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Volume 7 Chapter 24 Kythera, The Fallen Sain

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 Yukishiro Emily, her reaching out to me was truly a lifesaver.

 It seems I had mistaken Oumi for Oume, trying to head towards Oume, which was the wrong direction.

 ”I see, Oumi, huh… does that mean Kythera-san is also attending an idol festival?”

 ”Yes, since I’m here, I thought it would be a good idea to go and commemorate the trip…”

 A festival by the country’s top idols. Today at this event, I’ve obtained information that Shirogane Aqua, who the Stars Orthodox Religion marks as a person of interest, will be participating.

 After the runway event, Shirogane Aqua has managed to gain hidden fans within Stars, evading the information censorship by the extremists. The primary cause is likely the Holy Aqua Religion, a sect with a ridiculous name, which is operating within our country.

 As if dealing with extremists wasn’t enough, I find myself troubled by not addressing this matter.

 Their leader, who claims to be a saint, is a woman named Emily. Her name is strangely similar to Emily-san, the woman who helped me. Well, Emily is a common name, and a kind and composed woman like Emily-san wouldn’t seem to be the leader of such a foolish sect. Even looking at it this way, I have a discerning eye for people, so I must be right.

 ”Well then, I’ll be staying here…”

 ”Yes, thank you.”

 I thanked Emily-san and was about to part ways on the spot… or so I thought. It turns out we didn’t part ways. It seems both of us have the same destination and are heading in the same direction.

 ”Um, by any chance, Kythera-san, is your purpose also…”

 ”Yes, perhaps Emily-san too…?”

 Emily-san nods silently in response to my question. It appears her goal is also related to Shirogane Aqua. My suspicion of her rises because it’s suspicious that she possesses information about Shirogane Aqua that hasn’t been announced. However, upon arriving at the venue, I realized I was worrying needlessly. This is because perceptive individuals among his fans seemed to have noticed, and people who likely gathered for the same purpose were discreetly present at the venue. Even though they pretended to be there by coincidence, their restless atmosphere didn’t quite hide their intentions. Everyone glanced at their watches, waiting eagerly for the moment.

 ”It’s about time…”

 Emily-san mumbled softly. And then, in sync with the intro of a song, the aforementioned Shirogane Aqua appeared on stage.

 Both Emily-san and I, along with everyone present, were captivated by the outfit he was wearing. The skin peeking through the grid-patterned cut on his attire, as well as his well-toned shoulders and abdomen visible due to the cape, were stimulating enough.

 This is… Shirogane Aqua…

 Even though I had prepared beforehand, I too was slightly taken aback. At first, I was only fixated on his eccentric outfit, but as I grew accustomed, I marveled at his singing and expressive abilities. He also works as an actor and a model, and given his role as a visible idol, he must have diligently trained to maintain his physique.

 I see… indeed, he’s on an entirely different level compared to the male members of Stars. While I might have thought differently if he were just a man who was just sitting on his talent, it’s clear that the women around him wouldn’t be so enthusiastic if he were like that. There’s nothing more troublesome than a talented individual who can apply themselves and strive for improvement.

 As I calmly observed Shirogane Aqua, our eyes accidentally met. Or perhaps I only imagined it.

 ’Wouldn’t you prefer spending a sultry night together than the heat of summer?’

 Having sung until the end, he tossed aside the cape he had been wearing. I simply watched the cape float through the air, taking its time. However, the cape came closer and closer to me, and it happened to fall to me.




 ”Ah, ah, ah!”


 Amidst the clamor surrounding me, Emily-san gaped at me, her mouth agape. However, my mind was preoccupied elsewhere.

 Huh? …Eh!?

