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Volume 13 Chapter 5 Sumeragi Kukuri, Is This Country Okay?

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 It’s Friday, April 7, 2023, and today is Otomezaki’s entrance ceremony.

 As I leave my apartment, I notice Emily-oneechan crying while weeding the garden outside.

 I wonder what happened? She’s probably crying over something really trivial, but her occasional glances in my direction are annoying, so I decide to go and ask her.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”Oh, well, I went to Stars the other day. Every time I attend a party, they ask if I’m from the Yukishiro family and request a donation. So I donated, and now I’m broke. I’ve even used up all the money I earned from my late-night drama that I’m currently appearing in. Hahaha…”

 Ah… yeah. I can somehow vividly imagine everything.

 I go back to my room for a moment and take out the luxury Yakiniku set I received as a congratulatory gift from Prime Minister Habu from the refrigerator.

 Once again outside my room, I offer the Yakiniku set to Emily-oneechan.

 ”I don’t eat this much, so I’ll give it to you.”

 ”Oh, oh! M-meat! Thank you, thank you!”

 Geez, you should tell me when that happens.

 We live in the same apartment after all. Aren’t you silly?

 I swayed my hair with an indifferent expression.

 ”Well then, it’s time for my entrance ceremony.”

 ”Good luck!”

 Emily-oneechan waved the flag of the Republic of Great Udon, a remnant of the past, as she saw me off.

 Ah, just looking at that flag gives me a headache. How did it come to this? I want someone to explain it to me from the beginning. Even after looking at the reports from the Holy Aqua Religion over 100 times, I still can’t how it turned out like this.

 Maybe it’s impossible for me to understand those two… No, I can’t give up. Claire is no longer reliable, so I have to do it properly!

 Grandma Mary also has a hedonistic side, and Kythera was out of the game from the beginning. I don’t really want to, but if I don’t do it properly, the Holy Aqua Religion will truly become a group of really dangerous people.

 I think about these things while riding the train.

 ”Ah, that girl, she’s a first-year student at Otomezaki!”

 ”Oh, wait, isn’t that Kukuri-sama?”

 ”Kukuri-sama, she’s from Otomezaki. Lucky!”

 As I sit on the train, students from another school who saw me start whispering to each other.

 Why are girls’ conversations always so noisy? They may think they’re speaking quietly, but I can hear everything.

 I get up from my seat and call out to the grandma, who boarded at a station along the way.

 ”Please have a seat.”

 ”Oh, th-thank you…!”

 Grandma looks at my face and bows.

 Sigh… It seems like many people of this generation consider the Sumeragi family as some kind of god or something.

 There might be some people within the Sumeragi family who think that way, but I dislike it.

 I just want to live a normal life and enjoy it even more.

 That’s why I admire the way Emily-oneechan, who was born into the Yukishiro family, lives freely.

 I shift my gaze to an advertisement nearby.

 [Victoria-sama received minor injuries, just accidentally hit by a camera. There are also incidents where ordinary citizens are involved in falls. What is the quality and responsibility of the media being questioned? Is it okay for the media to do anything?]

 [General citizens are demonstrating about the way journalists and the media behave. The right to know and invasion of privacy are different things. There are also voices saying, “Don’t use victims for your profit.”]

 [Emergency dialogue! Mary-sama and Prime Minister Habu: “There are things in the world that are better left unknown. Just as there are white lies, turning a blind eye to lies that don’t need to be exposed is also the dignity of a journalist.”]

 [Women stand up after being injured, and the female members of Stars fully support Aqua-sama, who is trying to go for an interview himself. After all, our Shirogane Aqua is the coolest man in the world!!]

 [The Saint publishes an apology article, admitting that the s*x contribution system was indeed excessive. They apologize for their desires as women being too exposed. Furthermore, the image shows Prime Minister Habu leading the way down the elevator at The Saint’s headquarters, and Yukishiro Emily-san skillfully wielding a fire extinguisher to engage in firefighting activities.]

