Male Idol V6c14

Volume 6 Chapter 14 Bulletin Board, can you Keep Up with the Speed

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 [Performance of the Soul] Discussion Thread about Shirogane Aqua-sama Part 2863 [Can’t Sleep!]
 7 Anonymous
 Hey there, are you guys awake?
 8 Anonymous
 I’ve been awake since yesterday’s M-Stage
 10 Anonymous
 What a coincidence. I’m in the same boat. Never thought I’d pull an all-nighter at my age
 12 Anonymous
 Even after a night, Beryl still dominates the trends
 1st place: “next round”-related words – Masked Driver, Heaven’s Sword
 2nd place: MUSIC STAGE-related words – Director Hongo in tears, Shirogane-sensei found LOL
 3rd place: Beryl Entertainment-related words – Hiring notice, not hired
 4th place: AnnAnn-related words – Holy Aqua Religion announces scripture certification, textbooks, legal erotic books
 5th place: Wink-related words – Hyperventilation, heart stopped, anyone not falling in love with that?
 6th place: Shirogane Aqua-related words – are there options other than follow?
 7th place: Guitar strings-related words – I’ll become the strings, Tenga Akira
 8th place: Bouncy-bouncy (Pyon-pyon) Toa-chan-related words – Calculating, but cute
 9th place: Slipping on stairs-related words – Palpitations, go to the hospital
 10th place: Can’t sleep-related words – Been awake all the time, going all night like this
 13 Anonymous
 No way, I can’t sleep!!
 14 Anonymous
 You guys are still up? You’re seriously messed up..
 Well, I’m up too, though
 This is the unstoppable Beryl
 15 Anonymous
 Ah, it’s not the time to be sleeping!
 16 Anonymous
 Breaking news, no one’s actually sleeping
 17 Anonymous
 I, on the other hand, forced myself to sleep. To be in the best condition for watching episode 2!
 So, good morning to you all
 18 Anonymous
 Ai-chan-sensei exposed nationwide, LOL
 19 Anonymous
 Good morning!
 20 Anonymous
 Did you wash your face?
 You’ll miss everything with those half-asleep eyes, you know?
 21 Anonymous
 Hey! The advertisement on the Barco in Shibuya changed just now!!
 Aqutan’s Heaven’s Sword ad looks way too cool
 [Link to the image]
 24 Anonymous
 Can you keep up with this pace?
 Way too cool
 25 Anonymous
 26 Anonymous
 Can’t handle this!
 27 Anonymous
 Whoa, wait!
 It’s not just Barco! The electronic billboards and signs at the Shibuya Scramble Crossing, they’re all taken over by Beryl and Heaven’s Sword, LOL. Just like me, all the Sunday workers are looking up in awe at the same thing
 29 Anonymous
 30 Anonymous
 Seems like we’re all looking at the same sky
 31 Anonymous
 What’s happening to the world?
 32 Anonymous
 Masked Driver is taking over Shibuya, LOL
 Huh? Really!?
 33 Anonymous
 I absolutely will go see after the broadcast ends
 34 Anonymous
 This is bad… Can’t even sleep after Driver’s finished
 35 Anonymous
 It’s hopeless… I’ve been watching live footage like crazy since yesterday
 It’s not just the sense of accomplishment from seeing it through to the end; it’s also the behind-the-scenes footage, the post-performance scenes—it’s like I’m standing there with them. It’s not about being a boy or anything; I just love how these four are giving it their all, surpassing things like gender
 39 Anonymous
 It same as me. I felt my heart shake watching that soulful performance. At the same time, I became envious that they can put so much into this and have such wonderful friends, and I thought I want to be like that too
 41 Anonymous
 Honestly, the more I follow, the more I know, the more I like everyone. Not because they’re boys. Because they’re Shirogane Aqua, Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro, Tenga Akira, that’s why I love them
 43 Anonymous
 45 Anonymous
 Breaking news from the Fan Club
 46 Anonymous
 Good news, the Fan Club is officially launching soon
 47 Anonymous
 The Fan Club, you’re still alive..
 48 Anonymous
 Popup shop in Shibuya for real?
 49 Anonymous
 Celebrate, you guys!! You can finally start spending money!!
