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Volume 13 Chapter 70 Shirogane Aqua, Awakening

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 “Nii-sama, can you watch me while I try on some underwear?”

 “Ah, sure.”

 Lapis stood up and untied the ribbon of her white sailor uniform.

 The atmosphere of the love hotel added to the situation, making my heart race as I looked at Lapis with her girl-like face.

 Calm down, Aqua. She’s your sister, Lapis.

 I told myself this as Lapis dropped her sailor uniform on the floor next to me.

 “I’m sorry, Nii-sama. For wearing such unsexy underwear.”

 I felt relieved when I saw her usual sports bra and child-like panties.

 This is it. This lack of sexiness, this childlike vibe ―― seeing Lapis in her usual underwear calmed my nerves.

 “I’ll try on the underwear you bought me, Nii-sama.”

 Saying that, Lapis took off her underwear and placed it in my hand.

 Ah, it’s warm. I felt a thrill from the warmth of Lapis’s underwear.

 Even though Lapis was now naked in front of me, my eyes and mind were glued to the slightly damp, used underwear she had placed in my hand.

 “How does it look?”

 Oops, my mind was too focused on the underwear.

 When I looked up, my eyes widened at Lapis’s appearance.

 As expected, the underwear I chose suited her perfectly. The pure white underwear enhanced Lapis’s innocence and girl-like charm.

 “Come here, Lapis.”

 “Yes, Nii-sama…”

 I placed Lapis on my lap.

 Ah, if only I were a magician, I would freeze this moment and keep Lapis as she is.

 She looks like the perfect little girl. This body that shows no womanly features only adds to Lapis’s mysterious allure.

 “Haa, haa… haa, haa…”

 I wanted to touch Lapis’s body.

 I didn’t know if it was out of sexual desire or simply wanting to cherish her, but I couldn’t resist touching Lapis’s body.

 I lightly brushed my fingertips against Lapis’s shoulder.


 Lapis’s young body twitched in response.

 Enjoying her reactions, I gently moved my hand over her arm, thigh, and side.

 Ah, I wished I could touch her more firmly. I wanted to hug her, stroke her chest, and reach for her special place.

 As a big brother, it’s not strange to completely grasp my sister’s body.

 ”Nii-sama, it feels ticklish.”

 ”I’m sorry, Lapis.”

 I released Lapis from my lap and stood her in front of me.

 ”Lapis, that underwear suits you well. So, come on, show me more.”

 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes… I kept my gaze fixed on Lapis’ young body without touching her.

 Wonderful! This is what it means to appreciate art.

 Just as I was entering a state of enlightenment, I was brought back to reality by the warmth of the used underwear that had been in the palm of my hand just a moment ago.

 ”Nii-sama, that’s a bit embarrassing…”

 Unable to withstand my intense gaze, Lapis’ white skin started turning pink.

 Ah… Ahh! My perfect doll, my Lapis! She’s becoming just an ordinary person, just a female.

 ”Kyaa! N-Nii-sama…?”

 Completely snapped back to reality, I stood up from the sofa and forcefully stripped off the pure white underwear Lapis was wearing, just like a r*pist.


 Her figure is that of a young girl, but I can feel her femininity in certain places, and my emotions become a mess.

 Ah, I don’t want anyone to take my little sister, Lapis, away from me. The mere thought of another man taking Lapis’ virginity tears my heart apart and destroys my brain.

 ”Change into this.”

 ”Y-Yes, Nii-sama.”

 Lapis changes into the underwear I handed her, which is nothing more than a string.

 Ah, this won’t do. Even the faintly colored and small nipples are visible. It’s not fulfilling its role as underwear.

 ”Lapis… Your nipples and vertical lines are showing because the string can’t contain them, aren’t they? Can’t you change without my help?”

 ”Mm, Nii-sama.”

 I grab Lapis’ arm and forcefully pull her close, rubbing her nipples vigorously by shifting the string.

 Yes, that’s right. If someone is going to take her away, I might as well claim her as mine.

 Like a thin string that tightens around Lapis’ body, I bind myself to Lapis as a big brother figure.



 I drop a kiss on Lapis’ lightly pink-colored lips.

