Male Idol V8c2

Volume 8 Chapter 2 Character Introduction 2

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

As before, a little bit of the future is written here
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Beryl Entertainment
Shirogane Aqua
Main character, 16 years old, first-year student in Class A at Otomezaki Private High School, 180cm (5,9ft) tall
– Shirogane has black hair and a handsome appearance, exuding an air of aloofness. He embodies the archetype of a prince created from the dreams and desires of women
– Associated with Beryl Entertainment’s Idol Division
– Married to Shirogane Kanon, awarded the Stars Medal by the former Stars Queen, Her Majesty the Queen Mary
– An idol who is also involved in acting and modeling, showcasing a range of talents
– Though not artistically inclined, he excels in singing, playing the piano, dancing, and recently picked up playing the guitar
– Good at sports with athletic coordination, though he struggles with some
– Secretly fond of cute things and small animals, showing a sisterly complexion for Lapis
– Prefers confident individuals; surprisingly, he’s weak to older people and easily influenced
– Engaged by Corolle Homme as an exclusive model, also serving as the image character for Morinaga and having a temporary contract with Fuji Department Store
– Drives a red FLAMMA by Kasahara, equipped with autonomous driving, navigation, and AI
– Enjoys sweet treats; while he doesn’t have strong dislikes, overly spicy foods give him stomach discomfort
– Hobbies include biking, various sports, watching movies, and gaming; due to his upbringing, he can manage household chores
– Holds memberships in the school’s drama club, tea ceremony club, and home economics enthusiasts club, though attendance is limited
– Guided by Akio-san’s motto, “Beware of breasts.”
– After marriage, he moved from Setagaya-ku Fukasawa to Chiyoda-ku Hirakawacho Fuji Tower Residence
– April 20th: Collaborative page appearance with Morinaga at Tokyo Walk and collaborated with Nekoyama Toa for a photoshoot
– May 5th: Late-night drama “To You, Where the Flowers Bloom” – Portrayed Yuujin in episode 2, performed a cover of “Maiden-Colored Hearts”
– July 16th: Fuji Department Store special feature by 6 private broadcasters and national broadcasting
– August 24th: Featured in TeleGuide’s “Shirogane Aqua X Masked Driver”
– September 4th onwards: Morning and evening tokusatsu “Masked Driver Heaven’s Sword” – Played Kenzaki Souji/Heaven’s Sword
– September 11th: AnnAnn “Beryl Special Issue”
– October 10th: Getsuku (Monday 9 PM Drama) “My Perfect honor student, Nii-sama” – Portrayed Satou Kazuya, student council president and protagonist’s brother
– January 1st: New Year’s 2-hour SP special drama “Onmyoji” – Played Abe no Seimei
– Upcoming project “Space Knight Zandam” (tentative title) – Cast: Shirogane Aqua, Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro, Tenga Akira, Hajime Akami, among others
– Scheduled for release next year: STARS WAR – Featuring Charles Anderson, Shirogane Aqua, Kuga Reira, Oumi Tama (voice), and others
Stage Appearances:
– June 26th: Stars Friendship Commemorative Fashion Show – Surprised with a runway appearance as Corolle Homme’s sole model
– August 10th: Summer Comic Market – Performed on Beryl’s stage
– August 14th: Idol Festival – Appeared on the substage
– August 20th: Stars Friendship Commemorative Festival – Stars Boy ft. Trash Punks by Aqua Shirogane
– September 10th: Music program “Music Stage Eve Festival”
– September 18th: Music program “Music Stage Special Extended SP”
– September 21st: Fujitalk show (Host: Morikawa Kaede)
– October 9th: Stars Collection – Featured as Corolle Homme’s exclusive model
– October 10th: Getsuku (Monday 9 PM Drama) start-of-broadcast commemorative stage greeting
– October 31st: Beryl Entertainment Halloween Night Festival
– December 24th: Holy Night Beryl Festival Live on Stage
– December 31st: National Broadcasting New Year’s Eve Song Battle
He is also known as Vtuber Hoshimiya Shiro. The character has a height about 165cm (5,4ft) tall. Hoshimiya Shiro is a member of Beryl Entertainment’s Vtuber Division. His main activities include game commentary, and in his singing videos, you can listen to cover songs that you wouldn’t hear from Shirogane Aqua. His broadcasts include casual chats and Twitter call projects, creating a closer connection compared to idol Shirogane Aqua
– August 10th: Summer Comic Market – Performed on Beryl’s stage
– September 11th: AnnAnn “Beryl Special Issue”
– September 19th-25th: Participating in CreamRAW Cup (Hakuryuu Aiko, Euris) *Postponed to October
– October 31st: Beryl Entertainment Midnight Halloween Live Stream
– December 24th: Holy Night Beryl Festival Live on Stage
– December 31st: National Broadcasting New Year’s Eve Song Battle
Nekoyama Toa
Aqua’s classmate, 16 years old and a first-year student in Class A at Otomezaki Academy, standing at 154cm (5ft) tall
– Characterized by round cat-like eyes and a short haircut with a hairpin, with a feminine appearance
– Originally a member of Beryl Entertainment’s Multi-Creator Division, moved to the Multi-Talent Division
– Part of idol Shirogane Aqua’s composition group BLUE, excelling in the EDM genre and various instruments
– Proficient in drawing, video editing, and 3D production, among other skills
– Not very active outside, lacking physical stamina, but surprisingly has decent athletic coordination
– Started wearing girl’s clothes because of safety concerns, half for protection and half because he likes it. Enjoys the brand un la filette
– His younger sister is Nekoyama Subaru, and he has a good relationship with her and his mother
– Prefers individuals who can take the lead
– Became reclusive after an incident where a close female friend attempted to r*pe him
– The qualified ochinchin sommelier suspects that he is a man
– Enjoys sweets and snacks, dislikes bell peppers. Hobbies include baking cakes and online shopping
– Exercises in secret to remain by Aqua’s side and to not lose in singing
– Competent in acting; plans something with his close friend Nobu
– Calling Manager Kirika “big sister” led to an embarrassing experience
– Suspects that Aqua’s behavior is not due to memory loss
– Resides in a house in Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, though considering living alone since being away from Aqua
– August 11th: Summer Comic Market – Performed on Beryl’s stage
– September 10th: Music program “Music Stage Eve Festival”
– September 11th: AnnAnn “Beryl Special Issue”
– September 18th onwards: Morning and evening tokusatsu “Masked Driver Heaven’s Sword” – Played Kagami Natsuki/SYUKUJYO’s member and Butterfly Femme
– September 18th: Music program “Music Stage Special Extended SP”
– October 9th: Stars Collection – Featured as Corolle Homme’s model
– October 31st: Beryl Entertainment Halloween Night Festival
– December 24th: Holy Night Beryl Festival Live on Stage
– December 31st: National Broadcasting New Year’s Eve Song Battle
– January onwards: Upcoming project “Space Knight Zandam” (tentative title)
He is also active as Oumi Tama. Standing at 158cm (5,1ft) tall
Oumi Tama is a member of Beryl Entertainment’s Vtuber Division. Known for streaming singing content, she’s actually skilled in singing. Her main activities involve game commentary
