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Volume 6 Chapter 20 Bulletin board, a Rapidly Evolvin

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Bulletin board, a Rapidly Evolving World
 [Shirogane Aqua] Heaven’s Sword Live Thread Episode 3 Part 15 [Tenga Akira]
 4 Anonymous
 Looking forward to Sunday so much that I’ve been awake since Friday
 6 Anonymous
 Get some sleep, lol. You’ll die, LOL
 9 Anonymous
 Don’t say unlucky things with an unlucky number. Stay alive!!
 11 Anonymous
 Ah, I can’t contain my excitement anymore
 15 Anonymous
 If you think the thread number is weird, they’ve been doing it since last week, lol
 17 Anonymous
 Consumed 14 threads in a week, 2 threads per day, 1 thread in 12 hours. Foolishly kept up this pace of more than 1 reply per minute. Ridiculous
 20 Anonymous
 I work at an electronics retail store. Thanks to that, the sales of high-end TVs are doing great. However, there’s no stock left. The manufacturer can’t keep up with production
 22 Anonymous
 It’s about to start, is everyone ready!!
 25 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 26 Verification Team *010meTA473
 28 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 30 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Yes, yes!
 39 Anonymous
 All members of the verification team, assemble, LOL
 40 Anonymous
 Nee-san’s reaction was quick
 42 Anonymous
 Nee-san is a hardcore player. Can’t hide the fact that she posts long, fast-paced responses when it comes to discussing Driver
 48 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Coming in late, oh!
 53 Anonymous
 I wonder how many people will survive today?
 63 Anonymous
 Did Sensei resurrect?
 65 Anonymous
 Isn’t that Aiko-chan-sensei who had her live images spread on Social Media during the live?
 66 Anonymous
 Sensei’s still alive! When she high-fived, I thought she died instantly because her eyes rolled back
 70 Anonymous
 During the high-five with Aqutan, Hakuryu-sensei caught out wearing sweet loli clothes for her age
 75 Anonymous
 Here it comes!!
 76 Anonymous
 It’s coming!?
 78 Anonymous
 79 Anonymous
 80 Anonymous
 81 Anonymous
 Here it comes!!
 82 Anonymous
 Here it comes, yay!
 83 Anonymous
 85 Anonymous
 The greatest opening ever
 88 Anonymous
 This song became the number one download in this country within just a day
 91 Anonymous
 Those who started downloading at midnight had to wait for hours for it to complete, LOL
 93 Anonymous
 Other songs released around the same time are pitiful in comparison
 95 Anonymous
 *Note: FULL SPEED is in second place
 96 Anonymous
 Number one and two in streaming as well
 100 Anonymous
 Sigh, the OP is so cool
 104 Anonymous
 Tenga-senpai in the opening!!
 106 Anonymous
 Tenga-kun added!
 107 Anonymous
 New progress: Tenga-senpai Added
 109 Anonymous
 112 Anonymous
 Tenga-senpai’s popularity has been incredible lately
 115 Anonymous
 Akira-kun, your popularity skyrocketed after the last live
 118 Anonymous
 Without Aqutan, Akira is the best
 120 Anonymous
 But I’m all about Aa-sama
 123 Anonymous
 Will all of Beryl come?
 126 Anonymous
 At this point, I hope all of Beryl appears. It’s a selfish wish, though
 129 Anonymous
 I believe Director Hongo will make it happen
 131 Anonymous
 I think Director Hongo has secured the title of this year’s best director unless something drastic happens
 132 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 Hongo-san… I’ve been a fan since the time she released special effects films shot in small theaters with a low budget. The person who aimed to make a Driver after being inspired by Driver I saw as a child. Now, she’s making a new Driver as the director of a commemorative work, together with Aqua-san and everyone from Beryl. Tears flow when I think about it
 136 Hakuryuu-sensei *XQshotacon
 I’d like to believe there won’t be a third or fourth person
 143 Anonymous
 145 Anonymous
 Tears come out when I hear Nee-san’s story
 148 Anonymous
 It’s the best work created by a fool who pursued their childhood dream without giving up even as an adult, struggling against the current situation
 151 Anonymous
 Adding subtle references to the previous Driver here and there is Director Hongo’s way of showing respect
 155 Anonymous
 It’s not just cool; that’s what makes it good. That aspect is also wonderful
 158 Anonymous
 Thank you, Hakuryuu-sensei
 159 Anonymous
 It’s up! The flag is raised!!
 161 Anonymous
 Sensei, you know what you’re saying, right?
 165 Anonymous
 OP’s finished
 168 Anonymous
 Thank you, Sensei!
 170 Anonymous
 Just the OP is enough for a sense of satisfaction
 173 Anonymous
 Commercial break!
 177 Anonymous
 Rhino beetle!
 180 Anonymous
 Is this the rhino beetle they say every family should have?
 182 Anonymous
 The other day, we had a possession inspection at school, and it’s funny when a swarm of rhino beetles comes out of a bag normally. Seriously, what are they doing, even as high school girls?
 184 Anonymous
 Even for toy commercials, they can’t keep up with production
 187 Anonymous
 The near-bankrupt local factory in my neighborhood turned into a rhino beetle production site. Last month, the factory was about to close, and the middle-aged lady who now owns it said she’s going to make bees next, with sparkling eyes. Actually helping people in the world who are struggling, that’s a true hero
 192 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Cut it out with the heartwarming stories!! The main story hasn’t even started yet, but I’m already about to cry!?
