Male Idol V2c2

Volume 2 Chapter 2 Shirogane Aqua, The Downfall of the Man Who Forgot to Knock

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 To be frank, I’m already tired. Even though it was only 30 minutes, my head feels hazy with fatigue. Kurogami-san toys with me using wordplay, and Mayuzumi, surrounded by the female club members, is struggling to respond. I’ve only visited the tea ceremony club so far, but there are still two more places to go today. Can I handle this? However, Mayuzumi, with a clearly fatigued expression, is still facing forward, giving it his all. So I can’t just stop here.

 Aqua, you’re not the type to give up like this, you’re going to become an idol, and that is why you were reborn. The little Aqua inside my heart tells me that it’s not okay to quit now. So, I slap both my cheeks and clear my hazy thoughts, then let out a voice from the depths of my core.

 ”Alright, next is here!”

 I arrive in front of the drama club room, where my classmate, Washimiya Lisa-san, belongs. Studying drama will surely be useful for my idol activities. Thinking that way, I gladly accepted the invitation to at least observe Washimiya-san.

 ”Shirogane, sorry, but I’ll go buy some water over there.”

 ”Ah, then I’ll go in first. Oh, if you’re tired, it’s okay to be a little late!”

 Mayuzumi smiles wryly and walks unsteadily towards where the vending machine is. Perhaps I should have taken a short break after all? No… Maybe it was actually me who needed the break. Exhausted as I was, I absentmindedly forgot to knock and simply opened the drama club room.

 ”Excuse me!! …Ah!”

 I widen my eyes at the scene in front of me. If, if by any chance, I could rewind time a few seconds back, I find myself thinking such a thing. That’s how much I’ve made a huge mistake.



 ”No way…”

 Outside the door, both I and the girls inside the room froze simultaneously. It’s no wonder. The girls were in the midst of changing their clothes. Some girls shamelessly exposed their naked bodies, while others were in the process of removing their underwear or uniforms. The underwear varied from person to person. Some girls wore cute ones with frills and ribbons, while others wore slightly more mature ones that were see-through or had strings. There were also girls wearing functional underwear that they usually wear, or simple worn-out underwear, adding a sense of realism and a raw, erotic atmosphere.

 Among them, one person’s appearance stood out to me the most, Washimiya Lisa-san, who was closest to me. Washimiya-san had her well-shaped breasts exposed unguardedly from her partially opened upper body. I was captivated by her beautiful rocket-like breasts. She had pulled her pure white panties down to her knees, revealing a perfectly shaved and smooth line of her genitalia.

 Her pure white underwear and translucent white skin were dazzling, almost like a work of art. And I couldn’t help but fixate on the only stain in that pristine white world—the dirt on the crotch area.

 ”Sh-Shirogane-sama, it’s a little embarrassing for me too if you stare at me so intently, desu~wa.”

 Washimiya-san blushed.

 No, no, no… It’s not like I did it on purpose. I didn’t deliberately open the door, and I didn’t intentionally gaze at her crotch area.

 I have no choice but to apologize, apologize, and apologize. Just as I was about to start apologizing frantically, Washimiya-san, for some reason, unhesitatingly pulled down her partially removed pure white underwear.

 Eh… Huh? Why are you taking it off there? Normally, she would put it on, right?

 Beside me, in the midst of my increasing confusion, Washimiya-san calmly folded the panties and bra she was wearing.

 Then, she took several selfies of herself naked with the Instax camera in the clubroom, neatly packed them along with a note into a small paper bag she took out of the locker, and folded and closed the bag’s opening.

 I was frozen, wondering what on earth she was doing, when Washimiya-san approached me still completely naked, holding the paper bag.

 ”Um, if it’s alright with you, please… use these…”


 Not knowing what to do, I was bewildered, and Washimiya-san, for some reason, took off the matching white socks and gloves she was wearing, and threw them into the paper bag as well.

 My mind was at a loss as to the meaning of this behavior.