 I want to be gentle. That’s what I think. But the wicked voice in my head urges me to violate the girl in front of me, to play with her like a doll, a sister-like Dutch wife.

 ”Lapis, Lapis…!”

 I hold Lapis’ small body tightly, as if restraining my own filthy desires.

 Ah, even a little force could easily break this fragile body.

 ”Please, Lapis. Stay as my sister forever.”

 Now, I feel like I can understand Sayuki’s feelings a little bit.

 I think I can understand the meaning behind Kohina-senpai’s words, that I’m better suited for Sayuki’s role now.

 Lapis gently wraps her trembling hands around my back.

 ”Nii-sama, Lapis’ Nii-sama is only you. So… could you make me yours, Nii-sama? Please engrave your mark on Lapis’ body, as proof that I belong to you.”


 I push Lapis down onto the bed.

 This is wrong. It’s clearly abnormal to be s*xually aroused by such a young body, to be tempted to touch my own sister.

 I understand that in my head, or maybe… because I understand, the sense of taboo supported by reason runs through my entire body as pleasure.

 Damn it. My body is too hot, I can’t wear clothes.

 I discard the clothes I was wearing.


 Lapis’ odd-colored eyes tremble as she looks at my lower body.

 ”Nii-sama’s… is it going to fit inside Lapis’ small body?”

 Seeing Lapis’ anxious expression, I compare the size by pressing my own erect member against Lapis’ lower body.

 Ah, it’s so small. If I were to insert myself into Lapis’ small entrance all the way, I would easily pierce around her navel.

 I slide Lapis’ string panties to the side.

 ”Lapis, use your own fingers to open the hole left and right.”

 Lapis shyly spreads her legs and uses her own fingers to open that small slit left and right.

 Wait, wait, so it only opens a little bit?

 Are you kidding me? From any angle, it looks like a child’s undeveloped vagina that is not ready to give birth to a baby.

 It’s not even a matter of having a small hole and already having a period, it’s a criminal matter to be ready to welcome a man.

 Damn it, I wish I could punch the me from a little while ago who thought he knew everything just by knowing the body of an adult woman.

 Ah, I want to violate the young vagina in front of me. I want to turn that beautiful and innocent little vagina into a mess with my big thing.

 ”Come on, relax, I’ll just play with the entrance a little.”


 To avoid breaking Lapis’ precious hymen, I gently loosen only the entrance with my finger.

 I want to lick it. No, I want to kiss Lapis’ hymen. Thinking that, I perform cunnilingus on Lapis without her permission.

 ”Ah, Nii-sama, ah, no! There’s a hole for peeing there, it’s dirty, so please stop.”

 ”Lapis doesn’t have anything dirty.”

 I continue sucking on Lapis’ sweet nectar and salty sweat, and I repeatedly kiss Lapis’ hymen with my tongue as if we were having intercourse.

 I want to thrust it in. I wonder how good it would feel to jerk off with my penis in this young and small hole that I definitely shouldn’t use.

 ”Ah… no. Nii-sama…”

 Lapis twitches in her lower body, and love juices flow from that small hole, staining the sheets.

 Gulp, gulp, everything that comes out of Lapis’ body is mine!! No one else should drink it. Only the brother can take in fluids from his sister.

 Unable to control myself anymore, I press my own thing against Lapis’ young vagina.

 ”Lapis… from now on, can I have Lapis’ precious first time?”

 ”Yes, Nii-sama. Lapis’ first time… it’s all yours, Nii-sama. Ever since I heard the story of a girl who bragged about being forcibly raped by her big brother when I was in the St. Claris kindergarten, Lapis has been waiting for this day. So, please let Lapis dedicate everything to you, Nii-sama.”

 Ah, damn it, why didn’t I do it with Lapis earlier?

 Lapis cared so much for her big brother, but I feel frustrated that I didn’t take action because of boring common sense.

 When I kissed Lapis, I forcefully pushed my wicked thing into her innocent entrance.

 Oh, Lapis’ vagina is so small that my thing keeps getting pushed out again and again.

 I want to put it in. I wanted to put my thing into this forbidden young vagina and make it remember its shape.