 Beryl Official Popup Shop is temporarily open at Barco (pre-sale)
 Starting from October, in addition to online, Beryl’s official Goods Shops will open at Ikebukuro Shukujo Road Surface Shop, Akihabara UDZ Shop, Shibuya Grand Tower Shop, Harajuku Takegami Street Shop, Shinjuku Fuji Department Store, Omotesando Hills Shop, Roppongi Midtown Shop, Ginza Fuji Department Store, Nihonbashi Fuji Department Store, and Tokyo Station In-store (in front of Morinaga’s confectionery shop)
 Bulletin board, can you keep up with this speed?
 52 Anonymous
 It seems the time has come to open the mouth of my wallet
 53 Anonymous
 Have you got your bank passbook ready? Those who haven’t, get prepared
 54 Anonymous
 Seems like the day has come to break open the 500 yen coin savings box I’ve been hoarding since elementary school
 55 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Shumi, let’s go!
 56 Anonymous
 You kept me waiting! I’ve brought my secret stash just in case!!
 … But now that I look inside the envelope, there’s not a single yen. Seems like I used it without realizing
 59 Anonymous
 60 Anonymous
 Classic move
 61 Anonymous
 Don’t think you’ll always have it. Sandwiched stash and bank account
 63 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 Fan Club mail addendum
 For the shops within Fuji Department Store, for the time being, it’s limited to those who have a department store card
 Omotesando and Roppongi stores are by full pre-reservation only, and if you don’t visit within the reserved time, it’s automatically canceled
 Roppongi and Shibuya stores, for guests staying at the hotel attached to the building, are open exclusively for 2 hours after closing, but be careful as there might be time limits or a lottery system if there are many people
 66 Anonymous
 Nee-san is competent
 67 Anonymous
 It’s Nee-san after all
 69 Anonymous
 Those with money should go to Roppongi. I think the minimum stay was around 50,000 yen
 I wonder if there are people who stay in suites worth millions just to visit Beryl’s shop..
 71 Anonymous
 I only have a hint for one person, >>55
 73 Anonymous
 What a coincidence. I know only one person who might go, >>55
 74 Anonymous
 If it’s >>55, she might stay multiple nights
 77 Anonymous
 Shumi-class maybe, but I think she has probably rented a room in some hotel on a yearly basis
 Mary is from a neighboring prefecture, and this is a famous five-star hotel, so it’s entirely possible
 79 Anonymous
 Sorry, the levels are different..
 80 Anonymous
 On the other hand, there are people who are struggling to make ends meet!
 82 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Is it a big win for Chinposuki-chan to have made a reservation at the Roppongi hotel for a Christmas reward in advance?
 84 Anonymous
 Well… making a solo reservation for Christmas is a bit..
 85 Anonymous
 Starting from today, I’ll treat you a little more gently..
 87 Anonymous
 Too sad..
 88 Anonymous
 I cried
 90 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Can I be the one crying instead?
 Well, I’m going to have fun by myself!!
 92 Anonymous
 Stay strong
 94 Anonymous
 You seem happy, which is great
 95 Anonymous
 Hey! It’s about to start!
 96 Anonymous
 Been waiting!
 97 Anonymous
 Here comes the second episode!
 98 Anonymous
 It’s episode 2, folks!
 99 Anonymous
 OP footage is here!
 100 Anonymous
 OP is so awesome
 112 Anonymous
 Go to the live commentary thread!!
 114 Anonymous
 Heading to the live commentary thread!
 115 Anonymous
 I’m off to the live commentary thread!!
 [Buying Time] Heaven’s Sword Live Commentary Thread Episode 2 Part 4 [Follow Me]
 108 Anonymous
 Hey, why is it already part 4 when it just started, lol
 110 Anonymous
 Is it possible that the one who started this after last night is still continuing, lol
 112 Anonymous
 113 Anonymous
 Tenga-senpai is here!
 114 Anonymous
 115 Anonymous
 Akira-kun is here!!!
 116 Anonymous
 Hey, is this a joke!?
 118 Anonymous
 I didn’t hear anything about Tenga-senpai coming!!
 119 Anonymous
 Looks like that program schedule leak was true, lol
 This is a full Beryl lineup!
 120 Anonymous
 Hey, is there really chance that all of them will appear?
 Could there be such a reward?
 121 Anonymous
 A few months ago, you guys were like “Boys as Drivers? No way, that’s just nonsense.”
 And now you’re like “Shirogane Aqua is here! Tenga Akira has arrived!”
