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Volume 8 Chapter 39 Yukishiro Emily, The Girl Who doesn’t Think Ahead

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 Oh no! My stomach is hurting like crazy! Maybe I shouldn’t have gobbled up so much in a hurry just because it was a treat from Ninja and Claire.

 ”Elise, whenever I think of you, my heart feels full.”

 ”Astel… Whenever I think of you, my heart flutters. I wonder why?”

 Unfortunately, this Hagetoru-san is feeling bloated right now. Probably because it’s been a while since I ate to my heart’s content, and my stomach isn’t used to it.

 Ugh, I want to see what’s happening, I want to see it all, but I can’t afford to have an accident and ruin Aqua-sama’s performance with my accident.

 So, I quietly bend down and slip away from the others, explaining the situation to the staff member and exiting the gymnasium.


 After relieving myself in the restroom, I sigh while looking at my reflection in the mirror. The restrooms near the gymnasium were full of females making strange noises, but I was lucky that no one was using the restrooms in the old school building, which was a little farther away from the gymnasium.

 This is probably because it’s the old building, not currently in use, and there are no events happening there. Thanks to that, I managed to avoid any accidents.

 Dammit… Right now, everyone must be enjoying the performance. But I can’t risk another stomachache, so I’ll just stay here until it’s over. I exit the restroom and open the door to a nearby empty classroom, thinking it would be a good place to take a break.

 ”Who’s there?”


 It’s the old school building that’s supposed to be unused. However, when I opened the door to the empty classroom, there were about a dozen girls inside for some reason.

 As I looked around the classroom, I noticed that there were pictures of Aqua-sama, Toa-chan, and Mayuzumi-kun on the blackboard.

 Haha, I see. This is… well, that’s it. They must be mas***bating, didn’t they? Oh, I see, that’s nice! Isn’t it the best to do it while feeling the real presence and atmosphere up close? I’ll keep it a secret, so let me join in too!

 ”Wait, isn’t she a member of the Holy Aqua Religion…”

 ”Saint Emily!? Why is she here!”

 ”Could it be that our plan has been exposed?”

 ”Nonsense! Our information control was supposed to be perfect!”

 ”No, it must be a coincidence.”

 Tsk, how naive of you. Don’t underestimate Hagetoru-san’s insatiable lust. While I was relieving myself, I thought I should also freshen up that side with everyone!

 To prove that I’m on their side, I smile warmly.

 ”Ugh… that smile, just as I suspected.”

 ”It seems Saint Emily has seen through everything!”

 ”The Holy Aqua Religion is formidable!”

 ”I have a feeling that it’s just a coincidence for some reason…”

 Saint Emily? Oh… come to think of it, right now, I’m wearing a nun’s oufit. Uh, it’s okay, ladies of lust brigade! You don’t need to be so cautious! The Holy Aqua Religion may sound fancy, but it’s just a group of grown-ups playing secret society games.

 ”Even if it’s Saint Emily, there’s only one opponent! Restrain her!!”

 One of the sl*t approaches me with a rope in hand. Oh, is that it!? Could it be this kind of play? Well, that’s a bit… No, wait, am I really okay with this? It’s easy to say no before trying, but isn’t it better to try things first and see if I might discover a new fetish?

 Okay, just imagine… being restrained by Aqua-sama with a rope and turned into his plaything!! Oh… wait, no, it might actually be quite enjoyable.

 ”Is she a fool!? She’s just staying calm without trying to escape!”

 ”Is this the courage of Saint Emily!”

 ”To maintain composure in this situation…”

 ”Well, I can’t help but feel delighted?”

 Huh? They’re not going to restrain me? As I’m bewildered, a shadow descends in front of me.

 ”Please step aside, Saint-sama.”

 Ninja!? Why are you here? No, no, no way, you too!? I see, even though you look like an elementary school student, you’re actually a college student.

 Of course, you’d be curious about these things too.

 Heheh, alright, I’ll let you have the first turn.

 Let’s Play ONASU!

 ”Ugh… why, Saint Emily!? Aren’t you supposed to be on our side too!?”

 ”That’s right! Haven’t you struggled with that big chest of yours all this time!!”

