Male Idol V13c72

Volume 13 Chapter 72 Shirogane Aqua, Second-Rate Entertainer And Third-Rate Entertainer

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 ”Well then, those who got the problem wrong are demoted to second-rate entertainers!”


 ”Stop it~!”

 Ah, the luxurious chairs of those who got the problem wrong turned into regular chairs, and the stylish slippers turned into ordinary ones.


 Maruo, who saw that, clutched his stomach.

 Hey, are you really okay!?

 And why are you and Ai standing behind me and Kohina-senpai like servants? You two don’t have to hold back, so take your seats.

 When I looked closely, Emily, who had changed into a maid outfit without me noticing, was also standing behind Kanon… Well, she seems to be imitating Pegonia-san, so it’s fine…

 ”Okay, everyone, please be quiet. Those who don’t quiet down will have their chair kicked away for no reason.”

 At the announcer Onidzuka’s words, everyone quieted down. Not only the usual jokers like Kaede and Emily, but even Kohina Yukari didn’t budge.

 Announcer Onidzuka… marry me. And please scold Kohina-senpai, who never cleans up, in my place.

 ”I think everyone who is a first-rate entertainer is probably good at polishing their senses by looking at good things every day. So you can easily tell the difference between a work made by an amateur and a genuine work of art made by a professional, right!?”

 Announcer Onidzuka, don’t provoke us just because it’s your job!

 My Maruo! Maruo is holding his stomach!

 When I looked closely, Ai, who was standing behind Kohina-senpai, was also clutching her stomach. Hey, are you okay over there?

 ”Those who didn’t participate in the last problem, please move to the waiting room.”

 I see, that’s how it is.

 I drink expensive tea and elegantly watch the monitor.

 ”Shirogane Aqua-san, how is it? Will Yamada Maruo-san be able to do it?”

 ”Well, he was really nervous earlier, so I hope he can relax a bit after getting the first problem right.”

 That’s fine, I guess. Luck is also a part of one’s abilities, after all.

 Let’s make the most of this opportunity and have Yamada enjoy her TV debut as well.

 ”How about you, Morikawa Kaede-san? Can Sayamu Inko-san do it?”

 ”Of course! Inko is going to crush it!! I hate pipe chairs because they hurt my butt!!”

 Ah, it seems like when you’re a third-rate, you end up with a pipe chair….

 That’s probably because it hurts your butt, so it’s disliked.

 ”Let’s take a look at everyone’s situation.”

 The monitor’s image switched, and Kanon appeared as the first respondent.

 Kanon, you can do it!!

 ”First, let’s take a look at A’s work.”

 Oh, some kind of sculpture appeared.

 What is this?

 ”Ah, this work is one of the masterpieces of Mangree-san, an unknown artist who has suddenly emerged in the art world, or rather, an expressionist.”

 ”Cough, cough”

 Huh? Emily, are you okay? You’re coughing quite a bit.

 The studio is quite dry, so be careful with your throat.

 ”According to critics, it’s an expression of the moment when an enraged god passes judgment.”

 ”No, that’s just Aqua-sama’s face when he’s at his climax…nnn!”

 Huh? Emily, what did you just say?

 Am I just imagining things?

 ”Ah, this is it. I saw something like this recently. It’s definitely Ban…ah, Mangree’s work.”

 Wow, Kanon is amazing.

 She guessed the correct answer before even seeing B’s work.

 ”Next, we have B’s work.”

 Oh, this one is also a sculpture…wait, I’ve seen this somewhere before!

 ”Hey, if that’s the correct answer, then this one must be an amateur’s work, right? It’s not bad at all. This person has talent.”

 Kohina-senpai, who was sitting next to me, nodded in agreement.

 On the other hand, the other participants had somewhat awkward expressions.

 Especially Ayana, who had a “what? Yukari-senpai, seriously?” kind of face.

 ”Shirogane Aqua-san, do you recognize this work?”

 ”…I made it myself.”

 The studio was filled with a scream-like voice.

