, as a big sister, I’m just giving appropriate advice to a lost little lamb.

 ”Do you understand? When you hear the word ‘Mast***ion’, you may have a vulgar image, but it is the quickest way for boys and girls to properly and accurately relieve their uncontrollable urges.”


 Damn it! Suppress your overflowing s*xual desire and excitement, Aqua!

 When I imagine a shy junior high school girl, I feel like I’m going to get an er*ction.

 If it were a naughty confession room, I could have a sister who couldn’t handle her hot body release me s*xually!!

 ”It’s okay. Your best friend or the person you like may have normal conversations with you every day, but the night before or the day before, they’re mast***ing. They eat to satisfy their appetite. It’s the same as sleeping to satisfy your desire for sleep. So don’t be shy about mast***ion.”


 ”Please release every day and enjoy a healthy mast***ion life.”


 I think I could have given you the perfect advice.

 It feels refreshing.

 ”Okay, that’s it.”

 ”I’ll do mast***ing every day without being shy.”

 Phew. I think I’ll read a JK novel when I get home today.

 Or ask someone to wear a JK uniform for me. Who would be better?

 ”Um…is it okay if I ask you something?”

 ”Yes, ask me anything.”

 As I was thinking about this, the next lamb arrived.

 Judging from his voice, it sounds extremely erotic. Her voice seemed to be overflowing with the uncontrollable eroticism of an apartment house wife in the afternoon.

 ”Um…is it really wrong to fall in love with a high school boy, regardless of age?”

 ”No, it’s totally fine.”

 That was an immediate answer.

 ”Age doesn’t matter when it comes to falling in love. Maybe high school boys are also conscious of their big sister?”

 ”What!? He also thinks about me!?”

 I give a firm nod with a serious look on my face.

 “You know, he’s done me a huge favor that I can never repay…”

 “Oh, I see. Can I hear more about that?”

 According to the girl asking for advice, that high school guy not only saved her from a big problem, but he’s also been taking care of her since then.

 “I see… that definitely sounds promising.”


 If he didn’t like her, he wouldn’t do all that.

 He’s either really into her or just a creepy guy with bad intentions. No doubt about it.

 That high school guy probably expects something in return from the girl.

 “Got it. In that case, let’s repay the favor using your body.”

 “Using my body!? You mean like, doing physical work or something…”

 “No, not that. I mean in a… um, intimate way.”


 But wait, that’s not right. R*pe is never okay.

 Personally, I’d rather be seduced by a big sister with big… um, let’s just say most guys wouldn’t feel the same.

 So, I advised the girl to casually take off her clothes and make a move the next time the high school guy comes over.

 ”Alternatively, you can fill out a consent form for s*xual intercourse in advance and leave it on the table for yourself. If the high school boy notices, you can show him that he can do whatever he wants with your body. If he really feels like it, the rest will follow.”

 ”Yes… yes…”

 Damn, if I were just Shirogane Aqua instead of Sister Aqua, when that high school boy dumped her, I could say I’d comfort big sister’s flushed body!!

 Damn, you high school boy whose face I don’t even know. Enjoy your affair with this big sister instead of me. I begged you!!

 ”Thank you. Um… I’ll try my best.”

 ”Yes. Please be happy. When the baby is born, please make him take responsibility for it! I don’t want you to be a convenient s*x friend and run away with it, or be a mistress!”

 I must say, I’ve come up with some good advice.

 By the way, I just remembered that I haven’t seen Agewa-san since coming back here.

 I heard she’s returning to politics, so maybe I should drop by and say hello.

 Oh, it seems another lost lamb has arrived.

 ”Sorry to bother you, Sister, are you available now?”

 ”Oh, yes.”

 Oops, another man. And he seems to be a little older than me.

 ”Actually, the other day, I consulted Sister here about a date with my wife here. I think her name was Sister Kukuri…”

 ”Just a moment, please.”

 I checked the attendance roster on the nearby tablet.

