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Volume 3 Chapter 12 Morikawa Kaede, The Woman Who Loves XXX

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 ”Morikawa-san, we have 10 minutes until the live broadcast.”

 ”Ah, alright.”

 As I prepared for the live broadcast, I repeatedly read through the script and materials handed to me by the staff. Today, a fashion show will take place, blocking off the S District’s scramble intersection.

 This event is sponsored by the government, and our national broadcasting television station has acquired the broadcasting rights at a considerable cost. As an announcer in my second-year with the company, Morikawa Kaede, I was fortunate to be selected as one of the on-site reporters, thanks to the policy of the country wanting to feature young individuals.

 ”Morikawa-san, we’ll switch to a different shot earlier. Can you handle it?”

 ”Yes, I’m fine!”

 I replied as I handed the staff member the documents and script. Then, I leaned in with my earphones to catch the cue.

 ”Morikawa-san, this is the studio calling the on-site reporter. Can you hear us?”

 ”Ah, yes. This is Morikawa Kaede, reporting live from the scene! Please take a look at this scene! The area near the intersection is already filled with a large crowd!”

 As I extended my hand, the cameraman turned around and captured the crowded scene of the venue.

 ”It’s an incredible turnout.”

 ”Yes! That’s right. Several male models from high-end brands and international male models invited by high-brand from Stars are scheduled to appear. Some male models from domestic brands have also been announced on the official website and social media, so there are quite a lot of people who came to the event looking forward to that.”

 The relationship between Stars nation and our country is very friendly, thanks to the persistent efforts of many politicians. That’s why this event could become a reality. Perhaps it’s also because the princess of Stars, a friend of mine who is much older than me, is currently staying in this country.

 ”It’s rare to have so many male models from overseas, so it seems like everyone wants to catch a glimpse and has flocked to this free event.”

 To attend this event, people have to apply for a ticket and be selected in a lottery. In other words, only a limited number of people who won the lottery can enter inside the restricted area.

 ”Please take a look at this. There are many more people outside the restricted area.”

 ”Wow, that’s a massive crowd.”

 As I said that, the camera turned sharply, capturing the women who gathered beyond the restricted line.

 ”Kaede-chan, it’s commentator Yamazaki. How is it from outside the restricted area? Can you see the show?”

 ”Well… I also tried looking through binoculars from outside the restricted area a few hours ago, but it seems a bit difficult.”

 In reality, there were obstacles and crowds of people, so even if I could see, it would only be a momentary glimpse, like the size of a grain of rice. Even so, this event might never be held again. That’s why I understood the feelings of the women who gathered outside the restricted area, wanting to see the models who came from overseas, even if it was just a quick glance.

 ”I see. In that case, it might be better to watch it on TV rather than from outside the restricted area.”

 ”Yes! That’s right. Some people have given up and said they would watch it on their large home TVs.”

 If people just want to see their appearances, even inside the restricted area, unless they have a special seat in the front row or near the front, to be frank, they can see the models’ faces more clearly on TV. However, everyone gathers here because they want to share the same atmosphere as them in real time.

 By the way, when I say atmosphere, I don’t mean it in a perverted way like wanting to indirectly kiss the air exhaled by their favorite male model. I mean it in the sense of wanting to share the same time and space as them.

 ”Kuu, Kaede-chan, I’m so envious! To be honest, I’d rather be there than a commentator!!”

 ”That’s not fair, Yamazaki-san. I also wanted to announce on-site like Morikawa-san.”

 ”Haha… I’m sorry. Well then, let’s move on to the interview.”

 I pretended to scan the area, looking for someone nearby whom I had obtained prior permission to interview. I approached a pair of sisters and pointed the microphone towards them.

 ”Excuse me, I’m Kaede Morikawa from the national broadcasting station. Would you mind if I interview you?”


 I called out to the sisters who were close by. The older sister seemed like a college student or working adult, while the younger sister was still in middle school, a few years apart.

 ”Why are you here today?”

 ”Well, actually, my sister’s birthday is coming up, and I thought it would be nice to give her a memorable experience or something. So, I tried applying, and we happened to win.”

 The older sister commented while glancing at her younger sister with a slight blush. I couldn’t help but think that the younger sister, who is several years younger than her, must be absolutely adorable. It brought a warm smile to my face, as well as the staff members involved in the filming.

 ”Wow, that’s amazing. Did you enjoy the gift from your big sister?”

 ”Hy-hyes! My sister is, umm, always so kind, and she has taken care of me and played with me since I was little.”

 Was she nervous? It was so cute to see her like that, and it put a smile on my face.

 I remember when I first met a certain princess from a country I know, even though she was still in middle school at the time, the pressure and presence were overwhelming. I never expected a princess to come, and I hadn’t realized yet that she would turn out to be so disappointing. All I remember from our first encounter is the chilling sweat running down my spine.

 Even among them, my reliable 9n2-neesan (sister) was someone I greatly admired as an adult. Even Hagetoru, who was still herself and always acted the same, was already a one-of-a-kind adult, and I still think she’s crazy.

 ”Wow, your big sister sounds really kind. I’m envious.”

 ”Yes! Um… the other day, she even went out of her way to line up and buy biscuits for me…”

 Ah, yes, those biscuits…

 I managed to collect a complete set of Aqua-kun’s clear files when I went on a business trip to the countryside and found a convenience store run by an old lady that wasn’t open 24 hours. After that, I’ve been buying as many products as possible and applying for various things, but I wonder if I’ll ever win anything.

