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Volume 7 Chapter 27 Kanon, I Never Heard of a Wedding like Thi

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 A few days after that wedding.

 Once again, our own wedding ceremony is taking place.

 ”You look beautiful, Kanon.”

 Seeing me in a wedding dress, mother wears a gentle smile.

 After everything was over, both mother and father apologized to me and hugged me tightly.

 ”Your Highness, with this, Shirogane-sama would also be smitten!”

 Pegonia shows a small victory pose. She’s going to leave her position as a maid serving the palace and follow me even after this wedding. Just like everyone else… no, Pegonia, who was willing to help me from the beginning, is also one of the irreplaceable people to me. So even after leaving the royal family, I’m genuinely happy to be with Pegonia.

 ”Well then, shall we go?”

 As we leave the waiting room and walk down the aisle, I catch sight of Aqua walking with his family.

 So, wonderful…! Aqua, dressed in a white tuxedo with his hair neatly styled, looks even cooler than usual. He’s more handsome than Yuujin-sama. Aqua exchanges a few words with mother and then makes his way towards me.

 ”Kanon, you look beautiful today too. And that dress suits you incredibly well. My heart’s racing.”


 Wait, wait, hold on a moment. Me, marrying this person? Really? We’re going to be together 24/7 after marriage, right? Well, technically we won’t be able to see each other during work or school hours, but still, we’ll be together for a few hours every day. Uh… there’s no way I can handle that. I want to look cute in front of Aqua all the time, and I can’t make silly faces… I mean, sometimes I make a dumbfounded expression like Hogekawa-san when I mess up, but is it okay? Will Aqua still like me even if he sees me like that?

 ”Don’t worry, I’m right here next to you, so relax.”

 Sure, it’s reassuring, but not in that way! If I get, nervous, and… pass gas, what should I do…

 ”Well then, shall we go?”

 ”Yes, please take care of me.”

 The doors in front of us slowly open.

 Huh, a carriage!? Normally, we should be using a car, but there’s a horse-drawn carriage waiting, just like in a fairy tale. I’m surprised.

 ”Princess, please give me your hand.”

 Aqua, who got into the carriage ahead of me, reaches out his hand and says so. Sure, I might be a princess, but it feels different. Aqua’s idea of a princess is more like something out of a fairytale, something that makes my maiden’s heart skip a beat.

 ”I-It’s like a dream…”

 During the previous wedding, when I was alone in the car, I was really anxious and felt like my heart was being crushed. But now it’s different. When I look beside me, Aqua is there, holding my hand all the time to make me feel at ease.

 ”Kanon, the ceremony’s just begun. Come on, let’s enjoy it even more.”


 The people on the road bless us. It’s so blissful that I can’t help but wonder if being this happy is really okay. We were surrounded by so much happiness.

 ”Oh… Kanon, look over there.”


 When I look where Aqua is pointing, a little girl is waving her hands with all her might.

 ”Hehe, so cute.”

 ”Yeah, kids are adorable after all.”

 Huh…? K-kids? Does that mean… the thing I’ve been desperately avoiding thinking about tonight is suddenly popping into my mind.

 ”Eh, eh, eh, does that mean…”

 ”Hm? Is something wrong?”

 ”N-no, it’s nothing.”

 Ah, ah, ah, I messed up…! While Aqua was purely saying kids are cute, my mind was wandering to that… intimate matter. Is it okay? I hope Aqua didn’t notice with that one sentence… If he thinks I’m constantly thinking about naughty things like that, I won’t be able to face him!


 Seeing a boy stumble nearby, Aqua immediately jumps down from the carriage.

 Wowwwww… he’s so cool…

 Aqua is unaware, but everyone present, including me, watches their exchange with bated breath.

 I see… he want to be like Aqua. There are boys like him at Stars who think that way about him. That’s amazing. Even though Aqua has only been in this country for a few days, he’s already influencing so many people. I’m going to marry such an amazing person…

 As I’m lost in thought on top of the carriage, Aqua returns.

 ”Sorry! Leaving the bride behind on her wedding day isn’t good, but Kanon, you have the right to be angry.”

 ”N-No, it’s okay. I thought Aqua would go, and I imagined that if we had a child, Aqua would probably become like that too, all child-loving and…”

 I freeze after saying that much. W-what am I saying!? Begging for children like that, how shameless of me!!

 ”Oh… right, the corsage from earlier.”

