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Volume 8 Chapter 17 Shirogane Aqua, CONVERSATIO

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 Mountains, in a word, are romance. Why do people climb mountains? When asked this question, a certain mountaineer responded like this: Because the mountains are there. Mountains, where you can feel the warmth and kindness that envelop you, the greatness of the motherly earth on your skin, are truly magnificent. But what if it’s not just one mountain, but several large mountains lined up? There are three…no, six large mountains lined up. No man in this world can help but have his heart skip a beat when he sees that! Yes, not a single one!


 The moment I entered the living room after returning home, I froze. Kanon, Pegonia-san…that’s fine. But why is Miyuki-san there? And all three of them were inexplicably topless, fondling each other’s breasts…no, to be precise, they were vigorously massaging each other.

 ”Uh, sorry.”

 I hastily retreated from the living room. Truth be told, I want to join them there too. Just sit down on the sofa and leisurely enjoy the majestic view of the divine mountains, casually saying hello. But there’s no way I’d be allowed to do that. Even though polygamy is accepted, my wife is Kanon. Yet the image of Miyuki-san and Pegonia-san’s ample assets lingers in my mind, floating around. Ugh, it’s because of thoughts like this that I’m no good! As a husband, as a man, I must not react to anyone else’s breasts but Kanon’s! I remind myself sternly. In the first place, I should have been more cautious when the living room was so noisy. Even during the incident with Hakuryuu-sensei, I reacted to breasts, and she easily took my lips. I can’t deny that there was a fickle heart within me that accepted it without resistance, even though I should have been able to avoid it with my physical abilities.

 Afterward, Hakuryuu-sensei contacted me, apologizing for what happened, but in the first place, it was my fault for acting all infatuated with a beautiful older woman despite being married. Even if that night, Hakuryuu-sensei smelled better than usual, her hair was immaculate, her face was sexier, maybe due to makeup, and she wasn’t wearing her usual glasses, and her clothes revealed her slender figure unlike her usual casual wear!

 ”Aqua, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you were back…”

 ”Oh, no, it’s my fault.”

 Kanon, fully dressed, came to call me, so I returned to the living room. I wanted to ask what had just happened, but of course, I wouldn’t bring it up myself. That’s the etiquette of a husband, no, of a man. But…if Kanon or the others want to tell me, I’m ready to kneel and listen anytime. Yes, it’s important to emphasize that I’m ready to listen, so please, Kanon, you can tell me anytime about what happened earlier!! Of course, my impure thoughts like that won’t reach Kanon, who is pure and has a clean heart. In the first place, let’s go back to the discussion from earlier: thinking about such things is why I’m no good.

 ”I’m sorry for intruding, Shirogane-sama.”

 ”It’s been a while, Miyuki-san.”

 After Miyuki-san and I exchanged greetings, Pegonia-san hold a paper she had in her hand.

 [Do you want to know why we were doing what we were just now?]

 Of course, I definitely want to know!! Is there even a man who doesn’t want to know!! Huh!? No, no, no! I almost let my true feelings slip out. Pegonia-san, please don’t confuse my innocent perverted mind like a grade-schooler.

 ”Shirogane Aqua-sama, Kanon-sama, congratulations on your marriage once again. Originally, I thought it might be a bit too soon to visit the newlyweds, but, Shirogane-sama…ah, this might be a bit confusing. May I address you as Aqua-sama?”

 ”Of course, that’s fine.”

 I replied, and Miyuki-san cleared her throat and straightened her posture. Her posture when she’s sitting is as elegant as ever, and I inadvertently find myself captivated by it.

 Kirika-san and Kanon both have graceful postures, but Miyuki-san’s posture is equally impeccable.

 ”Well then, once again, I’ve checked Aqua-sama’s schedule for this month, and considering your intention to participate in the Halloween Event and the cultural festival event just before it, I came earlier than scheduled today, as previously communicated.”

 Oh, right, that’s what we were talking about, but was it today? Wasn’t it tomorrow?

 I double-checked the email that had been sent to me, and indeed, it was marked for today. However, seeing that it wasn’t mentioned in my schedule, I probably received the email when I was too busy and forgot to add it to my calendar. Looking at the dates when the emails were exchanged, it was a busy time with moving, the CR Cup, Halloween Event planning, and preparations. But I won’t make excuses. Because I undoubtedly messed up by forgetting and not jotting it down.

