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Volume 6 Chapter 7 Yukishiro Emily, Praise the Gods!!

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 Timeline-wise, it’s between the magazine release and Kanon’s appearance.


 ”I’m broke!”

 I tightly held my bank passbook and lamented the harshness of the world within the cramped four-and-a-half tatami apartment. I had only 120 yen left, and I had to survive for another two weeks with this…


 There’s a reason why I have no money. My family used to be upper-class, but my kind-hearted parents became guarantors for acquaintances and distant relatives, who then disappeared, leaving us to shoulder their debts. Because of that, my parents are now working on tuna fishing boats and crabbing ships, trying to earn money. My grades weren’t bad, so I managed to graduate to university thanks to a scholarship from the government, but I still need money to live.

 ”For now, let’s just take care of business.”

 I ran my hand through my disheveled hair and decided to take care of business first. Mas***bating without thinking about anything. As always, I teased my cl*t with one hand while contemplating. During mas***bation, there’s no need to think about unnecessary things or worry about anything. Thanks to escapism, that day’s session went smoother than usual.

 ”*Sigh…* Let’s grab a bite and head to work.”

 I straightened my rumpled clothes and stepped outside the shabby apartment. Then, as usual, I absentmindedly pulled out the nearby weeds.

 ”Oh, hello, Emily-chan.”

 ”Ah… hello.”

 The old lady from the neighborhood greeted me, and I returned a light nod as usual.

 ”I often see weeds growing around here. I used to take care of them, but my back is hurting… That’s why it’s really helpful to have a girl like you, Emily-chan. Thank you so much. Nakagawa-san next door is also grateful.”

 As always, I just smiled without saying anything. Not talking unnecessarily is my way of dealing with things. Shumi, Chinposuki, and Nee-san all said I should talk less.

 ”Ah… by the way, I received these from a girl who runs a farm the other day, but would you like to have them? I live alone, so I can’t finish them all.”

 I checked the contents of the plastic bag handed to me by the old lady, and it was full of magnificent eggplants. Ah… once again, I was reminded that God hadn’t abandoned me. Eggplants are so versatile; I can fry them, grill them, soak them, pickle them, or even stuff them. They are a miraculous vegetable that I can use in many ways.

 ”Thank you so much!”

 Ah… I’ve been eating nothing but the grass around here and the ramen at work lately, so this really hits the spot. Seeing me tear up, the old lady also welled up with tears for some reason.

 ”You know, these days, when an old lady like me does something kind like this, the kids are usually reluctant about it. But you, Emily-chan, you are a really good girl. I’m so happy you’re enjoying them. The eggplants my daughter grew are very fine, and they taste delicious. That’s why I’m really happy that a girl like you is eating them.”

 Thank you, old lady, really. I’ll properly marinate these with my lower mouth and enjoy them with all three uses of eggplants in my upper mouth. Alright, when I get home, it’s time for another round of mas***bation!

 After seeing the old lady off, I thought about such things while harvesting the weeds to make tempura with the eggplants.

 ”*Sigh… huff…*”

 After finishing the weed harvesting, I lay on my back in my apartment and breathed heavily. If I were to describe my current feelings in one word, it would be “the eggplants raised by the daughter were amazing.” After cleaning my groin area, I pulled up my panties and straightened the wrinkles on my messy dress. I need to soak the eggplants later; don’t forget about that.

 ”Oh! Is it already this late? I have to go to work.”

 I closed Aqua-sama’s magazine, which I used for stimulation earlier, and hid it under the bed where it used to be. Although I don’t think anyone will see it now that I live alone, I got into the habit of hiding it here. I left the shabby apartment again and rode my mama-chari (Bicycle (commonly used by mothers)) to the ramen shop where I work.

 ”Emily, thanks for today!”


 I greeted the manager and, as usual, put on an apron and tied a bandana on my head. The ramen shop where I work, Ramen Takeko, offers voluminous ramen at an affordable price. Perhaps that’s why the customers are all like me, broke people. After all, it’s me, a former poor customer of this place, saying it, so there’s no mistake.

 ”Wow… that person is stunning.”

 ”Is she some kind of model? Or maybe she’s filming for TV?”

 ”I thought I accidentally walked into a high-end French restaurant and panicked.”

 ”Why would someone so beautiful work in such a shabby ramen shop?”

 I’m sorry! It’s a shabby ramen shop! But the ramen here is exquisite! The shop may look a bit dirty, but it’s just wear and tear over the years, okay?! We clean the walls, ceiling, and floor every day, and we even clean the bottom of the condiment containers! If you have complaints, then go eat somewhere else!! You guys are probably coming to Takeko because you’re broke like me anyway!! Of course, I won’t say such things out loud. I just smile as usual.