 By sheer coincidence, the cape that I had unintentionally received landed gently on my hands, and the scent emanating from it caused my body to react with a jolt. I’m not the type to wear perfumes, but could modern fragrances smell this good? Or is it because it’s from a guy? No… while I’ve met young men in my line of work, their scents were never this appealing. Could this really be Shirogane Aqua’s actual scent? It’s unbelievable. I can’t believe that there exists a person who smells so good…


 Oh no, I inadvertently clutched the cape tightly. As a result, his pleasant scent flowed through my body, starting from my nose and coursing through me. Ultimately, it surged strongly at my uterus, and something leaked out. Feeling a damp sensation forming on my underwear, I involuntarily shuddered.

 I’ll have to change my underwear later…

 Honestly, what am I, at my age, doing? Despite the age gap that’s practically like parent and child between him and me… While I was lost in such thoughts, he began singing an unexpected song.

 ’Kono kimochi ni ki ga tsuita toki, anata wa dareka no mono de, tōme ni mitsumeru ore ni ki ga tsukanai furi o shita (When I noticed these feelings, you belonged to someone else, and I pretended not to notice you, watching from a distance).’

 Glass Teenager… A song with lyrics that are so far-fetched that one might be tempted to retort that a teenager falling in love with an older woman is absolutely impossible. Regardless of anyone’s thoughts in that direction, no one present made any comments about the content of his song lyrics. Though he was expressing feelings for a married woman, it didn’t feel like a distant matter to me due to our similar ages.

 ’Tatta ichimai no kamikire, sore ga anata to ore no aida o hedateru (A single sheet of paper separates you and me.)’

 Wait, hold on… Does that mean the eye contact we made earlier wasn’t just my imagination? I’m in my late 30s, but I often appear to be in my late 20s. For this private trip, I made sure to dress, do my makeup, style my hair, and accessorize in a way that made me look my age or slightly younger, using disguises to enter the country even before boarding the plane, so as not to be recognized by the people from the Stars Orthodox Religion who were present at the destination.

 Hence, he threw his coat at me dressed up as a married woman, and immediately after that, he sang a song about his feelings for a married woman. So, does that mean… he’s passionately pursuing a woman as old as me, an “auntie”? No, perhaps he’s realized that I’m Kythera, the head of the Stars Orthodox Religion. If that’s the case, it all makes sense. The married woman is just a bluff. The position of being the head of the Stars Orthodox Religion, in other words, being trapped not by a husband but by the nation itself. Despite being in opposition to the Holy Aqua Religion, he’s ended up harboring unrequited love for me…

 ’Hibiwareta garasu no mukou ni manazashi o muketara anata no ushirogami ga mieru (When I looked beyond the cracked glass, I could see your back.)’

 Oh… I’m certain we locked eyes just now, and it’s unmistakably about me. Wait, wait! No way, it’s impossible, absolutely impossible! After all, I’m the top of the Stars Orthodox Religion, right? Honestly, at this point, I couldn’t care less about being the top of the Stars Orthodox Religion. But if I were to try to obtain citizenship in another country now, it would take several years… And even then, if I have a baby, it would be considered a late pregnancy. Not to mention, I, who has remained a virgin until now, am unsure if I can properly lead him into more intimate matters.

 ’Come together over me!’

 Yes, yes, yes, yes! I’ll come right away! Make me yours!! He seems to have seen right through all my thoughts, deliberately using my country’s language to address me. Oh, that scent… it makes my uterus ache, and as I tightly embrace the cape, my brain seems to melt in its pleasant aroma.

 ’Garasu no teenager, wareta kakera ga ore no kokoro o kiri-kizamu. Itsuka wa kono kimochi ni kugiri o tsukeru koto ga dekiru no darou ka? Zutto anata dake o miteita (A glass teenager, shards cut my heart. Will I ever be able to put an end to these feelings? I’ve only been watching you.)’

 No, no, don’t look at me with such a fervent gaze while I’m dressed up in this “auntie” disguise!

 I instinctively used the cape to cover half of my face. Even so, he continued to gaze intently at me.

