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Volume 7 Chapter 4 Shirogane Aqua, Who Really Needs to Change

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 ’Date, looking forward to it.’

 I grin as I read the message I received from Kanon.

 Since that day, Kanon and I have struggled to find time to meet, and we haven’t been able to see each other properly. We did manage to meet during the event, but it was too chaotic to have a proper conversation.

 I want to meet Kanon again to express my feelings and introduce her to my family and Ako-san soon. Of course, I must also greet Kanon’s family. This date serves that purpose.

 Although I hoped for more time to nurture our love and get to know each other better, considering our positions, I don’t think we can keep our secret love hidden for much longer. So, at the very least, I want the people we trust to know that we are together. Kanon has already confided in Pegonia-san, and I want Tenga-senpai and others to be aware too.

 Today, besides meeting Kanon, I’m heading to meet someone else to discuss our future. Now, how should I approach this? As I contemplate this, my car slowly comes to a stop, seemingly reaching the destination.

 ”Shirogane-sama, we’ve arrived at the destination.”

 ”Thank you.”

 I express my gratitude to the driver, an employee of the facility who brought me here, before stepping out of the car.

 ”I’ve been waiting for you, Shirogane-sama.”

 A mature woman’s voice greets me. Apparently, she’s been waiting for me at the entrance.

 ”Long time no see, Miyuki-san.”

 ”Yes, indeed… It has been a while, Shirogane-sama.”

 In the entrance of the tower apartment at my destination, Miyuki-san, who is responsible for my needs, awaits. Unlike her usual military-style attire, Miyuki-san is dressed in casual clothing today. It’s my first time seeing this private side of Miyuki-san, so I’m slightly surprised.

 ”I apologize for the trouble of coming all the way to my house today.”

 ”No, I’m the one who should apologize for inconveniencing you.”

 According to Miyuki-san, there have been suspicious individuals loitering near the facility recently. Interestingly, it seems that suspicious people resembling them have also appeared near my house. Just a few days ago, a dozen or so police cars gathered near my house. What’s more, due to the police cars blocking the road, there was even a tank or something like that stopped on the road, possibly being transported or I don’t know, and there were also a lot of self-defense force personnel outside. Maybe because of that, there were several helicopters flying in the sky. It was like an unreal atmosphere, almost as if they were filming a movie or something. I was really surprised. I wonder what that was all about…

 For this reason, I decided to meet at Miyuki-san’s house with some time in between. Of course, I made sure to communicate this to Kanon as well, so as not to cause any misunderstandings.

 ”Shall we head to my room?”

 ”Ah… yes.”

 As we ride the elevator together, I catch a whiff of Miyuki-san’s scent from her nape, tickling my nose. Her fragrance, perhaps from shampoo or body soap, fills the small confined space. A sweet and soft scent… upon closer inspection, Miyuki-san’s pale skin seems to be enveloped in a gentle pink hue.

 ”Here we are.”

 ”I’ll be intruding.”

 Miyuki-san’s home is surprisingly girlish compared to her usual composed demeanor. The cute pastel-pink interior exudes a sense of fluffiness, yet it’s still organized, reflecting Miyuki-san’s character. Despite that, her neatly made bed is covered in numerous stuffed animals, creating an endearing contrast.

 ”Wow, Miyuki-san lives in such a wonderful place, huh?”

 I was looking at things in Miyuki-san’s room and was surprised. Well, to be precise, I was frozen. Hanging normally from the ceiling of the room was a laundry hanger with women’s underwear hanging from it, completely defenseless. A freshly washed large bras and slightly worn panties that seemed to have been worn several times. Is there really a guy who wouldn’t react to such blatantly displayed items? No, there shouldn’t be such a guy. There’s no way.

 While thinking that Miyuki-san should have a bit more sense of crisis about being so defenseless, I naturally averted my gaze from the underwear as one of the basic manners of a gentleman. This sight is too much of a poison to my virgin high school boy eyes.

 Let’s think about Kanon.

 That’s right, if I try to think about Kanon, an image of Kanon in underwear vaguely comes to mind. Wait, that’s not right, that’s not right, Shirogane Aqua!

 D*mn it, my own mind is way too lecherous, it’s getting frustrating. After all, what the hell was that bra just now, I’ve never seen something that big!! I feel like just one side of it was about the size of my face…

 ”Is something the matter?”

 While I was thinking about such trivial things, Miyuki-san whispered softly, almost breathing onto my neck. Startled, I twitched and my body reacted.

 ”Oh… Could it be, you’re interested in my underwear?”

 Two heavy things press against my back. I unconsciously swallow my saliva.

 ”Hehe, I can’t really understand what’s good about something like this, but if you need it, you can take as many as you like, you know? Or would you prefer the freshly taken off ones? If so, should I take them off right here and give them to you?”

