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Volume 7 Chapter 13 Shirogane Aqua, 2/4

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 Upon arriving at Stars, the first place we headed to was the studio where John was.

 ”Aqua! Long time no see!!”


 I lightly hugged John. It had only been a few months since then, but he seemed well, which was a relief. We occasionally talked through video calls, but meeting face to face and having a conversation felt different.

 ”Chris, thank you so much for your help at that time.”

 ”Oh, Aqua seems to be doing well too.”

 I rejoiced at the reunion with Chris, who had guided me in walking.

 ”Since you’re here, take your time and relax.”

 John hugged Tenga-senpai, Toa, Shintaro, and the rest of us. He warmly invited us into the studio. The studio had five floors, and we took the elevator to the third floor. The third floor was the floor mainly used by John, and in the large room with walls knocked down, there were many torsos with unfinished clothes hanging on them. We moved some pipe chairs that were scattered in the room and took a seat.

 ”While we should ideally talk about work, let’s do that when we’re more settled. First, let’s talk about Her Highness Kanon’s marriage.”

 John gave a meaningful look to Chris, who was standing. Chris began pasting photos on a large whiteboard nearby.

 ”Regarding this matter, Stars Orthodox Religion is mainly involved.”

 John pointed to one of the photos he had pasted on the whiteboard. The person in the photo had a somewhat faint appearance of happiness and was the type you’d want to protect rather than someone outwardly cheerful. For some reason, I saw a resemblance to my classmate Claire-san.

 ”Leading the Stars Orthodox Church is a woman named Kythera. She’s around 40, still relatively young for a bishop. However, when the previous bishop retired, she was appointed as the next bishop in an unusual move, bypassing thirteen other candidates. I’ve spoken to her once before, and she’s quite competent.”

 Huh? Around 40? Looking at the photo, she seems to be in her late twenties at best… Wait!? This isn’t a photo from over a decade ago, right? Between this and my “mother,” what’s happening to the women in this world…

 ”Aqua, do you know about the Stars Orthodox Religion and its beliefs?”

 I shook my head at John’s question. As basic knowledge, I knew there was such a religion related to Stars, but my knowledge was only up to what I learned in school. I didn’t know anything in detail that the locals might know.

 ”Alright, fair enough. The Stars Orthodox Religion is originally a conservative sect. It was established to protect the dwindling number of men.”

 I learned this in school as well. The organization that laid the foundation for the Stars Orthodox Religion was formed several hundred years ago. It started due to the decline in male birth rates, and it was said to have stemmed from that. Originally, it had little religious influence. It was more like volunteer activities done by volunteers similar to what you’d call charity work today. It was known as the Women’s Association for the Consideration of Men rather than the Stars Orthodox Religion. According to John’s explanation, even after the Women’s Association was established, the male birth rates continued to decrease, and there was no stopping it. Eventually, the country, corporations, and citizens collaborated to find a solution, but no effective measures were found. When they could only pray to the God, a significant change occurred within the Women’s Association for the Consideration of Men, leading to a stronger religious tone. That’s considered the beginning of the Stars Orthodox Religion.

 ”However, as you know, over several hundred years, men like Chris, Aqua, and you guys have emerged who want to do something like us. That led to some changes within the Stars Orthodox Religion.”

 John wrote “Social Faction,” “Conservative Faction,” and “Radical Faction” on the whiteboard.

 ”As a result of these changes, the current Stars Orthodox Religion is divided into three factions. While the fundamental aspect of protecting men remains, there are factions that have changed to support men’s social advancement to match the changing societal circumstances. On the other hand, there are conservative factions that emphasize men’s protection as most important, not desiring significant changes. And… among the three factions, the most troublesome is the Radical Faction, known as the Female Supremacy Faction.”

 There seemed to be some dangerous words, and our group of Beryl boys exchanged glances.

 ”The Female Supremacy Faction is a faction that emerged over the past decade or so. Their assertion is that mating among women is sacred, and they argue that men and the like are unnecessary in this world. At first, they were a very small minority, but I hear their numbers are increasing year by year. And the one overseeing this faction is Bishop Mees.”

