Male Idol V13c35

Volume 13 Chapter 35 Kohina Yukari, What’s Mokkori?

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 In the cell, someone approaches Ryo, who looks downcast.

 ’Oh, it’s Sae-san!’

 ’Saejima-san, thanks for helping Shiro. And sorry about my sister, Reina. She’s a bit of a neat freak.’

 Sae, played by Emily-chan, the detective, releases Ryo from the cell.

 Geez, Sae is so kind. You could keep this guy locked up for three days.

 ’Saejima-san, thank you so much. Here, this is the promised fee. And let me apologize.’


 Ryo’s eyes sparkle.

 See, he gets cocky right away!

 ’Saejima-san, if there’s anything I can do, just let me know.’

 Sae leans in close to Ryo.


 Seeing Ryo’s heavy breathing, I give a disapproving look.

 Is this acting or genuine? Tsukasa-sensei, even though it’s a festival special drama, you’re pushing Ryo too much towards Aqua’s usual character.

 ’So, are you really okay with anything?’

 Ryo gives a firm determined look.

 This guy, he’s even changing his voice to sound a bit more attractive, isn’t he overdoing it with the jokes?

 But, I thought this is where his experience as a voice actor shines.

 Speaking of which, he always has that attractive voice as the lead in Zandam, so even though there’s a massive influx of troublesome female fans swooning over him, can he handle them properly? Well, the top fan among those troublesome ones is his legal wife, though.

 In that sense, I thought Aqua and Kanon-san fit just right.

 ’Um, how about next time, we have a meal together at the hotel restaurant?’

 ’Yes, if it’s alright with you, please let me treat you.’

 Alright, alright, that’s good then.

 After leaving the police station with a grin on his face, Ryo skips his way back home.

 Director Hongou is good at cool camera work, but I think she has also become skilled at capturing comedic scenes.

 Compared to Tsukasa-sensei’s usual scripts, this one has a lot of comedic elements. To be frank, Tsukasa-sensei wasn’t thought to be good at these kinds of scripts. This was not just my personal opinion, but also the general consensus.

 Thanks to encountering the brilliance of Shirogane Aqua, two individuals with great abilities are growing in unexpected directions that no one could have imagined.

 Even Aqua is like that. If he’s so cool, he can achieve a certain level just with his face and voice, without honing his acting skills so much. Even without expanding his range as an actor, just standing in front of the camera, he has as much presence as Yukishiro Mikuni, without the added value of being a man.

 I glance toward Akocchi.

 ”Yukari, what’s wrong?”

 Akocchi notices my gaze and meets my eyes.

 If Aqua hadn’t been paired with Akocchi, I wonder what would have happened?

 At that time, they definitely wouldn’t have cast someone like him, and I don’t think they would have let him play characters like Ryo or Makishima either.

 Hehe, I can’t help but smile.

 ”It’s nothing. I just… thought Akocchi is still crazy.”

 ”Me? I’m totally normal. If anything, I think you’re the crazy one, Yukari!”

 Is that so?

 But you headbutted someone when I was little, almost becoming the target of bullying because I aspired to be an actress at St. Clarice, right? Who was it that said not to make fun of my friends and headbutted someone? I don’t know if Akocchi remembers, but I still remember that day.

 Because Akocchi didn’t laugh at my dream that day, I am who I am now.

 ”And besides, isn’t Aqua-kun way crazier than me?”

 ”Who was the president of the agency that’s dealing with that guy?”

 Ah, I really wanted Akocchi to become my manager someday.

 Thinking about it, I’m getting a little irritated with Useless Aqua, who’s monopolizing my Akocchi.

 Hey, be grateful to me since you monopolize my Akocchi, who is also liked by Ayana-chan, who also takes care of me. Watching the Useless Aqua that appeared on the screen, I muttered in my heart.

 ”That’s me, but… I’m just normal. I don’t have any amazing talent like those two.”