 Aqua looks down at the corsage he’s holding. Thinking this is a chance, I propose to Aqua to divert the topic.

 ”Shall I put it on?”

 ”Sure, thanks.”

 I take one of the corsages from Aqua and pin it on the lapel of his tuxedo jacket.

 Hold on, I heard that after marriage, it’s normal for the wife to help the husband change clothes, but this is different… it’s not like that. It’s something happier…!

 ”Should I put one on you too?”

 ”Yeah, please.”

 Aqua puts a corsage on my dress. At that moment, the back of Aqua’s hand presses against my chest, and I feel like a little yelp might escape me.

 ”Um, anyway, shall we wave our hands for now?”

 ”Yeah, okay.”

 I-I wonder if it’s okay… Just Aqua’s backhand grazing my chest earlier almost made my body react. Despite that, tonight… no, for now, let’s not think about that. First, I have to get through the wedding. Arriving at the church, we wave to the people who came to congratulate us.

 ”Kanon, shall we head in soon?”


 Escorted by Aqua, we enter the church together. Aqua has turned my first wedding into a happy one, overwriting the memory of the previous one.


 As we enter the church, my grandmother is waiting at the altar.

 It was my grandmother who helped me make the opportunity to go to the country with Aqua and everyone. I wanted to see my grandmother, but I hadn’t had a chance to meet her until now, which had made me feel a little down. But, she’s here today, right? I’m really glad she came to see me, but why is she standing in such a place? It’s almost like she’s the star of the show from here on out. Amidst all these decisions being made all at once, I can’t quite grasp what’s happening. The only things I understand are that Aqua was awarded the highest honor and that I will remain in a position close to the royal family because I was granted the title of a Duchess.

 ”Aqua-sama, please make sure to keep Kanon happy.”

 ”Ah… yes!”

 I was surprised that my grandmother could speak words from the other country, but come to think of it, she had original books in her library, so it’s only natural she can speak. Hmm…? I feel like I’m overlooking something important… Is it just my imagination?

 ’Shirogane Aqua and Kanon Stars Goshenite, come forward.’

 Huh? I turn my gaze towards the voice I recognize, and there stands a Sister, no, Hagetoru, with a blindfold on. Hold on, wait a moment, why is Hagetoru there!?

 ’To celebrate this auspicious day, we shall sing a hymn together.’

 Of all the songs, why this one!? You’ve got to be kidding me… Well, personally, I’m ecstatic that I get to sing an anime song, but still. By the way, Hagetoru is subtly altering her voice to avoid being recognized.

 ’As a symbol of your pledge, you two shall now exchange rings.’

 Phew… if I hadn’t known in advance, I might have panicked, but I was informed of this beforehand, and since Aqua and I chose the rings together, we managed to exchange them without dropping them. My fingertips were trembling a bit, but… hehe! Probably, I’ve finally started to feel at ease in my heart. With this, I should be able to handle the rest of the ceremony just fine. In fact, bring it on! Just kidding!

 ’Next is the, um… oath kiss!? Ugh, excuse me… N-No, it’s nothing.’

 Ugh, aaah, eeeh, oooh, aaah, oooh, aaah, oooh! I nearly let out a voice of confusion. A kiss… ah, right, it’s a fish, huh? I don’t really know, but is it like exchanging the fish we caught with each other? Gosh, I thought it was about a KISS! While pondering this, my veil is lifted gently.

 Huh, wait… the kiss, is it really that KISS? Not fish, but the kind of kiss with lips touching?

 ”Kanon… are you worried that I’m unsure?”

 ”N-No, not at all. But, um, I was just thinking, is it really okay to be this happy…? I-I’m sorry. In the middle of the ceremony, and at such an important moment, I was thinking about something like that…”

 My voice becomes slurred with impatience.

 ”It’s okay. From now on, I’ll always be by your side, Kanon. If you ever feel anxious, please tell me right away. I’ll listen carefully. Let’s walk together.”

 ”Yes, thank you…”

 I’m going to die… I’m the type who’s going to die from being too happy. Probably…

 And now, Aqua’s face draws near slowly. Awa-wawa-wawa, impossible, impossible, it’s too much!

 ”Sorry, Kanon, can we do it this way after all?”



 Aqua’s lips touch mine. This kiss is more passionate than the one we shared at the fireworks festival, and it makes me feel all dreamy.

 ”Hehe, ehehe…”

 Ah, ah, ah… I can’t handle this anymore. It’s becoming difficult to keep my composure.

