Male Idol V8c30

Volume 8 Chapter 30 Bulletin Board, Culture Festival Eve

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Residents] Thread about Shirogane Aqua Part 3129 [Biscuit Returns!]
7 Anonymous
Biscuit, Biscuit, Biscuit..
8 Anonymous
Biscuits that don’t seem to diminish no matter how much you eat
10 Anonymous
If you’re suffering from biscuits, take it to the Holy Aqua Religion
13 Anonymous
Is it true Mary-sama going to appear in Totto-chan’s room next time?
15 Anonymous
It seems so. It’s even listed in various TV schedules
16 Anonymous
Mary-sama, huh? Her appearance in the “It’s okay to laugh” episode had a conversation that was a bit Shumi-like and very friendly. In all honesty, without meaning to be disrespectful, it felt like watching a local acquaintance on TV. Blood ties are undeniable, or maybe it’s all Shumi’s fault. She tried to call Stars’ Prime Minister in the end, but the call didn’t go through, and it became Morikawa, which had me laughing, LOL
18 Anonymous
The contrast between Prime Minister and Morikawa is hilarious, LMAO
19 Anonymous
Morikawa’s mobile phone contact list must be something else
– Queen Mary… Clearly exchanging numbers through a Telephone Shock
– Princess Kanon… Mary’s school junior, and she was her witnesses at a wedding
– Shirogane Aqua… After working together so much, they must know each other
– Tenga Akira, Mayuzumi Shintaro, Nekoyama Toa… They might have some vague familiarity
– Holy Aqua Religion’s saint… Maybe they know each other through Shumi
– President Atori… They’re the same age, and if they’ve worked together this much, they must know each other
Is this person planning to conquer the world or something?
20 Anonymous
So, from Mary-sama’s perspective, the Prime Minister and Morikawa are in the same league
22 Anonymous
World conquest, LOL. If Morikawa put this on a mobile phone auction, it might break all records
23 Anonymous
This is practically at a national security level. Even though she’s casually out and about, I think state broadcasting should assign some bodyguards, LMAO
25 Anonymous
With that guy’s physical strength, she’s probably fine
28 Anonymous
Gorikawa with a grip strength of 50, LOL
30 Anonymous
Just between us, they did a segment about her on a show once. Her 100m time is in the 12-second range, and she can run a full marathon in under 3 hours and 10 minutes. Even if she were attacked, she could easily escape
33 Anonymous
Why is this guy working as an announcer?
34 Anonymous
She’s like a gorilla for real..
36 Anonymous
Damn, this started as an Aqua-sama thread, but we’re getting way too detailed about Hogekawa, LOL
37 Anonymous
When are they opening studio audience applications for this? I want to go!
39 Anonymous
Originally, it seems like Mary-sama came as an additional guest for Yakumo-sensei’s episode, and it’s already been recorded. A friend on social media said they attended the recording, but they can’t reveal any details due to confidentiality. But they strongly recommended watching it
42 Anonymous
Wait a minute! Did the TV guide mess up!?
Totto-chan’s Room 1-Hour Special
Yakumo Itsuki-sensei Special Guest
Queen Mary Stars Goshenite Additional Guest
Shirogane Aqua Surprise Guest
Tenga Akira Guest Appearance
Nekoyama Toa Guest Appearance
Mayuzumi Shintaro Guest Appearance
Shirogane Kanon General Guest
45 Anonymous
46 Anonymous
Thiiis is LOL. They’ve completely messed up
47 Anonymous
The bottom one
48 Anonymous
Is this going to be Yuujin mode!?
49 Anonymous
50 Anonymous
It’s hereeeeeeeeeee!
51 Anonymous
What’s the difference between Additional Guest, Surprise Guest, Guest Appearance, and General Guest?
53 Anonymous
Too much information..
55 Anonymous
Is Shumi going to be on TV!?
57 Anonymous
Is it okay to put a nerd like Shumi on TV?
58 Anonymous
I have a feeling that Yakumo-sensei and Mary-sama are friends, so she ended up being an Additional Guest
After that, because Aqua-kun is “her knight”, he should be appeared, and somehow the other three members of Beryl were invited, and then she forced her granddaughter, who had somehow brought her to the venue, to appear. I think it was something like this
63 Anonymous
64 Anonymous
Probably this
66 Anonymous
While Yakumo-sensei is likely the main focus, I’m thrilled even if he makes a brief return to the talk show!! It’s great that he acts and performs live, but I want to know more about the daily lives of Aqua-kun and the others, so I hope they appear on variety shows more and more. Maybe I’m being greedy..
