Male Idol V13c31

Volume 13 Chapter 31 Yukishiro Emily, Midnight Maidens

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 BERYL’s 3-day performance in Hokkaido has successfully ended.

 By now, the four members of BERYL must be home and peacefully asleep after taking the late-night flight back.

 On the other hand, I am still in Hokkaido.

 ”Yes, that’s right, it’s time for Yukishiro Emily’s Midnight Radio in Hokkaido.”

 I am not a comedian… I am the hyper-creative, super-multitalented part-timer Yukishiro Emily, and I do radio broadcasts at night.

 Nee-san asked me to do a broadcast in Hokkaido.

 [Here we go!]


 [Sommelier: Why is it Yukishiro Emily-san doing the radio broadcast instead of the professional announcer MorikawaKaede-san!?]

 [↑Because she’s not a pro!]

 [Did you forget to wrap up yesterday’s messy show? > Sommelier]

 [Emily-sama is fine. I don’t want to hear Morikawa’s voice until midnight. Because, if you laugh, you won’t be able to sleep, right?]

 [↑That’s right!]

 Morikawa is LOL! Alright, send it.

 I carefully type under the table, making sure I’m not seen, and post a comment on RamenHagetoru’s account.

 ”So without further ado, today’s guest is here. Please welcome~”

 ”Good evening everyone. I’m Shirogane Kanon, affiliated with Beryl Entertainment.”

 With no announcement and Kanon’s appearance not even in the schedule, the comment section is buzzing.

 [Wow, Kanon-sama came out of nowhere!]

 [Can we get the camera on Kanon-sama too!!]

 [Morikawa Kaede: I’m also in the same hotel so I can be a guest too!!]

 [↑You don’t need to come, just stay quiet today.]

 [Morikawa has been talking loudly since morning, so take a break. Your voice will get tired.]

 [Today’s live show had a lot of events and talking, and there was a live TV appearance in the morning. So, Morikawa should just rest.]

 The listener is right. Kaede-paisen, you should just rest.

 Kaede-paisen is clumsy usually, and today she is tired, so she needs to be careful.

 Like, Kaede-paisen might call me ‘Hagetoru’ during the live stream…

 I know it sounds silly, but with Kaede-paisen, it might happen.

 I ignore Kaede-paisen’s comment in the chat and look at other comments.

 ”Somebody asked, ‘Aqua-sama went home, but Kanon-sama hasn’t?’

 There was a comment below that I wanted to choose, asking, ‘What color are the pants you are wearing?’ But I held back.

 The listener who sent such a nice comment, I wonder who they are? Oh, it’s Mast***ion Hagetoru. It seems like I unconsciously posted a comment myself.

 I turn my gaze away from Kanon, who was glaring at me.

 ”Um, to explain clearly from the beginning to the listeners, this time I’m not here for Beryl’s work, but as a regular customer on a tour package. But, the airplane we tour customers were supposed to take had some trouble and couldn’t leave, so we decided to stay overnight and return tomorrow morning.”

 We could have forced our way back, but overly protective people who didn’t want to push a pregnant woman made a big fuss, so in the end Kanon had to stay at the hotel for another night.

 So, because all the maids, Yui-san, Hakuryuu-sensei, as well as Nee-san and Morikawa who still have work to do, are here, Aqua-sama was the only one who went back to the home in Tokyo. Yes, right now, Aqua-sama is the only one in that house.

 Ah! If it was going to be like this, I should have just finished my work quickly and gone home. If I had done that, by now I would be at home with Aqua-sama having a late-night sports festival… Oh, whoops, I almost drooled! I need to be careful.

 [HakuryuuAiko: I came to Hokkaido for my private time, but I got forced to work. Is there something going on?]

 [↑ LOL]

 [I saw sensei tied up in the back yard! by the staff behind the scenes]

 [HakuryuuAiko: ↑Don’t just watch, help me!!]

 [Hakuryuu-sensei is in trouble LOL]

 [Hakuryuu-sensei, even though it’s her day off, she’s still being made to work, LOL]

 [Before, I was so excited about updating my social media, but suddenly it stopped. I wonder if the reason was because of that…]

 [↑The mystery has been solved, LOL]

 [Sensei has been in Hokkaido for about three days now. Let’s go to Susukino with all the fans, LOL]

 Oh! Susukino is said to be the biggest entertainment district in the north, with lots of s*xy women and women dressed as men.

