Male Idol V6c16

Volume 6 Chapter 16 Mary Girls’ Academies’s Bulletin Board

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 [Joint Music Festival] Tea Party for SYUKUJYO [Otomezaki is Coming]
 8 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Good day, before we knew it, the young ladies have become SYUKUJYO..
 10 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Good day, now that you mention it, it does seem so, desu~wa
 12 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Good day, it appears everyone is watching the Drivers, isn’t it?
 13 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Pardon the interruption, but isn’t the current Mary more of Chijou than SYUKUJYO?
 15 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Hagetoru-san, Shumi-san… and even the ****posuki, who I am afraid to mention by name
 That’s just their self-proclaimed titles, isn’t it?
 16 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>15-san is absolutely right, desu~wa
 There are many who pretend to be Mary
 17 Mary’s Chijou
 Oh… those girls are nothing but dust to us Mary’s, desu~wa
 A true Mary’s SYUKUJYO should have more libido, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to lead gentlemen to their bedrooms
 It’s different from the naive St. Claris’s MESUGAKI girls
 20 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>17-sama, isn’t it something to take pride in rather than being dust?
 21 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>17-san, you’ve made the most important mistake in your words!
 23 Mary’s Chijou
 Oh… my apologies. I’ve made a mistake, ohohoho!
 25 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 The one who can’t even be named, ****Suki-sama, is more like trash than dust, desu~wa
 26 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>25-sama, I actually think that person is the most embarrassing one..
 Someone with such an indecent name has no shred of decency, she must be one of our Mary’s OG
 28 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>25-san, using such filthy language will also turn you into Chijou, you know
 30 Mary’s Lady
 >>25-san, please don’t speak ill of those from the same generation..
 31 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Everyone, please calm down, desu~wa!
 33 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>31-san, please remain calm
 35 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>31-sama, being a SYUKUJYO means to stay calm and composed, desu~wa
 36 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 When I passed by the staff room earlier, I coincidentally overheard!
 It seems that Otomezaki’s Shirogane Aqua-sama will be present at the Joint Music Festival!!
 38 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 You’re kidding!
 39 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 You’re kidding!
 40 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 You’re kidding!
 42 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 No way!! This isn’t the time to play with lady-like words!!
 43 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Is that information for certain…?
 44 Mary’s Chijou
 I want to be kicked by Aqua-sama..
 45 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Officer, please arrest this person immediately!
 46 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Ah… I’ve always been full of despair and regret for entering Mary, a den of perverts, without taking the Otomezaki exam. But finally… finally! My high school life is starting!
 48 Mary’s Lady
 The Joint Music Festival… it seems that the OGs won’t be able to participate. What a pity, desu~wa..
 50 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 I have an acquaintance in the Student Council, so I asked them
 Otomezaki Academy High School
 3rd Year Representative Natsuki Sana Student Council President, Violin
 2nd Year Representative Natalia Rosenesta Student Council Vice President, Saxophone
 1st Year Representative Shirogane Aqua, Piano
 1st Year Substitute Chihiro Claire Student Council General Affairs, Piano
 Accompanying Sugita Mari 1st Year Class A Homeroom Teacher
 It’s true..
 My hands holding the information are trembling
 51 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Hey, seriously, it’s starting, Mary!!
 52 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 I can’t believe it, the point where Shumi, Hagetoru, and Aa-sama’s timelines intersect has come..
 53 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>50-san, looking forward to Aqua-sama’s piano performance, desu~wa
 55 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>50-sama, Natsuki-sama’s performance is wonderful, isn’t it? Exciting, desu~wa
 57 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 By the way, the Student Council was in quite a panic
 60 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 I overheard Vice Principal and Principal talking earlier. They said they’ll be asking the Board of Directors to increase security, desu~wa
 63 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>52-sama, it’s absolutely impossible for those kinds of people to intersect
 Those who can participate in the Joint Music Festival are all amazing individuals who represent their respective grades
 Indeed… I’ve heard that people as distant from impurity like Princess Kanon from the High School’s first year and Yukishiro Emily-san, who is attending university, will participate. People like Shumi and Hagetoru claiming to represent Mary, that’s absolutely out of the question!!
 65 Mary’s Chijou
 Considering the conditions, Princess Kanon who likely comes from a wealthy background in the High School might be a possibility for Shumi?