68 Anonymous
If this is true, then Mary-sama is an amazing grandma. She probably has a higher approval rating than the current Queen. It’s still unclear why Shumi has such a high approval rating, though, LMAO
70 Anonymous
I wish Shumi would learn from her grandma
72 Anonymous
Exactly! The recent “It’s okay to laugh” episode was interesting, especially from the part where Kohina Yukari made a phone call in the previous episode!!
74 Anonymous
During the Beryl stage at the Summer Comic Market before, they did various things during breaks, and I’d love to see more of that
77 Anonymous
An announcement from Beryl just came in!
Regarding Sponsor Contracts with Various Companies and Upcoming Events from Next Month Onwards
79 Anonymous
The important part is here
Announcement Regarding Appearances of Our Company’s Talent
Fuji TV Broadcasting Station
Program Name: Beryl & Beryl
Scheduled for November (Negotiating a December special program and monthly broadcasts from January onwards)
Regulars: Shirogane Aqua, Tenga Akira, Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro
Semi-Regulars: Hongou Hiroko, Hakuryuu Aiko, Hoshimiya Shiro, Oumi Tama, and other talents under the Beryl contract
Possible guest appearances
Contents: Bistro Beryl, singing segments, sports competitions, and talk sessions, etc
National Public Broadcasting Station
Program Name: Undecided
Scheduled for adjustments between November and December
Appearances: Shirogane Aqua, Morikawa Kaede
Contents: Cooking program, planning to make sweets together
Tokyo TV Broadcasting Station
Program Name: AQUARIUM
Scheduled from January onwards
Judges: Shirogane Aqua, Atori Ako, Hongou Hiroko, MojaP, Nobu, and other guests
Contents: Audition program
Streaming Site YouTube
Channel Name: Presented by Momofuku Foods, Aqua Kitchen
Scheduled for November onwards (Monthly or bi-monthly)
Appearances: Shirogane Aqua (tentatively, or Hoshimiya Shiro)
Scheduled guest appearances: Streamers and Vtubers
Contents: Casual cooking competitions compared to the authentic Bistro Beryl
81 Anonymous
And this is important too
New Sponsor, Commercial Messages
Yearly Sponsor Contract with Our Company
Momofuku Foods
Cup Ramen appearances by Shirogane Aqua, Mayuzumi Shintaro
Cup Yakisoba appearances by Shirogane Aqua, Tenga Akira
Cup Udon appearances by Shirogane Aqua, Nekoyama Toa
※CMs and campaigns are scheduled to start from December
Individual Sponsor Contracts
Coca-Cola Company’s Aquarius: Shirogane Aqua (exclusive contract for sports and carbonated beverages)
Asahi Beverage Company’s Sappis Water: Nekoyama Toa (exclusive contract, image character)
※CMs and campaigns are scheduled to start from January
One-Time CM Contracts
Lights Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera: Tenga Akira
Vedemark High-End Wireless Earphones: Tenga Akira, Mayuzumi Shintaro
Nestle Instant Coffee: Mayuzumi Shintaro
Haagen-Mattas High-End Ice Cream: Shirogane Aqua, Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro
※CMs and campaigns are scheduled to start from November
85 Anonymous
>Appearances: Shirogane Aqua, Morikawa Kaede
>Contents: Cooking program, planning to make sweets together
Hey, don’t mess with us!
86 Anonymous
>Appearances: Shirogane Aqua, Morikawa Kaede
>Contents: Cooking program, planning to make sweets together
Morikawa, youuuuuuu!
87 Anonymous
Upon hearing that Aa-sama and Hogekawa were going to make sweets together
89 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Huh? Hogekawa, despite her quirks, is messing around! I’ll pray she steps on poop today!
92 Anonymous
There are so many cooking shows. Is it because Momofuku became a sponsor after Morinaga?
94 Anonymous
Akira-kun and Mayuzumi-kun are amazing… Even though they’re one-time contracts, they’re getting commercials from Stars and States companies
95 Anonymous
Residents who react to Hogekawa before Aqua-kun and the others, LMAO
97 Anonymous
>>79 >>81
That’s Beryl for you. When there’s no information, there’s nothing, but when it’s time, there’s suddenly too much information
98 Anonymous
What’s an audition program?