 ”I’m exhausted…”

 When my shift ends, it’s already pitch-dark outside. I return home and fall asleep like a log. If I wake up, then I wake up, and if I don’t, I won’t be hungry, and sometimes it saves money. Thanks to that, my early to bed, early to rise lifestyle has become a part of me, and I’m the picture of health.

 In the 20 years of my life so far, I’ve never even caught a cold, and I’m proud of it. When I told everyone about it, Chinposuki laughed at me, and Shumi gave me a pitiful look. D*mn it! I’m going to outlive you two, for sure!! But after that, they treated me to a meal, so I’ll let it slide!! By the way, only Nee-san praised me for being perfectly healthy.

 ”Well, this should do.”

 Feeling lazy to think about clothes, I put on the same clothes as yesterday. I’ve only been outside to weed and go to work, so it’s okay to wear the same outfit two days in a row. In fact, girls in the world change clothes too often. I’ve already remade this clothes four times using the sewing machine in the home economics room!


 ”Well, she’s stunning as always.”

 ”Yukishiro-sama? Are you talking about that beautiful person over there?”

 ”Oh… you’re an outsider, so you don’t know.”

 ”Yukishiro-sama used to be called the Fairy of Mary.”

 ”Now she’s called the Goddess of Mary, right?”

 ”Yes, yes. She was so beautiful that boys from the upper grades came to the school just to see her.”

 Why do women always get excited talking about the same girl gossip? Why not talk about guys instead? Like who they mas***bated to yesterday, which p*rn video was good, which position felt good during mas***bation, have some more meaningful conversations as women!!

 By the way, the incident with the boys from the upper grades visiting me was like an unfortunate accident. I was unfairly treated as a criminal just because I happened to give them a slightly lewd look! Besides, I wasn’t even looking at them; I was looking at the crotch of a male mannequin behind them!! It just so happened that the mannequin was naked because it was changing clothes, so it’s only natural to get a little excited! Even those high and mighty ladies, 80% of what’s in their heads is about d*cks! And you know what, I have the right to choose too. So, I won’t be mas***bating to those boys. Damn it!

 ”Oh… hello.”

 On that Sunday of the week, I went to a church in a neighboring prefecture, far away from my home and school. I stumbled upon this church when I was working on a day job other than the ramen shop, and for a certain reason, I’ve been coming here regularly.

 ”Emily-san, you are quite devoted to faith.”

 I returned the same silent smile as always. Actually, I can’t say that I come here because of the sweets served during Sunday worship… *munch, munch*. Recently, the daughter who returned from studying abroad is the one attending to me today, but originally, the reason I started coming here was her mother, the Sister of this church. When I happened to help the troubled Sister and my stomach growled due to hunger. That day, I had only been eating weeds for three days, and I was starting to consider eating cardboard.

 ”If you’d like, please have some.”

 In this church, they serve snacks during the children’s Sunday worship. As it happened to be Sunday, I received some of those snacks as thanks for helping the Sister. Since then, I’ve been helping the Sister on Sundays, wearing a Sister’s outfit and taking care of the children. Of course, the compensation for this is more snacks. Sweet treats, how delightful! By the way, if I may say so myself, I think I look quite nice in a Sister’s outfit.

 ”Emily-san, you seem suited to be a Sister, don’t you think?”

 The Sister’s daughter, Chihiro Claire, said that to me. Hehe, that’s right, that’s right. After all, she’s definitely the Sister’s daughter. Unlike those Chinpo-something and Shu-something guys who said that my Sister appearance looked like some corrupt Sister or shady something, she has a discerning eye, right?

 ”If you’d like, would you join an event we’re planning to hold outside sometime?”

 As I peered into the flyer Claire handed me, it described an outdoor worship event. For those who don’t have the courage to come to the church, they set up a simple confessional booth and provide meals and distribute sweets to children. It was certainly not some strange event.


 As expected, I don’t want to be seen by acquaintances, but the meal distribution is attractive. It would be great to get free food if I participate. While I was pondering what to do, Claire handed me a long piece of cloth.

 ”In that case, how about covering your eyes? If it’s a prayer corner or something, not many people will come, and it should be fine if you just sit inside the tent with limited visibility. Moreover, this blindfold is somewhat transparent.”

 When I actually put on the blindfold, I could see faintly through the other side.

 Alright! Now I can get free food!!

 On the day of the event, in high spirits, I participated in the prayer corner. But to my surprise, there was an absurdly long line.

