Male Idol V4c21

Volume 4 Chapter 21 Nekoyama Toa, The Chime That Resonated in My Heart

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 My name is Nekoyama Toa. I am one of the male students who enrolled in the private Otomezaki Academy this year. However, like the majority of male students, I’m only enrolled in the school in name but not physically attending classes. The school provides online courses, and I was content with that.

 But… I wasn’t always a Hikikomori from the start. Back in elementary school, I used to attend school like any other student, and I had friends back then. It all changed when I entered middle school… The moment I stepped into the classroom, I felt a slight discomfort in the gazes of the girls. Ignorant at the time, I didn’t realize the true nature of that discomfort. If only I had understood it then, maybe neither she nor I would have ended up like this.

 ”Toa-kun, I’m sorry… for making you help me this late at night.”

 That day, I was alone with Mayuko-chan, my friend from school, stapling together documents. I distinctly remember Mayuko-chan being not only intelligent but also athletic, standing out as one of the most beautiful girls in our class.

 ”No worries, Mayuko-chan. You seemed like you needed some help, and we’re friends, so don’t sweat it.”

 I became friends with Mayuko-chan during elementary school. She approached me when I was alone, and that’s how our friendship began. Mayuko-chan was caring and incredibly kind, and we quickly became close.

 ”Thanks, Toa-kun!”

 Mayuko-chan’s smile was like a blooming flower, but for some reason, it frightened me, and I shivered. The highlights seemed to vanish from her eyes when I looked at her.

 ”Hey, Toa-kun, about what happened earlier, did a senior from the third year say something to you?”

 Yesterday, I picked up some lost item and returned it to the staff room. Mayuko-chan was probably talking about the brief conversation I had with the senior who came to thank me later. When I explained the situation, I noticed the emotions draining from Mayuko-chan’s face.

 ”Tch… How dare that old hag lay her hands on someone else’s belongings.”


 I couldn’t quite hear what she said, but seeing Mayuko-chan click her tongue, I was taken aback.

 ”Well, never mind. It’s not important.”

 She approached me with a smile, slowly getting closer, and I instinctively stepped back towards the window.

 ”Ah, um, sorry. I’ll be going now.”

 Feeling uneasy for reasons unknown, I quickly grabbed my belongings and headed towards the exit in a hurry. However, Mayuko-chan grabbed my wrist and pushed me down to the floor.

 ”Oh well, you figured it out, huh? Well, whatever. I’ve reached my limit too, so it’s fine, right?”

 Mayuko-chan straddled my body on the floor, took off the sweater over her shirt, and then untied the ribbon that held her collar together. She unbuttoned her white shirt slowly, one button at a time, making soft clicking sounds. Her face was expressionless, her eyes intense, and it scared me.

 ”Ma… Mayuko-chan, what are you doing?”

 ”Hmm? Oh, Toa-kun, do you still not know about these things?”

 Suddenly, Mayuko-chan’s mood seemed to brighten, and she smiled again. But that smile seemed distorted, and I couldn’t shake off the feeling of unease.

 ”Have you experienced… waking up in the morning and finding a sticky white stuff stuck to your underwear? Have you ever felt aroused by looking at a woman’s body? Have you ever taken off a classmate’s underwear during gym or swimming class, or stolen panties from a family member’s laundry basket?”

 I shook my head from side to side, my heart pounding in my chest.

 ”Heh, heh… I see, I see. So, Toa-kun, it’s all your first time, huh? It was meant to be, our fates intertwined. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you all about the differences between a girl’s body and a boy’s body, about ‘that’ and ‘that,’ how babies are made, and everything there is to know about intimacy and masturbation, from one to ten. All for you.”

 With Mayuko-chan’s words, memories of the health class I had in school resurfaced. Back then, I was still a child, completely unaware of how Mayuko-chan looked at me with those eyes.

 ”Ah… I guess saying that might make you worry if Toa-kun isn’t my first, right? Don’t fret, Toa-kun, I assure you, I’m untouched. My first time for everything will be with you. No one else has seen me that way, unlike those other girls. Only you, in my fantasies.”

 Mayuko-chan forcefully opened her shirt, revealing her large breasts held within a bra. She had developed more than the other girls in our class, and at this moment, she looked like a grown woman.

 ”Look, touch them. These are a girl’s breasts.”

 Taking my hand, Mayuko-chan pressed it against her bra, making me feel her breasts.


 She made a strange sound I had never heard before and then slipped her hand into her skirt, touching herself inside her panties. Gradually, her private area seemed to get wet as if she had urinated.

 ”Haah… haah… I can’t take it anymore. Mayuko’s pussy crave your sperm, Toa-kun. So, it’s okay, right? You just have to lie down, and I’ll take care of the rest. I’ve loved you so much since we were in elementary school, and I’ve always wanted to have my way with you. But you’re cruel, Toa-kun, playing with my feelings like this… Do you know what happened yesterday? After we walked home holding hands, I pleasured myself with this hand, thinking of you. Of course, we held hands again this morning, but I hadn’t washed this hand since yesterday… Isn’t this like s*x? Oops, I said it.

 I’m sorry, Mayuko-chan will take responsibility. You don’t need to go outside anymore. I’ll take care of you for the rest of your life. You can just stay in your room, and we can be intimate and loving together. I love you, love you, and I’ll make sure you’re only Mayuko-chan’s forever.”

 I struggled to break free from Mayuko-chan’s grasp. However, I was small compared to other people and girls, and Mayuko, who had matured into an adult girl, was bigger in terms of size and strength. She restrained my hands tightly with a ribbon and tied them to the legs of a nearby desk.

