Male Idol V8c47

Volume 8 Chapter 47 Miyuki Heliodor Yui, On Halloween Night

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Beryl Entertainment’s first solo event, the Halloween Night Festival.

 I was sitting in the special invitation seat of the live event alongside Amakusa Shikimi-san, the head of the Amakusa family and also the top of the National Confidentiality Bureau.

 The special invitation seat is where sponsors and those directly invited by Beryl sit, separate from family seats.

 My ticket was a pair ticket, and thanks to the advice of Kanon-san, Aa-sama’s wife arranged it for me.

 ”As expected of Beryl. I didn’t expect such a scale.”

 ”Yes, I’m also surprised by more than I anticipated.”

 I never thought they would create a dreamland in the center of Tokyo in such a short time, even if it’s for a limited time.

 I wonder how many people, companies, goods, and money are involved.

 This movement centered around one company, and in a way, one individual, has even boosted our country’s GDP.

 With Aa-sama in front of them, the wallets of the citizens have loosened, expenses have increased, and as a result, work has increased, leading to increased income. It can truly be called an ideal cycle.

 In addition, Beryl and Aa-sama don’t hoard excess profits but allocate them to support those in need in cooperation with the country.

 This generates even more sympathizers.

 Even though their activities have only just begun six months ago, the tremendous influence Aa-sama wields continues to astonish us government officials.

 ”Ayana-chan, over here!”

 ”Wait, Kohina-senpai!”

 Wow, it’s Kohina Yukari-san and Tsukimachi Ayana-san, who are currently starring in a Monday 9PM drama.

 With the appearance of the two popular actresses, there was a bit of commotion in the audience seats behind.

 Both of them are dressed as witch girls in line with Halloween, but they are indeed actresses and top idols.

 They look good in those costumes, and both of them are very cute. Perhaps they were invited by Aa-sama.

 ”Oh, it seems our seats are here!”

 A group of women dressed in nun costumes appeared. There’s one ninja mixed in, but it’s not bullying or anything, right? Yeah, it seems different when seeing their faces; they seem to be having fun.

 Leading the group dressed in nun costumes is Claire-san, a classmate of Aa-sama.

 She is suspected to have connections with Fuji Zaibatsu’s Fuji Ranko Chairman and questionable organizations like Holy Aqua Religion, and she’s marked as an important figure within the National Confidentiality Bureau.

 And there’s another familiar face among them.

 Why is Sumeragi Kukuri here? And with Claire-san by her side, does that mean she’s getting close to Aa-sama? No, perhaps she has her sights on someone else?

 With Mayuzumi Shintaro already being a Kokucho family member, increasing security in that direction is complicated. We can’t say much until we know Sumeragi Kukuri’s purpose, but her appearance may provoke the Kokucho family.

 Already, the Amakusa family, who holds the top position in the National Confidentiality Bureau, the Fuji family, the home of Fuji Ranko Chairman, and the Kuga family, the home of Kuga Reira, are actively supporting their activities. Among the six major families, the only one whose intentions are unclear seems to be the Yukishiro family, which is related to Aa-sama. We know that Yukishiro Emily-san, a friend of Kanon-san, and Mishu-sama, with whom he has worked, have gotten close to Aa-sama. Still, it’s somewhat unclear whether this aligns with the Yukishiro family’s intentions.

 Mishu-sama has already distanced herself from the Yukishiro family, and those who know her circumstances can somewhat understand why she would contact Aa-sama, who has entered the entertainment industry. Yukishiro Emily-san, considering her current lifestyle, behavior history, personality, and her acquaintance with Kanon-san, presents very low risk, and she has been judged as non-threatening.

 ”Miyuki-san, it seems she’s not the only one who came here.”


 Looking in the direction of Chief Amakusa’s gaze, Kokucho Agewa-san, the head of the Kokucho family, and Fuji Shion-san, the elder sister of Fuji Ranko Chairman, entered together.

 When they noticed Chief Amakusa, they exchanged a casual nod and headed to their assigned seats. The atmosphere at the scene became tense. But the voices of two men eased that tension.

