Male Idol V13c54

Volume 13 Chapter 54 Yukishiro Emily, The Latecomer Heroine?

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 ”Holy Aqua Religion…?”

 I tilt my head at a familiar word.

 Hmm, what was that about again?

 ”It’s about the religion Emily-san created.”

 ”No, no, no, I just wore a sister outfit and asked if I could pray, I didn’t really create it myself. Somehow it just happened on its own and I got elevated to a Saint without my consent, it’s more like a nuisance…”

 ”You remember everything perfectly after all!”


 Claire grabs both my shoulders and shakes me vigorously back and forth.

 ”Wait, wait, I really did forget!”

 ”Don’t forget. You idioooot!”

 Claire clings to me, almost in tears.

 By the way, since the beginning of the year, I’ve been busy with entertainment activities, dating Aqua-sama, going to Stars, and haven’t had time to visit the Holy Aqua Religion.

 ”I’m really sorry…”

 ”No, it’s fine if you remembered. By the way, Emily-san, you came to the Holy Aqua Religion to eat, so once you had a stable income from work and could eat properly, there was no reason for you to come here. Haha…”

 Yeah, Claire is right.

 Basically, I just went there to eat, and since my close friends Rin and Mikoto work for Aqua-sama, I can see them elsewhere too. Besides, I didn’t have a reason to go there in the first place.

 Because I’m just a figurehead, I hardly give any instructions. Everyone just moves on their own, and I only hear about it later.

 If I say something, it feels like it might be misinterpreted in a ridiculous way towards the day after tomorrow, and it’s not something I can laugh about.

 After all, the Holy Aqua Religion even has something called the Saint Guard.

 For example, when I found out that the regular customer who often comes to Ramen Takeko is part of the Saint Guard, everyone there seemed like Saint Guards and it was scary. By the way, I wonder since when that regular customer became part of the Saint Guard… She was already coming when I started working at Takeko on my third day.

 ”So, what’s up with that Holy Aqua Religion group? If you’re here again, something dangerous must be happening, right?”

 ”I came because I have something important to tell Emily-san, who is the leader of that weird group.”

 This Claire, she’s still a bit upset that I didn’t come after all…

 I’m really sorry. But hey, when you went to Stars, you were having so much fun leading that weird group, like you were the boss of an evil organization!

 ”Do you know that many countries are coming to Japan for the summit starting today?”


 ”As a result, not only the media but also many foreigners from companies to ordinary people are visiting Japan to see related events. Among them, there may be government officials, military personnel, or people associated with underground organizations who have sneaked into Japan to kidnap Aqua-sama. Look at this. This person was arrested at the airport the other day.”

 What? I peer into the documents handed to me by Claire.

 They came to Japan as members of the orchestra where the concert will be held?

 Huh? What’s the big deal about this?

 ”These people tried to kidnap Aqua-sama and take him out of the country in a musical instrument case.”

 ”They’re nothing but terrorists!”

 Claire presented another document.

 ”This is a file about operatives who kidnapped Aqua-sama, escaped from the coast by boat, and planned to take him away on a submarine offshore.”

 ”They’re not even trying to hide it anymore…”

 Hey, isn’t the Summit like a showcase for criminals and terrorists?

 I feel relieved hearing that Claire has handed over everything to the right place to prevent it all in advance.

 The Holy Aqua Religion is truly reliable. Although some of them may be a bit eccentric, they are competent when it comes to this kind of thing.

 ”So, since we, the Holy Aqua Religion, are also going to the site, I thought I should inform Emily-san just in case…”

 ”I see. I’ll rely on you if anything happens.”

 I feel reassured knowing that the Holy Aqua Religion is coming.

 It’s a bit stalker-ish, but I keep a certain distance from Aqua-sama, and compared to those planning kidnappings, it’s much better. In the first place, like they say, you should throw even more vicious guys at the bad ones.

 In that regard, Saint will never become an enemy of Aqua-sama. That part is trustworthy. Can’t trust anything else though…

 ”Oh, by the way, Emily-san. Are you okay with the flight time?”