 I’m sure I made this about half a year ago!

 Have they been planning this program since then…?!

 ”Since Shirogane Aqua-san won’t be participating, we’ll use this question for the second round. What do you think, Kohina Yukari-san?”

 ”Well, it’s not bad for this person. It’s probably another image of Great Kaiju Yukari-gon stomping around, right? He’s so predictable.”

 Ugh… I can’t help it. Don’t expect any variation from me.

 ”By the way, did it have that horn?”

 ”Having it would make it cooler, don’t you think?”

 ”Hmm, you get it!”

 Kohina-senpai looks pleased.

 Good. As long as I don’t get scolded, it’s fine.

 ”I thought it was expressing the end of the world.”

 ”Well, in a way, isn’t that the right answer?”


 I look at the TV screen to see Kanon’s reaction.

 ”Hmm, what’s B? It’s too hard for me to understand. Lately, people make incomprehensible works and call it modern art, thinking it makes them look like artists. I thought that was amateurish. The correct answer is A.”


 Sniff, sniff… My beloved wife criticizes my work, and I quietly cry in my heart.

 No, Kanon gave an honest evaluation without any consideration. What she’s saying isn’t wrong.

 But the subject isn’t that difficult… It’s just Great Kaiju Yukari-gon stomping around.

 Because of the luxurious chair I’m sitting in, I feel like I’ve become the emperor with no clothes.

 ”Amazing, Kanon-san. You got the right answer. Now, let’s see Hakuryuu Aiko-sensei’s reaction.”

 Aiko compares both works and tears up.

 ”Ugh, the level of art is too high, I don’t get it at all…”

 Hang in there, Ai! I cheer for Ai in my heart.

 Ai uses up all the time to come up with an answer.

 ”B! I think it’s B because, even though it’s a different field, as a creator, I don’t think I could beat it!!”


 That’s the piece I made!

 I’m clutching my head in despair at the answer Ai chose.

 I’m so scared that I can’t even look at Kohina-senpai next to me.

 Why do I feel so nervous even though it’s not my team’s answer?

 The next answerer is Sayamu Inko-san from Team Kaede.

 ”I choose B!! You just have to look at both at the same time and pick the one that comes to you in a flash!!”

 ”Uwaaaa! It’s a pipe chair!”

 Kaede collapses from her knees.

 Is she okay? She seems to have been full of energy lately, but she was unwell until recently, so she should tone down the overreactions. The comedian nearby was pale after seeing Kaede’s speed and reaction, which was as good as a professional’s.

 ”Umm…A, maybe? Huh? The reason? My intuition. I’ve been working hard with eau de Cologne for a long time, so I trusted my intuition as the captain.”

 ”Maron-senpai is awesome!”

 I applaud Maron-san, who has a cool and handsome face when she gets the correct answer.

 As expected. Japan’s top idol, the captain of eau de Cologne, is not just for show.

 ”Now, let’s have the last answerer enter! It’s Maruo Yamada-san.”

 ”Maruo, do your best!”

 I stand up from my chair and cheer for Maruo.

 He can’t hear me, but I put my heartfelt support into it.

 ”This is the work for A.”

 ”…What is this, I don’t get it.”

 No, yeah. I get it. Even I can’t understand Mangree-san’s work because it’s too difficult!

 ”Now, this is the work for B.”

 ”…Ugh, only Kujaku would understand this!”

 Maruo looks pained as he clutches his head when he sees the work for B.

 ”Um, what is it? I might have seen B’s work somewhere. Was it in an art textbook? I feel like I’ve seen something like this…”

 ”That’s the work I made. Maruooooo! If something like that gets into an art textbook, this country’s art will be over!!”

 Kohina-senpai next to me claps and bursts into laughter at my soul’s cry.

 ”No, even if A gets in, this country’s art will be over…”

 Hmm? Emily, did you say something just now?

 ”Oh, wait. I think I saw something. Ah…is that a foot!?”