 Hey!! Don’t tell me there won’t be many people coming here, what a lie!! I didn’t sign up for this!!

 ”Gosh… the Sister here has such an aura, right?”

 ”She doesn’t talk much, but her voice is beautiful too.”

 ”Yeah, definitely doesn’t seem like she would say anything dirty or inappropriate.”

 ”I feel better after she prayed for me, there must be some spiritual power in her.”

 ”I know, let’s spread this on social media!!”

 ”But seriously, even with the blindfold, that Sister is so beautiful. She emits an aura.”

 ”And the Sister’s outfit shows off her slender waist and arms, and her legs are so long; could she be a model underneath?”

 ”It’s a shame that she has a large bust despite being so slender. If only she had small breasts, she would be perfect.”

 Shut up!! I’m thin because I haven’t been eating!! Damn it, and on top of that, all the nutrients I take go to my chest; stop messing with me!! If you envy it so much, then go eat grass, you’ll lose weight quickly too. While muttering such things in my mind, Claire beckoned to me from the back. I got up from my seat and went to Claire’s side.

 ”Emily-san, Emily-san. It’s dangerous for you to be here. It’s okay to go home now.”

 Huh? But I haven’t eaten yet.

 ”Look, turn around and see. There are still so many people.”

 Gegege… I got up from my seat and looked back, and I realized it clearly; there was a huge line. Some people are lining up just because others are lining up! Hey! It’s you, the one who spread it on SNS earlier!! It’s your fault, isn’t it!!


 I secretly left that spot from behind the tent. Aah!! In the end, I didn’t get to eat, this is the worst!!

 ”Um… excuse me.”

 As I walked with a gloomy expression in my Sister’s outfit, a woman called out to me.

 ”Sorry to bother you. I heard you were here to hear confessions…”

 Ah… I directed my gaze to a nearby sign. This is the East Exit of the station, but I was at the West Exit until a moment ago. In other words, this woman probably mistook the East and West Exits.

 Well, I guess it’s my fault for walking around in a Sister’s outfit in a place like this, but there’s no place to change, so there’s nothing I can do about it.


 I tried to tell the woman that she was in the wrong place and give her the correct location. However, the woman’s complexion looked very bad, and I felt like I couldn’t just leave her like that, so I decided to listen to her story at a nearby park.

 ”I actually… have a man I’m dating.”

 Huh? What’s this? Is she suddenly bragging about it!? Anger made my body tremble.

 ”But… he’s also engaged to other women, and because I’m ugly, he didn’t want to have s*x, but he said he would at least hold my hand if I support him with money.”

 A question popped up in my mind. The woman’s appearance is undoubtedly that of an ordinary OL (office lady) you would find anywhere. She is probably in her 30s, but she doesn’t seem to be making particularly good money. Even if she was a girl who was paying tribute to a man, a real person would be able to recognize that she is a lady who has been in Mary’s school since she was in kindergarten like me.

 However, looking at her demeanor and behavior, she is undoubtedly just an ordinary OL. In this country, men’s lives are protected, and even if they don’t work, they can have a middle-class lifestyle. But if they want a more affluent life, they have to work or marry a woman with a higher income. This is the government’s intention, and it is one of the main reasons why upper-class women are more likely to marry men. That’s why I felt something was off. Even if this woman contributed her earnings, I didn’t think it would make the man’s life that much richer.

 ”The truth is… I had a feeling something was off from the beginning. My income is nothing much, and I realized that his life was already abundant enough without depending on this little money, but I pretended not to see it. And then…”

 The woman’s fist tightened, and tears fell onto her clenched hand.

 I gently offered her a handkerchief. I used it to wipe myself after mas***bating, but I washed it, so it’s clean, so she can use it without worries.

 ”That man, behind my back, he was making fun of me. It seemed like he was making bets with other men on how much women would provide for him. And not just me, he apparently did such things to several other girls.”

 What? What a sc*mbag!! I hate guys like that who toy with women’s feelings.

 ”And today… he called me out again, asking for money.”

 The woman took out an envelope from her bag and squeezed it tightly enough to make wrinkles on it.

 ”Maybe… I misunderstood, and he was saying that to his male friends, embarrassed to admit it… But there’s no way that’s true, right? It’s absurd. But… but… I just can’t stop…”

 I gently placed my hand on top of the woman’s hand, still clutching the envelope.

 ”Why do you think he’s the only man you should support?”


 In the world, if there are 100 men and women, there is only one man among them. Even so, there are over a million men in this country. Certainly, there are some shitty guys who would mistake me for a nympho, but if you search, there are also better guys among them. I know one of them well.