 ”Wow, it’s amazing. It’s like a dreamland.”

 ”Yeah, that’s right!”

 ”I wish Yamada-kun and the others could have come too.”

 ”It can’t be helped. In return, we bought a lot of souvenirs for them, so I hope they’ll be happy with that.”

 Wait, two men!?

 This caused the loudest commotion from the audience seats behind us today.

 The man referred to as “uncle” looked good in a suit and gave off a gentle aura, with a soft, friendly impression. (T/N: Uncle => Uncle Tadano in men bulletin)

 The other man had a splendid mustache and appeared dandy. The man referred to as “uncle” might be slightly older. Both men were in their prime, but that’s not the most notable thing. The surprising part was that both of them were wearing cat ear headbands.

 The man referred to as “oji-san” had a headband modeled after Shiro-kun, and the mustached man had one inspired by Tama-chan.

 ”I’m getting excited like a kid even though I’m at this age. Is the concert starting soon?”

 ”Hmm. I’m excited too, especially thinking about Toa-sama’s new outfit. I also bought this for today.”

 ”What is that… a counter? Nyankosuki-san, are you counting the number of people in the audience?”

 ”No, it’s for observing how many times Toa-sama looks at Mr. Aqua during the concert!”

 ”Oh, right, you mentioned something like that.”

 ”Yes! If there’s a duet song in today’s setlist, that would be great. Uncle, do you have a favorite song in mind?”

 ”Well, I’d like to see Aqua-kun when he’s having fun with everyone. Solo Aqua-kun is cool, but when he’s with the other three, it looks like he’s having a great time.”

 ”I understand, I understand. But Mr. Aqua should occasionally look back and notice Toa-sama’s gaze. It’s pitiful that Toa-sama looks at Mr. Aqua more than ten times, and he never looks back. Well, on the other hand, it adds a certain charm to Toa-sama’s love, even though it’s one-sided and unrequited…”

 Both of them seemed to have noticed that they were being watched by us, so they lowered their tone a bit, and we couldn’t make out what they were saying anymore. What kind of conversation were they having, I wonder?

 I’m really curious about what those two men think of Aa-sama and the others, but judging by their expressions, it’s clear they’re looking forward to it. So, the surrounding audience members didn’t want to disturb the two gentlemen, and they exchanged smiles with those nearby.


 Spotlights that had been illuminating the stage descended. Along with that, the lights from the surrounding buildings and billboards also dimmed. It’s incredible.

 Things that would be considered impossible under normal circumstances are happening. How many companies and how many people are cooperating to make this dreamland the best stage it can be? Large monitors on the surrounding buildings and monitors installed on the stage display the minutes until the start of the show.

 Everyone responds to Morikawa-san’s countdown with cheers. And when the stage began, it thrilled us, the audience.

 ”Nyankosuki-san, are you okay?”

 ”Uh, uh, uhhhh… I’ll follow Toa-sama until I die!!”

 The mustached gentleman, Nekoyama Toa-san’s stage made him cry.

 At first, he was wildly enthusiastic about the stage, but around the second song, he seemed to sense something and suddenly started shedding tears. Seeing this, the gentleman next to him, the man in the suit, lent him a handkerchief.

 ”Hmm… Shin-chan has really grown, hasn’t he?”

 At Kokucho Agewa-san’s remark, Fuji Shion-san and Chief Amakusa exchanged tense glances. I don’t know exactly what they’re thinking, but my duty as the National Confidentiality Bureau is to protect these men.

 For Mayuzumi Shintaro-san’s sake and for Aa-sama’s sake, I renewed my determination to protect them from anyone ill intentions.

 ”Well, it seems like he’s putting a lot of effort into his performance. Though, he can’t quite compare to my Aqua!”

 ”Yeah… that’s probably what people don’t like about Kohina-senpai. Like ours, and the way she always tries to mount others…”

 In response to Tsukimachi Ayana-san’s remarks, the people around her probably nodded in agreement. At least to me, it felt like those around us were silently saying, “He’s not your Aa-sama.”