 67 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>65-san, you’re gonna get killed..
 68 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>65-sama, that kind of thing, even if the heavens and earth were to turn over, it wouldn’t happen..
 70 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 I don’t think Shumi is a princess
 If something like that happened, I’d be fine with doing a full-naked prostration here like Hakuryuu-sensei. I think it’s that unlikely
 71 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>65-san, you’ll get arrested for disrespect
 75 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 I bet everyone is watching this. The class is unusually noisy
 77 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Although I’m in the same class as Kanon-sama, Her Highness was very composed
 Seeing such elegance and composure even in this situation, I really think that Shumi-san, who lacks any sign of such panicked behavior, is an entirely different person, desu~wa
 80 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 If things turn out like this, I should have volunteered to be the representative for the Joint Music Festival as a last-ditch effort..
 82 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 I want to slap myself for rejecting the recommendation for the Joint Music Festival representative at the end of the first semester, desu~wa..
 To hear the person who was chosen in my place talking excitedly about getting a new dress really frustrates me. But… it’s my own fault..
 85 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>82-san, please don’t be disheartened. Rather, it would be best to rejoice in being able to leisurely listen to Aqua-sama’s performance!
 86 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Cheer up. This time, I wanted to focus on studying, so I declined the representative position. But I don’t regret it
 88 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>85-sama, >>86-sama, thank you. Everyone here is really kind, aren’t they?
 My heart is feeling warm
 90 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Looking at the relationship between Hagetoru, Shumi, and ******Suki, it’s clear that Mary, regardless of seniority or juniority, has a really close bond
 Especially the seniors who take good care of the juniors, always ready to help whenever someone’s in trouble – it makes me glad I joined
 92 Mary’s Chijou
 I also thought I might be bullied since I’m not very lady-like, but that hasn’t been the case at all
 Even if I forget my textbook, about ten people would immediately offer to lend me one – I still can’t get used to it, though, lol
 93 Mary’s Lady
 If you’re going to badmouth someone, let’s have a fair and square fight face to face
 Competitions should be resolved under just rules
 Bullying is absolutely against Mary’s tradition, desu~wa
 95 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>90-san, but looking at that bulletin board, I feel like Shumi-san, the junior, is taking care of senior Hagetoru-san. Or is that just my imagination?
 97 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>93-sama, throughout history, Mary has been about brainy person…uh-uh! Forget I said anything. Ohohoho..
 100 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Speaking of which, it was mentioned in a previous article by AnnAnn-sama, right?
 The top choice among Mary’s graduates for preferred positions is the cowg*rl position..
 103 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Well, because it feels like you’re making the gentlemen submit, it’s exciting…
 105 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 The cowg*rl position is good because you can see the gentlemen’s faces properly, desu~wa
 106 Mary’s Lady
 Forcing a man down and forcibly milking him or compelling him to imp***nate is an act that takes away a man’s dignity, so it’s not okay without consent, desu~wa. I hope you girls aren’t like those Chijou who would r*pe men
 108 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>106-sama, oh… I’m sorry. Ohohoho!
 110 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Looking forward to the day, desu~wa..
 113 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>110-san, seriously, desu~wa
 [Shirogane Aqua-sama] Tea Party with SYUKUJYO [Kenzaki Souji-sama, Yuujin-sama]
 345 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Finally, the day has come…
 347 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Everyone, have you prepared spare underwear, as well?
 348 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Of course, desu~wa
 349 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Everyone seems to have bought new underwear. All the underwear shops were full of Mary’s students
 350 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Even if we get new underwear, the gentlemen don’t seem very interested
 I heard from an OG who got married, even when she put the underwear in an obvious place, they didn’t pay any attention to it, desu~wa…. So, it seems like only the gentlemen in Hakuryuu-sensei’s works steal women’s underwear and use it for self-pleasure
 351 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>350-sama, I-I didn’t want to hear that kind of story, desu~wa
 352 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>350-san, it seems that underwear thieves only exist in women’s fantasies…
 353 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Women stealing men’s underwear and getting arrested is quite common though
 355 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 There was even a case where someone was searching for men’s underwear at a coin laundry and got caught by the police..