 Hmm… Wait, could I have become pregnant just now…? My abdomen feels really warm, and I’ve heard that a guy can impregnate a girl with just his gaze. Was his gaze just now intentionally trying to impregnate me? What should I do? I don’t have a pregnancy test kit. I need to hurry and buy one somewhere.

 ’Hello, everyone. I’m Shirogane Aqua from Beryl Entertainment.’


 ’By the way, are you okay with me as today’s secret guest?’

 We’re okay!!

 ’Thank you! I love all of you too!!’

 Oh… This is about me, right? I know he’s saying “all of you” to camouflage it.

 ’Isn’t this outfit amazing? It’s John’s design, but I have to admit I felt a little embarrassed wearing it.’

 As soon as he opened his jacket, several women fainted. While still hiding half of my face with the cape, I intently stared at the exposed skin. I need to get used to this… During intimate moments, there’ll be even more exposed skin, so I told myself not to collapse over something like this.

 ’Alright, this is the last song, but please listen to it if you’d like.’

 Huh? It’s already the last one? No way… The last song he sang was one with lyrics written in our country’s language.

 [Beautiful, right?]

 The impact of hearing that song will never fade from my memory. When the world that currently appears beautiful was described as wrong, it was like being struck by lightning. I see… So that’s what it means. He used this live performance to communicate to me that the direction in which the current Stars Orthodox Religion and Stars are headed is wrong. The fact that the secret guest information was leaked is something that would never usually happen, but this explains everything so neatly.

 In that case, the person next to me right now… I looked at Emily-san again. I’ve heard that Emily, the saint of the Holy Aqua Religion, is incredibly beautiful. Seeing Emily-san’s face again, I was astounded by her beauty. Why did I dismiss everything as mere coincidences earlier and believe that she wasn’t Emily? This situation, her intent, and her aim – her purpose was likely to have me hear this song. In other words, everything is within her grasp… She is without a doubt Saint Emily. I became convinced of this.


 After his stage ended, I mustered up the courage to speak to her, the person standing next to me. In response, without saying a word, she gently took out an eggplant from her bag and handed it to me.

 ”If you’d like, you can use this.”

 ”Um… But this…”

 Emily-san, who placed the eggplant on my perplexed palm, gently laid her own hand on top.

 ”It’s alright. I prepared this brand-new one specifically for this occasion.”

 Oh… How kind is she? Emily-san’s face, full of compassion, radiated a radiance akin to that of a saint.

 ”But… um, I’ve never done anything like this before…”

 Truth be told, even at my age, I’ve never experienced this. Due to a traumatic incident in my childhood, I’ve done my best to avoid anything se*ual, so I only have the bare minimum knowledge.

 ”It’s okay.”

 Responding to my anxious and flustered state, Emily-san gently guided me.

 ”Just keep your left hand against it, and then leave everything else to your instincts with your right hand.”

 The restroom was a bit crowded, but luckily, I managed to enter quickly. Mas***bating for the first time was thrilling, and by merely pressing the eggplant slightly, I reached cl*max quite easily.

 ”Was the spare underwear okay?”

 ”Yeah… um…”

 On the way back, I felt a little embarrassed, but Emily-san was kind enough not to mention my haste. She even worried about spare underwear. How kind she is… I’m sure Holy Aqua Religion, where such a compassionate person serves as a saint, is undoubtedly… No, definitely better than the closed-minded Stars Orthodox Religion.

 ’Um, are you the one who received the cape?’

 ’Oh… yes.’

 I asked Emily-san next to me whether I should return the cape or keep it. It seems she contacted the staff on my behalf while I was in the restroom.

 ’I’m sorry. Are you the one who received the cape? If you don’t mind, could you come over here?’

 After thanking Emily-san, I asked for her contact information and said goodbye on the spot. Apparently, she had to hurry back because she had a part-time job at a ramen shop. It seemed a bit odd that she, as the head of the Holy Aqua Religion, would be working at a ramen shop, but there must be something advanced that I don’t understand.