 Akocchi, with puffed cheeks, turned hwe face away from the screen with a pout.

 Being liked by the troublesome duo like me and Shirogane Aqua, who are among the most troublesome in this world, in itself makes me not normal.

 Oh, by the way, although the public doesn’t know, Akocchi, who is the same age as me, is also part of the nightmare generation. When will everyone notice that?

 ”Well, both Akocchi and I are being saved by each other’s normalcy.”

 So, let’s get along from now on.

 I muttered in my heart and returned my gaze to the screen in front of me.

 ’I’m back, Kaoru!’

 When Ryo got home, his playful expression quickly turned serious.

 Ah, right about now there are probably foolish fans watching this and saying ‘Aqua-sama looks cool,’ causing a commotion.”

 Ryo leaned against the wall and moved closer to the sound of water coming from the bathroom.

 ’Calm down, Ryo. You have been through countless life-threatening situations before.’

 I, who know the punchline, stare at the screen in disbelief.

 This scene was definitely unnecessary. Will it end soon?

 Ryo slowly opens the door to the dressing room and enters without making a sound.

 ’Hmm, is that…?’

 Ryo locks onto the laundry basket in the dressing room and picks up the underwear that was on top.

 Of course, this underwear is not someone’s recently taken off or used. It is brand new.

 ’Wow! That Koaru. When did she start wearing such innocent underwear!? Maybe she’s planning to have a showdown with me tonight!?’

 I don’t want to believe that the actors playing the roles of Ryo is the same as Makishima, Yuujin, Kenzaki, Kazuya, and Seimei.

 In that sense, I thought he was also growing.

 ’Well, let’s see… ‘

 Ryo stares at the underwear with a serious expression.

 At that moment, the door between the changing room and the bathroom slowly opens.



 It’s not Ryo and Kaoru staring at each other, but Rishe, the maid.

 Of course, Rishe’s body is wrapped in a bath towel, so nothing except her shoulders can be seen.

 That’s because Aqua complained that he wouldn’t like it otherwise.

 Ryo quickly puts the underwear he was holding in his pocket and approaches Rishe with a sharp look on his face.

 ’Young lady, what are you doing here?’

 What did you do? Wait, is not that!

 Quickly throw out the underwear you put in your pocket and get out of here! You pervert!!




 There is a scene where people walking on the street are startled by a scream that can be heard all around them.

 In the next moment, with a loud noise of the front door opening, loud footsteps can be heard.

 ’Rishe-san, are you okay?’


 ’Huh? Kaoru?’

 Ryo turned around, meeting Kaoru’s eyes as he returned from shopping.

 ’Hey! You pervert has no boundaries!’

 ’Wait, no, it’s not what you think! Kaoru-sama, this is not what it looks like!’

 ’What do you mean, you idiot! Pervert! Dirty! Bulging eggplant!!’ (T/N: mokkori -> bulging)

 The character I’m playing, Kaoru, throws a yellow basin with red letters on it at Ryo.

 Ryo, who avoided it by jumping, grabbed Rishe-san’s arm and hid behind her.


 ’Don’t hide behind the girl. You coward!!!!!’


 Kaoru hit Ryo’s head with a hammer that said Megaton Hammer, which had been left in the changing room.

 Oh, even thinking about it now, that scene was the best.

 At first, we were going to use CGI for this, but Aqua insisted on doing it for real because it would look more realistic.

 Of course, the Megaton Hammer was made of foam so that no one would get hurt, but it was so refreshing.

 However, after that scene, it was a bit creepy to see Aqua looking happy when he was hit by the Megaton Hammer by Kanon-san and Ayana-chan off the record. That part should definitely be cut for the fans, even if it’s a bonus scene.

 When the screen blacked out for a moment, the scene gradually became clear as if the eyelids were opening.

 ’Oh, are you awake?’

 Kanon-san, playing Rishe, looks down at Ryo with a worried expression.

