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Volume 7 Chapter 17 Stars Bulletin Board, Encounters with the Unknow

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 [Fabulous] Searching for Top-notch Men Thread Part 428 [Good-looking Guy]
 28 Anonymous
 As expected, Benjamin-kun from the flower shop is the best. Last week, when I passed by the store, he smiled and said, “Goodbye, big sister,” hehe
 30 Anonymous
 Benjamin-kun is only 6 years old, you know? Please refrain from anything criminal
 33 Anonymous
 But Benjamin-kun has a promising future. Boys around that age tend to become shy, so it’s probably just a phase
 34 Anonymous
 That’s right… especially good-looking men are usually very reserved. There are very few who smile a lot, and above all, it’s a bit difficult to keep a conversation going
 36 Anonymous
 They might be reserved at first, but if you keep talking to them, you’ll get a word or two back, so it’s not bad. There are boys from the eastern island nation who use violence or mentally harass you with their words, you know?
 37 Anonymous
 Even among the boys in Stars, there are many arrogant ones, but boys from the eastern country are quite bad. I had an experience during my study abroad, they felt more difficult than the men here
 40 Anonymous
 Wow! Welcome former exchange students! Because of the restrictions imposed by the Stars Orthodox, there’s limited information about men from other countries. If you’d like, please talk about various things
 41 Anonymous
 The Stars Orthodox is seriously terrible
 44 Anonymous
 Cut it out, you’ll attract witch hunters!
 45 Anonymous
 Well, I was there for about a year. I didn’t have that much significant information… oh! Right. I returned to my home country in April this year, and just before that, there was a rumor on the anonymous bulletin board in the other country that a charming male high school student with a smile was working at a café. I was too busy preparing to return, so I couldn’t go see him in person, but it created quite a festive atmosphere
 48 Anonymous
 Is that information not a lie? Boys in high school are usually the ones who smile the least
 49 Anonymous
 Oh, speaking of the Stars Orthodox, not all of them are bad. They’re also working towards lifting the restrictions on information about men from other countries. Thanks to the support system that socially oriented people have been continuously establishing for men, in recent years, you can occasionally see men working around the town
 52 Anonymous
 I’ve seen him in photos, so it’s definitely not a mistake. I think his name was Aqua Shirogane
 56 Anonymous
 Oh, if it’s Aqua Shirogane, he was on the runway recently. I was there as staff for another brand at the time, but there were talks that he signed an exclusive contract with Corolle. I don’t know if that was the catalyst, but he should have a contract with a talent agency. He definitely had an aura, and I think he held his ground against the male models who participated from Stars
 59 Anonymous
 Oh yes, I know Aqua Shirogane. He collaborated with Trash Punks at Stars Festival. I was in the backstage area at the time, and I was surprised when he came up for a high-five. And above all, everyone must have been amazed by his singing ability and performance. He’s on a different level compared to previous male artists. It’s definitely worth it that Trash Punks collaborated with him
 63 Anonymous
 >>52 >>56 >>59
 Both StarFest and the runway were supposed to be live broadcasts, but due to the information restriction imposed by the Stars Orthodox, they were recorded broadcasts. Also, Aqua Shirogane’s scenes were cut. I wanted to see what kind of person he was
 65 Anonymous
 It’s better to avoid conversations about Aqua Shirogane. Due to regular censorship, comments get deleted, and in the worst case, even IPs can be traced
 68 Anonymous
 What’s that?
 70 Anonymous
 The country’s religion that worships Aqua Shirogane is gaining momentum, so the Stars Orthodox is feeling the urgency. Both conservatives and extremists seem to want to prevent the rapid promotion of men entering society, which the socially oriented people are advocating
 73 Anonymous
 Even among the conservatives, there are various factions such as those who want to maintain the current state, those who want to strengthen regulations even more, and those who want to gradually relax regulations
 Those who want to gradually relax regulations are aligned with the socially oriented people, while those who want to strengthen regulations are reluctantly aligned with the extremists. Personally, I think the current balance of the Stars Orthodox is not bad. That’s why Aqua Shirogane, who appeared suddenly out of nowhere, is just too extreme. I’ve only seen footage I found on the dark web, but I was so absorbed that I forgot to blink. He’s handsome and has singing ability that’s top-class even compared to female singers, and his acting is on par with top young actresses. I was amazed that such a boy exists. And he’s only 16, so he’s still growing
 76 Anonymous
 Oh… I haven’t seen it yet, but if that’s true, it’s quite concerning. If the standards for men become too high, it might negatively affect the boys who have just started working
 79 Anonymous
 That’s exactly what the conservatives are wary of. On the other hand, the socially oriented people seem to be thinking of using this as an opportunity to make rapid progress, but some view it as rushing things too much
 81 Anonymous
 It’s a difficult issue. The opinions of the conservatives and the socially oriented people aren’t about who’s right or wrong, but rather both have merits and demerits
 82 Anonymous
 Delete in an instant
 85 Anonymous
 87 Anonymous
 Oh, yes..
