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Volume 3 Chapter 10 Atori Ako, Determination

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 Kohina Yukari, my friend and childhood friend, is quite whimsical.

 I’ve experienced being swept away by Yukari’s eccentric behavior more than once or twice.

 I thought she would calm down a bit when she grew up, but Yukari remained a grown-up with the mentality of an elementary school student.

 From childhood, Yukari appeared in dramas and movies as a child actor and, unlike many other child actors, she continues to be at the forefront of this industry without fading away.

 During my time working at an advertising agency, I had the chance to work with her on several occasions, and her unpredictable personality often caused trouble for many people.

 So why does she survive in this industry despite her whimsical nature? The reason is clear.

 Her unparalleled acting talent, which can be called incomparable, and at such a young age, there were only a handful of actresses who could stand shoulder to shoulder with Yukari in this country.

 ”Oh, hey, Ako-cchi, are you here?”

 She visited me before Golden Week, around April.

 I thought it would be nice if she could give me a heads-up, but it would probably be futile since it’s always like this with Yukari.

 Her whims are nothing new, and I have already resigned myself to them.

 ”Hey, what interesting things have you been up to?”

 She opens the door and walks into the room as she always does.

 I can’t help but wonder why I’m friends with Yukari sometimes.

 However, her audacity, which even intimidates the gods, is something I lack.

 Yukari is special, and I am just one of the many. It didn’t take me long to realize that.

 That’s why I have a strong admiration for the parts of her that I don’t possess.

 In fact, Yukari has many fans, and there are many believers among the production teams in this industry.

 Many of them are probably just like me.

 [When faced with overwhelming talent, everything else becomes unimportant. Many people in this industry think that way.]

 When I talked to Moja-san, also known as Kobayashi-san, before, he said something similar.

 I know for a fact that there are people in this industry who are just as immoral as Yukari, if not more. Yet, despite her immoral personality, actress Kohina Yukari never runs out of work.

 ”Oh, so this is Aqua-kun.”

 Yukari gazes at the Aqua-kun poster hanging in the living room.

 With wide-open eyes, she carefully examines the poster, as if observing an insect specimen. It’s a gaze that is completely different from how an ordinary woman would look at a man.

 ”So, Ako-cchi, you quit the advertising agency for this guy, right?”

 ”Yeah, um, that’s true, but…”

 I have a bad feeling. I break eye contact with Yukari, whose gaze seems to see through everything.

 I divert my eyes to my laptop and notice that it’s still open.

 ”Hmm, I see.”

 It’s too late when I realize it. Yukari peeks into my laptop with gleaming eyes.

 ”Oh, I heard you were filming a drama, is this it?”

 No way! The drama shoot was just yesterday.

 And yet, somehow, Yukari knows about Aqua-kun’s appearance in “To You, Where the Flowers Bloom” before it’s even announced.

 Knowing that, Yukari came to me.

 ”Y-Yukari, that hasn’t been released yet.”

 What Yukari was watching on my laptop was Aqua-kun’s scene from “To You, Where the Flowers Bloom.”

 I was in the middle of checking the video, which hasn’t been broadcasted yet.

 ”Ako-cchi, um… sorry, but can you stay quiet for a moment?”

 Yukari’s eyes widen even more, and without blinking, she stares intently at the screen.

 ”Hmm… well, I’d give it a 50 out of 100.”


 My fist tightens naturally, with a surge of power.

 Being told that Aqua-kun’s acting is only worth 50 points, I couldn’t help but retort at Yukari for the first time in my life.

 ”Are you saying that Aqua-kun’s… my Shirogane Aqua’s acting is only worth 50 points?”

 ”Oh… that’s good, Ako-cchi. You can make that face when it comes to Aqua-kun, huh? Yeah, yeah, that’s a good sign.”

 Yukari, seeing me angry, inexplicably rejoices with a beaming smile.

 ”Then let me ask you this, Ako-cchi. As someone who knows my acting, do you think Aqua-kun’s performance in this is his maximum?”

 Yukari approaches me so closely that our chests are almost touching, and with the same wide-open eyes as before, she peeks into my gaze.


 I should say something back right away, but I couldn’t utter a single word to Yukari. It is said that those who immerse themselves in the role, like Aqua-kun, are actors of the possession type. Yukari… as an actress, Kohina Yukari, is undoubtedly the best in this country as that type of actor. That’s why she has survived in this industry with this personality, and many viewers have been captivated by Kohina Yukari’s acting.

 I’m one of them too. That’s why I know. As someone who has been watching Kohina Yukari since I was little, there is something even beyond Aqua-kun’s current performance… And even with Aqua-kun’s wholehearted acting at the moment, he can’t surpass the serious acting of the actress Kohina Yukari right in front of me.

 ”Ako-cchi, in the next Monday 9 PM drama, I’ll make sure to squeeze Aqua-kun into the role of my big brother, so please take care of him.”


 I’m surprised by Yukari’s outrageous statement.

 ”Why wait? Ako-cchi, you’ve noticed it too, right?”

 Yukari’s face tightens, and her previously wide-open eyes turn into a sharp gaze.

 ”This kid’s acting is the same type as mine, right? So instead of getting touch with some weirdo, wouldn’t it be better for me, Aqua-kun’s superior and your friend, to take care of him? Or is it okay for your precious Aqua-kun to be devoured by that vixen or that empress before he becomes a proper actor?”