 You’re right, Maruo! That’s the foot of Great Kaiju Yukari-gon, to be precise, it’s the toenail of the foot!!

 ”Wait, could that be Great Kaiju Yukari-gon!? When Aqua-san turned the picture into a 3D model, it looked like this.”

 ”You’re a geniussss!”

 I raised both hands and made a guts pose.

 ”Um…the correct answer is A. I don’t know anything else, so I’m also prepared!”


 I jumped off the stage and made a triumphant pose in front of the audience.

 Oh, I was really nervous. It’s way more nerve-wracking than when I answer questions.

 ”Hey, isn’t A a bit too few?”

 ”Yeah, maybe we got it wrong.”


 Maruo, who entered the waiting room, looked disappointed.

 Both of you (Maruo & Jou Maron) are fine. Inko-san, who is in room B, is acting confident, but you two are the ones who got it right!

 ”It’s okay. Even if we’re wrong, Aqua-kun won’t get mad. Right?”



 I want you to spoil me like that too.

 ”Now, it’s time to announce the correct answer!”

 Announcer Onidzuka turned the doorknob and opened the door to room A with great force.



 We heard Ai and Inko-san’s screams.

 We gave them a warm round of applause. R.I.P. Ai…

 Just kidding, Kohina-senpai probably won’t get mad, so it’s okay.

 ”I’m really sorry!”

 Ai entered while still kneeling.

 She’s really skillful…how does she do that?

 ”It’s okay, it’s okay. That question was really difficult.”

 See, I told you so.

 Kohina-senpai comforted Ai as she got up.

 ”Inko, you dummy.”

 ”Shut up. You got it wrong too, Kaede! Geez.”

 On the other hand, watching these 2 people bickering like kids makes me laugh unintentionally.

 ”What’s going on?! What’s with this, we’re in the middle of recording right now?!”

 Hmm? Inko-san’s attitude seems weird. What’s wrong?

 ”What?! Someone just came into the streaming room and took my gaming chair and replaced it with a metal chair!”

 ”Hahahah, that serves you right! You’re experiencing the same suffering as me!!”

 Hahahah, they even replaced those.

 Announcer Onidzuka clears her throat lightly, looking at the 2 people bickering like kids.

 Amazing. The 2 of them suddenly became quiet in an instant, like they were lying.

 ”Hehehe…as expected of you, young lady. I thought for sure you’d get it right.”

 ”Hey, Emily-senpai, how long do you plan on keeping up this act? You’re really getting on my nerves, and it’s seriously gross…”

 Kanon makes a bitter face even though she got it right.

 Are you okay? Not tired? Hmm, you’re okay. Got it.

 ”Aqua-san! I…I did it!!”

 ”Maruo! You really did it, man!!”

 Maruo and I hug each other, celebrating our correct answer.

 I was really happy as a senior that Maruo was able to get it right and enjoy it, even if it was just once.

 ”Can we just end it like this? This is a good ending. We can just make Morikawa disappear from the screen and that’ll be the punchline.”

 ”No way! Onidzuka-paisen, we’re just getting started!! We’ll crush the remaining 2 questions!!”

 ”Yeah! We’ll (Kaede & Inko) be the ones who win in the end!!”

 As expected, it’s Kaede and Inko-san. They always go all out. They never give up. That’s what I like about them.

 ”Okay, esteemed artists from first-rate to third-rate. The next question is a piano tone check. Listen to the piano tone and identify the high-pitched piano. And now, our piano-playing guest is…this person!!”


 The monitor switches, and Shintaro’s glasses appear on screen.

 As expected, it’s me. I realized it was Shintaro before he even spoke, just from the frame of his glasses.

 ”Everyone, please enjoy Mayuzumi Shintaro’s live performance one-on-one.”

 I see, that’s what it is.

 ”Maruo, leave this to me. I’m the one who understands Mayuzumi Shintaro the best in this world!!”

 ”Yes, Aqua-san!! Good luck!!”

 I get off the chair and head to the waiting room.

 ”I’ll go!”