 88 Anonymous
 What’s this?
 90 Anonymous
 So this is Aqua Shirogane, I see
 91 Anonymous
 It seems like a magazine project or something, sharing a biscuit with a girl… that’s shocking. High school boys in Stars wouldn’t do something so embarrassing
 93 Anonymous
 It’s like reproducing a page from the works of Aiko Hakuryuu, the Queen of Love Romances..
 96 Anonymous
 And his expression is good… To gaze at a girl beside him so gently. This gaze alone is ecstasy!
 99 Anonymous
 The works of Aiko Hakuryuu are also banned by the Stars Orthodox, so you should be careful with your statements
 104 Anonymous
 The biscuits these kids are eating are Merry Biscuits from Morinaga
 105 Anonymous
 I don’t know who put them there, but there were Aiko Hakuryuu’s books in the school library. Everyone secretly borrowed them. In the end, the teacher found out, and they confiscated those shameless books
 107 Anonymous
 I support developing countries, and Morinaga’s support really helped. I remember being surprised when I found his face printed on the cardbox that was recently sent to the local area. Since it was sent directly to the supporting country, it didn’t undergo censorship, and that’s probably how it made it
 When I opened it, along with biscuits, there was also a soccer ball signed by him. Because it’s a country with little entertainment, Morinaga must have thought of it. Moreover, though it was a bit tedious, there was even a handwritten letter. One was addressed to children and the other to us, expressing immense gratitude and commendation for our volunteer spirit. Such letters have only been sent to us and Her Highness Kanon before
 Well, Her Highness Kanon actually came for volunteer activities. By the way, when the children saw the signature inside the soccer ball, one of the girls thought there’s a soccer ball company named Aqua. Also, one of the girls seemed to have talent; someone from Stars’ scouting team came to see her
 110 Anonymous
 113 Anonymous
 116 Anonymous
 I can see the girls who received the soccer balls shining in the Stars Premier League
 118 Anonymous
 If it’s true, he’s quite a nice guy. Though there’s a possibility that Morinaga did it on their own and others signed it, saying that would be rude. Even I hope it’s like that
 120 Anonymous
 >>107, >>116
 He’s really under contract..
 Isn’t this him?
 Stars Premium League partners with the Stars NPO that is involved in refugee support
 The strong team of Stars Premium League, London Cool Spa, has signed a contract with 10-year-old Lucia Mortlich, who is currently in a refugee camp
 ”She kicks the Aqua ball every day. Her dream is to win the Super League and receive the Baroness Doll award.”
 125 Anonymous
 127 Anonymous
 Truly a Cinderella story
 131 Anonymous
 >>82 has disappeared..
 132 Anonymous
 I’m late! Can someone please provide details about >>82?
 138 Anonymous
 Image of Aqua Shirogane and a girl biting into the biscuit together
 143 Anonymous
 Oh no!
 145 Anonymous
 It’s dangerous; it might get stopped soon
 146 Anonymous
 Everyone, let’s meet again
 147 Inspector
 Due to censorship by the Stars Orthodox, this thread will be forcibly stopped
 You won’t be able to start new threads until censorship is over. Please understand..
 [Censorship] Searching for Top-notch Men Thread Part 446 [Opposition]
 235 Anonymous
 *Sigh*… Oliver-kun, who helps out at the family bakery, is the best
 238 Anonymous
 Didn’t you just talk about Benjamin-kun earlier?
 And don’t even think about getting involved with Oliver-kun; he’s only 14!