 194 Anonymous
 Promo for the OP song is here! As a CD fan, I’m looking forward to next month!
 198 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Congratulations! OP song, download count, YouTube views, streaming plays, all at number one! Only thing left is the CD release next month! I’m getting it!!
 203 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 I want the CD for the leaflet. Definitely
 206 Anonymous
 Karaoke is coming next week, right? Exciting!
 209 Anonymous
 Consecutive FULL SPEED promos
 213 Anonymous
 Tenga-kun’s guitar is too cool
 214 Anonymous
 The guitar Tenga-senpai uses, Eccentric Hi-speed Performer, EHP’s Roselia 666, also known as Triple Six, is no longer sold anywhere. The one that was left after being auctioned on a site was withdrawn by the seller after the live, and one that happened to be left was sold for tens of millions
 217 Anonymous
 Morinaga’s Commercial Break is great
 218 Anonymous
 Watching Morinaga’s CM, it feels like everything started from here
 220 Anonymous
 Having Morinaga’s biscuits for breakfast while drinking milk. Got tired of it midway, but before I knew it, my body was craving it
 224 Anonymous
 I thought this was a harsh direction to put Morinaga’s CM here, lol
 227 Anonymous
 By the way, they mentioned a new campaign starting from fall
 231 Anonymous
 Hope it’s Aqua-kun next time
 235 Anonymous
 In the photos Aa-sama posted on his Social Media recently, I can see Morinaga’s biscuits peeking out from the gap in his bag. Is he eating them when he’s hungry? Cute!
 237 Anonymous
 Toa-chan periodically posts photos of Morinaga’s biscuits, hinting at something. It would be annoying if another girl did it, but I can forgive Toa-chan
 241 Anonymous
 Both of them have Morinaga Merry-san straps on their bags. It’s not just a hint anymore
 245 Anonymous
 The Holy Aqua Religion is still collecting biscuits, so if you can’t finish them, send them in
 246 Anonymous
 That’s a check
 248 Anonymous
 Here we go again!
 250 Anonymous
 Here we go!
 263 Anonymous
 SYUKUJYO team reorganization?
 268 Anonymous
 SYUKUJYO was devastated in the first episode
 272 Anonymous
 275 Anonymous
 Counting on SYUKUJYO today
 278 Anonymous
 New members, I wonder who will come?
 281 Anonymous
 283 Anonymous
 Toa-chan’s here!!
 285 Anonymous
 Toa-kun, SYUKUJYO!?
 286 Anonymous
 Could this be all of Beryl?
 289 Anonymous
 Hew! Third person immediately at the start, truly Hongo’s style. She’ll do it!
 294 Anonymous
 Can’t help but have high expectations
 297 Anonymous
 Aiko-chan-sensei, pyu-gyaa!
 305 Anonymous
 Hakuryuu-sensei, are you still alive?
 310 Anonymous
 Truly a first-rate flag architect
 319 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 It’s not a situation where I need to panic yet. He’s not Drivers, so no need to worry!
 326 Anonymous
 I’m convinced everyone will appear
 332 Anonymous
 Mayuzumi-kun should show up in this sequence too!
 338 Anonymous
 Mayushin-kun, you can come out now
 343 Anonymous
 You’re putting on a tough act
 345 Anonymous
 Aiko-chan-sensei, it’s time to learn, right?
 349 Anonymous
 You’re setting up flags again, that’s you
 352 Anonymous
 It’s funny how Hakuryuu-sensei, who’s still pretending here, gets all flustered on social media, saying it’s a lie, lol
 358 Anonymous
 But, isn’t Toa-chan, like, a girl after all?
 360 Anonymous
 As I thought, I always thought Toa-chan was a girl. When Aqua-kun looks sideways, he stares at him with a female look
 366 Anonymous
 By the way, Beryl’s website doesn’t specify whether he’s male or female
 374 Anonymous
 Beryl Entertainment is completely toying with us
 381 Anonymous
 Thanks to Toa-chan doing streams, he’s good at dubbing. He could be a voice actor
 385 Anonymous
 It doesn’t matter if it’s male or female. It’s all about whether they have a… you know
 390 Anonymous
 Toa-kun is a pretty good actor normally. Not at the level of a monster like Aqua-kun, but he’s about as good as a normal actress. I like how he handle everything smoothly
 399 Anonymous
 But that’s what matters!
 401 Anonymous
 Actually, if it’s female and have that… it’s acceptable
 403 Anonymous
 Even if he’s a girl, with a double-headed d*ldo, two can have fun, so it’s totally fine. Like, have you ever hooked up with a friend sharing a room on a school trip? It happened on a few girls every year
 409 Anonymous
 The costumes for Heaven’s Sword, who’s that? And Toa-kun’s team uniform and helmet being oversized is just amazing. The slightly loose fit and awkwardness is seriously cute!
 418 Anonymous
 Hey, stop having explicit conversations in the middle of a kids’ show!! If there’s any s*xual content related to Toa-kun, Nee-san will get mad!!
 420 Anonymous
 That’s a bit much. I’ve heard stories like that from seniors, but only some of them
 427 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 Could a few people please calm down a bit?
 435 Anonymous
 436 Anonymous
 My vag*na shivered in fear
 444 Anonymous
 445 Anonymous
 446 Anonymous
 447 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 452 Anonymous
 453 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Huh? Wait, isn’t this…?
 459 Anonymous
 Ramen shop LMAO
 460 Anonymous
 Ramen shop Aqua LOL
 463 Anonymous
 Even the sight of making ramen is cool
 471 Anonymous
 Huh? What about the Tofu vendor?