 [The trigger of the Friday attack incident: Sentence Spring’s building was turned into a vacant lot overnight by a demolition contractor. The demolition company went bankrupt after the company “picked the wrong location,” and the president and employees went into hiding.Compensation costs could not be recovered. Is it possible? Neighborhood resident: “I’m glad there’s more vacant land for children to play on. I’m sure Sentence Spring will be satisfied with the article, which also talks about environmental issues.”]

 Haha, I couldn’t help but smile. That’s definitely not the last move!

 The world lights up with Aqua-sama’s actions. Despite being born a man, Aqua-sama breaks through from nothing with such passion that it even disrupts the world. I fell in love with his intense drive.

 So when Kanon-san, who couldn’t choose the same path as me, gained freedom and happiness, I was as happy as if it were my own achievement.

 I don’t know what Kanon-san thinks, but even though we’re from different countries and couldn’t choose our paths, I felt like we were kindred spirits in a way.

 I glance at the breaking news on the adjacent electronic bulletin board.

 [Kokucho Agewa-shi, returning to the political scene as the representative of the new party, the Saint Party. She saw Prime Minister Habu, beaming with a determined smile as she took the lead in the elevator, and she thought, “I have to stop this person properly.”]

 Agewa-oneechan coming back to politics made me really happy.

 She was bound by the Kokucho family’s curse, but she kept fighting alone and finally achieved the result she wanted. I was moved by Agewa-oneechan’s determination and enduring strength. I know I could never do that.

 That’s why I respect her.

 I did think it wouldn’t be so bad to be captivated by Aqua-sama and live a decadent life, but Agewa-oneechan is someone who lives in that world after all.

 Let’s make sure that Prime Minister Habu, who caused this, takes responsibility.

 As I get off the train, I start walking towards school.

 ”Congratulations to all the new students!! How about trying Aqua Dango!!”

 ”For breakfast, how about an asparagus tomato sandwich, abbreviated as ATS, or an Aqtoa sandwich! There’s also a TAS, or egg avocado sandwich, and a Toaqua sandwich!”

 ”We’re selling the same T-shirt that Kohina Yukari-san is wearing! We also have new hoodies for winter!! Check out the new products, including the Koguma hoodie that Shirogane Aqua-sama bought, and the Great Kaiju Yukari-gon’s mascot roomwear!!”

 The street is really bustling.

 Even though every other shopping street is quiet, this one is full of energy.

 Wow, they’re even partnering with other shopping streets to sell the same things here and in other local areas. That’s amazing! But, I wonder if they have the right permissions for that… Oh, wait, I see “Shirogane Aqua Official” and “Kohina Yukari Official” written everywhere. Can you believe it?

 When I get to school, I change my shoes at the shoe locker.

 ”I-I-It’s Kukuri-sama…”

 ”Wow. I ran into a super famous person right from the start of the morning.”

 ”I feel like I’ve enrolled at Otomezaki now.”

 ”I’ll boast to my mom about this later.”

 I walk down the hallway toward my classroom.

 Along the way, I see a crowd forming.

 I wonder what’s going on?

 I peek through the gap to see what everyone is taking pictures of.


 Great udon… So, because of all the trouble caused at Stars and the anxiety it caused among us Japanese citizens, the following person will be suspended from school for one week.

 During the suspension period, the person in question will be required to participate in extracurricular activities designated by the school.

 Class 2A, Shirogane Aqua

 Oh, this is it…

 By the way, it was me, the chairman of this school, who decided on the punishment, but behind the scenes, there was a certain discussion with Prime Minister Habu.

 Why would Aqua-sama of all people end up owing something to Prime Minister Habu? That person may have a smug face, but she’s really someone I dislike as a negotiation partner who ensures her own interests.

 Well, knowing Aqua-sama, I’m not really worried, but he’ll have to either participate in the infamous extracurricular activity himself or arrange for someone I trust to do it.

 Ugh, why are you also suspended during such a busy time?

 I also direct my gaze to the paper posted next to me.


 Last night, due to the noise, the police were called and the person in question caused inconvenience to the neighbors. As a result, the following person will be suspended from school for one week.