 Miyuki-san slowly leans her whole body towards me. Once again, today’s Miyuki-san seems a bit odd. Sensing something off, I decide to steer the conversation and gently push her body away by placing my hands on her shoulders.

 ”Miyuki-san, actually, I wanted to talk today…”

 ”I don’t want to hear it!”

 Miyuki-san forcefully jumps into my chest. Trying to catch her, I accidentally trip over a cushion on the carpet and fall backward. Oh no… I thought, but fortunately, there was a bed behind me that cushioned my fall.


 Miyuki-san straddles over me as I lie on my back on the bed.

 ”Aren’t you interested in my big breasts anymore?”

 Miyuki-san takes off the cardigan she was wearing over her camisole and drops it onto the carpet. She then grabs the hem of the camisole she was wearing underneath and quickly lifts it up. With that momentum, her exposed large breasts bounce right in front of my eyes.

 ”I know, you know. Shirogane-sama, you like big breasts… When you send such heated glances like that, even I, who’s rather dull, can notice.”

 I couldn’t deny Miyuki-san’s words. Even I, as an idol, am just a boy in private moments, and I think it’s natural for a boy to be interested in one or two breasts. Sorry, Akio-san, even though you told me countless times to be cautious around breasts, I can’t pretend anymore.

 ”As far as I’m concerned, I don’t understand what’s good about these mere chunks of flesh for Shirogane-sama, but if there’s demand from Shirogane-sama, please feel free to touch, squeeze, or suck as you please… anytime, you’re free to use them however you like.”

 Miyuki-san places her hand on the side of her soft-looking breasts and applies pressure, making them push together.

 With the added pressure, the already impactful breasts gain an element of flexibility, turning into an even more formidable presence. Of course, breasts aren’t just formidable because of that. The two nipples pointed towards me are etching their color and shape into my retinas. D*mn it, am I going to lose in a situation like this!?

 ’Don’t lose! Stand up!!’

 Someone shouted in my mind.

 Kenzaki… Aren’t you a Driver?!

 ’Driver…?’ I listen to the voice within my mind. Then a familiar figure comes to my mind vaguely.

 ’If you’re supposed to be the heroes for the children, if you’re called Drivers, then stand up and show it!!’

 Te… TENGA-senpai!! Right! This is a scene from episode 38 of Masked Driver!! Tenga-senpai, who plays Kamishiro, shouts loudly to encourage the fallen Kenzaki.

 ’Don’t give up hope till the end! If you give up, everything will be over right there.’

 That’s right… remember, remember it, Shirogane Aqua! You are Masked Driver, Heaven’s Sword, Kenzaki Souji, aren’t you!! Can you betray the children? The fans of the Drivers? No way…! What kind of breasts do I really want to see? Stand proud and answer, Shirogane Aqua!!

 ’TENGA-senpai… I, I, I want to see breasts. I want to see Kanon’s, Kanon’s breasts.’

 I rouse myself again against the part of me that’s about to lose to the sight of breasts right in front of me. Of course, what I’m rousing isn’t the other part of me down there. If that part gets roused, there’s no going back! I will… I absolutely have to see Kanon’s breasts! And I’m going to touch Kanon’s breasts, I’m going to suck on Kanon’s breasts!! So I can’t lose to any other breasts, not besides Kanon’s! That’s my true feeling, my strong will.

 ’Well said, Kenzaki… no, Shirogane Aqua. You’re fine now.’

 TENGA-senpai with a calm expression slowly disappears from within me. Thank you, TENGA-senpai within my heart, I won’t be misled anymore! In just a few seconds, I look at Miyuki-san with a calm and yet all-encompassing expression.

 ”Miyuki-san… I’m sorry. It’s true that your breasts are really attractive, and I apologize for staring for so long. Of course, I’ve used… your breasts as material before. I want to apologize for that. But for now, can we calm down?”

 I honestly admit the truth and apologize. That’s the answer I’ve come up with. It’s true that I’ve used Miyuki-san’s breasts as material many times, and that’s an unchangeable fact. So I won’t try to cover it up. I didn’t want to show a deceptive side to the children. I admit the truth openly and then I try to persuade Miyuki-san. However, she easily surpasses my shallow intentions.

 ”Shirogane-sama… I know, when you used the s*men extractor, you used my vag*nal data over and over again for ej***lation, didn’t you? Doesn’t that mean you saw me as an outlet for your se*ual desires?”

 Ugh… well, that’s right… I was pointedly reminded of the truth, so I avert my gaze from Miyuki-san. I don’t know how she found out about that, but embarrassment and guilt for having used her data without her permission well up inside me.

 ”In that case, why don’t you use the real thing instead of such a device? I’m sure my body can pleasure you much more than a machine ever could…”

 Miyuki-san unbuttons the top button of the soft fabric shorts she’s wearing underneath. Through the gap, the lace fabric of her pitch-black underwear and a small pink ribbon attached at the center become visible. Miyuki-san firmly holds a familiar device with both hands and sensually rubs it against her cheek with a glossy expression.

