Male Idol V5c2

Volume 5 Chapter 2 Shirogane Aqua, A Passionate Night

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 I wonder how long we stared at each other. It might have been just over ten seconds, but it felt like time had stopped, leaving only the two of us in our own world, isolated from the flow of time around us. Our breaths mingled, and the heat exchanged between us in such close proximity.

 Unconsciously, I extended my index finger and slowly traced the contours of Tsukimachi-san’s ear hidden in her hair. I vaguely remembered Kohina-san mentioning that she liked being touched there… But Tsukimachi-san’s reaction showed a slightly displeased expression. Perhaps she didn’t like being touched there? I bent my fingertips and lightly pinched Tsukimachi-san’s earlobe between my thumb and index finger. But Tsukimachi-san pouted and her cheeks swelled in response.

 ”Shirogane-kun… I’m not Kohina-san… try touching somewhere else.”

 ”Ah, sorry.”

 Even if Kohina-san likes to have her ears touched, whether Tsukimachi-san likes to have her ears touched or not is different.

 I berated myself for doing something so thoughtless to Tsukimachi-san.

 And now, I tried to move my fingertips and slid them down to her neck.


 Tsukimachi-san’s voice slipped out as my fingers brushed against her neck. I spread my palm and gently placed my fingertips on Tsukimachi-san’s nape.

 ”Maybe… not there… after all.”

 Her wet bangs parted, revealing her beautiful forehead with water droplets. It might be the first time I’ve ever looked so closely at a girl’s face. I was impressed by how even her hairline looked beautiful.

 A droplet fell, getting caught on Tsukimachi-san’s long eyelashes, making her blink. I used my other hand’s fingertips to scoop up the droplet.

 ”Thank you… touching my eyelashes might not be bad either.”

 The faint light from the wood stove gently illuminated Tsukimachi-san’s slightly blushing cheeks. Her uncharacteristically girlish reactions made my heart warm up naturally.

 ”You can touch other places too…”

 Tsukimachi-san unbuttoned her white sailor uniform, slowly undoing them one by one. The buttons on a girl’s uniform were a bit smaller compared to those on a boy’s uniform. Tsukimachi-san’s wet fingers seemed to struggle a little, which made her look even cuter.


 Through the partially opened white sailor uniform, Tsukimachi-san’s natural cleavage came into view. Oh, that’s right… Tsukimachi-san wasn’t wearing a bra right now… The opened uniform stopped at Tsukimachi-san’s nipple, and the sight of her small pink areola made my heart skip a beat.

 A drop of water slid down and passed through the valley between her breasts before being drawn into the indentation around her navel. I slowly extended my hand and placed it around Tsukimachi-san’s waist area.


 How soft… It’s completely different from the firm and thick texture of a man’s skin. It’s squishy and just touching it gives me a strange feeling. I didn’t know a woman’s skin could feel this good. Tsukimachi-san’s waist was slender, barely enough for me to encircle with one arm.

 ”Hey, don’t just keep looking at a girl’s waist. Pervert…”

 Tsukimachi-san lifted her sailor uniform, attempting to cover her face, which inadvertently caused her breasts to spill out.


 She let out a seductive moan. I couldn’t help but place my hands on her breasts, massaging them without hesitation. Her breasts were beautifully shaped, just the right size that fit perfectly in the palm of my hand. It’s soft and firm different from anything I had ever touched before.

 ”Hehe, Shirogane-kun… You like girls’ breasts, don’t you?”

 ”Huh? Oh, um… yeah, but why?”

 Tsukimachi-san smiled naturally. Today, she seemed more open and comfortable than usual, and it made my heart race.

 ”Because, when I undid the buttons on my uniform earlier, you were totally staring at my breasts. And at school, sometimes you glance at Kurogami-san or other girls with big breasts.”


 I turned my face away, trying to play it off as just being hot, but Tsukimachi-san’s words made me feel caught.

 ”Girls are really sensitive to boys’ glances, you know? Even I noticed it, so I’m sure most girls do too. Did you not realize that the staff and actresses here started wearing clothes that emphasize their cleavage?”

 ”Huh? Oh… I didn’t notice, honestly…”

 Rather, I had thought that since it was getting hotter, people naturally started wearing lighter clothes. So, is it no?

 ”So, you should be more aware of the fact that you’re popular with girls. But, maybe you’re fine the way you are? Anyway, forget about it.”

 ”Oh, but…”

 ”No ‘buts.’ If you like breasts so much, then just touch them more. You can touch mine too if you want.”

 Tsukimachi-san took my wrists and placed my hands on her breasts, guiding me to massage them.

 ”I don’t think mine are that big, but… how are they?”

 ”They’re… really nice.”

 I wanted to continue touching them forever, and maybe even do more intimate things with them. Like bury my face in her cleavage, or suck her breasts, or whatever.

 ”Hehe… being straightforward like that isn’t so bad.”