 However, it should be noted that the student has only been reported and not arrested.

 Class 2A – Chihiro Claire

 Ugh, these fanatics! Can’t they just restrain themselves a bit? Lately, they can’t seem to hide at all!

 If there was a table of the right height here, I would have punched it with a clenched fist.

 I walk past the bulletin board with an awkward face and enter the classroom labeled 1st Year A.

 ”Ugh, it’s Kukuri-sama…”

 ”I’m getting nervous about being with Kukuri-sama for the next three years.”

 ”It’s amazing. Her aura is completely different from us extras.”

 I sit in my seat, aware of the gazes around me.

 Huh? There are some scribbles left here. I wonder what this is? Some kind of hieroglyphics maybe?

 I reach into my desk. Hm? What’s this paper? Something left behind by the previous person?

 I take out the scrap of paper from the desk and lower my gaze to the writing.

 [Breast Hymn. Lyrics: Shirogane Aqua]

 I quickly folded the paper and put it back deep in my desk.

 Hey, hey, hey! What are you forgetting?!

 Wait, huh? Th-this, is this Aqua-sama’s desk?!

 Come to think of it, there’s a faint scent of Aqua-sama here… It can’t be, right?

 If it was Emily-oneechan with her sharp nose, she might have noticed something, but my normal nose can’t sense any smells.

 I’ll send a message to Emily-oneechan.

 Sumeragi Kukuri

 My seat was Aqua-sama’s desk and chair.

 Yukishiro Emily

 Lick! After everyone leaves after school, mast***ing!!

 Anyway, please sniff the corner of the desk!

 And put the smell in a plastic bag and take it home. Thank you!

 I chose the wrong person to consult.

 I blocked Emily-oneechan and quietly closed the messaging app.

 While waiting for the opening ceremony to start, I sat still and looked ahead, and the class started to get a little restless.

 I wonder if someone is coming? I turned my gaze towards the classroom entrance.

 ”Hey, it’s Inori-san.”

 ”Wow, Kukuri-sama is cute, but Hisui-chan is cute too.”

 ”Her legs are beautiful! She has a great figure! I just passed by Ayana-senpai, but Otomezaki is on a different level for sure.”

 ”Otomezaki is really high level. I just passed by the student council president, and she was incredibly beautiful.”

 ”Isn’t she related to Kanon-sama? She’s so beautiful, it’s natural.”

 Inori-san noticed me and ran over here, waving her hand with sparkling eyes.

 What’s with this puppy-like feeling…

 ”Hey, Kukuri-chan! Good morning! Also, congratulations on starting school!”

 ”Good morning. And congratulations on starting school to you too, right? So, um… congratulations on your admission.”

 This girl has been like this towards me from the beginning. Maybe she doesn’t understand what kind of family Sumeragi is.

 Well, it’s okay to have at least one person like this, whose pace is off. Right? So those who are monitoring me should make sure not to miss that. At least, even now, I was happy… no, that’s not it!!

 ”I just arrived in the capital and don’t know anyone, so I’m glad to be in the same class as Kukuri-chan. But I was really close to not being able to stay in Class A, so I have to work hard…”

 ”Well, I’m studying for the test too, so I don’t mind helping you.”

 Inori-san’s beautifully sparkling eyes shine brightly.

 This girl, her eyes have such a strong presence, even more than Aqua-sama.

 I want to keep looking at them forever, they’re more beautiful than any jewel.


 ”W-Well, even Aqua-sama might worry if Inori-san’s grades drop! So I have no choice. Yes, no choice. So don’t misunderstand, okay?”

 Inori-san leans forward and grabs both of my hands, making me feel embarrassed, so I turn my face away with a huff.

 ”Thank you! I like Kukuri-chan!”


 Inori-san hugged me. Oh no! If you wag your tail so obviously, someone will trick you!

 I can’t help it. I have to keep an eye on her so Aqua-sama doesn’t get sad.