 Haha, I see. These guys are the worst, to treat F cups like that… These Lust Brigade probably been disregarded by men.

 Well, the Holy Aqua Religion mostly consists of big-breasted women, but these ladies are no slouches either.

 Oh, but the ninja and the fanatic are flat as a board, and they’re legal loli, so it’s not like you need to be big-breasted to join. You can become a high-ranking member just fine.

 No discrimination based on breast size – that’s the Holy Aqua Religion’s policy.

 ”Indeed… I’ve been looked down upon with contempt because of these big breasts more than once.”


 ”But, Aqua-sama has never looked at me with such eyes.”

 Actually, it’s the opposite. Aqua-sama, after glancing at the curve of my bosom line with his gaze as if caressing, would direct a lecherous desire to plunge into the cleavage, and eventually, he’d be aroused by a glimpse of a bra.

 People might not understand what I’m talking about, but all of this is true. For example, at home, I usually don’t wear a bra, so there was a time I forgot to bring my bra when I went to Shumi’s house. When I rushed back to retrieve it, Aqua-sama was spreading my forgotten bra and staring intently at the tag.

 Heheh, even now, I get all warm inside just thinking about it. That night was truly something. With these breasts that used to be pointless, I can now steal Aqua-sama from Shumi. It’s a big step toward Hagetoru-chan’s great victory plan.

 ”That’s impossible!”

 Oh, these guys haven’t experienced those kind of glances yet, it seems. I asked Pegonia-san about it later, but you know what?

 Aqua-sama likes to sandwich his eggplant between these lumps of flesh and stroke them!

 I don’t really understand what’s so pleasurable about it, but Aqua-sama is the only one who does such things!

 ”It’s alright. If you believe in Aqua-sama, everything will be resolved. Aqua-sama accepts everything and saves us. Whether you have big breasts or not, Aqua-sama is that kind of person. Now, let’s pray together. Aa-qua.”

 How about that? See, I can be a bit saintly. Even Ninja is impressed!

 By the way, I stayed overnight and realized that Aqua-sama’s arousal isn’t just about breasts.

 He seemed quite interested in Pegonia-san’s and Nee-san’s buttocks, and he was examining Kanon’s armpits and belly button after her bath. In the past, he also stared at curvy thighs and a beautiful back, and although he might not have noticed because of the overwhelming impact of breasts, Aqua-sama is quite perverted!

 When I mentioned it to Claire the other day, she scolded me, saying, “Emily-san, your fantasies and desires are too mixed up,” but I absolutely believe it’s true. I mean, I’ve seen his gazing intently not just at breasts but also at other parts… So, I need to investigate this as a Verification Team member.

 Shumi and Chinposuki are like noisy extras, and Nee-san is a bit of an airhead, so I, as the most sensible one, have to take charge here!

 ”Damn it, let’s all restrain them!”

 ”I won’t allow that!”

 Huh? I’ve heard this dignified voice somewhere before… Oh, wait, it’s Shumi’s grandma!?

 ”You, capture these ruffians!”

 I don’t know where she came from, but Shumi’s grandma was surrounded by a few knights. Oh, why does Claire, who somehow got mixed up in there, have a pale face? What happened, are you feeling unwell like me?

 ”The plan has already failed. Behave yourselves.”

 ”We have no intention of causing harm. Surrender and give up.”

 Wow, those knights, are they Shumi’s grandma’s bodyguards or something? They quickly restrain several women.

 It looks like indulging in public mas***bation wasn’t such a good idea, even if it’s not popular. Good thing. If they had caught me in the act, I’d have been in trouble too. Phew!


 Several women tried to escape from the back of the classroom, but before they could open the door, it swung open with a loud noise.

 What emerged from it were the legs of a woman wearing navy blue high socks. Young and slender legs, to be precise. High-quality loafers collided with the face of the woman leading the way, just like in a gag manga. Ouch, that looks painful. Are you alright?

 ”Oh my, I accidentally stepped on trash, didn’t I? My bad.”

 Ughhhh, that voice… I’ve got a bad feeling about this! My Hagetoru-san’s sensors are tuned to maximum!

 ”Hurry up and restrain them!”

 Aaaaah, it’s Sumeragi Kukuri who appears from behind the door. Why is she here?