 ”Well, setting that aside, Ayana-chan, let’s go.”

 ”Huh? Huh? Go where? Wait a minute, senpai. If you act without thinking and cause a problem, it won’t be just a controversy…”

 As soon as Tenga Akira-san’s stage started, the two of them went somewhere. Where could they have gone? I hope they don’t cause any trouble… They didn’t return until Tenga Akira-san’s song ended.

 ”Is it Aqua-kun’s turn soon?”

 ”Yeah, isn’t it?”

 The audience’s excitement was at its peak.

 Nekoyama Toa-san, Mayuzumi Shintaro-san, and Tenga Akira-san have all performed, and everyone knows who’s coming next.

 All the performances so far have been excellent, and both I and Chief Amakusa have waved our penlights so vigorously that our arms could have torn off.

 Looking around, even Kokucho Agewa-san and Sumeragi Kukuri-san, who are usually expressionless, were shaking their penlights properly. This surprised both Chief Amakusa and me.

 In other words, the performances by the three of them were so outstanding that it elicited this reaction from them.


 ”Aqua! Aqua! Aqua!”


 ”We came to see Aqua-sama!”

 ”Come out soon, our prince!”

 After the applause and calls of praise for Tenga Akira-san, the Shirogane Aqua calls erupted from the audience.

 Everyone is waiting for Aa-sama, for Shirogane Aqua. When I look into the audience, I see a woman clasping her hands together, looking nervously at the stage, as if in prayer. And she’s not alone. Thousands, tens of thousands of people are offering their wishes.

 ”Who’s calling my name?”

 Aqua-sama’s voice echoed through the stage, and everyone reacted. The woman who had closed her eyes in prayer, touching her forehead with clenched fists, the woman who was gripping her penlight with a face that looked on the verge of tears, the woman who had called his name until her voice grew hoarse, the woman who raised her penlight – everyone turned their faces toward the stage.

 ”The only ones allowed on this stage are those willing to follow me.”

 I could hear everyone gasping. Shirogane Aqua was coming. Just that was enough to bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

 ”Shirogane Aqua promises. I’ll show you the best stage… so follow me!!”

 Spotlights descended onto the center of the stage, and everyone shouted Shirogane Aqua’s name. Sumeragi Kukuri-san, who had been expressionless until now, the two gentlemen, called out his name with voices on the verge of breaking.

 Tenga Akira-san’s lively guitar sound, Nekoyama Toa-san’s pounding drums, Mayuzumi Shintaro-san’s beautiful piano melody, and Aa-sama’s voice all melded together seamlessly from the beginning.

 ’The song heard in the deep darkness. The voice calling us.’


 Why, why does his voice, his singing, squeeze the depths of my heart like this?

 ’In the midst of suffering, there’s someone struggling. A wounded heart screams.’

 It doesn’t feel like his singing is just good or his voice is beautiful; it’s beyond that. Many women are falling in love with his singing, his joyful expression, his melodious voice.

 He’s a sinner… by captivating so many women like this, how many has he led astray? But it can’t be helped. After all, it’s we women who are easily ensnared, not him.

 ’Am I the one who’s crazy, or is it the world? A broken clock with stopped hands. No one knows what’s right. But someone is crying even now, in this very moment.’

 Suppressing the pounding of my heart, I focus on the lyrics. Everyone is being drawn into the world Shirogane Aqua is creating.

 ’Light had been lost from the world.’

 Until Aqua-sama emerged into the world, it seemed like the world, this country, was heading in a bad direction. The gap between men and women was widening, and the situation was deteriorating to the point where it seemed irreparable.

 ’A heart on the verge of bursting screams. Does it have any wishes? I could only stand by and watch as the world tilted.’

 Many women were hurt by men. Many men were hurt by women. They hurt each other, and in the end, hurt each other even more. Living without really knowing each other, they somehow managed to get along out of necessity.