 125 Anonymous
 They’re saying the next new Driver is a guy
 If you had told last year’s Driver viewers, they wouldn’t have believed it, lol
 126 Anonymous
 Even though it’s impossible for a guy to be the main character as a Driver, now we have two of them… that’s amazing
 128 Anonymous
 It’s not time to panic yet
 Akira-kun is probably a guest or something, as expected
 129 Anonymous
 Calm down. He hasn’t transformed into a Driver yet
 238 Anonymous
 I’m gonna go submit my resignation letter real quick
 Starting tomorrow, I’ll be running a coffee shop
 240 Anonymous
 If I start a coffee shop, can I pick up Tenga Akira too?
 241 Anonymous
 As expected of a former married character, a normal girl would attack Akira if she finds him sleeping
 243 Anonymous
 If my daughter was the age to have her period, that would have been dangerous. There is even a possibility that she would have attacked him
 245 Anonymous
 Director Hongo must have thought about the daughter’s age setting, and the woman being a former married person
 261 Anonymous
 Ah… it’s Akira-kun’s turn..
 263 Anonymous
 264 Anonymous
 Kobayakawa-san’s turn
 286 Anonymous
 Oh yeah, SYUKUJYO was in a state of collapse after the attack in the previous episode
 288 Anonymous
 SYUKUJYO is probably for recruitment. They’re using young actresses for supporting characters, right?
 289 Anonymous
 At first, I thought Kobayakawa-san would be the protagonist..
 310 Anonymous
 The name of the monster this time is also terrible, lol
 313 Anonymous
 Kunka Kunker… what, that’s me
 315 Anonymous
 Are there girls who dislike the smell of boys?
 316 Anonymous
 It’s beyond the statute of limitations now, but I have a good memory of sniffing a jersey that a boy in my class forgot
 That’s how my preferences got warped
 317 Anonymous
 Honestly, smelling isn’t that bad. Cut me some slack..
 Of course, stealing underwear and smelling the crotch might be crossing a line
 320 Anonymous
 Breaking news: I’m a Kunka Kunker, who smells boys with nostrils flaring when I pass them
 323 Anonymous
 Smell is a gateway to success; every girl goes through it
 345 Anonymous
 Is Aqu-tan still not here?
 356 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun has fewer appearances in this episode
 378 Anonymous
 Please, bring Aqua-sama soon
 424 Anonymous
 After opening the OP, still no appearance of Aqua-sama
 451 Anonymous
 Wait, Aqua-sama is coming!
 456 Anonymous
 Surprise attack by Aqua-kun
 459 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama, why does he sell tofu?
 462 Anonymous
 Tofu vendor Aqua-kun is thriving
 465 Anonymous
 As a housewife, if such a Tofu vendor come, I would definitely let it into my house
 468 Anonymous
 Oh no, this won’t do. Such a seductive and lewd Tofu vendor won’t be allowed
 473 Anonymous
 What should I do, I might have ruined underwear in front of the kids..
 475 Anonymous
 Akira-kun’s sleeping face, it’s too lewd from the morning..
 489 Anonymous
 Kobayakawa-san: “What are you doing!?”
 495 Anonymous
 Of course, she would want to ask “What are you doing?” lol
 503 Anonymous
 Viewers are also wondering “What are you doing?”
 526 Anonymous
 Actually, I want to ask Director Hongo “What are you making them do?” lol
 But great job!
 535 Anonymous
 Kobayakawa, representing the viewers’ feelings, lol
 542 Anonymous
 He is pulling a cart because Grandma from the Tofu vendor hurt her back, that’s too kind
 551 Anonymous
 Such a good kid..
 576 Anonymous
 Stop it, Souji-kun and Aqua-kun seem to overlap
 At this rate, I might even start liking Souji-kun
 589 Anonymous
 In the real world, he would definitely be sold out
 614 Anonymous
 Where can I buy this tofu?
 638 Anonymous
 ※The staff enjoyed the tofu deliciously
 657 Anonymous
 When Aqua-sama comes, the thread accelerates obviously, lol
 672 Anonymous
 Hey… stop… we’re a Tofu vendor, you know..
 685 Anonymous
 Preview: Tofu will disappear from the supermarket
 706 Anonymous
 Definitely going to have tofu dishes tonight
 722 Anonymous
 Thank goodness, I bought tofu yesterday..
