Male Idol V8c35

Volume 8 Chapter 35 Shirogane Aqua, Henshin!?

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 On the second day of the cultural festival, an incident occurred.

 ”I’m sorry, everyone…”

 My classmate had a pale face. On the floor, a large bowl had fallen over, and its contents were scattered all over.

 It seemed that while they were preparing something behind the scenes, their foot slipped, and the contents of the bowl they were holding ended up spilling onto the costumes.

 Most of the costumes were fine, but the ones I was supposed to wear, along with some others, became unusable.

 ”It’s okay; we’ll figure something out even without costumes.”

 I said, and my other classmates followed suit.

 ”That’s right. We don’t need to worry.”

 ”Yeah, yeah, let’s all work together to make up for it!”

 ”Thank you, everyone.”

 Yeah, it was great that everyone turned out to be so nice. I double-checked the costume shelf. The ones affected were my costume, Toa’s costume, Kanon’s and Pegonia-san’s, Ayana’s and Claire-san’s maid outfits… Now, what should I do? While I was contemplating, Toa and Shintaro patted my shoulders.

 ”Aqua, I’m going to serve customers today.”

 When Shintaro said he would do something, he meant it. Yesterday, Shintaro mainly handled serving, but perhaps he gained more confidence after managing the afternoon tea party by himself, he’s going to serve customers.

 ”In that case, I have a secret plan, so don’t worry.”

 Toa said this and went to talk to the smallest girl in our class. She was the one who had been going around dressed as a man, serving tables other than the one I was responsible for.

 ”What about Shirogane-kun? Are you going to serve in your casual clothes, or will you be backstage today?”

 Hmm, what should I do… It’s fine to continue serving like this, but if Toa and Shintaro are taking the front stage, I feel like it might be better to help backstage.

 ”Excuse me, everyone. Would you be willing to leave everything to this Pegonia?”

 Pegonia-san, who had interrupted our conversation, had a sparkle in her eyes. Hmm… Did something just send shivers down my spine? Nah, it must be my imagination, right?

 ”Pegonia-san… I understand. Do you have another plan?”

 ”Yes, I have been preparing for something like this just in case.”

 Pegonia-san stared straight at me. It was the first time I had seen Pegonia-san so serious. While she technically attended school with us as an attendant, she wasn’t officially a student of Otomezaki.

 Still, she quickly bonded with our classmates and, not wanting to stand behind, arranged her desk next to Kanon’s, who was behind me. In other words, she was already considered a member of our class.

 ”In that case, we leave it to Pegonia-san.”

 ”Yeah, yeah, we can’t think of any other solution.”

 ”Do your best, whatever you’re planning!”

 ”Pegonia-san, it’s okay even if it doesn’t work out.”

 My classmates warmly encouraged Pegonia-san.

 ”Well then, please leave everything to Pegonia.”

 Pegonia-san returned a gentle smile to my classmates. It’s a good story… Yes, I thought so too. Nevertheless, to think something like this would happen!!

 ”Hehe, it really suits you.”

 ”P-Pegonia-san? D-Don’t tell me you want me to go outside like this for real?”

 In response to my question, Pegonia-san responded with a wordless smile. Wait a second, Pegonia-san, that’s scary!!

 ”Now, shall we go, Master… I mean, Miss!!”

 ”Wait, wait, I’m not mentally prepared yet… Ah!”

 With a thud on my rear as Pegonia-san pushed me, I stumbled out of the dressing room and into the area where everyone was. All eyes turned towards me simultaneously, and it felt like the world had frozen in place. Oh… It really is impossible. I-I’ll go change. As I tried to return to the dressing room, an unbelievably loud voice filled the classroom.


 ”Big sister! Big sister is here, desu~waaaaa!”

 ”Ah, ah, ah, a strange door is opening inside meeeeee!”

 ”My brain is meltinggggg!”

 ”It has arrivedddd!”

 ”Too beautiful…”

 ”What do Toa-chan and Aqua-kun want with this sister’ emotions?”

