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Volume 7 Chapter 10 Yukishiro Emily, Beginners Welcome! Short-term High Income

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 ”Well, damn, the power’s out…”

 Well, that’s a common occurrence. It’s not time to panic yet.

 In the pitch-black room, I turn on the flashlight of the cell phone I’m holding. This, my friends, is what they call a tool of civilization.


 Because I hadn’t charged it, the electricity went out quickly.

 Probably because I was typing away on the bulletin board until a while ago.

 Sigh… these tools of civilization tend to be useless when it really matters.

 But it’s not time to get all flustered just yet.

 ”Well, for now, let’s go to sleep.”

 Indeed, sleep and mas***bation are the best. During sleep and mas***bation, people can put off most of their problems.

 So, I slept soundly until morning. Ah, another refreshing sleep today.

 ”Guess I’ll head to work for now.”

 I wash my face at the washstand, then apply the homemade lotion I made from Yomogi growing on the roadside.

 Nature is truly the best. Quite unlike those tools of civilization that become useless when the power’s out.

 ”I’m off!”

 I blow a kiss at the lower belly of Aqua-sama poster I stuck on the wall before leaving the room.

 ”Okay, Silver!”

 With the silver-colored Mamachari bicycle (commonly used by mothers), I pedal towards my workplace, Ramen Takeko.

 For now, I’ll bow down to Takeko ramen and get some cash for the day. There’s no other choice.

 I used to have a more leisurely attitude, too.


 When I arrived at Ramen Takeko, there was a fuss going on about extensive construction preparations.

 What’s this, still all in a fuss… I was still bubbling when Takeko-san came down from her apartment above the ramen shop.

 ”Oh, Emily-chan! I was worried because I couldn’t reach you.”

 ”Um, Takeko-san, what’s all this?”

 ”Well, we’ve been getting a lot of customers lately. Since the place was getting run-down, there was a leak… So, I thought I’d have various professionals fix things up nicely. I’m sorry, but we’ll have to close the shop for now. Are you okay, Emily-chan? It’s not much, but this can help when you’re not working.”

 Saying that, Takeko-san handed me an envelope with money. Her kindness deeply touched me.

 At least this should cover the electricity bill… but why did the power go out? I’m sure I put money in.

 However, my series of misfortunes doesn’t end here.

 On the way back, while waiting at a traffic light, I glanced at a TV placed in front of a shop and just at that moment, a breaking news report came in.

 [Breaking news. A search warrant has been issued for Beni Auction Co., Ltd. According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, they were involved in the sale of abducted men to businessmen and politicians through illegal auctions. I repeat, a search warrant…]

 What?! That was supposed to be my other part-time job starting tomorrow!

 They said it was an easy job, just posting on the internet. I thought my experience and skills from the message boards would be useful. But come to think of it, I didn’t even need to send a resume. I got the job as soon as I called, which seems really suspicious now. At the time, I only thought, “Wow, companies these days are amazing.”


 Sitting on a bench in a nearby park, I let my foolish expression show while I was lost in thought.

 Wait a second, Takeko’s ramen is temporarily closed for renovations, and the company I was planning to work at starting tomorrow is no longer available… Huh? Am I unemployed now?

 Phew… let’s calm down for a moment. I’m still in a flurry… yeah, it’s no use. Let’s give up. That’s what I should say, but giving up here would mean the end of the match. For me, giving up equals death waiting for me. This is a true life-or-death situation… just kidding! Alright, if I can crack a joke, I’m still okay. I can still dance!

 ”For now, I’ll do some odd jobs to make ends meet… and in the meantime, I’ll look for a decent job.”

 I ride my bicycle towards that familiar place I always visit when I’m short on money.

 There are lots of ladies there who arrange day labor jobs, so someone should have something for me.

 ”Excuse me, miss, just a moment! A little peek, a little peek, okay! A satisfying clink, lots of service!”

 ”Just once… just let me see it once, just looking is enough! Come on, please, just the tip, just the tip!”

 ”Hey, beautiful sister! Long time no see! We’ve got some really nice eggplants in today!”

 ”Hehe, how about that pretty lady over there? Right now, we have that sweet powder that can make you feel good, and also that grass that’s rumored to give you nice dreams.”

 It’s pretty straightforward. These are the words that come to mind as soon as people enter that section.

 It still looks like something out of a post-apocalyptic world, but the truth is, there’s not a single bad person here. If there were, they’d be apprehended just like anywhere else. It’s just that the people loitering around here have a rough appearance.

 But for those who don’t know this, it might seem like they’re up to something bad. And since the police don’t intervene, some might mistakenly think it’s a lawless zone, leading actual criminals to seek refuge here. But if a criminal were to show up here, they’d get beaten up and handed over to the police. It’s a recurring pattern, so most of the folks here have some sort of commendation from the police. But since they all look like they’ve been arrested three times before, it’s probably safer to keep them isolated in this section. After all, little kids usually cry.

 Now, navigating through this motley crew, I head purposefully towards my destination.

 ”Excuse me.”