 475 Anonymous
 Thank you, Tofu-kun. I’ve enjoyed you as material for the past week. Next week, I’ll work hard with ramen as my material
 478 Anonymous
 Tofu vendor Aqua-kun: “Ma’am… You shouldn’t come out in such a vulnerable state to buy tofu, shouldn’t you?”
 Me, a married woman: “Oh no! No, Tofu vendor-san! Our daughter is napping in the next room, mmh!”
 I’ve been using this joke for a week
 480 Anonymous
 Tofu vendor Aqua-kun and the guy who fantasized about an affair in broad daylight ←
 483 Anonymous
 Huh? Isn’t that udon there!?
 488 Anonymous
 The guy who was expecting an udon shop ←
 493 Anonymous
 Is he going to work a different part-time job every week?
 504 Anonymous
 There are still so many terrible people around, I’m relieved
 510 Anonymous
 They way he wrap a towel around his head, it’s bad..
 515 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 I want the towel soaked with Aqua-kun’s sweat. Staff, you’ve definitely taken it home, right!!
 516 Verification Team *010meTA473
 I’ll pay top dollar for that towel. Please sell it to me
 529 Anonymous
 Verification team, huh
 530 Anonymous
 Just imagining what kind of smell it has makes me h*rny
 535 Anonymous
 Where is this ramen shop?
 547 Anonymous
 This, isn’t it Ramen Takeko LOL
 559 Anonymous
 It’s the local ramen shop, lol
 561 Anonymous
 The ramen here is cheap, hearty, and quite tasty
 565 Anonymous
 The ramen for struggling students, Ramen Takeko
 567 Anonymous
 Hey! This will actually prevent regulars like me from going to Takeko’s!!
 571 Anonymous
 Shumi, you actually ate at such a sketchy ramen place? That can’t be true… But I feel closer to you
 579 Anonymous
 Here, there’s a really beautiful girl working part-time. The shop is a bit dirty, but because of her, it makes me feel indescribable
 580 Anonymous
 The part-time worker at Takeko is incredibly beautiful. I thought I had accidentally entered a French restaurant
 586 Anonymous
 Hagetoru, are you a regular too? My condolences. You won’t be able to go there from tomorrow
 593 Anonymous
 I’m a regular too, but that part-timer is clearly working at the wrong shop
 601 Anonymous
 602 Anonymous
 606 Anonymous
 609 Anonymous
 Get out of the way!
 611 Anonymous
 If you’re going to get in the way, then leave!!
 615 Anonymous
 Tenga-kun has entered the store!!
 618 Anonymous
 Kamishiro is hereeeeee!
 620 Anonymous
 Could it be Tenga-paisen coming to dine at Ramen Shop Aqua?
 626 Anonymous
 So, after all, Hongo is a genius, huh!
 632 Anonymous
 Holding hands with Kana-chan is precious!
 635 Anonymous
 Kana-chan, can you switch with this big sister for a bit?
 640 Anonymous
 This will definitely make Kana-chan like Tenga-senpai more
 643 Anonymous
 Child actors really mature quickly. Kana-chan already looks like a woman
 648 Anonymous
 Even though he seems reluctant, Tenga-kun is gently holding hands with her… so kind..
 651 Anonymous
 Breaking news: Even Kana-chan, who’s a year younger than me, is dating a boy, while I still haven’t gone on a date
 652 Anonymous
 I envy Kana-chan. I want to go on a date too!!
 660 Anonymous
 Seeing Tenga-kun make a displeased face at Aqua-sama is so refreshing
 667 Anonymous
 What’s with this atmosphere? It’s a bit chaotic, lol
 675 Anonymous
 If I worked at Takeko, could I work together with Aqua-sama and have Tenga-kun as a customer?
 683 Anonymous
 Even though Ramen Takeko isn’t recruiting, there’s probably someone bold enough to say, “Even if it’s for free, let me work!”
 690 Anonymous
 Oh… this isn’t the usual ramen from Takeko…!?
 696 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Hey! Wait!! This refined atmosphere isn’t what Takeko’s ramen is like!! Granny!! Where did the ramen for poor folks, piled up messily as always, go!?
 701 Anonymous
 Did they shoot this on a day when the shop was closed?
 709 Anonymous
 Laamen LOL
 711 Anonymous
 Laamen, lol
 712 Anonymous
 720 Anonymous
 That’s terrible, lol
 724 Anonymous
 ※ This kind of Laamen isn’t served at Takeko’s
 729 Anonymous
 As a regular at Takeko, I thought the same as Hagetoru, lol
 736 Anonymous
 La Maine, lol
 737 Anonymous
 The name changed, lol
 740 Anonymous
 La Maine!
 743 Anonymous
 La Maine is going to be a trend from now on
 749 Anonymous
 I’m a part-time worker at the ramen shop, and I’m starting to tremble as I imagine how busy it will be today
 757 Anonymous
 Wh-what’s going on!!
 760 Anonymous
 Breaking news: Laamen-san has turned into French cuisine
 763 Anonymous
 Takeko’s ramen is French cuisine
 771 Anonymous
 If Aqua-kun makes it, even ramen will turn into French cuisine
 779 Anonymous
 As expected. If Takeko’s La Maine is French cuisine, that beautiful shop assistant also makes sense
 782 Anonymous
 Was that shop assistant a flag after all!!