 The world they lived in was barely maintained by the remaining goodness in the people. We believed that someday that world would collapse.

 ’This isn’t just someone’s story. It’s everyone’s story.’

 In reality, there must have been many people who wanted to be kind to each other. But they were afraid of hurting each other, so they couldn’t take that first step.

 ’What can we do? Is this action right? While we pondered, time didn’t stop. Somewhere, someone’s crying voice could be heard.’

 People who wanted to change hesitated to take that first step, while some aggressive people spread malice. Some did summon the courage to act, but they were in the minority, and many remained motionless.

 ’Don’t cry alone.’

 But they… Aqua-sama was different.

 ’We decided after seeing you in pain. Even if it’s wrong, we’ll move the hands of the clock forward. On the night we resolved to change the world, we started running to break through the impasse.’

 They shattered everything that had happened until now, everything that was happening, and extended their hands towards us. Wouldn’t it be more enjoyable like this?

 It felt like we were being encouraged to speak our minds more openly to each other. It’s because of you that everyone was drawn to you. And many people who wanted to support you gathered around you.

 ’Bidding farewell to the days of shedding tears. To laugh together with everyone, we’ll overcome everything.’

 In the pitch-black night sky where nothing could be seen, a single shining star twinkled. It turned into a grand meteor shower, illuminating this country with its warm light.

 ’Let’s envelop the world in gentle light.’

 Ah, I see. Someday, one day, no, it might not be too distant. Shirogane Aqua’s popularity is not limited to just this country anymore; it’s extending to Stars, and even States.

 Of course, the same can be said for Nekoyama Toa-san, Mayuzumi Shintaro-san, and Tenga Akira-san. They are going from being idols of this country to becoming idols of the world.

 Perhaps this song is their declaration of determination for that purpose. After making this country better, they will spread their wings further to improve the world.

 ’Today, under this starry sky full of stars, like making a wish, we all saw the same scenery. We vow tonight to change even the world. We’ll run through anything!’

 Probably many people felt that way. When Aa-sama finished singing the song, some people were sobbing.

 They’re no longer just children confined to this country. For those who have been supporting them, this was something they had understood for a long time.






 ”Thank you, Beryl!!”

 Everyone shouted their names. Spreading their wings to the world means fewer opportunities for them to perform in our country.

 The number of live performances will likely decrease, and if they start performing in Stars and States, it might even require moving abroad. Everyone would be sad if that happened.

 Nevertheless, everyone continued to cheer for the four who were challenging the world.

 ”Thank you, everyone!”


 ”We appreciate it!”

 ”Thank you!”

 The four of them lined up, holding hands, and bowed towards us. Thunderous applause enveloped Aa-sama and the others.

 ”Everyone, I’m sorry. The live performance is still ongoing, but we have an important announcement for you all now.”

 Tears welled up. Many women, like me, had tears in their eyes. Still, everyone tried to hold back their tears.

 ”Alright, are you all ready? Then, please, turn your gaze to the stage monitor.”

 Oh no, I can’t hold back the tears even now.

 ”Okay? Are you all prepared? Well then, here it is!!”

 At Aa-sama’s voice, the monitor screen quickly switched. World debut… everyone probably expected that. But the words written there were different.

 [Announcing the “12 Prefectures Nationwide Tour!!”]

 Around those big letters, there were handwritten messages from the four.

 [We’re coming to meet everyone!! by Shirogane Aqua]

 [Everyone, look forward to it! by Nekoyama Toa]

 [Thank you very much. by Mayuzumi Shintaro]

 [I’m coming!! by Tenga Akira]

 At the corner, it was written in small letters, “We’d like to do a 47 Prefectures Nationwide Tour someday.” Huh? A nationwide tour? Not a world debut?

 Everyone looked surprised and exchanged glances. Seeing our reactions, Aa-sama addressed us through the microphone.

 ”Just the other day, I went to Stars for personal reasons, and when I came back… well, when I was welcomed back warmly by everyone, I thought, ‘This country is great after all.’ So I consulted with Ako-san about whether there’s something I can do to thank everyone. I thought that it would be nice to go and express my gratitude to everyone directly.”