 ”Oh, right. Miyuki-san, I’m sorry for being late, even though we had a promise. Kanon, I should have told you beforehand, I’m sorry.”

 I bowed my head to both of them in succession.

 ”No… Aqua-sama has a busy schedule, so it’s understandable. Besides, being a few minutes late due to work is not a problem at all.”

 Even if it were so, in some jobs, a few minutes’ delay can blow away important project negotiations in an instant. I apologized to Miyuki-san again for letting my guard down.

 ”I should have supported Aqua more as a wife, considering how busy you are… I’m sorry for collapsing yesterday.”

 I told Kanon that she shouldn’t worry about her collapsing. But at the same time, to avoid any mishaps in the future, I promised to keep Kanon informed of all my plans and transferred my schedule from my phone directly to hers.

 ”Oh, Aqua’s… Shirogane Aqua’s idol schedule is in my… I, I’m so sorry.”

 ”Miss, please compose yourself. Look, you’re about to drool from the corner of your mouth. You shouldn’t let your maidenly (shumi) side show.”

 Kanon stared at her phone as if in prayer, and Pegonia-san whispered in her ear. I’ve come to understand living with them that these two get along really well. While Kanon initially kept some distance from her own sisters, she’s completely spoiled Pegonia-san. Even though Pegonia-san mentioned that she’s her lady’s attendant, from my perspective, she looks more like a doting big sister who takes care of her younger sibling.

 At first glance, it’s a funny sight, but occasionally, when Pegonia-san smirks and says, “How about it? I’m closer to her than you, right?” it irritates me. I want to make her see that, one day, I’m the one Kanon loves more. For example, by showing off our lovey-dovey newlywed life in front of Pegonia-san, just to prove that I’m closer to Kanon!

 ”Earlier, I spoke with Madam a little, and today, I’ve come to discuss your future sp*rm extraction duties.”

 I can’t help but feel a jolt at the mention of sp*rm extraction duties. While I haven’t had Miyuki-san perform this duty since I started dating Kanon, she used to be the one to do it for me before that. It’s too late to bring it up now, but I wonder if Kanon doesn’t mind that I used to have such things done by another woman? I subtly glance at Kanon, trying to gauge her reaction.

 ”Ma… Madam… Awawawa…”

 Kanon covers her mouth with both hands, her face bright red. Hold on… Kanon, we’ve only done it once, right? When you react like this, it’s cute and enticing, but it makes me worry if we’ll be okay for a second time. Honestly, last night was also a postponement, and I’m wondering about tonight, but maybe it’s not going to happen after all. No, if it’s not possible, I can endure it even until the weekend…

 I think Kanon, who was probably a genuine princess, is like a treasure inside a treasure chest. Kanon might not be comfortable with things of a se*ual nature, and she might have lived a pure life without even knowing about Mas***bating and such. Or perhaps she’s interested in se*ual matters, and these reactions are genuine… Haha, no way, there’s no convenient twist like that.

 ”As you are aware, the current sp*rm extraction duties can be done either by self-stimulation or with the assistance of an officer. However, since Aqua-sama is now married, I informed Madam earlier that she will be taking over both the sp*rm extraction duties and the ej***lation management in the future. My role as the officer in charge will remain unchanged, but I will be in contact with Madam regarding these matters.”

 As I look at Miyuki-san’s somewhat sad expression, I recall the last time I had sp*rm extraction duties. Miyuki-san had told me that she liked me, but at that time, I was already dating Kanon, and being with Miyuki-san would have been a betrayal and an act I couldn’t condone morally. Even though polygamy is legal now, I don’t want to do anything that would hurt Kanon. That’s my true feelings, and it might not be something to say for a guy who reacted to another girl’s breasts earlier, but that’s how it is.

 ”But… I don’t want to sever my connection with Aqua-sama!”

 Miyuki-san said this with determination, then got off the sofa and knelt before Kanon. Hold on, Miyuki-san!

 ”Please, Madam! Can you give me a chance? I’ve already conveyed my feelings to Aqua-sama. At that time, Aqua-sama said that he couldn’t respond to those feelings because he didn’t want to hurt you.”

 Miyuki-san’s head was bowed down, almost as if she were rubbing her forehead against the ground.