 At one point, there was a rumor that a boy was working in a club there. Of course, it was fake.

 Maybe I could stay in Susukino too… Just kidding, just kidding. So don’t give me that look, Kanon!

 Don’t worry, there’s no way I have money to play in Susukino in my wallet! Damn it, it’s sad to say that out loud!!

 ”So, I stayed at a hotel and was sleeping until just now… I woke up at night and couldn’t sleep, so I was looking at the view. That’s when Emily-senpai abducted me.”

 ”Yes, we’re staying in the same room, so I abducted her.”

 Because my room had a double bed, I asked the hotel to switch the accommodation plan to one for two people.

 If not, the hotel might get filled up with stranded guests. I thought it would be better to free up as many rooms as possible.

 [Emily-sama and Kanon-sama in the same room!?]

 [Sumeragi Kukuri: Lucky! I wish I had stayed.]

 [Ah, ah, ah.]

 [A beauty and a cute girl in the same room, there’s no way nothing’s going on…]

 [Hmm, sounds pretty steamy.]

 [Shirogane Aqua: Uwwwooooooo! They’re in the same room!?]

 [↑I thought someone was really shaken, turns out it’s someone I like lol.]

 [Aqua-sama, you’re still awake?]

 [You have school tomorrow, Aqua-kun, go to bed early.]

 [Aqua-kun, it’s not good to stay up this late. Come on, why not sleep in the futon with this H-cup big sister?]

 [This I-cup bed is empty too. It’s warm and cozy!]

 [If you’re okay with a G-cup mom, want to sleep together? My daughter, who’s becoming a 7th grader, can join too.]

 [Just Aa-sama showing up makes the comments section go crazy lol.]

 [Emily-sama doesn’t regulate the comments section, huh?]

 [Kirika Kotono: Everyone, please behave yourselves, okay?]


 [Yes, ma’am!]

 [As soon as Nee-san appears, the comments from big sisters and moms quiet down lol.]

 Ah, the comments were getting spicy, but then Nee-san scolded them. So, guys, let’s keep it decent.

 I glance at Kanon, wearing a nightgown and camisole.

 This girl… ever since becoming a married woman, she’s become strangely more sexy.

 ”So, right now, in front of me, is Kanon in her vulnerable bedtime attire.”

 ”Wait a sec!”

 Guhehe, when we sleep together later, I’ll sneakily touch her’s breasts.

 For Aqua-sama’s sake, I’ll make sure to raise Kanon properly.

 Oh well, squeezing each other’s breats is a common thing among girls, no big deal, no big deal.

 ”Hey, Emily-senpai, you’re wearing the same thing as me, right?”

 ”Uh, yeah.”

 Since it’s a hotel, I can’t be nak*d.

 So I’m wearing the cute cami and nightgown that Kanon gave me before.

 Oh? Wait, I just noticed, this is the same as Kanon’s, isn’t it?

 ”Wait, is this really the same?”

 ”Yeah. Matching but different colors.”

 Oh, you’re right. I stand up from my seat and line up next to Kanon to check.


 [I’m starting to get excited.]

 [Shirogane Aqua: Phew~!]

 [Aqua-sama looks tired!]

 [Both of you, show it for Aqu-tan!]

 [↑Saying that, but you want to see it too! Because, I want to see it too!]

 [↑Of course you do!!]

 [Camera! Camera!]

 [Morikawa Kaede: Camera! Camera!]

 [Mary: Camera! Camera!]

 [HakuryuuAiko: Camera! Camera!]

 [Shirogane Aqua: Camera! Camera!]

 Oh well.

 I pick up the camera I’ve set up and capture both of us.”

 ”How does it look? Look, Kanon is coming closer.”


 It’s a bit cut off. Like this, maybe?

 I adjust the camera angle.


 [Thank you, thank you!!]

 [So cute! I want one too!!]

 [This will be sold out by tomorrow if identified today.]

 [Sumeragi Kukuri: I’ll buy one too.]

 [Kukuri-sama, if you don’t have any chest size, this nightgown won’t fit properly]

 [Even though it’s disrespectful and you could be punished, you still say it, that’s true patriotism]

 [You two matching with braided hair is too cute!!]

 [Matching hair and clothes, you two are like sisters!! You get along so well!!]

