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Volume 8 Chapter 37 Washimiya Lisa, The Heroine

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 My name is Washimiya Lisa.

 I’m a member of the drama club at Otomezaki High School, Class 1-A, desu~wa.

 I was originally born into an ordinary, average family, but as my two dear mothers found success in their business, our life gradually improved.

 It’s not that my manner of speaking changed to match; the reason I speak like this is that I admired the protagonist Elise from the picture book ‘The Pink Rose’ written by Kumano Murai-sensei and started mimicking her speech, desu~wa.

 Even the elaborate vertical rolls (drill hair) I put in my hair every morning began as an attempt to get closer to the lovely Elise.

 Unlike the other girls around me, I developed early, so from the kindergarten play to elementary school performances, I was always in demand for male roles in our drama club.

 ”Are you interested in joining the drama club?”

 When I entered junior high school, I was scouted by the drama club seniors, which led me to join the club. I’ve always enjoyed performing, and I was fortunate to be surrounded by kind seniors, classmates, and juniors. So, I spent three fulfilling years in the junior high drama club.

 However, there was one thing during those three years that left me with a lingering sense of regret. Due to my height, I mostly played male roles in the drama club. Still, there was one occasion when everyone considered my feelings, and I was allowed to play the heroine. It was my first time playing the heroine, a role I had always wanted to try.

 Perhaps I was too anxious, but more than that, I believe I just wasn’t suited to playing a cute and charming heroine.

 ”The height of the heroine was too tall compared to the male lead, making it hard to focus on the play.”

 ”The heroine lacks cuteness.”

 ”I can’t feel the heroine’s heroine-like qualities. She might have been better suited for a villainous female role.”

 My first attempt at playing a heroine in a play ended in failure. The reviews from the judges at the competition were overwhelmingly critical.

 ”Washimiya-san, don’t be disheartened.”

 ”You did quite well for your first time as the heroine, Washimiya.”

 ”I’m sorry, Senpai. I should have taken the lead since I was the male lead.”

 My clubmates encouraged me after the performance. Feeling their kindness, I realized once again that joining this club was a good decision.

 ”Lisa, everyone makes mistakes. Just think of it as a valuable experience for the next time you play the heroine.”

 That’s what the senior who invited me to the club said. However, that competition also marked the senior’s retirement from the club.

 ”I’m sorry. I’m so sorry…!”

 I vowed never to play the heroine again. I focused all my efforts on improving my male roles in theater. However, deep down, I couldn’t extinguish the childhood desire to play a cute heroine like Elise.

 By chance, someone in my mom’s acquaintance heard my voice and asked me to lend my talent to the role of Vtuber Sayaka, managed by their agency. Sayaka, elegant and lovely, was like the heroine I had always wanted to be. She became a source of solace for me, who couldn’t become a heroine in real life.

 As I continued my streams, I gained popularity as a Vtuber and eventually graduated from junior high school to Otomezaki Academy High School.

 ”Shirogane-kun, he’s amazing…”

 ”I can’t believe such a handsome boy exists in this world.”

 ”And he’s so kind to us too…”

 Even in high school, my encounter with Aqua-sama was nothing short of shocking. For me, who played male roles in theater, it was a revelation to see a real-life man, not just in physical appearance but also in scent, voice, and, above all, the aura and atmosphere that were fundamentally different from us girls.

 I remember the day when Aqua-sama knocked on the door of our drama club a while after I had entered high school.

 ”Excuse me!! …Ah!”

 It happened just when I was changing. I was slightly bent over, and when I pulled my underwear down to my knees, Aqua-sama entered the dressing room without even knocking.

 Many of us, including myself, turned pale. After all, showing one’s nakedness to a man, even if we were underage, could be a serious offense.

 If it had gone to court, we might have been held entirely responsible for not locking the door. Yet, the kind-hearted Aqua-sama didn’t press charges or call a teacher. Instead, he moved his gaze deliberately from my face down to my toes, blushing just like we girls do when excited.

 Perhaps it was because I was at the front of the group, but even so, I never expected to be treated as a girl by a man. Suddenly, I felt a surge of embarrassment.

 ”Sh-Shirogane-sama, it’s a little embarrassing for me too if you stare at me so intently, desu~wa.”

 Aqua-sama’s gaze was fixed on my panties. Panties? Where exactly is he looking… Oh! Could it be that he’s looking at the stained part of my panties?

 I remembered a manga from my middle school days that a friend had lent me around the time I had my first period. In that manga, a boy who was resting while the girls were doing physical education became aroused and used a classmate’s used underwear that was placed on a desk for his release.

