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Volume 8 Chapter 45 Tenga Akira, The Meaning of Tenga’s Name, Conquering the Heaven

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 My mother was not particularly robust in health. Instead, it was my grandmother, who ran a farm, who raised me during my early years.

 ’Akira is incredibly clever.’

 My grandmother would say when I showed her my perfect test scores during my elementary school days.

 I fondly remember her wrinkled hand gently patting my head at that moment.

 I didn’t mind studying; in fact, I enjoyed it. My grandmother always rewarded my efforts with delicious meals.

 ’Akira really loves his grandmother.’

 Haruka-nee, my childhood friend and the neighbor’s big sister, used to say during that time.

 As time passed, my mother’s health improved, and she spent more time at home. Those were joyful days.

 Until the day Haruka-nee told me she was getting married, my memories were filled with happiness.

 ’Akira, I’ve heard Tokyo is a dangerous place. Are you sure you’ll be okay on your own? Maybe Mom should come with you.’

 ’No problem. I can handle it on my own.’

 I responded curtly to my concerned mother.

 It’s not that I disliked her, but I had reservations about bringing my physically fragile mother to Tokyo.

 Besides, during that period, I was as sharp as a jackknife, especially when it came to matters involving Haruka-nee.

 When I decided to pursue my studies at a university in Tokyo, I did so secretly, during a rebellious phase.

 ’Akira, if it ever gets too tough, you can always come back.’

 ’Oh, grandmother…’

 When we said our goodbyes, tears welled up in my grandmother’s eyes.

 I distinctly remember the pain in my chest as I looked at her.

 Recently, she had been complaining of back pain, and my mother had mentioned that she might not have much time left. Perhaps… this might be the last time with my grandmother.

 At that time, I had such ominous thoughts. And two years after I moved to Tokyo, my grandmother…

 ”Kyaaaa! Shin-sama is so cool!”

 Right now, she was in the midst of Mayuzumi’s concert. She ecstatically cheering in front of him.

 ”Shin-sama looks just like your late grandfather; he’s so handsome!”

 ”Grandmother, we don’t have a grandfather!”

 My grandmother was incredibly lively.

 She had rigged a belt with holders for two penlights each, attached to her waist, allowing her to quickly switch between them.

 Wait a minute, isn’t that a modified Poison Chalice belt? And what about her waist and lifespan?

 While my mother’s letters had mentioned that my grandmother had recently regained her health, I felt that “regaining health” didn’t quite capture the extent of her vitality.

 I mean, her skin seemed to glow, her wrinkles appeared diminished, and even my mother sitting beside her seemed healthier… Well, perhaps I should stop dwelling on minor details.

 ”Haruka-chan, are you okay? If you feel unwell, please let me know.”

 ”Ah… I’m, I’m fine. Yumeko-san…”

 Squinting my eyes, which had vision better than 20/20 (normal vision), I saw the lively figure of Haruka-nee next to my mother.

 Haruka-nee… she had divorced her abusive husband and staying at my parents’ house for psychological care.

 According to doctors and my mother, she had become significantly brighter compared to the early days of her ordeal.

 I wanted to see Haruka-nee’s smile from those days. So, I decided to invite Haruka-nee to today’s live concert.

 ’Haruka-nee, how about coming to see the Halloween stage? Mother and grandmother will be with us, and you can leave during the performance if it gets too tough.’

 Haruka-nee was silently watching Mayuzumi, who was performing a new song.

 While everyone in the audience wore happy expressions, with joyful and delighted faces, Haruka-nee’s face wasn’t quite the same.

 Yet, there was a subtle trembling in her body.

 She must be trying her best.

 She wanted to enjoy the moment like everyone else. That’s why she readily accepted my invitation.

 Just a bit more, just a tiny spark, and things might change.

 ’Tenga-senpai… I… I…’

 When I took Shirogane’s trembling hand backstage, he looked like he was about to burst into tears.

 I didn’t know what had happened to Shirogane. However, when I looked at his face, it overlapped with Haruka-nee’s.

 ’Shirogane, sit down for a moment and take a deep breath. Don’t worry about the performance; we’ll handle it together.’

 Thanks to Nekoyama’s quick response, I managed to regain some composure.

 Frankly, if we didn’t know the cause of Shirogane’s condition, neither I nor anyone else could do much.

 It might sound cold, but I had considered the worst-case scenario: Shirogane not being able to return during this performance.

 ”Tenga-san, we’re ready!”

