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Volume 8 Chapter 23 Bulletin Board, Live Phone Call with Aqua-sam

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[Kohina Yukari] It’s Okay to Laugh, Part 2 [Guest of the 9 PM Drama]
453 Anonymous
Kohina-san didn’t seem very accommodating
455 Anonymous
She’s supposed to be a guest of the 9 PM show, but she hardly talk about it, LOL. Everyone, this is Kohina Yukari for you
456 Anonymous
She doesn’t talk about Aqua-kun, can I go take a bath now?
458 Anonymous
Can we get Aqua-kun as a guest on Kohina Yukari’s show?
459 Anonymous
Does Kohina Yukari even have friends?
460 Anonymous
Here comes a business friend
461 Anonymous
No way!
462 Anonymous
That’s highly unlikely
464 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari might just say, “Nice to meet you” normally, LOL
466 Anonymous
At times like these, it’s possible, especially if it’s a special feature. In dramas, anime, or manga, the third episode is often crucial. Considering a special feature followed by the third episode, it might be possible
469 Anonymous
Even if that were the case, wouldn’t Tsukimachi Ayana be more likely? She’s already set to go on a nationwide tour next year and is riding high at the moment
471 Anonymous
Oh, here it comes!
472 Anonymous
474 Anonymous
Here it comes!
477 Anonymous
478 Anonymous
479 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, please connectttt!
481 Anonymous
It’s the first time there’s been a man on “It’s Okay to Laugh”..
483 Anonymous
It would be funny if this doesn’t connect, LOL
486 Anonymous
Next up, I heard Aqua-kun is coming..
488 Anonymous
Is it true that Aqua-sama is appearing?
492 Anonymous
Ever since they found out Aqu-tan is coming, the audience has suddenly grown, LOL
495 Anonymous
Hold on a second! Doesn’t Kohina Yukari having Aqua-sama’s phone number seem a bit dangerous? And isn’t this his private mobile?
498 Anonymous
The host’s hand was shaking when she brought out the phone. Well, it can’t be helped
503 Anonymous
Come on!
505 Anonymous
506 Anonymous
507 Anonymous
The whole audience is praying, LOL
510 Anonymous
Is it here?
513 Anonymous
Is it here!?
514 Anonymous
Is it not connecting?
518 Anonymous
He hung up, LOL
519 Anonymous
Aqua-kun just casually hung up, LOL
520 Anonymous
I get it. Even I would hang up
521 Anonymous
Bad news, Kohina Yukari is so annoying she got hung up on by her junior, LOL
522 Anonymous
I can’t believe even Aqua-kun treats her like this, LOL
524 Anonymous
On the flip side, if Aqua-kun treats her like this, doesn’t it mean that they are usually pretty good friends?
526 Anonymous
It’s funny that Aqua-kun treats Tenga-kun and Kohina Yukari exactly the same way, LOL. So, maybe they’re on pretty friendly terms..
527 Anonymous
Hey! Why did he hang up? It’s Kohina Yukari, you know?
528 Anonymous
Kohina-san got hung up on normally, LOL
530 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari: “It’s okay, I’ll call again!”
531 Anonymous
Good! Call again!
533 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is in a continuous rage-calling spree, LOL
534 Anonymous
Most people would be discouraged, but Kohina Yukari doesn’t hesitate to call continuously. I like that
535 Anonymous
Mori-san is smiling wryly, LOL
536 Anonymous
Mori-san seems like she’d enjoy this kind of thing. She’s grinning ear to ear, isn’t she?
538 Anonymous
539 Anonymous
541 Anonymous
543 Anonymous
This time for sure!?
545 Anonymous
Will it work!?
546 Anonymous
548 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari complained the moment it connected, LOL. She’s not even a little upset with Aqua-kun
551 Anonymous
A normal girl: “Excuse me… Can you please answer the phone?”
Kohina Yukari: “Hey! Why did you hang up? I’ll call continuously!”
553 Anonymous
At this point, it’s already a legendary episode
555 Anonymous
Summarizing Kohina Yukari’s first appearance on a variety show today
– Expose the name of the male actor who was a jerk during the live broadcast
– Announce the ranking of guys who are so bad at acting that she doesn’t want to work with them again
– Delight in her teasing of Tsukimachi Ayana (Unpopular Mount Sumo/大人気ないマウント相撲). Audience shock; even Morita-san is twitching
– Staff tries to replace Kohina Yukari with a teddy bear during the commercial break (forced exit)
– Then, unexpectedly, she calls Shirogane Aqua
– Angry continuous calls because Aqua-kun hung up – right here!