 [Kanon-sama and Emily-sama are getting along? Ah, my head…]

 [Recently, the biggest Hoge-lar Wave in observational history is coming, so be careful!]

 [Shirogane Aqua: I’m running over there right now!!]

 [Aqua-kun LMAO]

 [Aqua-sama might really go run over there, so stop!!]

 [Aqua-kun, if you run outside this late at night, you’ll catch a cold!? Let’s sleep together in bed with this big sister]

 [Yukari Goha: While you’re running, the night will turn into morning and the two of them will come back, you fool > Shirogane Aqua]

 [↑That’s some sound reasoning LMAO]

 [Monitoring Kohina Yukari! Monitoring Kohina Yukari!]

 [Tsuki to Suppon: Aqua, you’re going to be suspended again…]

 [Ayana-chan, stop it!]

 [Ayana-chan, help Aqu-tan get ready for bed!]

 [↑Where can we watch the live stream of that?]

 Sniff, sniff… Sniff, sniff… Phew, I can smell the scent of a woman trying to seduce a man!!

 I pretend it’s a coincidence and push Kano-pai with Emi-pai.

 ”Hey, you don’t have to stick so close!”

 ”Oh, sorry. It just happened…”

 Thinking it’s getting too risky, I retreat.

 If this were private, I’d keep going.

 I return to my seat and put the camera back where it was.

 Actually, if we sit side by side instead of facing each other, both of our faces would show!

 ”Wait a moment, let me change positions.”

 I call out to the listeners and then adjust the chairs and camera positions.

 [Where are the staff?]

 [This is unavoidable since they suddenly had more guests.]

 [Nice job, Emily-sama!]

 [Kanon-sama, you don’t need to help. You’re pregnant, so just sit quietly!]

 [Oh, Nee-san came to help.]

 [Nee-san is just in her pajamas, lol.]

 [Nee-san, were you watching while lying down, for sure, lol.]

 Thanks to Nee-san’s help, we quickly finished rearranging.

 Instead of staying, though, Nee-san promptly leaves once the work is done.

 Well, that’s what a professional woman is like. Quite different from the self-proclaimed ‘professional’ announcer with the laughing fit.

 I sit back down next to Kanon.

 Seriously, we’ve been at this for over 10 minutes already! Let’s hurry up!

 ”So, uh… what was it again?”

 I tilt my head, a question mark practically floating above it.

 ”Even if you ask someone like me who got dragged here…”


 Kani…? Crab!?

 By the way, Aqua-sama kept saying he wanted to eat crab on the first day as the MC.

 Eventually, he even sang a mysterious song about wanting to eat crab after the encore, and it became a trend.

 ”Speaking of which, did Aqua-sama end up eating crab?”

 ”It seems the staff at the inn made crab hot pot for him. Look!”

 Kanon shows a picture of the crab hot pot party sent by Aqua-sama to the camera.

 [I’ve been curious about that!]

 [Thank you so much! Thank you!]

 [That’s a relief!]

 [Wow, everyone looks great in yukatas!]

 [Be careful not to get your phone stolen. There might be lots of valuable pictures.]

 [RamenHagetoru: ↑Are there any naughty selfies of Kanon-sama in there!?]

 [↑You should be careful what you say!]

 [Toa-chan looks adorable in his yukata!]

 [If you just crop out Toa-chan and Aqua-kun on the right side, it looks like they’re here for a ryokan date together, doesn’t it!?]


 [Dang it, Aqu-tan’s yukata is too revealing!!]

 [Just by looking at this image, you can understand everything. Everyone else is properly dressed in yukata, but Aa-sama is way too exposed!!]


 [National idols are the most service-oriented after all.]

 [I want to slip my hand into Aqu-tan’s cleavage…]

 Indeed… By the way, I wonder how boys feel if their n**ples are played with.

 Girls just instantly climax if their n**ples are played with by someone they like, to the point where they might squirt milk, but do boys also react like that when their n**ples are touched?

 Hm, next time I have s*x with Aqua-sama, maybe I’ll casually play with or lick his nipples pretending it’s accidental. Guhehe… Oops, I almost revealed my true intentions. I put on a dignified face to cover it up.

 [Hey guys, try to learn a little from Emily-sama.]

 [Emily-sama, how do you manage to keep such a pure face even while looking at such vulgar comments?]

 [I’m really sorry for the lewd comments.]