 735 Anonymous
 The official response from the Tofu vendor’s SNS is too fast, lol
 756 Anonymous
 Tofu vendor official SNS:
 ”We’ve been informed in advance, so the production line is operating at full capacity.”
 789 Anonymous
 It’s my part-time job as a cashier today, but I’m trembling in fear
 803 Anonymous
 The supermarket has announced that they have enough stock, so don’t panic, lol
 824 Anonymous
 The morning supermarket flyers are all about tofu, and I thought they were crazy, but it’s because of this, lol
 867 Anonymous
 Please, let this Tofu vendor come to my neighborhood
 872 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 After Aqua-sama blew, I want the Tofu vendor’s horn..
 I want to lick the horn where he blew..
 896 Anonymous
 If such a Tofu vendor appeared nearby, even housewives would get excited
 If it were me, I’d wear a babydoll, pretend to just wake up, and go buy tofu
 901 Anonymous
 Is it okay to hurry out of the bath, still wet, and go buy tofu holding my wallet tightly while naked?
 915 Anonymous
 Kobayakawa-san was also perplexed
 938 Anonymous
 Kobayakawa-san buying tofu normally is cute
 943 Anonymous
 And now to the commercial break..
 950 Anonymous
 So it’s a commercial break..
 959 Anonymous
 Next thread, please!!
 963 Anonymous
 Still the first half
 971 Anonymous
 The toy advertisement is here!
 975 Anonymous
 The toy advertisement is so good
 982 Anonymous
 Couldn’t buy the toy. Waiting for the restock
 999 Anonymous
 Next thread!?
 [Tofu Vendor] Heaven’s Sword Live Commentary Thread Episode 2 Part 7 [Aqua]
 8 Anonymous
 Why 7? Why not 5?
 10 Anonymous
 There were three 4s being used concurrently, so it’s 7. Thank you in advance
 11 Anonymous
 During the commercial break, I briefly watched the other channel, and everywhere it looked like a funeral, made me burst out laughing, lol
 14 Anonymous
 I feel sorry for people on other channels. They had faces like they watched a funeral more than worrying about ratings, lol
 16 Anonymous
 Even I, laughing at SNS trending commentator Maoka’s clip, lol. I wanna watch Driver too, dammit, lol
 It’s amazing that someone on another channel can say that live, lol
 18 Anonymous
 After the commercial break, Akira-kun is here!!
 21 Anonymous
 Tenga-senpai’s turn!
 23 Anonymous
 45 Anonymous
 Going shopping with Tenga-senpai sounds nice
 53 Anonymous
 Ah, ah, ah..
 68 Anonymous
 Tenga-senpai holding hands with a little child..
 The situation of Tenga-senpai becoming a husband is lewd
 74 Anonymous
 If Tenga-senpai became a husband, I’d want to call him “Akira-kun ♡”
 81 Anonymous
 My daughter’s gaze staring at Kana-chan became sharp
 Did Tenga-senpai make the kindergarten girl jealous..
 97 Anonymous
 My daughter at the nursery was saying Kana-chan is unfair, lol
 Even small, girls are still girls after all
 102 Anonymous
 Boys fight over stuff
 115 Anonymous
 Aaaah! I want to go shopping with Akira-kun at the mall too!
 134 Anonymous
 Kana-chan is so lucky..
 159 Anonymous
 Something I want to do before I die: going on a shopping date with a boy
 166 Anonymous
 If I could go on a shopping date with Akira-kun, I wouldn’t have any regrets in this world
 189 Anonymous
 205 Anonymous
 Wait a second!! Does he really hold hands on a date!?
 218 Anonymous
 Holding hands on a date, this isn’t one of Hakuryuu-sensei’s erotic novels, right… uuugh!?
 243 Anonymous
 Sorry. I’ve never been on a date, so is holding hands a thing?
 267 Anonymous
 Not the kind of date I know..
 279 Anonymous
 I always thought that a date was basically walking while keeping a distance from the guy, pretending to be strangers..
 291 Anonymous
 When I became a guy’s wallet, I was told, “You’re ugly, so stay about 5 meters away and follow,”..
 332 Anonymous
 Just by Akira-kun extending his hand bluntly, the thread is accelerating, lol
 360 Anonymous
 Chijou is here!
 368 Anonymous
 Behold, the appearance of Kunka Kunker-sama!
 371 Anonymous
 My daughter cheering for Kunka Kunker is hilarious, lol
 384 Anonymous
 SYUKUJYO must be in the middle of reorganizing the team, so they can’t move..