 ”Could Mayuzumi-kun also have a chance!? Haa, haa, haa.”

 ”I’m puzzled by the abundant supply of official material.”

 ”As expected of Aqua-sama, he mercilessly teases the women’ fetishes!”

 ”Well, this will make for an interesting evening!”

 ”Wh-what should I do? Nii-sama become Nee-sama.”

 ”G-g-get it together, Lapis-chan!”

 ”Subaru-chan too, stay calm!”

 The voices were so loud that I instinctively covered my ears with both hands. This is definitely weird…


 ”Blushed Maid Crossdressing Big Sister Aqua!!”

 ”Ah, ah, ah, even though he has an adult-like older sister vibe, he’s too cute!!”

 ”Ugh… Aqua-sama seems to have more girl power than me.”

 ”In reality, he can cook too…”

 ”Bad news, most of the girls lose to Aqua-sama.”

 ”Don’t worry, in terms of breast size, I’m not losing!!”

 ”I never thought that the once-repulsive large breasts would become our last line of defense as girls.”

 ”Already under Toa-chan’s influence, thanks to Aqua-kun, my fetishes are about to get twisted. Someone help!”

 ”Does he do lap-pillow and ear cleaning here?”

 ”There’s no way he offers such questionable services!”

 ”Oh dear, another granddaughter wouldn’t be so bad.”

 I checked my appearance in a nearby mirror once again. The makeup was more perfect than when Kanon had forced me into crossdressing during our date.

 The custom-made maid outfit and styling that seemed to have been tailored to hide my manly figure. Not a hair out of place.

 Surprisingly, when I thought I’d look like Mikuni-san, who people said I resembled when crossdressing, I ended up looking more like Kirika-san, Kurogami-san, or Kiyoko-san – sultry, mature big sister types.

 ”Awa, awawawawa…”

 I heard a dumbfounded voice. Who was it? It turned out to be my wife… Huh!? I exposed an equally foolish expression as Kanon.

 ”A-Aqua has become a big s-sister…”

 Kanon had transformed into a splendidly dressed handsome young man. Huh? Wait, does this mean Kanon will be serving customers for real!?

 ”Well, not bad at all.”

 Geh, even Ayana, who had also dressed in men’s clothing, was eyeing me with a smirk. W-Why are you looking at me like that!?

 ”U-ugghhhh, my stomach… my stomach…!”

 Claire-san, are you okay? Wait, Claire-san is also crossdressing… I couldn’t do it due to the size mismatch, but the girls had apparently managed to find replacement costumes.

 ”Hmm… So this is what Aqua looks like. Interesting.”

 Toa looked me up and down with an evaluating gaze, much different from his usual atmosphere.


 ”Come on, show me better, Aqua.”

 Huh, what’s this? Toa’s mood seems different from usual. Before I knew it, I was backed up against the wall, and when he puts his knees between mine, it made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

 ”Thank you very much! Thank you very much!”


 ”G-get a hold of yourself! D-don’t die yet!”

 ”Something absolutely absurd has begun.”

 ”This is unacceptable, this is unacceptable.”

 ”How can we handle the official content going beyond our wildest fantasies?”

 ”My life has no regrets!!”

 ”Yes, yes, Shirogane Aqua, Shirogane Aqua.”

 ”Uh-oh, I want Toa-chan to attack me.”

 ”Phew, I wonder what Toa-chan wants to do with the women.”

 ”I let my guard down for a moment. Beryl is indeed strange.”

 ”This will definitely cause chaos on the bulletin board!!”

 ”Toa-chan is a boy, and Aqua-san is a girl? Whoa~”

 ”Nee-san, get yourself together! Your face looks like my face when I’m in a daze!”

 Toa wore a triumphant smile. Oh, that’s the mischievous look Toa gets when his prank switch is on. S-Someone help!

 ”Toa, there are customers calling for you over there.”

 ”Tch… Shintaro’s being mean.”