 240 Anonymous
 Ethan-kun, who’s 16 and helping with deliveries, is also hard to resist
 242 Anonymous
 Benjamin-kun has been absent a lot lately
 Seems like puberty has finally hit
 246 Anonymous
 I heard Ethan-kun already quit the delivery job
 I thought it might be because the girls at the delivery destinations all came out in revealing clothes, but apparently some girls showed up in nothing at all while mas***bating, traumatizing him. He said he vomited after being shown explicit v*ginas up close
 251 Anonymous
 I can’t tolerate people doing that to minors
 We just want to admire the boys, that’s all
 253 Anonymous
 I heard Benjamin-kun was assaulted when his mom wasn’t around
 By a well-endowed woman in her 20s, who forcefully command him to grope and sucked on his breast and vigorously played with his pen*s up and down. Oh, how pitiful it must have been… surely he was frightened
 258 Anonymous
 Experiencing his first ej***lation with a big-breasted sister figure breastfeeding you, that’s a lifelong trauma! How cruel..
 262 Anonymous
 Instead of just censoring, Stars Orthodox should properly protect boys from incidents like these!!
 265 Anonymous
 Seeing events like these, it’s clear that the conservatives have a point
 When men dominate the society, things like this ultimately happen
 Especially young girls who have excess s*xual desire, and the high number of r*pe incidents involving girls in their teens and twenties, it’s a common issue worldwide
 269 Anonymous
 The social activists are likely focusing on preventing Her Highness Kanon’s marriage, so they’re probably not concerned about this now
 273 Anonymous
 Who is Her Highness Kanon going to marry?
 It’s strange that there’s still no announcement
 277 Anonymous
 All the men speculated as candidates on TV denied it
 280 Anonymous
 It seems like the radicals are behind the scene
 So maybe her partner isn’t a man?
 284 Anonymous
 We can’t rule out the possibility that other successor candidates are involved
 Her Highness Victoria has a long-standing relationship with the conservatives, and Bishop Kythera has also been her educator. Could they be trying to forcibly associate Her Highness Kanon, the most popular, with the radicals?
 288 Anonymous
 Her Highness Victoria is both good and bad, so she’s likely in line with the status quo conservatives. Her Highness Kanon, who is younger than Victoria, and Her Highness Hermie, who is even younger than Victoria, are also excellent people
 291 Anonymous
 It hasn’t been explicitly stated, but they’re considered successor candidates
 Her Highness Victoria is 28 years old. She is excellent but unremarkable
 Her Highness Kanon is 16 years old. She is exceptionally outstanding and has a certain freshness
 Her Highness Hermy is 10 years old. She is excellent, but there’s an unsettling ambiguity about her thoughts
 297 Anonymous
 That’s exactly right, but I can’t help feeling sorry for Her Highness Victoria. She’s a whole generation older than Her Highness Kanon, and yet considered unremarkable..
 302 Anonymous
 Her Highness Victoria had the misfortune of having the other two candidates be both exceptional and younger
 304 Anonymous
 I sympathize with Her Highness Victoria, but that is what it is. The next queen will be Her Highness Kanon, followed by Her Highness Hermy
 306 Anonymous
 This marriage, including the partner, lacks proper preparation
 Announcing it within a week is too fast. Normally, it’s expected to have at least a year between announcement and marriage
 309 Anonymous
 It’s strange given Her Majesty Queen’s judgment
 Even there’s no comment from His Royal Highness Heracles
 313 Anonymous
 Hey, there’s a huge crowd of reporters at the airport. What’s going on?
 This wedding wasn’t supposed to have any external guests, right?
 316 Anonymous
 Breaking news, according to Corolle’s official SNS announcement, Aqua Shirogane is coming to Stars
 320 Anonymous
 He managed to come during this busy time… Maybe he’s planning to participate in the October runway
 325 Anonymous
 SBC’s live feed is on!
 327 Anonymous
 Is it true that the rumored Aqua Shirogane is coming?
 329 Anonymous
 Quick, turn on SBC!
 334 Anonymous
 Is SBC okay to broadcast, considering the media blackout?
 338 Anonymous
 In this case, they probably couldn’t stop it. It seems like Corolle was controlling information with only a few insiders until the last moment. When the entry permission was granted, I believe there were people within the parliament and Stars Orthodox who cooperated
 341 Anonymous
 342 Anonymous
 343 Anonymous
 Yes, yes, yes!