 395 Anonymous
 Guaaaah! Akira-kun is kind
 402 Anonymous
 You hide here
 418 Anonymous
 In normal circumstances, it’s usually the boys who run first, and the girls become a shield of flesh
 427 Anonymous
 For the sake of protecting Kana-chan, Akira-kun willingly sacrifices himself. He’s so cool
 444 Anonymous
 Boys wouldn’t usually do that. But… it’s fine!
 458 Anonymous
 Akira-kun’s acting isn’t exceptional, but he’s not shy and is way better compared to your average actor in this area. Though I shouldn’t compare him to actresses like Aqua-kun or Kobayakawa-san. Even compared to the usual young actresses in Driver, he’s easily passable
 477 Anonymous
 Tenga-sama’s action is here!!
 491 Anonymous
 Even Tenga-kun is doing action. That’s amazing
 502 Anonymous
 As expected, Akira-kun’s action isn’t that advanced
 But I’m happy. I think his willingness to take on the challenge is cool
 516 Anonymous
 The unnecessarily cool camera work by Hongo, who is also unnecessarily cool
 523 Anonymous
 The actor for Chijou is doing her best
 535 Anonymous
 544 Anonymous
 Well, since he’s not a Driver, he can’t win normally
 552 Anonymous
 Please, Kunka Kunker. Don’t bully Akira-sama..
 557 Anonymous
 Kana-chan… as expected
 564 Anonymous
 Kana-chan stepping in to help. Even though she’s small, she’s still a girl
 She understands that she has to protect the boys by instinct
 571 Anonymous
 573 Anonymous
 574 Anonymous
 578 Anonymous
 Here comes the stag beetle!!
 580 Anonymous
 Breaking News, Stag Beetle Appears
 581 Anonymous
 Good news, Aqua-sama is coming after all
 585 Anonymous
 That’s right, that’s right!
 587 Anonymous
 The moment I knew Aqua-sama was coming, I felt relieved
 589 Anonymous
 Boys are to be protected. But I want to be protected by Aqua-sama!!
 590 Anonymous
 He won! I’m going to take a morning bath!!
 592 Anonymous
 The sound of leather shoes, lol
 593 Anonymous
 This unnecessarily cool and insignificant display is undoubtedly Hongo’s style
 594 Anonymous
 Hongo’s direction doesn’t intend to hide anything
 595 Anonymous
 Ah, this is bad. If I keep hearing Aqua-sama’s footsteps, a new fetish might develop
 598 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama has descended!!
 599 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun is hereeee!
 600 Anonymous
 Kenzaki! Kenzaki! Kenzaki!
 601 Anonymous
 Ah… Aqua-sama is undeniably cool
 602 Anonymous
 The moment Aqutan arrives, I feel relieved
 603 Anonymous
 What is it… Just the fact that Aa-sama is coming, I feel calm and composed
 605 Anonymous
 A man who lives up to expectations, Shirogane Aqua is coming
 607 Anonymous
 Good work
 608 Anonymous
 Good work
 609 Anonymous
 Good work!
 611 Anonymous
 My mom said!
 612 Anonymous
 622 Anonymous
 No matter the reason, it’s never a valid excuse to hurt someone!
 623 Anonymous
 Kenzaki’s lines are deep
 624 Anonymous
 It sounds like he’s speaking to a girl, but I feel like he’s saying it to boys too
 It’s a feeling, but..
 633 Anonymous
 This line “mom” has a little bit of mommy’s boy in it, and it hits me as a mother myself
 635 Anonymous
 Is he a mama’s boy? For girls, a guy being close to his mom is a plus point
 637 Anonymous
 Mama’s boys, once they get close to “mom,” easily open their hearts, which is great
 638 Anonymous
 This time’s transformation scene seems to be in parts. This is nice too. I can carefully see the details
 639 Anonymous
 ※The boy who was just a tofu vendor until now is now this
 640 Anonymous
 I can’t believe it, he was just running a tofu vendor earlier
 655 Anonymous
 Bad news, Shirogane Aqua is handsome both in Driver form and as a tofu vendor owner
 658 Anonymous
 I’m captivated
 659 Anonymous
 The battle scene is erotic
 661 Anonymous
 The parts clinging to the suit’s body are too s*xy
 663 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun’s action scenes aren’t just cool. I can see the consideration he puts into not hurting Chijou more than necessary
 665 Anonymous
 As expected, there are a lot of them
 672 Anonymous
 673 Anonymous
 675 Anonymous
 Gyaaahhhh! Stop it!!!