 Shintaro~~~! Thank you, really, thank you. I had so much momentum that I ended up hugging Shintaro.


 Shintaro had a surprised expression when I suddenly hugged him.


 ”Hehehe… Hehehehehehe…”

 ”Ah… I feel like I’m awakening to something.”


 ”Stop it! I don’t want to get any weirder than this!”

 ”Even though I’ve been enduring in front of the door, they’re trying to kick it down from the other side.”

 ”Frankly, if we weren’t residents of the bulletin board, we’d be dead.”

 ”If we fall together, it won’t be scary!”

 ”That’s definitely a bad idea!!”

 ”Sigh… I see, so this is Beryl.”

 ”Beryl is definitely coming to mess with us.”

 ”When you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes back at you.”

 ”Pray to the gods! A-qua!!”

 ”Idiot, shut up! You’ll expose me to the board idiots!!”

 Oops, this is not the time for such things. I need to be serious… I let go of Shintaro and asked a nearby classmate which table I should serve.

 ”Uh, um, you’ll be at the first table.”


 I headed toward the first table and saw a familiar face.

 ”Oh, Grandmother, you came!”

 ”Hehe, I couldn’t resist!”

 I felt warm watching Grandmother’s mischievous gestures in this private setting. Seeing Grandmother like this in a private moment, I realized she was indeed Kanon’s grandmother. Kanon resembled grandmother more than mother-in-law in my opinion. Grandmother had appeared more youthful and energetic like Kanon.

 ”Oh, you’re already here, Grandmother?”

 Kanon appeared from behind me. Upon a closer look, Kanon was quite the handsome young man in her male attire.

 ”Oh my, Kanon, you look good as a boy too.”

 ”Thank you, Grandmother.”

 Grandmother gently patted Kanon’s head. Seeing Kanon’s happy and bashful expression, I couldn’t help but feel the same way.

 ”By the way, today I brought a friend with me.”

 ”A friend?”

 Kanon and I exchanged glances, and Grandmother directed her gaze towards someone.

 ”It’s been a while, Kanon-san, Aqua-sama.”

 She had a gentle yet cute appearance. In short, she was a beautiful girl, but her type was different from Kanon, who was also a beautiful girl.

 Unlike Kanon, who was glamorous and lively, she seemed more refined and demure.

 Nevertheless, she possessed an atmosphere somewhat similar to Kanon’s, and I was quite familiar with her.

 ”Huh? Kukuri-chan?”

 Kukuri-chan was one of the regular customers when I worked at the café. Among them, she was the first customer I ever served, so I remembered her well.

 ”You remembered me. It’s been a while. Are you doing well?”


 This was the first time I’d had a conversation with Kukuri-chan since my days at the café. I recalled that she was a year younger than me, still in her second year of middle school at the time, or was it her third year now?

 ”Kukuri-san, it’s been a while. Are you here today for the school festival?”

 ”Yes, I managed to get a ticket through a friend who goes here, even though it’s just for the school tour today.”

 I see, so Kukuri-chan is considering attending Otomezaki. As a senpai, I should make a good impression.

 ”Kukuri-chan, Otomezaki is a wonderful place. I’d be happy if we had a junior like you.”

 ”Thank you, Senpai.”

 Senpai… Hmm, it sounds nice. So, next year, I’ll officially become a senpai.

 Although it made me happy when Akami called me senpai, it also made me a bit envious, wondering if Tenga-senpai always felt this way.

 ”Wait, huh? Why are Grandmother and Kukuri-chan together?”

 Hmm, if Kanon knows her, does that mean our families have some kind of connection? As I tilted my head, Kukuri-chan unexpectedly provided an answer.

 ”Do you remember? The other customer who was there that time.”

 ”Yeah, now that you mention it, there was someone else when I first served Kukuri-chan…”

 I recalled a person in the café who wore a scarf without removing their hat and sunglasses. I suddenly turned my gaze towards Grandmother. There was something about the silhouette and atmosphere that seemed similar… maybe.