 786 Anonymous
 Good news: The Ramen Takeko that I was eating, turns out it was a high-end place
 793 Anonymous
 Kana-chan’s exasperated expression is hilarious, lol
 802 Anonymous
 This is going to be a crazy day at Ramen Takeko, lol
 807 Anonymous
 Today, there are so many people that many women at Ramen Takeko seems bewildered
 813 Anonymous
 By the way, do you think staff members eat the La Maine that Aqua-kun cooks?
 819 Anonymous
 I want to try Aqua-kun’s homemade La Maine at least once!
 825 Anonymous
 Sipping down to the last drop, Tenga-senpai, you’ve got the etiquette down pat
 838 Anonymous
 Akira-kun shivers with emotion, and Kana-chan by his side, her easygoing nature is quite endearing, lol
 844 Anonymous
 Darn it, I’m so jealous of Kana-chan and Tenga-kun’s ramen date!!
 852 Anonymous
 Here we come, commercial break
 860 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun’s arm muscles during the Ramen chat made my heart beat
 865 Anonymous
 Hurry up and start the next thread!!
 871 Anonymous
 Watching Aa-sama seriously make ramen, I thought boys who dedicate themselves to something were really nice
 880 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Enough already! Us creative authors are going to die!!
 885 Anonymous
 The muscles in his arm when he strains to drain the boiled noodles… seriously, something else. If he were to grip me like that, I’m confident my ut*rus would go wild
 894 Anonymous
 LOL at Sensei’s agonizing scream
 896 Anonymous
 Even I, a mere fanfic author, can understand. Lately, real-life boys are said to be even more daring
 903 Anonymous
 Huh? Fiction writer (Do such boys even exist!) → Non-fiction writer → Fiction writer (Real-life boys are even more amazing!!) Isn’t that Aiko-chan-sensei!
 906 Anonymous
 Surpass this reality!!
 907 Anonymous
 If you give up, the match is over!!
 909 Anonymous
 If it’s Hakuryuu-sensei… I believe she would still do it for us!!
 915 Anonymous
 Sensei is just too popular!!
 923 Anonymous
 I believe in Sensei’s talent. From the editorial staff
 931 Anonymous
 Aa-sama, who even creations of boys can’t rival
 940 Anonymous
 Only Aa-sama can surpass Aqua-sama
 948 Anonymous
 950 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Thank you, everyone… Wait!
 958 Anonymous
 LOL, that’s hilarious
 966 Anonymous
 Don’t run away! Don’t run away! Don’t run away!
 970 Anonymous
 Don’t give up, keep going, LOL
 978 Anonymous
 Couldn’t create a new thread!!
 >>950 Please, create it!
 985 Anonymous
 Aiko-chan-sensei, start the new thread already!
 987 Anonymous
 Sensei, is the thread up yet?
 990 Anonymous
 Sensei, do your best!!
 993 Anonymous
 Sensei, hurry up! The commercial break will be over!!
 994 Anonymous
 Sensei! The thread is ending, so please hurry!!
 999 Anonymous
 The commercial break is over!
 1000 Anonymous
 The thread is over too!
 [La Maine?] Heaven’s Sword Live Thread Episode 3, Part I don’t know!! [U•Boom?]
 1 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Hey! New thread, waiting!
 2 Anonymous
 Hmm, looks like you can do it if you try
 4 Anonymous
 I believed Sensei would do it
 5 Anonymous
 Sounds like there could be a Ramen Hakuryuu, lol
 6 Anonymous
 Sensei! Be careful, Mensho Hakuryuu is an actual shop!!
 8 Anonymous
 Sensei, U•Boom, huh? LOL
 12 Anonymous
 13 Anonymous
 14 Anonymous
 15 Anonymous
 Here it comes!
 16 Anonymous
 18 Anonymous
 21 Anonymous
 Uwooooo, Mayuzumi-kun’s arrival in the second half, whoaaaa!
 25 Anonymous
 Breaking News, Beryl Entertainment’s entire team is confirmed for appearances!
 30 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 They’re finally all here..
 32 Anonymous
 This sense of relief when all these people gather is unreal, lol
 37 Anonymous
 Sensei, you look really pale, lol
 39 Anonymous
 Sensei, hold it together!
 41 Anonymous
 Sensei, please refrain from going naked and prostrating yourself in despair, seriously!!
 45 Anonymous
 After such a long absence, you’re really going all out today, Sensei, lol
 47 Anonymous
 Mayushin-kun’s acting is somewhat passable
 49 Anonymous
 Toa-chan wasn’t bad either, so I had my hopes up, but Mayuzumi-kun’s acting is still lacking
 Nevertheless, compared to other male actors, he’s got the motivation, so it’s easy to cheer for him
 56 Anonymous
 Everyone’s raising the bar way too high. Mayuzumi-kun is perfectly fine
 59 Anonymous
 Mayushin-kun is at least passable. Or rather, a decade ago, he would have been a hit
 62 Anonymous
 Everyone, you’re raising the bar too high with Aqua-kun as the benchmark
 67 Anonymous
 Mostly Aqua-sama’s fault. Normally, if it were an average boy, I couldn’t joke about this kind of thing, but Aqua-sama would probably laugh and forgive even if I said it
 72 Anonymous
 Anything is fine. I’m satisfied just being able to see four boys since morning
 80 Anonymous
 My grandmother, while watching TV, is actually praying. You guys should learn from her!!