 676 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama in a pinch
 678 Anonymous
 Even in a pinch, Aa-sama doesn’t forget his compassion
 680 Anonymous
 As expected, isn’t this way too dangerous?
 681 Anonymous
 For a moment, the thread stopped. Everyone is captivated!!
 683 Anonymous
 684 Anonymous
 685 Anonymous
 687 Anonymous
 Here comes Tenga-senpai standing up
 689 Anonymous
 Tenga-senpai, please
 690 Anonymous
 Oh no… when battered Tenga-kun stood up, I got emotional
 692 Anonymous
 Akira-kun, you don’t have to try so hard anymore!
 693 Anonymous
 Even though he’s so beaten up… I’m sorry I thought “haah haah” for a moment earlier
 694 Anonymous
 Rustling… rustling..
 695 Anonymous
 I know the development after this. But there’s a part of me that thinks it’s not going to happen
 697 Anonymous
 I’ll say it first, Beryl is still the best!
 698 Anonymous
 Hongo, I knew you could do it!!
 699 Anonymous
 I’ll follow Director Hongo
 700 Anonymous
 701 Anonymous
 703 Anonymous
 705 Anonymous
 707 Anonymous
 708 Anonymous
 How many times is Beryl going to change the world?!!
 709 Anonymous
 This is too intense from yesterday’s development!!
 710 Anonymous
 ※Can you keep up with this speed?
 711 Anonymous
 If it weren’t for me, I would have missed it
 712 Anonymous
 I can’t miss this!!
 713 Anonymous
 This is intense
 714 Anonymous
 Even the toy bee, Sold Out, lmao
 715 Anonymous
 I wish I could tell my past self a few hours ago. That staying up instead of going to bed was the right choice
 718 Anonymous
 Hey… that’s gotta be a lie… hey
 720 Anonymous
 Ah… I see, is this a dream? I’ll go back to sleep!
 723 Anonymous
 The second male Driver in history is born!
 724 Anonymous
 Hey… saying it’s the second time is a joke, right?
 728 Anonymous
 Starring: Shirogane Aqua, Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro, Tenga Akira←
 729 Anonymous
 Can we expect this to be good?
 731 Anonymous
 Hongo… I’m expecting you to go up to the fourth person!
 748 Anonymous
 Poison Chalice has arrived!!!
 749 Anonymous
 Poison Chalice is so cool
 755 Anonymous
 This design accelerates the chuunibyou
 758 Anonymous
 My middle school little sister is sparkling at Poison Chalice
 763 Anonymous
 And the strength of the deformable weapon is questionable LOL
 774 Anonymous
 The tag team of Aqua-sama and Akira-sama is here!!
 775 Anonymous
 An insert song is coming!!!
 776 Anonymous
 An insert song!?
 778 Anonymous
 Who’s this, Aqua-kun and who?
 779 Anonymous
 Is this Tenga-senpai?
 781 Anonymous
 This tag team is intense!!
 783 Anonymous
 Dangerous, dangerous!
 785 Anonymous
 Even in the midst of battle, Aqua-kun and Akira-kun are teaming up
 Even in the song, Aqua-kun and Akira-kun are duetting
 786 Anonymous
 Which one should I focus on, lol
 788 Anonymous
 For some reason, the momentum of the thread has dropped, lol
 789 Anonymous
 A bunch of people seem to be getting to the point where they can’t write anymore, lol
 790 Anonymous
 792 Anonymous
 795 Anonymous
 The area covered by the ero suit’s fabric has expanded, lol
 797 Anonymous
 Hey, wait a minute, if I squint my eyes, isn’t this already a swimsuit?!
 800 Anonymous
 A service scene that makes mothers all over the country feel young again has come, lol
 803 Anonymous
 Damn it, it’s such a cool scene, but my female instincts are getting in the way, lol
 805 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Aqua-sama, thank you for the material from the morning
 806 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Aahhh, I want to squeeze and squish Aqua-kun’s body!!
 808 Anonymous
 Please, let’s focus on the show, lol
 810 Anonymous
 I wanted to become Kunka Kunker!!