 356 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 In the past, there was a graduate of Mary who climbed a tower with a balcony, stole underwear, and got arrested. Apparently, she went to steal what she thought were men’s boxer shorts… but in reality, it was women’s shorts, desu~wa. Well, it was at a height of more than 20 floors above ground, so she couldn’t tell, desu~wa
 358 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>356-sama, that’s a sad incident…. But a crime is a crime, so getting caught and paying for the crime is only natural, desu~wa
 360 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Let’s also make sure that we, fellow students, don’t engage in criminal acts towards Shirogane-sama. Let’s watch over each other properly
 361 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>360-sama, yes, that’s right. Let’s do that
 425 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 The morning performance has ended. Everyone seemed more fired up than usual
 427 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Yes, but unfortunately, Shirogane-sama didn’t come in the morning
 Maybe in the afternoon?
 428 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Perhaps, he’ll only come right before the performance?
 429 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 He’s a busy person, so canceling is also a possibility
 431 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 It’s disappointing if he cancels, but just the fact that Aqua-sama might come has given us a wonderful dream, I think
 438 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Everyone, it’s a big deal, desu~wa! Aqua-sama has finally arrived!!
 441 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>438-sama, is that really true!?
 442 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>438-san, h-he’s coming!!
 443 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>438-san, Congratulations on Aqua-sama’s visit to our school!
 447 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 I happened to pass by Shirogane-sama just a while ago!!
 450 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>447-san, I’m envious, desu~wa
 451 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>447-san, Please provide a detailed report of the situation at that time!
 452 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>447-san, Oh, how I wish I could have passed by too!
 456 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 He was being guided to the balcony seats by the student council members at that time
 I’ll list the impressions from when we passed by each other
 ・He was much more charming than he appears on TV
 ・From the facial features to the body structure, he’s practically a work of art, desu~wa
 ・Shirogane-sama had a delightful scent, to the point where my panties got wet on their own..
 ・When we passed by, he gave a slight nod and truly resembled the prince charming I had imagined
 458 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>456-san, Thank you for providing such useful feedback
 459 Mary’s Lady
 >>456-san, Our prince charming truly does exist, after all
 Oh… I’m so disappointed I can’t go see Aqua-sama in person
 460 Mary’s Chijou
 >>456, How enviable… I also want to pass by Aqua-sama
 It would be amazing to bury my nose in the rich scent of his sweaty armpits after exercising
 462 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>460-san, Such vulgar fantasies, please restrain yourself!
 463 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>460-sama, No, no, desu~wa. If I were to smell such an intense masculine scent, I would become pregnant immediately
 465 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>463-san, please calm down! Smells don’t cause pregnancy!!
 466 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>465, I passed by him earlier, and his gaze alone can imp***nate me. Be careful!
 468 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 A student who attended Shirogane-sama’s concert mentioned that if you make eye contact or smell Shirogane-sama, girls might mistakenly imagine they’re pregnant due to the intensity, desu~wa. So, please be cautious
 471 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>468-sama, Yes, I recall that happened with the 3rd-year class Azuma**-sama, and 1st-year class **miya-sama. It was quite a surprise when they came to school with their big bellies. Especially **miya-sama, who had just started her periods, seemed more startled due to her body’s changes, desu~wa
 473 Mary’s Chijou
 Aqua-sama can imp***nate females without even touching them… that’s too much
 475 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Everything is beyond imagination, desu~wa..
 478 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 479 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 480 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 482 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Everyone was so engrossed in the bulletin board that we noticed Aqua-sama’s arrival on the balcony a moment too late
 483 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Phew, I got startled when the person next to me fell over!
 484 Mary’s Chijou
 Damn, this is too stimulating for sheltered young ladies
 485 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Absolutely, this is too overwhelming for girls who don’t know boys!
 486 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Please control that overflowing sensuality, desu~wa!
 488 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 I heard from the student council that Aqua-sama will be performing Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2
 490 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>488, Yes, I’m dead
 491 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>488-sama, Of all things, he chose such a seductive piece of music..
 492 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>488-san, if this is unconsciously done, it’s quite scary, desu~wa..
 493 Mary’s Chijou
 >>488, Aqua-sama is intense. Even I, without much education, can understand that much
 496 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 It seems that he’s chatting with the person in the adjacent seat..
 497 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Envious, desu~wa..
 498 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Who might that person be?