 ’Mmm! If there are no objections to this marriage, please sign the oath document.’

 Hagetoru’s exaggerated throat-clearing brings me back to reality. Geez! It wouldn’t hurt to let me bask in the afterglow of the kiss with Aqua for a little longer! But, maybe it helped… thanks, Hagetoru.

 ’The 12 witnesses, please come forward.’

 When the signatures of the chosen witnesses are complete, Hagetoru’s words announce our marriage loudly. Hey, so why Hagetoru!? Someone explain!

 After leaving the ceremony hall, the two of us head to the reception venue, waved off by everyone. Phew… I’m sure there’s nothing more left, right? I think Aqua will definitely attend the reception. Speaking of which, even though it’s called a reception, I can only think of having a meal with everyone and giving a short speech, yeah, it’ll be fine!

 Yes… I had a time when I thought about things like that too.

 ’And now, it’s time for the bride and groom’s first outfit change.’

 I didn’t know what an outfit change was, but apparently it refers to changing dresses during the reception. Nobody, including me, knew about it, but since Aqua said it, there must be such a thing. By the way, when we were choosing the dress together, Aqua suggested picking something other than a white dress just to be sure.

 ’Ladies and gentlemen, please give them a grand round of applause as they leave!!’

 By the way, the emcee is Chinposuki. Despite that, she’s a national broadcaster’s announcer, so she’s skillful and smooth. I might have thought that Chinposuki was cool for the first time…

 In the dressing room, I’m changed into a dress in the color of violets that I chose. After changing, as I try to head back towards the entrance of the venue, my feet come to a halt.

 ”That dress looks good on you too, Kanon.”


 So, an outfit change isn’t just for me. I stare fixedly at Aqua standing in front of me.

 Exactly like Yuujin-sama… and now, he was standing right next to me. Behind Aqua, the members of Beryl’s dedicated stylist team who came for this day exchange high-fives with beaming smiles. Let me say this on behalf of everyone: you did an excellent job. You’re the best.

 ’It seems that the bride and groom’s outfit change is complete. Please give them a warm welcome as they enter!!’

 As if wrapped in a big round of applause, the door in front of us slowly opens. As we take a step, then another, the expressions of the participants who see Aqua freeze one by one. Well, that’s to be expected… after all, it’s Yuujin-sama. I don’t know why, but apparently, Yuujin-sama is a huge trend among the girls in this country right now. If they’re shown this, anyone would react like that.

 Even for me, it’s so strange that we can walk side by side like this…

 I felt like I saw a slight twitch in Grandmother’s eyebrow when she looked at Aqua. Is it just my imagination?

 Even when seated, I was still in a fluffy state.

 ’Next up, we have a congratulatory speech from the representative of the bride and groom’s friends, Kirika Kotono.’

 Kirika-san slowly makes her way to the spot with the microphone.

 When it comes to our mutual friends, there’s only Kirika-san, and besides her, there’s really no one else to expect. I couldn’t possibly entrust this to Chinposuki or Hagetoru. It’s a little far-fetched, but let me take care of it! I’ll show them Shumi-chan’s determination!!

 ’Shirogane Aqua-san, Kanon-san, congratulations on your marriage. To see two people who truly love each other join in marriage… I’d like to express my gratitude on behalf of everyone, for showing us such a wonderful wedding. Kanon-san, you may face challenges ahead, but Shirogane Aqua-san is someone who will undoubtedly make you happy. Trust him and walk the same path together. Lastly, remember that this is just the beginning for both of you, so become even happier!!’

 I cried… everyone is comforting me like that.

 Kirika-san, it’s okay. I’ll definitely make you happy too. I’ll take care of Chinposuki and Hagetoru as well, so leave it to me! I’ll show Shumi-chan’s serious side!!

 ’Thank you for the heartwarming speech. Now, everyone, please stand up and raise your glasses.’

 Aqua and I also stand up with glasses in hand.


 Aqua and I tilt our glasses of sparkling water. Looking around, everyone was smiling. There’s such a thing as this kind of reception too. Although I’ve participated in receptions a few times as part of my job, the bride always seemed exhausted from doing everything alone. But I think I’ll definitely… no, I’ll be smiling a lot. Maybe I’m worried that I might even look a little too carefree.

 ’Next up, the bride and groom will cut the cake.’