 Everyone listened quietly to Aa-sama’s words. Amidst the confusing situation, everyone was desperately trying to grasp the meaning of his words.

 ”Every day, Beryl receives many emails and letters from everyone. Among them, the most common ones are from people who can’t attend the live performances for various reasons but still enjoy watching on TV. They didn’t win tickets for the live shows, but they were able to watch the livestream. So, we often receive letters with content like ‘Thank you’ for that. We want to do something about it. We want to show live performances and stages to as many people as possible. That’s why we came up with this tour plan.”

 After Aa-sama said that, he showed a somewhat apologetic expression. Wait, why that expression? Because until a moment ago, we thought Aa-sama and everyone else might be leaving us, and this, this is just not fair.

 ”To be honest, we wanted to go around all 47 prefectures, but we’re students ourselves, and considering that, it might be a bit difficult. Our company and we ourselves are also doing a tour for the first time, so we thought we should start with just one place in January.”

 Aa-sama exchanged glances with Nekoyama Toa-san, Mayuzumi Shintaro-san, and Tenga Akira-san who were beside him.

 ”So, to the people from the places we can’t visit, I’m really sorry!!”

 ”I’m sorry.”

 ”I apologize.”

 ”I’m so sorry.”

 Saying that, the four of them once again bowed deeply. There was no need for them to bow their heads, but still, they did it, thinking about the people living in places they couldn’t visit.

 ”But, you know, someday, in the not-so-distant future, both we and everyone in Beryl are thinking about being able to do all 47 prefectures, so please look forward to it!!”

 What on earth is happening? Many people were looking at Aa-sama and the others with farewell feelings. Yet, what Aa-sama said was a reward under the guise of returning our favor. Everyone looked surprised.

 ”No… way.”

 ”I, I absolutely thought they were going to the world, we’re getting left behind here.”

 ”I get it, I understand. But even with that, I thought we could keep going as long as we have these fun memories.”

 ”Oh, no, I’m in trouble. I’m so happy that I’m about to cry.”

 ”What used to make me cry with sadness, now, is making me cry with happiness.”

 ”Beryl really takes fans on an emotional rollercoaster. But it’s okay if it’s like this.”

 ”That’s why Beryl… but, it’s because of Beryl that we decided to follow them.”

 ”Aa-sama, he’s really thinking about the fans.”

 ”Yeah. Just the fact that Aqua-kun is thinking about us makes me happy.”

 ”Thank you, Aqua-kun! Thank you, everyone! Thank you, Beryl!”

 ”Yay, I get to see Toa-chan again!”

 ”Tenga-senpai, we’ll be waiting in your hometown!”

 ”We have to welcome Mayushin-kun in our prefecture!”

 ”Aqua-kun, there’s lots of delicious food in our prefecture, so come!”

 As if the scene from earlier was unreal, everyone had smiles on their faces. Amidst the audience, someone whispered, “Shirogane Aqua is in this country.” Hearing that, the people around burst into laughter. I also couldn’t help but chuckle just a little.

 ”You… Are you kidding?”

 ”Hey, those stickers from Morikawa, that’s a massive flag, isn’t it!!”

 ”Why does that guy have so many of them!”

 ”That illegal sticker will definitely skyrocket in price on auction later.”

 ”Hogekawa is amazing. I underestimated her.”

 ”Senior from the national broadcast will definitely cry when they see the stickers later.”

 ”I see, this is the new catchphrase for this year. I get it.”

 Everyone’s faces naturally overflowed with smiles. Seeing this, Aa-sama took out a letter from his pocket.

 ”Actually, earlier I mentioned the topic of letters, but I received a letter like this addressed to me.”

 Aa-sama unfolded the letter and began reading its contents.

 ”Dear Shirogane Aqua-sama, I have always enjoyed watching your videos with my daughter.”

 Everyone nodded in agreement. Aa-sama’s activities have not only improved relationships between men and women but also within families.