 John pointed his finger at the photo of a woman next to Kythera, the top of Stars Orthodox Religion. Mees, with a slender figure, appeared to be a gentle woman, not someone who seemed so radical. However, Toa, who was next to me, murmured, “Aqua would be easily deceived by this kind of person.” Well, it’s incomprehensible…

 ”By the way, the head of the conservative faction is Kythera, and the one leading the faction that supports men like us is Bishop Shera.”

 Shera, with a completely opposite figure to Mees, had a very ample figure. Hmm, I see, I thought, but then Toa, who was next to me, stared at me and said, “Just like Kythera-san, she has the kind of breasts Aqua would like, right?” Wait, how did he know!?

 ”The Stars Orthodox Religion now has an indispensable relationship with the country’s politicians. This Stars Orthodox Religion incited the politicians, which is where it all started.”

 Her Highness during her studies might fall in love with a man from another country and leave this country, they said… And according to John’s explanation, there are three candidates for the next queen, and among them, Kanon has overwhelming support from the citizens of Stars. When the politicians heard that someone like her might leave the country, they panicked. That was the trigger for this incident.

 ”However, politicians can’t meddle in royal marriages. After all, sending Her Highness Kanon back was a decision by Her Majesty Queen Furia and was approved by His Royal Highness, Hercules the Prince Consort. So, I find this puzzling. I’ve heard that both of them dote on Her Highness Kanon… and I can’t help but think that this marriage was made against the will of Her Highness Kanon, even if they knew the fact that she is dating Aqua. I’ve met both of them, and Her Majesty Queen Furia and His Royal Highness Hercules are both doting and very gentle individuals. Maybe they’re being blackmailed.”

 I’ve only seen photos and videos of the two, but if John says so, it must be true.

 ”Sorry, but I don’t know anything about the marriage partner. I tried to find out through patrons, but I couldn’t find any information. It’s a complete mystery who Kanon will be engaged to and marry.”

 ”Well… Thanks, John. Not just for the entry permit, but for researching so much in such a short time.”

 I expressed my gratitude to John, who had said “sorry.” I thought that just saying thanks wouldn’t be enough for granting such a selfish request. So, I stood up and bowed my head to John. John gently placed his hand on my shoulder.

 ”Don’t worry about it, Aqua. Like you always do, I just wanted to help a friend. Still, if you’re concerned, you can think of this as a kind of return for taking on the runway job on short notice.”

 ”Got it, John. I’ll accept that feeling from you.”

 I raised my head and shook hands firmly with John again.

 ”Now, the problem starts here. It’s about how to bring Aqua to Her Highness Kanon… On the day, I plan to take a dress to Her Highness, but I won’t be able to meet her directly. Also, bringing companions along is not allowed. So, it’s impossible to approach Her Highness using this route. That’s why I’ve decided to use another route.”

 John and Chris placed two large cases on the table nearby, opened them, and showed us their contents.

 ”This is…!”

 Inside were two helmets, one gold and one silver, that I recognized. They were the helmets worn by the Trash Punks, with whom we worked at the Stars Festival.

 ”On the day, the two of them are scheduled to perform a live show to celebrate Her Highness’ wedding. Their stage will take place when Her Highness Kanon, after the wedding, leaves the church and heads to the palace. In other words, until then, they plan to wait near the wedding venue. Although it will be on the day of the wedding, if we were to make contact with Her Highness Kanon before her marriage, the chances of meeting her are much higher through this method, rather than sneaking into the heavily guarded palace.”

 At John’s words, Ako-san raised her hand.

 ”Even if they wear helmets, won’t they be identified if someone checks the inside?”

 Everyone nodded in agreement with Ako-san’s question. However, John shook his head in response to this doubt.

 ”The Trash Punks duo has never revealed their true faces. So, I don’t even know if they’re men or women, as I’ve never seen their real faces either. That’s why as a condition to take on the stage, they demanded not to reveal their faces under any circumstances.”

 According to John, in the normal case, such a thing would never be allowed. However, due to the short time until the wedding and the fact that there are three factions within the Stars Orthodox Religion, opinions among politicians and people close to Her Majesty Queen and the royal family aren’t unified. Therefore, it’s believed that permission was granted.

 I might actually get to meet Kanon…

 At first, I had given up because I thought it was impossible, but many people have lent a hand, trying to make me meet Kanon. My chest grew warm with the kindness and warmth of everyone’s feelings.