 Let’s see, is Sister Kukuri on leave? Who is here right now?

 ”I’m sorry. Sister Kukuri seems to be off today. Instead, there’s Sister Emily. She’s been free and here since this morning… The others seem to be on a break.”

 ”Thank you. In that case, um… what’s your name, sister?”

 ”Sister Aqua.”

 ”Oh, interesting. Your name is similar to my junior’s. Then, I’ll ask sister for help.”

 Wow, so you’re thinking of going on a little trip with your wife in the summer, huh? Just like the senpai I know.

 ”So, what’s the advice you need this time?”

 ”It’s the same as last time, but I’m hoping we can go on a small trip in the summer, just for a little bit. I want to start thinking about where to go from now.”

 I see…

 A trip with your wife, huh? I’ll open the travel app on my nearby tablet.

 ”If it’s a small trip, do you think it’s best to stay nearby, or go all out and go far away?”

 ”Hmm. I think for now, staying nearby would be best. I’m hoping for a place that’s rich in nature…”

 I see. I’ll carefully check the travel plans in the app.

 ”If that’s the case, how about a botanical garden, or maybe a aquarium since it’s summer?”

 ”Hmm… it’s hard to choose between the two.”

 ”In that case, how about enjoying the afternoon at the botanical garden, and then a night at a set plan with the Night AQUARIUM? It’s like a tour, but if you travel by car or bike, especially by bike, there’s a course that passes through a sunflower field on the way.”

 I print out the paper with the travel plan.

 Wow, it comes out on the other side once it’s printed. What a cool system.

 ”Oh! My wife might be happy with this!! Thank you, Sister Aqua!”

 ”No problem. Oh, when you apply for the travel plan, make sure to bring this form to Saint Travel or Emily Tourist. They offer a welcome service option for early applications.”

 ”Thank you. Really, thank you!”

 I feel so grateful and happy when the person I’m helping expresses their gratitude.

 ”Have a great time, okay?”

 ”Yes! Please also thank Sister Kukuri for me!”

 ”Sure thing.”

 After seeing off the person I was helping, I write down the details of his visit to thank Sister Kukuri and the assistance I provided for this particular case.

 As I’m doing that, another lost lamb arrives.

 ”Excuse me. Is now a good time?”


 This person seems really composed.

 Somehow, just listening to her voice brings a great sense of comfort.

 ”Actually, I’m the president of a certain company, and there’s someone I just can’t control.”

 Oh, I know how that goes.

 Every company has at least one person like that, right? And it’s even worse when those types of people are surprisingly good at their job.

 ”What do you think I should do?”

 ”Fire them.”


 You should just fire that troublemaker.

 Before they cause any more harm to the company, you know?

 ”Well, firing them might be a bit…”

 ”Is that so… Then how about giving the person a penalty every time they do something?”

 ”A penalty… But, that person isn’t a bad kid, you know. In fact, they’re a really good kid.”

 Oh, there are people like that, huh?

 They do good things but always end up causing trouble, huh.

 ”Even so, giving a penalty doesn’t have to be a punishment, right? It could be something that feels like a pardon for the kid, like a penalty that doesn’t really matter. So let’s keep giving out penalties! It’s okay! I support you!!”

 ”I see… not just a simple punishment, but a penalty that’s actually good. That might be a good idea.”

 Yeah, like, things like physical punishment are no good, and taking away breaks or reducing pay is also no good. But, if we could give a different kind of lighter penalty, not exactly like that, something that the person can turn into a pardon, I think that would be good.

 ”Thank you. This has been really helpful.”

 ”No problem, I know it must be tough. Hang in there, President.”


 Judging from her voice, she sounded a little tired, so I pressed the button and gave her an energy drink.

 This confession room is amazing. It has a lot of functions. Can I just come and visit?

 Well, if I look closely, I see Sister Emily-san ordering many drinks by herself. Maybe she’s here because she can get free drinks… No, I don’t think that’s the case. Yeah.

 ”Is this the confession room?”