I don’t think she’ll ever be called back again LOL
The studio can’t put her on live TV, LMAO
She’s undoubtedly a top-tier hazardous material in the entertainment industry, LOL
558 Anonymous
The phone number she just called, LOL
559 Anonymous
It’s currently not in use, LOL
561 Anonymous
She’s completely used to handling situations like this, LOL
563 Anonymous
Wait a second, I want Aqua-kun’s voice!!
566 Anonymous
Beryl and Aqua-kun are also, in a sense, top-tier hazardous materials
567 Anonymous
If Aqua-kun provides his voicemail message, telecommunications companies might merge during the broadcast, LOL
570 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is not like a big sister here
572 Anonymous
Well, I don’t want a big sister who does things like a grade-schooler
575 Anonymous
Big sister? Isn’t Kohina Yukari more like a little troublemaker?
578 Anonymous
Big sisters don’t do annoying things like this
581 Anonymous
582 Anonymous
It’s Aqua-sama’s lunchtime!
584 Anonymous
Aa-sama’s lunch box… what a power word!
586 Anonymous
It’s lunch, huh?
587 Anonymous
Haa… Me, eating lunch right now, definitely losing my edge
588 Anonymous
I wonder if that lunch, is…?
589 Anonymous
Aqua-kun’s perfect response to Kohina Yukari. He’s clearly very skilled at this
590 Anonymous
Even Kohina Yukari, who seems to dislike men, seems to like Aqua-sama when she acts a bit flirtatious
593 Anonymous
I’m in the same business as her, but I’ve never seen Kohina Yukari act like this towards a man..
595 Anonymous
Even someone like Yukari-san can be tamed by Aqu-tan, it’s crazy
597 Anonymous
The mystery of lunch versus Kohina Yukari, LOL
601 Anonymous
It’s lunch, LOL
602 Anonymous
Breaking news: One of the top actresses in the industry, Kohina Yukari-san (24), loses to lunch
604 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is completely in meal mode now
605 Anonymous
Clank-clank, LOL
607 Anonymous
Aa-sama, making the sound of the lunchbox lid, is a monster
608 Anonymous
He’s too strong at making sounds with just the lid of the lunchbox, LOL
615 Anonymous
Serious Kohina Yukari
617 Anonymous
What does “serious Kohina Yukari” even mean?
620 Anonymous
Sayuki is here!
622 Anonymous
Sayuki has arrived!
623 Anonymous
Sayuki mode!
625 Anonymous
This guy, LOL. Just a while ago, she ignored Morita-san multiple times, and she didn’t mention the 9 PM show at all, LOL
628 Anonymous
629 Anonymous
630 Anonymous
634 Anonymous
This Aqua-kun’s Nii-sama mode here is just unfair!!
637 Anonymous
Seriously, Aqu-tan suddenly become Nii-sama is troublesome
641 Anonymous
The screams from the audience were crazy, LOL
645 Anonymous
I live in an apartment known for thin walls, and I can hear screaming from four houses down, and it’s freaking me out
648 Anonymous
The 9 PM show suddenly starts
Let’s add this as well
651 Anonymous
Watching this, I think Kohina Yukari recognizes Aqua-sama as an actor. Because if not, she wouldn’t chat so casually with a guy, especially one like him
653 Anonymous
Wait a second, are they continuing this?
659 Anonymous
Both are still in acting mode
662 Anonymous
Aaaaaaah! This is the kind of big brother I wanted!
664 Anonymous
With a brother..
667 Anonymous
Um… this brother is completely different from the one I know. Where can I buy this brother?
670 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is definitely here to hit on us
Even in the second episode, Nii-sama is already so cool that he’s creating little sisters all over the country. Please don’t create any more victims
671 Anonymous
I want to become Aqua-kun’s little sister! (34 years old)
672 Anonymous
The other day, my mom over 40 said she wanted to become Aqua-sama’s little sister, and my little sister and I had to stop her
674 Anonymous
Just so you know, you won’t find any good search results for “How to become Aqua-kun’s little sister” on search engines. I’ve tried it myself
679 Anonymous
680 Anonymous
Morita-san knows what’s up~
683 Anonymous
The way she quickly shifts the conversation to school is truly remarkable
686 Anonymous
Aqua-sama… is he calling from the classroom?
688 Anonymous
Phew, I’m getting carried away with daydreaming about being classmates
691 Anonymous
Hey! Who’s the one searching for ways to become classmates with Aqua-kun!!
