Male Idol V4c3

Volume 4 Chapter 3 Shirogane Aqua, Wearing Swim Trunks was not Allowed

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 ”Splash! It’s so cold!”

 Under the slightly hot sun in early June, water droplets scatter around. The girls in front of me are energetically playing.

 ”Oh, Tsu-chan, your breasts look amazing in that swimsuit!”

 Encased in a net, their large watermelon-like breasts strain against the net, swaying up and down with their movements.

 ”Sayaka-chan, your buttocks look so firm and envy-inducing!”

 Their lower bodies, with the swimsuits digging in, mesmerize me like the flickering light of fireflies. Every time they bend forward for warm-up exercises, sticking out their buttocks, I feel the urge to do the same.

 ”Eh? Rina-chan, your skin looks so smooth!”

 The contrast between the white skin and the navy blue swimsuit is splendid, but the occasional glimpse of their original skin color peeking between the tanned skin and the swimsuit is nothing short of artistic. The droplets glistening on their exposed armpits, are they water droplets or what…

 Ah, that’s right. Today is the school pool opening.

 ”Shirogane, the naked bodies of boys, especially your upper body, are too stimulating for your female classmates.”

 Just before class started, I was informed by Sugita-sensei that I was prohibited from participating in the swimming class.

 ”Mayuzumi is apparently studying in the infirmary, but what will Shirogane do? You can observe if you want…”

 ”I’ll observe.”

 Of course, I replied immediately. After all, I’m a pure-hearted boy with a healthy mind and body. If asked if I want to see my classmates in swimsuits, the answer is obviously yes. And it’s not just my classmates who look dazzling in swimsuits. Sugita-sensei, standing in front of me, with a well-toned and slender figure, short-cut hair, and a blend of adult allure, is quite appealing in her swimsuit.

 ”Alright. But if you start feeling unwell, you can rest in the infirmary.”


 I ended up observing the swimming class from a corner, feeling somewhat uncomfortable. In front of me, some of the girls were adjusting their swimsuits and revealing more than necessary. It was a bit too stimulating for me, especially since I’m trying to practice self-restraint.

 Given the current situation in the world, I know that these girls might respond if I were to make a move. However, I want any intimate experiences to be with someone who genuinely likes me. Despite that, I sometimes feel guilty for relying too much on Miyuki-san, even though it’s part of her job. I often experience a strong sense of guilt afterward for giving in to my desires.

 Shouldn’t I find a girlfriend? But then again, as an idol in this world, is it even allowed to have a girlfriend? Well, regardless, I don’t have time to think about having a girlfriend at the moment…


 As I recall my schedule, I let out a small sigh, realizing it was just a fleeting dream. Seeing my expression, the girl sitting next to me bursts into a smile.

 ”Aqua-kun, are you tired by any chance?”

 Kurumi Kokona-san, sitting with her legs crossed in a seiza position just like me, leans her head slightly and peeks into my face with a deliberately playful look. She was also observing the swimming class, just like me.

 ”Oh, no… I’m fine.”


 Kurumi-san, just barely touching or not touching at all my right index finger placed on the concrete, leans her face closer to my ear and whispers in a sweet, cloying voice.

 ”Really? Aqua-kun, you seemed like you wanted to participate in the swimming class. Are you actually a bit bored? If you want, you can release that excess energy in the infirmary with Kokona’s body.”

 Startled, I instinctively lean back a little away from Kurumi-san. In response, she looks at my face and gives a slight smirk, with the corners of her mouth curling up.

 ”But now, Mayuzumi-kun is in the infirmary, right? What a shame… Oh, unless we find an empty classroom or use the changing room that the girls in our class were using just now?”

 As Kurumi-san leans further forward, counteracting my retreat, a glimpse of her cleavage appears through the gap in her gym uniform’s collar. I’m quite flustered by Kurumi-san’s aggressive approach.

 ”What are you doing, Kokona-san?”

 Coming to my rescue is Washimiya Lisa-san, a fellow member of the drama club. With Washimiya-san’s words, Kokona-san immediately withdraws.

 ”Aqua-kun, we were a little too close, huh? I’m sorry.”

 ”Indeed. Kokona-san, please understand the appropriate distance between yourself and gentlemen and refrain from going too far. You may end up being disliked by Shirogane-sama.”