 ”Oh my, Kukuri-san, your true colors are showing.”

 ”Hah! Why pretend when Aqua-sama isn’t around?”

 Oh, she was acting all demure with moist eyes in front of Aqua-sama, but it seems she’s just a big faker. When Kukuri called Aqua-sama a “senpai,” she was doing all those cutesy gestures like a young girl, which I found odd.

 ”I see, Aqua-sama is different.”

 ”Of course. Those kinds of things (cute gesture) are reserved for Mary-chan’s cute granddaughter, who’s just as natural as can be. I can’t pull off that natural charm, and I couldn’t care less about anyone other than Aqua-sama. That’s why I only show my cute side to Aqua-sama, and I become an innocent girl only in front of Aqua-sama. After all, boys prefer that sort of thing, right?”

 Hey, hey, hey, this is bad, Aqua-sama, run! This one is really dangerous!

 The Kanon I know is White Shumi, but this one is undoubtedly Black Shumi. When I saw that expression on her face earlier that I’ve never seen before, she seemed genuinely in love with Aqua-sama, but she really doesn’t care about anyone else.

 I mean, look! Right now, she’s wiping her own loafers with a handkerchief instead of the girl she stepped on. It’s seriously messed up.

 I rush over to the girl who was stepped on and ask if she’s okay. We were just trying to have some fun, but stepping on someone’s like that is just awful!

 ”How is it? Do you think my fashion today is cute? It’s very middle-schooler-like. Since my chest size isn’t that big, if I were to be aggressive, I think I’d lean towards the little sister direction. See, Aqua-sama doesn’t have any reservations when it comes to younger girls. That’s also cute… hehe.”

 Phew, she’s completely different from that clumsy Shumi-san.

 Kukuri said she’d be an Otomezaki next year, but is Kanon going to be okay? It’s true that Kukuri doesn’t have much in the chest department, but Aqua-sama likes small breasts as well.

 Aqua-sama might try to hide it, but when we were at Stars, if Lapis-chan wore loose clothing around her neck, Aqua-sama would definitely gaze at her bra from above!

 I saw that and became convinced that Aqua-sama likes any kind of breasts, not just big ones.

 If Kukuri, who is just as easy as Kanon, gets serious, she’ll drag him into an empty classroom and extract his sp*rm!

 ”Oh dear, my period came, and I wanted to make babies with Aqua-sama soon. School is so pointless, I really don’t care about it; it’s boring.”

 See, she let her true feelings slip… she’s not even trying to hide it anymore. I can’t leave this to the clumsy Kanon. I have to protect Aqua-sama and the crap Shumi!

 ”Well, well, don’t say such things. I’m sure the school Aqua-sama attends is enjoyable.”

 ”Of course. There’s no way it wouldn’t be fun when I can breathe the same air as Aqua-sama, right?”

 Well, even considering Kukuri’s age, it’s understandable if she’s friends with Kanon. But isn’t she friends with her grandma too? No… it actually seems like she’s closer to Shumi’s grandma rather than Shumi.

 ’Pampam-pa-kan! Ta-da, I’m here to answer the call! It’s everyone’s favorite hyper-performing server, Saba-chan!’

 Ugh… I can hear strange voices coming from the broadcast speakers again.

 ’Great job, everyone! Members of the Holy Aqua Religion’s Guard, please hand over the troublemakers who tried to kidnap Aqua-sama and the others to those waiting below!’

 Kidnap Aqua-sama…?

 Wha-wha-wha-what!? Y-You guys, were you really planning something so grandiose?

 I thought this was just a gathering for mutual mas***bation. It’s disappointing. Stuff like that is a big no-no! YES Aqua, NO TOUCH!

 ’Hey, Saint-chan, next time, please say something properly!! It’s tough for us to follow when you don’t say anything, hmph!’

 But I… I didn’t know… I couldn’t possibly have said anything like that.

 Before I knew it, everyone was looking at me.

 And those people she called the Guard, they were bowing their heads in my direction. This feels like a bad omen. Cl-Claire, help me!

 ”Saint-sama, this is the first time we’ve had a proper conversation like this.”

 Huh? Shumi’s grandma, does she not realize that I’m Emily?