 ”I-I apologize, Shirogane-sama. Some gentlemen have preferences for these kinds of things, don’t they? O-Or perhaps, you desire the uniform or shirt I was wearing? O-Oh… I might be a little sweaty today because it was a bit hot, so, um… But if Shirogane-sama likes that sort of thing, if you ask for a swimsuit or gym uniform, I can prepare them for you every day, so, um…”


 No, this situation is extremely bad!

 If I look around, I can see other girls taking out their underwear and starting to take naked selfies.

 If I don’t stop Washimiya-san’s strange behavior here, this story will spread throughout the school and turn into a disaster.

 I have to stop Washimiya-san at all costs.

 Especially at this rate, even Mayuzumi, who is not resistant to women, will be affected. I have to prevent that at all costs, so I speak with a firm tone.

 ”I-I’ll be fine! A-And Washimiya-san, everyone, I’m sorry for seeing you naked. It was my fault for opening the door without checking, even if it was an accident.”

 I take off the blazer of my uniform and gently place it on Washimiya-san’s shoulders.

 ”Um, well, then I’ll go out for a moment, and I’ll apologize again later when you finish changing, so please let me know.”

 I escape from the drama club room as if fleeing.

 ”Haa… haa… haa…”

 I look around anxiously, but Mayuzumi hasn’t come back yet.

 S-Safe! It already feels like I’ve crossed several lines, but let’s consider this safe. Yes, let’s go with that.

 Haa, seriously… I feel exhausted, and I slump down as if my strength has given out.


 But I feel something strange in my palm. I accidentally crushed something like a paper bag.

 No way… I look at the paper bag in my hand and feel like I’m about to burst into tears.

 ”Oh no, I messed up…”

 Why, of all things, did I bring this outside with me?

 Just to be sure, yes, just to be sure, I hold on to a faint hope that it might be something else, and I quietly open the bag to check its contents.

 Inside, I find the underwear that Washimiya-san was wearing just now, naked selfies with her embarrassed expression, and a note with Washimiya-san’s data ID for self-pleasure device, commonly known as an “Onahole.”


 A pleasant scent wafts from the bag.

 As if drawn in by its magic, just as I was about to reach for what was inside…


 I crumple the paper bag and hastily stuff it into my own bag, as if covering up the evidence.

 The speed at which I did it was practically invisible.

 ”Oh, uhh, Mayuzumi! Y-You’re late!”

 I’m completely acting suspicious.

 ”The vending machine over there was broken. I felt bad for Shirogane, but I went to a vending machine further away.”

 ”O-Oh, I see… That’s good, ahaha.”

 What exactly is good about it…

 Even I find my own words nonsensical.

 ”Anyway, why are you outside, Shirogane?”

 ”Oh… Uh, well, you see. They were still in the middle of changing, so…”

 I manage to deceive the situation somehow and, after observing the drama club, I escort Mayuzumi outside and apologize to Washimiya-san and the others. I was surprised when Washimiya-san and the others told me not to worry and rahter apologized for showing me their skin.

 I can’t help but feel that the concept of chastity is clearly different here compared to the world I’m used to.

 Lost in these thoughts, I accidentally forget about the paper bag I had stored in my bag and neglect to return it to Washimiya-san.

 Yes… I neglected to return it.

 I had intended to return it, but there’s nothing I can do about it now.

 Yeah, there’s nothing I can do.

 By the way, I didn’t want Miyuki-san to see me using Washimiya-san’s underwear and data, so I used the facilities without requesting Miyuki-san’s assistance.

 For a while after that, I took care of it by myself, using Washimiya-san as my material. However, every time I passed by Miyuki-san at the facilities, she gave me a cold glare… I wonder why.


 ”Shirogane-sama, no way… To be used to such an extent with my data… Ah… I-I’ve never experienced this before, to be forced from behind like that. nnghh…”

 Fortunately, Washimiya-san is reserved despite her flashy appearance, but if it were Kurogami-san, Aqua would have been devoured in an instant.

 And during that time, Miyuki-san, who was never used, was in an extremely foul mood.

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