 ”Ah… could it be, the other customer who was there that time…”

 ”Hehe, that’s right. You finally noticed.”

 Wow, could it be that they came incognito back then? I never imagined meeting Grandmother like this before, so I’m surprised. I exchanged a glance with Kanon, who looked surprised standing next to me.

 ”So, it means, Grandmother met Aqua-sama before I did.”

 Grandmother showed a slightly triumphant expression to Kanon.

 ”Hey, hey, Kanon-san, how do you feel about this, how do you feel?”

 Well, it’s annoying… though it might be disrespectful to say it out loud. But seriously, the way Grandmother is acting right now is just like Kohina-senpai when she teases me on a daily basis… I glanced at Kanon, and she puffed up her cheeks and shivered all over.


 ”Hehe, even though I’ve retired from the front lines, I won’t lose to my granddaughter.”

 I felt a presence and turned around to see Pegonia-san in her male disguise, holding a sign.

 [As expected of you, Lady Mary, and Miss is pukusukusu]

 Pegonia-san, those are class items. Don’t play around with them.


 There you go, she teased Kanon so much she’s teary-eyed now. And now, even Pegonia-san is joining in. There, there, I comforted Kanon by hugging her and patting her head.


 Yeah, she’s back to her usual droopy face. Alright, she should be fine now. By the way, yeah, Kanon is kind of adorably fragile.

 ”Come on! Grandmother, and Pegonia-san, please don’t bully my wife.”

 ”Oh dear, I’m sorry. It just slipped out.”

 Grandmother hugged Kanon tightly and apologized. With both of them acting like this, I can’t tell who the host and who the customers are anymore. Let’s leave that table to Kanon and move on.

 ”Shirogane-kun, next, please take table 2.”

 ”Yes, yes, ma’am.”

 I went to table 2, and once again, I saw familiar faces.

 ”Oh, Kirika-san, Morikawa-san, you came!”

 ”Yeah, it’s been a while, Aqua-kun. The maid outfit suits you well!”

 ”A-A-A-A-Aqua-san… the maid outfit really suits you.”

 ”Haha, thank you both.”

 I sat down between the two of them and clinked glasses with the drinks our classmates had prepared.

 ”Kirika-san, I’m sorry for bothering you the day before the event. I’m glad you both could come even during such a busy time.”

 ”Nah, it’s okay. After all, the President and Shitori-san came yesterday, right?”

 ”Yes, even though they came in the afternoon, I was really happy they came.”

 I chatted with Kirika-san for a while. It seemed that Kirika-san and the others planned to watch the play I was participating before going home.

 ”By the way, Morikawa-san, you said it’s been a while earlier, but didn’t we meet just the other day?”

 ”Uh, yeah…”

 Morikawa-san moved her head left and right as if scanning her surroundings. For some reason, Kirika-san also had a slightly panicked expression. I wonder what’s going on with these two?

 ”Kanon would be happy, so please come to stay at our place normally.”

 When I said that, for some reason, both of them had shocked expressions.

 ”To stay… over?”

 ”Breaking news, Hogekawa and Nee-san are staying over at Aqua-kun’s house.”

 ”Hey, you’re kidding, Morikawa!”

 ”Morikawa, you’re serious!?”

 ”This is Hogekawa we’re talking about.”

 ”Nee-san stayed over at Aa-sama’s house, huh. Hmmm.”

 ”Even though it was unavoidable, I can’t believe Nee-san sneaked in. Right?”

 ”Dammit, in that case, we’re staying over too as Shumi’s friends.”

 ”Are you a genius or something?”

 ”Good news, we’re all Shumi’s friends.”

 ”Alright, let’s all raid Shumi’s house!!”

 ”My breasts are ready, underwear is ready.”

 ”Just in case, I’ll go wash my unused p**sy real quick.”

 ”Hagetoru isn’t participating in this, right?”

 ”If Hagetoru were here, it would make headlines that she’ll attack.”

 ”I won’t attack!!”