 I’m taken aback by Yukari’s words.

 The empress and vixen she mentioned are the top actresses in this industry in this country.

 Many male actors have faded away after working with them, like stars twinkling in the sky.

 Yet, they receive support because, like Yukari, they have many fans for their acting.

 ”Just so you know, I’m not the only one who’s aware of Aqua-kun’s existence anymore.”

 I gasp at Yukari’s words.

 Perhaps she knows about that and has come to me as a warning.

 The big names moving… I thought it would happen a little later, and I feel disgusted with my own naivety.

 ”Why… why would you go to such lengths for Aqua-kun, Yukari?”

 Even though I’m insensitive, I understood that Yukari had acted for Aqua-kun.

 Maybe Yukari also…

 ”You know, Ako-cchi, I like interesting things.”

 Yukari shows a slightly sad expression.

 ”That’s why I’ve been so bored lately. Young ones like Ayana-chan with her stoic personality, personally, I like her, but Ayana-chan is just an ordinary actress, and besides, we’re completely different types.”

 The Ayana Yukari mentioned is probably Tsukimachi Ayana, an idol.

 Although she is one of the rising stars among the younger generation, according to a true genius like Yukari, she seems to be just an ordinary person.

 ”So, that’s when this genius Yukari-chan came up with an idea. Ah, if there isn’t one, then I should raise one myself.”

 Raise one? Who? Is she kidding?

 I’m confused by Yukari’s words.

 I had doubts about whether Yukari could raise someone, but at the same time, I’m aware that someone like me couldn’t possibly nurture the actor Shirogane Aqua.

 ”That’s why you can relax, Ako-cchi. To prevent Aqua-kun from being devoured by the big shots, I’ll make sure to turn him into the real deal.”

 Saying that, Yukari extends her hand in front of me.

 I’m troubled about whether I should accept this proposal from Yukari.

 As the president of the agency, there isn’t much I can do for Aqua-kun.

 When he’s on set, it’s just him facing the camera.

 Even if he has concerns about acting, there are no seniors in this agency he can consult with.

 I may be able to listen to his worries, but that’s about it.

 As someone who has never stood on set as an actor, can I protect Shirogane Aqua, the actor, all by myself? I’m torn about whether I should grasp Yukari’s hand or not.

 ”Ugh! I actually feel embarrassed saying this kind of thing, but well, if I don’t say it, you probably won’t understand… I guess there’s no helping it. Look, I’m only going to say it once, so listen carefully.”

 Yukari lets out a deep sigh and lightly pokes my wrinkled brow with her fingertip.

 ”For me, Ako-cchi is my only friend. So rely on me more as someone who is also a senior in this industry. I may have a terrible personality, but have I ever betrayed you, Ako-cchi?”

 No… On the contrary, Yukari is the only friend who helped me when I was a child and almost bullied by boys over trivial matters.

 Looking back now, Yukari has always been different. Even though she’s a girl, she doesn’t flirt with boys, yet she has firm opinions… It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say she was my hero.

 ”I understand… Thank you, Yukari.”

 I mutter, and we shake hands, grasping each other’s hands.

 ”But… as the president of the agency, I won’t allow you to meddle with Aqua-kun.”

 I add a few words just to make sure.

 ”It’s okay, it’s okay! I don’t have any intentions of pursuing Aqua-kun as a man, so rest assured. Besides, as I mentioned earlier, it’s not like I’m interested to prey on him.”

 Is that true? But Yukari has always been like that, and she fundamentally doesn’t lie, as she said earlier.

 Just when I thought I could be relieved, Yukari drops a bomb.

 ”But, according to my taste, even though I haven’t knew Aqua-kun’s personality yet, his face is a perfect 100 points for me. So, if he approaches me, I’ll just spread my legs normally. Is that okay?”

 I almost fall over on the spot, as if I were a comedian.

 ”No. It’s—not—allowed. The other party is underage. Yukari, as an adult, please show some restraint!”

 ”Yeah, yeah, Ako-cchi, you’re always so uptight. That’s why you’re still a virgin!”

 Wha?! Yukari’s insensitive remark makes my face turn red.

 ”You’re still a virgin too! We’re in the same boat!!”

 ”Well, because unlike Ako-cchi, I can easily attract guys. I get invited to hotels often. There are even guys who beg me to take their virginity, but I just don’t find them attractive, that’s all.”

 Guh… Come to think of it, Yukari is like that.

 I engage in the same back-and-forth argument with Yukari as we did back in elementary school.

 And at this age, we talked and drank until morning.

 ”I hope you understand, but don’t make any moves, okay?”

 ”I said I understand, geez, Ako-cchi, you’re as naggy as always, like a mom.”

 I had some doubts about whether she truly understood, but I made the decision to entrust Aqua-kun to Yukari.

 I want Aqua-kun to shine more than anyone else. As an actor and performer, Shirogane Aqua will eventually cross paths with the actress before him, Yukari. It just happened a bit earlier. But I believe that Aqua-kun’s talent is on par with, if not surpassing, that of Yukari.

 As Shirogane Aqua’s manager and his first fan, I have high expectations for his growth.

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