 ”You might think that someone like me shouldn’t expect anything like this. However, however! Shirogane-sama didn’t reject me because I lacked charm. I thought that maybe, if that weren’t the case, there might be a chance for someone like me. Please, I’m not in a position to ask for this, but this is my first and last chance… Won’t you allow me to struggle desperately?”

 Miyuki-san, was she really… did she like me that much? Hakuryuu-sensei was the same, but there’s no doubt that the feelings both of them had expressed to me were genuine. Yet, I used Kanon as an excuse, and it makes me face my own dishonesty. That’s probably why Hakuryuu-sensei didn’t stop me at that time and instinctively chose that way of ending it. I still remember Hakuryuu-sensei’s expression after the kiss. She looked like she was telling me to properly face her and not to use Kanon as an excuse. In response to Hakuryuu-sensei’s sincere feelings at that time, the answer I tried to give… Oh, how despicable it was to realize it now. If Hakuryuu-sensei hadn’t stopped me then, and if Miyuki-san in front of me hadn’t struggled like this, I would have been the one making these two women unhappy. If I were to reject their feelings properly, I should have done it without using Kanon as an excuse.

 ”Please raise your head, Miyuki-san. Your feelings have been conveyed to me painfully.”

 Kanon comforted Miyuki-san and gestured for her to sit on the sofa again.

 ”Miyuki-san, I love Aqua.”

 ”Yes… But I don’t want to give up on these feelings either.”

 The two of them looked into each other’s eyes, their gazes earnest.

 ”So, what if I said I want to monopolize Aqua? The truth is, I really want to have Aqua all to myself. Honestly, the other day, I watched a drama, and I even got jealous when he was even nice to Kohina-san, who played as her sister.”

 ”I’m sorry… but even so, I don’t want to give up. Because Madam’s feelings are something I can understand as well, being the officer in charge of sp*rm extraction. Aqua-sama treated even someone like me as a girl. Just imagining someone other than me becoming Aqua-sama’s officer… just thinking about it makes my chest hurt. For Aqua-sama, it might have been normal, and it might have been the same for anyone else, but for me, it was something so special that it changed my life.”

 I hadn’t realized that what I had been doing to Miyuki-san had such an impact. I regret my own insensitivity in not noticing it sooner. I wished I could have realized earlier and helped Miyuki-san with her pain. When Kanon listened to Miyuki-san’s heartfelt words, she softened her expression and offered a gentle smile.

 ”Yeah, that’s true. Besides, because Aqua is so kind, I somehow know deep down that he’ll probably make that wish come true if I tell him. Maybe he’ll even request to play roles without interactions with other women in dramas… but, you see, that’s not enough.”

 Kanon turned her face towards me. At that moment, Kanon’s expression seemed slightly more mature compared to the girls in class, and it made my heart race. For some reason, Pegonia-san, who was grinning smugly in the background, was annoying, so I decided to ignore her. “How about that? I bet Miss is cool, isn’t she?” Even without her saying it, I know it! Oh well, let’s focus on this cool scene with Kanon.

 ”I don’t deny that other girls might fall in love with you, Aqua, because I’m just like Miyuki-san; I’m someone who fell in love with you. So… so, Aqua, I want you to take each girl seriously one by one. And if you ever wants to marry that person, you can go ahead.”

 Kanon took both my hands and gave me a bright smile.

 ”But… this might be selfish of me, but I want Aqua to always like me the most.”


 I squeezed Kanon’s hands tightly in return. As our warmth merged through our hands, Kanon and I faced each other and revealed our true feelings without holding back.

 ”The woman I like the most has always been and will always be Kanon. But, just because of that, I’ve realized that I shouldn’t use Kanon as an excuse to avoid other girls’ feelings. From now on, I’ll face them properly and then come up with an answer. Is that okay?”

 ”Yeah, thank you, Aqua. Oh… but, as the idol Shirogane Aqua, I still want you to continue bringing happiness to everyone just like before. I believe there are people who have been saved by you and those who will be saved in the future, so I hope you won’t restrain yourself. Please continue doing what you want to do with all your heart.”

 I nodded in response to Kanon’s words and embraced her tightly. I once again thought that I was fortunate to have Kanon as my wife.

 ”Understood. I’ll try my best on my own, but I’m a more hopeless man than I thought, so if you ever feel even a little anxious, please tell me right away. I won’t make decisions on my own anymore; I’ll consult with you about everything from now on. Do you think that’s okay, Kanon?”