99 Anonymous
LMAO, you!
100 Anonymous
The first time I’ve seen someone in the Mary faction say “poop,” LOL
103 Anonymous
Beryl & Beryl and AQUARIUM are recruiting studio audiences! Hurry!
105 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
In case the Tokyo TV server goes down, I’ll repost it here
Recruitment for AQUARIUM Auditions
Recruitment Details:
– Duet with Shirogane Aqua for a new song
– Age: Middle school students and above (minors require parental consent)
– Selection process: Document (audio) screening -> First screening -> Subsequent studio screening
– Expected number of successful candidates: 0-1
– Notes: Please include unedited data with your singing ability
After passing, you will be contracted with a CD publishing company
Recruitment Details:
– Corolle Homme runway Model
– Age: No restrictions (minors require parental consent)
– Gender: No restrictions
– Height: 170 cm or taller
– Selection process: Document (photo) screening -> First screening -> Subsequent studio screening
– Expected number of successful candidates: 0 or more
– Special Judges: Mr. John, Mr. Chris
– Notes: Please include media with full-body photo data
After passing, you will have a short-term or long-term contract with Corolle
Recruitment Details:
– Idol produced by Shirogane Aqua
– Age: Elementary school students and above (minors require parental consent)
– Gender: No restrictions
– Selection process: Document screening -> First screening -> Subsequent studio screening
– Expected number of successful candidates: 0 or more (solo or unit)
– Notes: Please include media with a self-promotion video
After passing, you will be affiliated with our company, Beryl Entertainment
Wouldn’t you like to work with Aqua-san?
110 Anonymous
111 Anonymous
Nee-san is amazing
113 Anonymous
Huh? A duet with Aqua-kun?
116 Anonymous
Is this for real?
118 Anonymous
Aqua-kun producing idols… Is it okay to apply even if you’re over 30?
120 Anonymous
Tokyo TV is truly something. They’re planning quite an extraordinary show
124 Anonymous
It’s great that they do various things, but I want to tell them that it’s okay to take it easy. Especially Aqua-kun, it feels like he appeared like a comet but is rushing through work without stopping
127 Anonymous
There seem to be too many people applying for this; it must be tough for the judges
129 Anonymous
Even though there’s the cultural festival coming up and the Halloween event to look forward to, there’s still so much afterward. Normally, after a big event, you’d feel empty, but seeing them challenge new things without a break makes you want to support them and push yourself as well
131 Anonymous
Look at the national public broadcast!! They’re going to show Otomezaki’s cultural festival footage!
132 Anonymous
Apparently, there’s going to be a bit of Otomezaki’s cultural festival footage on the national public broadcast now!
134 Anonymous
Is this exchange between Morikawa and Aqua-kun on the national public broadcast?
135 Anonymous
Thank you, thank you
137 Anonymous
The staff of “It’s Okay to Laught” may not be able to face Kohina Yukari, but it seems we may not be able to face Hogekawa. LMAO
139 Anonymous
The person in charge of hiring Morikawa could be a candidate for the next president. Fuji and others seem to be strongly linked thanks to the president, but the line between Morikawa and Aqua-kun is too strong
142 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is hereeee!
143 Anonymous
146 Anonymous
148 Anonymous
149 Anonymous
152 Anonymous
Aa-sama is receiving… guests…?
155 Anonymous
This is dangerous..
158 Anonymous
Aa-sama looks amazing in a suit..
161 Anonymous
I don’t know why, but my wallet was casually open
164 Anonymous
Fwah, he looks too cool; my face is blushing
167 Anonymous
Wait a minute. Isn’t the proximity a bit too close? If boys and girls talk with such closeness, babies will be made. So naughty..
169 Anonymous
Huh? That high school girl from earlier, she was conversing while pressing her breasts since their bodies were close together!
171 Anonymous
The girl from earlier must be around a G-cup. No wonder Aqua-sama is smiling
173 Anonymous
Only Aqua-sama would be happy to have something so big pressed against him. Even though I’m an H-cup, I secretly want to do it tomorrow
175 Anonymous
Hey guys, just so you know, you should stop doing things that the other person doesn’t like. Aa-sama is okay with it because he enjoys it, so it’s like an unspoken agreement. But..
