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Volume 8 Chapter 27 Shirogane Kanon, Progress Repor

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 The conversation among the six, including Grandmother and Pegonia, was buzzing with excitement. I won’t question how Hagetoru managed to fit in so quickly with Grandmother, but why does Chinposuki seem so chummy (get along) with her? What exactly happened between those two while I wasn’t around?

 As I pondered this, Grandmother came over to me and spoke up.

 ”Kanon, how is the progress on that matter of the top-priority?”


 Top-priority matter? Progress? I tilted my head in confusion, not quite grasping what Grandmother meant.

 ”Huh? No, that’s not good. You can’t possibly be a lady and speak so cluelessly.”

 I felt a shiver down my spine at Grandmother’s serious expression. I rarely saw her this serious, usually only during significant official matters. Sensing the gravity of the situation, I straightened up and adjusted my posture, taking a sip of tea to moisten my parched throat.

 ”So, when can I see my dear great-grandchild with Aqua-sama… I mean, my cute grandson?”

 Grandmother’s words nearly made me spit out my tea.

 ”W-What? Great-grandchild? Grandmother, what on earth are you talking about!?”

 I was so flustered that I almost dropped the cup I was holding, but Pegonia, who was nearby, quickly caught it. Nice catch! But Grandmother!? Didn’t you just mention Aqua-sama and me a moment ago? It’s not my imagination, right? I’m sure you said something like that… This can’t be a figment of my imagination.

 ”Well… it seems things aren’t going smoothly at all, are they? So, how many times has Aqua-sama deposited his seed into you?”

 ”Z-Zero times…”

 Grandmother looked to the heavens with a despairing expression, as if it were the end of the world. On one side, Nee-san turned beet red and froze, while on the other, Hagetoru and Chinposuki were animatedly listening. But it can’t be helped! The first time we tried intimacy, it was a misunderstanding, and Aqua used protection. After returning home, we had to go through various procedures and prepare our new home, not to mention the CR Cup. And recently, we managed a bit of intimacy during the Miyuki-san incident, but with school during the day and preparations for the cultural festival afterward, we’ve been busy.

 In addition, Aqua has been tirelessly preparing for the Halloween event, working on other jobs, and practicing dance and checking scripts even after coming home. He’s incredibly dedicated to his work… Of course, I was happy to see him perform so wonderfully every time, thanks to his hard work. But the other day, when I mustered up the courage to wear a sexy babydoll outfit and go to his room, he was already exhausted and fast asleep. I didn’t want to wake him up, so I quietly snuggled up to him for about an hour before leaving. But that was also a moment of happiness. If Aqua had been awake, I would have been nervous, but when he’s asleep, I can watch him closely and secretly hold his hand.

 ”Uh? You two haven’t done it?”

 Grandmother… Please stop making those obscene gestures with Chinposuki and Hagetoru who are sitting next to you.

 ”We have, but…”

 I explained the situation to Grandmother. In any case, I had been planning to discuss this with everyone today, so it didn’t matter.

 ”I see… Kanon, based on what you’ve told me, it seems Aqua-sama does have sexual desires, right? I mean, he… did it three times, didn’t he? I’ve never heard such a story before.”

 Come to think of it, Miyuki-san mentioned something like that too. Aqua’s sp*rm is apparently exceptional compared to other men in terms of thickness, smell, quantity, and the force of ej***lation. Even when he sprayed it on my face, I was surprised by its power and quantity. But more than that, I was delighted that he gave me so much. Even Pegonia said that being ej***lated by a man was a source of immense happiness, even though she initially didn’t know how incredible it could be. With such an abundance, any girl would feel fully validated as a woman, and I think even girls with low self-esteem would pledge eternal loyalty with just that.

 Before, there was a social issue where married women would brag about the volume of their husband’s ej***lation during a conversation. But after witnessing Aqua’s, I can understand it a bit. Well, it’s something to be proud of.

 ”Pegonia, how did Aqua-sama appear to you?”

 Pegonia stepped forward with a serious expression.

 ”Yes, during Miyuki-sama’s visit, as a guide, I discreetly used my bosom to handle Master’s (Danna-sama) matters. Even with my large bust, he released an amount that was not a problem at all. He seemed even more excited by women with larger breasts, rather than having any aversion to them.”


 Grandmother, Nee-san, Hagetoru, and Chinposuki all exclaimed in admiration. Unusually, the usual composed Nee-san was now leaning forward, clearly excited as she listened to Pegonia’s story. By the way, among us, it goes: Nee-san > Pegonia > Hagetoru > Grandmother > me > Chinposuki in terms of bust size. Not that it matters… but losing to Hagetoru is frustrating, so I might consider trying methods to increase my bust size at an incredible pace. It’s a bit embarrassing, but I could ask Pegonia to give me a massage later…

 ”I swear on Master’s honor that I won’t reveal the details, but it seems Master prefers women who can spoil him. Older women with nurturing qualities would be suitable as concubines.”