 Then, she pulled down my pants along with my underwear.

 ”Haah… haah… This is Toa-kun’s ‘thing.’ It’s not uncovered yet. How cute… I like it.”

 Something cold touched my private area. The unsettling sensation sent shivers down my spine, and I clenched my teeth in discomfort.

 Drip… drop…

 A slimy substance clung to my ‘thing.’

 ”Mmm… Ahh…”

 Sounds of wetness and occasional disgusting moans echoed in the dark, quiet classroom. It seemed like Mayuko-chan was doing something to me, but I was too afraid to look and turned my gaze towards the window instead, where my tear-streaked face was reflected.

 Disgusting! Disgusting! Disgusting!

 I felt like I was being defiled, and tears wouldn’t stop flowing. Just then, someone swung open the classroom door.

 ”Nekoyama!! Are you okay!?”

 The person who entered the classroom was our homeroom teacher.

 ”Yumezono!! What the hell are you doing!!”

 The teacher pried Mayuko-chan away from me. Other teachers also came into the classroom.

 When the teachers saw my state, they quickly released the restraints and covered my lower body with an outer garment.

 ”Don’t interfere, you old hag!! Despite being a late bloomer and ugly, you’re trying to ruin the happy first experience between me and Toa-kun!”

 ”What’s happy about it! Take a good look at Nekoyama’s face, Yumezono!”

 Mayuko-chan’s gaze turned towards my face.

 Her beautiful, glossy black long hair was stuck to the saliva-covered mouth, making her look terrifying.

 ”Ah, ah, sorry, Toa-kun. Mayuko guess I was bad at giving my first blowjob. Don’t worry, next time, I’ll make it feel even better. So, let’s do it again. Somewhere we won’t be disturbed… in my room, maybe? It’s okay, I’ll keep it a secret from my family, and Toa-kun might not like it, but since we’re both virgins, if Toa-kun lets these old hag borrow his little thing for a bit, they’ll probably stay quiet. Even though I don’t want to lend Toa-kun’s thing to other females for a whole night, let’s endure it for each other. You know, love burns brighter with obstacles. Let’s overcome them with the power of love.”

 What is Mayuko-chan saying? I turned my face away, not understanding the meaning behind her words.

 ”Hey! Look over here, Toa!! You’re the one who started this, aren’t you!? Touching a virgin despite being a virgin yourself!!”

 Her attitude suddenly changed.

 ”I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

 ”If you’re gonna apologize, just let me have you once!! Let me use your d*ck for free!!”

 She berated me with incomprehensible words as I continued to apologize. The teacher tried to stop her and slapped her on the cheek.

 ”Yumezono!! What are you saying, you idiot!!”

 ”Shut up, old hag! Don’t lay your hands on me!”

 ”Enough, come here!!”

 The sound of police sirens could be heard from outside.

 Multiple teachers restrained her and dragged her out of the classroom. Then she suddenly changed her attitude and spoke to me in a sweet voice.

 ”Ah, ah, sorry, Toa-kun, what I said earlier was a lie, it was all a lie. I didn’t mean it. You see, you haven’t experienced it yet, so you wouldn’t understand. Don’t worry, I’ll be waiting for you, Toa-kun. When you’ve experienced it, let’s have lovey-dovey s*x together. No condoms, dangerous days, let’s have lots and lots of raw s*x. Hey! Come on!! Don’t ignore me when I’m being gentle with you! Toa! Look this way!! Listen, you belong to me. Until then, don’t let any other girl use your d*ck, got it!? Toa!! Toaaa!! Toaa!!”

 After Mayuko-chan was taken away by the police, I was left without any testimony, and the trial proceeded without me. I was taken to the hospital for an examination and then returned home. My family, who had been worried about my late return, had contacted the school, which saved me, apparently.

 I became afraid of women and locked myself in my room as soon as I got home. I think I cried in my bed every day.

 But my family was always there, watching me gently without saying anything. My mom, who silently stayed by my side, and my sister Subaru, who talked to me through the door every day, I still remember them well. And there was one more person who gave me hope in the dark room, the Vtuber on the screen.

 I still don’t know why, at that time, despite still fearing women, I decided to watch that livestream of the Vtuber’s older sister. Perhaps, deep down, I thought that things couldn’t remain this way. Watching the Vtuber’s stream brought back memories of the enjoyable times I had with Mayuko-chan before that incident. Tears welled up as I watched the stream. I regretted how everything turned out, but I felt powerless to change it. Yet, seeing the Vtuber’s sister singing and dancing on the screen reminded me of the happier times before that incident. This is what led me to become fascinated with Vtubers and eventually become one myself, I believe.

 ”Mom, Subaru… I’m still scared to go to school, but… I’m thinking of enrolling in Otomezaki, just to try it out.”

 The one who pointed me towards Otomezaki was the same teacher who had helped me back then, Sugita Mari-sensei. She became my homeroom teacher at Otomezaki, and it turned out that we were classmates during our student days.

 When I first met Sugita-sensei, she told me to come to school whenever I felt ready, but she would be waiting for me whenever that might be. With this teacher, I felt like I might be okay. So I decided to enroll in Otomezaki. Even after starting high school, I still trembled with fear whenever I attempted to go outside. Despite that, Sugita-sensei visited my home multiple times, bringing me printouts.

 Then, one day, my fateful encounter happened.

 ”Um… I’m Shirogane, Nekoyama-kun’s classmate. I came to deliver a printout. Is he available?”

 The person who changed my destiny was another individual, my classmate, Shirogane Aqua. This marked our first meeting.

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