178 Anonymous
I wish Aqua-sama would say from his own mouth that he likes breasts. Then I’d let him touch them without hesitation. Nobody needs I-cups! Still, if Aqua-sama touches them, I’d think it’s good that they grew so big
180 Anonymous
Aqua-sama has given hope for life and the joy of being a female to women across the nation. Of course, he’s worshipped. The Holy Aqua Religion, not just the Saint, but the followers have a high rate of big breasts too, right?
183 Anonymous
Uwaaaah, my, my brain, my brain is aaaaaah!
184 Anonymous
Nngghhh, ahh, ahh, ahh!
186 Anonymous
188 Anonymous
Toa-chan in cat ears and a miniskirt maid outfit!?
189 Anonymous
Aaaah, I want to become the garter belt that tightens that absolute territory! I won’t ask to become the panties. Please let me be reborn as that string, that holy string!
191 Anonymous
There are so many people with their brains fried, and I burst out laughing. LOL
193 Anonymous
Cat ear miniskirt maid is too much… It has incredible destructive power. I nearly flew out of my seat unconsciously
195 Anonymous
These girls endure so well. If it were me, I’d press my breasts from behind in the backstage
196 Anonymous
Aaaah! I want to give Toa-chan a breastfeeding H*ndjob like that!
198 Anonymous
199 Anonymous
Huh? (Deadpan)
200 Anonymous
Huh? (Excited)
202 Anonymous
Gwaaaaah! His glasses!
203 Anonymous
Breaking news, his glasses flew off due to too much shock
205 Anonymous
The person who thought of Mayuzumi-kun in cat ear glasses butler outfit, come out! Thank youuuuuu!
207 Anonymous
Ah, this is no good, no good. This is lewd. The lewd police will have to intervene
209 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is really stepping it up
211 Anonymous
I thought Aqua-sama was the main, but Toa-chan and Mayushin-kun are really taking the lead..
213 Anonymous
It’s so shocking that his glasses cracked and died, LOL
215 Anonymous
Please, I want them to say “Ojou-sama” or something..
216 Anonymous
The gloves are too sexy..
218 Anonymous
The tails are dangerous. Is it not allowed to touch Toa-chan and Mayuzumi-kun’s tails?
220 Anonymous
Ahh, I want to be punished by Mayuzumi-kun while he makes a displeased face..
222 Anonymous
Aqua-kun and their cultural festival were indeed unusual
224 Anonymous
I’m looking forward to the cultural festival tomorrow!
225 Anonymous
It’s nice that people can participate in the cultural festival slots for the general public and families. I got unlucky and didn’t get in..
227 Anonymous
Hey, you guys, understand that the cultural festival is not about Beryl’s Aqua-kun, it’s just a regular high schooler Aqua-kun
229 Anonymous
Meeting Shirogane Aqua when he’s not an idol is a big deal, right?
231 Anonymous
I’ll join from a mama’s perspective!
234 Anonymous
Seriously, remember that and participate
238 Anonymous
Ah, it’s over
240 Anonymous
Is it over?
245 Anonymous
247 Anonymous
Live broadcast… from the scene…?
249 Anonymous
Beryl alert, Beryl alert!
251 Anonymous
They’re not planning to mess up again, are they?
254 Anonymous
Hogekawa is here at the opening!
255 Anonymous
Hogekawa LMAO
257 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Still making those foolish faces, LMAO
259 Anonymous
Breaking news, it’s the usual Hogekawa
262 Anonymous
A woman who exposes her weird faces to the whole nation
264 Anonymous
Morikawa’s style is to quickly raise and then drop her reputation
265 Anonymous
They’re on screen now!
267 Anonymous
Get it together, Morikawa, LOL
269 Anonymous
Even the senior announcer is panicking, LOL
271 Anonymous
273 Anonymous
Is something starting?
277 Anonymous
This… I have a bad feeling!
280 Anonymous
Aqua-kun has appeared!
281 Anonymous
As expected, something is happening!
282 Anonymous
284 Anonymous
Toa-chan and Mayushin-kun are there too
286 Anonymous
Breaking news, Tenga-senpai is watching again
289 Anonymous
Wait a minute, Tenga-senpai is at the hospital!!
292 Anonymous
I don’t know why, but Poison Chalice is at the hospital, LMAO
295 Anonymous
What on earth is about to start?
297 Anonymous
Toa-chan has taken a seat at the piano
298 Anonymous
Huh? Mayuzumi-kun is holding a conductor’s baton?
300 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai is serious. There are images on social media
303 Anonymous
Is Tenga-senpai doing something different from his juniors, LOL?