 ”Yeah. Thank you, Aqua.”

 I slowly let go of Kanon. As a husband and wife, I should have to discuss things properly with Kanon-san. That was what Toa told me during lunch break today when we were alone. Toa must have subtly noticed that part of me as a friend. I’ve made Toa worry again. Next time, I promised to treat him to crepes after school. I’ll get them loaded with toppings to show my gratitude.


 Kanon got up from the sofa and approached Miyuki-san. Miyuki-san gently released the tightly clenched fist on her lap and embraced it with her own hands.

 ”Miyuki-san, as long as Aqua is not uncomfortable with it, I won’t blame you for your actions as Aqua’s wife. I can’t advise you to pursue a relationship directly with him, like marrying him. But as one of the maidens who fell in love with the same person, I’ll pray for your success. Keep doing your best.”

 ”Th-thank you… Madam.”

 Seeing Kanon embrace Miyuki-san, who was shedding tears, made me feel warm inside. Relationships between girls like this were really nice after all. Watching Kanon’s relationship with Kirika-san, Morikawa-san, Emily-san, and others, they all seemed to get along really well. In my previous world, I was told that friendships between girls were just an illusion, but in this world, it seemed that girls, with fewer boys around, had a more supportive attitude toward each other rather than competing.

 As I observed the two of them with warm eyes, Pegonia-san silently approached me.

 ”Is it about breasts again, Master (Danna-sama)? Do you like these lumps of flesh?”

 Ugh… just when I was finally feeling at ease, this person is really something else.

 Pegonia-san, you don’t need to lift those heavenly mounds like that… wait, could it be…! Are you not wearing a bra? Hold on, please wait a moment. Does that mean you’re not wearing one? Gulp… Pegonia-san’s natural swaying, free from any constraints, was drawing my gaze as if it were the most natural thing.



 Huh!? When I turned around, I saw Miyuki-san holding her breasts the same way, and Kanon looking sadly at her own chest, comparing it to Miyuki-san’s and the others. What am I doing, you idiot!? I vigorously slapped my own cheek. Of course, as an idol, I had to make sure not to bruise myself or hinder my work.




 Ouch… my cheek stung from hitting it, but this pain was a fair judgment. I stood up from the sofa and approached Kanon gently.

 ”Kanon’s are plenty big enough.”


 To be frank, Kanon’s breast size was ideal. They were larger than average and had just the right size that slightly exceeded the palm of your hand. They were comfortable to touch, and the way they swelled when she wore clothes was the most appealing size to me.

 ”I like Kanon’s breasts the most!”

 ”Uh, uhhh.”

 I needed to convey what was important. Because I had promised to do so, I decided to tell Kanon everything without holding back. Don’t be embarrassed, Aqua. I felt like Tenga-senpai was telling me the same thing. And it was as if Shintaro had given me a reassuring pat on the shoulder. Toa, Shintaro, TENGA-senpai… no, Tenga-senpai. Thank you… I, Shirogane Aqua, am okay now!

 ”But you know… those breasts are cheating. When Miyuki-san, Pegonia-san, Kirika-san, Emily-san, Kurogami-san, and others roll up with those wonderful things, it’s impossible not to look. No, if they’re flaunted like that, not looking would be a breach of manners, almost disrespectful, wouldn’t it?”

 ”S-So, you’re saying you look at Emily-senpai, Nee-san, and even our classmates like Kurogami-san in that way? Hmm, I see… so, you do like them big…”

 Saying something like this probably wasn’t normal. But through this whole series of events, I had come to realize something. I was… yes, I was incredibly dense. I didn’t want to misinterpret Kanon’s feelings because of it. In the worst-case scenario, just thinking about us parting ways filled me with despair. That’s why I decided to openly communicate everything to Kanon. It was my way of showing sincerity to her.

 ”But you can rest assured. Kanon’s breasts are my number one. Even now, I want to touch those lovely breasts of yours, and ever since that night, no, from the moment we first met, I’ve wanted to feel Kanon’s well-shaped breasts!! It might be shameful, but these are the feelings of me, Shirogane Aqua, not as an idol but as just a guy, a pure-hearted male student.”

 ”M-m-m-my breasts are Aqua’s number one… I see, hehe, I see.”