 ”Mmm, Onii-sama… it hurts.”

 ”I’m sorry, Lapis. I can’t seem to be gentle anymore.”

 Lapis’ thing is definitely too tight. Even though only the tip has entered, it’s squeezing my dick so tightly.

 But still, I forcibly twist my penis into Lapis’ young vagina.

 ”Lapis, Lapis…”

 As I muttered my little sister’s name like a delirium, I feel Lapis’ hymen tearing apart with my penis.

 Stimulated by an immense sense of taboo, my brain is excited, and I give in to the desire to impregnate, pushing my penis about halfway in.

 I pause momentarily at the sensation of hitting something inside.

 Is this Lapis’ cervix? I’ve only gone about halfway, but is it really okay?

 To be honest, it’s not just pleasurable, the tightness is so strong that my dick hurts.

 ”Lapis, relax more.”

 ”I-it’s impossible, Nii-sama. It hurts, throbs, and even when I try to relax, my body naturally tenses… I’m sorry, Nii-sama.”

 I lower my gaze to Lapis’ young vagina, bleeding.

 What am I doing?

 While my little sister is enduring pain and doing her best, all I’m doing is indulging in pleasure.

 I gently embrace Lapis’ small and immature body.

 ”I’m sorry, Lapis. I should’ve been gentler as your big brother, but I forcefully entered you, and I’m truly sorry!”


 Lapis looks at my face and returns the embrace with a smile full of love.

 ”It’s okay. Lapis doesn’t dislike being hurt by Nii-sama. In fact, thank you for hurting me. This pain is proof that Nii-sama took Lapis’ first time.”

 I hold Lapis’ body firmly.

 Ah, I can’t take it anymore. I want to mess up Lapis so bad.

 I thought about leaving a lasting mark on this young body, so she never forget.

 ”I’m sorry, Lapis. This isn’t sex, it’s just rape.”

 ”Nii-sama… I don’t mind being raped by Nii-sama. In fact, thank you for raping me, Lapis. So, can you do more painful things to Lapis? Please mark Lapis’ body as your possession with pain.”

 I love you, Lapis. I love you!!

 I concentrate even more power into my lower body and continue to thrust my penis deeper into Lapis’ cervix.

 I want to violate this young vagina, fill it with my dirty desires and seed, and make it mine.

 ”Ah, ah, ah… it hurts, Nii-sama.”

 ”Lapis, you can scratch my back if you want.”

 Lapis digs her nails into my back, enduring the pain.

 Yes, Lapis. If you want to leave a mark of proof that you endured the pain, if you want to etch the scars of our sexual encounter onto my body, then let me bear that pain too, as your big brother.

 ”Ah… ah… it’s entering where it shouldn’t. That place is supposed to be for making babies with sperm only. It’s a place that should never be entered, Nii-sama…”

 ”It’s all mine, Lapis. I want to make all of you mine.”

 ”Nii-sama… I’m so happy.”

 I’ve entered… I press deep into Lapis’ most intimate place, thrusting my penis all the way to the base.

 My swollen testicles urge my brain to ejaculate quickly and impregnate this young vagina.

 ”Lapis, let’s move.”

 Normally, I should wait for Lapis to get used to the pain. However, I intentionally move my hips to cause pain.

 For the sake of Lapis, who wanted pain, I brace myself and start shaking her small childlike body as if using a sex toy.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, Nii-sama, it hurts. So this is sex. I’m happy. Lapis is so happy to have sex with Nii-sama.”

 Up until now, the feelings I had sealed away, the things I had been holding in, are overflowing.

 I love her. I love Lapis. Despite knowing it’s wrong to pursue my actual little sister, I’ve always lusted after Lapis.

 I grab Lapis’ slender waist and press my thumb against her abdomen, searching for her uterus.

 ”Lapis, sex isn’t just about pain. It can be pleasurable too. Once you feel good, I’ll give you the best pleasure, Lapis.”

 Resisting my desire, I search for Lapis’ pleasure points.

 When pain turns to pleasure, an unprecedented climax, unlike anything one has ever felt in life, will come rushing in.