 She keeps saying things like, ‘To have four boys on screen, how wonderful, how wonderful,’ all the time
 86 Anonymous
 Mayuzumi-kun’s role is good. I can support that
 93 Anonymous
 My granny, who used to be bedridden, has been active lately, even going for walks
 And she even put on makeup so she’d look cute in case she meets Aqua-sama, thought that was cute
 98 Anonymous
 Chijou’s here!
 100 Anonymous
 Our Chijou is hereeeeee!
 101 Anonymous
 Chijou, please save us today too!!
 105 Anonymous
 Chijou’s theme this time is… Deka-onna!
 107 Anonymous
 Giant woman, LOL
 110 Verification Team*9n2SARETAi
 116 Anonymous
 SYUKUJYO’s armored vehicle is amazing, lol
 120 Anonymous
 Thanks to the armored vehicle, I can really feel the abundance of the program’s production funds
 124 Anonymous
 They’ve made quite a few modifications
 126 Anonymous
 Captain Tajima is cool
 128 Anonymous
 Captain Tajima’s really into it, lol
 130 Anonymous
 Here comes Toa-kun!!
 132 Anonymous
 Toa-chan is hereeee!!
 133 Anonymous
 135 Anonymous
 138 Anonymous
 Go for it, Toa-kun!
 144 Anonymous
 Sad news, even though Kobayakawa-san appeared with Toa-kun, no one’s reacting
 146 Anonymous
 Kobayakawa-san seems strange
 151 Anonymous
 Belt’s hereee!
 152 Anonymous
 155 Anonymous
 So Koizumi-san’s going to transform after all!
 163 Anonymous
 167 Anonymous
 Here comes the main event!!
 168 Anonymous
 Kobayakawa-san’s going to win with this!
 170 Anonymous
 Huh, huh?
 173 Anonymous
 175 Anonymous
 177 Anonymous
 178 Anonymous
 Kobayakawa-san ←
 181 Anonymous
 Come on, Kobayakawa-san’s going, LOL
 184 Anonymous
 Everyone, stop! Kobayakawa-san’s life is already at 0!!
 186 Anonymous
 Just when I thought the top-level actor had arrived, they snatch away her belt, lol
 188 Anonymous
 Grashopper-san disappeared into the grass, LOL
 This is true comedy, just kidding, lol
 195 Anonymous
 Kobayakawa-san told Toa-kun to focus on the fight
 199 Anonymous
 Now we can’t tell who’s the rookie officer, LOL
 200 Anonymous
 The reassuring rookie officer, Toa-sama
 202 Anonymous
 At this point, Toa-kun might as well be the captain, LMAO
 203 Anonymous
 I thought Kobayakawa-san would be a cooler person, lol
 206 Anonymous
 Kobayakawa-san’s treatment is too careless, lol
 209 Anonymous
 Even though she’s one of the top three young actresses to look forward to, this is how she ends up, lol
 215 Anonymous
 The usual image of Kobayakawa-san is delightfully crumbling
 218 Anonymous
 This wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t appeared in Hongo’s work. But now her range as an actress has expanded. I thought she could only play cool girls, so it’s even more interesting, lol
 222 Anonymous
 Rhino beetleeee!
 225 Anonymous
 Rhino beetle!!
 226 Anonymous
 Here they come!
 229 Anonymous
 Hereee they come!!
 230 Verification Team*010meTA473
 Here, we were waiting!
 235 Anonymous
 I’m waiting for it!
 236 Anonymous
 Where’s the “mom”?
 237 Anonymous
 Standby for a flying deal
 240 Anonymous
 My mom said!!
 241 Anonymous
 Mom’s time!!
 245 Verification Team*9n2SARETAi
 My mom said!!
 246 Verification Team*010meTA473
 My mom said!!
 248 Verification Team*07218KADO6
 Mom, please give us your son!!
 250 Verification Team*CHiMPOsuki
 253 Anonymous
 I almost dropped Social Media with that deal, LMAO
 261 Anonymous
 >>248 Hey!
 262 Anonymous
 >>248 If it weren’t for me, you would’ve missed it
 265 Anonymous
 You’re like that, huh!
 268 Anonymous
 Looks like bad deeds get exposed immediately
 274 Anonymous
 275 Verification Team*010meTA473
 276 Anonymous
 You, Rhino Beetle, aaaaAAAAaaa!!
 278 Anonymous
 280 Anonymous
 Hey! Don’t mess around!!
 282 Anonymous
 That Rhino Beetle stole something outrageous. Aqua-sama’s kiss!!
 285 Verification Team*07218KADO6
 New progress: Face Kiss
 289 Verification Team*CHiMPOsuki
 Yes, that moment, Chinposuki-chan’s great victory by kissing the TV at that moment
 Waiting in front of the screen for Aqua-sama’s crotch to be zoomed in was the right call. Hehehe
 296 Anonymous
 We humans are quite jealous of that Rhino Beetle, LOL
 301 Anonymous
 Calm down. Rhino Beetle is no no
 304 Verification Team*010meTA473
 No-can-do! No-can-do!
 308 Anonymous
 It’s the first time I’ve seen a boy’s kiss face..
 313 Anonymous
 You’re the worst, LOL
 316 Anonymous
 I was starting to think you might be decent lately, but of course, you’re the worst, lol
 319 Anonymous
 Trying to measure Aqua-sama’s d*ck… during the close-up of his crotch when he armors up!
 325 Anonymous
 Sad news, Kenzaki said something good, but no one heard it because of the kiss scene, LOL
 328 Anonymous
 Too much excitement from the morning, LOL
 334 Anonymous
 Even just that moment has become a legend, LOL
 335 Anonymous
 Hey! Don’t drop social media!! Learn from the message board!!