306 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is holding a microphone
309 Anonymous
He’s about to speak
310 Anonymous
Aqua-sama: “From today, this country belongs to me.”
311 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Aqua-sama: “I love breasts!”
314 Anonymous
315 Anonymous
Every day is fun!
317 Anonymous
Even though I’m not a student at Otomezaki, every day is fun, and I’m laughing. It’s all thanks to Aqua-kun and, no, thanks to Aqua-kun for coming into this world
322 Anonymous
At this point, that’s fine too
323 Anonymous
You, LOL
324 Anonymous
He’s too faithful to his desires!
326 Anonymous
Is it singing time?
327 Anonymous
It’s time for singing!
329 Anonymous
The song is coming
332 Anonymous
334 Anonymous
Unexpected rap!?
336 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is conducting an orchestra!!
338 Anonymous
Conductor Mayuzumi-kun is amazing. How many new sides will he show us just today?
341 Anonymous
The sound of Toa-chan’s piano is beautiful
342 Anonymous
I’m healed by the gentle melodies played by Toa-chan’s delicate touch
345 Anonymous
Ah, ah, ah..
348 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun, can you write rap lyrics too? I was thinking that, but aren’t the lyrics cool?
350 Anonymous
Wait, it hits right from the beginning
352 Anonymous
“Spring, summer, autumn, winter, I hope we can spend all seasons together.” It hits right from the start
358 Anonymous
“Now, what should we do on our day off? Planning time with you…” This is bad
363 Verification Team*07218KADO6
“Now, what should we do on our day off? Planning time with you…” I want to do naughty things..
379 Anonymous
Hey, this guy, LOL
381 Anonymous
Even saying it with a moist tone is not allowed, LOL
382 Anonymous
You, LOL
388 Anonymous
390 Anonymous
Aqua-kun and a maple leaf viewing in the park!?
393 Anonymous
395 Anonymous
Aqu-tan and Christmas!?
397 Anonymous
The power words “Spending Christmas with Aa-sama.”
399 Anonymous
I want to go cherry blossom viewing with Aqua-kun and the others!
402 Anonymous
Akkun and the sea!?
404 Anonymous
Aqua-sama and the word “ocean” always get the H-cup JK (high school girl) in me excited. I wonder if he would be happy even with me in a swimsuit
408 Anonymous
These are good lyrics
412 Anonymous
This… is a song to encourage a classmate who is facing surgery
415 Anonymous
It seems like this song is being sung for a classmate who is having surgery tomorrow, and it’s spreading on social media
428 Anonymous
Is this for real!?
430 Anonymous
This is for real
433 Anonymous
Wait, if you say that, the impression of the lyrics changes..
436 Anonymous
Oh no… tears are coming
440 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I’m sorry for making naughty comments and joking..
449 Anonymous
Wait, wait, my emotions are like a rollercoaster and I can’t process them!
461 Anonymous
It’s impressive that you can apologize properly
462 Anonymous
Hagetoru is not making any progress
473 Anonymous
Wait, does Tenga-senpai know about this? I wanted a cool senpai like this
485 Anonymous
Did Morikawa know about this?
498 Anonymous
Honestly, even without that knowledge, the lyrics are touching
514 Anonymous
It resonates with students in all directions
516 Anonymous
Even though my student days are far behind, it still resonates
527 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, Toa-chan, Mayushin-kun, everyone in the class, Tenga-senpai, even Morikawa, they’re all too cool
535 Anonymous
I’m sorry. My tears are too fragile, and I can’t see the screen anymore..
552 Anonymous
They’re definitely trying to make us cry..
563 Anonymous
This year’s graduation song might be this one for all schools
581 Anonymous
Honestly, my student life wasn’t that enjoyable. I think I had far more bad memories than good ones. Still, even so… I hope those who will experience student life from now on will have a good one
593 Anonymous
During my student days, I was traumatized by what boys said, and I couldn’t erase it even when I became a working adult. I thought I would carry this pain with me forever. But ever since I found out that Aqua-kun loves breasts, every day has been happy!
614 Anonymous
I feel exactly the same
622 Anonymous
I thought it was a nice story until the end, haha. Well, I understand
625 Verification Team *07218KADO6
You were hurt by breasts, and you were saved by breasts. I understand
647 Anonymous
“Saved by breasts and hurt by breasts.” That’s a memorable quote
652 Anonymous
Damn, haha. It’s so touching, but I’m laughing because of the idiocy
658 Anonymous
Did Morikawa forget to turn off her microphone?