 Cough, cough… As I enter the building, the smoke fills the air, making it hard to see ahead.

 This could easily turn into a fire!

 ”If you’re here to interfere, leave!”

 This is like a greeting of sorts. Apparently, it’s one of the manners they teach you from childhood in the western parts.

 I didn’t understand it at first and tried to leave normally, but they stopped me.

 ”Oh, it’s Emily-chan! Everyone, Emily-chan’s here!!”

 The old lady with gold teeth who was puffing out something like smoke notices me. By the way, it’s not actually Marij*ana; it’s just some sweet candy.

 Huh? Then what’s with this smoke? Well, the old ladies are just having a barbecue since morning.

 ”Hey, hey, Emily-chan, listen! The other day, the neighbor lady was…”

 ”Huh? Emily-chan’s here, huh? Hey, everyone, it’s Emily-chan!!”

 I’m surrounded by a bunch of old ladies all at once.

 I heard that if one old lady notices you, a hundred of them will gather around you, and it seems to be true.

 ”Long time no see, everyone. Are you all doing well? I’ll open the window for now. It’s bad for everyone’s health like this.”

 I open the window for ventilation. It’s getting hard to see, and more importantly, it might cause a fire.

 ”Oh, oh, Emily-chan, you’re so kind. You’re even nice to dirty old hags like us. Here, have a candy. It’s Nacho Black, which we old ladies love.”

 ”You’re the only dirty one here; I’m beautiful. But Emily-chan is truly beautiful. Hey, aren’t you hungry? If you like barbecue, eat as much as you want. Well, I don’t know what kind of meat it is, though. Hehehe!”

 ”If you’re hungry, there’s plenty of expired bread in the back storage room. Take as much as you want!”

 Uuuh…! Just like Takeko-san, these aunties’ kindness gets to me. By the way, my eyes seem teary, but that’s just because of the smoke.

 ”So, are you here for job arrangements today?”

 ”Ah… yeah. I was wondering if there’s any short-term work where I can earn a lot…”

 When I say that, the auntie starts rummaging around in a box behind her.

 ”Oh, if that’s the case, we have just the thing. How about this?”

 The old lady takes out a piece of paper from the box and hands it to me. I receive the paper gratefully and check its contents.


 A fresh start! Ever wanted to work abroad for a week in your dream foreign country?

 Urgent recruitment for an easy job anyone can do.

 *Beginners welcome* Short-term high income


 Ohhh! This is it! This is what I’ve been looking for.

 ”Thank you, auntie. I’ll take this.”

 ”Alright! Then, the truck that’s going to pick you up should be here soon. Just go to the meeting place written on the paper!”

 ”Okay! Thank you so much, auntie!”

 I thank the old lady once more and exit the building.

 ”Hmm? The paper I gave Emily-chan earlier seems different… oh well, maybe it’s just my imagination. Hey, hag! Stop eating my meat!”

 ”Hehehe, first come, first served!”

 Unaware of the conversation going on inside, I head outside the building towards the meeting place. When I arrive at the meeting place, I see several people looking as if they’re about to die, about to get into a truck.

 ”Hey! Hurry up, we’re leaving!!”

 ”Ah, yes!”

 I hastily get onto the truck. Inside the truck, there’s a partition in the middle, and I’m squeezed between sushi-like seats on the left and right. The musky smell in the car makes me almost gag. Damn it, if we’re going to be this close, I wish I could’ve been squished together with Aqua-sama. Then I could’ve legally touched all sorts of things as the car moved! Once we’re on the truck, the rickety vehicle starts moving towards our destination. Unfortunately, there are no windows, so I have no idea where we’re headed or where we’re going. I don’t know how much time passes, but the swaying of the truck subsides along with the sound of the handbrake being pulled. Oh, have we arrived? When the back door of the truck opens, it reveals a place that looks like an expansive road or parking lot.

 ”Hurry up and get out! This way!!”

 We’re urged to quickly get out. Before I know it, an even larger truck appears in front of us.

 ”You guys, get in here!!”

 We’re led to get into a container. Huh? Why a container? Before I can even question it, the door slams shut. From there, we’re shake again and head somewhere. However, this time the distance seems shorter, and after about ten minutes, the truck comes to a stop.

 ”We’ll check the contents.”

 With a clattering noise, the door of the container slowly opens. For a brief moment, I catch a glimpse of an airplane outside the container door. Huh? What? The person who opened the door smiles at us after looking at our contents.

 ”Contents check complete! Please put them inside as is.”

 The container door is closed again. Along with a crane-like noise, our bodies inside the container sway. Hey, hey, hey! Isn’t this getting dangerous? When I start thinking that, it’s already too late. The plane’s engine starts up! The jet thrust ignites!


 The airplane carrying our stuffed container takes off into the open sky. Hey, hey, the shaking is huge! This is definitely a situation where…

 S-someone, help meeeee! Shumi or Chinposuki or whatever, just hurry up and save meeeee!

 After this, I ended up spending nearly half a day inside the airplane.

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