 Kanon blushed and smiled with a slightly intoxicated expression. What was it about that? Just a moment ago, she had a determined look, but this slightly dazed Kanon was so irresistibly cute. Yeah, I liked this side of Kanon, too. Well, I liked the cool Kanon as well.

 Ah, before I squish those breasts, I want to squish those cheeks.

 ”Well, in that case, how about trying all three at once?”


 Our three gazes were fixed on Pegonia-san. What was she saying when we were finally getting back on track!?

 ”Fortunately, isn’t today a day like that for Master?”

 Pegonia-san smiled and ran her tongue along the familiar tool she held between her breasts. When I looked at Miyuki-san, she was whispering something under her breath. So that was the thing I always used. Pegonia-san, hey! Give that back to Miyuki-san!

 ”Miss, you should also know about Master’s sp*rm extraction duties as his wife, and I, as the head maid of the Shirogane family, believe I should be knowledgeable about Master’s sp*rm extraction duties.”

 Pegonia-san stuck out her long tongue and traced it along the back of the tool nestled in her ample cleavage. Wait, isn’t this too erotic…? Pegonia-san then used the tip of her tongue to trace all the way to the round end and slowly sucked it in between her lips.

 I could only watch in astonishment. Oh man, how powerless I was. Sorry, Kanon. Even with my wife right in front of me, I was captivated by Pegonia-san’s tongue skills.


 Finally, Pegonia-san released the tool from her lips with a soft kissing sound and cut the strand of saliva that had formed between her glistening lips and the tip of the tool by licking her tongue across it.

 ”Hehe, since I’ve never sucked on a man’s thing before, is this how it’s supposed to be? What do you think, Miyuki-sama? Won’t you please teach us, two innocents and uneducated young lady who are completely ignorant about matters of the flesh? For example, how to handle this lump of meat that Master loves so much, or perhaps, using me as a substitute for this tool to help alleviate the swelling of a man’s parts…”

 No, no, no, no… where is the innocence and ignorance in that!? Sure, Kanon might be pure and inexperienced, so it’s natural she doesn’t know these things, but you definitely know, don’t you, Pegonia-san? You’ve ever suck p*nis like that, right?! No way… but if that’s true, then Pegonia-san is… no, no, no! That’s not it, Aqua! Pegonia-san is a maid, it’s not about whether I like her or not.

 ”Ah, just so you know, because I also like Master, please treat me properly from now on in that regard. But it doesn’t have to stick to the form of marriage. You can use me as a substitute for this tool to deal with that swelling, or just like a restroom for releasing your essence, you can use me. Ownership of this body belongs to Miss, meaning everything from the tip of my toenails to every strand of my hair is all Master’s property. So, how you treat Pegonia, whether it’s the way you treat me or Miss, it’s all Master’s choice. And Pegonia can feel just as happy as Miss does when treated that way… right?”

 Pegonia-san’s gaze was fixed on a certain point on my body.

 Upon closer inspection, I noticed that both Kanon and Miyuki-san were fixating their heated gazes on the same spot. Uh, it’s swelling… My junior, or rather, the other me, was pushing against the fabric of my pants so intensely that it couldn’t be concealed.



 Oh, somehow Kanon and Miyuki-san had approached me from both sides without me realizing it. Before I knew it, their breasts were lightly pressing against my body. Uh, well, there’s no escaping this now.


 There was no escape for me in this valley surrounded by six divine mountains, or rather, three pairs of breasts closing in on me. No, not breasts, Pegonia-san. I could only waver under the pressure of those breasts… I mean, her presence.

 ”Uh, wait…”

 As a person trapped in a valley enclosed by six sacred peaks, I had no way to escape. Yes, I had to convince myself that it was inevitable and go along with it. But wait, isn’t that wrong?! Come on, Aqua, get a grip! Stand up, Aqua!

 ”Do you dislike it, Master?”

 ”No, I don’t dislike it at all.”

 Phew… it was impossible, wasn’t it? In the end, even though I could have chosen a different path if I had stayed as Kanon yesterday, I was still a guy who had his first time with her. I had endured refraining from intimacy on the next day and struggled for a week until we moved in together. And on top of that, I was put on hold on our first day of married life, only to be surrounded by these breasts… No, there’s no way I could say I’m fine!!

 Determined, I decided to face the matter of sp*rm extraction with the three of them seriously.

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