 345 Anonymous
 Aqua Shirogane, I see. It’s understandable that it’s causing a stir
 346 Anonymous
 There are two other boys too. It’s quite a remarkable event for three of them to come
 358 Anonymous
 Look this way!
 360 Anonymous
 362 Anonymous
 Announcer, calm down!
 364 Anonymous
 I never thought he would approach them..
 366 Anonymous
 Why, for some reason, I took out my wallet from my pocket just from that “Hi”..
 367 Anonymous
 Could it be that I’m seeing things? It looked like the boy actually approached the girl to talk, but I must be mistaken, right?
 368 Anonymous
 And, earlier, he even touched the woman’s shoulder on his own
 How s*xy is that?
 370 Anonymous
 Oh yes!
 372 Anonymous
 Impressive. For a boy, speaking another country’s language fluently is amazing
 374 Anonymous
 A bit cheesy, but he’s confidently doing interviews, and it’s so cool..
 375 Anonymous
 Huh? There’s a guy like this on the eastern island nation? I want to move there right away!
 377 Anonymous
 I’m sorry
 380 Anonymous
 Ahhhhh! The apologetic feeling in that “I’m sorry” is too cute!!
 382 Anonymous
 385 Anonymous
 Afternoon tea!
 386 Anonymous
 From tomorrow, cafes and hotels are likely to be crowded. So, Where on earth will they stay?
 388 Anonymous
 I’m still in shock from the scene where he touched the girl’s shoulder. My heart is pounding. That girl will probably have a hot and restless night tonight
 390 Anonymous
 Let’s meet at Wembley!
 393 Anonymous
 If there’s a concert at Wembley, I’m definitely going to listen
 394 Anonymous
 Even though he’s only 16, the fact that he has clear goals and speaks confidently is amazing
 397 Anonymous
 Aqua Shirogane is a star. In just a few minutes, he captured the hearts of many women
 401 Anonymous
 I was watching channels other than SBC, but the interviews with the other kids were also amazing. They all speak the country’s language fluently, and that girl, or boy, as it’s rumored whether the interviewer is a boy or a girl, when I asked what they really are, they said, “Hehe, which one do you think?” My mind was blown
 406 Anonymous
 Thanks to you, my mind is blown too. That’s really a boy, right? You must be kidding. Even a radical like me is shaken by this..
 409 Anonymous
 Oh no…
 410 Anonymous
 Oh my God!
 412 Anonymous
 413 Anonymous
 414 Anonymous
 415 Anonymous
 416 Anonymous
 417 Anonymous
 418 Anonymous
 419 Anonymous
 Blowing a kiss!?
 420 Anonymous
 It’s so shocking that I feel like I’m about to faint
 422 Anonymous
 My sister who was watching TV just flipped!!
 425 Anonymous
 This is… censorship, right?
 427 Anonymous
 This sequence is another trend towards board suspension
 428 Anonymous
 While the board is suspended, I’ll pleasure myself with that video
 It was a good idea to start recording halfway through
 429 Anonymous
 Seems like many girls are going to pleasure themselves. Maybe I should too
 430 Inspector
 Due to censorship by the Stars Orthodox, this thread will be forcibly stopped
 You won’t be able to start new threads until censorship is over. Please understand..
 [Long Live the Holy Aqua Faith!] Searching for Top-notch Men Thread Part 456 [Stars Orthodox, What’s That?]
 467 Anonymous
 This thread title is really not good
 469 Anonymous
 Seeing that this isn’t forcibly stopped, Stars Orthodox seems to be busy with other matters
 473 Anonymous
 Suppressing things is never a good idea
 Because of all the things they’ve been suppressing, information and videos are now spreading rapidly on the internet, and deletion can’t keep up
 For every one thing that’s deleted, a hundred more spread. It’s already beyond hope
 The consequences of what they’ve been doing are all coming back to them
 476 Anonymous
 I’ve been watching “To You, Where the Flowers Bloom.”
 Yūujin-sama is so cool… Let’s make him a noble of Stars right now!
 482 Anonymous
 Petitioner to make Yūujin-sama a noble of Stars
 There are already over tens of millions of signatures. Please join too
 485 Anonymous
 The tokusatsu show “Heaven’s Sword” was good too, but Yūujin-sama seems to be more popular?