 499 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 On the opposite side, that might be Sugita-sensei, the chaperone. It’s not President Natsuki, and perhaps the Vice President of the performers went with Natsuki-sama for a quick change. In that case, it could be the first-year reserve, Chihiro Claire
 501 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>499-sama, thank you. Chihiro Claire-sama… could she be in a relationship with Shirogane-sama? Oh, the way they whispered to each other… don’t they seem like lovers?
 503 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>501-san, I heard from a friend of Otomezaki that this is Shirogane-san’s usual way of interacting, desu~wa. Even with classmates, it was surprising to hear that he chats so casually at such a close distance. I thought it was a lie, but it’s true
 505 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>503-sama, Is, is it really acceptable to do such audacious things, like whispering so intimately? I-I-I-I mean, with his breath so close, Aqua-sama’s voice will echo in my ears forever
 508 Mary’s Chijou
 Aqua-sama is intense. I thought ear r*pe only existed in works by Hakuryuu-taisho (White Dragon Master)!
 510 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>508-sama! U-using such inappropriate words like “ear r*pe” is not acceptable as Mary’s students!!
 511 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Those famous people from Mary use much worse words
 512 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Certainly, desu~wa..
 516 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Oh, it’s Emily-sama’s song!
 517 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Everyone, please be quiet!
 518 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 During the performance, shhh, desu~wa!
 520 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 As expected of Yukishiro-sama. Her beautiful singing voice felt like cleansing a tainted heart..
 521 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Watching Emily-oneesama makes me worried. I mean, in college, there’s probably someone impure like Hagetoru-san, right? I hope Emily-oneesama doesn’t get influenced
 522 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Hagetoru-san would probably also be purified by Yukishiro-sama’s song, desu~wa
 523 Mary’s Chijou
 Yukishiro-senpai sings anime songs and stuff. That’s unexpected. But this song is even recognized as a hymn in Stellars, and she probably doesn’t know it’s considered an anime song. Still, personally, I felt a sense of closeness. I thought she’d be more like a sheltered princess
 524 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Emily-oneesama is dignified no matter what she sings… how wonderful!
 538 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 The people after Yukishiro-senpai had it tough. They wanted to start with a skilled person, but they got more than they bargained for, and the student council was in disarray
 539 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>538-sama, still, Aqua-sama applauded without hesitation, showing what an amazing person he is, I truly thought
 540 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Shirogane-sama, he’s truly just like what I saw on TV
 541 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Considering his position, he’s so different from other boys I’ve met. Aqua-sama is strangely straightforward. How did he grow up to be like that? Even with such looks, I don’t think it would be strange for him to display a bit of arrogance, especially considering all the attention he receives
 543 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 When Aqua-sama entered the balcony seat, he lightly nodded and spoke to the security personnel. I felt a flutter… Even the security personnel seemed very surprised. After Aqua-sama entered the balcony seat, she, the security personnel, stood there and cried. It was her first time being spoken to kindly by a man
 558 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 The high school division is starting
 562 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 President Natsuki, as always, was wonderful. Her dress was lovely, and the sound of the violin was truly splendid
 563 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 I heard her play at a previous joint music event, but President Natsuki’s performance is on a professional level, desu~wa
 565 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Natsuki-oneesama is so cool!
 578 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Otomezaki’s level is high, desu~wa. Rosenesta-sama’s saxophone performance was also splendid
 579 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Rosenesta-oneesama is too charming. The lively saxophone sound made it seem like fairies were dancing..
 586 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 So far, Otomezaki’s performances have been splendid
 587 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 The final performer from Mary is Her Highness. I understand, desu~wa
 588 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 If it’s Kanon-sama, her performance won’t lose to the two from Otomezaki
 592 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 I’m frustrated that I can’t find words other than “wonderful” to describe Her Highness’s performance
 593 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Truly a splendid performance. Her exceptional skill was like listening to a professional play
 594 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Who was it that said disrespectful things about Her Highness earlier? They should apologize now. They could be arrested for disrespecting the crown!
 595 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Emily-san’s hymn and Her Highness’s piano, they’re on a different level. Of course, including the two from Otomezaki, but isn’t the overall level of this joint music event too high?
 597 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>595-sama, I really think that’s true. It’s regrettable for the other participants, but those four were truly amazing
 598 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 It feels like having four professionals join an amateur competition
 600 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Bad news, desu~wa. Aqua-sama’s performance is still left..