 ”Yeah, I’m fine. There’s still 2 hours left… Wait, huh? That clock, it stopped?”

 I exchange glances with Claire.

 ”I’ll be right back!”


 I hurriedly head to the airport.

 On the way, I saw someone in trouble and ended up helping them, causing me to miss the flight, but I have no regrets.

 I arrived at Hiroshima Station on the bullet train that Beryl hastily arranged, packed with sushi.

 ”Phew, finally arrived!”

 When I arrived at the station, a staff member from Beryl was waiting for me, and I was guided to the hotel where I checked in safely.

 Let’s see, my schedule includes a dinner party tomorrow and a live event on the final day.

 So, I have quite a bit of free time. Actually, wouldn’t it have been fine for me to join from tomorrow as usual?

 But knowing Nee-san, maybe she had me arrive the day before out of concern for me. That’s just like Nee-san. She really understands me well.

 ”Since I’m here, maybe I should do some sightseeing.”

 Oh, by the way, weren’t there various exhibitions and expos being held alongside the summit?

 I remember they said if we write a report on what we learned from the exhibitions and how we can apply it to something, we could earn credits. Mary and Otomezaki prioritize this kind of hands-on experience over lectures at school, which I think is why they are so popular.

 Of course, the lectures in the classroom are really enriching, but what’s great about these two schools is that they focus more on what you’ve learned and thought about rather than just what classes you’ve taken.

 When I disguised myself and left the hotel, I headed towards the exhibition that was being held nearby.

 [Summit Technology Exhibition]

 It seems like an exhibition where individuals and small companies from various countries gather to set up booths.

 While it might be interesting to see what the big companies are doing, it’s also surprisingly fun to see the interesting things on display here.

 Moreover, since it’s being held in conjunction with the summit, the country is covering the costs, so there’s no entrance fee. Awesome. We need to save money even a little bit to build things like the Bunny Lounge in Shirogane Kingdom or the confessional room with holes in the wall.


 I spotted something interesting as soon as I entered and hurried over.

 Isn’t this that thing used to carry heavy loads, like a powered suit?

 And this design…

 ”Big sister, what do you think? Our Heaven’s Sword is…”

 Wow, that’s awesome!

 I can’t take a picture because it’s not allowed, but I want to tell Kanon, Nee-san, and Kaede-senpai right away.

 And they even have Poison Chalice, Lightning Hopper, and Butterfly Mask!!

 Wait, huh?

 ”Kobayakawa-san, what about Night Shadow Team’s Bycorn Beetle?”

 ”Well, we didn’t have enough budget…”

 Oh, Kobayakawa-san! I feel a tear rolling down my cheek at this sad news.

 I heard it was made by people from a local factory in the downtown area who make screws and springs.

 That’s amazing. Is this Japan’s technological prowess… Oh, wait, Sabato Koyomi-san and Maria-sensei are supervising? Why?

 ”Well, actually, they make springs for medical mattresses, and that’s how Maria-sensei asked if I was interested in medical cybernetics.”

 Oh, I see.

 I heard that power suits are being introduced in the field of nursing and medical care.

 Also, Sabato-sensei once gave me a unique request to attach artificial skin to the part without screw threads, and through that connection, I received various technical support. My grandma is proud that I made the screws for the high-performance server. She was happily smiling today, saying I made a good souvenir for the afterlife.

 Grandma, that joke isn’t funny!

 ”So, why did you choose Heaven’s Sword?”

 ”Well, actually, I was too particular about the details and everything was handmade, so it couldn’t be mass-produced. The cost for each piece was too high, making it impossible to commercialize. So, before it was shelved, I thought of offering it as a memorial. That’s why I decided to customize the exterior to Heaven’s Sword specifications.”

 I see.

 They’re not really selling it, but since Heaven’s Sword allows doujin production for cosplay, it shouldn’t be a problem to exhibit it individually.

 But it’s such a waste. It looks so cool and is so well-made, yet it’s not usable for anything.

 ”Want to try wearing it?”

 ”Sure, is it okay?”

 I succumb to the big sister’s words and change into the clothes.