 This is because Rishe had been taking care of Ryo, who had fainted, by resting his head on her lap until Kaoru finished cooking.

 ’No, I might still be in a dream.’


 Aqua shows a sharp expression.

 ’Well, because there’s such a beautiful goddess in front of me.’


 Rishe-san, you might as well hit him with a megaton hammer one more time.

 ’Don’t be ridiculous, Ryo.’

 Kaoru, realizing that Ryo has woken up, puts the dish she made on the table with an amazed expression.

 In this scene, in the drama, it’s portrayed as Kaoru, the character I play, made the dish, but in reality, it was Aqua, who plays Ryo, who made it. Because there’s no way I could make something like this.

 Of course, I enjoyed the prepared food, making fun of the silly faces of the eager staff. Well, I did give a little bit to them because I felt sorry for them.

 ’Rishe-san, you don’t have to listen to this idiot’s nonsense.’


 While eating, Kaoru explains to Ryo about Rishe-san and the details of the request.

 ’I see. In that case, leave it to me tomorrow!’


 Rishe is delighted by Ryo’s words.

 For Rishe, who has lived a restricted life as a princess, experiencing the outside world must be enjoyable.

 What’s amazing about this production is not just the casting, but rather, the script was tailored in advance to fit this cast.

 Since Tsukasa-sensei heard that this was a festive production, I guess she wrote the characters with certain actors in mind. So, even though the performers might be amateurs, there’s no sense of awkwardness or roughness in their acting.

 My personality must also be understood, and it’s possible that they cast me without doing any lousy acting. The scriptwriter, Shimizu Kisuka-sensei, who was there when I won a movie award, also said that Tsukasa-sensei is scary because she can read so deeply and write the script.

 ’Was it really okay for us to be here?’


 The next day, Rishe, accompanied by Ryo, was in a serene place away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

 The two of them parked their bright red mini car on the side of the road, got out, and breathed in the delicious natural air.

 ’I remember a little bit about the countryside I used to live in.’

 ’Oh, really?’

 While following behind Rishe, who was walking in front of him, Ryo suggests,

 ’Since we’re here, why don’t we take a little walk around?’

 ’Sure, that sounds good.’

 As the two walk along a dirt path, they engage in lively conversation.

 They stop to splash water in a river they come across, laugh together at a ladybug on Rishe’s hat, creating a very heartwarming atmosphere.

 ”Hey, isn’t this just Aqua and Kanon-san on a date?”

 ”Ha, you’re right…”

 When I ask, Ako laughs a bit.

 Well, it feels nice to see these two happy.

 Even my usually thorny heart softens for a moment.

 The fun date goes on until the day starts to fade, and it slowly comes to an end.

 ’Wow! That man and the beautiful foreign lady are on a date!’

 ’It’s true!’

 Children notice the couple and run over to them.

 Among them is Shi-chan, who I had given a special prize before.

 Yep, it looks like she’s growing up well.


 At the innocent words of the children, Rishe’s face turns red.

 This shy side of her is just like Kanon-san.

 It’s amazing because they’ve been married for almost half a year now, and she’s even pregnant, but she still gets shy like this.

 A farmer, noticing the noise from the kids, stops his work and approaches the couple.

 ’Why are you all here in such an empty place?’

 A person approaching lifted their straw hat.

 Rishe-san looked surprised at the sight.

 ’A man…’

 The person taking on the role of a farmer is Tenga-kun, who also works on a farm at home.

 Tenga-kun squints his eyes and gently touches his chin beard.

 I remember he actually grew a chin beard for this filming. Oh… but I recall Aqua saying that it didn’t grow fast enough, and since he had to shave for a concert, he ended up using a fake beard.

 ’No time for chit-chat. Come closer.’

 The farmer character played by Tenga-kun invites the two people to his house.

 ’Surprised that a man works as a farmer?’

 ’Oh, sorry.’

 It’s something that wouldn’t happen in real life.

 Just like Ryo and the owner of the café earlier, it’s rare to see men working in these roles.