 ”Hey, hey, Emily-san, stop it! If you get too loud, you’ll be exposed!”

 ”Pancakes are so yummy!”

 ”Hey, isn’t that Holy Aqua Religion’s Saint over there?”

 ”Seriously? Oh man, their leader is here!”

 Huh? What’s going on? Customers at other tables started looking over at us and whispering among themselves.

 ”Aqua-san, table 5, please.”

 ”Yes, coming right up!”

 I thanked Kirika-san and Morikawa-san once again and got up to head to the next table. It’s getting busier by the minute!

 ”Oh, Nii-sama… I mean, Nee-sama?”

 ”Please, call me Nii-sama. Lapis.”

 It’s for my dignity, after all!

 ”Oh, ooooh, l-long time no see, Onii-san.”

 ”Thank you for helping me in the hospital.”

 ”Don’t mind it, Subaru-chan and Miyako-chan, Thank you for always being friends with Lapis.”

 I looked at Lapis’s table, and her friends Subaru-chan and Miyako-chan were with her. Now that I think about it, Toa mentioned that he gave tickets to Subaru-chan and Miyako-chan, in addition to his mom.

 I, on the other hand, gave tickets to Lapis, Mother, and Shitori-onee-chan. As for Kanon, she gave tickets to Grandmother, Kirika-san, and Morikawa-san, while Shintaro, who had some tickets left, gave them to Ako-san and Tenga-senpai.

 Speaking of Tenga-senpai, he said he’d come today, but I wonder when he’ll arrive.


 Out of habit, I ended up placing Lapis on my lap when I sat down on the sofa. Well, it’s not like I’m doing anything weird, so it’s fine!

 ”N-Nii-sama, you look very beautiful.”

 ”Thanks to Pegonia-san. And look, take a look.”

 I took out my smartphone from my pocket, switched to selfie mode, and brought my face close to Lapis’s until our cheeks touched. Whoa!? Lapis’s cheek is so soft… I’ll have to ask her to puff it up for me later.

 ”When I look like this, don’t Lapis and I seem like sisters? So, you see, Lapis will definitely become a beautiful lady in the future!”

 ”Awawawawa… I’m going to be as beautiful as Nii-sama in the future!?”

 ”That’s great, Lapis-chan.”

 ”Yeah, Lapis-chan will definitely become a beautiful lady in the future.”

 Yeah… this is nice. Being surrounded by these three middle schoolers might seem suspicious at first glance, but I’m conveniently a girl right now, so there shouldn’t be any problems! So, it’s okay to laugh and chat together like this.

 ”Subaru-chan, Miyako-chan, thank you for being friends with Lapis.”



 Oh no, I slipped up and ended up patting both of their heads as if they were kids. They’re both around that age, so I guess they don’t like it. As I was about to apologize to them, I felt a powerful gaze from behind.



 Before I knew it, Toa had approached us and was staring at me with a sharp expression.

 ”Aqua… could it be, you’re a lolicon?”

 I frantically shook my head from side to side. While it’s true that all three of them are cute and, yes, I could be intimate with them, I’m still a responsible adult.

 I have my boundaries, and it’s definitely not okay to get involved with middle schoolers. So, please trust me and believe that I’m just going along with the flow! Trust me, Toa!!

 ”His denial just seems suspicious.”

 ”So, Aqua-kun is really into younger girls!?”

 ”Wait a minute, didn’t we conclude that he likes older women on the bulletin board yesterday!?”

 ”Older women + younger girls? And he married someone from his own grade…”

 ”So what does this mean?”

 ”Does this mean he’s open to women of all ages!?”

 ”And with his little sister’s small breasts…”

 ”Could it be that he doesn’t care about bust size as long as they have breasts…?”

 ”I see, I see. So, what’s the deal?”

 ”Wait, isn’t this a win for all the girls worldwide?”

 ”Yeah! Whoooa!”

 ”This will cause chaos on the bulletin board!”

 ”Good news, Aqua-sama is raising flags with girls all over the world!”