692 Anonymous
By the way, when you search for ways to become classmates, it actually shows you methods for enrolling in school, LOL
694 Anonymous
I wonder what will happen with next year’s entrance exams. At the very least, people who have already graduated from high school shouldn’t be taking them. Just recently, some city councilors and prefectural assembly members tried to resign from their positions to take the exams, and it caused a huge uproar
697 Anonymous
The timing was perfect
699 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari has it together
700 Anonymous
703 Anonymous
Trying to involve Toa-chan and Mayuzumi-kun is pure genius on Morita-san’s part
705 Anonymous
This is what a skilled host looks like
708 Anonymous
710 Anonymous
Unexpectedly, it’s Mayuzumi-kun!
711 Anonymous
Hey, you’re kidding, right…?
712 Anonymous
Go, Mayuzumi-kun!!
714 Anonymous
Mayuzumi’s response is as expected
719 Anonymous
He changed his glasses, LMAO
723 Anonymous
Morita’s stable performance
725 Anonymous
Though you can’t tell if he changed his glasses or not, LOL
727 Anonymous
He didn’t change them
728 Anonymous
Hey! Is there any point in breaking the news that Mayuzumi-kun didn’t change his glasses? LOL. Just like during the runway show, the person responsible for the captions must be a strong fan of Mayuzumi
733 Anonymous
The person responsible for captions might get fired someday, LOL
735 Anonymous
Japanese language class, LOL
737 Anonymous
Morita-san seems to really like Mayuzumi-kun, judging by this vibe
739 Anonymous
Good luck with your songwriting, LOL
741 Anonymous
Intentionally, in front of Aqua-kun, Morita-san encourages Mayuzumi-kun with, “Good luck with your songwriting,” LOL
742 Anonymous
I like this kind of dark humor, or I should say, I like this side of Morita-san
745 Anonymous
For those who saw the sample lyrics exhibited in the Platinum Area of the 9 PM announcement event a while ago, they’ll understand. Aqua-kun’s thing or whatever it is, somehow became actual lyrics. I remember the Verification Team (the non-comedic one) was trying to verify it, but they couldn’t understand how that original text became those lyrics. Mayuzumi-kun was the only one who could handle the job. Even though there were famous university linguistics professors involved… Well, Aqua’s syntax operates on a different level
748 Anonymous
Is Toa-chan coming too?
750 Anonymous
It’s Toa-chan!
753 Anonymous
Toa-chan has arrived!
758 Anonymous
He’s eating something
759 Anonymous
Munch, munch, Toa-chan has arrived!
762 Anonymous
Ah, ah, ah..
764 Anonymous
I have a really bad feeling about this
765 Anonymous
Munch, munch… lunch… Ugh, my heart..
768 Anonymous
771 Anonymous
Aqua-kun’s handmade lunch..
772 Anonymous
775 Anonymous
It’s Aa-sama’s handmade lunch!?
777 Anonymous
Damn it, I envy Toa-chan!!
778 Anonymous
Hey, isn’t everyone in his class..
779 Anonymous
782 Anonymous
How much do I need to pay to become Aqua-sama’s classmate?
785 Anonymous
Damn it, I want to see footage of his class!!
786 Anonymous
What’s Aqua-sama’s syntax, LOL?
789 Anonymous
Otomezaki’s students are very well-behaved, so they rarely leak information about their class or anything. I want to quietly support Aqua-kun, but as a fan, I’m conflicted
792 Anonymous
The people sitting in the studio audience all had zombie-like faces, LOL
793 Anonymous
Hey! People in the audience, close your half-opened mouths! You look like Hogekawa!!
795 Anonymous
Morita-san shifted the conversation to Tsukimachi to prevent further damage, LOL
798 Anonymous
Ayana, you are helpful. I will take a moment to catch my breath
801 Anonymous
When I imagine Toa-kun and Aqua-kun having a meal together, this big sister heart flutters. I wonder why?
808 Anonymous
Go to the hospital
812 Anonymous
Rina-tan has arrived!
813 Anonymous
I love Rina!
815 Anonymous
Ayana-chan sneakily includes Rina
818 Anonymous
820 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari-senpai properly responds to that!
822 Anonymous
Kohina-san is smiling. There are two new toys on the set for the 9 PM show; it must be fun
825 Anonymous
While talking to Morita-san, she didn’t provide this kind of service at all, but I’m surprised that Kohina Yukari is more caring toward the two junior members than I thought
827 Anonymous
829 Anonymous
And he returns to being Aqua-sama
834 Anonymous
This is it!
835 Anonymous
He’s ready, here I come!
836 Anonymous
Is Aqu-tan going to say “I’m ready”?