 The same goes for Ryo. Even though Ryo’s personality may seem peculiar at first glance, thanks to Aqua and BERYL, I can watch without feeling any discomfort. I realize that.

 ’No, it’s fine. It’s something I’m proud of.’

 The farmer who boiled barley tea in a kettle on the stove pours tea into two cups.

 ’However, just like there are various types of women, there are also various types of men. I enjoy gardening and talking to vegetables, so I do this job.’

 The farmer looks towards Ryo.

 ’Do you have something that you’re working on?’

 ’Oh, I may look like this, but I am actually a neat freak. I clean up the dirty streets of Tokyo.’

 ’Tokyo… I see. That must be quite a mess.’

 The farmer, played by Tenga-kun, sips his tea noisily.

 The others drink their tea in response.

 Rishe looks at the two men and expresses her doubts.

 ’The men in this country are really working hard, huh?’

 ’Oh? Ah, it’s about the economy bubble, I see. Thanks to that, people like us are allowed to exist.’

 I see, so that’s why this story is set in this era.

 I remember learning about it back when I was at St. Claris, two years before this time setting, thanks to the Equal Employment Opportunity Law enacted in 1986, which led to men entering society. However, that was only for a short period, as male social advancement drastically decreased with the collapse of the bubble.

 On the other hand, there are countries that have imported this policy to increase male social advancement. That’s what Stars did.

 In fact, the queen of Stars, Mary-sama, suddenly came to Japan with no prior connection, surprising everyone.

 Although her purpose is still unclear, it seems like this story was created using that story.

 The way Tsukasa-sensei adds realism to the story and makes it intriguing with mysterious credibility really feels like her style, and that makes sense.

 ’I was born and raised in the city, but I got tired of that glamorous life. At that time, I happened to come here and found this job. Before I knew it, I had moved here.’

 ’Is that so?’

 Rishe looked at Ryo.

 Ryo briefly met Rishe’s gaze before looking away at nothing.

 ’I… ‘

 Ryo squinted his eyes and the screen blacked out, entering a flashback scene.

 In the darkness, only the sound of heavy rain falling could be heard.

 ’Machino! Hey!! Pull yourself together, Machino!!’

 In a small alley between buildings in Shinjuku, a soaking wet Ryo desperately shouts at someone.

 The person he’s calling Machino isn’t Kaoru, but Kaoru’s younger brother, Machino Yukihide.

 ’Yukihide!! You can’t end like this, right here!? Are you really planning to leave Kaoru behind and go ahead alone!?’

 Playing the role of Yukihide Machino is Mayuzumi-kun.

 The man in the blood-stained suit, with a lifeless face, limp arms, and broken glasses… he probably won’t make it.

 Machino Yukihide was in a condition where it seemed like no one could save him.

 Ryo noticed this and his expression twisted in worry.

 It was unclear if Ryo was crying because of the rain, but he looked like he was in pain.

 Ah, it’s annoying to realize that this guy has gotten better at this. I want to praise Mayuzumi-kun’s acting skills because he has improved, but this guy’s acting skill makes me angry, so I can’t focus.

 ’Yukihide, please…! Wake up…!’

 In response to Ryo’s plea, Yukihide faintly moved his fingertips.

 Several police cars passed by the main street behind the two, their sirens blaring loudly.

 ’Ryo… Heavens… Watch out for the Trip…’

 ’Heav…? Hey! Yukihide!! Pull yourself together!!’

 Yukihide puts one hand on Ryo’s chest, and with all his remaining strength, he pushes him away.

 ’Cough… Ryo… Please take care of my sister Kaoru!’


 From far away, a voice can be heard saying, “There’s someone here.”

 ’Damn it! Stay alive, Yukihide! As long as you’re alive, I’ll definitely come to help you!!’

 Ryo leaves Yukihide behind and runs in the opposite direction from where the voice came from.

 The flashback scene ends here.