 ’Over here, please.’

 Guided by the staff, I stepped into a section reserved for those involved in the event. In that section was a dressing room with the sign “Shirogane Aqua-sama Dressing Room.” Wait…! Despite my flustered state due to the sudden turn of events, the staff knocked on the dressing room door without hesitation.

 ’Yes, please come in!’

 Ah, ah, ah… It’s Aqua-sama’s live voice… The dressing room door slowly opened, revealing Aqua-sama inside. Our eyes met.

 ’Ah, you’re the one who received the cape.’

 ’Uh, uh, y-yeah…’

 I unintentionally stumbled over my words. Aqua-sama kindly spoke to me, trying to ease my nerves.

 ’Don’t be nervous.’

 I tightened my grip on the cape I was holding. But… I had to return this cape. As I gazed at the cape with reluctance, Aqua-sama chuckled softly.

 ’Don’t worry, I’ll give you the cape as a gift. Would you like me to sign it?’

 Huh… Is that okay? Well, maybe it is, considering our relationship. Plus, I’m from Stars and Aqua-sama is from this country. So, during the times we can’t meet, I can think of this as him embracing me, right? Yes, that’s definitely it.

 ’Yes, please!’

 Aqua-sama signed the cape and returned it to me.

 ’Thank you for coming today.’

 A shy smile appeared on Aqua-sama’s face as he extended his hand toward me. Does he want to shake hands? I slowly reached out my hand toward Aqua-sama. But due to my nervousness, I ended up stumbling a little.

 ’Ah, be careful!’

 As my body began to fall, Aqua-sama gently embraced me. Unexpected physical contact almost triggered a flashback to the sensation of being touched for the first time. But that didn’t happen. Because a far more significant event had overwritten that memory.


 By chance, his right hand ended up gripping my slightly relaxed breast. It was different from when I was assaulted by that Sister. Being touched by a boy, no, Aqua-sama, felt this good. When a man had touched me in the past, it had triggered traumatic flashbacks, and I had associated being touched with discomfort. But because it was Aqua-sama, it felt good… I want him to touch me more, much more.

 ’I-I’m sorry!’

 ’N-No, I should be the one apologizing. I’m sorry for making you touch my old lady’s breast.’

 To be honest, I have a large chest, and my hips are wide too, not to mention I’m quite tall. From the perspective of the boys in this world, I must be an undesirable presence. Maybe Aqua-sama will dislike me…

 ’Well, I’m not really in a position to say this after touching you like that, but y-your body is attractive. So, p-please have more confidence in your own body.’

 Huh? Attractive? My body? I’ve been told that I have a flabby body, even by the boys in Stars, and there’s a little bit of extra fat on my panties, you know? My breasts aren’t as perky as those of young girls, and if I’m being honest, they sag a bit… It’s true that I might look better compared to women my age, but compared to teenage girls, it’s clear that I’m an older woman, right? S-Still, is that okay? I glanced at Aqua-sama’s face, and he was blushing.

 ’I-I’m sorry, I said something strange.’

 ’N-No, n-not at all. Thank you for encouraging me.’

 Wait… so cute… Just a moment ago, he was so cool, but having such an innocent reaction, my maternal instincts and protective feelings are making my head spin. Could it be that he, Aqua-sama, is into older women? I see… So, would Aqua-sama also be happy if I let him suck on my breasts like a baby and stroke his… you know? I feel like I heard that guys who like moms are into the whole nursing and h***job thing. What if I’m wrong… I’ll ask Emily-san later.