 [Sommelier: Yukishiro Emily actually has naughty thoughts too!!]

 [↑Don’t compare her to you!]

 [Hush, those who hold meaningless qualifications like Ochinchin Sommelier!]

 [Exactly! Having a professional qualification that can’t even tell Toa-chan and Subaru-tan apart is pointless! Give back the exam fees!!]

 [The Ochinchin Sommelier qualification test is all about feeling the vibes of the Ochinchin. It’s actually meaningless.]

 [Kirika Kotono: Everyone is supposed to be adults, so please be quiet, okay?]

 [Nee-san got mad when someone “ochinchin” over and over LOL]

 [Comment was deleted immediately LOL]

 [Nee-san, you said you were going to leave the scene, but we really need you here.]


 [If Nee-san isn’t here, who’s going to take care of this zoo?]

 [↑At least put us in a nursery or kindergarten, not with humans!!]

 [↑Do you think there’s a giant-chested preschooler here? Stupid! We’re cows, cows, at best a ranch!]

 Looks like I managed to distract them well.

 I bring up the next conversation with Kanon.

 ”Oh, by the way, since you’re staying over tonight, what about school tomorrow, Kanon?”

 ”I’ll just attend online as usual.”

 I think it’s okay to take a day off, but Kanon is so serious about it.

 It’s quite different from me, who was making progress during online classes.

 I steer the conversation towards student life.

 ”So, how’s your recent s*x life been?”

 ”S*x life!?”

 ”Oh, sorry, I meant student life. I just got it mixed up.”

 Sorrysorry! This time, I didn’t do it on purpose, I genuinely made a mistake.

 I clear my throat and switch back to being serious.

 ”Hmm, besides Aqua being suspended, nothing much… oh, but I just realized recently, it’s uncertain if we can go on the school trip.”

 ”By the way, both Aqua-sama and Kanon are in their second year.”

 Yeah, if the school trip gets postponed, maybe the Verification Team can plan a make-up trip during winter break or spring break.

 ”How long will you keep going to school?”

 ”For now, I think I can go until summer break. After summer break, I’m due to give birth soon, so I plan to take a break and attend classes online. Oh, that reminds me, Tenga-senpai is coming to our class in May for student teaching!”


 Will Tenga-senpai, who we’ve been waiting for to stop being a loner, finally join Otomezaki with BERYL gathering?

 The comments section is buzzing with excitement.


 [As a member of the TENGA tribe, I’m overwhelmed with emotions…]

 [I’m so happy for you. Really, I’m glad…]


 [Tenga-senpai looks like he’s getting excited.]

 [I can already imagine Aqua-kun getting all flustered, lol.]

 [Yeah, totally! lol]

 [Yukari Goha: Make sure you don’t get a chalk eraser dropped on your head by that brat Aqua.]

 [↑Actually, that might be a reward.]

 [↑The gameplay is too advanced…]

 [Well, Aqua-sama surprisingly doesn’t mind that kind of thing. He seems like he’d mess around during break time though, lol.]

 [I also want to become Aqua-kun’s health and physical education teacher and give him practical training.]

 Yeah, I get it. I also want to educate Aqua-sama on how to make babies in health and physical education class.

 With that in mind, I secretly worked on a certain plan behind the scenes without letting my Verification Team friends know.

 ”I see. Also, I’ll be starting my teaching internship next month, so please support me.”

 ”Huh? Where?”

 ”At the school Kanon attends.”

 Kanon tilts her head, a question mark floating above it.

 Damn, unlike when Morikawa is hogeing, this girl is so fucking cute even when she’s hogeing.

 She’s so cute even when she’s clueless. If she looks so defenseless, I might just give her a chew on her cheek! Actually, I would have kissed her if the camera wasn’t rolling.

 ”Wait, who’s going to come for teaching practice?”

 ”I, Yukishiro Emily, will be going to Otomezaki’s 2nd year Class A for teaching practice.”


 You must have been surprised. That’s right.

 I feel triumphant in my heart. Surprise success!!

 [So luxurious]

 [Otomezaki, huh? I’m envious…]

 [But, come to think of it, the level of the teacher for Aqua-kun’s class must be high for teaching practice.]

 [↑That’s right. If someone like us were to meet them, we would faint just from that]

 [When Shirogane Aqua, Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro, Tenga Akira, Tsukimachi Ayana, Shirogane Kanon, and Yukishiro Emily are all in the same class, it’s almost like a drama, isn’t it? ]

 [↑Is that drama being broadcast on NetFlicker?]