 ”Well… like me. I mean, if that’s the case, the options are narrowing down.”

 Wait, did Grandmother just say, “like me”? That was about me, right? I must have misheard it. Yes, let’s just say it’s my imagination…

 ”Is there any other important information?”

 ”Yes. When discussing our performance for the cultural festival, Master proposed a cat-eared maid cafe. In other words…”


 Pegonia pointed to the cat ears on her head that matched her hair color. By the way, her maid outfit’s long skirt had a tail sticking out. I wonder how that tail is attached? I asked Pegonia about it once, and she said, “A maiden’s secret. It’s a bit early for you to know, Miss…”

 ”Pegonia, as Kanon’s chambermaid, you must steer things in the direction where Aqua-sama can’t resist your charms. Don’t settle for being a chambermaid if you get the chance; aim to become a concubine. And for the sake of the child born from the union of Aqua-sama and me——no, Kanon, when the night battle between Aqua-sama and her takes place, you will serve as a maid providing support from the rear.”

 It’s truly fitting for Her Former Majesty of the Stars to speak like this, and everyone listened intently. But wait, toward the end, she casually mentioned “Aqua-sama and me,” right? This time, it’s not just my imagination, right?

 ”Of course, you mustn’t force Aqua-sama to do anything he doesn’t want to. You must make him willing. That’s the essence of a first-class lady’s charm.”







 Well, that does make sense. So I have to take the initiative and approach him. There’s no time to be shy.

 ”All right, Kanon. You must lead in such matters as a woman. That’s why, as a housewarming gift today, I’ve come to give you this treasured book from the Stars royal family.”

 Grandmother took out an old, worn book from her bag and handed it to me.

 [Guidebook for Strategies Targeted at Men”]

 As I read the title written in the book, Hagetoru, Chinposuki, Nee-san, and Pegonia, who had gathered around by now, urged me with their eyes to open the book. Wait, this is a treasured book from the Stars royal family. When I looked toward Grandmother, she smiled and nodded.

 ”Wow, it’s a royal erotic book!! Please, Shumi! I beg you, let me make copies of it later!!”

 ”It’s about effective ways to lick a p*nis!? As an Ochinchin sommelier, I must thoroughly examine the content!!”

 ”How to ensure pregnancy and training methods for opening the c*rvix… and this says you can get pregnant even if you’re over 30…?”

 ”Ideal hip movements during c*wgirl position, the Royal Queen’s br*eding press technique, passed down only to the queens for generations. This is quite effective. As long as the woman’s stamina holds, you can extract s*men semi-permanently.”

 Snap! I forcefully closed the book. It hurt Hagetoru’s finger a bit, but that’s her own fault.

 ”I-I’ll read this carefully by myself later.”

 ”Shumi’s so stingy and secretive. You’re just going to enjoy this Royal Erotic Book all by yourself later, aren’t you!”

 Hagetoru, who had been getting overly excited since earlier, kept calling me “Shumi.” What if Grandmother finds out? Seriously, why even give it such an embarrassing name like “Royal Erotic Book”?

 ”To achieve our grand purpose, you must also get to know Aqua-sama more deeply, apart from this. Pegonia, you continue with your investigation. Kanon, did you properly check Aqua-sama’s room?”

 I shook my head. If I accidentally saw his schedule or something, I’d be too eager to talk. I’ll hold back, but I still want to enjoy it like any other fan.

 ”That won’t do. You must check your husband’s room and notice any changes. It’s also a significant duty as his wife.”

 ”But what if he doesn’t like it…”

 From what I heard about Aqua’s family, they used to frequent his room, and I haven’t heard about him disliking it. So I think Aqua wouldn’t mind if I entered his room.

 ”As long as you don’t get caught, it’s fine. It’s one of the qualities of a wife. Come on, let’s go right away!”


 It’s not “Oohhh”! Nee-san was in a dilemma about what to do, especially since the other party is the former queen of the Stars. I’m really sorry. On the other hand, Hagetoru, Chinposuki, and Pegonia are too excited. Hagetoru even said, “As expected of Shumi’s Grandmother,” and I need to stop her, even if I have to force her.

 ”Just kidding. You must get permission properly, like this.”


 At Grandmother’s urging, Pegonia showed everyone a message on her phone. It was a message from Pegonia to Aqua, asking if it was okay to clean his room. Aqua responded with a message saying it was perfectly fine. Seriously, he has no sense of caution! He may be quite clumsy, but Aqua has definitely left his sense of danger somewhere.