 ”Um, if it’s alright with you, please… use these…”

 For some reason, I mustered the courage to pack the underwear I had worn that day into a paper bag and handed it to Aqua-sama.

 Ahhhh! What am I doing? What am I doing? Especially today, probably because we had PE class at the end, they were sweaty and damp. Honestly, I can’t imagine there’s a demand for such things, desu~wa.


 See! Even Aqua-sama looks perplexed! The other drama club girls were also watching me with bated breath. However, I couldn’t back down now!

 Thanks to Sayaka’s live streams, I had developed some courage. So, I boldly included my socks and gloves that I had been using and handed them to Aqua-sama. Among them was my ID number that I had written with great courage.

 [Congratulations! Shirogane Aqua-sama has ej***lated using your v*ginal data.]

 That night, when I saw those words, I was shocked and hurriedly returned to my room from the living room.

 [Congratulations! Shirogane Aqua-sama has ej***lated using your v*ginal data.]

 Huh? Could it possibly be an error? It’s highly unusual to receive the same notification twice.

 [Congratulations! Shirogane Aqua-sama has ej***lated using your v*ginal data.]

 Hmm? Could it still be a malfunction? I quickly searched the internet for “notifications” and “errors.” But I couldn’t find any detailed information.

 [Congratulations! Shirogane Aqua-sama has ej***lated using your v*ginal data.]

 While I was doing this, I received the fourth notification on my phone. Hmm… something is definitely wrong, desu~wa. I contacted the 24-hour support center to inquire if my phone was malfunctioning, if there were any mis-sent notifications, or if the app had an error.

 [Congratulations! Shirogane Aqua-sama has ej***lated using your v*ginal data.]

 With the fifth notification, I received a follow-up call from the support center. They had confirmed that there were traces of actual usage, five times in total. They were surprised because something like this had never happened before. They congratulated me sincerely and offered their blessings. Looking at the app’s history, it indeed showed that Shirogane Aqua-sama had used me five times.

 ”Aqua-sama used me…”

 My face turned bright red, and I writhed on the bed, rolling my body from side to side.

 According to the contents of that manga I mentioned earlier, the boy pressed the cr**ch of the underwear against the tip of his male’s and wrapped the panties around it before rubbing vigorously with his hand.

 Finally, he released his sp*rm onto the part that had touched the girl’s private area, the stained part of the panties.

 Moreover, the boy was gazing at the female student’s ID photo with passionate eyes while calling out her name during the act.

 Could it be that Aqua-sama was also murmuring my name with longing in her voice while using what I had worn just moments ago for such actions?

 Ah, I might be done for… I slid down my lounge pants, including my underwear.

 If it’s my body he’d prefer over such fabric scraps, I’d gladly offer it to him anytime, but on that day, late into the night, I ended up consoling myself over and over.

 [Congratulations! Shirogane Aqua-sama has ej***lated using your v*ginal data.]

 When I woke up in the morning, Aqua-sama had once again used me for his release. As a result, my panties were ruined by the morning, and I had to wash them along with my sweaty negligee. I barely made it to school after taking a shower.

 [Congratulations! Shirogane Aqua-sama has ej***lated using your v*ginal data.]

 Right after school that day, just before dinner, Aqua-sama used me once more. So, I mustered the courage and told him to contact me if anything came up.

 However, Aqua-sama seemed shy or embarrassed, and whenever our eyes met in the classroom, he looked a little apologetic and avoided eye contact. Maybe my choice of words was too direct.

 Men are often said to be shy, and I thought Aqua-sama might be embarrassed. When I noticed that he occasionally looked at me with a se*ual gaze, I was so happy that I felt like jumping for joy, desu~wa.


 However, from that day on, Aqua-sama used me less and less. I didn’t directly ask for the reason, so it’s not clear, but I think he got tired of me.

 After all, there are many cuter girls in the class, and I’m sure there are even cuter girls around Aqua-sama now that he has started his talent activities. It’s only natural to feel attracted to them, thinking normally, desu~wa.

 My prediction soon proved to be correct, and in the autumn, Kanon-san and Aqua-san got married. His efforts to prevent Kanon-san’s wedding, even going so far as to crash the Stars ceremony, are still a popular topic among the girls.

 ”Ahh! I want to marry someone like that too!”

 ”Yeah, we all think that!”

 ”I want to be abducted by a boy like Aqua-kun.”

 ”Hey, hey, do you think Kanon-san and Aqua-san have already done it?”