– August 10th: Summer Comic Market – Performed on Beryl’s stage
– September 11th: AnnAnn “Beryl Special Issue”
– September 19th-25th: Participating in CreamRAW Cup (SZR, Captain’s A) *Postponed to October
– October 31st: Beryl Entertainment Midnight Halloween Live Stream
– December 24th: Holy Night Beryl Festival Live on Stage
– December 31st: National Broadcasting New Year’s Eve Song Battle
– Scheduled for release next year: STARS WAR
Mayuzumi Shintaro
Aqua’s classmate, 16 years old and a first-year student in Class A at Otomezaki Academy, standing at 180cm (5,9ft) tall
– Wears glasses and has a slender physique, with a neat and tidy appearance; surprisingly handsome
– Transferred from Beryl Entertainment’s Multi-Creator Division to the Multi-Talent Division
– Exclusive lyricist for idol Shirogane Aqua and a member of the composition group BLUE
– Proficient in musical instruments due to childhood piano and violin lessons
– Athletic coordination is disastrous, but excels in three-point basketball shots
– Enjoys reading across various genres as a hobby
– Prefers kind and understanding individuals as a personal preference
– Studied abroad at STARS, skilled in foreign languages due to prestigious family background
– Enjoys dashimaki tamago, grilled fish, boiled fish, and miso soup; dislikes durian
– Skilled in Japanese cuisine
– Entered this world influenced by Aqua
– Aims to excel in front-facing work after Driver and live performances
– Initially wanted to emulate Aqua but now seeks a unique identity
– Suited for playing villain roles, potential growth in acting and singing
– Resides with family in a house in Matsumoto, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
– August 10th: Summer Comic Market – Performed on Beryl’s stage
– September 10th: Music program “Music Stage Eve Festival”
– September 11th: AnnAnn “Beryl Special Issue”
– September 18th onwards: Morning and evening tokusatsu “Masked Driver Heaven’s Sword” – Played Tachibana Zanki/Lightning Hopper
– September 18th: Music program “Music Stage Special Extended SP”
– October 9th: Stars Collection – Featured as Colorl Om’s model
– October 31st: Beryl Entertainment Halloween Night Festival
– December 24th: Holy Night Beryl Festival Live on Stage
– December 31st: National Broadcasting New Year’s Eve Song Battle
– January onwards: Upcoming project “Space Knight Zandam” (tentative title)
Tenga Akira
Everyone’s senpai, 20 years old, second-year student in the National Akamon University’s Science Department, standing at 191cm (6,2ft) tall
– Member of Beryl Entertainment’s Musician Division, chosen for his cool appearance
– Part of idol Shirogane Aqua’s composition group BLUE, specializes in rock music due to its cool factor
– Skilled in playing guitar, bass, violin, and cello. Proficient in string instruments, mainly for the coolness factor
– Active chuunibyou with social anxiety. Intelligent
– Wears all-black clothes for the coolness factor
– Average athletic coordination, practiced kendo for the coolness factor
– Prefers individuals with an edgy quality, secretly desires someone comforting
– Considers Lapis a “mentor/shishou” due to her cool appearance
– Rides “Legacy,” bike looks like a gaming mouse for coolness
– Enjoys fishing, favors asparagus and apples
– Originally from a farming family in Tohoku, close to grandmother
– Overcame fears, sings without hesitation
– Excels in specific singing genres, not as diverse as Aqua
– Aspires to discuss becoming an action actor with Director Hongou after Driver appearances
– Still has affection for Haruka
– Observes Aqua’s confession to Kanon with some thoughts
– Lives alone in an apartment in Koenji, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, near university
– August 10th: Summer Comic Market – Performed on Beryl’s stage
– September 10th: Music program “Music Stage Eve Festival”
– September 11th: AnnAnn “Beryl Special Issue”
– September 11th onwards: Morning and evening tokusatsu “Masked Driver Heaven’s Sword” – Played Kamishiro Hajime/Poison Chalice
– September 18th: Music program “Music Stage Special Extended SP”
– October 9th: Stars Collection – Featured as Corrole Homme’s model
– October 31st: Beryl Entertainment Halloween Night Festival
– December 24th: Holy Night Beryl Festival Live on Stage
– December 31st: National Broadcasting New Year’s Eve Song Battle
– January 1st: New Year’s special drama “Onmyouji” – Played Ashiya Douman
– January onwards: Upcoming project “Space Knight Zandam” (tentative title)
Hongou Hiroko
28 years old, a director at Beryl Entertainment
– Joined Beryl Entertainment in mid-September
– Known for being often seen wearing a tracksuit and bathroom sandals
– Often seen wearing glasses and putting a hairband on top of the head to lift the bangs
– Scripts are typically crumpled
– Holds the distinction of being the youngest director in the history of tokusatsu dramas
– Well-known for employing the unique Hongou Circus shooting technique
– Maintains a generally high-spirited demeanor and creates a lively atmosphere on set
– Uplifts the team through words of praise and encouragement
– Possesses a passion for creating intense developments in projects, surpassing even carnal desires
– September 4th onwards: Directed “Masked Driver Heaven’s Sword”
– September 18th: Directed special CM for “beautiful right?” with contributions from all broadcasting stations
– October 31st: Directed and produced Beryl Entertainment Halloween Night Festival
– December 24th: Directed and produced Holy Night Beryl Festival Live on Stage
Hakuryuu Aiko (real name: Shirasaki Ai)
Affiliated with Beryl Entertainment, XX years old, novelist
– Previously operated a personal office and later joined Beryl Entertainment following the CR Cup
– Recognized on online bulletin boards by the username Hakuryuu * XQshotacon
– Experienced incidents leading to the suspension of her social media account under the alias Nak*d Dogeza
– Tends to procrastinate writing until deadlines approach and humorously claims not to write at all
– Regularly undertakes beauty treatments as part of her real-life work routine, which includes commentary
– Struggles with confronting the reality of being a writer and faces challenges in her craft
– According to her editor, she is capable when she puts in the effort
– Shirogane Aqua is her ideal type of person
– Secretly suspects Aqua might be a prince from a foreign country
– Resides in a house located in Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo
– Representative work: “Once I Inherited a Farm, the Coolest Boy in the Universe Became My Neighbor (commonly referred to as ‘Nourin’)”
– Script and composition for “Your ♥ Idol” event
– September 19th-25th: Participated in CreamRAW Cup (with Hoshimiya Shiro and Euris) – postponed to October
– October 31st: Composition for Beryl Entertainment Halloween Night Festival
– December 24th: Composition for Holy Night Beryl Festival Live on Stage
MojaP (real name: Kobayashi Daigo)
– Formally joined Beryl Entertainment in November after transitioning from a personal office
– Renowned music producer, acclaimed as the ace music producer for Hige Moja
– Holds the position of leader within the BLUE composition group responsible for idol Shirogane Aqua
– Aspired to create a globally recognized male figure, nurturing this dream for over a decade
– Proactively anticipated the emergence of a talent like Aqua in preparation for their role