 ”Now let’s go. Into the sacred sanctum of our beloved Aqua-sama’s room!”


 Well, there’s no other choice but to ride this big wave. I haven’t had a good look inside his room yet…

 ”It’s dangerous; just the scent alone might make me pregnant.”

 ”Oh, I might have leaked a bit. I’ll need to use the bathroom later.”

 ”S-So this is Aqua’s room…”

 ”Master’s scent could make us a fortune if we sealed it in plastic bags.”

 Hey! Hagetoru, don’t listen to Pegonia and ask if she has plastic bags! And Nee-san, don’t become a fool! You’re the only one I can rely on!

 ”Oops, I thought I had closed it already…”

 Grandmother!? I was surprised, and Grandmother gave a mischievous smile as if she succeeded in a prank. Come on, this is just a joke, right? Huh? Seriously? Ugh, I don’t know. I feel like Grandmother is playing with me using just her expressions.

 ”No erotic books under the bed!!”

 ”He’s not you, so why would he hide them there? And it must be on the bookshelf, of course. If you want to hide a tree, you do it in the forest. Leave this to me, the Ochinchin sommelier!”

 Of course, there were no erotic books in the bookshelf either.

 Besides, do boys even have erotic books? There are plenty of those books published, and they sell them even at convenience stores. Preschoolers can buy them, but I’ve never seen them sell well. By the way, there was a company that tried to sell them by giving them fishing titles like “Elementary School Fourth Graders” or something, but they received government intervention or something like that… The publishing company claimed they actually only used fourth-grade girls as models, so it wasn’t a lie. I wonder what happened to that. Well, it doesn’t matter.

 ”The bed… Aqua-san’s bed…”

 Nee-san mumbled something while looking down at the bed Aqua uses. At first glance, she seemed frozen, but seeing her grab Hagetoru by the neck as she tried to dive past her, it seemed like her body was moving on its own, separate from her brain. By the way, Chinposuki, who tried to jump to the other side, was similarly secured. Well done, Nee-san.

 ”Nee-san, please. Just a little, just a tiny bit, lie face down on the pillow and take a deep breath! I’m not thinking about anything indecent like rubbing my own drool to it, so don’t worry.”

 ”Nee-san, I don’t intend to do anything weird. I just want to wrap myself in the blanket and warm up a bit… a pseudo-s*x… I mean, just warm up the body a little. See, isn’t it getting a bit chilly around you, Nee-san?”

 What on earth are these two thinking…? And the fact that Nee-san’s surroundings are getting cold is definitely because these two are getting too excited.

 ”I’m home~!”

 Aqua’s voice could be heard from afar, causing everyone’s bodies to twitch in response. Uh-oh. Aqua is back! We all looked at each other silently and hastily went downstairs.

 ”Oh, Grandmother. It’s been a while.”

 ”It’s been a while. You haven’t caught a cold, even though it’s been getting a bit chilly recently, have you? Are you eating delicious food properly? If you have any dissatisfaction with Kanon or any worries related to Kanon, feel free to consult with me.”

 As expected of Grandmother, she was just fooling around earlier, and now she’s acting normal.

 ”Oh, I heard Morikawa-san came back, but it was true, huh? I’m glad you came back safely. Everyone was worried about what happened to you, Morikawa-san.”

 ”Aqua-kun, worried about me… Ah, thank you!”

 After Aqua spoke to Chinposuki, he greeted Nee-san and Hagetoru as well.

 ”Kirika-san, Emily-san, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Kirika-san, since our work is done, let’s relax together. And thank you for today, Emily-san.”

 While Aqua talked to everyone, Pegonia prepared drinks for us again, and we all raised our glasses for a toast, including Aqua. Well, it’s a toast, but the two of us underage, so we drank juice instead of alcohol. Since Aqua arrived, everyone was having a normal conversation, so we enjoyed chatting with each other. Yeah, when women get together, the conversation inevitably turns to more vulgar topics, but this is what’s normal, right?

 ”Well then, I think it’s time…”

 Just as everyone was about to leave, when I thought there was nothing else, Aqua said something unbelievable.

 ”Huh? Grandmother, are you not staying the night?”

 ”Huh? …Is it okay?”

 ”Yes, there are plenty of rooms, and Kanon would be happy if you stayed here. Right, Kanon?”

 ”Uh, yes.”

 Certainly, it had been a while since I could spend relaxed time together with Grandmother like this. In the royal palace, there were always many people around, and I hadn’t spent extended periods of time with a family member in such close proximity. So, I was a little happy, no, I was really happy. Even though men would probably dislike such a situation, Aqua’s kindness warmed my heart.