 ’Excuse me. It’s about time, so…’

 The staff pushed me out of the dressing room. Aqua-sama must be busy; it can’t be helped. Besides, I need to get back to Stars as soon as possible to carry out the task I’ve been entrusted with. Yes, everything is for the sake of me and Aqua-sama being together, for the sake of the entire country of Stars, and for the sake of giving everything to Aqua-sama. And in that dawn, I intend to offer my body, heart, and everything I possess to Aqua-sama. The true feelings behind that song about changing the world. The cape handed to me as I imagined the times we couldn’t meet. Yes… Aqua-sama, Kythera understands everything. So, please wait there. Kythera and I will offer everything to you and Stars!

 After returning to my country, I took two actions. One was to intentionally allow the extremists to commit their deeds, attract attention, and direct strong hatred from the citizens through censorship. The other was to foster distrust in the royal family. For that purpose, I had to remove Her Highness Kanon, the only capable obstacle, from this country. Surely, Aqua-sama will come to pick up Her Highness Kanon. Once Her Highness Kanon is gone, the only concern left will be Her Majesty the Queen Mary.

 However, Her Majesty the Queen Mary had already abdicated once. A queen who has abdicated once cannot return to the throne except under special wartime circumstances. Her Majesty the Queen Furia and Her Highness Victoria are, in my opinion, just average. Her Highness Hermie is capable, but she’s not as interested in being queen as Her Highness Kanon is. In other words, by excluding Her Highness Kanon from the royal family, my victory is practically assured.

 ”Please wait for me, Aqua-sama… Someday, when the time comes, please take me under your wing in Stars. And when the Stars Orthodox Religion is absorbed by the Holy Aqua Religion, after Saint Emily-sama, please accept me.”

 As I descended into the basement, I lightly kissed the stone statue shaped like the eggplant that Saint Emily-sama had given me that day. This basement was prepared for me to pray to Aqua-sama. Posters adorned the walls, goods I had collected were spread around, and 24-hour live concert footage played in the room. One of those live concert videos shifted and changed to a familiar smiling face mark.

 ”Oh? Your talented little sister was here a moment ago, you know?”

 I hugged my hand-sewn Aqua-sama plushie. By the way, my hobby is pressing it against my chest and mas***bating. Wanting to play baby with Aqua-sama, I even prepared a baby crib that matches his size, a pacifier, a romper, a rattle, and more. All that’s left is for him and me to do it. The only thing I haven’t prepared for is not producing milk, but if Aqua-sama can make me produce milk, that’s not an issue at all.

 ”Even though it’s not obvious, please try not to bully my little sister too much…”

 With a different tone than before, I chuckle at the High Performance Server. The Holy Aqua Religion has twelve bishops, and there isn’t just one administrator known as the High Performance Server. One of them had just been talking to me and assisting in hijacking Nekoyama Toa’s live stream while pretending to be an autonomous AI – that’s Sabato Miyako. Then there’s the High Performance Server, an autonomous AI that responds to hijacks and perpetually launches attacks on our country. Lastly, there’s my sister Sabato Koyomi, who is currently confronting me and paralyzing the censorship function while stirring up the message board. With these three, they make up the true High Performance Server.

 ”Stars Orthodox Religion’s Bishop Kythera… no, the twelfth bishop of the Holy Aqua Religion, the Dark Saint known as Instant Double Peace. Even though we’re comrades, including this incident, I still haven’t fully trusted you. Right now, we just happen to have aligned interests, so don’t think I’ll forgive you if you make Aqua-sama sad.”

 It seems the big sister is a bit annoyed, probably because her little sister was teased earlier. But there’s no helping it. If not for this, I wouldn’t have been able to have a conversation with her (the big sister) like this.

 ”Don’t worry, I won’t betray Aqua-sama or Saint Emily-sama. After all, Saint Emily-sama was the one who taught me about the true se*ual rituals when I was an ignorant little thing. And I apologize for mocking your little sister. I’m sorry.”

 So, she need to cooperate as well. Everything is for Aqua-sama. So come, let’s together sweetly and gracefully lead Stars into decadence.

 Involvement with Hagetoru causes a decrease in intelligence, and involvement with Aqua usually results in the destruction of the brain.

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