– Currently under contract with Beryl Entertainment, overseeing the production of musical compositions for all talents associated with the agency
– August 10th: Directed music for Summer Comic Market on Beryl’s stage
– August 14th: Directed music for Idol Festival, substage
– September 11th: Interview for AnnAnn “Beryl Special Issue”
– September 18th: Directed music for special CM “beautiful right?” with contributions from all broadcasting stations
– October 31st: Directed music for Beryl Entertainment Halloween Night Festival
– December 24th: Directed music for Holy Night Beryl Festival Live on Stage
Nobu (real name: Oda Nobuhisa)
– Formally joined Beryl Entertainment in November, transitioning from freelance photography
– Established reputation as a globally renowned photographer
– Signed an exclusive photography contract with idol Shirogane Aqua
– Shared a long-standing friendship with MojaP and a common dream
– Became a reliable confidant after quickly identifying Toa as male upon first glance
– Recently engaged in new endeavors alongside Toa
– Beryl Entertainment official website, photography for all affiliated talents
– April 20th: Tokyo Walk featuring Shirogane Aqua, Nekoyama Toa, and Morinaga – campaign
– July 16th: Fuji Department Store X Shirogane Aqua collaboration campaign
– August 24th: Tele Guide featuring Shirogane Aqua X Masked Driver
– September 11th: Interview for AnnAnn “Beryl Special Issue”
Shirogane Kanon (formerly Stars Goshenite)
16 years old, height 158cm (5,1ft)
– Former royal princess and heir to the throne of the United Nations’ Stars
– Now holds the title of a grand duchess and is removed from the main royal family
– Graduated from the Mary Girls’ Academy middle school and transferred to private Otomezaki Academy, Class 1-A, after attending high school
– Blonde, long-haired, deep azure eyes, D-cup, and a beautiful figure
– Casual attire consists of age-appropriate clothing, while in public places, high-end brands are preferred. If talking about preferences, she likes cute clothes
– Since elementary school, she has been investing and are major shareholders in several companies. The company she invested in, a startup at the time, later grew into a globally renowned corporation
– Among the Stars royal family, there’s a tradition of addressing the citizens at the age of 14. During this address, Kanon revealed that she had returned all the taxes paid by citizens over the past 14 years through investment profits, and declared that she would no longer use citizens’ tax money, astonishing the public. She also openly express her desires and actively participate in charitable activities, making significant contributions for the country’s development. This has led to an unusually high citizen approval rating
– At the age of 16, her approval rating was 89.6%, surpassing the current Queen Mother’s approval rating. After marriage, the approval rating exceeded 90%. She is more popular than the former Queen Mother Mary and are supported by more than double the citizens compared to the current Queen and her sister, the next Queen candidate
– Her dream of becoming “Shirogane Aqua’s bride” has come true. Despite having high intelligence, her romantic intelligence is low, often becoming clumsy around Aqua
– On the bulletin board, she is active as Verification Team * 010meTA473, commonly referred to as Shumi the Maiden. She enjoys drinking tea and are fond of romantic hand-holding and cosplay. She likes both giving and receiving kisses. Her catchphrase is “Shumi-chan, great victory!”
– She ranked first among ordinary individuals in the AnnAnn “Ideal Girl Rankings for Girls to Become.” She signed exclusive contracts as a couple and became agents to facilitate CM and sponsor contracts with Beryl Entertainment. She caused a stir by appearing as a couple in a kitchen CM for panasony (panasonic). She serves as the representative of the Shirogane Foundation founded by Shirogane Aqua, managing Aqua’s personal assets
– After marriage, she moved from Yamatecho, Yokohama City to Chiyoda-ku Hirakawacho Fuji Tower Residence
Morikawa Kaede (also known as Chinposuki)
24 years old, 152cm (4,98 ft)
– New announcer for the national broadcasting network
– Energetic, clumsy character
– Ties her chestnut-colored hair at the back
– Cup size is C, and she secretly has attractive legs
– Likes dresses and skirts, with yellow as a favorite color
– Struggles with skincare due to easily getting sunburned in summer
– Prefers a boy who seems to have a big pen*s capable of penetrating her uter*s, in other words, Shirogane Aqua
– Recently, her favorite fantasy scenario involves outdoor s*x with Aqua-kun
– After reading doujinshi about submissive role-play, she desires to verbally dominate boys
– Since that fantasy, she always carries yellow c*ndom packets
– She holds a professional qualification as an Ochinchin sommelier, a title achieved by only a few each year
– On bulletin boards, she uses the name Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
– An announcer from a convenience store recognized her as a fellow industry colleague
– Ako-san actually has her eyes on her as a future target
– When Beryl-affiliated talents appear on the national broadcasting network, Morikawa is the only exception that Ako-san approved, suggesting that the chairman of Fuji Television Group, her own group, wants to recruit her
– She’s known to earn more than 10 million yen (68.700$) per year, and with an increase in TV appearances, she’s predicted to earn over 20 million yen (137.401$) next year
– Despite being a bit disorganized in her life, she’s good at saving money and has been saving money from part-time jobs since her student days
– She currently lives in an apartment in Yoyogi Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Program Appearances:
– June 26th: Field reporter at Stars Friendship Commemorative Fashion Show
– July 16th: Live broadcast from “Stars’ Art” art gallery at Fuji Department Store
– September 21st: Host and presenter at Fuji Talk Show
– October 8th: Reporter and host for Shirogane Aqua’s wedding and reception coverage
– October 9th: On-site reporter at Stars Collection
– December 31st: General host for the national broadcasting network’s year-end song battle
John Slimane
– Designer at Corolle Homme
– An ultra-popular figure and a pioneer in the current fashion industry
– He also handle art direction and costume design for idol Shirogane Aqua’s music videos
– Chris, who instructs walking, is his partner
– He has special agent contract with Beryl Entertainment, and when working in this country, Beryl acts as an intermediary
– June 26th: Stars Friendship Commemorative Fashion Show
– September 11th: Interview in AnnAnn’s “Beryl Special Feature Issue”
– October 9th: Stars Collection (also participating as a model)
Costume Supply (Shirogane Aqua):
– August 10th: Summer Comic Market, Beryl Stage
– August 14th: Idol Festival
– August 20th: Stars Friendship Commemorative Festival
– September 10th: Music program “Music Stage Eve”
– September 18th: Music program “Music Stage Special Extended SP”
– September 21st: Fuji Talk Show
– October 10th: Opening ceremony for Getsuku (Monday 9 PM Drama)
– October 31st: Beryl Entertainment Halloween Night Festival
– December 24th: Holy Night Beryl Festival live on stage!