 489 Anonymous
 I like “Heaven’s Sword,” but Yūujin-sama resonates too much with the women of this country
 Is it even okay to have such a erotic male existence? I kept doubting if he’s really 16
 492 Anonymous
 The initiators of the signature campaign are all from prestigious families, so they’ll likely get verified easily
 Noble young ladies are weak to the playful and s*xy Yūujin-sama. And Mr. Shirogane’s inner personality seems serious, so that’s good too
 495 Anonymous
 Is it true that he possesses an eggplant down there with that face?
 499 Anonymous
 I’m confident I’ll org*sm the moment he inserts it!
 500 Anonymous
 There’s a girl among the young ones who’s trying to pleasure herself with an eggplant, but she should stop. After all, it becomes too loose, and a regular boy’s tiny p*nis won’t do. I can’t really understand wanting to experience the feeling of climax, though
 503 Anonymous
 Tenga, Toa, Mayuzumi, they’re all great
 506 Anonymous
 Shintarou looks cute with glasses, but he actually looks better without them
 509 Anonymous
 Toa-sama is fine as either a boy or a girl at this point
 512 Anonymous
 Mr. Tenga’s height is amazing. He could easily work as a model
 515 Anonymous
 I think Stars Orthodox’s judgment was correct. Once you know about this, you can’t go back to being a regular boy anymore
 518 Anonymous
 No, what those girls did was foolish. They should have gradually introduced this, but trying to suppress information like that backfired
 523 Anonymous
 The other day, I was surprised to see four boys and John, the designer of Corolle, chatting on the cafe terrace
 527 Anonymous
 That was something else. Everyone was surprised and couldn’t stop watching. And especially John showing such a smile..
 529 Anonymous
 People gathered quickly, so it was only for a few minutes, but I might never see such a dense space of boys again
 534 Anonymous
 Today, I thought I was approached by a Sister from Stars Orthodox, but it turns out it was someone from the Holy Aqua Religion
 I didn’t know which it was, so I ignored them. Is that okay?
 537 Anonymous
 I’m from Stars Orthodox, but there’s been a notice about hidden followers of the Holy Aqua Religion from headquarters
 Moreover, there were no signs of this before, but suddenly several people have appeared, making headquarters suspicious about who’s betraying and who’s on their side
 543 Anonymous
 So, the higher-ups weren’t aware until they started operating, is that it?
 Isn’t that dangerous? They’ve been lurking while pretending to be oblivious for quite a while
 If they’ve infiltrated the higher ranks, won’t their activities be disrupted until the whole situation is resolved?
 558 Anonymous
 That’s why the bulletin board is still operational without censorship
 562 Anonymous
 If the Holy Aqua Religion is infiltrating even the pockets of Stars Orthodox, it’s likely spreading to politicians and nobles too
 567 Anonymous
 Stars Orthodox was already busy with Her Highness Kanon’s sudden wedding, then Aqua Shirogane suddenly arrived in this country, the Holy Aqua Religion surfaced all at once, and the final straw was the hijacking incident a few days ago. The hijackers said on camera that they were radicals. And they foolishly said they were converting to the Holy Aqua Religion and repenting. It wasn’t good that it was broadcast
 571 Anonymous
 The people affected by the hijacking were also saying how wonderful the Holy Aqua Religion is. What happened there?
 And the crucial members of the Holy Aqua Religion aren’t caught, so isn’t Stars in a bit of trouble now? They’re completely dysfunctional
 579 Anonymous
 Even if they try to catch them, when they can’t distinguish between enemies and allies, when they can’t tell if the information from below and the orders from above are right or wrong, it’s already beyond their judgment
 582 Anonymous
 Ah, Aqua-sama’s thread has been suspended
 They’ll probably be coming here soon
 584 Anonymous
 Goodbye, everyone
 585 Anonymous
 It was fun because there were no restrictions
 586 Anonymous
 See you again!
 588 Anonymous
 Restrictions really suck
 Hey! Are you all watching Stars Orthodox Lol?
 If you’re believers, follow me, lol
 591 inspector
 Due to censorship by the Stars Orthodox, this thread will be forcibly stopped
 You won’t be able to start new threads until censorship is over. Please understand..

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