Male Idol V1c2

Volume 1 Chapter 2 Shirogane Aqua, Discharged from the Hospital

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 Three days had passed since I woke up, and with no particular abnormalities found, the day of my discharge arrived. As I expressed my gratitude to the doctors and nurses who came to see me off, for some reason, they all collapsed on the spot, sobbing uncontrollably. It seems that it’s rare for them to be thanked by a man, and it overwhelmed them. Besides, it turns out that I wasn’t the only scumbag in this world.

 ”Aqua-chan, we’ve arrived home… but from the looks of it, you still don’t remember anything.”

 From inside the car driven by my mother, I glanced around as we drove, but I couldn’t recognize anything. It was an upscale residential area with conspicuously large houses, and among them was the house where I would be living from now on. According to what I heard during my hospital stay, my mother is involved in the art of flower arrangement and tea ceremony. She’s quite an amazing person, teaching flower arrangement and tea ceremony to children of the upper class and managing a company related to that.

 ”So… Aqua-chan, welcome back once again.”

 ”I’m home. MotherKaa-san, let’s get along from today.”

 As I responded like that, my mother eyes became watery. It was clearly an excessive reaction, but considering how during my hospital stay she would break down in tears just by receiving a few words from me, I think she has improved quite a bit. When we got out of the car and entered the entrance, there were a beautiful young woman and a cute girl waiting, whom I had no recollection of.

 ”Welcome home, Aqua.”

 A woman with a gentle and sweet voice called my name. She is probably my big sister, Shirogane Shitori, currently a college student. She has soft honey-colored hair and teardrop-shaped beauty marks around her eyes, which leave a strong impression. When my gaze lowered, her shirt with frills on it, clinging tightly to her ample bosom, seemed like the buttons would burst at any moment. I see… my big sister, just like my mother, seems to possess quite a presence. The contrast between her glamorous body and her calm expression exudes a maternal aura that makes people want to rely on her.

 ”Welcome back, Aqua-niisama.”

 And this is probably my younger sister, Shirogane Lapis. I had imagined her to be more lively since she’s in middle school, but she’s surprisingly calm, which surprised me. And there’s another surprising thing. My sister, Lapis, has hair that seems to represent her surname, Shirogane. It’s actually a platinum blonde color due to genetic inheritance, but with her odd-colored eyes—jade and indigo—it makes her look like a walking doll. I believe she inherited different genes from father. But seriously, if she’s this cute, won’t she get kidnapped? I’m concerned, even in this world where there are so many women. My sister and my mother are both beautiful, so I should take good care of them. By the way, Lapis has a chest size appropriate for a middle schooler, which relieved me in a different sense.

 ”I’m home, Shitori-neesan, Lapis.”

 Originally, both of them were supposed to come and visit me at the hospital, but they decided to cancel the visit because it might cause confusion due to my amnesia. So this is the first time I’m meeting them directly, but apparently, my mother has already explained to them about my amnesia.

 ”I think you’ve heard from mother, but I have no memories prior to being hospitalized. So I might inconvenience both of you, but I’ll do my best to improve my shortcomings. Please take care of me.”

 I extended my hand to shake hands with them. However, neither of them returned the gesture. That’s because both of them collapsed right there.

 ”Is it just my imagination? I felt like Aqua responded to me, and besides, calling me ‘neesan’…”

 ”For brothernii-sama to call me ‘Lapis’… up until now, He has only called me ‘hey’ or ‘you’…”

 From what I heard from Mother, it seems like I wasn’t a good person in this world after all. I have such a caring family who worries about me, so what could I possibly complain about? I kneel on the ground and gently take both of their hands.

 ”To both of you, I’m sorry. Maybe the current me is different from the me before, but I would be happy if you could still accept me as family.”

 However, no matter how terrible I may have been, I have been a big brother and a little brother who spent over a decade together with them. Thinking about that, it hurts my heart a little.

 ”Of course, Aqua… In fact, as your big sister, I want you to stay exactly as you are now.”

 ”Absolutely, Nii-sama. In fact, I really love the current you.”

 I see… Mother also emphasized that she wants me to stay as Aqua-chan forever, and it seems that I have been accepted by my family.

 ”Aqua, if possible, big sister has one request.”

 ”What is it, Shitori-neesan?”

 ”Can I call you ‘Aa-chan’ like in the old days? And I want you to call me ‘Shitori-neesan’ like before as well.”

 ”Of course, call me however you like, Shitori-neesan.”

 When I replied like that, Shitori-neesan teared up with joy. Huh? I might think it’s a small thing, but Mother cried every time I said something, so this is probably normal. I see, that’s how terrible I was in this world.

 ”Oh, unfair, only Shitori-neesama… Lapis want it too… Ah, but maybe it’s fine for Lapis to stay as she is.”

 My little sister Lapis is cute. Almost naturally, my hand reaches out to pat Lapis’s head. Lapis briefly flinches when she sees my hand, but when I stroke her head, she opens her eyes wide in surprise.

 ”No way… Nii-sama isn’t hitting me.”

 …Hey, that’s news to me. The previous me was really a scumbag.

 ”I envy both of you… Mom want to be called by her first name by Aqua-chan and to have my head patted too…”

 No, I can’t call Mother by her first name, and I won’t pat her head. It’s embarrassing… So, please don’t look at me with such a longing expression.

 ”Nade nade (pat pat)…”

 As Mother persistently insists, I avert my gaze. I might be able to handle it in an idol-like manner, but when it comes to dealing with Mother, there is still a sense of embarrassment. After all, Mother has never been a part of my life until now. So even though Mother suddenly appeared, I honestly don’t know how to interact with her. In that sense, the two sisters were also absent from my life until now, but because they are closer in age, I feel like I can manage it as an extension of how I interact with friends. But when it comes to Mother, there is no one to use as a reference, so I still can’t close the distance completely.

 ”Aqua-chan is being stingy.”

 I’m perplexed by Mother’s adorable sulking. Normally, she’s a composed and elegant Japanese beauty, but I feel like she’s been too cheerful towards me since I was at the hospital. Feeling a little sorry for her, I gently pat Mother’s head with as little expression as possible.

 ”Ehehe, while you’re at it, can you call me Marin? *Chira~a, Chira~aTake a glance*.”

 Mother’s face becomes even more disheveled when I pat her head. By the way, I’ll pretend I didn’t hear her inner voice and the onomatopeia “Chira~a, Chira~a.”

 ”Oh, Mom is unfair too. I also want Aa-chan to pat my head.”

 Saying that, Shitori-neesan leans her head towards me. I have no choice but to gently pat Shitori-neesan’s head as well. With each stroke, Shitori-neesan’s fluffy hair sways, and the sweet scent of shampoo grazes my nose.

 ”Nii-sama, Lapis wants more too.”

 ”Aqua-chan, Mom wants more too.”

 ”Aa-chan, Shitori-neesan wants more too.”

 In the end, I continue to comply with their requests and keep patting their heads. For 30 minutes, I couldn’t move beyond the entrance.

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