 ”Which feels better, the fake or the real thing? Why don’t we compare by using them? Unfortunately, mine is still unused, but it should be tighter and more accommodating to your shape. Of course, you can use it as many times as you like until you’re satisfied, and you can do whatever you want with my body. You can use it roughly if you want, and even though I’m a virgin, I can even take the lead. So, which option would you prefer, Shirogane-sama?”

 Miyuki-san slowly collapses towards my body. The warmth of her body temperature and the softness of her skin finally provoke a response from the restrained lower part of me.

 ”After all… Shirogane-sama, you’re responding so well to my body. And yet… Have you come to dislike me? I’ll change. Everything you dislike about me. So… so! Please use my body again soon!! I’m not asking for s*x, I just want to help. Please, don’t abandon me. I’ll do anything you want, as long as it’s what you desire…”

 Miyuki-san’s expression seems so pained. Is it okay to make a woman, Miyuki-san, wear such an agonized expression? I wanted to bring a smile to a woman’s face, to Miyuki-san, and yet I’ve made one woman so sad like this.

 ”Shirogane-sama, I… I’ve admired you, Shirogane-sama, not as your caretaker, but as Miyuki Heliodor Yui, and not as idol Shirogane Aqua, but just as Shirogane Aqua, since the moment I met you. I’ve admired you all this time.”

 As I watch Miyuki-san confess with tears in her eyes, my chest tightens. She’s saying that she’s liked me since the moment we met, which means she’s liked me since before I became an idol. I, who was so clueless, couldn’t have noticed. I hold Miyuki-san’s body tightly with strong force. Miyuki-san seems surprised by it, and she gazes back at me with a startled expression. Even though we’ve been talking, it’s as if our eyes have finally met now with Miyuki-san.

 ”I’m really glad for your feelings, Miyuki-san… so I’m sorry for not realizing them. But, there’s someone I care about, someone important to me, who’s already in a relationship.”

 I speak gently, trying to communicate with Miyuki-san’s heart. Although I didn’t hear it directly from Kanon, I assumed that it’s not normal for someone’s partner to engage in that kind of activity with other women. I want to treasure Kanon and put her first. So today, I was planning to tell the assigned Miyuki-san that I want to do the semen extraction alone from now on. I didn’t expect to convey that in this way, but since Miyuki-san confessed sincerely, I want to honestly express my feelings to her.

 ”Because that person is important to me, I don’t want to do anything that would make her sad. That’s why I can’t respond to your feelings, Miyuki-san. I’m sorry…”

 I release the arms that were holding her in order to calm her, and Miyuki-san slowly sits up, as if prompted.

 ”The decrease in the frequency of your s*men extraction, it’s not because you’ve come to dislike me or anything, right?”

 I nod silently. Somehow, when I look at Miyuki-san’s expression, it seems like the tension that was there when we first met is fading. Perhaps my intentions have reached Miyuki-san.

 ”Understood. Then, I’ll persuade that person.”


 Wait, what’s happening? Hold on, what’s going on right now?

 ”In other words, as long as the person you’re dating doesn’t mind, it’s okay, right?”

 ”Well, but…”

 My words are drowned out by Miyuki-san’s words.

 ”In that case, I’ll convince that person. It’s Her Highness Kanon, isn’t it?”


 Wait, how does she know?

 As I made a surprised expression, Miyuki-san tilted her head with a curious look.

 ”I am Shirogane-sama’s assigned s*men extraction officer, you know. I am aware of that much.”

 Miyuki-san had a face that seemed to say, “Of course I know.” Wait, could it be that without my knowledge, everyone around me already knows? No, this is getting too confusing…

 ”Hehe, then I will definitely persuade her. So please rest assured and use my services next time. Oh… you won’t be doing it yourself today, right? Understood… Although I really want your help, I’ll restrain myself just for today. Well then, I’ll pass the time in the lounge. Please contact me when you’re finished. And… you’re welcome to use anything in my room, so feel free.”

 I was surprised by Miyuki-san’s unusually talkative manner. Until a moment ago, her eyes had lost their sparkle, but now they were shining brightly. The conversation was taking an unexpected turn, and I was so surprised that I ended up frozen.

 ”Well then, I’ll take my leave for now… Oh.”

 Miyuki-san, who had tried to leave the room, turned back midway and returned to my side. Did she forget to say something? I thought that, but then she discarded her clothes in front of me, dropped her freshly removed panties onto her palm, and left. By the way, Miyuki-san put on a random one-piece dress and left without panties or a bra. Is that really okay? No, more importantly…

 ”Wait, hold on, uh… What am I supposed to do with this?”

 Left alone in the room. A faint warmth was transmitted to my right hand, and I was disturbed by the typical texture of women’s underwear. With the thought that I’d lose if I used this, I absentmindedly followed through.

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