 ”Y-You can’t just ask that! But I’m really curious.”

 ”I wonder if it fits, or if it’s too small.”

 ”I’m sure it’s tiny. I wish it was small.”

 ”Yeah, I know. It’s like the tip of those models we use in health education, it’s cute.”

 ”Shirogane-kun’s thing might actually be like that. Ew, just imagining it is cute, I’d want to take the lead.”

 ”Could someone please ask?”

 ”Everyone’s thinking that, right?”

 ”Yeah, because even on the bulletin, everyone deliberately avoids asking.”

 ”It’s probably because Hagetoru or someone like that wouldn’t dare to ask. Maybe Morikawa-san could accidentally ask during a live broadcast.”

 ””””””””””Yeah, I get it””””””””””

 *Cough!* Well, it got a bit vulgar towards the end, but these kinds of conversations generally happened in class.

 ”Kokona doesn’t mind if Aqua-kun is any size. What’s important is not that!”

 ”Hehe, Kokona-chan is mature.”

 ”Uruha-chan, you don’t mind that kind of thing, right?”

 ”Yeah, that’s right. Because what’s important is hardness.”


 Kokona-san blushed when she heard Uruha-san’s words. Y-Yes, indeed… I might be a bit happier if it’s harder than soft… I thought, inadvertently imagining I was pen***ated.

 ”Lisa-chan is pretty reserved, isn’t she?”


 W-Wait a minute, you two, please don’t look at me with such mean expressions!

 Both of you were blushing a bit earlier while imagining, weren’t you? Geez! These are the irreplaceable friends I made in high school. The two of them have gone to see fashion runways together, attended summer fireworks festivals, and created many memories with me. I’m sure we’ll continue to have fun going to school together. That’s what I thought until Kokona-san had to be hospitalized for a transplant surgery.

 ”For our next cultural festival, our drama club has chosen Murai Kumano-sensei’s Pink Rose as the theme. Now, may those who want to play the role of the heroine, Elise, please raise their hands.”

 To cut to the chase, I didn’t raise my hand. After all, at that time, I had no right to play the role of the heroine, especially when I had tarnished my senpai’s retirement performance as the heroine for the first time.

 Besides, there was no way a first-year like me could play the role of the heroine.

 ”Then, Washimiya-san, how about playing the role of Astel?”

 Astel is the male lead, Elise’s partner, in other words, a male role. It’s a very important role, and although I understood how honorable it was to play the second most important role after Elise in my first year, I couldn’t help but regret why I didn’t raise my hand at that time.

 I immersed myself in practice, as if trying to shake off that regret.

 ”Wow, Washimiya-san, you’re really good.”

 ”Uh, y-yes…”

 What’s more, to my surprise, not only Aqua-sama but also Toa-sama decided to participate in our drama club’s performance.

 However, the roles had already been assigned by then, so the two of them joined us as instructors.

 What’s more, they promised to make a brief appearance on stage as a surprise guest for those who came to watch.

 ”Maybe move a bit more dynamically here.”

 ”I see, desu~wa. So, in this part…”

 ”Oh, this part is, um…”

 The time I spent receiving one-on-one guidance from Aqua-sama, was like a dream. In addition, when Aqua-sama showed me the way by performing the role of Astel himself, I was able to play the role of Elise, the heroine.

 While it might have been just practice for Aqua-sama, it became an irreplaceable memory for me.

 ”Lisa-chan, are you pushing yourself too hard?”


 Inside the hospital room, when Kokona-san and I were alone, she held my hand and said that.

 ”Listen… I’ve been thinking, you know, life is long, but it’s not even guaranteed to be a hundred years.”

 ”That’s true, yes, desu~wa.”

 ”So, I think you should do what you really want to do, what you really want to achieve. Even if it doesn’t work out, I think it’s better to do it and regret it a lot, rather than lying to your own heart and living. Well, this is just my story, so I hope you take it as a reference, but I don’t want Lisa-chan to regret it.”


 ”So, if you have a chance, I want you to gather the courage and take that step. It’s okay, leave the back-pushing to me! You see, I have enough power to compete with Morikawa-san!”

 That day, I cried when I got back home. Why didn’t I raise my hand at that time? I really wanted to play the role of Elise.

 But… but did I even have the qualifications for it? In the pitch-dark room, a message lamp lit up.

 [Lisa, I’ll be visiting the next Otomezaki cultural festival. I heard that you really liked the script for the Pink Rose performance, didn’t you? I heard from others that you didn’t aim for the role of the heroine. If you did it because of that incident, only accepting male roles, I’m truly sorry. I really apologize.]