 This was evident from the country’s surveys, which showed a visible decrease in consultation requests related to family issues. Even I… if Aqua-sama had been around when I was younger, maybe my relationship with my mother wouldn’t have been like this.

 Still, I’m satisfied just being Aa-sama’s liaison officer.

 ”My daughter is a middle school student and she can’t hear.”

 The words in the following letter made everyone in the audience surprised, and they exchanged glances.

 ”Nevertheless, my daughter enjoys watching Aqua-sama’s appearance and expressions while singing. When she was in elementary school, she often felt down because she couldn’t have good conversations with her friends. But thanks to Aqua-sama, she now has more common topics to talk about with her friends, and she smiles more. I just wanted to express my gratitude to you with a few words in this letter. Thank you so much.”

 After reading the letter quietly, Aa-sama neatly folded it and put it back in his pocket with great care.

 ”In fact, we received letters from several other people who can’t hear. This time, we were allowed to read the letters from those people here.”

 Everyone listened intently to Aa-sama’s words.

 ”We want to deliver our songs to such people. Shintaro’s thought-out lyrics, the atmosphere of the melody created by Tenga-senpai and Toa, maybe just that can reach them. If you’d like, please listen.”

 A lively rhythm played, but this time, Tenga Akira-san, Nekoyama Toa-san, and Mayuzumi Shintaro-san didn’t move to where the instruments were. Instead, the four of them stood together.

 ’Spring, summer, autumn, and winter, I hope to spend the changing seasons together with you. Now, on our days off, what shall we plan? Let’s make plans together during our break.’

 This is…! The song they performed at the cultural festival!!

 ’Today, where should we stop on our way home? Tomorrow, we can play from the morning, right? Even the dreary school week or work became enjoyable after becoming friends with you. These ordinary, colorful daily lives are surely thanks to you. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter, how much fun will it be if we could spend them all with you?’

 I noticed they changed some of the lyrics here and there. We all recognize it because they performed this song just three days ago.

 And some people quickly noticed something else they were doing. Tears welled up in their eyes.

 ’In autumn, let’s see the autumn leaves at the nearby park together.

 In winter, let’s celebrate Christmas with everyone.

 I want to spend the end of the year with everyone, celebrating.

 Next spring, let’s go flower viewing together.

 During the summer vacation, let’s all go to the beach.

 I want to spend holidays together with you in the changing seasons ahead.’

 At first, I thought they were dancing. But that’s not it. They are trying to convey the contents they are singing with sign language.

 ’Each time the seasons change, we create more wonderful memories together. Sometimes we may have arguments, but those will also become enjoyable memories. That’s how we all become close. So, please stay by my side forever. I promise to make you even happier. Don’t leave me.’

 Everyone, everyone, is just amazing!! It’s not just Aa-sama; all three of them must have practiced really hard.

 ’There might be tough times ahead. Nights when tears flow won’t be limited to just yesterday. I’m sorry. I knew my family was suffering, but I left them alone. I’m sorry for constantly worrying them. I’m truly worthless. It’s only now that I realize how grateful I am for my family. Hey, how about we have dinner together today? Spring, summer, autumn, and winter, let’s spend the changing seasons together as a family. Today, you’re not alone!’

 The first verse seems to be for friends, and the second verse for family. Due to what happened earlier, I couldn’t help but think about my mother.

 ’By this time next year, let’s have a picnic among the autumn leaves.

 In winter, let’s spend Christmas together again.

 I want to celebrate the first sunrise of the year with my family, and we can show each other our omikuji fortunes.

 In spring, let’s welcome the new season together.

 On hot summer days, let’s go to the pool together.

 I want to stay close to my family forever, and I want to have fun together!’

 A strained parent-child relationship, and my relationship with my mother—it doesn’t seem like I can fix them now, but I’ve at least warmed my heart just a bit. I feel like I’ve glimpsed a future where it would be nice if things were like this.

