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Volume 1 Chapter 18 Shirogane Aqua, Playing Games with Toa-chan.

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 ”Toa-chan, I… I can’t take it anymore!”

 ”Ah, ah… Aqua-kun, wait, just a little longer!”

 An intense battle that takes our breath away.

 As we wipe away the sweat from our bodies, we contort ourselves in exertion.

 ”Ugh… It’s really tough, and I can’t bear it anymore. Ugh, I’m going outside.”

 ”Mmm… Wait! No, if you’re going to do it, do it properly inside.”

 Our heated bodies raise the temperature in the room.

 But I’m already at my limit. Unable to endure any longer, I ignore what Toa-chan says and lean forward.

 ”Ah! Aqua-kun, stop!”


 I messed up… In that moment when everything ended, I regain my composure and everything in front of me turns completely white.

 ”I’m sorry…”

 It’s entirely my fault.

 ”No, I should be the one apologizing. It was my first time, but as someone with experience, I should have guided you better.”

 We gaze at each other.

 Mid-conversation, I suddenly realize that we’ve been having some really vulgar exchanges.

 No, that can’t be right. I confirm once again by looking at the game over message on the screen.

 EPEX Legend.

 Known as EPEX, it has become one of the most famous games to the extent of opening pop-up stores and hijacking advertisements at intersections, showcasing its popularity. Since that day, I have been visiting the Nekoyama family quite frequently, naturally deepening my friendship with Toa-chan. Toa-chan loves games, especially FPS games, and she seems to be heavily invested in them. FPS games, also known as First-person shooters, are games where people control a character in first-person perspective and engage in combat using weapons. EPEX is primarily a battle royale game where teams of three compete against other teams of players online until only one team remains.

 ”I made a mistake by panicking and throwing the grenade outside the bubble.”

 ”No, considering the situation earlier, even if you had thrown the grenade inside, it might not have made much difference. Aqua-kun, you did really well for your first time using Dive.”

 ”Thank you, Toa-chan.”

 The bubble is a defensive sphere that can deflect all incoming attacks. It is one of the skills that Dive, a big character whom I used for the first time today, can use. Normally, grenades are thrown in the direction where the opponent is, but skilled players have a technique of throwing the grenade inside the bubble to prevent enemies from approaching. I can understand that, but this character, Dive, has so many things to do that sometimes when there are constant parties rushing towards me, my thinking ability doesn’t keep up. Especially this time, the other person we teamed up with besides Toa-chan and me was a random player we matched with online, so it was difficult to coordinate since we didn’t have voice chat.

 ”EPEX, it would be great if we could play it with three people.”

 I had a realization there.

 ”Toa-chan, do you also play the PC version of EPEX?”

 ”Yeah, that’s right. I’m actually better with keymouse.”

 ”Keymouse” refers to using a keyboard and mouse for gaming. While we are currently playing the console version of the game, the PC version is considered the original. By the way, in order to play together on a console, you need two screens and two gaming consoles, but everything was properly equipped at the Nekoyama family. Perhaps Nekoyama-kun also plays games with Toa-chan? If that’s the case, I started to have hope that one day he might join us and play together, stepping out of his room.

 ”In that case, how about playing with our classmate, Mayuzumi, sometime?”

 I’m not sure if Mayuzumi plays EPEX, but he mentioned having a computer and playing other games, so if he meets the system requirements, we should be able to play together. And considering that Mayuzumi wants to get along well with girls, Toa-chan’s type might be suitable. Compared to other girls in our class, she doesn’t come on too strong, but she’s not distant either. She treats me like a regular friend. That’s why I can interact with her without feeling conscious that she’s my classmate’s sister.

 ”Um, sure… I guess it’s fine, but, um, is it okay with him?”

 Ah, I see. Toa-chan is a girl, so she might be concerned about that. In this world, boys treating girls indifferently is common, and although Mayuzumi is unique, most boys tend to have that kind of attitude. Toa-chan is probably worried about that.

 ”Yeah, I’ll ask Mayuzumi just in case, but I think it’ll be fine. As long as you’re okay with it, Toa-chan.”

 ”No, I’m okay with it. If he’s friends with Aqua-kun, then I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

 ”Toa-chan, thanks!”

 As I sincerely expressed my gratitude, Toa-chan smiled shyly.

 ”I should be the one thanking you… I mean, I can’t stay like this.”

 Toa-chan murmured something quietly and stared at me with a serious expression.

 ”Aqua-kun… I have a small request, is that okay?”

 ”Oh, yeah! If there’s anything I can do.”

 Toa-chan, as if she had made up her mind, stepped forward and took my hand. Looking at her up close, I couldn’t help but be captivated by her big cat-like eyes. There’s something about those eyes that I can’t look away from.

 ”…If it’s okay, would you like to go out and play with me sometime?”

 ”Huh? Oh, yeah, if it’s just that, it’s fine.”

 ”Really? That’s great… I was wondering what I’d do if you said no.”

 Toa-chan showed a radiant smile, as if a flower had bloomed. At first, I thought it was great that she was happy about it, but then I realized something important.

 Wait… Could this be… a date?

 I stole a glance at Toa-chan.

 Huh? Am I really going on a date with such a cute girl?

 Although she is like a sister or a friend, when I look at Toa-chan normally, she’s a beautiful girl on the same level as Lapis. Now that I’m feeling a bit nervous, Toa-chan also became a little awkward, sensing my tension.

 ”Um, well… then, is this weekend okay?”

 ”Y-Yeah, if it’s fine with you, Aqua-kun.”

 I arranged the exact date and time for the date with Toa-chan and quickly left the Nekoyama family.

 I’m sorry, Nekoyama-kun. I’ll be going out with your sister this Sunday.


 By the way, Toa just wants to practice going outside like a normal outing. Please be kind to Aqua, who is being manipulated.

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