660 Anonymous
Hogekawa forgot to turn off her microphone!
666 Anonymous
Toa-chan’s solo is here!
669 Anonymous
Toa-chan’s solo is amazing. She’s cool rapping!
678 Anonymous
We came to school to play!!
682 Anonymous
We came to school to play, it’s so moving. After all, Toa-chan used to be a hikikomori!
688 Anonymous
Watching Toa-chan’s AnnAnn interview can make you cry
693 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun’s rap!!
695 Anonymous
Is this for real!?
697 Anonymous
Mayushin-kun, how much are you going to grow!?
704 Anonymous
I don’t really like studying
706 Anonymous
I don’t really like studying!?
708 Anonymous
It seems like Mayuzumi-kun made a rather unexpected statement..
712 Anonymous
He can study, but he doesn’t like to, I guess
715 Anonymous
It’s not that he doesn’t like it, but rather, he doesn’t hate it, that’s the point
718 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is causing quite a scene today, LOL
723 Anonymous
And finally, Aa-sama!!
731 Anonymous
“I feel excited every day. It’s probably because you’re always by my side.” This hits home
736 Anonymous
Thanks to Aqua-kun and the others, last month was fun, this month is fun, and I think next month will be fun too!
744 Anonymous
The final rap is amazing
746 Anonymous
This is already the last message, directed towards their classmates. Yet, it resonates with all of us
752 Anonymous
“You are not alone; I am here. We are here. Thank you!!”
755 Anonymous
“I am here,” understood. “We are here,” understood
758 Anonymous
“You are not alone,” thank you
760 Anonymous
Maybe a lot of people are touched by this..
771 Anonymous
“I want to spend the changing seasons with you. Because this is your story.” These last lyrics are so good!
774 Anonymous
“This is your story.”
776 Anonymous
“This is your story,” understood
779 Anonymous
It seems like Aqua-sama is saying to me, “Don’t give up.”
782 Anonymous
This is a message from Aqua-sama to all girls, no, to all the girls in the world
785 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun’s lyrics are amazing
788 Anonymous
Can someone like me become a heroine?
791 Anonymous
That’s right. There’s no need to give up from the start. After all, life is only once!
795 Anonymous
Morikawa, LOL
796 Anonymous
Unexpectedly, I fully agree with Morikawa, LOL
799 Anonymous
Morikawa, LOL
802 Anonymous
A national broadcast and Hogekawa’s microphone-forgotten performance, LOL
805 Anonymous
Everyone was truly amazing
810 Anonymous
One more song!?
813 Anonymous
An unexpected encore!
817 Anonymous
What will they sing?
820 Anonymous
A song for a wedding!?
824 Anonymous
Damn, it’s amazing!
831 Anonymous
The final group performance is great!
842 Anonymous
This song hasn’t been released yet, but it’s sure to dominate year-end and New Year parties
855 Anonymous
I remembered Shumi’s wedding, and I still cried
863 Anonymous
For some reason, I’m crying because Shumi was good
881 Anonymous
It’s truly the best
904 Anonymous
Next year, I’m definitely enrolling in Otomezaki. I want to attend such an amazing school
915 Anonymous
It was amazing until the very end
927 Anonymous
An announcement from Beryl!
935 Anonymous
This song is available for free download starting now!!
948 Anonymous
Is this really free!?
951 Anonymous
The download page, and the handwritten message that says “You are not alone,” it’s just too touching..
953 Anonymous
It’s unfair to make us cry just by opening the page!!
957 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
There’s also a donation page and a donor registration page, so please consider those as well
966 Anonymous
Got it!!
969 Anonymous
972 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-kun, and Tenga-senpai have all become volunteer ambassadors for the donor association!
978 Anonymous
That’s awesome!
981 Anonymous
Being volunteers means it’s a selfless commitment
983 Anonymous
Morikawa’s words are hitting home again
985 Anonymous
They never fail to meet expectations
992 Anonymous
This will probably prompt another ridiculous audition show
996 Anonymous
Thank you for showing us the amazing Shirogane Aqua once again today
998 Anonymous
Ah, I’m really looking forward to the cultural festival tomorrow!
999 Anonymous
Good kids, go to bed early for tomorrow! And just to be sure, check your tickets!
1000 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Oh no! I’ve lost the invitation ticket!! Tomorrow… it might be impossible..

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