 ”Everyone, calm down!”

 ”Phew… Let’s calm down for a moment, everyone.”

 ”Hey, your teacup was trembling, and the spilled tea splashing onto my skirt…”

 ”It’s not time to panic yet!”

 ”Indeed, it’s me, the seasoned one, who should strike when the opportunity arises!”

 ”I’ll go run outside for a bit.”

 ”Well then, I’ll warm up!”

 ”Let’s ride this big wave!!”

 Huh? I don’t know why, but the girls all stood up from the sofa, raising their hands and getting excited. What’s going on? Did something exciting happen!?

 ”Awawawawa, Nii-sama is a lolicon…”

 ”S-So that means I’m within Onii-san’s attack range too!?”

 ”I-Is it okay for someone like me?”

 W-What’s wrong with everyone? Their faces are turning as red as boiled octopus, are they okay? If they have a fever or something, it could be a problem, so I leaned closer to Lapis. However, Toa immediately grabbed my shoulder and stopped me.

 ”Aqua, it’s time, so leave it to me here. Go to the next table.”

 ”Oh, uh, okay. Let me know if anything happens.”

 I entrusted Lapis and the others to Toa and headed to table number 6. There, I encountered someone familiar once again. Huh? Aren’t I meeting quite a few acquaintances?

 ”Oh, wait!? Why is Sister here…?”

 I was surprised to see the blindfolded Sister who had managed my and Kanon’s wedding ceremony. Why is she here!? Could it be that she came all the way from Stars to this country? No, why?

 ”Actually, she’s an acquaintance of mine…”

 ”Claire-san’s acquaintance?”

 Now that I think about it, Claire-san’s family is part of the Stars Orthodox Church, right? I remember talking to her during the reception. Maybe the blindfolded Sister also had some business here and decided to visit the school festival as well. It makes sense when I think about it.

 ”Thank you for your help at the wedding. Please enjoy yourself today.”

 The blindfolded Sister nodded in silence. Her dignified demeanor reminded me of Emily-san, Kanon’s friend who came to the store when I was working. Emily-san also appears to be a demure beauty like this woman when she’s not with Kanon.

 Yeah, now that I look closely, they do seem somewhat alike, and since there are many students from the Stars Orthodox Church at Mary’s, they might even be distant relatives.

 ”Oh, by the way, this is another acquaintance of mine, Kazami Rin.”

 Kazami Rin is a petite girl with hair tied in a ponytail and a height of around 150 cm. She seems to be in the fourth grade of elementary school… Is she Claire-san’s niece?

 ”Kazami Rin. I’m a fourth-grader at Mary’s. I like pancakes and popcorn…”

 Wow, she’s a fourth-grader? She seems so mature for a fourth-grader. Alright, I’ll be a good big brother to her. Oh, she seems to be used to being petted. Her entire body is like a puppy, and I want to pet her all over.

 ”Aqua-san, by the way, Rin-san is a fourth-year university student.”


 Huh? She’s not in elementary school? No, no, no, this kid looks like a fourth-grader… What? Seriously? I can’t believe it when I look at her. However, looking at Claire-san’s serious expression, I don’t think she’s lying.

 ”Alright, don’t worry… More importantly, pet me some more.”

 When I tried to apologize, Kazami-san stopped me and thrust her head forward, asking for more petting. I couldn’t help it. I sowed the seeds myself. I sat down and put Rin on my lap, continuing to pat her head.

 I felt a heavy aura from the blindfolded Sister in front of me, but it must be my imagination. Such a pure-hearted person wouldn’t give off such a threatening vibe.

 ”My stomach… hurts… Oww…”

 ”Claire-san, are you okay?”

 ”I-It’s okay. I-I can handle this, so please, go help at other tables as soon as possible. Please…!”

 Really? Are you sure you’re okay? I had a slight worry, but Claire-san pleaded with me so earnestly that I reluctantly left my seat and headed to other tables. Now, which table was next?

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