 At Lapis’ most pleasurable moment, I will cum inside. That’s the decision I’ve made.

 ”Ah, wait, Nii-sama. This… Oh, no, something… something… Lapis, it’s strange. My head feels fuzzy, my vision is flickering, it was hurting just now, and it still hurts, but that pain, it all feels… good.”

 Lapis is bewildered by the sensation she’s experiencing for the first time.

 Overwhelmed by uncontrollable pleasure, her eyes glisten with tears, further stimulating my desire and accelerating my movements.

 ”Lapis, it’s okay to lose control. Let’s only focus on the pleasurable things with Big Brother.”

 ”Yes, Nii-sama.”

 Lapis’ narrow vagina relaxes just a little.

 The innocent, immature vagina, which knew nothing just a while ago, is now learning about sexual acts, understanding the pleasure of sex, and transitioning from a child’s to a woman’s vagina.

 Perhaps Lapis’ vagina is still immature and incomplete, as the sensations are still somewhat dull. However, the number of bumps and protrusions is plentiful, which means that once the shape is taught, it could grow into a vagina to my liking.

 My desire for dominance is fulfilled by disciplining Lapis’ inexperienced vagina.

 ”Oh, Nii-sama, I love you, Nii-sama.”

 As Lapis seeks my kiss, she eagerly intertwines her tongue with mine.

 It was the moment the young girl became a woman.

 At that moment, I accelerate my thrusts.

 ”Lapis, I’m going to release inside you!”

 Gushhh! Spurrrttt! Spurrrttt! Spurrrttt!

 Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! Spurrrttt! Spurrrttt!

 I can’t believe it myself, but I cum inside Lapis’ vagina.

 Ah, it feels so good. The feeling of taboo from having sex with my real sister has turned into pleasure and come back to me.

 I remain on top of Lapis, surrendering myself to pleasure and breathing heavily.

 ”Ah, ah, Nii-sama’s inside Lapis’ baby room… I’m so happy. Lapis is really happy to be impregnated by Nii-sama.”

 Lapis says with joy, shedding tears.

 In response to Lapis’ emotions, I gently stroke her head with a gentle smile as her brother.

 ”Lapis, you did well. You’re amazing. Thank you for making brother feel good.”

 ”Nii-sama, Lapis also felt good. I’m really happy.”

 I share a sweet kiss with Lapis, as if we were lovers.

 Having your sister as a lover is the best. I understand why brothers all over the country develop a brother complex, why brothers should take their sister’s virginity, and why sisters should become their brothers’ lovers. Yes, that’s good.

 When I think about it, there’s no way a real sister’s body and vagina won’t feel good.

 Ah, because of stupid common sense, I lost my lolita thinking… not, um, my logical thinking.


 I caress Lapis’ breasts with my hands.

 Ah, it feels so good to touch non-saggy breasts like these.

 I persistently pinch and play with Lapis’ nipples using my fingertips, then suck on the small, erect strawberries.

 ”Mmm, my brother.”

 Lapis’ small body trembles.

 It’s no good. I might be getting an erection again…

 I grab Lapis’ hand and guide it to handle my penis.

 ”Nii-sama, does it feel good?”

 Lapis’ small hand and slender fingers stroke my enlarged member up and down.

 Although I could have continued with a handjob, I wondered what would happen if Lapis gave me a paizuri with her flat chest.

 I stop teasing Lapis’ nipples with my tongue and move away, showing my large member in front of her small face.

 ”Lapis, would you paizuri me from now on?”

 ”Uh, so, paizuri, is that… using your breasts to stroke Nii-sama’s thing?”

 I nod in agreement, both up and down.

 ”Well… Nii-sama, I don’t think it would feel good to rub against Lapis’ flat chest without any bumps or curves…”

 ”That’s not true, Lapis.”

 I press my own penis against Lapis’ chest.

 Who decided that paizuri can only be done with curves?

 ”Nii-sama, is this okay?”

 Lapis presses my thing against her flat chest.

 Of course, there’s no squeezing involved. It’s just my penis rubbing against her completely flat chest.

 ”Oh, it feels really good, Lapis.”