 And stop pushing your chest against me. Even if you try to assert dominance with your chest, it won’t work!! I’m still growing, and I’ll be bigger by the time I become an adult!!

 ”Oh, is that…”

 ”Isn’t that Oto-san!?”

 ”Is Oto-san the Oto Rurika-san?”

 ”Oto Rurika-san is also Otomezaki?”

 Oto Rurika, the rookie actress who competed for the drama award with Kohina Yukari.

 This girl… Otomezaki is known for its free-spirited school culture, but isn’t she a bit too free-spirited?

 Her hair is a two-tone color with a light pink shade, and she slightly modifies her uniform. She wears a cat ear hoodie over her uniform and sports chunky platform sneakers that are trendy nowadays.

 Oto-san gives me a quick glance and heads to her seat.

 I wonder if she’ll be okay. Will she stand out more than me in this class? I feel a slight sense of familiarity.

 Then, another person who looks familiar comes from behind.

 ”Ta-da! Hello, everyone in 1st year class A!! I’m Kato Iria from Fairies! Nice to meet you!!”

 Oh, yeah… Another person who seems out of place has arrived.

 Phew, I’m relieved that there’s someone else who definitely stands out more than me.

 I felt a sense of closeness to Oto-san, but I didn’t feel any sense of closeness to Kato-san at all.

 After that, people continued to come into the classroom one after another.

 ”Oh, look…”

 ”Hey, the male students are participating in the entrance ceremony.”

 ”I think the entrance ceremony is optional for boys, right?”

 ”Yeah, maybe it’s because of Aqua-senpai’s influence?”

 ”I’m sure that’s it.”

 Wow. There are three male students in 1st year class A, and all three of them came to participate in the entrance ceremony.

 Thanks to the efforts of Aqua-sama and the BERYL members, I definitely feel that this country is beginning to change.

 ”1st year class A, is everyone here?”

 The homeroom teacher comes into the class.

 After that, we head to the auditorium, which serves as the venue for the entrance ceremony.

 ”Wow, it’s the real Mayuzumi-kun!”


 ”Kanon-sama looks so beautiful.”

 ”I used to think Aqua-senpai was the best, but Kanon-sama’s beauty is amazing.”

 ”I still can’t believe that Kanon-sama is that popular Shumi…”

 ”Yamada-kun is in the third year!”

 ”The rumor about Yamada-kun transferring in was actually true.”

 Even in the lively class, only Oto-san and I were quiet.

 I still feel a sense of closeness with her somewhere.

 ”Hey! Ayana!”

 ”Iria-san, the entrance ceremony hasn’t started yet, but let’s keep it quiet while waiting outside…”

 Yeah, I should definitely avoid getting close to those flashy senpais in our class.

 After that, our 1st year A class finished the entrance ceremony smoothly.

 When we returned to the classroom, we each stood up and introduced ourselves one by one.

 ”This is Sumeragi Kukuri. Nice to meet you.”

 Was that okay? Other people were talking about their hobbies and special skills, but I didn’t have anything in particular to say, so I just ended with a greeting.

 Inori-san looked worried about me, but Oto-san’s introduction seemed similar , so it should be fine.

 ”Well then, Kukuri-chan, see you later!”

 ”Yeah, see you tomorrow.”

 After parting with Inori-san, I took the train home.

 As I got closer to my apartment from the station, I saw something like smoke.

 Wait, could my apartment be on fire? I hurriedly ran towards the apartment.

 Then I saw Emily-oneechan holding tongs there.

 ”Hey! Welcome back, Kukuri!”


 I noticed the smell on the way, but it turned out that Emily-oneechan was just having a BBQ party in the apartment yard.

 Don’t scare me like that!

 I looked around and saw Agewa-oneechan, Haa-chan, Fee-chan, Annamarie-chan, and Onina-chan.

 ”Okay, so let’s have a toast for Kukuri’s enrollment, Annamarie-chan and Onina-chan’s moving celebration, Haa-chan and Fii-chan’s promotion celebration, Agewa-oneechan’s return to the political world celebration, Shiro’s first drama appearance celebration, and cheers to my suspension!!”