 ’Everyday life with its ordinary moments, sometimes just lounging around with family, or ending up playing with friends after all. Even those laid-back days will surely become cherished memories. So, where should we go tomorrow? Let’s imagine our future fun days. Just thinking about what to do is already fun, right? And as we grow older together, we’ll gather countless times with everyone and share in silly conversations.’

 Aa-sama and Nekoyama Toa exchanged winks and swapped positions. Oh, the elderly gentleman with a beard in front of me collapsed from his seat.

 ’Now, what should we do to have fun today?

 Where should we go to have fun tomorrow?

 Today, tomorrow, and the day after that, it’ll be fun as long as we’re together.’

 And just like back then, Nekoyama Toa added an ad-lib.

 ”Thanks to you, every day is so much fun!”

 He lightly touched hands with Mayuzumi Shintaro-san next to him.

 ’Let’s work a little harder next week.

 But after work or study, let’s play again.

 Even on slightly boring days, they become fun when I’m with you.

 Knowing that enjoyable holidays are waiting for us helps us get through them.’

 Mayuzumi Shintaro-san smiled.

 ”I’m having so much fun every day right now!”

 And then, with a high-five with Tenga Akira-san, they switched positions.

 ’This month was really fun, right?

 I hope next month will be even more fun.

 Every day fills me with excitement.

 That’s probably because you’re by my side.’

 Originally, it should have been Aa-sama’s part, but this time, Tenga Akira-san sang it all.

 ”I’m having a blast every day!”

 With an exceptionally loud, energetic voice and lively sign language reactions, everyone had smiles on their faces.

 ’This year, let’s laugh together, saying it was a good year.

 Next year, let’s laugh together, saying it’ll be a good year too.

 So… So…’

 The voices of the four overlapped.

 ’You’re not alone. I’m here. We’re here!

 It’s okay to cry on anxious days, and it’s okay to be selfish when you’re in pain and don’t know what to do.

 I can only be by your side, but I can listen, hold your hand, and encourage you.

 So, I want you to know. You’re not alone. I’m here. We’re here!’

 Everyone smiled.

 A world of kindness where everyone, the four singing and the audience in the seats, was smiling together.

 Right now, Aa-sama and the four of them are creating that world.

 ’I want to spend the changing seasons with you. Because this is your story.’

 It was the umpteenth round of applause today because, because, right after they showed us the best live performance just moments ago, they already surpassed it. That’s just not fair…

 ”In this country, there’s Shirogane Aqua. No… Beryl is here.”

 Again, someone muttered.

 ”This is just foul, seriously!”


 ”That guy should just work for Beryl already.”

 ”I seriously underestimated Hogekawa’s potential.”

 ”Actually, Morikawa is more of an understanding supporter of Aqua-sama…”

 ”Uh-oh, Shumi’s in trouble, he’s gonna get snatched away!!”

 ”In Morikawa’s hands, we’re all being danced like puppets.”

 ”The catchphrase of the year is guaranteed!”

 ”So, is this flow going to start and end with Morikawa?”

 Haha, hahaha, seriously. Stop it already with that. Kohina Yukari-san, who had somehow returned to her seat without me noticing, was also laughing out loud.

 ”Thank you all for listening!”

 Aa-sama raised her voice towards the audience.

 ”Now, the live has only just begun! Stick with us until the end!”

 The entire area was enveloped in loud cheers. From the opening theme of Driver performed by all four, the duet between Aa-sama and Nekoyama Toa-san, the duet of Mayuzumi Shintaro-san and Tenga Akira-san, and so much more, not only the singing performances but also the little talk shows, quick costume changes, and the show-style stage made it feel like we were in a dream until the very end.

 After the Halloween Night Festival ended, I parted ways with Chief Amakusa and headed to the hotel I had reserved nearby. Following this, there was a scheduled midnight Halloween festival broadcast featuring Hoshimiya Shiro-san and Oumi Tama-san, so I couldn’t afford to miss it.

 I gazed up at the sky near the hotel. The starry night sky sparkling above, I thought once again how glad I was to have fallen in love with Aa-sama.

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