 ”I see. Well, then, please enjoy the day with your big sister!”


 The younger sister, holding hands to not get separated from her older sister, returned my greeting with enthusiasm.

 ”Thank you for the interview.”

 ”I’m the one who should be thanking you.”

 As I expressed my gratitude, the older sister bowed slightly and headed towards the seats they had won.

 ”Oh, Morikawa-san, it was heartwarming to see the lovely sisters.”

 ”Kaede-chan, we watching in the studio felt warm and fuzzy too!”

 ”Yes, that’s right. Well then, I think I’ll move on to the next interview.”

 This time, I turned my gaze in the opposite direction, but the people I had planned to interview had disappeared without a trace. Huh… in my moment of panic, one of the staff members handed me a cue card with some writing on it.

 Just approach someone and ask for an interview, even if it’s random.

 I looked at the cue card and exaggeratedly turned my head left and right. That’s when a trio of girls passed by.

 ”Excuse me, I’m Morikawa Kaede from the national broadcasting station. Would you mind if I interview you?”

 At this point, it was worth a shot. When I called out to them, the three turned towards me.


 The woman who appeared to be the oldest among the three responded to my call.

 ”Why brings you here today?”

 ”Well, actually, a friend of mine was lucky enough to have tickets for today’s show, and we were entrusted to accompany her.”

 She said with a smile.

 She seemed completely relaxed, as if she worked at some high-class club, showing no signs of nervousness even in front of the camera. As she finished answering the interview, she shifted her gaze towards one of the other women who had accompanied her. I followed her movement and directed the microphone towards the woman she was looking at.

 ”Excuse me, how do the three of you know each other? Is it okay to ask?”

 ”Well… we actually entered the same high school as first-year students this year.”

 Hey, seriously… I almost turned my face towards the woman I had initially directed the microphone to. The cameraman capturing our scene also twitched his shoulders, almost shaking the camera. I couldn’t believe there was such a freshman in high school, but I had a feeling there was something dark about her, so I pretended not to know.

 ”Wow, I see. Have you already adjusted to high school life? Is it enjoyable?”

 The three of them looked at each other and answered with a loud “Yes.” I’ve heard that many girls face major setbacks when they enter high school.

 They were coldly treated by their male classmates.

 There were no sweet relationships like in novels, manga, anime, or dramas. In the first place, the school was so low-tier that there were no boys in their grade.

 That’s the main reason for their setbacks.

 I almost faced a similar setback for similar reasons. However, seeing the three of them persevering without giving up, I gained some strength. I directed the microphone towards the last member of the trio.

 ”High school life is incredibly fun. The boys in my class are nice, and the class atmosphere is really great.”

 Wow. Just having male classmates was a blessing, and it seemed like they had drawn a pretty good lot. There were boys who were relatively kind and even treated girls with kindness. I think being in the same class as such kids is a pretty good situation.

 Come to think of it, my Aqua-kun is still in high school. There are girls out there who are his classmates. It’s a miracle that they were even born in the same year, but how much virtue did those girls accumulate in their past lives to receive such good fortune? If I were to come across such lucky girls, I would be filled with envy until my eyes bled.

 ”Wow, I see. Well, I hope this show today becomes a wonderful memory for you and your friends.”


 A voice entered my earphones.

 ”Morikawa-san, Morikawa-san, thank you for the interview. And thank you to the three high school students who answered the interview as well. We’ll return to the studio for now.”

 ”Oh, yes!”

 I waved my hand towards the camera. The trio of high school students looked at the cue card they were given and waved their hands towards the camera.

 ”Thank you for your cooperation. I’m sorry, but could you please fill out your contact information and the consent form on this paper?”

 ”Oh, sure. No problem.”

 We repeatedly bowed our heads to the high school students who kindly answered the sudden interview. They wished us good luck with our work, even though it must have been tough, and expressed their gratitude for making it a good memory.

 It was the right decision to approach them by chance. The people we were originally going to interview got lost in the crowd and later came to apologize. Thankfully, they were all good kids. I had a satisfied expression as I savored the afterglow of my work. But my work for today is far from over. I can’t afford to space out.

 ”Morikawa-san, let’s move to the next location before your next appearance.”

 ”Oh, yes!”

 Prompted by the staff, I began to move. Along the way, I noticed the presence of a friend who had managed to snag a seat in the front row of the show. I had expected them to come, considering the joint event between our country and the Stars nation, but I never thought I would actually spot them…


 Coincidentally, as I turned my gaze towards my friend, they also turned their head in my direction. And upon noticing my presence, they waved their hand and said something.

 Good, job, on, your, work.

 You know, it sounds like Shumi is taunting me when she said so, unlike the sincere cheers from the other girls earlier. Is it because my heart has become impure?

 Do, your, best.

 I chuckled wryly at my friend’s genuine cheer. She’s actually a good person, you know. I took out my phone and sent a message of gratitude to my friend, who is a few years older than me.

 ”Morikawa-san, is something the matter?”

 ”Oh, no, it’s nothing.”

 It seems that the staff walking beside me saw my unsettling smile. Well, it’s almost time for the show to begin. Even though I’m devoted to Aqua-kun, my excitement naturally rises with the lively atmosphere of the show. Alright, my work has only just begun. I’ll give it my all for the rest!

 I gathered my determination and hurriedly moved with the staff to the next live broadcast location.

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