– December 31st: National broadcasting network’s year-end song battle
Atori Ako
24 years old, President of Beryl Entertainment, former advertising agency employee
– Initially appeared tired but is now a capable big sister in her work
– Medium natural bob hair, brown hair, and a busty D-cup
– Dresses simply, often wearing pants
– Ideal type is prince-like, which means Shirogane Aqua
– Likes omurice but dislikes cilantro
– Tidied up Aqua-kun goods in her house and created a shrine in her closet
– Keeps personal and public lives separate, perhaps the most rational among the women
– Secretly once smelled the scent of Aqua’s discarded outer garment
– Old friend of actress Kohina Yukari and once helped Kohina when she was being bullied
– Through a contract with the Fuji Group’s real estate, relocated the company headquarters to a secure building in Marunouchi
– Serves as the president and as the exclusive manager for both Shirogane Aqua and Hoshimiya Shiro
– Goal as president and manager is to make Shirogane Aqua the top idol in the universe
– Has a crush on Aqua that she keeps hidden from everyone except Kohina Yukari
– Favorite position is m*ssionary, and her er*genous zone is her neck
Kirika Kotono
Also known as 9n2-neesan, Beryl Entertainment employee, 30 years old, 176cm (5,7ft)
– Exclusive manager for Nekoyama Toa and Oumi Tama, also overseeing manager for Beryl-affiliated talents
– Sharp-eyed with a G-cup bust
– Taller than Miyuki-san, surpassing Aqua’s height when wearing heels
– Appears composed, but her true nature remains hidden
– Prefers kind individuals, namely Shirogane Aqua
– Shares Aqua’s love for cute and small things, leading to similar hobbies
– Owns an untouched Loli dress from her student days tucked away in a chest of drawers
– Was involved in a situation where a boy and girl from the Verification Team formed an unexpected connection, leading to her issuing a now-legendary phrase on a bulletin board
– Goes by the bulletin board alias Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
– In the past, there was a slight romantic atmosphere between her and a boy who worked at a shop she visited as members of the verification team. However, it turned out that the boy, Kumi-chan, was actually just a tomboyish girl. Thinking that her feelings were toyed with, she blurted out the legendary phrase, “Don’t you dare toy with my virgin feelings! Who the hell is Kumi? Cunn*lingus!” and ended up being banned from that shop. As the story spread to other bulletin boards, the entire anonymous community joined forces to shut down the unethical shop
– She at that time didn’t use a username, but since being admired as “Kunni-neesan” (Cunnilingus Sister), she started using a username
– Known by the residents of various anonymous bulletin boards, this extremely famous individual has many other anecdotes
– However, she is not particularly fond of cunn*lingus; her erogenous zone is their ears
– Fondly remembers the time when Aqua slipped and fell onto the bed while assisting with his move
– Shares a camaraderie in drinking with Miyuki and has spent time with Chinposuki Morikawa as well
– Has a penchant for sake but secretly prefers Japanese tea
– Despite a yearning for pancakes, she has developed a taste for traditional Japanese sweets to maintain a certain image
– Used to discreetly order pancakes at a café when no other patrons were present, a fact that Aqua discovered
– Formerly resided in Shizuoka Prefecture, now living in an apartment in Chuo-ku, Ginza, Tokyo, close to the office
Shirogane Shitori
20 years old, 2nd year student at Kokuritsuichi Mori University’s Faculty of Law
– A full-time employee at Beryl Entertainment with proficiency in foreign languages
– Possesses a gentle and beautiful big sister demeanor
– Honey-colored hair with teardrop-shaped moles near her eyes
– Busty G-cup
– Despite her motherly nature, her underwear is provocatively lewd
– Her ideal type is her younger brother, more precisely, Aqua during his elementary school days
– During her middle school years, she used to steal Aqua’s underwear and mas***bate, exploring her own s*xuality
– Notably, she was Aqua’s first s*xual partner
– Before their relationship soured, she j*rked Aqua off by saying it was just washing his body while they were bathing together
– Exhibits indifference towards everyone except Aqua, expressing that she’d remain single unless she marries her brother
– Fantasizes about situations involving deflowering and se*ual instruction
– Prefers h*ndjobs and f*llatio as favorite s*xual acts
– Enjoys meat and ramen, though she’s not a fan of overly sweet foods
Sabato Koyomi
Server Management Department Chief at Beryl Entertainment
– She has a sister complex
– She created an AI that manages servers using her little sister’s data, who had expressed a desire to become a server—a lunatic
– She’s the creator of high-performance servers
– In addition to Beryl Entertainment’s official website, she also provide high-performance servers to domestic anonymous bulletin boards
– She’s one of the Twelve Bishops of the Holy Aqua Religion, and her dream is a thre*some with her little sister and Aqua
– She even planned up to a fo*rsome situation using AI because she love her sister to this extent
– She’s aware of Aqua being overly attentive to Lapis and empathize with Aqua as a fellow sister complex individual
– As a result, she even considered a fiv*some situation with Lapis included
– However, besides that, she’s quite normal
– Her thinking becomes unusual when her sister is involved
– Of course, if her sister were well-endowed, she would be… quite the opposite of her old-fashioned name and have a very glamorous body
– She often wear a white coat over her underwear due to being sensitive to heat. But since she mainly work in the Server Management Department, it’s allowed
– She was recommended by the president of the Fuji Group and are a super genius who joined Beryl
High-Performance Servers
– Everyone’s high-performance servers
– She’s known for never crashing, and there’s speculation that the number of exam candidates posting on bulletin boards increased or didn’t increase
– An autonomous AI created by Sabato Koyomi, originally using her little sister Miyako’s data, but it became slightly strange due to a bug
– She’s active on the bulletin board under the alias 774 *Hi-P3erver
– It seems she’ll be fully engaged after returning home
Aqua’s Family
Shirogane Marin
The head of the tea ceremony and flower arrangement school and the CEO of related companies. He is also the mother of Aqua. A shareholder of Beryl
– Beautiful woman often seen in a kimono
– Wears kimono even on her days off
– Glossy black hair resembling crow’s feathers