 ”Thank you, everyone!”

 Tears naturally flowed down my cheeks. Tenga-senpai, seeing this, lightly patted my head. Shintaro tapped my shoulder, and Toa placed a hand on my back. I can’t burden them any more than this. Thinking that, I waited for my emotions to settle and then slowly gazed at everyone’s faces.

 ”From here on, I’ll do this alone. So, please act as if you didn’t know anything. I’m not sure if this will work, but what I’m trying to do might transcend blasphemy and become a matter between nations. So, if I get caught, please say you didn’t know anything, or say that you were forced to cooperate.”

 Just as everyone was about to speak, I used even stronger words to caution them.

 ”Please!! This is something I absolutely can’t compromise on. Ako-san, I think you understand, but Beryl isn’t just my agency anymore. I want you all to protect everyone.”

 ”Aqua-kun… understood.”

 Ako-san bit her lip hard, and she clenched her fist so tightly that it seemed like blood might come out. Even a dull person like me can understand Ako-san’s current feelings. Surely Ako-san wanted to come along. But, I can only entrust everyone to Ako-san with peace of mind. I don’t want to involve the three of them any further in this incident. Seeing Ako-san enduring this, it seemed like the others also wanted to say something, but they all kept silent.

 ”Wait… Trash Punks consists of two members, right?”

 Among them, Kirika-san was the one to speak.

 ”If that’s the case, there should be at least one more member. And considering the heights of the Trash Punks duo, wouldn’t it be just right if Aqua-san wore the silver helmet and I wore the gold helmet?”

 Certainly, as Kirika-san said, Trash Punks is a duo. And considering our heights, Kirika-san seems to be the one with the least disparity. Kirika-san, being a woman, has a tall height and is only a few centimeters shorter than me. Looking at the guys, Tenga-senpai is too big, and Toa is too small. John and Chris are slightly taller than me, and Mayuzumi is about the same height as me. Among the women, Rinon-san is taller than me, and Ako-san and Claire-san are both shorter, just like Toa. There’s really no choice other than Kirika-san.

 ”Please! Can you take me to Her Highness Kanon’s side too?”

 I nodded softly at Kirika’s words.

 ”Understood. But please, if anything happens, make it my responsibility. Say that you were forced to help. That’s the only way I’ll do it.”


 I’m not sure if Kirika-san understood my words, but she nodded in agreement.

 And so, a few days later, Kirika-san and I donned the white suits John had prepared for us, along with the Trash Punks helmets, and headed to the venue. By the way, the Trash Punks duo met with John before the execution date to express their gratitude and establish an alibi.

 ”We’ve arrived. Good luck after this.”

 I shook hands with Chris who had seen us off. For now, I planned to enter the dressing room and then find a chance to slip away.

 As I was thinking about that, I noticed a familiar face having a heated argument with the staff in front of the dressing room.

 ”Seriously, I’ve got all the necessary permits for interview! Look, see! I don’t intend to make an enemy out of the state-owned broadcast of a friendly nation!”

 Impressive… She’s trying to press them through sheer force without using the local language. She seemed to have noticed our presence, as she turned her gaze in our direction with about 50% more energy than usual.

 ”Oh! It’s the Trash Punks duo, isn’t it? Hello, hello! Long time no see! It’s Morikawa from the national broadcast, your Morikawa Kaede! Oh my, it’s been since the previous Star Fest, right? Right! Just a bit, a tiny little bit, can I have a word with you over there?”

 Morikawa Kaede from the national broadcast. She’s a regular customer at my café, and she’s interviewed me on the runway, the morning art show, and even on Fuji’s talk show. I never imagined I’d meet her here in this place. I glanced at Kirika-san beside me, and she whispered in a small voice that only I could hear.

 No way…

 Oh, come to think of it, were these two also acquaintances? I was surprised by the unexpected and strange turn of events that happened in Stars.

 Brief Summary:

 - Queen Furia Stars Goshenite: Kanon’s mother.

 - Prince Consort Hercules Stars Goshenite: Kanon’s father.

 - Stars Orthodox Religion Bishop Kythera: Conservative faction.

 - Stars Orthodox Religion Bishop Mees: Radical faction.

 - Stars Orthodox Religion Bishop Shera: Social faction.

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