 Oh, it looks like the next person has arrived.

 I call out to her.

 ”Please go ahead.”

 ”Yes. Thank you very much.”

 She’s a polite person. I have a very good impression at this point.

 ”Actually, I am a school teacher, but I am always conscious of my student.”

 ”How envious…”

 ”Huh? What’s so envious?”

 ”No, no, it’s nothing.”

 Uh-oh, that was close. I got carried away and blurted out what I really think in Sugita-sensei’s class.

 I let out a little cough.

 ”Okay, listen up. The thing about teachers and students is, it’s only while you’re in school. Once he graduates, it’s legal. The moment he graduates, the other person becomes legal too.”

 ”So, once he graduates, it’s legal…”

 Actually, come to think of it, male teachers at all-boys schools tend to marry female students, right?

 There were like 2 or 3 teachers at the school I went to in my past life who did that.

 ”But don’t ever disregard the possibility while you’re still in school! It’s totally okay with it, even when you’re still in school. No, I’d even welcome it! I feel like it’s the opposite of taboo between a teacher and a student, and I think the students would get all excited about it too.”

 ”W-wait, the students would get excited too!?”

 ”Yes! Because it’s a school teacher. Isn’t that awesome?”

 I also want to dress Sugita-sensei in a school uniform or a swimsuit and get naughty at school with her!!

 ”Um, but, you know, considering the teacher’s position and all…”

 ”Don’t worry. Just take responsibility. Of course, it’s not okay if the other person doesn’t like it, but if that’s not the case, taking responsibility is all good.”

 ”Responsibility… Yeah, I get it… Wait, no! It’s definitely not good for a school teacher and a student!”

 Tsk! I was so close to persuading her. What a shame.

 ”Anyway, I really appreciate you listening to my concerns. Thank you.”

 ”No, thank you. There are other sisters here too, so feel free to come and talk again.”

 I said that as I saw off the lost lamb Teacher.

 I thought it was some pretty good advice, you know? Oh well, can’t be helped.

 ”I’m sorry. Are you available now?”


 Oh, it’s the next lost little lamb.

 I wonder if it’s another cute girl based on her voice? I straighten up once again.

 ”Um… There’s this boy I’m interested in, but I can’t be straightforward with him. I tend to be stubborn or put up a front… Even though I really like him, I try not to show it by pretending otherwise…”

 ”Well, that’s his fault.”


 It’s obvious, isn’t it?

 Can’t he see that the girl is radiating love vibes?

 It’s 100% his fault.

 ”Let’s stay away from guy like that. By the way, my recommendation is Shirogane Aqua-san from BERYL. If you’re going to fall for someone, I suggest a wonderful man like him.”

 ”Uh, um…”

 Hmm? The reaction is different from what I expected.

 Could it be that this girl doesn’t really like me?

 ”Well, um, it’s not like it’s right away or anything, but let’s say, hypothetically! If I were to like Aqua… Shirogane Aqua-san, what kind of approach should I take? I’m not really confident in my… you know, assets.”

 ”Attack him.”

 ”Attack him!?”

 ”Yes. It’s totally fine, just go ahead and attack him.”

 I had the most confident look on my face today.

 ”Um, isn’t that a bit too much?”

 ”It’s okay. Shirogane Aqua accepts everything. There’s no woman he can’t seduce. That’s Shirogane Aqua’s motto.”

 ”Huh!? I’ve never heard that before…”

 Actually, I want to be approached by a girl at least once.

 It’s not right to wish for something like that, especially considering it’s a crime.

 But maybe preventing s*xual crimes and enjoying that kind of play could be a win-win situation for both of us.

 By the way, since I came to this world, I haven’t met a woman I couldn’t seduce, so I think it’ll be fine.

 ”Um, thank you very much.”


 The lost little lamb hurriedly left the confession room with her belongings.

 Did she think I was a dangerous person?

 I reflect on whether my proposal was too extreme.

 ”Wait, what is this? A confession room?”