 601 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Aqua-sama hasn’t played yet
 602 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Even the splendid Shirogane-sama, isn’t his performance after this challenging?
 603 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Aqua-sama, poor thing… But, no matter the performance, I’ll give him a full-hearted applause!
 604 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 But with Aqua-sama, I believe he’ll do it! I trust our Shirogane Aqua to come through!
 605 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Just in case, I’ve written a farewell letter
 606 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Shhh!, desu~wa!
 607 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Everyone, please be quiet!! Aqua-sama will take the stage soon!!
 611 Mary’s Chijou
 Hey, everyone, you alive?
 612 Mary’s Noblewoman
 No response. They’re like a lifeless shell
 613 Mary’s Chijou
 To put it mildly, that was amazing! I’m not very knowledgeable about these things, so I don’t really understand the technicalities, but the emotions were there, and the performance was incredible. Watching it made my heart race. It might be the first time I’ve ever thought a boy is cool
 614 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Angels… Angels were coming to get him..
 615 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>613-sama, it was amazing from the beginning. When I saw Shirogane-sama gently placing his fingers on the piano keys, my lowly body reacted..
 618 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>615-san, I-I understand! The gentleman… no, Shirogane-sama, even within the castle, does he touch our bodies so gently? If he touches us with such a kind touch, it makes us react, and I did my best to control the throbbing in my body
 620 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 During the performance, it felt as if my body was gently played with the whole time, and it was pleasant, desu~wa..
 621 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 In essence, I think this is mating..
 623 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>613, I couldn’t handle the expression before the performance
 When he lightly exhaled and he opened his eyelids slightly, the spotlight’s light reflected on Aqua-sama’s eyelashes, sparkling, and just that caused a sweet sigh to escape… haah
 625 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>623-san, Ohh! I understand, I totally understand!!
 626 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 I can’t believe such a cool boy actually exists
 627 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 His hair getting slightly disheveled during the performance is cheating, desu~wa..
 628 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>627-san, I thought the same about that. He used wax to set his bangs in a way that wouldn’t get in the way. Though it might sound strange, during the high school joint music performance, seeing someone put in that much effort seriously, who wouldn’t fall for him? Absolutely, there must be students from the student council who worked so hard to prepare for this day, teachers who were moving around, and the volunteers from the event committee. Everyone must have fallen for him
 630 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>628-san, My homeroom teacher was like that too, totally with the expression of someone in love
 631 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 I played the piano a bit, so I can understand a little, but he really brought it to perfection. Even though he must have been so busy, did he secretly practice behind the scenes? Is there anyone who noticed that and still doesn’t like Aqua-sama? Oh no! Even though I thought I couldn’t reach him, if he keeps doing things like this, I might end up falling for him for real
 632 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Oh, Aqua-sama came back behind the scenes and thanked me for inviting him to the wonderful performance. I’m secretly crying alone. This is no good. If he speaks such kind words to a high school girl like me, I’m definitely going to fall for him!
 636 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>632-san, congratulations!!
 637 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>632, I’m so happy for you!!
 640 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 For the girl who was crying because she lost to Otomezaki’s performance in the senior division, your performance was fantastic. When I saw you encouraging her to stand tall, I cried. What’s going on? Are there really such great kids out there?
 Don’t mess around! A world where boys gently console girls? That’s just something created by Aiko-sensei’s sickeningly sweet imagination! If I were shown something like that, I bet even the teacher would kneel down stark n*ked!
 643 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 E-everyone, your words are getting a bit disarrayed!
 645 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Initially, I started using those ladylike words to avoid being associated with people like Hagetoru, Shumi, and Chinposuki, but yeah, it’s just not working. It’s so annoying to keep up with that
 647 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 I don’t care if it’s Hagetoru or Shumi or Chinposuki anymore. Let’s change it to Chijou from tomorrow. That suits me better
 650 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 I got wet all over. I really wish he could hold me just once. I have the confidence to accept any play or scenario or even any fetish
 652 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Just a little discreet nod to Emily-sama and Her Highness behind the scenes, but they make such a picturesque couple. A handsome man and a beautiful woman. In reality, if they were in a relationship, it would be in that class
 656 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 You guys are revealing your true colors all of a sudden, lol
 658 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 But I’ve been holding back all this time. Speaking like a lady was fun, though!