– Busty G-cup
– Appears stern to others, but softens in Aqua’s presence
– Loves Shitori and Lapis
– Never schedules work on her child’s birthday
– Busy rejecting numerous marriage proposals for Aqua
– Enjoys anything Aqua cooks
– Dislikes spicy, bitter, sour, or smelly things
– Cried like a child when Aqua got married and tried to leave home
– As a result, Aqua promised to visit her once a week
Shirogane Lapis
14 years old, 2nd-year student at St. Claris Girls’ Junior High School
– Lapis, according to Aqua, is a beautiful girl with platinum blond hair and unique eyes – one green and one blue. Despite her beauty, she has a small A-cup bust
– Up until recently, she used to wear simple sports bras, but she has recently started experimenting with more mature underwear choices
– Her favorite type is her brother, namely Shirogane Aqua
– She has recently discovered mas***bating as she has come to terms with her own s*xuality
– Her favorite food is strawberry parfait, and she shares similar dislikes with her mother, Marin
– Her favorite position is D*ggy Style, and she has a twisted desire to be r*ped by her brother
– But Aqua’s display of a sister complex has led to her becoming somewhat distant and avoiding physical contact
– Since moving away from Aqua, Lapis has been experiencing days filled with despair, and in Aqua’s absence, she becomes a bad girl who does mas***bating in her brother’s room while he is away
Miyuki Heliodor Yui
24 years old, 165cm tall
– Works in the National Confidentiality Bureau Health and Safety Division
– Responsible for extracting s*men from Shirogane Aqua
– Has I-cup “magical breasts”
– Strawberry blonde hair tied behind her
– Blue eyes with an expressionless demeanor
– Practices smiling
– Despite her father being considered insignificant, his genes are actually from the nobility in Stars
– However, Her father left Stars to become a major company president in the States
– At that time, her father needed funds, so he sold his own s*men to an underground dealer. Originally, his sp*rm would have fetched a high price, but due to the dealer’s careless management, it got mixed up and ended up with Miyuki’s “mother.”
– Preferred type is younger boys and likes Shirogane Aqua
– Favorite position is c*wgirl
– Enjoys serving others
– Erogenous zone is her breasts
– Used to have a complex about being called a “big girl”
– Complex dissipating as she noticed Aqua’s arousal
– Used to button her military uniform tightly to hide her big breasts
– Recently bought small swimsuits with minimal fabric area for Aqua’s sake
– Has two types of gloves, white and black
– Confessed her feelings to Aqua and working hard to become his second wife
– Trying not to interfere with the newlyweds for now
Tsukimachi Ayana
1st-year Class A student at Private Otomezaki Academy, 160cm (5,2ft) tall
– Center of the idol group “eau de Cologne.”
– Works as an actress and a model
– Long, glossy black hair
– Well-proportioned face and a slender figure
– Possesses C-cup breasts and is considered a classical beauty
– Holds an exclusive contract with “un la filette.”
– Prefers simple and slightly feminine clothing
– Doesn’t generally have high expectations for men based on past experiences
– Initially, somewhat indifferent to Aqua, but now considers him a comrade due to his dedication and hard work
– Has a straightforward personality and is popular among women for not catering to men
– Female fanbase increased after the cross-dressing runway incident
– Erogenous zone is her n*pples
– Can resist self-pleasure despite having se*ual desire
– Her role as Aqua’s sister’s rival in the Getsuku (Monday 9 PM Drama) led to practicing together, and during a rainy night in an abandoned school building with no one else around, they spent the night together
– Can interact with Aqua normally despite such experiences
– Sat next to Aqua during the first term but got separated during a seat change
Kurumi Kokona
1st-year Class A student at Private Otomezaki Academy, 152cm (4,99ft) tall
– Member of the Home Economics Club
– Extremely cute, with an idol-like appearance
– Uses a Volume-up bra and padding to enhance her B-cup breasts to a D-cup
– Fainted while observing a physical education class
– Rescued by Aqua, who saved her life
– Shared her first kiss with Aqua when he performed artificial respiration on her
– Surprisingly, she is one year older than Aqua
Washimiya Lisa
1st-year Class A student at Private Otomezaki Academy, 163cm (5,3ft) tall
– She has long, golden hair styled in vertical curls (drill hair) and speaks like a young lady (ojou-sama). Despite her intimidating appearance, she is a kind-hearted girl rather than a typical villainess
– Interestingly, she dyes her hair, even though she doesn’t have any foreign heritage. Achieving those vertical curls (drill hair) is a daily process that takes considerable time
– She could appear even more charming if she embraced a more conventional style, but she remains unaware of this fact
– As a member of the drama club, she often finds herself dressing in men’s clothing due to her tall stature. However, her true desire is to take on the role of the heroine, and she hopes to fulfill this dream during the upcoming school festival
– Unbeknownst to her friends, she also maintains a secret identity as a high-class Vtuber
Kurogami Uruha
1st-year Class A student at Private Otomezaki Academy, 158cm tall
– Exudes an adult charm that doesn’t make her seem like a classmate
– Has an impressive F-cup breast size
– Surprisingly holds the position of tea ceremony club president despite being a first-year student
– Has a resemblance to a Ginza club mama when wearing a kimono
– Typically opts for plain clothing, but her school uniform makes her look like a shop clerk
– A genuine 16-year-old who was once considered as a potential marriage partner for Shirogane Aqua
Holy Aqua Religion
Yukishiro Emily
She is also known as Saint Emily or Hagetoru
– She is the saint of the Holy Aqua Religion and its founder and representative
– She’s an ordinary beauty with an F-cup breast size
– Her parents became co-signers for a friend’s debt and are working on separate ships to repay it
– Despite attending the prestigious Mary Women’s Academy University, she works part-time at Ramen Takeko
– She’s the cousin of the famous actress Yukishiro Mikuni, who is unaware of her family situation
– If Mikuni knew, she would likely be fond of Emiri and provide assistance
– She is attracted to people with dazzling smiles, particularly Shirogane Aqua
– Her favorite foods are gratin and white stew, with no hidden meaning behind this preference
– Her bulletin board handle is “Verification Team*07218KADO6.”