841 Anonymous
If his schedules align, he’ll go, LOL
844 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, this is on purpose, LOL
845 Anonymous
Even though he’s a rookie, he knows, LOL
852 Anonymous
Schedule, LOL
853 Anonymous
Ignorance Aq-kun is hereeee!
856 Anonymous
Morita-san is teasing, LOL
857 Anonymous
Hearing the sound of Aqua-kun flipping through his notebook, Morita is grinning widely, LOL
859 Anonymous
This, she’s completely used to it, LOL
861 Anonymous
Aqua-kun does have quite a few aspects like that. Perhaps it’s because he’s already worked together with Morita-san twice, but the closer they get, the more he tends to act spoiled or play around. I wonder if he’s like that with Shumi too? No, he probably doesn’t have the patience to put up with that from Shumi, so Aqua-kun might not act spoiled much
862 Anonymous
Big sister think Aqu-kun is incredibly good at being spoiled by older people. I believe there are many big girls out there who misunderstand because of that. Honestly, I think the adult women around Aqua-kun are amazing. Like Kohina-san and Morita-san, and also, with Morikawa, they definitely have hearts of steel
869 Anonymous
Later, manager, LOL
872 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is quick to chime in, LOL
878 Anonymous
This guy, LOL. While looking at the camera, she said something like, “My Aqua,” LOL
879 Anonymous
Taking a big dig at the viewers~! This is why Kohina Yukari is annoying, LOL
880 Anonymous
I totally get this
881 Anonymous
Spoiling, understood. This will probably lead to more daydreams in such situations in the future. Aqua-kun certainly gives dreams and hopes to all the big-chested girls across the country
882 Anonymous
Bullying, LOL
884 Anonymous
It’s bullying!?
888 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is desperate, LOL
890 Anonymous
She’s really desperate, LOL
892 Anonymous
If there’s anyone bullying Aqua-kun, they probably won’t be able to live in this country—at least that’s the case with guys
894 Anonymous
Tearful Kohina Yukari, thanks, LOL
896 Anonymous
See, in situations like this where she makes jokes, she definitely has to be spoiled
900 Anonymous
Even Morita-san twitched her eyebrows at the “Morita-san, help” comment, LOL
903 Anonymous
904 Anonymous
905 Anonymous
907 Anonymous
Punish… ment?
909 Anonymous
Aqua-kun’s “punishment” is a power word
912 Anonymous
How can I get Aqua-kun to give me a “punishment”?
928 Anonymous
On the trending ranking, “punishment” has rapidly shot up, LOL
933 Anonymous
As a big brother, punishing little sister-chan, so jealous!
947 Anonymous
I seriously want to become an actress. I might not become his real little sister, but I can be his little sister in a drama!!
954 Anonymous
Morita-san, LOL
956 Anonymous
Morita-san had the upper hand in this one, LOL
961 Anonymous
Aa-sama’s “Alright,” “Itadakimasu.”
965 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Hey! Right now, I’m working at a ramen shop part-time, but if anyone recorded that “alright” from earlier, give it to me later!!
974 Anonymous
Someone’s got it, LOL
978 Anonymous
You probably won’t use it for anything good anyway!!
980 Anonymous
Hagetoru: “Aqua-sama, wanna do something naughty?”
Aqua-sama: “Alright!”
Hagetoru: “Make it more intense!”
Aqua-sama: “Alright!”
Hagetoru: “Then, shall we do it together?”
Aqua-sama: “Alright!”
She’s probably going to use it in some weird way! So please, give me the recording. I want it too!!
983 Anonymous
Is it just Aqua-sama coming to the studio later? It would be nice if he brought Mayuzumi-kun and Toa-chan who were with him
985 Anonymous
I thought the next guest was Tsukimachi Ayana, so I was pleasantly surprised. If this trend continues, could the next guest be Tsukimachi Ayana?
988 Anonymous
Aa-sama → Toa-chan → Mayuzumi-kun as guests, isn’t that a good idea?
990 Anonymous
I’d like Aqua-kun to be on Hongou’s show, but it might be difficult since it’s on another network
992 Anonymous
I have a drinking party on Saturdays, but recently, many bars have TVs for Aqua-kun fans, so I can join without worries. In fact, the owner was happy because having Aqua-sama on a program in the evening actually boosts sales. If the place has Wi-Fi, you can even post on the message boards while drinking, it’s really great
995 Anonymous
I see, understood. I’m looking forward to it too!
998 Anonymous
This is terrible, LOL
1000 Anonymous
So far, no discussion about Tenga-senpai. Hey, anyone, just think about Tenga-senpai, who’s in a different grade and school, even for a moment!

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