 I see, I put on this inner suit… Oh, I press this button.

 Whoa! This is that thing. It’s like the sneakers brand that was popular a while back, where you press a button and it fits your body instantly!! The full-body version of that is seriously amazing!!

 After putting on the inner suit, I put on the outer shell suit.

 It’s totally Heaven’s Sword!! So cool!!

 ”Before putting on the helmet, wear these contacts, then press the button near your ear after putting on the helmet.”


 Wow! My vision instantly became clear!!

 Is this for real? It’s like wearing a helmet that completely blocks my vision.

 ”In the original design, coils need to be placed both externally as transmitters and internally as receivers. However, this is a new technology that accesses the brain using only external coils. Thanks to the collaboration of two geniuses, the technology to see even for the blind has evolved to be achievable with just external coils. By the way, this alone could easily build a house. Hahaha…”

 I see. So, how much money does this cost?

 I was too scared to ask.

 ”The mask part is equipped with filters so you can work even in places with dust, viruses, or toxic gases. The suit is waterproof and coated with the same material as radiation protection suits, allowing you to work anywhere.”

 Wait. Realizing that what I’m wearing likely costs over a billion, I suddenly wanted to take off the suit.

 This is getting scary. Clearly, a massive amount of money is involved at a level where factories could be tilted.

 Huh? There’s a sponsor? I realized that the source of the funding I heard from the big sister is actually from the front company of the Holy Aqua Religion and fell silent. Sorry. It’s all because of my stupid family member…

 ”Since we’re already here, why not give it a try as it is?”


 Woahhh, I managed to do a Driver Kick!

 This is actually dangerous. If I show this to pregnant Kanon or Nee-san, it would be a big problem.

 But keeping it as my own secret doesn’t feel right… At least, I should tell Kaede-senpai, no, Kaede-senpai is a no-go. I remember on Hoge News that the powered suit couldn’t withstand Kaede-senpai’s power and broke down, it feels like it would lead to a disaster.

 ”That’s amazing. The movements are incredibly smooth.”

 ”Right, right?”

 Not only do the movements look good in the mirror, but even when I move it myself, it feels natural.

 I feel like I’m really moving it myself.

 Back in the day, I remember the words of Auntie Kikuri, who guided foreign dignitaries from Stars and States to a screw factory.

 ’This is Japan’s power, its technological prowess. To great nations like yours, these may just be small screws, but Japan is a country that earnestly faces each and every part with sincerity.’

 I heard these words when I was a kid, so I didn’t understand her meaning back then, but now I feel like I somewhat understand their significance.

 This smooth and seamless movement, the sense of unity as if I am perfectly controlling it myself, is something I didn’t see in the foreign-made powered suits I saw on TV.

 ”Thank you. I had a great time.”

 ”No, thank you. The exhibition will be running until the last day, so feel free to come back with your friends if you’d like.”


 I’ll probably brag to Kanon and the others later.

 Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.

 I move on to look at other exhibits. There, I find something else that catches my interest.

 ”What’s this?”

 ”It’s a bamboo javelin rocket.”

 Bamboo javelin rocket? I tilt my head in confusion.

 ”You know, recently, launching rockets privately has been trending, right?”

 ”Oh, yeah, I see.”

 So, what’s the deal with that?

 ”Well, people don’t have the budget to launch a big rocket with a lewd name like ‘something naughty,’ so we thought, why not make a rocket the size of a bamboo spear…”

 I see.

 Launching rockets does cost a fortune, indeed.

 But still, I struggle to understand why they tried to make a rocket out of bamboo spears.

 ”But, this one looks too thin to stand straight, doesn’t it?”

 ”Yes, that’s why it’s not a launch-type rocket, but a throw-type rocket.”

 Hmm. I try throwing it towards a target.

 However, it just falls down without igniting anything.

 I tilt my head towards the big sister.

 ”To ignite the rocket, you need to throw it with an initial speed of over 130 km/h.”

 ”Hey, by the way, who’s the world champion in javelin throwing?”

 ”They say it’s around 100-110 km/h…”

 Huh? That’s impossible, right?

