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Volume 8 Chapter 10 Hakuryuu Aiko, These People are Saying Some Crazy Thing

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 My name is Hakuryuu Aiko. Just an ordinary writer, nothing more or less. Lately, I’ve been trying my best to cope with this boy from reality, but he’s quite different from the boys I know. Given my line of work, I’ve met boys a few times as part of my research. Some wouldn’t even engage in conversation, while others were so cruel that they’d throw my own books at me, saying, “A man would never say something like this.” That’s why the impact of meeting him for the first time still stands out in my memory.

 ”Sensei, there’s an incredible boy.”

 I got to know him through a tip-off from the assigned editor. She mentioned that in the second episode of Yakumo-sensei’s hit series “To You, Where theBlossoming,” there was an extraordinarily handsome boy. Having been in this industry for a long time, I’ve heard and learned various rumors and information known only to fellow professionals. So, when I heard the editor’s story, I tilted my head in disbelief. I couldn’t fathom such a handsome boy appearing in such a low-budget drama.

 ”Well, I guess I’ll watch it just to see.”

 After being alone, I watched the drama’s rerun on the internet. The production was as expected, and many fans probably thought they should have never adapted it into a live-action series. As a fan of Yakumo-sensei and “To You, Where The Flowers Bloom,” I had mixed feelings, but once I start watching something, I should finish it out of courtesy. The story had no particularly strong points, and it was approaching its end. Well, I thought that was it, but then someone’s back appeared on the TV screen.

 ”What the heck is this?”

 Yuujin… the one called “impossible to replicate” Yuujin was walking on the screen. Huh? Is this CGI? At first, I couldn’t quite grasp the situation and just stared at the screen with my mouth half-open. “To You, Where The Flowers Bloom” is an important work for me too. That’s why I deliberately avoided watching the live-action drama. However, I have no regrets about not watching it in real-time.

 ”Wait, does Yuujin-sama actually exist?”

 I hastily typed “Yuujin” into the search engine, and the related words listed were as follows:

 - Yuujin actually existed

 - Yuujin is in reality

 - Yuujin is real

 ”As I thought, everyone must have felt the same as me…”

 The actor playing Yuujin, Shirogane Aqua-kun, was like a boy straight out of a manga. He had a handsome face, but it wasn’t just the sharpness; I could also see his youthful innocence. His body was tall and slender, yet muscular, and just imagining a hug from him would make most girls wet. Above all, his unrestrained charm, the kind of masculinity that women don’t possess, was on full display, perplexing many women, including myself. Especially at the idol festival, showing off his abdominal muscles, a sight that women who have seen male plush toys would never forget. I, who had seen pictures of men’s soft, plump bellies in reference materials, repeatedly pressed the pause button to carefully observe the muscular abdomen that I had never seen before.

 ”Why does he have no wariness or fear towards women?.”

 I’ve pondered this deeply.

 The first thing that came to mind was that he might have lost his memory due to a head injury or something, and thus, he had forgotten his fear or wariness towards women. However, in this case, even if he had forgotten about that incident, I believe his body would still retain fear or wariness.

 ”Or perhaps he has never experienced anything that would make him wary or fearful of women?”

 That seemed even less plausible. If a boy like Aqua-kun had lived for 16 years and had never experienced such things, it would be unimaginable. If he had a family, a mother, sister, and a little sister, then assisting with his intimate needs or having his underwear used by his family would be commonplace occurrences. Most boys would develop wariness in such situations.

 Given my profession, I often hear stories like this. It’s quite common for boys to have experiences like bathing with their mom and getting their “thing” sucked every day or having their big sister help them in the bathroom and then using their hand to “clean” it. Some even have stories of sleeping with their little sister, who became aroused after seeing a morning “thing,” resulting in losing their virginity along with their first cl*max. No matter how normal a family might seem, Aqua-kun should have had an experience at least somewhat similar.

 ”What if he’s not from here, but from some other parallel world?”

 A world where boys don’t feel aversion toward girls. Suppose he was born in a world where boys aren’t considered valuable, a world where being sexually exploited by women doesn’t bother anyone. In that case, he might not have any wariness or fear towards women. That would explain everything.

 ”But, I might be overthinking it… There’s no way, right?”

 Due to my profession, I tend to indulge in various fantasies. A boy coming from a parallel world is just too far-fetched, even for me.