 ”I appreciate it. Leave the rest to me.”

 All I could do now was ensure the successful completion of this stage that Shirogane had wanted so badly.

 I was sure that the fans would eventually notice something was amiss as the performance went on.

 That’s why, in this dream-like time, I wanted the fans to enjoy it for as long as possible. I didn’t want to disappoint them. To honor Shirogane’s determination, I would do my best to keep the fans entertained for every minute and every second.

 ”Junior, I’m coming your way too!”

 Spotlights were directed towards the ceiling.

 ”Sorry to keep you waiting, guys! It’s Super Tenga Time!”

 Wearing a costume inspired by a werewolf, I descended onto the stage using wires suspended from the ceiling.

 While werewolves were feared in Stars, they were not in this country.

 Ancient texts described them as sacred creatures that guided the lost king onto the right path.

 ”Now, enjoy my showtime!”

 The BGM for Driver, composed by Moja-san, Nekoyama, and me, was remixed into a medley specifically for this day, playing in the background.


 ”Heaven’s Sword is here!”

 ”My mom said! Tenga-senpai is doing it!”

 ”Heaven’s Sword! Heaven’s Sword! Heaven’s Sword! Heaven’s Sword!”

 ”Kamishiro! Kamishiro! Kamishiro! Kamishiro!”

 ”This is Poison Chalice’s song!”

 ”You guys really love Heaven’s Sword… Well, I like it too, Heaven’s Sword!”

 Thanks to Heaven’s Sword, or rather, after seeing Shirogane’s cool action scenes, I wanted to try it myself. Starting with proper physical conditioning, seeking guidance from professionals, today was the day I’d showcase it to the fans.

 Women dressed as witches appeared in the audience, and I skillfully defeated them with flashy moves.

 By the way, those women in witch costumes were the ones playing the role of Chijou.

 They were pros, and their exaggerated reactions made my relatively amateurish actions look cool.

 Even so, I performed the coolest action as Tenga Akira with all my might.

 ”He definitely looks like Chijou.”

 ”No doubt, but then, the two on the left were in episodes 2 and 5.”

 ”The moves where he bites the witch’s neck during the practice scenes are insane.”

 ”Wait a second, how much do I have to pay for Tenga-senpai to bite me?”

 ”Beryl adding unintentionally sexy scenes is the best!”

 ”Aki-kun, you’re so cool! You look just like your late grandfather!”

 ”Hey, isn’t his tail moving!? What kind of technology is this!?”

 ”I want to touch that tail. It’s so fluffy.”

 ”Aww, Tenga-kun’s ears are cute!”

 The action scenes were well-received.

 Now, it’s time for the drama part.

 After defeating the witches, I found a fallen girl in a red hood and spoke to her.

 ”Are you okay?”


 The girl playing the role of Red Riding Hood, known for her role as Minami Kana in Heaven’s Sword, responded.

 ”Little one, it’s dangerous to walk alone on a night like this.”

 ”I’m sorry. But… my grandma…”

 According to what I heard, the girl was on her way to deliver a magic potion to her grandmother, who lived deep in the mountains.

 The witches attacked her because they wanted the magic potion she was carrying.

 ”It can’t be helped. Little Red Riding Hood, this must be fate. I’m on a journey myself, but I’ll escort you to your grandmother’s place.”

 And so, a short journey began for me and the girl in the red hood. Scenes like crossing a rickety bridge that seemed ready to collapse at any moment and climbing a cliff with the girl on my back had the audience on the edge of their seats.

 ”It’s dangerous!”


 ”Go, Tenga-kun!”

 ”Oh, I’m getting so nervous just watching.”

 ”Come on, Red Riding Hood, you can do it!”

 ”Isn’t that the girl playing Kana-chan?”

 ”Wow, this is totally unexpected.”

 ”Great news! I couldn’t see the play live at the cultural festival, but I’m really moved now.”

 Occasionally, we had scenes where we rested and conversed, deepening the bond between Red Riding Hood and me.

 ”Mr. Wolf! That’s my grandma’s house right there!”

 With the injured girl unable to walk, I carried her on my shoulders. In front of us was a small house constructed as part of the set.

 However, the witches once again obstructed our path. Just like before, an action scene between me and the witches began.

 However, this time, it didn’t go as planned, and the girl in the red hood suddenly found herself in a perilous situation.

 ”Don’t be mean to Mr. Wolf!”