 ”Huh!? You ate Tenga-senpai’s fried rice. I’ll go for the live performance!”

 ”Okay, okay, you second-rate to third-rate entertainers, don’t argue.”

 Even though I was the first to enter the waiting room, I’m last again.

 Well, it can’t be helped. It’s probably the structure of the show.

 ”Oh, Ai’ll answer.”

 ”Yeah! This time for sure!!”

 I whisper to Ai’s ear, “Do your best,” in a gentle voice.

 ”I’ll do my best!”

 Ai gathers herself and heads to the room to listen to the performance.

 Amazing. The soundproofing is so good that I can’t hear anything at all.

 ”Now, Shirogane Aqua-san, please.”


 I head to the room where the performance is taking place, guided by the staff.

 ”Now, it’s A’s performance.”

 The light sound dances through the air.

 The high range is coming out properly, and it’s just a good piano.

 Frankly, just because it’s an expensive piano doesn’t mean the high range is extended.

 In fact, in terms of completion, pianos made by Japanese manufacturers are higher, and in reality, foreign artists and popular artists tend to use Japanese piano manufacturers.

 The size of the depth is also important when it comes to pianos. The larger the depth, the wider the range of expression, so you can’t tell if it’s an expensive piano just by that.

 ”Now, it’s B’s piano.”

 I’m convinced after the first note.

 ”The correct answer is B.”

 ”Huh? How did you know!?”

 Even the staff look confused.

 Well, that’s to be expected. I don’t even know if it’s an expensive piano from just one note.

 ”Actually, I was being super extravagant about one thing. When I moved to my new place, I went ahead and bought a Bösendorfer piano with my favorite sound. It was really just a coincidence, but it was the same one I have so I knew it right away.”

 Of course, not only the big names in the classical music world but also super famous rappers in the States use the pianos here.

 Once you hear the sound of this piano, you’ll be captivated by it. I’m one of those people too.

 ”So the correct answer is B.”

 Unbelievably, it’s 3 consecutive Bs.

 I’m led by the staff to the room marked B.



 Good, Ai is here too.

 Maybe she’s relieved, Ai has tears in her eyes.

 Hahaha, it’s good that you got it right, Ai.



 Oh, Kanon and Ayana got it right too. Great!!

 After hugging Kanon, I sneak in a hug with Ayana and a busty gravure idol amidst the commotion. Hey, why are you all making that face? It’s pitiful if I don’t hug a gravure idol with an I-cup, right? Yeah, let’s go with that.


 Oh, Inko-san went over the other room alone…

 ”Well then, it’s time to announce the correct answer!”

 ”I know it’s B! I already knew the answer!! Just look at the despair on the faces of the people in Room A like me!! The answer’s already obvious because Aqua-kun and Kanon-san are in that room!!”

 Now now, Inko-san, don’t say that. Maybe we could be wrong too. Even though we’re not.

 ”The correct answer was B. Congratulations, everyone!”


 All of us who got the correct answer celebrate together.

 ”Kaede… I’m really sorry…”

 ”Don’t worry, Inko. This Morikawa Kaede, now known as Shirogane Kaede, has finally found the strategy for this battle.”


 ”Well, see for yourself!”

 I wonder if that’s true. Right now, I’m most worried about that team over there.

 I want those 2 to get the problem right, at least once.

 ”Miss, you truly are amazing”

 ”Emily-senpai, you’re still at it…. Okay, okay, you’ve been like this all day. Understood, okay!”

 Kanon is always the most childish when she’s with Emily.

 I’m happy to see that side of her.

 ”Hakuryuu-sensei, we did it!”

 ”Ehehe! Kohina-san, I did it!”

 Kohina-senpai looks so happy to be praised by Ai.

 Good for you, Ai.

 ”As expected, Aqua-san! Leave the next one to me!”

 ”Alright! I’m counting on you, Maruo!”

 I give a high-5 to my reliable junior, Maruo.

 Now, just 2 questions left. Shall we do our best?

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