 659 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 It’s true, we just couldn’t mimic that!
 660 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Thinking about it, there’s a possibility that Shumi or Hagetoru might be mimicking Kanon Her Highness or Emily-san… Probably not though, lol
 664 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Her Highness and Yukishiro-senpai wouldn’t say something so foolish. That’s definitely disrespectful, lol
 666 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Actually, if those two were Hagetoru or Shumi, it might make them more likable, lol. It’s reassuring to know they’re just human
 667 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Hey, stop it! You’re being too disrespectful, and Pegonia-san might request deletions
 670 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 671 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 673 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 675 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Is he doing one more at the end?
 676 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Huh? Aqua-sama is going to perform another song? That’s gotta be a joke, right? LOL
 677 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Yes, a prank, a big successful prank, right? Wait… What, really?
 680 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 One last performance all together!?
 681 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Aqua-sama is asking everyone what song might be good, lol
 683 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Please wait a moment… I have the confidence to wait forever
 685 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 What, what’s going on?
 691 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 The Student Council President asked if it’s okay to do one more song since there’s still time
 Since we’re all here, why not do something all together? So everyone who stayed for the remaining performance is gathered backstage and discussing, lol
 695 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 This service is too good, LMAO
 696 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 The Student Council President is doing an amazing job
 703 Mary’s Chijou
 That entertaining guy, that’s why I can’t quit being a Shirogane Aqua fan
 721 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 What’s happening backstage?
 723 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Well, it seems like it might not end with just one song, they’re talking about doing two or more
 724 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 In the announcement, they said it’s free participation from here on, but not a single person is standing up, LOL
 725 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Oh no, I might wet myself..
 727 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Yeah, yeah, it’s a big victory for me who came wearing diapers from the start. Thanks to that, I can wet myself as much as I want
 729 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 This is how the next Hagetoru, Shumi, Chinposuki are born, huh?
 731 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Hey, cut it out! Using ******suki is a prohibited word, it will get deleted!!
 732 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 What did >>729 tweet? I can’t see it anymore
 734 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 The administrator’s work is too good!
 735 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Did they really mention that person’s name who can’t be named?
 738 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Hey, they’re going to do four songs..
 The first song is a performance by Aqua-sama, Claire-san, Natsuki-san, and Rosenesta-san
 The second song is Aqua-sama’s piano and Emily-senpai’s singing
 The third song is a piano duet by Aqua-sama and Her Highness
 The fourth song is the fourth movement of the Ninth Symphony performed by all participants, with audience participation planned
 Aqua-sama asked if doing four songs would be okay, and everyone answered that it’s fine. That made me laugh, lol
 740 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Come on, that’s gotta be a lie, LMAO
 741 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Oh my, it’s already so amazing!
 743 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 It’s not over yet!!
 745 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Our joint music festival is just beginning!!
 747 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 The first song, it’s a Masked Driver song, LOL
 748 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 No way, LOL
 750 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 The first song, President Natsuki really wanted to do it and convinced Aqua-sama backstage, lol
 751 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Unexpected orchestra version, LMAO
 758 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Whoaaa, so amazing!
 760 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 This isn’t the Driver song I know, lol
 President Natsuki’s intense violin, damn, my President is amazing, but Otomezaki’s President is amazing too
 761 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 I might start liking President Natsuki, lol. Thank you for the fantastic performance!
 763 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 The three of them really carried Aqua-sama well
 765 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 The orchestra in the background was so energetic, lol
 It was great they played a song everyone knows
 767 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Emily-sama performing Laputa: Castle in the Sky, it’s here, aaaaah!
 768 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Hey! Is this a joke? Unexpectedly, the second song is an anime song too, lol
 770 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Good news, Emily-sama might actually like anime. My sense of familiarity with her increased!
 772 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 With Yukishiro-senpai’s voice, it’s like we’re hearing that song in real life, almost made me cry..
 775 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Oh my god..
 776 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 The impact is too strong
 777 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 In a good way, it’s not the Ghibli song I know..
 778 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Too many people sniffling and crying, so funny, lol
 779 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Hey, we’re only halfway through, you know!