 ”Well then, is it about time?”

 I enter the room for the livestream, start up my computer, and launch the streaming software.

 ”Today, let’s resume practicing for the CR Cup. Let’s do our best.”

 I start the stream with a slight delay. As a few minutes pass, the chat starts filling up with messages.

 ’Good evening, Sensei!’

 ’Sensei’s perspective stream is a lifesaver.’

 ’Hakuryuu-sensei’s chat deletes comments written in hiragana as ‘nourin.”

 ’Sensei, is ‘nourin’ still not released?’

 ’We’re counting on you today, Sensei!’

 ’We’re here to witness Sensei carrying Shiro-kun.’

 ’This comment contained inappropriate words and has been deleted.’

 ’Nourin! Nourin! Nourin!’

 Maybe I should add “nourin” to the list of banned words… I ignore the chat and switch to the team chat.

 ”Eh? Euris is in this country now?”

 ”Yeah, that’s right!”

 When I entered the open chat room of the team, Euris and Shiro-kun, who had arrived earlier, were chatting with each other.

 ’Sensei, poeple says young people shouldn’t make others wait.’

 ’The old-timer is here again.’

 ’Sensei, don’t get in the way of the youngsters.’

 ’The old lady has arrived!’

 ’You guys, give Sensei a break!’

 ’Even though she’s kind, don’t mess with Ai-chan, but it’s okay here, she’s a great Sensei!!’

 They’re acting as if I’m not here, saying whatever they want… Well, if it prevents Aqua-kun and Euris’ chats from getting chaotic, I’d rather they focus on me.

 ”Oh, Aiko~! Good evening~.”

 ”Ai-chan, it’s been a while, are you well?”

 Uh… Shiro-kun calling me Ai-chan is bad for my heart. I never imagined that I’d be called Ai-chan by a shota at my age. Oh well, I guess writing light novels has its perks!

 ”Good evening, both of you. Nice to meet you again. By the way, Euris, is it true that you’re here?”

 ”Yeah, that’s right! I wanted to win in the actual tournament, so I wanted to play without ping, you know?”

 Ah, Euris is based in the States, so when she plays on the Tokyo server, there’s a delay of 0.1 to 0.2 seconds in the video feed. In a game where milliseconds matter, it’s considered fatal, but I think it’s impressive that she came to the country just for this non-pro match. Is this what youth is like?

 ”I see. How about we go grab a meal together?”

 ”Wow! Is Shiro-san treating us?”

 ”Of course.”

 Oh, that’s good, Euris, Shiro-kun… Since both of them are 16, something might happen if they have a meal together in a good atmosphere. I hope they do well. While I was thinking about these casual things, Shiro-kun spoke to me.

 ”Of course, Ai-chan, you’re coming too, right?”

 ”Huh? M-Me?”

 Wait, isn’t this supposed to be a thing where the two young ones go out to eat together? I’m an old lady, can I really join in?


 ’Seriously, Sensei, well done!’

 ’I smell trouble brewing!’

 ’Sensei, keep it going, Shumi!’

 ’10,000 yen from the message board users: ‘Sensei’s era has finally begun!’

 ’Do you understand, Sensei? This might be your first and last chance.’

 ’Sensei, how does it feel to have a younger person treat you to a meal?’

 ’Let Shiro-kun eat good food with this’ 50,000 yen by Oil Queen’

 ’Please, Sensei! Be the hope of MILF women like us!’

 ’If Sensei gets married with Aqua-tan, I’ll write a novel about it!’

 ’Sensei, we’ll support you. You don’t need to use your age as an excuse to give up.’

 ’Sensei, make sure you wear a proper date outfit, okay?’

 ’Use this to buy some competition-worthy underwear! 10,000 yen by nameless fan’

 Everyone…! Even though I’m already this old, can I still do this? Is it okay for me to try?

 ”Huh? Sensei, is it no good?”

 ”Let’s go together, Ai-chan!”

 ”Not at all. I’m going, please let me!”

 This is probably the biggest opportunity in my life. Glancing at the chat, I see comments scrolling by faster than before.

 ’Woah, Shumi, LOL!’


 ’She’s here!!’

 ’Sensei!! The official wife has given her permission!!’

 ’Shumi, you serious!! This is amazing!!’