 Huh? I can hear some hurried footsteps.

 Is it the next lost lamb?

 ”Come in.”

 Wow, this person seems really bossy.

 Can I respond more casually?

 ”So, what will you do for me?”

 What an attitude! I can tell just by her voice that she has a big attitude.

 ”I listen to the troubles of the lost and hear their confessions. Don’t you have a lot of things you want to confess, miss?”

 ”Huh? I don’t have the word ‘confession’ in my life. I haven’t done anything wrong, so there’s no need for me to confess, right?”

 Whoa… A really important person has come.

 Maybe I should kick her out for disturbing the business.

 I think I can press the staff call button when an annoying customer comes, right?

 ”But I do have consultations.”

 Well then, please get to the consultation quickly.

 What a bothersome person.

 ”There’s a man who thinks I’m a woman, but do you think I should let him have s*x with me?”

 ”Huh? Does that man actually exist?”

 That’s amazing. A man like that exists. As a man, I respect him.

 ”Hey! Don’t play with my imagination! I’m sure it exists!!”

 ”Huh? Is that a human? A wild bear or a wild gorilla?”

 ”Human, human! Well, I have the head and lower body of a monkey, but I’m still human!”

 Hmm. There are all kinds of men in this world.

 ”Enough! That’s fine! I was stupid to come to this place for advice. Sister Emily, who came up when I consulted her last time, was also rude!! I’ll never come again. Because there isn’t one!!”

 ”Yes, I understand. Please be careful.”

 You need to be careful about the person you talked to earlier. I guess I’ll put her on the list of dangerous people on the tablet.

 When I thought about it, the warning light was on. Is there something like this? I just noticed it.

 Apparently, the sister Emily-san she consulted earlier had already put her on the list of dangerous people.

 Well, it was fun, but I guess it’s almost time.

 ”Hey, great job today!”

 ”Oh, no, thank you for the valuable experience.”

 And with that, the last extracurricular class was over.

 Well, since I’m already here, maybe I should talk to someone before going home.

 I entered another confessional room that was nearby.

 ”Um, can I talk to you about something?”

 ”Nom, nom, sure… I’m here for you.”

 The sister was eating just now…

 I feel like I can trust her with my concerns.

 ”What do you want to talk about?”

 ”I can’t control my s*xual desires. What should I do?”

 I thought it would be better to be straightforward about it, so I opened up honestly.

 ”Hehe, leave that to me. It’s my specialty!”

 The sister cleared her throat lightly.

 ”Try practicing mast***ion.”

 ”If it’s that, I have do it every day, and yet it still doesn’t subside.”

 ”I see… So we’re in the same boat.”

 ”Oh, you too, sister!?”

 ”Yes, I also do it properly every morning and night.”

 I suddenly stand up from my seat.

 Then, a small window opened in front of me and a beautiful hand reached out towards me.

 I shake her hand firmly.

 ”It’s difficult for both of us, but let’s do our best.”

 ”You’re the one…I’m happy to have a friend too.”

 I felt a bond with the sister that transcended gender.

 After that, I heard about various mast***ion experiences from the sister.

 Alright, today’s interesting story is now confirmed. I did it!

 ”Thank you, sister.”

 ”If you have any trouble, please ask again. Sister will tell you about her pleasant mast***ion.”

 I leave the confession room with a refreshed face.

 I continued on the train, changed clothes in the restroom at a park near my house, and then returned to my house.

 ”I’m home… Hmm!?”

 I froze the moment I opened the door to my house.

 ”Ah, ah, ah… welcome home.”

 ”Would you like a bath?”

 ”Would you like some food?”

 ”Or, w-me?”

 As soon as I got home, my wife, wearing nothing but an apron, was waiting for me with three other women.

 Oops, sorry, Sister. Looks like I won’t be able to have some alone time today.

 I was moved to tears and headed to the bedroom with everyone.

 Oh, wait a minute, it feels like something important is missing… Oh well, never mind!

 I had a great time with my four wives until morning.

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