 The girl in the red hood looked up at the audience and raised her hand.

 ”Please, lend me your power to help Mr. Wolf! I want everyone’s Red Moon power!”

 The mention of the Red Moon’s light, I wondered if anyone would understand those words. However, everyone immediately took out their red penlights, which were my image color, and started waving them with determination.

 Amazing… It was just as Director Hongou said; fans would quickly catch on.

 ”Thank you, everyone! Bad witches, stay away from Mr. Wolf!”

 To put it simply, it was a mysterious power. The girl in the red hood released a mysterious red light that dispelled the witches around me.

 Thus, we entered Grandma’s house.

 ”Grandma, are you okay? I brought this magic potion for you because I heard it might help!”

 ”Thank you. With this, I’m sure I’ll get better.”

 Grandma’s health improved with the magic potion. The story concluded with a happy ending.

 But it was also a happy ending that signaled the end of my short journey with the girl in the red hood.

 ”Mr. Wolf, please don’t go!”

 Having overcome various challenges together and deepened their friendship, it was only natural for the girl in the red hood to feel this way.

 The girl in the red hood clung to me with tears in her eyes.

 ”I understand her feelings…”

 ”If I were Red Riding Hood, I’d never want to be apart from Tenga-kun either.”

 ”After all, even small girls have the instinct to know who a good man is.”

 ”Ah, even though Grandma is safe now, this journey with him and these two is over.”

 ”Aki-kun, don’t leave your grandma behind!”

 ”Ugh, even though it’s a happy ending, it’s tough to know that a farewell awaits at the end.”

 ”But it can’t be helped. Little Red Riding Hood has her own path, and Mr. Wolf has his own.”

 ”Someday, will the four of the boys also part ways like this?”

 ”Wait a minute, that’s not a good omen!”

 ”No, but when I watched today’s stage, it felt different from before, like Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-kun, Tenga-senpai, and Aqua-kun…”

 ”I told you, don’t make it sad.”

 ”Wait, don’t say that even though I love these four.”

 I knelt down to meet the eyes of the girl in the red hood, removed her hood, and gently stroked her head while maintaining eye contact.

 Then, I delicately wiped away the tears that had welled up in her eyes.

 ”Little Red Riding Hood, don’t cry. Even if we’re far apart, we’ll always be together under this vast, starry sky that stretches endlessly. So, when you’re sad or lonely, just look up, and I’ll always be by your side.”

 Spotlights illuminated both ends of the stage, revealing Mayuzumi playing the piano and Nekoyama smiling in front of the drums.

 The beautiful and rhythmic piano sound filled the stage.

 It was a soothing melody that not only brightened the mood but also washed away tired and troubled hearts.

 It was a song that made everyone who heard it feel lighter and happier.

 ”Because you’re a light, you shine especially brightly in a moonless night sky. I wanted to shine alongside you like that.”

 I picked up the microphone I had hidden in my costume and began to sing while maintaining eye contact with the girl in the red hood.

 I sang a song I had written, thinking of the girl who always walked ahead with a cheerful spirit during our journey.

 But when I wrote these lyrics, I poured into them various emotions, different wishes, and thoughts about living far away from my grandmother, mother, Haruka-nee, Shirogane, Nekoyama, Mayuzumi, the supportive President Atori and Director Hongou, Moja-san and Nobu-san, the staff, the fans, and myself.

 ”Because you’re a light, you shine especially brightly in a moonless night sky. Even in the deepest places where light doesn’t reach, you brighten them up.”

 Because of Haruka-nee, there was a time when I couldn’t sing on my own.

 However, I couldn’t part with my guitar, and my days were filled with creating songs I couldn’t sing.

 Shirogane… I was saved by meeting you.

 So, I want you to lift your head and see me in my current state. I never thought I’d be able to sing like this in front of anyone ever again.

 How about that! I’m singing right now in front of so many fans!

 ”Sometimes you may weaken and be obscured by clouds, and that’s okay. Even on such days, no one will blame you.”

 During the filming of Heaven’s Sword, I overheard a conversation between Nekoyama and Mayuzumi.

 At that moment, Shirogane’s words of encouragement for Nekoyama resonated with me, too.

 I believe those words also influenced Mayuzumi, who was beside us.

 That’s why, Shirogane, if you’re feeling weak, if you’re on the verge of giving up, this time, I’ll be there to support you from behind.

 ”Because in this pitch-black world, you shine even brighter. Everyone around you shines brighter too.”