 Huh… what’s ‘cut the cake’? (NB: cut => にゅうと/nyuuto)

 Could it be that I’m sticking my n*pples into the cake!? (NB: n*pple => 乳頭/nyuuto))

 Wait a second, sticking my n*pple color and areola shape into the cake is a bit too embarrassing, even though I’m confident in them.

 Oh… or maybe Aqua is going to stick his n*pple into the cake? No, no, no, that would be really bad. That’s definitely off-limits for broadcasting…

 While I was thinking about such silly things, a big cake knife was brought in front of us. No… well, of course, I knew it? I already knew!!

 ’By the way, the wedding cake prepared for this wedding? It was created by the groom and his friends, with the collaboration of a professional pastry chef!’

 Loud cheers and applause erupted from all around. Wait, did Aqua really make such a huge cake? Amazing… it’s so amazing.

 ”I only helped a little with the decoration.”

 Aqua gives a wry smile next to me. Huh… How can I not be happy about that? I mean, it means Aqua did something for me. Of course, that’s something to be happy about… And since it’s said ‘friends,’ it means the other Beryl boys helped too, right? Amazing… can we really just stick a knife into something so valuable?

 ’And now, it’s time for the cake n*pple… I mean, cake cutting!’

 Hey! Chinposuki, you definitely said ‘cake n*pple’ instead of ‘cake cutting’!

 Geez! But I can’t really say anything when I thought the same thing.

 Aqua and I use the cake knife we’re holding to cut into the wedding cake together.

 ’So that everyone can enjoy the cake, the staff will now serve it to each table. Please savor and enjoy!’

 Cheers and enthusiastic cheers echoed from the audience.

 Even Aqua was surprised by that reaction. Well, you know, it’s natural. After all, it’s Aqua’s… no, the boys’ cake that they made. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing to have boys’ cake in your life that you can eat.

 Everyone looked at the cake that had been brought in and engaged in lively conversations, imagining who might have been responsible for the decorations on this part. Meanwhile, thinking that no one was watching, Hagetoru was elegantly licking a plate in a corner of the venue. Hey! Don’t give me that look like you just accomplished something incredible! For some reason, Pancake-chan was secretly keeping a slice of cake in the background, but I’ll pretend I didn’t see it. How did she manage to sneak in? Maybe the security at Stars is really lax… I decided to stop worrying about the details.

 ’Now, everyone, for our last segment, we’ll be moving on to a performance that combines the speeches and entertainment from the groom and his friends. Is that alright? Everyone, please listen carefully and hold onto your hearts!’

 Huh… what, what’s going on!?

 All the participants, including me, started buzzing with excitement.

 The venue darkened as the lights went down. A spotlight illuminated a single person standing in front of the microphone.

 ’Nice to meet you all, I’m Nekoyama Toa. Aqua… and Kanon-san. Congratulations on your marriage. We’re going to sing a few songs that we’ve composed based on Aqua’s ideas, with lyrics by Shintaro and compositions by myself and Tenga-senpai, and arrangements by Moja-san and the two members of Trash Punks. If you’d like, please listen! Nekoyama Toa, “Waiting for love.” I will sing.’

 The intro started with a lively piano sound that made my heart leap. The upbeat and bright song got the audience excited.

 ’No matter how difficult the night, morning will surely come.’

 The first lyrics overlapped with my image of myself when I was full of despair.

 ’On slightly reluctant Monday mornings, I thought I didn’t want to be away from you. On Tuesday afternoons, even when apart, I’m always thinking of you. On Wednesday nights, I want to go to the aquarium together. On Thursday afternoons, how about sneaking out together? On Friday nights, let’s have a delicious dinner just the two of us. Saturday, I want to spend the whole day at home with you. On Sunday mornings, when I wake up, you’re right in front of me in bed. Hey, don’t you think these are all such happy things?’

 Ah… ah… ah… This is a story after getting married.

 When I realized that, I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness and warmth enveloping me.

 ’I love you. Just that alone makes ordinary days happy.’

 Oh no… I’m about to cry….

 I looked at Kirika-san, who was staring wide-eyed, completely frozen. Well, of course she would react like that.

 As Toa-kun finished singing, he handed the microphone over to Mayuzumi-kun.

 ’I’m Mayuzumi Shintaro. Aqua, Kanon-sama, congratulations on your marriage. If you’d like, I’d like to sing a song to celebrate your marriage as well. Listen to my monologue. I will sing.’