 340 Anonymous
 The high-performance server that endured that kiss scene is trembling
 Seriously, what’s wrong with you?
 347 Anonymous
 We can’t make jokes about High-Performance Server-san (laughs) anymore
 Rather, from now on, I’d like to call them Senior High-Performance Server with respect
 352 Anonymous
 353 Anonymous
 Akira-kun’s here toooo!
 355 Anonymous
 357 Anonymous
 364 Anonymous
 Fighting like an extended La Maine, LOL
 366 Anonymous
 Extended La Maine, LOL
 368 Anonymous
 They keep throwing in gags in these moments, huh? I wonder who wrote the script today, LOL
 371 Anonymous
 This is typical of Hongo-san
 377 Anonymous
 Hey hey!
 379 Anonymous
 Chijou’s right in front of them, and they’re arguing about who’s going to fight, LOL
 382 Anonymous
 Oh, boys fight each other too..
 387 Anonymous
 Chijou’s being fought over by Aqua-sama and Akira-sama. How much virtue did Chijou accumulate in her past life..
 390 Anonymous
 It’s definitely Chijou
 393 Anonymous
 The person inside Chijou is able to act well in this situation. If it were me, I’d attack for sure, absolutely
 395 Anonymous
 Once again, in the job recruitment area, there’s a crazy person saying they want to be Chijou!!
 398 Anonymous
 The heroine of this work is Chijou, theory
 404 Anonymous
 No good, Social Media is dead with that kiss scene. Our last hope rests here
 410 Anonymous
 There are too many jealous girls over Rhino Beetle, LOL
 411 Anonymous
 Ah, Deka-onna ran away, LOL
 413 Anonymous
 Well, Deka-onna would be confused, too, lol
 422 Anonymous
 Mayuzumi-kun is here!
 424 Anonymous
 Mayuzumi-kun’s here now
 427 Anonymous
 Mayuzumi-kun. Can we have expectations?
 431 Anonymous
 Hongo, please
 435 Anonymous
 He will stand up… is that so!?
 439 Anonymous
 The girls who became a meat wall did their best
 I won’t say I want to become Chijou, but at least I want to be a meat wall
 444 Verification Team*CHiMPOsuki
 If I were to be a meat wall anyway, I’d want to be a meat wall that envelops Aqua-kun’s eggplant..
 445 Anonymous
 447 Anonymous
 450 Anonymous
 Mayuzumi-kun, sorry for saying you’re bad at acting earlier
 453 Anonymous
 Even though his running posture is awkward, that’s why he stands out
 457 Anonymous
 It might be rude to say he’s a bad actor, but I felt his passionate heart compensating for that
 462 Anonymous
 Director Hongo’s camera work is excellent
 Deliberately emphasizing the uncool parts to make him look cool is cheating
 466 Anonymous
 A woman pursuing coolness, is Hongo deliberately showing uncoolness?
 470 Anonymous
 Director Hongo, could it be she’s showing further evolution here?
 473 Anonymous
 I want to be protected by a boy like this, even just once
 478 Anonymous
 When you look closely, the women who became the meat wall are tearing up
 480 Anonymous
 The boy I protected is standing up against an opponent he can’t beat to help me
 Most girls would fall for that if they saw it in front of them
 482 Anonymous
 Mayuzumi-kun probably has never been angry or raised his voice. His yelling is way too bad
 But that yelling is what makes my heart burn!!
 486 Anonymous
 Passionate! It’s so passionate!!
 493 Anonymous
 Even though he can’t win absolutely, seeing him stand up against it makes my heart burn
 499 Anonymous
 At this point, it doesn’t feel like it’s because he’s a guy. Even if he was a girl, it’s too passionate
 501 Anonymous
 Hang in there, Mayuzumi-kun!!
 504 Anonymous
 509 Anonymous
 513 Anonymous
 Grasshopper! I knew you’d come!!
 518 Anonymous
 Grasshopper-kun, seriously, you read the mood too much!!
 520 Anonymous
 Alright, it’s transformation time
 523 Anonymous
 Go, Mayuzumi-kun! You’re making history too!!
 525 Anonymous
 Mayuzumi, you’re part of Beryl Entertainment now!!
 527 Anonymous
 Come on! Come on!
 530 Anonymous
 Now, show us the moment the world accelerates!
 531 Anonymous
 532 Anonymous
 533 Anonymous
 534 Anonymous
 535 Anonymous
 Butt-up came!
 537 Anonymous
 Unexpected ero image came!
 539 Anonymous
 Huh? Huh!? Is it okay to have such a fanservice scene on a Sunday morning!?
 540 Anonymous
 It’s not just passionate. There’s even a s*xy scene. Hongo is too influenced by old classic works, LOL
 546 Anonymous
 Where did the nice flow from earlier go? Too shaken by desire, LOL
 551 Anonymous
 552 Anonymous
 Go, go!!
 553 Anonymous
 555 Anonymous
 Let’s forget about the ugly scene earlier and… transform now!!
 556 Anonymous
 Breaking news: The third male Masked Driver in history is born!!
 558 Anonymous
 Mayuzumi-kun, from today you’re also a Driver!!