 How on earth do they make it fly like that?

 ”…If it’s Morikawa-san, there might be a chance.”

 ”Oh, I see…”

 I felt a mix of emotions.

 Even now, there’s still a hole in the ground at the field where Kaede-paisen threw the javelin. Watching that, I couldn’t completely deny what the big sister said.

 ”So, technically, it’s Morikawa-san’s custom bamboo javelin rocket.”

 ”I see…”

 I quietly returned the bamboo javelin rocket to the table and thanked the big sister before leaving.

 I thought about bringing Kaede-paisen back and actually trying it out.

 After looking at the other exhibits, I relaxed on a bench outside.


 I had a lot of fun with various things. I’ll definitely bring Kanon and the others next time. But, everyone else is super busy unlike me.

 Since I’m here, I might as well check out other exhibitions in my free time and work on reports for credits. That way, I can focus on working part-time for the rest of the time.

 I open the brochure I got from the hotel.

 ”Since I’m here, maybe I should also check out the movie exhibition nearby.”

 The pamphlet mentions that they have VFX-14 Hellcat from the States movie Auntie Mikuni was in and BT-34 tank on display. Aqua-sama couldn’t make it due to being busy, so I think he’ll be happy if I take some photos for him.

 Alright, decision made.

 I quickly jot down what I saw earlier and head towards the next venue.

 ”Wait! Why is Emily-senpai the only one doing something so interesting!?”

 ”Well, I have more free time unlike you.”

 After returning to the hotel, I talked to Kanon and Nee-san about what I saw today.

 ”I really wanted to see that powered suit with Heaven’s Sword design!”

 ”Yeah, I wanted to see it too. It’s amazing…”

 Both of them looked visibly depressed.

 Yeah, I expected that kind of reaction.

 ”Well, I thought that might happen, so I went back to the venue later, revealed my identity, and got the big sister’s contact information. She seems to be exhibiting here from a factory in Kanto, and she said she’d love for you to see it. Plus, Aqua-sama probably wants to see it too, and maybe Beryl might even buy it. It would be a waste to leave it as it is.”

 ”If Beryl doesn’t buy it, I will.”

 Oh… this girl is serious.

 As expected of Shumi-san, the nerd otaku with a passion for throwing billions in gacha games, her dedication is on another level.

 When an otaku gets money, they really embody that, which is pretty amazing in its own way.

 ”Well, isn’t it better to see the actual thing first?”

 ”Yeah! Emily-senpai, I love you!!”

 Hey, hold on a second. Don’t we both have Aqua-sama?

 But then again, Aqua-sama seemed to want to come between me and Kanon, is this really okay?

 If that’s the case, I won’t hold back…


 I got carried away and ended up squeezing Kanon’s chest while hugging her, and got scolded in seconds.

 I don’t get it!

 ”Well then, I’m off to the live performance…”

 ”Yeah, we’ll be watching from the hotel too.”

 ”Nee-san, do your best!!”

 Since I didn’t perform on the first day of the live, I watched the live performance at the hotel with Kanon.

 Actually, both Kanon and I wanted to watch the live performance at the venue because we are here, but this time the live show can be attended from outside Japan as well. So, for the fans who came from overseas for today, both Kanon and I made sure not to take up seats ourselves.

 Thanks to that, we were able to watch it leisurely, and I think that was good in its own way.

 ”It was fun, right?”


 Everyone was fired up from the first day today.

 Well, we’re always fired up, but I think it was even more so today.

 As evidence, we can hear loud cheers from the other side of the TV.

 ”I’m looking forward to Emily-senpai and Aqua’s duet.”

 ”Yeah! Leave it to me!”

 Not only Aqua-sama but also Mayuzumi-kun, Toa-chan, and Tenga-senpai were working really hard.

 Yukishiro Emily is not a weak girl who doesn’t get fired up when she sees that.

 Alright, I’ll do my best! With determination, I hugged Kanon and gave her a playful squeeze on the chest.

 Of course, she scolded me right after.

 Darn it. I thought I could get away with it this time! Grrrr!

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