 ”Well, then, shall I take you up on your offer?”

 ”You can rely on me as much as you’d like. In fact, you’re welcome to stay here as long as you’re in Japan, right, Kanon?”

 ”Oh, thank you, Aqua.”

 What should I do? Even though Grandma is staying the night, my heart is pounding, and I might want to get intimate with Aqua too much… Can I resist? While I was thinking such a carefree thing, Aqua’s further attack hit us.

 ”Oh, if you’d like, since it’s late, would everyone like to stay overnight?”

 Huh? Stay over? Who’s staying?

 No one here can stop Aqua once he starts saying something outrageous.

 ”Huh? Is this an invitation to s*x… Sorry, everyone. Hagetoru’s joking time is over. From now on, I’m going with serious Yukishiro Emily.”

 ”Could it be a proposal from Aqua-kun!? I might have to call my boss later and tell them I might be retiring, and I should also order a wedding magazine on the internet.”

 ”Wait, wait! Does that mean, I can stay in this house? No, Aqua-san, I’m your manager, and you’re the talent… I mean…”

 ”Hmm… Master is indeed the real deal. To make everyone understand that ‘I am Shirogane Aqua’ regularly, right at the moment when everyone let their guard down, you’re truly remarkable. Pegonia here will gladly bend over and submit.”

 Hagetoru’s joking time?

 Serious Yukishiro Emily?

 Uh, oh no, Hagetoru seems to have lost her playful spirit!? Come back, Hagetoru. Give us back your Hagetoru’s joking time!!!

 ”Uh, anyway, with so few men around, having young, delicate, and refined ladies like you leave at this late hour just doesn’t sit right with me. So, um, if it’s okay with you that I’m here, would you like to stay the night? It would put my mind at ease too.”

 ”W-w-w-what? Young, me at 30 is young…”

 ”D-d-delicate? Me, Gorikawa, being called delicate…”

 ”Refined… I see, I was refined…”

 Hey, everyone, come back here! And Hagetoru, look up the meaning of “refined” in the dictionary! You definitely aren’t that!

 To be honest, that day was really eventful.

 First, Chinposuki tried to peek at Aqua while he was changing clothes.

 Then, Hagetoru tried to assault Aqua in the bath with her n*ked body while he was taking a bath.

 Nee-san tried to go to Aqua’s room pretending to be half asleep.

 Hagetoru tried to sneak in under the pretense of night crawling while wearing only her underwear.

 Pegonia and Grandmother, too, suggested that I should go.

 And finally, Hagetoru tried to casually go to the toilet with Aqua after waking up.

 In short, it was mostly Hagetoru’s doing!! Come on, someone stop her!

 In the end, I couldn’t get any sleep, but thanks to that, I was able to protect Aqua, who slept peacefully. I sneaked into Aqua’s bed for the night to protect him. Of course, when I say I spent the night, I just crawled into bed without permission. I mean, there are five listening tortoises on the other side of the door. There’s no way I can do anything.

 The next day, when I woke up and made eye contact with Aqua, I felt embarrassed, but it was good because it allowed me to kiss Aqua gently. And… after Grandmother went back to her home country, he promised me that we would ‘do’ it, so I think I did my best.

 ”Kanon-san, congratulations…!”

 ”I’m so glad, really…!”

 ”I’m moved! Please let me watch the actual performance too. I’ll be your assistant.”

 ”You did your best, Kanon.”

 ”Miss is capable when she puts her mind to it.”

 Come on, everyone is clapping and trying to steer the conversation in a better direction, right? And Hagetoru, you’re banned from coming over for a while!

 ”All right, I’m off.”

 ”Grandmother, see you later. You’re free to do as you please at home.”

 ”Yes, both of you, do your best at school.”

 After seeing everyone off from home, I left only Grandmother behind and went to school with the usual three of us.

**Bonus Scene**

The massage session:

Pegonia: “Then, if you’ll excuse me, Miss.”

Kanon: “Mmm… Pegonia, I wonder if this will really make my chest bigger?”

Pegonia: “Yes, stimulating the lymph nodes can improve blood circulation, which can lead to breast enhancement.”

Kanon: “Oh… no.”

Pegonia: “Hehe, it seems this is a sensitive area for you, Miss.”

Kanon: “Nnnn, hey, Pegonia, I said no, didn’t I?”

Pegonia: “Oh, Miss…”

Kanon: “Stop it, Pegonia, anything further and I’ll start feeling strange.”

Pegonia: “It’s perfectly fine for you to feel good, Miss. At that time, Pegonia will help you release.”

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