 I stood up and looked up at the sky. Hey, juniors, do you remember my name? My name is Tenga Akira, written as “天我” to conquer the heavens.

 ”Because you’re a light, you shine especially brightly in a moonless night sky. I feel like I can go anywhere with you.”

 In the heart of the city, right in the middle of Shibuya’s scramble crossing, could there be such a miraculous event?

 Everyone was lured by my gaze as they looked up at the sky. Then, they were surprised and covered their mouths with their palms.

 ”As the night sky grows darker, you shine even brighter. Everyone around you becomes brighter too.”

 The starry sky stretched as far as the eye could see, with sparkling stars pouring down on us.

 There wasn’t just one star. They say there are as many lives as there are stars, and I truly thought that was the case.

 Everyone’s life shines. You taught us that, didn’t you, my junior?

 ”Sometimes you may weaken and be obscured by clouds, and that’s okay. Even on such days, no one will blame you.”

 So look at the sky, this magnificent starry night sky!

 Did you see that, junior?

 I’ll clear away even the cloudiest skies! I’ll accept everything about you, Haruka-nee, and everyone.

 Because I’m the coolest senpai for you, Shirogane Aqua!

 ”Because in this pitch-black world, you shone the brightest of all.”

 When I looked at Haruka-nee’s face, her eyes were filled with tears.

 And in the next moment, when she lowered the hand covering her mouth, she was smiling.

 It wasn’t just Haruka-nee. Even the fans who were crying were now showing smiles.

 ”I’m grateful for the miracle of meeting you.”

 I exchanged smiles with Mayuzumi, who was playing the piano.

 ”I’m thankful for the destiny of meeting you.”

 I shared a smile with Nekoyama, who was playing the drums.

 ”Because you’re a light, you shine especially brightly in a moonless night sky. Ah, what a wonderful sight.”

 Heh… I’m still a young, after all.

 Earlier, I was trying to be calm and realistic, but that was just a bluff.

 Shirogane… I want to stand on this stage with you.

 Lift your head, open your eyes, and look at the audience spread out in front of me!

 ”The world you illuminated shines so brightly. Everyone learns the beauty of the world from the light you radiate.”

 The countless penlight beams twinkled in the audience. Everyone was waving their penlights, not wanting to be outshone by this starry sky.

 White, purple, green, red, turquoise, yellow… The lights from penlights of various colors adorned the stage beautifully.

 Certainly, the starry sky was beautiful, but I thought this view was better.

 While the starry sky might be natural, the penlight’s glow, although artificial, carried a warmth akin to human touch.

 After finishing the song, thunderous applause enveloped us.

 ”It’s hopeless…”

 ”I don’t know why, but my tears won’t stop.”

 ”All three of them have grown so much.”

 ”To think that the three of them could create a stage like this without Aa-sama is unfair.”

 ”I can’t even understand how to interpret this song anymore.”

 ”Does this mean they’ll always be together?”

 ”Or does it mean they’ll be together even if they’re apart?”

 ”It doesn’t matter anymore. Because these four are looking at the same stars!”

 ”I believe in Beryl now.”

 ”We’re in this together until the end.”

 ”We’ll always be with you. Our choice hasn’t changed since that day, that time.”

 ”Hey… why isn’t Aqua-kun coming out?”

 ”Could something have happened to Aqua-sama?”

 ”Wait a minute, I have a bad feeling.”



 Ugh… is this how it ends?

 The fans began to call out for Shirogane, puzzled by his continued absence.

 They must be worried about Shirogane. Worried voices, concerned voices, and desperate cries mingled together, but all those voices felt like they were expressing concern for Shirogane.

 What should we do? What’s the best course of action?

 [Tenga-kun! Toa-chan! Mayuzumi-kun!]

 Through the intercom, Aqua’s voice came through.

 [All three of you, thank you. Everything is fine now!]

 In an instant, I locked eyes with Mayuzumi and Nekoyama on my left and right.

 It’s okay, there was no need to confirm anything now.

 With those words alone, the hearts of the three of us blazed with such intensity that it dispelled the night’s cold, and our bodies trembled with excitement.

 ”Who’s calling my name?”

 I couldn’t help but feel a smile forming at the corner of my mouth.

 Everyone held their breath at that voice. Here he comes! It wasn’t just us; everyone thought he was coming.

 Everyone had been eagerly awaiting him, the most powerful and amazing idol!

 It’s Shirogane Aqua’s stage!

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