 ’Every time she comments, she throws the max amount, LOL!’

 ’We love Shumi!’

 ’Shumi’s comment has saved all MILF women!’

 ’Mature women nationwide are crying!’

 ’I think even Aa-kun’s mom would smile at this comment!’

 ’Don’t give up, many people must have been encouraged by this comment!’

 ’Is this the quality of a queen?’

 ’Maybe Stars will be saved if Shumi becomes the queen?’

 ’I’m a foreign exchange student from Stars. I want to come back and bring Aa-sama with me!!’

 ’This will make the national fans’ mothers and sisters cry too!’

 ’But I still like Shumi getting jealous on Getsuku (Monday 9 PM Drama) LOL!’

 ’Are all the wives watching this? This is the power of Shumi’s wife skills!’

 ’She’s the kind of wife who checks her husband’s streaming partner properly. Even Aqua-kun would fall for that.’

 Ehhhhhhh…? Ah! It’s true, Shumi-san is commenting…

 ’Hakuryuu-sensei, everyone is rooting for you.’

 ’Going on a dinner date with a younger boy, that’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Enjoy it.’

 ’I’ve been saved by Sensei’s ‘nourin’ so many times. That’s why I want Sensei to be saved too.’

 ’Think about it this way, Sensei. Maybe the reason you haven’t had any good encounters until now is because you were meant to meet Shirogane Aqua. Other guys may have passed you by to get to Sensei. At least, I believe that about myself.’

 ’I think someone who’s leaving such a great comment must be none other than Ramen Hagetoru!!’

 ’I believe in you, Hakuryuu-sensei.’

 ’Earlier, Nee-san was also donating. She changed her name, though.’

 ’Ai-chan can do it.’

 I see… I can give it my all, can’t I? Aqua-kun and I have quite an age gap, but there’s no need to give up. Shumi-san has given me the encouragement I needed. That comment was so powerful, making me realize that I shouldn’t use my age as an excuse to give up from the start. Yes, that’s right. Even in the manga I write, the protagonist, a young girl, is determined and constantly pursues the boy next door. If I, as the author, were to give up and falter from the beginning, I couldn’t face my own work or the character I’ve created! I won’t run away, Hakuryuu Ai! No, Shirasaki Ai! I’m going on a date with Aqua-kun!! And we’ll create wonderful memories together!

 ”So, how about we all have a celebration after the CR Cup is over?”

 ”Sounds great! Let’s all go out to eat together!”

 ”Yeah, got it. I’ll keep my schedule open.”

 I input the plans into my schedule.

 Before that, I should buy a dress for the date at the department store, oh, and maybe I should get cute shoes too? And while I’m at it, I might as well, um, consider buying new underwear, just kidding! You know, just in case. Since Aqua-kun and I are a girl and a boy, from a biological standpoint, it’s not impossible, right? Oh, and I should make a hair salon appointment for that day… and also book the most expensive esthetician. Wow, my one-week schedule suddenly got packed. Wait, though. Going on a date with a boy, or more precisely, with Euris there too, but ignoring that for now, can just one dinner date make me this happy? Or is it because it’s with Aqua-kun that I’m feeling so happy? I know that even after the meal, we’ll go our separate ways, but still! I’m incredibly happy, and I can’t help but feel excited that at this age, I can have an experience that makes my heart race like this.

 ’Sensei, it’s for real!’

 ’Get pumped up!’

 ’Let’s consider a backup plan just in case.’

 ’Just in case… It’s a good idea to have painkillers and lotion on hand.’

 ’Above ↑, I’m sensing some unsettling words from the wife…’


 ’Madam!! Tell us more!!’

 At that time, I still didn’t know anything. I had no idea that Euris would have to return to her home country due to team circumstances, or that a future awaited where Aqua-kun and I would have a night dinner date as just the two of us. ************************************************

 Following Hagetoru, the time has finally come for these two to meet. Will it end with just a simple encounter, or will it lead to something more intense? But I guess intense contact right away might not be Aqua’s style at the moment. Now, Kanon, Hakuryuu-sensei, Kohina Yukari, and technically Toa-kana are all part of this, and Aqua is starting to notice something off. Actually, Sensei, you’re pretty much on point… By the way, how old do you all imagine Sensei to be? I haven’t explicitly mentioned it, but I’m curious.

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