 ”Yeah, sorry, Lisa-chan.”

 It seems that the two of them have a good relationship. I think Washimiya-san’s intervention was not only to help me but also out of concern for her friend, Kurumi-san. It’s admirable how Washimiya-san cares about her friends, and it’s also commendable that Kurumi-san can sincerely apologize in response.

 ”Shirogane-sama, would you forgive my friend’s behavior?”

 ”Of course… Well, there’s really no need to apologize. I was just a bit surprised.”

 As I respond in that way, Washimiya-san shows a gentle smile. Today, Washimiya-san seems different from usual. Perhaps it’s because her drill-like hair has become straight and sleek when wet, giving her a different vibe. Looking at her like this, she appears more like a beautiful girl from the same grade rather than a noble woman.

 ”Oh my, what’s going on with you three?”

 Observing our situation, Kurogami Uruha-san, a classmate and member of the same tea ceremony club, comes over. Kurogami-san, who wrapped two of the largest watermelons in school swimsuits, emits an enchanting allure that is far from what you would expect from a high school student. It feels like being in a naughty shop, and my heart races.

 ”Oh? Shirogane-kun is here to observe, huh?”

 Kurogami-san makes a slightly disappointed expression and brushes her wet hair behind her ears.

 ”I was hoping to see the wonderful side of Shirogane-kun that was different from the previous show, but let’s save that for another opportunity, shall we?”

 ”Another opportunity…?”

 What does she mean by another opportunity? Is there any other occasion where I would be shirtless besides swimming? I show a bewildered expression, and Kurogami-san gives me a gentle smile, as if trying to divert the topic. Come to think of it, these three happened to come and see the show I was in. When I found out, it was a bit embarrassing to think that my classmates saw me like that.

 ”Sugita-sensei, there’s a phone call!”

 ”Hmm, I see. You all go outside the pool. Take a break until I come back. I’ll be back soon.”

 Sugita-sensei said that and left the pool with the teacher who called for her. The students followed Sugita-sensei’s instructions and went outside the pool.

 ”Should we move to a shady area too? It must be hot for both of you who are observing.”

 ”Yes, that’s right, desu~wa. We can’t let Shirogane-sama and Kokona-san suffer from heatstroke.”

 That’s true. Although I’m not feeling unwell, Kurumi-san is probably observing because she’s feeling unwell. I stand up and follow Kurogami-san and Washimiya-san, who had already headed towards the shade. In hindsight, when I checked behind me, I should have held Kurumi-san’s hand and walked together. But…


 Someone from our class exclaimed. At the same time, there was a sound of something large falling into the water.



 Kurogami-san and Washimiya-san’s voices resounded. When I turned around, Kurumi-san was slowly sinking into the water. She probably stumbled due to sudden dizziness or something and fell into the pool. My actions at that moment were quick. I immediately discarded my t-shirt, jumped into the pool, and surfaced while holding Kurumi-san’s body in my arms.


 Damn it! There’s no response even though I called out to her. I swim to the edge of the pool while holding Kurumi-san’s body, and with the help of our classmates, we pull her up.


 Washimiya-san, with a pale face, calls out to Kurumi-san, but there’s no response. Meanwhile, I check her breathing and pulse, but there’s still no response. This is bad. I place my hand near the center of Kurumi-san’s chest and apply vertical pressure, compressing her sternum. It’s called chest compression, a form of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

 ”I’ll go call the teacher!”

 Kurogami-san immediately rushes off to call the teacher.

 ”Does anyone have a towel?”

 ”I’ll go get one!”

 Washimiya-san quickly heads to the changing room to get a towel to warm up Kurumi-san’s cold body. In the meantime, I secure Kurumi-san’s airway and deliver breaths into her mouth. I never thought my first kiss would be during artificial respiration, but there’s no time for such thoughts. I was desperate. After completing the artificial respiration, I continue with chest compressions.

 ”I’ll help too.”

 I’m startled by Tsukimachi-san’s voice. Tsukimachi-san kneels beside me and, seeing me sweating, offers to take over chest compressions.

 ”No, it won’t work. Tsukimachi-san is slender, and I’m sure you don’t have enough force to compress the sternum. So, please do the artificial respiration instead. Do you know how to do it?”