 ’I have always been trapped in that city. In the past, and now…’


 Rishe looks at Ryo’s profile with a worried expression.

 Although there are no distinct signs of romance yet, it can be inferred that Ryo is an interesting man to Rishe.

 Oh no, why is this guy popular in both fictional and real worlds? It’s annoying.

 The farmer looks straight at Ryo.

 ’Have you ever wanted to run away?’

 ’Not a day I thought like that. But I have to cling on. In that city…’

 The farmer man heard the answer and stood up silently, walking towards a corner of the room with a dirt floor.

 After a while, the farmer man came back holding a box full of vegetables.

 ’Take it home. Even though I’m the one who ran away from that city, I can tell you this: when things get tough, eat good food.’

 ’Thank you.’

 Ryo and Rishe thanked the farmer man and left his house, heading towards the car they left behind.

 Ryo, carrying the box of vegetables, gazed at Rishe’s back as she walked ahead.

 ’Remember when I told you I lived in the countryside before?’

 ’Yeah, I remember.’

 Rishe stopped and looked up at the sky.

 ’Those days were good. Grandma was there… dear mother too…’

 Having choked up with those words, Rishe paused for a moment and then turned to look at Ryo.

 Wow, that’s cool. Kanon-san looks the part and acts pretty well too. Maybe pretending to be a princess helped?

 ’Hey, Saejima-san. If I said I wanted to run away, what would you do?’

 ’…If that’s your request, I’ll see it through to the end.’

 Ryo, carrying a box of vegetables in both hands, walks past Rishe.

 ’But you won’t run away. Just like me, that’s the only way you know how to live.’


 Rishe mutters, then turns to look back at Ryo, who has passed her, and hugs him tightly from behind.

 ’Saejima-san, when I feel like that, you have to promise to take me away, even if it’s a lie.’

 ’Sorry. But… just like you have things to protect, I have things I need to protect too.’

 Ayana-chan is probably at home right now, watching this scene alone and feeling frustrated, I thought.

 These two people have a good relationship, or maybe Kanon-san is just really good at it, no, it’s probably both.

 This scene is definitely a good one. And Rishe couldn’t play the current Ayana-chan role.

 I’m an actress too, so I know that there’s nothing more humiliating than watching someone do something you can’t do.


 That night, after everyone had gone to sleep, a shadow moved.

 Ako, who was watching next to me, stared at the screen with a tense expression, thinking that someone was going to be attacked.

 Sorry, Ako. I’ll apologize in advance.

 ’Hehe, are the kids asleep? It’s time for some naughty fun at night!’

 Aqua’s laughing face appears.

 After that scene, this happens.

 Can’t believe it… I want the sad feelings from earlier back.

 ’I’m coming in…’

 Ryo sneaks into Rishe’s room.

 However, at that moment, he suddenly becomes serious.

 Ryo, who instantly kicked down the door, reaches into his pajama pants and takes out a gun.

 At the same time, someone smashes the glass window of the sliding door and enters the room from the balcony.


 Rishe, who was woken up by the noise, screams.

 Kaoru, who was sleeping on the same bed, steps forward to protect Rishe.


 The assailant who was shot in the forehead by Ryo collapses. However, the attack by someone does not end there.

 Along with the attack from the window, new attackers forcefully open the front door and enter.

 ’Darn it!’

 Ryo engages in a gunfight with the attackers who rush in from the front door.


 In response to Rishe’s voice, Saejima looks towards the broken sliding door.

 Then, another new attacker enters from there.


 As Kaoru, the character I play, pulls out a morning star hidden under the bed and swings it at the opponent with force.

 Director Hongo asked if it was okay to hit Ryo, but was asked not to do it because it would be pitiful.

 ’Kaoru! I’ll take care of this!!’

 ’Leave it to me!’

 Both Ryo and Kaoru are strong, but everyone has their limits. The more they fight, the more exhausted they become.