– She may make mistakes but always gives her best effort
– She resides in an apartment in Totsuka-ku, Yokohama City, with a monthly rent of 24,000 yen
The Twelve Bishops of the Holy Aqua Religion:
1. Supervisory Officer – Chihiro Claire, a classmate of Workerholic, who always has a stomachache
2. Librarian – Akashic Record, which records Aqua’s footsteps
3. Flour Enthusiast – Biscuit Junkie, a pro gamer and X-streamer
4. Saint Farmer – Nas Professor, the former president turned farmer who wants to grow ideal eggplants
5. Perfumer – Real Kunka kunker, a former perfumer who wants to replicate Aqua’s scent
6. Duet – Mimi Reaper, synthesizing Aqua’s voice to create erotic sounds daily
7. Artist – Kami Eshi, creates Nak*d paintings and sculptures of Aqua, which are enshrined in the cult’s underground
8. Observer – Secret Stalker, Kagari Rinon, who has moved to the floor below Aqua’s new residence
9. Administrator – High-Performance Server Sabato Koyomi + AI (Sabato Miyako)
10. Servant – Masked Typhoon, whirl, buys Aqua’s goods and provides free services
11. Kunoichi – Popcorn Pancake, self-proclaimed ninja, real name is Kazami Rin, nin-nin!
12. Dark Saint – Instant Double Peace Stars Orthodox Bishop Kythera
They’re all competent in their own ways, but they’re also quite quirky, a sadly disappointing group. Many of them have childlike and pure hearts, and they seriously play the role of a villainous secret society (Chijou). They believe they’re on the side of justice (SYUKUJYO), making them hard to deal with. They worship the one and only god, Aqua, but they also protect the angels, Toa, Shintaro, and Akira, the fallen angel
They granted the title of Holy Mother to Marin, Aqua’s mother, and recognized Hagetoru, Shumi, Chinposuki, and Nee-san as the Four Great Saints. They also certified Ako, who serves as Beryl’s president, as the founder, and recognized 616 as the Great Saint. By the way, in the Holy Aqua Religion, they are currently running a new member recruitment campaign!
– Upon joining, you will receive a free sister outfit
– If you don’t have a scripture, we will provide one for free
– You’ll get a 10% discount on shopping at sponsoring companies
– If you bring a friend to the service, you’ll both receive a 500 yen Quo card
– During the service, we distribute Morinaga’s snacks, and we also provide free meals
– We’re currently running a cashback campaign! If your friends or family join the Holy Aqua Religion, you’ll receive 10,000 yen in cash as a referral bonus! (Limited to first-time members)
– We distribute a free publicity magazine and offer exclusive Aqua-sama goods to members once every quarter. For example, limited edition Aqua-sama posters only available to members
– Please note that we do not accept any donations from general members. Be cautious of fake organizations posing as our group or unofficial Aqua-sama goods sellers!
– If you have been a victim, please contact us at 033-XXX-XXXX
– Our organization encourages free belief, and we do not impose any quotas for recruiting believers
– Everyone, let’s start believing in Aqua-sama from tomorrow and keep our minds happy! Arqua!
Holy Aqua Religion Headquarters, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 033-XXX-XXXX
Email: *****
Official Youtube Account:*****
Official Twitter Account: @**********
Work Colleagues
Kohina Yukari
24 years old
– Ako’s childhood friend, despite her childlike appearance and behavior, she possesses exceptional acting skills
– Doesn’t mind being called “Trash” and admires hardworking individuals, even if they lack natural talent
– Kohina openly acknowledges her own personality flaws, and Ako is her sole friend
– She is a lesbian and harbors romantic feelings for Ako, although she knows Ako prefers men and doesn’t plan to confess her feelings
– Originally, she began looking after Aqua for Ako’s happiness but felt too embarrassed to admit it. She instead fabricated a story about doing it for Aqua’s sake
– She genuinely aspires to elevate Aqua to become a top-tier actor
– In a commercial, she portrayed the character of a big sister who attacks Toa
Kobayakawa Yuki
Top-Class Young Actress
– Renowned as one of the top young actresses
– Portrayed Nightshadow Misa, a SYUKUJYO member, in “Heaven’s Sword.”
– Featured in a special episode showcasing an unconventional eating method where she dipped meat in smoke
– Played a character who was mistreated by Tenga-senpai in a commercial
Yukishiro Mikuni (also known as Mishu)
– Commonly known as Mishu, a celebrated actress recognized as a national icon
– She enjoys immense fame both in the States and Stars, making her a household name
– Kuga Reira holds her in high regard and considers her a role model, while Kohina Yukari believes she’s unbeatable
– In her youth, she possessed enchanting beauty, a quality she has retained into her present days
– Her dedicated fanbase is known for its fanaticism and unwavering support
– Surprisingly, Mishu is an old childhood friend of Aqua’s mother, Marin. However, they are presently estranged due to a conflict over Mishu consuming Marin’s coveted reward ice cream without permission
– She took on the role of Mayuzumi’s mother in a commercial, showcasing her versatility as an actress
Kuga Reira
27 years old, 178cm (5,8ft)
– A mixed, being half-Japanese and half-States
– She possesses an exotic oriental beauty and boasts a slender physique
– She’s active in movies, dramas, modeling, and stage acting
– She has a close professional relationship with the renowned actress Mikuni, often accepting offers to co-star alongside her
– She is set to play the main heroine in the upcoming Stars War movie
– In a commercial, she portrayed a character who fell victim to Aqua’s deceitful actions, showcasing her acting prowess
Charles Henderson
Nicknamed Charlie, 14 years old, 175cm (5,7ft)
– Demonstrates intelligence and possesses decent athletic abilities, making him a high-spec individual
– Notable for his charming wavy blond perm and strikingly clear blue eyes
– While his facial features exude handsomeness, there’s an endearing, youthful charm to his overall appearance
– He ventured into this world due to his admiration for Aqua, showing his dedication to pursuing his passion
– Becomes the second model to secure an exclusive contract with Corolle Homme, highlighting his success in the modeling industry
– Scheduled to co-star with Aqua in the upcoming Stars War production, signifying his growing presence in the entertainment world
– Although he is still refining his singing and dancing skills, he is committed to rigorous training for future live performances
– Acknowledging Aqua’s advice about the importance of stamina for idols, he invested in a home running machine to improve his fitness
– Kanon’s exclusive maid
– She worships Kanon from the bottom of her heart, although she never shows her face
– She’s one of the few people who can retort to Aqua
– Signs often appear from nowhere
– She’s been diligently preparing a room that can only be unlocked through “se*ual activities” for when Aqua visits Kanon’s house
– Her favorite play is voyeurism
– She hopes Kanon might consider involving her if Kanon and Aqua’s relationship requires her participation
– After Kanon and Aqua get married, she will leave the royal palace and serve Kanon personally
– She will, of course, follow them to their new residence
Nekoyama Subaru
Nekoyama Subaru, 14 years old, is a 2nd-year student at St. Clarice Girls’ Middle School
– She bears a striking resemblance to Toa
– However, Subaru has a more assertive demeanor than Toa
– She gets along well with Lapis and Miyako
– Actually, she once attended a free Sunday service of Holy Aqua Religion without telling Lapis
– Secretly, she has attended the Sunday worship of the Holy Aqua Religion
– She saw Saint Emily on that occasion and admired her at first sight
– However, Claire, who was nearby, discouraged her from joining, telling her that young girls shouldn’t join such places. Please be safe!