 ”I’m fine. We learned it in class, and I watched what you were doing earlier.”

 Tsukimachi-san, upon my signal to stop chest compressions, begins delivering breaths into Kurumi-san’s lungs. We repeat this process twice.

 ”Cough! Gah!”

 Kurumi-san coughs up water as she regains consciousness. Thank goodness…! It’s still too early to let our guard down, but I feel relieved that Kurumi-san has regained consciousness.


 Washimiya-san, holding a towel, rushes over to Kurumi-san with a teary face. In response, Kurumi-san weakly reassures her that she’s okay.


 At that moment, Kurogami-san arrives with Sugita-sensei. It seems Sugita-sensei called for an ambulance, as the sound of sirens quickly becomes audible. The following events unfold smoothly, and after Kurumi-san regained consciousness, she was able to have a normal conversation. Kurogami-san and Washimiya-san head to the classroom to prepare for Kurumi-san’s early departure.

 ”Phew, thank goodness.”

 I let out a breath, loosening the tension that had built up.


 When I turned to the person who called me, Tsukimachi-san was standing next to me. This time, we were able to save Kurumi-san thanks to Washimiya-san, who quickly warmed her with a towel, Kurogami-san, who went to call the teacher, and the female classmates who helped lift Kurumi-san out of the pool.

 But above all, it was thanks to Tsukimachi-san, who mustered up the courage to support me with artificial respiration.

 ”Thank you. It’s because Tsukimachi-san helped.”

 I express my gratitude to Tsukimachi-san, who was standing beside me. In response, Tsukimachi-san looks apologetic, her expression somewhat gloomy as she directs her gaze toward me.

 ”I’m sorry… I knew you were different, but I’ve been distant until now.”

 Tsukimachi-san bows deeply to me. I didn’t think she had been distant to that extent, but I wondered if she disliked me. However, perhaps Tsukimachi-san had some reservations about men based on her past experiences, and if that was the case, she may have initially tried to avoid any involvement with me.

 Thinking that way, her reaction seemed understandable. So I decided to accept her apology sincerely.

 ”Yeah, I understand. In that case, could we become friends just as classmates?”

 I extend my hand toward Tsukimachi-san. It’s not because we work together or anything like that, but I genuinely want to be friends with her. Tsukimachi-san’s proactive action of performing artificial respiration without hesitation, and her ability to apologize when she realizes her mistakes, are qualities I highly respect as a fellow human being.

 ”If that’s okay with someone like me…”

 Tsukimachi-san and I firmly shake hands. At that moment, Tsukimachi-san’s smile was not the forced smile I had seen before; it was her first genuine smile. Her smile, illuminated by the sunlight, made me feel a flutter of emotion.

 ”By the way…”

 Tsukimachi-san, holding a towel, offers it to me.

 ”You should cover yourself with this.”

 I lower my gaze. Ah… now that you mention it, I did leave my t-shirt behind when I jumped into the pool.

 ”Hey, um… that…”

 Whispers can be heard from somewhere nearby. As I shake my head, the figures of girls peering at us from behind objects come into view.

 ”No way, that can’t be real. The guy’s abs are so ripped!”

 ”His muscles are amazing. I want to be tightly embraced by those firm muscles.”

 ”His wet hair is so s*xy, it’s making my head boil.”

 ”Oh, I want to become a water droplet clinging to Aqua-kun’s body.”

 ”Oh no… just looking at him is making my nose bleed…”

 There’s actually a girl bleeding from her nose, which worries me a little. Should I offer her a handkerchief? But mine is wet. As I contemplate this, the girl next to her hands her a tissue.

 ”Ah, thank you.”

 ”You’re welcome.”

 I felt a warm and gentle atmosphere in that moment. It made me feel a sense of comfort. I accept the towel Tsukimachi-san has handed me and wrap it around my body to cover myself. And then, a faint and refreshing scent, with a touch of sweetness and lightness, envelopes me from Tsukimachi-san’s towel.

 Uh-oh… this is a bit dangerous. The towel from Tsukimachi-san carries a faint, sweet and refreshing fragrance.

 ”Thank you, Tsukimachi-san. I’ll wash it and return it once I change clothes!”

 In a hurry, I quickly head back to the pool to retrieve my discarded t-shirt.

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