 Tsukimachi-san straddled me, but her posture seemed uncomfortable, and she blushed as she felt a certain contact.



 Tsukimachi-san noticed the awkwardness of the situation and rapidly blushed.


 I apologized sincerely, and Tsukimachi-san tilted her head, looking puzzled.

 ”Why are you apologizing? If it’s because they won’t get bigger even if you touch them, then I understand. But even I felt a bit… well, happy when you reacted like that. So, most girls would probably be happy if you made them bigger.”

 ”Oh… really? Sorry, I didn’t know, I’m not good at these things…”

 ”Hmm, but is it like that for most boys? The textbook said that many boys feel embarrassed when they’re seen with their other ‘self’…”

 ”Haha, yeah…”

 I laughed to brush it off. Tsukimachi-san blushed but kept searching for a comfortable position to sit. Her movements caused my manhood to react, making it twitch a few times.

 ”By the way, Shirogane-kun, you are really big… The textbook said boys should be smaller, but…”

 ”Oh, uh… yes, compared to the average in this country, I’m more than double the size.”

 In my previous world, there were guys bigger than me, but if the information in the textbook was correct, then I was definitely oversized.

 ”Heh, oh~~ i-is that so~~?”

 Tsukimachi-san makes a slightly raised voice, turns her head away from me, and looks away.

 “There’s no way something this big can fit in… i-it’s as long as my navel…”

 Tsukimachi-san mumbles something in a voice too small for me to hear.

 Then she looks at me with a determined look on her face.

 ”Um, hey, would you mind if I… touch your body too?”

 ”Oh, it’s fine if you want to…”

 I stopped touching her breasts, and Tsukimachi-san took off her outer garment to make it easier to touch my body. Seeing my shirtless figure, she exhaled, and her hair floated gently as if steaming.

 ”Okay, I-I’m going to touch you now.”

 Tsukimachi-san’s fingers gently poked my abs, as if testing the feel. Then she gathered her courage and started touching various parts of my upper body with a gentle touch.

 ”W-Wow, Shirogane-kun, your body is so hard. Even girls who practice regularly don’t have abs like yours. I wonder if it’s because of your modeling and walking on the runway or maybe your dance training. How do you manage to get them like this?”

 Tsukimachi-san, perhaps gaining some momentum, touches every part of my upper body with gentle hands, as if checking my chest, shoulders, arms, and other muscles.

 ”…Your walking on the runway and your posture when you wear clothes are so good. Is that because you’ve been working out?”

 ”Well, I do dance in my performances, so I also focus on core training. Also, since I signed with Corolle, I’ve been doing basic walking practice too.

 ”I see. I also focus on core training for my performances. Hey, would you like to practice together sometime?”

 ”Sure, I’d be interested to see what kind of training you do.”

 ”Great. But, just so you know, when we practice, I’m usually wearing revealing outfits, so try not to stare at my breasts too much. I do notice when people look at me like that, you know?”

 ”I’ll do my best to be respectful.”


 Tsukimachi-san’s words made me smile naturally, and she returned the smile.

 The tense atmosphere from earlier dissipated, and a calm feeling filled the space between us. I didn’t even notice that the rain had stopped, and the moonlight shining through the clouds illuminated Tsukimachi-san’s face. Her figure, balanced and beautiful beneath her sailor uniform, captivated me.

 Tsukimachi-san noticed my admiration and leaned forward, bringing her face closer to mine. Our faces overlapped in the reflection on the classroom floor. She opened her lips slightly but then leaned away, whispering softly in my ear.

 ”But… it’s okay if you want to see a little.”


 Tsukimachi-san slowly sat up, creating some distance between us while our breaths mingled in the air. Although it seemed like we had returned to the same situation as before, there was a subtle change in the atmosphere between us.

 I gently placed one hand on Tsukimachi-san’s back and used the other to touch her nape, pulling her closer to me.


 Honestly, as a guy, my patience was wearing thin. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to do more with a girl. But was it alright? Should I let myself get carried away like this, intertwining our bodies when I wasn’t even sure if I like Tsukimachi-san? It felt wrong to get physically intimate with a girl I wasn’t in a committed relationship with.

 You may say I’m a dreamer, but I want to love the girl I’m going to have such a relationship with from the bottom of my heart.


 As our exposed skin rubbed against each other, our body heat started to harmonize. I tried to pull Tsukimachi-san’s body away, but at that moment, I felt something off. Her body was very hot compared to my chilled skin. Wasn’t it too hot?

 Startled, I gently separated myself from Tsukimachi-san and placed my palm on her forehead. While body temperatures vary from person to person, it was evident that Tsukimachi-san’s temperature was higher than usual.

 ”Tsukimachi-san, how long have you been feeling like this?”


 Tsukimachi-san let out a small sneeze and clung to my body with a melting expression.