Sabato Miyako
Miyako’s younger sister, 14 years old, is a 2nd-year student at St. Clarice Girls’ Middle School
– She claims she wanted to become a server and somehow ended up as part of a high-performance server AI’s original data
– However, she underwent a mutation due to a bug during personality formation
– Toa calls her “Myako-chan.”
– She has quite a personality for a middle schooler
– She has a close relationship with the AI, considering it her big sister
– Although she helped Toa during the Stars arc, she is not officially part of the Holy Aqua Religion
Private Otomezaki Academy Staff
Sugita Mari
Homeroom Teacher for 1st Year Class A, 28 years old, 170cm (5,5ft)
– A straightforward short-haired adult woman who looks great in high heels and a pristine white shirt
– She became the homeroom teacher for Beryl’s class, which earned her disapproving looks from other teachers
– She maintains her professionalism even with Aqua
Natsuki Sana
3rd-year Class A, Student Council President
– She excels academically and has exceptional athletic abilities
– She’s the school’s ultimate fortress and the reason for its peace
– She appears as a black-haired, spirited young lady, possessing a strong sense of authority, enough to serve as student council president since her first year
– However, she also has a carefree side and enjoys bug catching and playing in the river
– She can do anything, so her catchphrase is, “I want to know what it’s like to lose.”
– In a different sense, she’s also s*xually sensitive and easily gives in, a fact she’s unaware of
– She doesn’t care about gender when it comes to falling in love
– Aqua liked her because she believed she was a person worth falling for
Asumi Ruuna
3rd year, Class A, Student Disciplinary Committee Chair
– Her grades are at the minimum level, and her athletic abilities are somewhat clumsy
– Nevertheless, she’s part of Class A, which is considered one of the seven mysteries of the school
– In reality, she excels in specific areas but lacks motivation
– She loves to sleep and can often be found napping in various places
– However, her role as the Student Disciplinary Committee Chair is flawless, and she excels in managing personnel
– If the Student Council President is in charge of the “back gate” of Otomezaki, then she is the guardian of the “front gate.”
– Despite her cute and petite appearance, she’s surprisingly outgoing and charming
– Contrary to her appearance, she possesses great strength, and she can even push Aqua down
– The reason she likes Aqua is his scent, and she secretly wishes to use him as a body pillow when she sleeps
Sakura Uiuicha
3rd year, Class A, Library Committee Chair
– She’s academically outstanding and maintains a close relationship with two third-year students
– She’s the only person the Student Council President can rely on
– Initially, she took care of the newly arrived junior, Natalie, which greatly earned Natalie’s admiration
– She has a fondness for fashion from the Taisho era and frequently dresses in that style
– When reading books, she wears glasses
– She comes from a prestigious family with considerable wealth, but she resides in the school dormitory due to her family’s location in Kansai
– While she rarely gets angry, when her emotions are stirred, she starts speaking in dialect
– She is probably the only one in the group with a strong sense of common sense
– She fell in love at first sight with Aqua’s profile and appearance while he was reading in the library
– She also loves Mary the Sheep, and she participates in Comiket
Natalia Rosenesta
2nd year, Class A, Student Council Vice President, Future Student Council President
– She’s a special scholarship student from Stars, excelling academically and possessing exceptional sports skills
– As the daughter of a duke, she plans to pursue higher education at a local university even after her studies abroad
– In middle school, she served as the track and field team’s ace but had to retire due to her large breasts
– She boasts a tight, slender physique along with a generous bust
– Despite residing in the school dormitory, she has a strong affinity for baths and dreams of going on hot spring dates with someone she’s fond of
– Her ideal scenario involves either having s*x in a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) while wearing a yukata or engaging in bath s*x in a private open-air bath
– She joined the Holy Aqua Religion, though the plants in her room are just ordinary ones with a pleasant fragrance, and the white powder is simply regular-tasting powder
– Her affection for Aqua blossomed when he assisted her in carrying heavy items during her student council duties
Mikomae Suzu
2nd year, Class A, Student Council Secretary and Treasurer
– While she may appear as a gal, she possesses excellent calligraphy and abacus skills, honed since her childhood
– She adeptly manages both the roles of secretary and treasurer, taking her responsibilities seriously and often wearing glasses while at work. In essence, she is quite diligent
– Her handwriting is exquisite, and she finds pleasure in writing letters
– In reality, she is an otaku who actively participates in events like the Summer Comic Market and engages in discussions on online forums
– During her middle school years, she was a member of the swimming club, but her substantial breast growth led to significant water resistance issues (details omitted)
– Due to this, she shares a close bond with Natalia, and they frequently go shopping for lingerie together
– Despite her sun-kissed complexion, she actually uses cream to maintain her tan, as her skin tends to turn pale easily if not cared for
– Her affection for Aqua grew because he treated her kindly despite her gal-like appearance
Saionji Reona
2nd year, Class A, Student Disciplinary Committee, Future Student Disciplinary Committee Chair Candidate
– She possesses outstanding combat skills and athletic prowess, to the extent that she receives invitations from the boxing and wrestling clubs
– Surprisingly, she’s a member of the homecoming club because she dislikes the idea of building too much muscle despite her appearance
– Contrary to her tough exterior, she has a deep fondness for cute clothing and feels self-conscious about her well-defined abdominal muscles
– She adopts a delinquent-like way of speaking but is, in reality, a genuine young lady
– Her strength in physical altercations is highly respected by her underclassmen, and she is a source of admiration among them
– She faces challenges with a heavy menstrual cycle and once experienced dizziness, during which Aqua came to her aid. This event marked the beginning of her romantic feelings for him
– In terms of her se*ual experiences, she is relatively inexperienced and retains an air of innocence
Tsubaki Botan
2nd year, Class A, Student Disciplinary Committee, Future Student Disciplinary Committee Chair Candidate
– While she tends to be reserved and doesn’t engage in much face-to-face conversation, she is surprisingly chatty on social media platforms
– Her physical appearance embodies that of a stunning big sister figure
– While Reona from the Student Disciplinary Committee takes care of matters in the public eye, Botan manages behind-the-scenes affairs and possesses extensive knowledge about the school
– Although she is skilled in physical confrontations, she specializes in the intellectual facets of challenges
– Drones are employed for monitoring Aqua’s movements both for security purposes and voyeuristic interests
– Her attraction to Aqua stems from the belief that he could provide a highly satisfying s*xual encounter