 781 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Thanks to Natsuki-san forcing the Driver song for the first performance, things have become anything goes, lol
 783 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 The third song, unexpectedly from Final Fantasista 10’s dream of Spira, lol
 785 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 No way, it’s a lie, lol. Her Highness is playing a game BGM?
 786 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Her Highness Kanon, she can play this song… I suddenly feel closer to her
 787 Mary’s Chijou
 It’s popular even overseas. *** is probably big and has a face that looks super horny!
 792 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 The performance was great, but it’s turned into a really sad conversation, lol
 793 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 From the first song to this contrast, lol
 795 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Ah… it felt like my heart was being cleansed
 798 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 I want to express my gratitude for the wonderful performance
 800 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 And finally, a song of joy
 801 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Was it Otomezaki’s President who started this flow at the beginning, or was it Yukishiro-san?
 803 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 I’m going to sing at the end too!! I want to participate if I can!
 805 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 A joint music festival with all school students and invited schools participating is not the first time in history, lol
 806 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Mary’s teachers and the teachers from the other schools who came as supervisors are going to sing too!
 807 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Has there ever been such a joint music festival before?
 808 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Everyone participating is just amazing!
 809 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Soprano, Her Highness Kanon
 Alto, Emily-senpai
 Tenor, President Natsuki
 Baritone, Aqua-sama
 They’re doing the solo parts like this
 811 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Probably, this is likely the first time the full Ninth Symphony has been played in this country. There might have been invitations, though. In Stars, there are a few men who sing baritone, but this country doesn’t have any
 812 Mary’s Chijou
 The orchestra members are so fired up, lol
 813 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 The conductor’s fingers were trembling while turning the sheet music earlier
 815 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Well, of course. It’s a historic achievement, like once in a lifetime
 816 Mary’s Lady
 I wish I could have listened too
 818 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 The teachers have already started recording without holding back. It’s already gained cultural value
 819 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Is it really okay to do this in a school like ours, lol..
 824 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 It was… incredible
 826 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Aqua-sama’s baritone voice is too amazing
 829 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Those whose hymens trembled at Aqua-sama’s low voice
 830 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 See you later
 831 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 See you later
 833 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 There are too many whose hymens are trembling, lol
 Well, mine trembled too, though
 840 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 My hymen, there’s even a possibility it was torn by Aqua-sama’s voice
 843 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>840, What exactly does that mean?
 849 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>843, Aqua-sama, the hymen snatcher
 856 Mary’s Chijou
 Seriously! I might check my hymen in the bathroom later..
 863 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 A guy who takes a girl’s virginity with just his voice, Shirogane Aqua has been born!
 877 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Just thinking about it, being whispered to in that voice during… you know, isn’t that amazing?
 883 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Truly beyond low, lol
 895 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Even though it was a moving performance… the conversation has turned so low..
 904 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>895, It’s inevitable. After all, Mary is Hagetoru, Shumi, ******suki-sama. Ohohohohoho!
 917 Mary’s Chijou
 Despite the mischief, I was genuinely moved too
 932 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 The exhilaration of singing all the way to the end was incredible
 941 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 In my third year of high school, I’ve always been a listener at joint music festivals, but being able to participate in the end made it a really good memory!!
 950 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Seriously, Aqua-san is a guy who makes girls happy!
 953 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 I’m still in the third year of junior high, but I thought maybe I’ll give it a try and aim to represent the school in high school
 959 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Aqua-sama, I hope you’ll participate next year too!
 968 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Earlier, Otomezaki’s Student Council President was talking to our Student Council President backstage. If they have time, Mayuzumi-kun and A-kun might have been allowed to participate too! This might happen next year
 975 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 >>968, I’m graduating next year, despair
 982 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Let’s take another year! Let’s both continue at Mary for another year!
 986 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 There’s also the secret technique of applying to Otomezaki!
 989 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Just go to college normally
 991 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Hey!! The bathroom is way too crowded!!
 993 Mary’s Chijou
 Come on, you guys, lol
 995 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Aside from hymen checks, we have to change our underwear, and some kids were holding it in for the bathroom, so it can’t be helped
 996 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Dirty underwear and used diapers have already filled the trash cans, lol
 997 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 The ladylike language vanished without us even noticing, lol
 999 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 This school really is the worst, lol
 1000 Mary’s SYUKUJYO
 Next thread is up!

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