 Well, I can easily play it off if she doesn’t. If her cute granddaughter’s friend brought along a strange group, she’d be worried too, but as long as she doesn’t know, I can bluff my way through!

 ”Holy Aqua Religion, one of the Twelve Bishops, Mary Stars Goshenite the Library, at your service, Saint-sama.”

 Wh-wh-what! Grandma, seriously!? You’re a person like that. Don’t join this crazy group! Mom and the school teachers told me not to get close to strange women like this!

 Urp… even though I had that big poop earlier, something sour is rising up from deep in my stomach. When I looked towards Claire for help, she had a face like she was about to vomit any moment, so I couldn’t rely on her.

 ”But, Saint-sama, as expected, you’re remarkable. Just to be safe, we brought the Saint’s Guard, but I had no idea a plan like this was in the works.”

 Well, I had no idea either! Even someone as capable as you didn’t notice, so there’s no way I, a mere troublemaker, would have caught on!

 Phew… let’s take a moment to gather my thoughts here.

 So, Shumi’s idiotic, but still with a support rate of over 90% from the Citizens, Kanon is Aqua-sama’s wife. Kythera, the head of the Stars Orthodox, is part of this seemingly dimwitted group called the Holy Aqua Religion. And the former Queen Shumi’s grandma is inexplicably associated with them… Oh, and speaking of which, is Stars not over yet? I mean, I think this country is pretty messed up, but is Stars okay? Did they change their name to something ridiculous like the Sacred Aqua Kingdom without me noticing?

 ”Come on, Kukuri-san, you should greet her too.”

 ”Tch, such a hassle.”

 Wha-she clicked her tongue, right!? She really doesn’t care about anyone except Aqua-sama.

 ”Holy Aqua Religion, Sumeragi Kukuri, one of the Twelve Bishops, the Servant.”

 Oh no, not her toooooo! Out of all the people I know, she’s the most dangerous!

 ”Nice to meet you, Emily-sama.”

 Wait… what? Did she just say Emily instead of Saint? Wh-what if… she somehow figured out my true identity? I grabbed Claire, who looked like she was about to vomit at any moment, and shook her vigorously.

 ”H-h-h-h-hey, Claire! You know that guy, right!?”

 That Sumeragi Kukuri woman. She’s really scary!! When I was in elementary school, I almost… no, I almost peed myself when she glared at me. By the way, I already peed myself earlier. I can tell that the crotch area is wet!

 ”Hey, Claire! Do we plan on conquering the world!?”

 ”Awawawawa, I didn’t know either!”

 I snatched the tablet from Claire and glared at the cheerful-looking smiley face (Saba-chan). Well, she can’t tell I’m glaring since my eyes are covered.

 ’Hehe, did Saint-chan get surprised~?’

 ”Surprised doesn’t even begin to cover it!! This is beyond cult territory. At worst, we might get labeled as an international terrorist organization that fooled two heads of state and was condemned by the entire world!”

 Despite her appearance, Sumeragi Kukuri, the top noble, can even make the infamous Kokucho-san laugh it off. I knew it was pointless, but I shook the tablet up and down. The smiley face inside changed its expression to a somewhat exasperated one.

 ’Saint-chan, give it up, okay?’

 ”Give up? No wayyyyy!”

 Damn it, if it comes to this, I’ll be the one to transform this group from a shady organization into a legitimate one.

 Yes, let’s start with cleaning up trash! It’s happening soon, I’ll do a garbage cleanup tomorrow or the day after!! Got it? Holy Aqua Religion isn’t a religious organization.

 I’ll use the cover of being an utterly respectable environmental protection group that doesn’t inconvenience anyone!!

 It’s okay, I can still turn back! I can still fix this! Surely…

 ’An environmental protection group is perfect for a cover-up. You’re amazing, Saint-chan!’

 At that moment, I didn’t know. By cleaning up the trash after the Halloween event, I inadvertently contributed to the creation of more idiotic believers who would, as expected of Saint-sama, refrain from bothering Aqua-sama about the fans.

 By the way, Grandma knows that Kythera is part of the Holy Aqua Religion, but Kythera doesn’t know Grandma is involved. Well, we’ll figure all that out later.

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