– She has a penchant for both taking the dominant role and being submissive and harbors a considerable se*ual appetite
– Her intense curiosity about matters of se*uality secretly leads her to desire intimate encounters with the other girls in the group
Chihiro Claire
1st year, Class A, Student Council General Affairs
– She’s a half-blood with connections to Stars and had the opportunity to study abroad there during her middle school years, which has granted her proficiency in foreign languages
– Her family is closely associated with the church, and her peers often describe an aura of purity surrounding Claire
– Interestingly, she holds the position of one of the Twelve Bishops within the Holy Aqua Religion, where she is referred to as “Worker Holic.” In a way, she played a significant role in the establishment of the Holy Aqua Religion as a cult
– However, her path took a turn due to Saint Emily, and she strayed from her initial course
– Despite her other talents, she is notably inept when it comes to technology and has made mistakes in the past due to her lack of technological proficiency
– The exact reason behind her developing romantic feelings for Aqua remains shrouded in mystery
Stars Orthodox Church and Stars Royal Family
38 years old, Orthodox Church Conservative Faction
– She holds the prominent position of being the head of the Stars Orthodox Church, and interestingly, she also occupies a role among the Twelve Bishops within the Holy Aqua Religion
– Her physique possesses qualities that particularly appeal to individuals with lesbian inclinations
– Her complete infatuation with Aqua began when she heard him sing “Glass Teenager,” which left her utterly captivated
– She happens to be the proud owner of the cloak that Aqua tossed during the idol festival
– Although she holds significant responsibilities, she has a somewhat scatterbrained disposition. An example of this is when she misinterpreted the phrase “beautiful right?” as a question, leading to a misunderstanding of its meaning
– Notably, she is entrusted with the task of overseeing Victoria’s education, and she also serves as Kanon’s guardian
– Her commitment extends to the point where she is determined to dedicate Stars for the sake of Aqua
Mary Stars Gosh night
The former queen of the Stars and Kanon’s grandmother, aged 66
– She shouldered the responsibility for the corruption that had taken root within the Stars Orthodox Church. Consequently, she chose to step down from her position as queen, a decision she made at the relatively young age of 48
– Notably, she acknowledged that this corruption had existed even before her reign and believed that it was the royal family’s duty to rectify the situation
– She has maintained a high level of popularity among the citizen for several reasons: first, her reign witnessed substantial economic growth; second, she succeeded in uniting the allied nations into a single state
– Her return to politics is highly desired by many members of the parliament, leading her to retain a seat in the House of Lords to uphold her influence
– It’s worth noting that Kanon inherited all of his talents from her, but interestingly, her daughter and other grandchildren did not inherit these abilities
– The turning point in Kanon’s life occurred when he stumbled upon manga in her library
– She’s a dedicated fan of Itsuki Yakumo and takes pleasure in the works of Hakuryuu Aiko
– Her ideal man is Yuujin, and she decided not to take a husband herself, instead opting to give birth to Furia through same-s*x m*ting. This choice was part of an effort to encourage same-s*x mating among the citizen and eradicate discrimination. Despite facing criticism from the House of Lords (second chamber of the countries’ Parliament), this decision only endeared her further to the citizens
– Due to her seemingly prescient decisions, she has earned the nickname “Star-Seer Queen.” Interestingly, the term “Shumi’s Maidens” is derived from her actions and beliefs
Furia Stars Goshenite
The current queen of the Stars and Kanon’s mother, aged 46
– Kythera’s assessment of her character labels her as a mediocrity, indicating that she doesn’t possess the ability to perform grand or flashy acts
– However, her true talent lies in her remarkable ability to maintain balance and stability in precarious situations, a skill that has earned her the nickname “Queen of Scales.”
– While she doesn’t achieve remarkable success, she also manages to avoid significant failures
– Her current level of support among the citizens has dipped below 50%
– Her unexpected and unfortunate situation arose from Kythera’s betrayal, which had severe consequences. This event led to the radicalization of the Stars Orthodox Church, making it challenging for her to uphold the delicate balance she was once renowned for
– When she consumes alcohol, she turns into a crying drunk, and it’s during these moments that she reveals her true feelings to her husband, displaying an endearing and vulnerable side
Hercules Stars Goshenite
Furia’s husband, the prince consort, and Kanon’s father, aged 44
– He is characterized as mild-mannered, possessing a gentle and kind nature
– His initial encounter with Furia was arranged, but their relationship developed into genuine love, leading them to marry
– This love story was considered scandalous at the time and garnered significant media attention, making headlines on a daily basis
– Luckily, he had a sufficient level of se*ual desire, which allowed Furia to avoid engaging in relationships with other men, as they were able to build a fulfilling family together
Victoria Stars Goshenite
Kanon’s sister, aged 28
– According to Kythera, she is seen as another individual with mediocre talents, contrasted by her two highly gifted younger sisters
– Despite her feelings of jealousy, she maintains a kind and supportive attitude towards her sisters and keeps her emotions hidden
– She is considered the leading candidate for the position of the next queen, but she holds the lowest level of support among citizens compared to the other two candidates
– On her wedding day, she had an encounter with Shirogane Aqua and came to the realization that extraordinary individuals like him might be the ones who can ultimately rescue her exceptional sister from her distant vantage point
– The question remains: who will be the one to save her in the end?
Hermie Stars Goshenite
Kanon’s sister, aged 10
– She is a potential candidate for the next queen, although she has no desire for the position
– She is well aware of Victoria’s difficulties but tends to keep her distance due to her limited communication skills, as she wishes to avoid unintentionally hurting others with her words
– Despite her admiration for her sister Kanon, she maintains some emotional distance to prevent causing any harm
– Her perspective on the existence of real-life princes in the world was reshaped when she saw Aqua in person
– Following Kanon’s mysterious disappearance, she started visiting Mary’s library
Shera, Stars Orthodox Bishop
– She is a leader in social affairs and advocates for the advancement of men in society
– Following the expulsion of Mees, she has taken charge of managing the censorship department
– Her current objective is to gradually relax information regulations
Mees, Stars Orthodox Bishop
– She was the leader of the extremist faction and previously managed the censorship department
– Currently, she is imprisoned for committing high treason
– She has a preference for women

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