 What am I doing? I made not only Kokona-san but also my senpai worry about me. I felt incredibly pathetic, and I couldn’t face other drama club members with this behavior. All I could do was to perform my role as Astel as best as I could.

 ”I’m so sorry!!”

 On the day before the performance, trouble arose.

 The senior who was supposed to play the heroine got injured the day before.

 ”What should we do…”

 ”We’ll have to find a replacement.”

 ”We could cut some lines…”

 ”Or we could stick closer to the original story.”

 Everyone looked worried. In the midst of this, Toa-sama was about to step forward when Aqua-sama stopped him with his hand. Then Aqua-sama looked at me and nodded subtly.

 ’I think you should do what you really want to do, what you really want to achieve.’

 Kokona-san’s words echoed in my mind. Before I knew it, I had taken a step forward and raised my hand.

 ”Um, well… I, uh, I’ve memorized all of Elise’s lines.”

 Oh, what am I even saying? Even if I could play the role of Elise, what would it change? If I shifted to Elise’s role, wouldn’t the problem then be who plays Astel?

 ”Washimiya-san, really?”


 ”Okay… Hmm, but then we’ll need someone for Astel.”

 ”Well, if I cut a few lines, maybe I could play as Astel.”

 ”If Washimiya-san learns a bit more of Elise’s lines, at worst, even if it’s just standing, I can…”

 Because I volunteered to play Elise, the seniors continued their discussion seriously. In the midst of this, the one who spoke up was none other than that person.

 ”If Washimiya-san is going to play Elise, then I’ll play Astel.”



 Everyone looked surprised and turned their gaze to Aqua-sama.

 ”I’m a member of the drama club too, and I’ve practiced together during Washimiya-san’s training, so I think it’s no problem.”

 With Aqua-sama’s words, the senior’s discussion rapidly progressed.

 ”If Aqua-kun is going to play Astel, it might not be a problem.”

 ”Indeed, if he knows the lines, this might be the best solution we have.”

 ”When Aqua-sama says he’s going to do it, he’ll definitely do it, so it’s fine.”

 ”The problem is the costumes, right?”

 ”Leave it to me. I’ll file a request for overnight stay and make sure to adjust the sizes by tomorrow afternoon!!”

 ”I’ll stay and help too!”

 ”I’ll adjust the spotlight a bit to match the height.”

 ”Let’s go, there’s no other way!”

 In the bustling clubroom, Aqua-sama slowly approached me. As everyone noticed, their gazes naturally turned toward us.

 ”Washimiya-san. Kurogami-san told me about your past mistake when you played the heroine…”


 ”So, I think raising your hand was a brave thing to do. But remember, a stage is not something you do alone; it’s something we create together.”

 Aqua-sama turned her gaze towards everyone. In response, I looked in the same direction, and everyone thanked me for stepping up and said, “Leave it to us” and “Thank you.”

 ”Besides, I’ll be there on stage. Just like Elise had Astel, you won’t be alone, Washimiya-san.”

 Aqua-sama took both of my hands, knelt down, and pressed the back of my hand against his forehead. Ah… ah… this scene, it’s one of the scenes where Astel, making a vow to Elise, kneels and takes her hand.

 ”So please, be my heroine… Lisa.”

 A voiceless scream filled the classroom. Everyone there blushed and covered their mouths with both hands, their bodies trembling slightly.

 He-heh, Aqua-sama must have been appealing that he remembered the lines correctly, with no ulterior motives.

 But even so, just once, even if it’s only on the stage, I wanted to be this person’s heroine. Unbeatable… I finally understood the meaning of what Kokona-san whispered when she returned to the hospital room.


 On the day of the cultural festival, the members of the drama club desperately adjusted the costume sizes and the spotlight positions, allowing us to make it in time.

 ”Washimiya-san, are you nervous?”


 I’ve been on stage many times before as a male character, but this time, I was playing the heroine. And my partner was none other than Aqua-sama… It’s harder not to be nervous. Aqua-sama took my hand gently without knowing such things and peered into my face.

 ”It’s okay. Right now, at this moment, in this story, you are the protagonist.”

 ”M-Me… the protagonist?”

 Aqua-sama nodded vigorously.

 ”Yeah, Elise. This is your story, so have more confidence. Let’s go show everyone the world’s most lovely and charming heroine, mine.”

 In the dim backstage, the light streaming through the swaying curtain illuminated only me and Aqua-sama. In that moment, the sound of the stage curtain rising could be heard. I wonder if that sound reached the audience, or…

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