 While everyone was cheering, Agewa-oneechan and I exchanged glances.

 Hey, hey, hey, why is Emily-oneechan also suspended!!

 She should be commended for using a fire extinguisher for firefighting!

 Huh? That’s not it? Was it because she joined Beryl and her expected income exceeded a certain amount, so her scholarship for special students was cut off and not deposited!? Ugh… I completely forgot about that possibility.

 ”Are you really okay with that? Um, if it’s okay…”

 ”For now, I asked Ako-san to introduce me to a job where I can get the money deposited right away, so I’ll manage somehow. Yeah”

 Ah, um… I thought I would bring up my scholarship from our school, but I lost the chance to bring it up.

 As I was feeling a little down, Emily-oneechan holds out a plate of meat in front of me.

 ”Hey, I don’t know why you’re feeling down, but eat some meat! This meat is delicious, you know. Well, it’s not the meat I prepared, it’s the meat you brought this morning! Hahaha!”

 Seriously… I pick up the meat that Emily-oneechan grilled for me with my chopsticks and take a bite.

 This meat is more delicious than any high-end Yakiniku restaurant meat I’ve ever had.

 It’s not about the quality of the meat itself, but I think it tastes so good because we’re all eating together.

 I wish I could just eat by myself… but I like Emily-oneechan because she’s like this. I’m sure Aqua-sama would have done the same if he were in Emily-oneechan’s position. That’s why I like Aqua-sama too.

 I look around and my expression softens slightly.

 And then, another noisy person comes over.

 ”Hey there! What’s up?!”

 ”Ah, Prime Minister Habu! It’s the Prime Minister Habu, who’s been suspended for a week for violating the international law on disturbances!”

 Prime Minister Habu put her hand behind her head and jokingly apologized,

 ”Oops, thanks to this, I get a whole week off!!”

 ”Seriously, what kind of person are you?! If the country is in crisis and the national leader is happy about being suspended, then what are we going to do?!”

 Yeah, yeah, just as Agewa-oneechan says.

 I nodded slightly while munching on my meat.

 ”It’s okay. Even if something happens in this country, Aqua-kun usually figures everything out by himself! After all, it’s the Republic of Great Udon. Can you predict the absurd solutions by me or Mary-sama, even though we’re outstanding?”

 ”That’s right… I mean, you’ve been slacking off lately!!”

 Hehe, Agewa-oneechan seems to be having fun.

 When Aqua-sama visits the apartment, she has a very calm face, but when Prime Minister Habu comes, she has a lively face. I like both versions of Agewa-oneechan.

 So, I hope we can continue to have fun and peaceful times in the future.

 ”Hey everyone, having a good time?”

 ”Oh, it’s Kaede-paisen who got suspended for a week for accidentally breaking something because she couldn’t control her powers!”

 ”I got scolded by Onidzuka-senpai… But even Onidzuka-paisen wore a special attack uniform during the assault incident, so this time we’re both suspended together and getting along!”

 Hehe, not only Aqua-sama, but Morikawa-san, Announcer Onidzuka, and Prime Minister Habu are all just pretending to have breaks because they’re actually really busy. They’re just putting up appearances and letting everyone take a rest. I know this well.

 The only ones who actually got suspended are Claire and Emily-oneechan. I started to think that maybe it’s better to crush the Holy Aqua Religion after all.

 ”Okay, this Morikawa Kaede, will do a belly dance!”

 ”Great job, Kaede-paisen!”

 What are you doing?

 Prime Minister Habu also stands up when she sees the situation.

 ”If you want belly dancing, leave it to me! Watch my performance that led me to become the prime minister through party tricks, flattery, being a lackey, and drinking parties!”

 ”Wait a minute, Prime Minister!”

 Hahaha, and just like that, my fun time flew by in an instant.

 I wish I could have friends like this at school.

 I crawl under the covers with my heart filled with anticipation for my new student life.

 The next day, Prime Minister Habu was caught belly dancing while on suspension and apologized to the nation.

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