 ”Shirogane-kun, your body feels so cool and pleasant.”

 I hurriedly grabbed a nearby blanket and wrapped it around both of us while still holding Tsukimachi-san in my arms. I reignited the dying flame in the wood stove.

 ”Tsukimachi-san, do you have any cold medicine?”

 ”Uh, I think there’s some in my pouch.”

 I opened the small pouch nearby, but it was hard to see inside in the dim light. So, I dumped its contents onto the floor.


 Among the scattered items were the cold medicine I was looking for and also condoms, napkins, and other things boys weren’t supposed to see. I tried my best to avoid looking at them.

 ”I’m sorry, Tsukimachi-san.”

 Trying to ignore the embarrassing items, I focused on the cold medicine.

 ”Tsukimachi-san, can you take the medicine?”

 I opened the medicine bottle.



 Tsukimachi-san spoke in a sweet voice, pouting like a child.

 ”I want you to call me Ayana in a gentle voice. Otherwise, I won’t take the medicine.”

 ”Ah, okay then, Ayana, can you take the medicine?”

 I took three tablets out of the bottle and placed them on my palm, offering them to Ayana.

 Ayana picked up one of the pills and gently placed it between my lips.

 ”Let me drink it…?”

 Perplexed, I was embraced by Ayana, who forcefully took the cold medicine from my hand. She pressed her lips against mine and skillfully slipped the medicine into my mouth, intertwining our tongues in the process.


 I managed to return the favor by pushing the medicine into Ayana’s mouth with my tongue.


 I heard the sound of her swallowing. But it didn’t end there; I repeated the process with the remaining pills, making sure she took them all.

 ”Hehe, we’ve kissed so much. I think I might like this…”

 Ayana leaned her head against my chest, her body sticking to mine. Seriously, this can’t be true. Even for me, spending the night in this state would be too much.


 Lost in thought, Ayana gestured for me to stand up. I complied, carrying her in my arms as she directed me. She handed me a pair of underwear that had been drying nearby.

 ”If it’s too uncomfortable, you can use it. I noticed you’ve been glancing at mine. I understand girls being curious about boys’ underwear, but Aqua, being a boy, is quite naughty. It’s normal for girls to have an interest, but a boy interested in girls’ underwear… especially used ones? If that got out, it could be a big problem, so be careful.”

 What kind of problem could that lead to? I wanted to ask, but I was too scared to bring it up.

 ”Oh… but I don’t have a spare pair, so please don’t make them dirty. If you don’t want to dirty them, you can use anything else of mine. And if you still need more, you can even use my body.”

 ”Huh…? What… no way, right?”

 After saying this, Ayana seemed exhausted and fell asleep with a soft snore while I was still holding her. I sat back down in front of the wood stove, wrapping us both in the blanket and spending the night in silence.

 I swear I didn’t do anything, not even a single inappropriate move. Whether it was underwear or anything else she offered, it would only make things more awkward. Honestly, even though the situation called for it, I managed to restrain my desires, holding this beautiful girl all night without giving in to temptation.



 ”Shirogane-kun, are you okay!?”

 ”Ah, ahaha… yeah, somehow.”

 The next day, the staff and Ako-san came to pick us up early in the morning. As soon as I heard the engine sound, I changed my clothes and helped Ayana put on her slightly removed uniform while looking away. Ayana woke up while I was doing that.

 ”Oh, s-sorry…”

 ”N-no, thank you.”

 Blushing, Ayana quickly put on her dried underwear. A strange awkwardness lingered between us. Whether I made a move or not, the awkwardness remained. I thought maybe I should have accepted her offer and used the underwear, but no, I reassured myself that enduring was the right thing to do.

 ”Well then, see you later.”


 Ayana’s fever had gone down, but the people from the agency insisted on taking her to the hospital just to be safe. I felt nervous, and my head felt fuzzy. At this point, I even began to wonder if yesterday had been a dream. Ayana noticed my confusion and gently brought her face close to mine.

 ”Aqua… see you.”

 Her calling me by my first name confirmed that yesterday’s events were real. The filming for that day was canceled in the end. We apologized to the staff who came to pick us up, but the director thought it was better to have a break, so they said it worked out perfectly. Eventually, I went back home, but I was exhausted, and by nightfall, I had a fever.



 To those who were expecting a certain development, I apologize. Originally, I intended for Aqua to lose his virginity to Ayana. It was written that way at first, and until this very moment of posting, I wrestled with the decision. However, in the past week or so, I’ve had some thoughts, and after the events of the previous chapter… I came to the conclusion that Aqua should find happiness as well. Having him sleep with someone he’s not sure if he loves or not might not be the right direction for the readers. So, I rewrote it in a hurry over the past two days. I had a similar consideration for Ayana as well, as to whether having her virginity taken away carelessly and being happy with that was the right choice. Even in that scenario, I had planned for Ayana and Aqua to end up on good terms.

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