 561 Anonymous
 I feel like I witnessed the moment a life-sized boy became a hero
 564 Anonymous
 Thank you, Director Hongo, everyone on the staff, thank you for living up to our expectations
 570 Anonymous
 Hey, did the breaking news really air? LOL
 578 Anonymous
 This is serious
 583 Anonymous
 I heard the breaking news message on national TV. LOL
 586 Anonymous
 In the world where Masked Driver becomes a breaking news headline, LOL
 589 Anonymous
 Is there anyone watching other shows while watching Driver? LOL
 592 Anonymous
 The moment the breaking news flash appeared, in the live program on the other channel, there was a burst of cheers followed by applause
 598 Anonymous
 The national broadcast that was just seriously reporting the news is now cheerfully talking about Driver, LOL
 610 Anonymous
 Announcer: “Breaking news. The third male Masked Driver in history has been born. Huh? Who? Toa-chan? Mayuzumi-kun? Ah… yeah, yeah, yeah… Oh, um, I’ll continue. Mayuzumi Shintaro-san has become the third male Masked Driver in history. Repeating…”
 615 Anonymous
 Once again, a headline, LOL
 ”Mayuzumi Shintaro-kun (16), transforms into the third male Masked Driver in history.”
 618 Anonymous
 It’s like he won a medal or the World Cup championship, LOL
 622 Anonymous
 It’s as if he achieved something like a successful moon landing, LOL
 623 Anonymous
 Nobel Prize, anyone? LOL
 625 Anonymous
 Just a moment ago, the experts who looked sleepy suddenly got serious and started talking about Driver. LOL You guys are probably Driver experts in reality, huh? LOL
 627 Anonymous
 Wait a second, LOL. Even though I’m interested in the main story, I’m also curious about the other show, LOL
 631 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama is here!
 633 Anonymous
 635 Anonymous
 637 Anonymous
 A・qu・a! A・qu・a!
 642 Anonymous
 644 Anonymous
 And of course, Tenga-kun has arrived!
 645 Anonymous
 Kamishiro-kun and Kenzaki-kun, making a reappearance
 647 Anonymous
 Toa-chan is here too!
 648 Anonymous
 651 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 Everyone from Beryl, assemble
 653 Anonymous
 Casually assembling all of Beryl!!
 655 Anonymous
 656 Anonymous
 Did they create another page for a new legend?
 660 Anonymous
 Are they still arguing over there? LOL
 666 Anonymous
 Shut up for Tenga-kun, and Kenzaki accepts request
 668 Anonymous
 As expected, Toa-kun
 670 Anonymous
 Toa-kun, you have these moments, huh?
 672 Anonymous
 Toa-chan, are you really a rookie member?
 673 Anonymous
 Kobayakawa-san, LOL
 675 Anonymous
 Indeed, Toa-kun is perfect as the leader of SYUKUJYO
 679 Anonymous
 Tenga-senpai, it looks like you’re into La Maine
 680 Anonymous
 Whatever you say, there’s something about Kamishiro being grabbed by Kenzaki’s La Maine
 683 Anonymous
 The members of Chijou are mentally strong. If it were me, I would collapse just from seeing this precious scene
 689 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun from the udon shop is here!
 691 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama is definitely from the udon shop!
 694 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun suits udon well
 697 Anonymous
 I won’t dare to say I want to date Aqua-sama. But just once in my life, I want to eat the udon that Aqua-sama has stepped on
 699 Anonymous
 Staff, I don’t think it’s possible, but you haven’t had udon that was stepped on by Aqua-sama’s feet and then eaten, have you?
 703 Anonymous
 Even during Summer Comic Market, the crowd was incredible. Udon shop
 705 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 706 Anonymous
 U-boom, LOL
 707 Anonymous
 U-boom, LOL
 710 Anonymous
 Well, with La Maine, it’s U-boom, isn’t it, LOL
 713 Anonymous
 Hey, after such an intense scene, it’s nice to have these small jokes, LOL
 717 Anonymous
 Come on, seriously, who’s the one behind today’s script, LOL
 719 Anonymous
 >>1 Sensei, as expected of sensei
 720 Anonymous
 U-boom really showed up. Congratulations on the accurate prediction, sensei
 724 Anonymous
 Are all three of them going to Armor Purge?
 728 Anonymous
 729 Anonymous
 731 Anonymous
 733 Anonymous
 Seriously, what’s up with today’s camera angles, LOL
 736 Anonymous
 The irresistible wave of butt fetish
 740 Anonymous
 The butt-up of the three is here!
 742 Anonymous
 Mayuzumi-kun’s butt is nice. I sense potential
 745 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama’s butt has a well-shaped and toned appearance. Kamishiro-kun’s butt is sharp and bony. Toa-chan’s butt is cute with a plump roundness
 Mayuzumi-kun’s butt isn’t bony but not muscular either. It’s a well-balanced, sensibly round butt
 747 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Looking at Aqua-sama’s butt is making me h*rny. How will you take responsibility?
 751 Anonymous
 What should I do? Even though my daughter is right next to me, I’m starting to feel aroused..
 753 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Sorry. I can’t hold back, so I’ll watch while mas*bating
 756 Anonymous
 Today’s episode is definitely going in my permanent collection
 757 Anonymous
 Thank you for the legal AV video in the morning!!
 760 Anonymous
 I thought I was watching Driver, but it’s an AV
 761 Anonymous
 Even the official source has the best erotic content
 764 Anonymous
 Hagetoru, you’re the worst, LOL
 768 Anonymous
 You give in too quickly, LOL
 771 Anonymous
 When I think about watching this with users who mas***bating, I can’t help but feel uncomfortable. Am I the only one?