 ’Are you okay, Emily-san? Are you eating properly?’

 When I went to a cafe with my meager money, I could only order a coffee. At that time, Aqua-sama secretly treated me to a mix lunch from his part-time job money. At that moment, I was frozen, not knowing what had happened.

 ’Emily-san, you’ve lost weight again, haven’t you? Maybe you have a small appetite and can’t eat much, but even if you only have salad or just a fried egg, I’d be happy if you could eat a little. I may be poking my nose where it doesn’t belong, but I don’t intend to force you; just eat when you feel like it, okay?’

 At that time, I had started considering whether leather shoes were edible. My tear glands collapsed in front of the hamburger before me. It had been a month since I had eaten meat, and I cried while taking a big bite. Perhaps I was happy that he had given me a meal, but more than that, my heart trembled at the fact that someone cared for me so much. Men weren’t all bad. Aqua-sama made me realize that.

 ”If you’re going to provide for someone, you should do it for a man like him.”

 I took out the “adult” magazine I bought for outdoor use, which had Aqua-sama on the cover, from my bag and handed it to the woman. When she saw Aqua-sama on the cover, her eyes widened. She must have been cutting back on her expenses quite a bit to provide money for the guy, so she didn’t know about Aqua-sama.

 ”Look at this innocent smile. And you can buy this magazine for only 567 yen.”


 It’s natural to be surprised. It’s absurd that such a wonderful thing is being sold for 623 yen with tax. I myself did a double-take at the price.

 ”Look at him enjoying the biscuit, and see how the girl next to him is also smiling naturally.”

 Whether this child is a girl or a boy, it doesn’t matter at this moment. What’s important is that the child next to Aqua-sama looks happy.

 ”When you’re with him, can you smile like that girl?”


 The woman’s hand holding the magazine trembled.

 ”Ugh, ugh… uaaahhhhhhhhhh”

 For a while after that, the woman burst into tears. Nevertheless, her smartphone kept ringing loudly with incoming calls. Ugh, how annoying. When the guy realized the woman wouldn’t answer, he started bombarding her with messages.

 ”It’s from him.”

 The woman was bewildered about what to do.

 ”It’s okay. Maybe I should reply for you.”

 I checked the messaging app I received from the woman.


 Subject: Hurry up!!

 Body: A damn ugly b*tch like you is keeping me waiting! Don’t get cocky, you piece of shit!!

 I smiled sympathetically at the woman who was looking at me with a worried expression.


 Subject: Shut up, you idiot, you trash!!

 Body: If I have money, I’d rather just give it to some stallion around there and let them impr**nate me, you idiot!!


 Alright, that should do it. Sending, sending… I blocked that guy without the woman’s knowledge. Also, I’ll make sure he doesn’t send any DMs to the woman’s Twitter by sending notifications to him continuously and freezing his account.

 ”That should be okay now.”

 ”Th-thank you.”

 After that, I listened to the woman’s story and comforted her until she calmed down. As I listened, I became more and more irritated, so I asked her if there were any other victims. She picked out several people who might be suffering from the same situation as her. I smiled wickedly when I checked their SNS profiles and could roughly understand their living areas.

 ”Thank you so much for today. I’ll buy this magazine on my way home.”

 As if the previous moment had been a lie, the woman left happily with a radiant smile. Based on the information I got from the woman and the SNS profiles, I disguised myself as a Sister doing missionary work at the station and approached the women who might be deceived by that asshole.

 ”Um… would you like to offer a prayer to Aqua-sama?”

 At first, everyone looked suspicious. To be honest, I thought it looked pretty suspicious myself. But when I showed them Aqua-sama’s smiling face on the magazine cover, their guard seemed to lower. As expected, that assh*le had been doing such things to several women. See, I knew it. He’s the fucking worst. Toying with innocent girls’ hearts. Even if God forgives him, I won’t!

 Of course, there were some women who weren’t victims, and because of them, my actions were exposed on the bulletin board. It was too late when I realized it.

 ”Wh-What should I do…?”

 When I confided and consulted with Claire, she buried her face in her hands and fell onto the table. Before I knew it, some shady religious group called the Holy Aqua Religion had gained popularity.

 By the way, that damn guy apparently made a huge blunder at a senior’s engagement party at university, and then suddenly disappeared. Moreover, it was said that at that time, he got beaten up by ※another guy who was attending the party. I don’t know who that was, but it seems that men other than Aqua-sama can still hold their own. Serves him right!


 ※That’s also Aqua.

 By the way, this is Hagetoru’s POV

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