 [The cast of that drama is too luxurious, lol.]

 [If we actually gathered them, it would be ridiculously expensive just for the cast.]

 [On top of that, we have Sumeragi Kukuri, Inori Hisui, Oto Rurika, and Kato Iria as junior. And Natalia Rosenesta as a senpai. Where is this drama being broadcast?]

 [I want to be an extra watching the main cast of that drama from behind.]

 [↑Yeah, me too!]

 [Prime Minister Habu: I wonder if I should use my authority as Prime Minister to inspect the education field.]

 [↑Yes, it’s definitely a case that requires a dogeza.]

 [It’s good that the Prime Minister have the content for tomorrow’s dogeza ready!]

 [The Prime Minister going on inspections is a good thing. Last time, when she went on an inspection, they showed the footage to the Parliament, and also announced parts that were not in the footage in the Parliament, which was really great.]

 [↑The live broadcast of the Parliament had the highest viewing rate ever, it was definitely the best episode in history]

 [Workaholic: I-it hurts…]

 [Hey, Worker, go to sleep! I’ve never seen you sleeping]

 Hey, Kanon, come back here.

 I might really give you a kiss. I might even squeeze your breasts and butt while I’m at it.

 ”But, isn’t today’s live show more important? Hey, Kanon, how was the Hokkaido live tour this time?”

 I suddenly change the topic of conversation.

 Hey, this is your favorite topic! So come back, you damn otaku!


 Oh, here comes back. Once Kanon clears her throat, she speaks into the microphone again.

 ”Yep. This time at the Hokkaido concert, the visuals in the background were tailored to each individual story, but the underlying concept remained the same. I think it was great that I could feel a connection throughout all three days. For example, on the first day, the concert started with a collaboration stage by Emily-senpai, which turned into a fight song where the BERYL members cheer on a girl going from the snowy country to Tokyo. On the second day, it portrayed a girl who misses her hometown after moving to Tokyo and her local best friend’s perspective. Particularly, Hisui-chan and Aqua’s vocals in ‘Hanabi’ were really amazing and made my heart race. The story of the girl returning home at the end was also heartwarming. I think everything was spectacular. The BERYL members have also improved a lot in their singing abilities, and I think Toa-chan could easily go solo as a professional now. Initially, he relied on technique, but recently, his performances have been so emotional and touching. Tenga-senpai is as great as ever, just normal.

 I think he has gotten really good at using different singing styles, knowing when to sound cool and when not to. Mayuzumi-kun might still have a ways to go, but compared to the beginning, he’s improved a lot, and with each performance, he’s growing. I’m looking forward to even more growth in the future. But when it comes to BERYL, it’s definitely Aqua-sama. I mean, that charm!? And his emotional expression is incredible! When he’s feeling sad, it feels like your heart is being squeezed, and when he’s pumped up, your heart races and doesn’t stop. It’s like we’re on a roller coaster ride listening and watching him. And not just his singing voice, but his face is also great. I could watch him forever, maybe even only him, anyway, Aqua-sama was the best for those three days. It was also nice to relax with unrelated talks in between. This time was great.

 We had a lot of fun besides the concert, like hanging out and appearing on TV shows live. We played games together too, which was really enjoyable. And let me say it again, Aqua-sama looks cool when he sings. His singing is awesome, but his expressions are just something else. Also, his dancing is cool, but sometimes he does super cute fan service! That’s the best part. It’s like tickling your maternal instincts, you know? I thought maybe he does it on purpose, but turns out he’s just naturally like that. Before, he always showed us the cool Aqua, but now he’s picking up on what fans like and showing us that softer side too, which is nice. Aqua really cares about his fans, and it made me emotional thinking about how much he values us. So, what do you think, Emily-senpai? What do you like about Aqua-sama?

 Isn’t it true!? Let’s all talk until morning together!”


 ”Huh, Emily-senpai!?”

 Huh!? Oh, um, I must have fallen asleep in the middle of it.

 ”Oh, is it over?”

 ”Over? No way, it’s not over yet! Were you even listening?”

 ”Oh, yeah.”

 About half. I quickly avert my gaze from Kanon.

 [The Shitty Otaku Unrivaled Reign, The Shitty Otaku Unrivaled Reign!]