 774 Anonymous
 It’s not scary when we mas***bating together!!
 778 Anonymous
 Even though it’s a cooperative play with the three of them, I can’t concentrate because of the butt that flashed earlier, LOL
 782 Anonymous
 Aqua-tan’s Driver Kick is great
 784 Anonymous
 Aa-kun’s Driver Kick seems to be influenced a bit by Tenga-kun, trying to be cool, lol
 789 Anonymous
 Triple special move crew!
 793 Anonymous
 796 Anonymous
 The fun time is coming to an end
 801 Anonymous
 Watching the three boys team up makes my heart beat faster. This must be due to the exciting development
 807 Anonymous
 And Deka-onna’s past is revealed
 810 Anonymous
 This is a modern social issue
 812 Anonymous
 The taller a girl becomes, the higher her unmarried and virgin rates go up
 816 Anonymous
 Around 165cm (5,4ft), there’s no demand anymore
 818 Anonymous
 Tall girls were only popular during the Mother Complex boom
 820 Anonymous
 Even now, there’s demand among some Mother Complex guys
 823 Anonymous
 Mother Complex guys are into Loli-mama now
 825 Anonymous
 I think Nee-san was over 170 (5,5ft)
 826 Anonymous
 Nee-san was bigger than me at 173 (5,6ft)cm. She’s probably close to 175 (5,7ft)
 829 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 I’m 176cm (5,77ft), and I empathize with Deka-onna and shed tears..
 831 Anonymous
 Just because I was tall, I was pelted with stones by boys
 834 Anonymous
 During childhood, girls have better growth, so they end up with bigger bodies. Often, the taller girls in class are bullied if there are boys around
 838 Anonymous
 Nee-san is (5,77ft), huh
 842 Anonymous
 Nee-san, that’s good, right? If you wear flat shoes without heels, you’ll be taller than Aqua-kun, lol!
 847 Anonymous
 Please, Aqua-kun, save Deka-onna, Nee-san, and all the tall girls in the country!!
 849 Anonymous
 This story resonates with me too
 853 Anonymous
 857 Anonymous
 I love how Aa-sama notices and touches the hair accessory
 859 Anonymous
 860 Anonymous
 861 Anonymous
 863 Anonymous
 The mood has changed
 864 Anonymous
 You don’t have to give up on becoming cute
 866 Anonymous
 868 Anonymous
 The effort to become cute is cute
 872 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 874 Anonymous
 But, personally, I think big girls are cute too
 875 Anonymous
 Big girls are cute, by Shirogane Aqua
 878 Anonymous
 880 Anonymous
 883 Anonymous
 887 Anonymous
 Can Deka-onna declare victory?
 890 Anonymous
 Nee-san, there’s still a chance!!
 891 Anonymous
 Nee-san, I’m watching while crying, absolutely
 894 Anonymous
 Can I also have hope as a 180cm (5,9ft) tall person?
 896 Anonymous
 If I’m 183cm (6ft) tall, would Aqua-kun make me a princess?
 902 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun, would you still accept a girl who bigger than him? Would you like Mommy-shota situations and then switches to baby play and breastfeeding h***jobs?
 905 Anonymous
 Breaking news Aqua-sama has even captured the hearts of tall women
 909 Anonymous
 Hey, lol, breaking news title
 914 Anonymous
 Breaking news Shirogane Aqua-san (16) likes tall women
 923 Anonymous
 Backstage staff, absolutely, there are tall girls, lol
 925 Anonymous
 Kumagawa Ana at 178cm (5,8ft), doing a victory pose for the camera, lol
 928 Anonymous
 Hey, lol, the guys on the live show are probably not seriously discussing the topic. We know they’re just doing random stuff while watching Driver
 933 Anonymous
 Backstage show, keep up the good work, lol, don’t give up
 937 Anonymous
 Backstage commentator “Starting next week, let’s just endlessly broadcast footage of burning firewood. I want to watch Driver too.”
 939 Anonymous
 Terrible, lol
 942 Anonymous
 As expected, the national broadcaster endured it!
 946 Anonymous
 I thought they wouldn’t put a title on the national broadcast, but they actually read it as breaking news, LOL
 950 Anonymous
 What the heck is this, LOL
 961 Anonymous
 Note: It was Kenzaki who said he likes tall women, not Aqua-sama
 965 Anonymous
 Even though it’s Kenzaki’s line, the media is fabricating it to make it seem like Aqua-sama said it, LOL
 969 Anonymous
 Seriously, guys, focus on your own station’s program, LOL. Are you streaming your own broadcast haphazardly while watching other networks’ programs? LMAO
 971 Anonymous
 Is it over…?
 973 Anonymous
 It’s over… the wait until next week is long
 977 Anonymous
 Who was it, LOL, they already started a thread for episode 4
 980 Anonymous
 They’ve started the next thread at the speed of light, LOL
 982 Anonymous
 See you all next week
 *983 Shirogane XQshotacon
 I’ll do my best too. Thank you very much
 *985 Verification Team 010meTA473
 It was amazing today too! Thank you!
 988 Anonymous
 Seeing Hagetoru’s lack of response, that guy is really mas***bating, huh
 991 Anonymous
 Casually, Chinposuki isn’t here too, but she’s probably also with Hagetoru and mas***bating together, LOL
 994 Anonymous
 Even Nee-san has fallen, no one’s left except Shumi and Hakuryu-sensei
 999 Anonymous
 See you next week!
 1000 Anonymous
 If 1000, all the best to Deka-onna!

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