 Wait, wait a second! I’m already on the verge of tears from the first song, and, huh? Is this going to continue like this?

 I wonder if it’s okay, some people were already exhausted after the first song…

 ’When I suddenly closed my eyes, I saw a future far beyond now.’

 I gently closed my eyes. Well, actually, everyone in the venue closed their eyes immediately.

 ’I wonder how much time has passed. Yet even still, just by our fingertips gently touching, my heart beats for you. Baby, will you continue to love childlike me like this?’

 The slow tempo and Mayuzumi-kun’s gentle voice resonated in my heart… Actually, Mayuzumi-kun can sing pretty well. Isn’t this going to be amazing for the next live? It’s without a doubt going to surpass all those past performances. Everyone practiced so much… Not because they’re boys or girls, but just incredibly… And speaking of that, even I feel like my heart’s going to explode just from touching fingertips with Aqua. Is this okay? By the way, I thought maybe I should go to the hospital, but the doctor said everything’s normal except for my head.

 ’I’m sure I’ll fall in love with you every day. So, honey, gently hold someone like me, who’s childlike, every day. In return, I’ll whisper that I love you. Let’s continue to accumulate love together from now on.’

 By the way, it’s surprising that Mayuzumi-kun is singing such a slightly sweet and sentimental song.

 Among the four, I’m often told that he’s the most normal, but perhaps because of that, he has the freedom to grow more than anyone else, and I think he has the most unexpected qualities. That’s exactly how it felt in that commercial, too.

 After Mayuzumi-kun finished singing, he passed the microphone to Tenga-senpai.

 ’Junior, and Kanon-sama, congratulations on your marriage. Junior… once you’ve held the hand of someone you love, you’ll never let go again! This is Tenga Akira, singing “I Was Born to Love You.” Let’s go!’

 Hold on! It’s not just me. The audience’s life meters are already at zero!!

 I’m sure that after this sequence, Tenga-senpai will be followed by Aqua singing, right? People are seriously going to die for real!?

 ”Miss, rest assured that a doctor and an ambulance are on standby. Pegonia here will be with you until the very end.”

 Pegonia, who was standing behind me, whispered in my ear.

 No, it’s not very reassuring to be told that with such a nice smile. Actually, please help!!

 ’The moment I first met you, my heart beat stronger than it ever had before. Ah, I see! I was born to meet you, and my heart tightened with that realization, burning deep within my chest.’

 Whoaaaaa, wait, Tenga-senpai, you’re really good at singing like this?

 Were you hiding it until now? I feel like he’s not losing to Aqua…

 ’To make you happy, I’ll go anywhere to see you as soon as possible. So call my name! I’ll definitely be there, so you just have to wait in peace!!’

 Tenga-senpai’s shout, like a roar from his soul, awakened even those who were on the verge of death. It seemed like Tenga-senpai was saying the real show was yet to come.

 ’I want to love you forever until I die! Let me love you!! Oh yeah!!’

 The voltage was at its peak, and the venue was filled with heat.

 Looking up at the sky, clouds had formed due to everyone’s excitement… T-This is the legendary Beryl Cloud!!

 Let me explain. The Beryl Cloud is a phenomenon where, ever since that Summer Comic Market, the ceiling area appears cloudy due to the intense energy of Beryl’s live performances.

 Anyway, Toa-kun, Mayuzumi-kun, and Tenga-senpai handed off the microphone baton, which was then passed to Aqua.

 ’Thank you, everyone. Well then, for the final act, I’ll dedicate this song to Kanon from me. Kanon, listen.’

 Ah… no, this is definitely going to kill me….

 ’I, Shirogane Aqua, don’t want to miss a single moment with you.’

 Yes, I’m dead. Now, the maiden known as Kanon, or rather, Shumi, has ascended to heaven.

 No regrets in my life! As I was about to collapse back in my chair, Pegonia supported me.

 ”No, you can’t give up yet, Miss. The wedding night is still ahead, so hang in there!”

 Even if she says wedding night, it’s impossible, impossible, impossible, absolutely impossible!

 Despite my situation, Aqua began to sing.

 ’When I look to my side, you’re there. Those ordinary moments with you make me happy.’

 Upon closer inspection, everyone behind Aqua was playing musical instruments. It was the same during Tenga-senpai’s performance earlier, but everyone is just so talented…

 ’Even if I met you in a dream, that wouldn’t be enough. I miss you that much. So from now on, I want you to always be by my side. I’ll show you sweeter dreams than anyone else.’