 [Aqua-sama isn’t reacting. Did he fall asleep…?]

 [Lucky you. Kanon-sama, if Aqua-sama had been awake, it would have been divorce for sure, divorce.]

 [Emily-sama totally fell asleep in the middle, lol.]

 [Looks like a few people fell asleep just now, lol.]

 [The child who had been crying stopped and fell asleep in an instant!?]

 [↑It’s a good idea to record Kanon-sama’s spell. The kids who were whining fell asleep in an instant.]

 [↑Oh, I heard a good story, but is that really okay for education?]

 [I’m really worried about the future of the kids who received sleep learning from Kanon-sama’s spell.]

 [↑Stop it! Don’t set up weird flags!!]

 [The plan to turn all Japanese citizens into otakus, I can’t laugh about the collapse of Stars anymore.]

 [Even Yukari Goha-san fell asleep normally lol]

 [As expected of the legal wife, finally, a card that can defeat Great Kaiju Yukari-gon, Wild Kohina Yukari has appeared.]

 [Ayana-chan fell asleep normally too, so cute.]

 [Oh, Kukuri-chan-sama fell asleep too, good night.]

 [Even the always awake Worker Holic-san fell asleep!]

 [↑What the heck!?]

 Yawn, I’m really getting sleepy.

 It’s not good to keep a pregnant woman up late, so maybe I’ll chat a bit more before going to bed.

 ”By the way, did the tour go to shopping districts or something?”

 ”We did! By the way, only Emily-senpai’s came out in the gacha gacha, why!?”

 Oh, I know why. It’s because deep down, you’re seeking me, right?

 Wow, it’s embarrassing that you think about me so much.

 ”Well then, want to trade with me? By the way, the only one I got doubles of is Kanon’s…”

 ”Huh? Your own… well, that’s embarrassing too…”

 Oh, it seems the wild Kaede-paisen and Nee-san appeared in the comments section too, so maybe everyone should trade with each other, right?

 It seems Kanon noticed that too.

 We continued talking for another few tens of minutes.

 ”In the end, we ended up talking about ourselves rather than BERYL and stuff.”

 ”Can’t help it.”

 Well, because you’ve already said everything by yourself, there’s nothing more to add.

 ”Well then, Yukishiro Emily’s Midnight Radio in Hokkaido ends here.”

 ”To all our listeners, thank you for today. Good night.”

 ”Everyone, try not to stay up too late. Goodnight. And to those who are starting work now, those who are still working, it must be tough, but good job! Excuse me for leaving first. Well then—”

 After announcing the end of the broadcast, I gaze at the comments section for a while.


 [I’m starting work now. I’ll do my best!!]

 [I’m on the night shift, but it was really fun. Thank you so much!]

 [Kanon-sama, you can appear every other time. I want to hear more geeky talks!]

 [Today, too, I was healed by Emily-sama’s pure voice. Thank you!!]

 [Kanon-sama, thank you for putting my child to bed. But in the future, please take responsibility if my child becomes like Kanon-sama!]

 [Emily-sama, I’m looking forward to the song with Aqua-kun that you’ll announce on the next Hiroshima tour!!]

 [Thank you both for staying up late. Good job!]

 [Emily-sama, since you’ve been busy since this morning, make sure to take a nice rest!]

 I press the end broadcast button when the time feels right.

 ”Okay, well, time to sleep… wait, Kanon!?”

 Kanon, who was next to me, leans her head on my shoulder.

 W-w-w-wait, could it be that maybe, just maybe, she has been feeling lonely without Aqua-sama lately, or she misses Aqua-sama? Could this be an invitation for a nighttime rendezvous!? Guhehe, if that’s the case, leave it to me. I’ll comfort you on those lonely nights!!

 I glance at Kanon beside me with excitement.

 …Oh, never mind. She’s just sleeping normally.

 ”Hey, if you sleep here, you’ll catch a cold!”

 Geez, showing such a defenseless sleeping face, she’d be attacked by anyone other than me or Aqua-sama. Wait, is it the other way around?

 I send a message to Nee-san and Kaede-paisen for help.

 Oh well. Until then, I’ll lend her my shoulder.

 While waiting for the two to arrive, Kanon and I shared a blanket to keep her stomach warm.


 Illustration. I couldn’t place it well, so I added it at the end.




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