 811 Anonymous
 The person inside Chijou is amazing. She would have at least touched his ass by accident
 812 Anonymous
 Damn, lol. People who are genuinely enjoying this have overflowed their capacity and overflowed the thread, and there are only perverts on the same level as Kunka Kunker left in the threads LOL
 825 Anonymous
 Hey, wait!
 827 Anonymous
 I envy the Chijou for being hugged by Aqua-kun!!
 828 Anonymous
 I want to become Kunka Kunker tooooo!
 830 Anonymous
 This is where the overclocking effect is released. Intense!
 831 Anonymous
 Ah, you get it!!
 832 Anonymous
 Hongo, you dammit..
 835 Anonymous
 I’ll bear your punishment too..
 837 Anonymous
 Damn, Tenga Akira is so cool after all!!
 840 Anonymous
 I’ve known for a while that Tenga-senpai is cool
 841 Anonymous
 I thought of Tenga-senpai, Toa-chan, and Mayuzumi-kun as accessories to Aqua-sama. But after yesterday’s passionate performance and today’s passionate acting, my perception changed
 845 Anonymous
 Tenga-senpai has a different kind of appeal from Aqua-kun
 847 Anonymous
 Oh no, my personal Akira-kun is going to be exposed to everyone
 850 Anonymous
 851 Anonymous
 855 Anonymous
 Kunka Kunker, you too?
 858 Anonymous
 I like how Aqua-sama gently lifts the defeated enemies..
 860 Anonymous
 869 Anonymous
 I like the scent of women
 871 Anonymous
 Breaking news, Aqua-sama “I like the scent of women.”
 875 Anonymous
 Kuuh… even though I know these are Kenzaki’s lines, I’m interpreting them as Aqua-sama’s!!
 878 Anonymous
 Director Hongo, making Aa-sama say something unbelievable, lol
 880 Anonymous
 882 Anonymous
 883 Anonymous
 885 Verification Team *010meTA473
 886 Anonymous
 It’s real
 889 Anonymous
 Kunka Kunker, hugging with Aqua-sama
 890 Anonymous
 This is basically segs
 891 Anonymous
 Hey, don’t mess around!!
 892 Anonymous
 Kunka Kunker: “This is worth dying for.”
 893 Anonymous
 That guy is a guilty one
 895 Anonymous
 Putting her chin on his shoulder and squeezing tightly was too much
 896 Anonymous
 Aaah… something I want to do at least once before I die!!
 899 Anonymous
 Hey! This script was probably written by Aiko-chan-sensei, right!!
 905 Anonymous
 Jealousy is swirling in the thread, lol
 913 Anonymous
 Taking a bath was the right answer after all, > Aa-kun “I like the scent of women.”
 921 Anonymous
 Once Driver is over, I’ll take a bath..
 924 Anonymous
 I wonder what shampoo Aa-sama uses
 937 Anonymous
 I want to smell a gentle scent
 948 Anonymous
 People say he’s sweet, but Kamishiro also seems to have a bit of a sweet atmosphere at times
 951 Anonymous
 I think Kamishiro is just a good kid, you know
 953 Anonymous
 The show felt like just a moment..
 962 Anonymous
 The preview for the next episode has arrived!!
 964 Anonymous
 Next episode preview!
 977 Anonymous
 Hm, for a moment, someone’s figure..
 978 Anonymous
 982 Anonymous
 I wonder who’s coming next
 985 Anonymous
 Can we also look forward to Toa-chan and Mayuzumi-kun’s appearance?
 989 Anonymous
 Insert Song “FULL SPEED” by Kenzaki Souji with Kamishiro Hajime
 Lyrics and Composition: Tenga Akira, Arrangement: MojaP
 991 Anonymous
 Both the OP song and the insert song will be released in October
 992 Anonymous
 Both will be available for early download starting from midnight tonight!!
 993 Anonymous
 There’s no choice but to buy them!!
 994 Anonymous
 Hyper-Performance Server “Are you okay, Streaming Server-kun?”
 996 Anonymous
 Casually, even today didn’t last until the end, LOL
 997 Anonymous
 Are you really the Hyper-Performance Server!?
 998 Anonymous
 Damn it, like last night, it really persisted, lol
 999 Anonymous
 There were so many threads, I didn’t know which one was the main thread, but it looks like the Verification Team is here, the main thread
 1000 Anonymous
 If it’s 1000, everyone becomes a Driver!!

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