 Aqua slowly approached me.

 Ah, ah, ah, th-this, this is a live performance for me, and he’s singing just for me.

 Tears that had been welling up already spilled over. While gently holding me, Aqua continued to sing.

 ’Every time you smile, let’s exchange a gentle kiss. In this moment, being with you is what makes me happiest.’

 Happiness… I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve said that word.

 As I sobbed, Aqua, who had finished singing, whispered to me.

 ”Thank you for falling in love with me, Kanon.”

 Who wouldn’t fall in love with this?… After all, the world’s coolest person, everyone’s idol, is singing for me.

 It’s harder to find a reason not to love this.

 ’Encore! Encore!’

 The applause of the invited guests echoed through the venue.

 After calming me down, Aqua took the microphone again and addressed everyone.

 ’Well then, in response to the encore, we’ll sing together as a group of four! “You’re beautiful.” Please listen!!’

 Huh…? Singing together as a group of four?

 There have been band-style songs with Aqua as the vocalist and duets. Wait a second, what does singing together as a group of four mean!?

 ’Hey, why do you look so anxious?’

 The first to sing was Toa-kun.

 Retaining his cuteness while also showing a bit of masculinity.

 ’If you keep walking with your head down, we might miss seeing you.’

 Mayuzumi-kun followed. With a slightly awkward smile, some of the noble girls began to flap-flap and swoon.

 ’Let’s walk forward with our heads held high. Show us your wonderful smile.’

 Tenga-senpai showed a different, somewhat adult-like composure. Isn’t his repertoire quite diverse!?

 ’We want to convey that to you through this song.’

 Aqua turned the microphone toward the audience who were present in the venue.

 ’Moja-san! Nobu-san! And John, Chris, come on up here! Let’s all sing together!!’

 Huh…? What’s he saying? Even the audience in the venue is surprised.

 The people who were addressed were also taken aback, but MojaP stood up with a “sure thing” and handed his camera to someone nearby. Then, Nobu-san got up and brought John and Chris onto the stage.

 ’Everyone knows how wonderful you are. And yet, you’re the only one who hasn’t realized it.’

 Could something like this really happen?

 Everyone stood up and looked toward the stage.

 The men in the audience were singing to all of us girls.

 ’Come on, lift your head high without looking down!’

 And the lyrics of this song, how wonderful they are.

 It’s a song where boys encourage girls to have more confidence.

 ’If anyone says you’re not beautiful, we’ll knock them out!’

 Before I knew it, I was hugging Hagetoru, Nee-san, and Chinposuki, all while crying. As I thought, Beryl, Shirogane Aqua, are the best. It’s good that I’ve fallen in love with this person, with these people… Hehe, no, words are failing me now.

 ’So come on, be brave, and show us your wonderful smile.’

 The moment the song ended, a resounding cheer erupted from the entire venue.

 But… Beryl, Shirogane Aqua doesn’t end here. They understood that, so the four of them exchanged smiles on stage.

 ’Lastly, let’s all sing this song together!’

 Lyrics sheets were distributed throughout the venue.

 See, I knew they were prepared up to this point. That’s Beryl for you, just incredible!

 ’Life isn’t always about good things, there might be bad days too. One day, you might be feeling down due to some dark news.’

 Even though all the songs up until now were new, the last song they sang was also a new one.

 With a rhythmic beat that felt like stepping to a lively pace, everyone unintentionally swayed left and right.

 ’But it’s because of days like those that we should clap our hands together and share our joy, so that tomorrow becomes a happier day.’

 To the rhythm of Aqua and the others’ clapping, everyone in the venue joined in.

 ’On the happiest days, let’s clap our hands even more. Hoping that this happiness reaches everyone!’

 Aqua came over to me, and all five of us sang together. I never imagined I’d be able to sing with these four and Aqua. The Beryl boys and other men spread out, joining nearby girls to sing together. Boys or girls, that doesn’t matter. The time when everyone sings the same song on the same level is an irreplaceably happy time.

 ”Thank you. Aqua, it was an amazing wedding!”

 ”Just so you know, this is just the beginning. Look forward to married life too!”

 Huh… is there more to come?

 Pegonia, who was behind me, was saying things like “Don’t worry, Miss, no, Ma’am, I’ll support you till the end.” But, n-no more, there’s no way, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no way! Unheard by anyone, I shouted this silently within my heart.

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