 While Ryo and the attackers at the entrance are engaged in a gunfight, Kaoru is in a pinch when the enemy takes away her morning star.



 In a desperate situation, a helper appears.

 ’Are you both okay?’


 With Hitomi, played by Kuga Reira in a leotard, taking care of the enemies on the balcony, her action skills are amazing.

 No matter how much effort I put in, I realize I can’t be like Kuga Reira.

 Ryo was also captivated by her tall height, graceful foreign body type, long limbs, and the powerful action scenes that came from her physique.


 Ryo’s attention turned to the voice coming from the entrance.

 ’Police! Put your hands up!!’

 ’Be quiet!’

 It seemed that Sae, played by Emily, and her sister Reina, played by Ayana, had rushed over due to a neighbor’s report.

 Just when they thought it was all settled, they heard the sound of a helicopter from outside.

 ’No way…’

 The helicopter seen from the balcony pointed its gun towards them.

 ’It’s okay. Help is coming.’

 With Hitomi’s words, the scene changes.

 A military vehicle driving through the city, with Kaede’s father, who was at the cafe, is driving it

 ’I found it, Onyudo. The helicopter!’

 Ichimonji Nozomi, played by Yukishiro Mikuni, spotted the helicopter through binoculars and pointed to it as it began to turn.

 ’Nozomi, switch places and drive.’

 ’Got it!’

 Nozomi leaned out from the passenger seat and took the wheel.

 Onyudo reached back into the rear seat, lifted a bazooka about his height, aimed it at the helicopter, and fired.

 ’Get down!’

 Ryo covered Kaoru and Rishe above him.

 In the next instant, with a loud bang, the helicopter exploded in mid-air.

 The explosion caused the windows of nearby buildings to shatter.

 The debris of the out-of-control helicopter crashed down into a nearby park.


 ’What? What just happened?’

 Sae shielded her sister Reina from the blast.

 ’If we get caught by the police here, it’ll be troublesome. Let’s escape while we have the chance!’

 Upon Ryo’s signal, Hitomi picked up Kaoru.

 ’Hey, wait, we’re really going to escape…?’

 ’Exactly. Kaoru-san.’

 Hitomi, feeling a sense of foreboding, suppressed Kaoru’s urge to scream and covered her mouth with her both hands.

 This scene was so intense because it wasn’t a stunt, it was real.

 [What? Is Kohina Yukari scared?]

 [Huh? No way!!]

 My habit is to quickly rise to provocation. But this time, I regretted rising to the provocation.

 With Kaoru, who injured her foot, in her arms, Hitomi jumped off the balcony.

 Hitting the ground gracefully, Hitomi sent a hand signal to Ryo.

 They’ll meet up with Onyudo at the end of this street.

 Hitomi told Ryo about it and headed to the meeting point with the injured Kaoru in her arms.

 ’Hold on tight!’


 Ryo carried Rishe in his arms and flew.

 In this scene, Natalia-san served as a stunt double for Kanon-san.

 Normally, Aqua should have done a stuntman as well, but because only staff who had worked on Aqua’s projects in the past were involved, no one was worried when he said he wanted to fly.


 In trying to avoid a stray cat that jumped out during the landing, Ryo sprained his ankle.


 ’Rishe, leave me behind and go ahead! It’s okay! Even if they catch me, they’re just the police. They won’t take my life.’

 Rishe hesitated for a moment, but she understood that if she were found by the police here, it could become an international incident. So, she headed towards the direction her eyes were running to.


 ’I was thinking, if I’m going to get caught, I want a pretty detective to do it.’

 As always, this guy really…!

 When Ryo was caught by Sae, he was taken back to solitary confinement.

 Now, footsteps could be heard approaching.

 ’Saejima Ryo… Are you a citizen of our country?’

 Ryo looked in the direction of the voice.

 ’Hello, I am Habu, who serves as the Prime Minister of Japan.’

 The Prime Minister Habu, who was playing the role, smiled at Ryo.

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