 Seeing my sister desperately trying to do paizuri with her flat chest and feeling the slight softness, it’s all amazing.

 I praise Lapis, and she tries even harder to do paizuri.

 As a brother, no, as a man, I want to boost her confidence in her breasts.

 ”Lapis… Can I finish on you?”

 ”Yes, Nii-sama. Please finish on Lapis, a lot.”

 Ah, it’s coming.

 Gush! Spurtttt~~~! Spurrrttt! Spurrrttt


 I shoot towards Lapis’ chest.

 Ah, my cum drips down her chest, leaving trails without catching onto anything except her nipples.

 I rub the tip of my penis against Lapis’ nipple to wipe off the semen.

 Damn it, those small pink nipples are so erotic, and it’s making my penis even more irritated.

 ”Please, Lapis. Can you do it with your mouth?”

 ”Yes, Nii-sama.”

 Lapis gently holds my penis with both hands and opens her small mouth, using her tiny tongue to lick the tip.

 Ah, how adorable. My throbbing, erect penis’s veins become visible under her child-like, innocent oral actions.

 I can’t hold back anymore. I grab Lapis’ hair and head, forcing my penis into her small mouth.

 ”Mm, mmm!”

 Using Lapis’ saliva as lubricant, I press her tongue against the underside of my penis and thrust into her throat repeatedly.

 I never knew that a young vagina, flat chest, and a small mouth could feel this good.

 For my beloved Lapis, who taught me that, I will make love.

 ”Mmm, mmm… mmmmm!”

 Gusshhh! Spurttt! Spurttt!

 As I thrust my thickest and stickiest semen deep into Lapis’ throat, I release my seed inside her young body.

 ”Nggh, nggh…”

 I pull my penis out of Lapis’ mouth.

 She gently takes hold of it and starts licking it.

 I can’t help but fall in love with such a devoted and innocent sister who even cleans up after me with a blowjob.


 I lift Lapis’ body and place her on the table, forcefully thrusting my penis into her from behind.

 I won’t hold back anymore. I piston into Lapis’ immature womb with all my might from the very beginning.

 Lapis, being too short, tries to find support by dangling her feet, desperately reaching for the floor.

 Watching her struggle, my hips naturally quicken their pace.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, Nii-sama, that’s… intense… mmm!”

 Lapis twists her young body in pleasure.

 With one hand pressing on her uterus and the other firmly grasping her flat chest, I ravish her body.

 ”Enough, Nii-sama, I’m cumming again. Lapis is cumming again.”

 I greedily make love to my sister, cumming inside her.

 It won’t stop. It won’t stop at all!


 Seeing Lapis’ small body dripping with semen from her young vagina, I inform everyone that I’ll be staying the night.

 After that, it was just a primal mating between animals.

 I ravish Lapis’ tiny body over and over again.

 ”N-Nii-sama, what does ‘seeing through’ mean?”

 I’m seeing through Lapis in sailor suits, swimsuits, gym clothes, and idol clothes, and indulged in sexual acts.

 ”Nii-sama, like this…?”

 I play cat’s cradle with Lapis, using her everyday panties and rubbing them against my dirty crotch.

 Of course, I also use her sports bra soaked in sweat to stroke my penis and cum inside it.

 ”Nii-sama…? Is this really pleasurable?”

 I keep cumming with Lapis’ foot soles, repeatedly.

 I’ve lost track of how many hours I’ve spent with Lapis.

 ”Nii-sama, Lapis is so happy to be with you like this.”


 I hugged Lapis’s small body next to me.

 Why? Being with Lapis made me feel twisted, like I was going crazy.

 Oh no, maybe I’ve awakened to lolicon.

 ”Lapis… thank you for teaching big brother about the goodness of a small, immature body and a tight, young vagina.”

 ”Yes, Nii-sama.”

 After showering together and cuddling like lovers, Lapis and I got into bed.

 I need to try messing around with other lolis at least once…

 I gently stroked Lapis’s head as she fell asleep.

 Ugh, I’m getting excited again. I’ll use her body without waking her up.

 Thank you, Lapis. Thank you so much!! With gratitude, I cum with my sleeping little sister.

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